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Nate- VideoMarch VideoMarchA -safe

This boy has plenty of energy and would love somewhere to just run around. He loves attention and will talk to you when he wants you to pet him. He is a young boy with lots of puppy left in him. AC abandoned; Lab mix; 1-2 years; 49.8 lbs; HW-; Date: 12/13/16.  Note: Nate is a happy bouncy chocolate boy who loves meeting people.  From high school kids: Nate is a super adorable, energetic dog.  He is full of love to share and kisses to give.  He is very sweet and loves attention and walks.  He can be a bit of a hot mess, but a very lovable one.  Nate has a strong personality and a very slobbery tongue.  He is very playful.  He was interested in the cats but didn't go after them.

Recent featured pet profile in local paper: Nate is looking for a date!  Maybe YOU can help!   This energetic love bug can run like the wind and boy does he love to stop and show you just how much he can wiggle his hips and charm you with his puppy playfulness!  Only 1-2 years old,  Nate has never met a stranger and gosh,  he's so much fun to have by your side.  Come on by today and ask for YOUR date with Nate

Nikki- VideoMarch -safe

She's such a sweet girl I absolutely adore her. She is so gentle and calm and doesn't want to cause any trouble. She was brought in by AC yesterday afternoon.  hw+; 35lbs; 2yrs old; pointer/lab; 2/10.  Easy-going sweet girl.  Note: Nikki is great with kids. 

Noel- VideoFeb VideoMarch VideoMarch1-sponsored for pull fees- safe

This stunning blue beauty is our Noel, a gorgeous gal with a sweet personality and a waggy tail that just doesn't stop. Noel walks nicely on a leash and has a lovely calm demeanor, not overly energetic and in your face. She was brought in to the shelter by the local animal control officer with painted toenails, so someone out there used to love her. We can't imagine who would let this loving girl get away, but she is in good hands now and we promised her to find her a truly forever home this time. The shelter staff just adored her and describes her as calm, curious, and playful but not rambunctious. She has shared her kennel with a male dog, Barry, and gotten along well with him, no incidents. She is best suited in a home with no feline friends though because they are just too interesting. Noel's top ten list include getting belly rubs and her absolutely #1 pass time, giving kisses! If you are looking for the total package, look no further, here is your girl. Gorgeous with a personality to match, Noel is hoping her forever home is out there so she can spend the rest of her days cuddling on the couch by her new owner's side. 44 pounds, 2 years old, female, HW+, 1/27/2017

Nora was catch-poled to come into the shelter.  When she arrived she was terrified.  She stayed crouched for days.  Volunteers and shelter staff attempted to comfort her.  Blankets were brought and laid next to her, treats were given each time a volunteer went past.  She is still very overwhelmed, but is starting to respond to us.  Yesterday, Wendy was able to get Nora to take a treat from her hand.  Nora did stay in her kennel, but did take the treat.  Note: 3/30; HW+; 2-3 yrs old; 35lbs; lab mix  

Otis- sponsored for pull fees -safe

You can see my very modest, humble home....a single igloo and a long chain attached to it and around my neck to make sure I don't wander anywhere.  Today is a mixed bag of emotions for me.  I've been released from my life on a chain and now I am in the car heading to the shelter and an unknown fate from here on out.  I am about a year old, husky mix who was the Apple of my family's eye.  Arriving as a cute little pup,  as it is with all pups, we grow up.  Some bigger than others.   Well, I grew and grew and I'm told I got too big. I also was too energetic for the small child under my care.   Eventually booted outside to live a solitary lifestyle with my igloo, the family has now moved and I've been left behind.   I'll tell you, people love me.  Kids love me too!  I'm generous with my tail wagging and adore attention!  My whole body jiggles with great antiquation when I see folks coming my way!  You can see, I'm quite the handsome and very capable co-pilot in cars on the go!   Hoping soon I'll be asked to pack my bags to make MY life changing move!  Otis 3/16; male; husky mix ; 44lbs; HW-; 1-2 yrs old

Update March16: Otis is very sweet and enjoying his new lady friend kennel mate.  Otis is one happy eager boy and he really turns heads wherever he goes.  Super handsome!

