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Forever change the life of one of our pets by rescuing them today!  Our intake of pets far exceeds our local adoptions, so we rely heavily on rescues like you, to pull our pets and save lives.  We take in pets every day so this page is constantly being updated.   We encourage you to scroll our page and find the perfect pet for your rescue.  Please contact Kim at to rescue a pet today! 

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Tasha (aka Natasha) is looking for her furever home. She has a beautiful brindle coat and a pretty face that you can't forget. At 6-7 years old, she enjoys a lot of snuggle time on the couch after her playtime. A home with a male her size who can match her play speed would be best, but she does play with males and females at her foster home now. She is crate trained, housebroken, HW negative, 60 lbs. She loves to ride in the car and will hop right in and lie on the back seat.  Posted July 2019

Nessie- PlsHelpMe

46lbs; HW-; 2 yrs old;  0/S- afraid she will get hit by car; reportedly good with kids and other dogs. 1/18; lab mix

Hw neg;  found abandoned in rental property;  12;30; 1 yr old; lab mix; 58lbs.  reportedly good with kids and other dogs. Formerly named Jack.

Pandora- FriendLita

Pandora was turned in to animal control as an owner surrender. She came in with Dexter. The owner said she was sick and could no longer afford to take care of them. She is friendly and walks well on a leash.  Treated for Hw's. 41lbs; 1/10/19; 4 yrs old; lab mix.  Note: Great in the house!  House trained and crate trained.  Walks well on a leash. Crates all night. Lives with 2 cats, a lab mix, a bullie mix and 4 dachshunds without issues. Likes  chew toys occasionally and loves to play fetch. Loves to snuggle and get belly rubs. Low to moderate energy. Just came in from playing- Brad and Smokey in the back ground

Parker Chi- Senior

Hw pos; stray; 12lbs; 10 yrs old; chi mix; male; 11/14. SNIP aged him at 8yrs. Declined for neutering.  5/6 heart murmur; 

Peach Pup -safe

Nasty looking cherry eye on left.  Her eye is scratchy and irritated and she paws at it frequently.  Fur is silky and soft.  Very sweet girl.   12/31; 10 wks old; lab mix; 23lbs; O/s- too many pets

Penny -safe

O/s- has had for 3 yrs. can no longer care for her.  Vet tech has aged the pet at 1 yr.   1/11;  HW+; 30lbs; lab mix

Pete is medium energy , loves to run but calms down on the walk.  He is super friendly.  He likes his back scratched,  he is alert and smart.  He came with his collar embedded I believe,  either that or the chain embedded, his neck was completely raw and open.  picture posted 8/31/19.  HW+; 37lbs; 4/13; no age


This sweet medium sized girl is Piper, described by the staff as friendly and affectionate.  Everyone remarked how cooperative she was during her intake procedure, such a good girl! Piper met her new friend Mason out in the exercise pen and tails were wagging the entire time.  Mutual sniffing was done and then it was time to play off leash! Piper and Mason enjoyed a nice playful romp together and had lots of fun. Piper also met Venus, a female dog, and was also off leash with her with no incident.  This girl is a friend to one and all! Piper has a pretty mostly white coat with just a few splashes of brown and is just lovely. She's affectionate and loves to have fun with other dogs.  Piper is proof that love isn't always small and fluffy, so give her a look and see if she just might be the dog for you!  Note: Piper was dropped off as stray by animal control. She is very affectionate and friendly and cooperated very well during intake.  Easy leash walker and loves being pet. HW+; 38lbs; 1-2 yrs old; bull mix; 2/12/18.  Adopted in May 2018. Returned Jan 2019.   Got along great with her male, bully friend. 49lbs 1/26/19. still HW+. Still HW+ Jan 15, 2020 

More about me April 24: This sweet medium sized girl is Piper, described by the staff as friendly and affectionate.  Everyone remarked how cooperative she was during her intake procedure, such a good girl! Piper met her new friend Mason out in the exercise pen and tails were wagging the entire time.  Mutual sniffing was done and then it was time to play off leash! Piper and Mason enjoyed a nice playful romp together and had lots of fun. Piper also met Venus, a female dog, and was also off leash with her with no incident.  This girl is a friend to one and all! Piper has a pretty mostly white coat with just a few splashes of brown and is just lovely. She's affectionate and loves to have fun with other dogs.  Piper is proof that love isn't always small and fluffy, so give her a look and see if she just might be the dog for you!

