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Forever change the life of one of our pets by rescuing them today!  Our intake of pets far exceeds our local adoptions, so we rely heavily on rescues like you, to pull our pets and save lives.  We take in pets every day so this page is constantly being updated.   We encourage you to scroll our page and find the perfect pet for your rescue.  Please contact Kim at to rescue a pet today! 
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Nash Teen Pup -safe

This handsome boy is listed on a local pet site as available, after being found by a family and lovingly cared for while looking for owner. No owner found. They took him to vet. He is current on shots, HW negative, under a year old and vet said he should not get much bigger than he is currently at around 30-ish pounds. He sleeps in crate at night and is almost totally house broken now. He is a sweet good boy!  He gets along great with the other dog in the home and with their young child.   Note: Nash was turned in as an owner surrender. He came into to their yard as a stray and they were unable to keep him. They took him to Campanion Vet before bringing him to us. He is very friendly and sweet. He know”sit” and “stay.”  Hw-; 26lbs; 10 mos old; heeler/hound mix; 11/13

Nora Mom + N x 8 Pups

Nora, Nora, Natalie (female, 2.8lbs) Nathaniel (male, 3.4lbs)

Naomi (female, 3lbs), Nala (female, 3lbs),  Noel (female, 3.8lbs), Nancy (female, 3.8lbs)

Nicole (female, 2.6lbs- blind?),  Nellie (female, 2.4lbs)

Nora is the mother of the Nx8 litter. She’s a little scared being at the shelter but is still friendly.  HW+; 41lbs; 1-2 yrs old; bull mix; 11/1.  Nora was confiscated from a property loaded with other neglected pets living outside on chains, some without shelter and most having only limited access to food and water. Pups are 5 wks old.

Oscer -Sponsored for pull fees

Oscer was a brought in as a stray.  He is very sweet and friendly.  Felix (see photo above) had been taking "care" of him for a few days and we would like the two to go to rescue together.  hw-; 1 yr old; 16lbs; terrier mix; 11/7

Otis was brought in by animal control. He is very sweet and friendly. He has displaced hips & arthritis. He’s on Rimadyl & joint supplements. He needs an inside foster.  5-8 yrs old; hw+; 61lbs; shep mix; 10/27. Med notes: stiff, arthritic, right hind leg bowed with thick knee, crepitus in both stifles, p/c intact - xrays showed dysplatic hips with subluxation - incredibly shallow acetabulus - TREAT with joint supplement, rimydyl 100 mg 1/2 pill twice daily

Patrica was brought in by animal control with Peter. She is a little scared but still wanted love.  hw-; 35lbs; 1 yr old; heeler mix; 10/23; female

Pearl- New Mom!!   Video Video Video Birthed 11/6;  3 pups; 1 died

She arrived with 4-5 other dogs from a backyard breeder. She is likely carrying puppies from another pitbull.  Everyone at the shelter quickly fell in love with Pearl, though. She has had 1-2 other roommates at the shelter at two different times. She is as sweet and playful as she can be.  💗 Yesterday we saw her very sad in her kennel. Her kennel mate Kate, a female black Lab, got rescue and went to our boarding facility yesterday. Her other kennelmate Sabrina was let go Friday for being unsocialized. 😩   She is pregnant and the milk is coming in.    2-3 yrs old; hw-;  35lbs; 10/17

Peter came in from animal control with Patricia. He is sweet and friendly.  HW-; male; 36lbs; 1 yr old; heeler mix; 10/23


Phoebe is a sweet girl who was brought in by animal control. She is HW +.  Bully mix; 2 yrs old; 48lbs; 10/10

Pico- Senior with limited sight

She is emaciated and has limited sight but sweet as can b. Loves loves loves to b held and carried around. She goes potty outside but if she isn't let out she will potty inside. She's quiet in her crate bc she doesn't feel well so I don't know how she will do in a crate in the future. She gets along with all my dogs big and small. Doesn't pay much attention to my foster kitten. She is a great dog. She rode in my lap our whole car trip. Dr. D had a hard time doing the exam on her because she just wants to be held. The only peep she made is when we tried to draw blood. It was a very big and scary day. I'm sure she will do better next time. She does have major dental issues. 7/13; female; 5lbs; HW-; 8 yrs old

Update Aug 13: She's a hoot. Acts like a teenager. She finds her way anywhere she wants to go. On the couch, up the steps to come inside and even on the back of the couch. Crate and potty trained. She's gained weight and her fur has grown back. She's ready! No meds.