He's such a sweet guy and I feel so bad for him. He was turned in by his owners bc the owner said that the kid was now scared of him and didn't want to play with him anymore now that Oreo is a big dog. He's lived there for four years and now is stuck in a kennel. He has some hair loss around his eyes and on his legs and chest and I couldn't see anything in the skin scrape so I made a vet form for it to be looked at.   HW+; lab/hound mix; 1/22; male; 4 yrs old.  Note: Very strong boy.  Stuck in intake being treated for RW 

A long time ago in a land far away, snowflakes fluttered down from the sky, like falling stars on the shelter walls. And there was a young dog named Pluto, who sat alone and dreamt of having a wonderful Christmas day. His prayer included a warm bed, food to eat and a loving family to call his own. Pluto is a 4-5 year old, 40+ pounds, beautiful male dog. His eyes are full of hope and his heart is big. This boy has had a rough start to his life. He has been at the shelter since he was puppy when he arrived with his brother Goofy. Both brothers came from a neglect case, underweight and with mange. Goofy went to rescue but Pluto was not so lucky. When he was younger Pluto would do his ego, stiff-legged waltz and then locked legs when he met another male dog. Since his younger days, Pluto has worked with two trainers and has blossomed into a happy and playful dog.  He still requires slow intros and once he is introduced properly, watch the play begin! Pluto loves all humans and just wants to be loved. He would make a wonderful family pet. This year his wish again is to be home for the holidays.  

Please help Pluto have the Christmas miracle he has been patiently waiting for.  Initial Intake 5/2015;  Arrived very thin at 32lbs;   Note:  Pluto will let kids and puppies crawl all over him!

Update Dec 8: Pluto needs to have a person in charge.  If no person is in charge, he will try to be in charge, especially with males. I did originally think Pluto was a young dog based on his energy and playfulness however he is more middle age.  He still however has that puppy play personality. Pluto will try to be dominant with males.  If a human is there to direct him, he will back down.  If the human is not good at directing dogs, there may be a fight...depends on reaction of other dog...will that dog be dominated or not?  Pluto plays well with other females and loves puppies. He just does't need to be around male dogs. He loves people too.

Portia has the best manners of any dog that I have ever been around!  She never jumps up on people.  She rarely barks.  She will wait at the kennel door for me to enter first every time. She is clean in her kennel, waiting until outside time to potty...not sure if she is house-trained, but that would not be hard, if she is not. She doesn't like any other dog to bother her food; and she does like to eat! She doesn't bother other dogs, but will defend herself. She likes people more than other dogs. Happy and wiggly, and loves human attention.  Sleek and shiny coat. Note: Mama Portia is 3 years old and a petite 45 lbs.  May 2016 intake.  Had a litter of 7 adorable pups.  HW treated beg of October. 

More about me: Meet Portia!  She is a recent mom who has seen her kids set out on their own.  She has her fit figure back and on the road to health as she has also been treated for heartworms.  Portia is ready to embark on the next chapter of her life.  Ideally that would involve lots of doting on her very own human (or humans).  Portia loves being with people.  She is a lap-lover, the kind of dog that melts into you when you are giving her attention.  Very kissy and oh just a little bit slobbery, Portia wears a huge smile whenever she has your attention.  She follows direction well and walks nicely on the lead.  She is a strong girl and does pull a little in her enthusiasm at first but regular walks should take care of that.  Portia is ready to give her big ol' heart to a very special person.  Could it be you?



Boxer; HW+; female; boxer; 3/22; 78lbs; Very very sweet owner surrender.


Today was the day for Rambo to put on his big boy boots and step out of his kennel for a little time in the fresh air and sunshine.  It was a huge step for our scared boy who has been making slow but steady progress since arriving at the shelter in June.  Rambo is still very unsure of walking on lead and at times he has to be carried.  At ease around other dogs, Rambo has shared his kennel with several roommates during his time at the shelter.  The most animated we saw him today was when a small dog approached and his eyes lit up and he forgot to be scared for a few minutes.  Rambo needs a patient compassionate person who will continue to help him learn to trust humans.  Note: HW pos. Scared boy. male; 37 lbs; 6/13; 2-4 yrs old


Handsome hound/shep mix with such a soulful face.  Ranger is more reserved than his outgoing roommate Ruby, and he is still nervous about walking on lead and a little overwhelmed by his surroundings.  He likes having the comfort of another dog nearby. Note: Part of the dogs brought in by the police from the hoarding case. 9 in total. He's a shy sweet boy. Very calm and just wants to be loved.  1/31; hw-; 37lbs; 3-4 yrs old; hound mix; male

Ricky -VideoMarch

He's a friendly boy who came in with Carrie and Casey bc the owners are moving.  HW+; 2/16; male; 2 yrs old; 46lbs; shep/lab


This girl will certainly turn heads. She plays well with others, but prefers to be the alpha. If you’re into unwinding on the couch, she’ll watch Netflix as long as you can; if you don’t mind petting her.