Jan 6: Piston walked great for me on the leash out to the exercise area where he was very happy to be reunited with his friend Janie and meet little Velvet.    Note: He is scared, might benefit from a patient foster. He needs time to work on leash training and social skills.  11/14; male; lab mix; 48lbs; hw- ; 1 yr old

R x 4 Pups

Rambo or Rose, Rachel, Rosita

Ac is trying to catch mom dog.  1/8; strays; 5-7 lbs each. lab mix; 6 wks old

Uniquely me!  That's what I am!  I heard those silly humans talking about me, wondering what kind of dog I was.  One of them even said maybe I was part hyena with my funny face.  Well that IS silly.  But I don't let it bother me.  Actually I have a pretty cheerful disposition in spite of my current situation.  I like meeting new humans and I love playing with my roommate Leta.  Doggy wrestling is so much fun!  I was getting full marks with the kitties too, pretending I didn't even see that kitty lying in the grass next to me.  But then it happened.  That kitty jumped up and darted off and I couldn't resist trying to chase her, it looked like such fun!  I am hoping someone out there is looking for a mid-sized, fun-loving bouncy girl with magnificent ears to join their family.   1 yr old; hw-; 7/18/15; 31 lbs 

Note: This girl will certainly turn heads. She plays well with others, but prefers to be the alpha. If you’re into unwinding on the couch, she’ll watch Netflix as long as you can; if you don’t mind petting her.

Update Dec 2018: River is about 5-6 years old. She has degenerative joint disease in her back knees, luxating patellas, and a torn ACL that has reattached with scar tissue. Surgery to correct all this would be about $8,000. Right now she in on an anti-inflammatory , pain-reducing regimen.  River is an alpha. She gets along with most male dogs who will let her be the queen bee. She does not get along with most female dogs.  River is great with all humans and tolerant with children and puppies. She loves to ride in the car and go on leash walks.  She loves to run, but is in pain afterward.

Hw pos; date; 12/18; 39lbs; 2 yrs old; lab mix

Ron Pup- FriendsHermioneHarry -safe

Came in with brother Harry 0100.  1/16; 43lbs; 5 mos old; retriever mix; stray

Ronald- LoveOnMe!

Hounds are just the best and Ronald fits perfectly into this mold.  If you are looking for a more mature, mellow, accepting doggy friend than Ronald would love to meet you.  Never meeting a stranger, Ranger is softly affectionate and happy to go and do and spend time equally with humans and other dogs.  An excellent, skilled leash walker, Ronald (at least more recently) has not had a very pampered life (he has balding on his haunches often attributed to sitting on cement for long periods of time, a gimpy back leg, some hair loss and he's rather thin!).   He's a fixer upper of sorts but certainly worth every dime and minute devoted to helping him regain a perfect bill of health.  Amazingly,  he is heartworm negative so for now,  his heart is healthy.  Now,  with YOUR HELP,  we can get his heart HAPPY by sending him on to his new home!  A home with kids and other dogs would perfectly suit this gentle natured, most capable pet! Ask for Ronald today, won't you? Note: Hw neg;  mass on leg- may need dental; 40lbs (thin); 9-11 yrs old; hound mix; 10/28; stray.  In LoveOnMe Video, the narrator mentions he's 2 yrs old.   Vet has him at 9-11yrs old.

Ruth- Bio  FriendMaisy -safe

Rose is a very sweet, gentle girl. She met another young female politely. It was raining, so volunteers had already walked the other male and female dogs back to their kennels. However, I dont anticipate Rose having any issues meeting other dogs based on her temperament that I saw Saturday morning. Note: 1 yr old; stray; 50lbs; hw-; lab. Reportedly good with kids and other dogs.

Susan Mom - Pups S x 4 - safe

Sam-m- 17lbs,  Sarah-17lbs, Susie- 22lbs, Sally Pup

Susan Mom- HW+; 55lbs; 3 yrs 
old; lab mix- reportedly good with kids and other dogs. 

10-12 weeks; Hound mix; 12/31; O/S -cant afford to feed. Came in with Marsha and Velma.


He sits and lays down on command and loves his belly rubbed. A sweetheart.  Rottie mix; 5-6 years old; 98lbs; Hw pos; 11/26; found as a stray in Hville.