Update Sept 29: Pico is a vibrant senior. She has gained weight and all her fur has grown back. She has no idea she is visually impaired. She finds her way anywhere she wants to go. Her favorite toy is a bottle cap. She can find one anywhere anytime. She steals mine as soon as I take it off my drink. The other day I found her stash of bottle caps when I moved the couch to clean. There were about 12 in a pile. Lol. She's loving and playful. At times she's so silly it's comical. Pico likes to cuddle but she is fine laying on the couch with u. She is potty and crate trained. Pico is ready for her forever home.

Med update on eyes Nov 1: Vet report states: "bilateral hypermature cataracts". She's not totally blind. She can c shadows. Her eyesight doesn't affect her. She goes to the door and scratches when she has to potty, goes out on her own and scratches on the door when she's ready to come back in. She walks up the doggie steps to get on the couch with me and will get up on the back of the couch for a nap all by herself. 

A long time ago in a land far away, snowflakes fluttered down from the sky, like falling stars on the shelter walls. And there was a young dog named Pluto, who sat alone and dreamt of having a wonderful Christmas day. His prayer included a warm bed, food to eat and a loving family to call his own. Pluto is a 4-5 year old, 40+ pounds, beautiful male dog. His eyes are full of hope and his heart is big. This boy has had a rough start to his life. He has been at the shelter since he was puppy when he arrived with his brother Goofy. Both brothers came from a neglect case, underweight and with mange. Goofy went to rescue but Pluto was not so lucky. When he was younger Pluto would do his ego, stiff-legged waltz and then locked legs when he met another male dog. Since his younger days, Pluto has worked with two trainers and has blossomed into a happy and playful dog.  He still requires slow intros and once he is introduced properly, watch the play begin! Pluto loves all humans and just wants to be loved. He would make a wonderful family pet. This year his wish again is to be home for the holidays.  

Please help Pluto have the Christmas miracle he has been patiently waiting for.  Initial Intake 5/2015;  Arrived very thin at 32lbs;   Note:  Pluto will let kids and puppies crawl all over him!

Update Dec 8: Pluto needs to have a person in charge.  If no person is in charge, he will try to be in charge, especially with males. I did originally think Pluto was a young dog based on his energy and playfulness however he is more middle age.  He still however has that puppy play personality. Pluto will try to be dominant with males.  If a human is there to direct him, he will back down.  If the human is not good at directing dogs, there may be a fight...depends on reaction of other dog...will that dog be dominated or not?  Pluto plays well with other females and loves puppies. He just does't need to be around male dogs. He loves people too.

Preston Pup- safe

He has a male roommate he gets along fine with everyone. He is cat friendly, I tested him for a family. Note: Preston is a sweet pup that was brought in as a stray. He is very friendly but did not like the cats at the home he was in for 3 days. He was very good through intake.  4-5 mos old; 22lbs; 11/11; male

Priscilla -safe

Priscilla was brought in by animal control as a stray. She is very sweet and friendly.  HW+; 51 lbs; 1-2 yrs old; lab mix; 11/6


Puck is a playful, athletic guy who loves belly rubs.  He is super-friendly and has enough pep to hang with you on all your adventures.  Puck is looking for an active family that will love him forever.  He has a gorgeous dark charcoal coat.  Note: Puck is a bouncy young guy who is ready to run. Note: Puck was an owner surrender brought in by animal control. He is very friendly and has a lot of energy. 10-12 mos old; hw-; male; 50lbs; lab mix; 8/28.  Adopted mid October- Returned for "digging out of pen." 