Rosemary Pup- safe

A lady found her in her neighborhood, she said she looked for the owner.  12 wks old; 3/24; lab mix; 23lbs

Roxy -safe

cattle mix; 46lbs; female; 47lbs; 2 yrs old; 3/13; hw-

RU Pups x 3- VideoMarch

Russ (male, 23lbs),  Ruth (female, 18lbs),  Ruby (female, 15.6lbs) 

2/20/17; Lab mix; 3 months; They are a little shy but weren't nippy. They were brought in by AC late yesterday. 


She is a very sweet girl that wants a lot of attention. A woman came yesterday as I was leaving and said she came Friday and was going to surrender the dog but decided to keep it but couldn't anymore. I told her we were closed and I was the only person there and she said she was going to dump her back in the street were she found her so I told her to just turn her over because I was scared she was going to put her back in the street and get hit. She is in heat.  hw-; 2/20; female; cattle dog/lab mix; 2 yrs old; 38lbs.  Note: Happy girl with lots of wags and wiggles.  She is very strong and active.  When there was not enough action in the oasis to suit her she quickly tried to climb the fence to see what was happening on the other side.  Very eager to get to other dogs.  Does not have a roommate so she will need dog testing but she is in heat right now.

Russell Pup -safe

Found roadside. 3/17; 6 weeks old; male; brindle; lab mix   

Samantha- Senior Chi

She was surrendered with her daughter (DOB: 2010). The family could no longer care for them.  She has been spayed.  Daughter has not been. Her teeth are pretty bad on the back.  HW status?; Born 2009; 3/24; chi; 12lbs.   Both missing some teeth I think. Both kept inside the home and are housebroken. Both very sweet, just little scared not knowing where their human went.

Sasha- VideoMarch

She is a very sweet and happy girl. He just wanted me to love on her during intake. She would but sit in my lap and give me kisses. The family said no cats and she can be protective of her food.   Strong, friendly girl.  Lots of bounce. HW+; female; 57lbs; 1 yr old; lab mix; 3/3

More about me: Sasha knows her name. She is about 14 months. She stays outside because that's what she was use to when I got her. I've had her for almost 9 months. She loves puppies and loves my 4 year old yorkiepoo. She does not like cats at all. If she could get to them they might not have a good day. She is the sweetest dog ever and has tons of energy, loves to play, is very loving to everyone she meets and loves attention. She would like to live indoors I am sure and might need a little training because she is really enthusiastic but she learns quickly. She shares her food with other dogs when she is use to them but she needs to be use to them first. She is a big baby and loves to give kisses. The only reason I have to give her away is because I have to move and they won't allow her. :(  I feel terrible. This is hard on me. She is beautiful and I love her. She loves kids and is friendly to every person she has ever met and I pray she gets a family that loves her. She is a beautiful brindle color and the sweetest girl ever. 


female beagle; 23lbs; hw-; 5-7 yrs old;  3/23

April picture, August picture

Hartsville a/c found her running around, took her to her owner and they said she was theirs and went to show proof of id but once they found out they would get a ticket for the leash law they said ac can have her. She is shy but friendly. 46lbs; 2-3 yrs old; hw-; 3/14; female

Update April 15: To see Sheba is heartbreaking.  This sweet girl had a family.....she had a home, then she got out of her fence.  When animal control confronted the owner and they were informed of the fine, they surrendered this sweet girl to us.  She doesn't understand why she is here.  I believe she is waiting for people that will never come.   A sweet and gentle soul.  This girl deserves a chance at a family that won't let her down.

Update May 14: Sheba lets me pet her but only comes to me when I have food.  She shows interest in playing with my dogs. I plan to put up additional fencing in my back yard to make a smaller play area for her so that I can let her out with a playmate and be able to get her back in to her kennel. 

Update August 29: Sheba's feelings were hurt when she learned that her family would not come reclaim her from the shelter. Now in foster care, she is happy and playful with other dogs and ready for a home where she can get all of the attention she deserves. Sheba is crate trained and walks well on leash. She gets along well with other dogs and would be fine with children. A typical bully, she is eager for time and attention from her human family and is eager to please.

Simone- VideoFeb VideoMarch VideoMarch1- Sponsored for pull fees

Very sweet girl. She loves getting attention and was so grateful to be out of her kennel.  She looks very sad and small in her kennel.  2/9/17; hound/lab mix; female; 5 yrs old; 40lbs; HW+.  She's such a sweetheart. All she wanted to do was hug me and get attention. Love his little girl. Was brought in by AC. 

Tripod Sissy hasn't always had it easy but she and her mom Maggie are holding out hopes for a chance at a better life. They are keeping up their spirits and leaning on one another at the shelter while they wait.  Sissy is a little more lively than Maggie but still likes to take it pretty easy.    Note: 2/10/17; Catahoula mix; 2 years; 60 lbs; HW-.  Very sweet girl. She loves attention and wants to be loved on all the time. Very lovable. She is Maggie's daughter and she has had her front leg amputated before arrival and has been spayed.  

Note from high school kids: Maggie and Sissy - Maggie and Sissy are a sweet mother-daughter pair.  Sissy is a tripod.  She lost her front leg after an incident at her last home.  They are both really sweet and enjoy playing and going on walks.  They both like cats.  Sissy particulary likes to be friendly with them.  They are a super sweet pair that love to snuggle and want a good home.


Big and Brawny!!  Sly is solid and strapping and a sloppy kisser!   Raised in part by a kind neighbor who kept her eye on Sly and made sure he had a safe warm spot to sleep at night and lots of special treats to keep his belly full, Sly clearly had a special earth angel looking out for him!  When the family had to downsize and move into an apt, Sly was suddenly on his own and his earth angel has been working hard to find him a new full time family.    Sly is best described as a bull in a china shop!   He's big and goofy and has no concept of just how chunky and wiggly/jiggly he is!  Still very much a teen at heart at 3 yrs of age,  he's very playful and interactive.  His more recent girlfriend is a 4 month old very shy pup who has learned so much from this chunky monkey!  A great dog to climb aboard for car rides,  Sly loves being a part of the action and has never met a stranger.    His personality is perfectly suited for kids and commotion and other pets (cats and dogs alike),  so bring on the games and activities and Sly will be right there by your side to make sure everyone is having a blast!  3 yrs old; hw -; 60 lbs; 10/25/13 

Update May 10:  Sly was calm and social at our off site adoption event at a local pet supply store.  He is a very polite gentleman and was lovely mixing and mingling with the other dogs and also tiny kids who were walking around. The picture of him looking in the store is cute.   I'm not sure if he was dreaming of the shoes or the cool air that was inside.Foster Mom's Observations: Sly did very well for the first time at an off site event.  He sniffed and smelled all of the other dogs and was a perfect gentleman, the whole time.   He minded me so well the whole day and was great with all of the other dogs surrounding him.  He was very good meeting all of the people and was exceptionally good and gentle with the little kids who came up to pet him.   I was one very proud foster mom with how well this big boy did in such a new experience for him.

Socks- VideoMarch

He's such a good boy. He loves people and is very submissive. Wants to get loved on a lot.  HW+; 53lbs; male; 3 yrs old; bull mix; 3/11.  Note: He has lived his life outside.  His owners are older and have bad knees and could no longer handle him. 

Sophia- Starving! DecVideo

Sophia is a NICE pit. She gets along with males and females. Is not submissive, but is NOT dominant either.
Has been out in Richard 's kennel with 5 or 6 other dog at one time....Great Pyrenees, lab, pit mix, GSD problems.  23lbs; 6/7; lab mix; Hw+; 3-4 yrs old; female.  sophia is a very sweet skinny lab mix- loaded w/whips and hooks.

January 2017- Sophie (Sophia) is such a sweet-tempered lady, smart and full of energy!

Snowball Pup -safe

He's a very sweet pup that was turned into the shelter today. The owner said they were turning him in bc he is "hard to train" and "doesn't like to be told what to do" whenever I would go to do anything medically he would cower which made me feel like they were trying to train him by popping him when he didn't listen and it's made him a bit afraid of what you're going to do to him. He is very nice though and loves attention.  He is very submissive and flinches when you move quickly Note: This little guy is something else!!  The other day, I was on the yard, I made eye contact with him and he started crying...calling for me to come to him.  He continued even after he could no longer see me.    22lbs; 5 mos old; lab/hound; 3/18


Mini Update: This is Suzi.  She is a shep mix that was brought in by animal control last week.   She is a sweet girl but gets scared when you approach her quickly.  We held off on intake because we thought she was pregnant.  However, she is not (per the vet).  She does have demodex mange and has been placed on cephalexin.  We are also giving her gentamycin for her eyes.  9/8; HW+ ; 4yrs old;

Medical Update Sept 10:  Suzie is 4 years old, has an upper respiratory infection, has demodex, and is pot bellied.  The pot belly is not due to free fluid - probably due to worms.  Her eyes will need to be recheck once the URI is cleared to make sure there are no other issues involved like entropian.  Currently her URI is so bad that it is causing swelling around her eyes and discharge. Nothing the vet mentioned led me to believe that Suzie could not be helped. 