Rambo- Sponsored for pull fees

Today was the day for Rambo to put on his big boy boots and step out of his kennel for a little time in the fresh air and sunshine.  It was a huge step for our scared boy who has been making slow but steady progress since arriving at the shelter in June.  Rambo is still very unsure of walking on lead and at times he has to be carried.  At ease around other dogs, Rambo has shared his kennel with several roommates during his time at the shelter.  The most animated we saw him today was when a small dog approached and his eyes lit up and he forgot to be scared for a few minutes.  Rambo needs a patient compassionate person who will continue to help him learn to trust humans.  Note: HW pos. Scared boy. male; 37 lbs; 6/13; 2-4 yrs old


Ramone was brought in by animal control. He’s very sweet and friendly. He knows “sit” and “stay” and will take treats very gently from your hand.  HW+; 60lbs; 2-3 yrs old; bull mix; 11/4


Rex was brought in by animal control. He had an injured back right foot and was taken to the vet. He’s being treated with antibiotics and pain killers. He’s a very sweet dog and he’s along with other dogs.  HW-; 32lbs; 2-3 yrs old; shep mix; 11/4


Rita was brought in by animal control. She’s frightened but is still friendly.  HW+; 36lbs; 3-5 yrs old; bull mix; 11/4

River- Sponsored

Uniquely me!  That's what I am!  I heard those silly humans talking about me, wondering what kind of dog I was.  One of them even said maybe I was part hyena with my funny face.  Well that IS silly.  But I don't let it bother me.  Actually I have a pretty cheerful disposition in spite of my current situation.  I like meeting new humans and I love playing with my roommate Leta.  Doggy wrestling is so much fun!  I was getting full marks with the kitties too, pretending I didn't even see that kitty lying in the grass next to me.  But then it happened.  That kitty jumped up and darted off and I couldn't resist trying to chase her, it looked like such fun!  I am hoping someone out there is looking for a mid-sized, fun-loving bouncy girl with magnificent ears to join their family.   1 yr old; hw-; 7/18/15; 31 lbs 

Note: This girl will certainly turn heads. She plays well with others, but prefers to be the alpha. If you’re into unwinding on the couch, she’ll watch Netflix as long as you can; if you don’t mind petting her.

We evaluated Rocko last Saturday and used him as our tester dog with males and females. He is GREAT! Soft as a teddy bear. Sweet and cuddly like a live teddy bear. What a great dog!  Note: Rocko was brought in from animal control. He is very friendly and sweet.  HW-; male; 1-2 yrs old; 49lbs; hound mix

Rosa- Video -safe

Rosa was dropped off as a stray. She’s timid but still friendly.  HW+; 39lbs; 1 yr old; husky.lab mix; female; 10/24

Rufus is a sweet boy. The people who found him said they kept him for about 2 years as a stray. They welcomed a new stray pup into their home and left Rufus with us.  He is HW-.  male; 9/2; boxer mix; 2 yrs old; 50lbs


Sammy was brought in as a stray by animal control. He is a little scared but still still friendly.  Hw-; male 1 yr old; 17lbs; Terrie mix; 11/20


Scarlett was brought in by animal control.  She is scared being in the shelter but she’s friendly.  HW+; female; 41lbs; 1-2 yrs old; shep/mix; 10/27


Scout was turned in by animal control. He was found at a construction site in Lydia. He is very energetic and friendly.  HW-; 50lbs; 1-2 yrs old; bull mix; 11/15

April picture, August picture

Hartsville a/c found her running around, took her to her owner and they said she was theirs and went to show proof of id but once they found out they would get a ticket for the leash law they said ac can have her. She is shy but friendly. 46lbs; 2-3 yrs old; hw-; 3/14/16; female

Update April 15: To see Sheba is heartbreaking.  This sweet girl had a family.....she had a home, then she got out of her fence.  When animal control confronted the owner and they were informed of the fine, they surrendered this sweet girl to us.  She doesn't understand why she is here.  I believe she is waiting for people that will never come.   A sweet and gentle soul.  This girl deserves a chance at a family that won't let her down.

Update May 14: Sheba lets me pet her but only comes to me when I have food.  She shows interest in playing with my dogs. I plan to put up additional fencing in my back yard to make a smaller play area for her so that I can let her out with a playmate and be able to get her back in to her kennel. 

Update August 29: Sheba's feelings were hurt when she learned that her family would not come reclaim her from the shelter. Now in foster care, she is happy and playful with other dogs and ready for a home where she can get all of the attention she deserves. Sheba is crate trained and walks well on leash. She gets along well with other dogs and would be fine with children. A typical bully, she is eager for time and attention from her human family and is eager to please.