Update Oct 11: Suzi is tired.  Very depleted and suffering from skin issues and hair loss, she also has a belly loaded down with puppies.  And to top it all off, her heart is loaded with worms.  She has been a trooper, dealing with all the stress at the shelter and doing the best she can, but what she really needs is for someone to give her some TLC.  She was very quiet and low key on our walk today and she was so grateful for the chance to just lie down and rest in the sunshine.  She may be more active and interactive when she is feeling better, but at this point Suzi seems like she would prefer a calmer home and respectful pets that give her a little space.  Suzi knows she is not looking her best, and as a more restrained black dog she is not surprised she has gone unnoticed on the kennel run, but she is hoping there is someone out there who will give a chance to her and her unborn babies.

Update Oct 17:  I've broken out of Doggy Prison.  Just look at me now!  I'm in foster care and already mom says I am BEYOND terrific.  She says I am no longer giving off this depressed aura/energy and that I have settled in like no one else EVER has!  I'm house broken,  crates are cool in my world and my tail gives my new best human friend a strong, steady wave every time I see her.  She knows I've lived inside before and how it makes me feel very happy. I've done a super job interacting with the other dogs in the home and since I was recently spayed, I REALLY enjoy the dogs who give me some space and do not get in my face. The calm/respectful ones are the best match for me.   More to come later…

Update March 23:  Here I am on a playdate with my new VBBF, Fillis!


She is a very sweet, calm girl that was brought in by Betty Mc. She had a very full belly and they thought she was pregnant but appreantly she was just eating way too much too fast. She is on Ceph and Panacur per the vet. She is very underweight.  hw-; 2/20; female; hound; 1-2 yrs old; 33 lbs.  Note: old fracture lumbar 6-7

Tallulah- VideoBath

She's so sweet and we all feel so bad for her. She just wants someone to love and care about her bc obviously she's never really had that. She was taken from her owners according to her paperwork. Her teeth are very worn down and she would old eat wet food. She has seen the vet for her teeth. She is also getting baths once a week to help her skin. Even though she was treated badly in the past she really only wants love from whoever is near her. It was hard to get a picture of her since she was so excited to be getting all the attention.   hw+; mixed; 41lbs (very thin); 6+ yrs old; 3/15; female.  Note: Hard to take pics of this sweet girl because she spends all her time trying to get in your lap to give you love.  No cats!

More about me: She is sooooo sweet! She was so loving and calm while Taylor and I bathed her this morning. She let us trim her nails and clean her ears without any resistance. I walked her and she walks great on a lead. She tried to get in my lap any chance she had. She called out for me when I left her in her kennel. Broke my heart! 

Theodore- VideoMarch

I love this fat head dog. He is so handsome. He was turned in because he keeps getting out. Leon tussled with him to test his temperament he just played along. 66lbs; hw+;  2 yrs old; 2/8; male. Note: Very handsome boy who enjoys getting attention from people.  He is super strong and pulls hard on lead.  

Tracie- Pregnant! -safe

She's such a sweet girl. I absolutely love her. She's very calm and gentle and warmed up to us really quickly. She was owner surrendered. HW+; 42lbs; boxer mix; 1-2 yrs old; 3/10

This poor girl was turned over by her owners bc they "can't take care of her anymore." She is very scared and sad here. She looks like she may have been tied out on concrete bc of all the sores all over her. She has hair loss that looks like it may just be allergies/poor nutrition. She is very skinny and looks like she has had MANY litters of puppies.  hw+; 12/30; 5-6 yrs old; 47lbs; female; bull mix

More about me Jan 30: Trixie is a lovely charcoal-jacketed lady who was extremely overwhelmed when she arrived at the shelter.  Steady interaction with our volunteers has Trixie learning to trust and now she comes to the front of her kennel and dances when she gets invited for a walk.  She is still timid and she needs to take things slow but she loves her walks.  Her white-booted feet prance along on her walks and she lights up if another dog comes along too.  Polite and gentle, Trixie just needs a little time and patience and she will be ready to give all of her love to her new person.

Tucker -Video

Handsome and super sweet, Tucker is the total package!  Friendly and playful and oh my goodness, so kissy and loving, Tucker is a great match for a family with other dogs and kids who are little older and a wee bit sturdy.  Tucker loves hanging right by his humans so be prepared to find your new best friend and yes, a second shadow when you bring Tucker on home.  Male; pit bull/lab; front leg loaded with bb's. hw +; 4/16; AC stray.  Pics July 2, 2016.

Tyson -VideoNov VideoWithAloraMarch

Infectiously Fun!  I'm your go-to guy for all things fun and happening and action packed!  Never meeting a stranger albeit a person or another dog,  I'm super social and interactive and I get the party going!   Folks who know me, call me The Big T.  This makes me smile.  A big, solid, sturdy boy who jumps in feet first, I'm your right hand man to make you feel loved and wanted and should you need a facial,  well I'm your man for that as well.   Full of love and life, with Tyson the big red and white boy by your side,  you'll never be alone and forever loved.  Come on and give me a chance today, won't you? hw-; 4/1; male; 53lbs; 3-4 yrs old. Note: Being given away for free. Brought in by a volunteer.  He is very strong, really friendly.  Note about cats: Tyson - wagged tail and wanted to play, more inquisitive than Bo and Luke, but not aggressive at all, even nose to nose with cat outside kennel

Victor Teen Pup

Victor arrived as a puppy with a 3/6 heart murmur, but the vet says he can live a normal life. He has been doing just that in foster care for the past 9 months. He plays very well with other male and female dogs. He is a great mentor for puppies. Cats might be too fun for him because he is so playful and active. He is sweet-natured and loves affection. He is crate trained, housebroken, and walks on leash.  Victor would love to have a home of his own.  Arrival 6/6/216; 50lbs March 13, 2017; shepard mix; male; HW-

Virgil- Came in with Morgan (safe) and Mandy -safe



I am a hound lover so when I saw these 3 new intakes yesterday I had to meet them.  They are gorgeous hounds with soft features and mellow personalities to match.  Morgan is the most outgoing and the most comfortable walking on lead.  She is also in the best physical condition.  Mandy and Virgil are very thin and bony and neither was comfortable yet walking on lead.  Poor Virgil was not into the photo shoot as he was suffering from a painful injury to his back leg and had been stuck in a crate for hours for his visit to the vet.  All 3 hounds became more relaxed and comfortable after they spent a little time together in the med room during intake.  They were gently playful and the girls comforted Virgil as he was nursing his injury.  Morgan came out to meet 2 other dogs in the office (male and female) and did fine.  At one point she even tried to climb in the lap of one of the volunteers.  All are very sweet with typical easy-going hound personalities.  Love these three! Note: 2/3/17; hound mix; 2-3 yrs old; 39lbs; hw-;  He came in with Morgan and Mandy. All three are great dogs. Very skinny. He has wounds inside of his leg and was sent to the vet today. He's very sweet and loves his sisters. He is in foster with Taylor A.

Wyatt- New July Photos!  Oh, so handsome in my new tie!

July Pictures- So cool in my shades!

Chasing dragon flies in a field on a warm sunny day, Wyatt wouldn't have it any other way.  Sweet as can be, and a gentleman to his furry roommates.  He's developed a small crush on his roommate Cleopatra.  They romped and rolled in the oasis today, taking advantage of the bright sunshine. Wyatt adores children, and loves going out to adoption events to meet new people. Wyatt gets along well with everyone he meets. Wyatt is a real catch! hw-; male; 5/2014; 2-3 yrs old.  Note:  Shown with Cleopatra (black dog).

Ysabel Pup

Sweet but shy during intake.  3-4 mos old; 7/31/2015; female; animal control; terrier mix

More about me: At 10 mos of age,  Ysabel's personality is still very puppy-like. Also she's definitely not a lab mix at this size, and fits better in the terrier category.  Ysabel is super sweet and snuggly! She was a little shy at first, but after I scratched her belly for a few minutes she was in love.  When I stopped rubbing her she would nudge my hand with her nose. Then Wendy arrived with Thor, and we got to see her playful side. She fell in love with him at first sight, and followed him around and tried to play with him all evening. She is a really sweet girl!  

Update, Update Nov 24:  Ysabel was such a good little girl for her pictures! She sat very still and posed like a perfect model. Ysabel was a little shy at first but who could blame her in such a loud and scary place. She got used to me quickly though and even walked on the lead like a big girl! She is such a sweet little pup!

Updated Pictures March 2016