Shenzi was turned in by animal control. She’s very friendly. She walks on a leash and wags her tail at eveyone.  Hw-; 1-2 yrs old; 36lbs; terrier mix; 11/9

Shimmer Pup- Video Video

Shimmer was born under a lady's house and then later  trapped. Mother and sister avoided the trap. The day after she came, very thin, she passed a 6 in piece of jute rope that she had evidently eaten.  She is very submissive, but terrified of people and shy around other dogs. She has begun to let me rub her head and I catch her peeking out of her igloo to watch me work in the kennel.  Note: Very shy.  Community surrender.  Female; Choco lab mix; 9/22. 6-7 mos. 

Sierra- Video

Sierra was dropped off by animal control. She is very sweet and listens well.  HW-; 34lbs; 2-3 yrs old; bull mix; 10/24

Sissy was an owner surrender. She is very sweet and friendly.  Her original name is Princess. HW-; female; 55lbs; bull mix; 8/25; 4 yrs old

Shep mix; 3 yrs; 48 lbs. male.  No HW test.  No breed info. 9/13.  AC;  He is a very friendly dog that was beat up. He got along great with the dogs and cats we passed in the office.   

Snoopy Teen Pup -safe

Snoopy was turned in as a stray with his sister Darcy. He is a little scared being at the shelter but he is still friendly.  Hw-; male; 34lbs; 6 mos old; 11/11; shep mix

Snow White

Snow White was brought in by animal control. She’s a little scared but still friendly.  hw+; 52lbs; 1-2 yrs old; terrier mix; 11/21. Came in with Ursella.


Spirit came in as an owner surrender with Lanney, Leigh, and Cane. She’s a little scared but still friendly.  hw-; 46lbs; female; 10/9; bull mix; 1-2 yrs old. 

Spot Hound

Spot 2 was turned in as an owner surrender.  His owner is going into the National Guard and couldn’t take him. He has a lot of energy and is friendly.  HW-; 36lbs; 1-2 yrs old; 10/24; male

Spot was an owner surrender from the same people that turned in Rocky. She has a lot of energy and is friendly.  JRT Mix; male; hw+; 17lbs; 3-5 yrs old; 9/12

Stewie Pup

Stewie was brought in as a stray. He is very sweet and energetic.  30lbs; 3-4 mos old; lab mix; 11/20; male

T Pups x 2- Todd and Tabor- safe

Todd (male, 15.6lbs), Tabor (male, 26.5lbs)

Todd & Tabor were brought in by animal control. They are both sweet and full of energy. They are both underweight and will be fed several small meals a few times a day.  4-5 mos old; bull mix; 11/4


Update Oct 23: Pint size and perfect. This is the diamond in the rough. One of the best dogs on the yard!!!  Note: Tanger was turned in as an owner surrender. She came in with her sister Cocoa & Cocoa’s two puppies. She is scared but warmed up to me quickly during intake.  HW-; 31 lbs; 1 yr old; bull mix; 10/12; 6/6 heart murmur


Sweet boy.  Probably not a good match for cats. Note: Teddy was brought in as a stray by animal control. He's sweet and friendly.  HW-; 40lbs; 1 yr old; shep/lab; 9/12


Tigger was turned over to animal control as an owner surrender. He has a lot of hair loss due to diffuse alopecia. I treated with revolution and he is on the vet list for next week. He is very sweet and friendly.  HW+; male; 50lbs; 3-5 yrs old; shep mix; 10/5. Original name is Roscoe. 

Tilly Teen Pup- safe

Tilly was free on a FB pet site. She was with her first family inside their home when they got her at 4 weeks old in March. The family giving her away today only had her a little over 2 weeks, kept her in the yard, said their chow mix did not like her and that she was so small they were scared she would get hurt. She had no reaction to the cats at the shelter.   Friendly, energetic girl!  11-17-17; Beagle mix; ~9 mths; 17.6 lbs; HW neg

Update Oct 23: Happy and light hearted, this guy will win you over, just come by and walk him!! Note: I didn't even realize how stunning this boy was until I started editing his pics.  He is a sweet & active young guy.  No cats for Timmy!   Note: Timmy was turned in as an owner surrender. He was a stray in they're yard and they couldn't keep him. He is very energetic and  friendly.  HW-; male; 48lbs; 1 yr old; bully mix; 10/2


Ty was turned in as an owner surrender with his sister Dakota.   He is very scared at the shelter but is still friendly.  HW-; 60lbs; 2 yrs old; shep mix; 11/7

U Pups x 2- Video VideoSept 

Ulysses (male, 25lbs),  Upton (male, 25lbs- died 10/21)

I've been working with them a lot to gain their trust and they are definitely showing a lot of improvement. They will come out of the crate to go outside with me in the room now, and one will take treats from my hand- the other will sniff them in my hand and only take them once I've put them on the ground.  Note: AC stray; 8/31; no age; collie mix


Ursella was brought in by animal control with Snow White. She is scared in the shelter but was still friendly and cooperative during intake.  HW+; 54lba; 1 yr old; terrier mix; 11/21

Vera was turned in by animal control as a stray. She is sweet but very scared.  HW+; 7/10; female; lab mix; 32lbs; 1-2 yrs old.  Note: Vera is a scared little girl but each time I see her she is a bit more relaxed.  She is very timid and freezes going into a new experience but when she is feeling more comfortable her tail unfurls and starts swaying.  She is very meek and has been fine around cats and dogs.

Victor arrived as a puppy with a 6/6 heart murmur, but the vet says he can live a normal life. He has been doing just that in foster care for the past 9 months. He plays very well with other male and female dogs. He is a great mentor for puppies. Cats might be too fun for him because he is so playful and active. He is sweet-natured and loves affection. He is crate trained, housebroken, and walks on leash.  Victor would love to have a home of his own.  Arrival 6/6/216; 50lbs March 13, 2017; shepard mix; male; HW-

Wayne- Video VideoNov -safe

Wayne was brought in by animal control.  He’s very friendly. HW-; 41lbs; male; lab mix; 1 yr old; 10/27.  Note:  In the video, you hear our volunteer asking what is wrong with him. He was whining. He is so sad in that kennel. 


Willow and Wilma

Willow came in as a stray from animal control with her sister Wilma. She's very sweet and friendly. They both are a little scared.  hw-; female; 37lbs;  1 yr old; bull mix; 9/7

Wilma and Willow

HW neg.  Willow came in as a stray from animal control with her sister Wilma. She's very sweet and friendly. They both are a little scared.   40 lbs; 1 yr old; bull mix; 9/7; female

Wyatt- New July Photos!  Oh, so handsome in my new tie! VideoWithZoey

July Pictures- So cool in my shades!

Chasing dragon flies in a field on a warm sunny day, Wyatt wouldn't have it any other way.  Sweet as can be, and a gentleman to his furry roommates.  He's developed a small crush on his roommate Cleopatra.  They romped and rolled in the oasis today, taking advantage of the bright sunshine. Wyatt adores children, and loves going out to adoption events to meet new people. Wyatt gets along well with everyone he meets. Wyatt is a real catch! hw-; male; 5/2014; 2-3 yrs old.  Note:  Shown with
Cleopatra (black dog).

More about me Sept 2017: Sweet Wyatt … I would so love to give him better than what I have for him right now.  He is a great dog, but he is strong and full of energy.  There is no denying he is a pit with his big head and jaw, but to me it only makes him look like he’s smiling all the time.  He is a gorgeous boy and I love him.  In his play he means me no harm, but he often scratches or bruises me just from his sheer strength and eagerness to play.  He has had more than 15 female kennel mates since we’ve had him and never a moment of problem.  He plays hard, but there is no aggression … just the joy of a teenage boy.  He gets overwhelmed with my crowd of dogs and is why I keep him in his kennel.  He does great one on  one.  He gets free time 2 to 3 times a day to run.  He has food allergies and a grain free diet is best for him.  I have had him around children before and he did well.  He doesn’t know his strength, so I had to watch him closely with them but he loved all the attention.   He does great and minds me well on the leash.  I know the odds of getting him out with so many wonderful pits at the shelter are slim.

X Pups x 2- Video VideoNov- Xara Pup Safe

 Xara (female, 19.4lbs), Xan (male, 17.6lbs) 

Xavier (safe) and his siblings were brought in as strays from animal control.  They are friendly but a little skittish in the shelter. 4-5 mos old; 10/19;  terrier mix

Zaltara- Video -safe

Zaltara was brought in by animal control. He's scared but is still friendly & sweet.  HW+; 65lbs; male; 3-5 yrs old; bill mix; 9/5