Sassy found herself at the shelter as an owner surrender when her owner was no longer able to care for her. Sassy is very sweet and affectionate. Sassy would be a great dog for an active family or someone looking for a hiking or jogging parter.  She's no couch potato and is ready to be by your side if you are a go and do type person. One of Sassy's favorite things to do is play fetch with a ball, so if you love to play, sassy would enjoy your company!  She is a pretty mostly white Bully blend girl who hopes that a forever home is in her near future. Sassy isn't sure what happened to the home she used to know, but she knows her friends at the shelter will do all they can to get her a new family as soon as possible. Bully lovers, please check Sassy out and see if she might be the dog you have been looking for!  Note: Sassy was turned into animal control as an owner surrender. Her owner was no longer able to care for her. She is very sweet and affectionate.  HW+; 43lbs; 3-4 yrs old; bull mix; 12/5


Hw neg; O/s; reportedly good with other dogs and kids.  1 yr old; lab mix.  Housebroken. 1/16; 53lbs


Sheba is a tender-hearted, affectionate girl. She enjoys some playtime with other dogs in the yard, but her favorite thing to do is snuggle on the couch with her person. She is tender-hearted and submissive. She gets along great with other male and female dogs. She is crate trained, housebroken, and walks well on leash.   3-4 yrs old; hw-; 50lbs; bull mix; Posted July 2019

Sirius- Lost his rescue-  In need again! FriendBobo FriendBobo  FriendJessie 

Sirius was brought in by AC as a stray found on Morningside Dr., Hartsville.  He is a very sweet and low energy dog. very loving.  HW+; 67lbs; 2 yrs old; retriever mix; 7/31/19. Treated for HW's  Early Nov 2019.

Sirius is a super sweet affectionate dog. He just wants his human to himself. He can be walked with another dog, but he really needs to have his human to himself.  He is gorgeous and snuggly. He would he awesome for someone wanting a single dog.

More about me: We are serious that you need to meet this handsome boy, Sirius! He has been described as a very sweet, affectionate boy by the volunteers who have met him. He's a handsome retriever blend who bonds to his person and is very devoted. Because he is so in tune with his person, he is best suited to being your one and only guy, the only dog in the home. Sirius is tolerant of other dogs when out walking, but as far as sharing his home with another one, he says he is all the dog you'll need! He's snuggly and a lower energy guy, a great fit for a home that is looking for just one dog who is calm and low key and will be devoted to his person. Sirius is also a leash walking champ, he has lovely manners and has obviously had some training. He's no wild child, this boy has skills! Check out his video and see him demonstrate how he stays by Wendy's side then stops when she stops. Taking this good looking boy for an evening stroll around the neighborhood would truly be a pleasure. If you are looking for a gentle, loving dog who will give you all his devotion, is easy to walk, and will be your best friend for years to come, we have just the guy and his name is Sirius!

Smidge was at the bridge to gain some weight. she's a sweetheart.  11/27; bull mix; 47lbs; 1 yr old; hw-


4 years; 1/14; stray; no HW info; 54lbs; English bull dog; male

Taffy Mom and T x 3 Pups -safe

Tamera -f, Talladega- m,  Tia- f

Mom: 1/11; stray; 57lbs; 2 yrs old; hound mix; female;  reportedly good with other dogs and kids. Pups: 11lbs;  8 wks old

 This beautiful all white guy is Tank, one of the happiest dogs you could hope to meet! Tank walks nicely on the leash and just loves being loved by people. His video of him playing ball show the happiest a dog could be, romping with a ball in the exercise pen and stopping to get a belly rub with a huge smile on his face. Tank has a wonderful demeanor to match his handsome good looks, he has met a variety of other dogs from big to small, male to female, and every introduction went off without a hitch. Tank came to the shelter as an owner surrender because there was a female dog in his previous home who was nursing a litter of puppies and she didn't care to have Tank around. Even though Tank lost his home he has still hung on to his loving disposition and just adores being petted and loved. Tank is a dog who has nothing but love to give and will take all the loving and petting you have to offer.  Note: Tank was brought in as an owner surrender due to conflict with female dog in the home who was nursing.  Tank walks well on a leash and loves being loved.  HW+; 53lbs; 2 yrs old; bull mix; 4/8. tested very well with Midas and Sarah.  Med Note: We believe Tank is deaf.   He acts just like any "normal" dog so it's taken a while to  realize he has hearing issues.

Covered with wounds/leisions.  Original intake info: Tessa was brought in as a stray found on pine dale dr., Darlington. She is a very sweet loving girl. Walks well on a leash. Hw-; 1 yr old; hound mix; 7/15- reclaimed but picked up as a stray on 11/7


1/8; stray; Bull mix; 2 years; 51lbs; Hw neg. A very shy boy but super sweet, camera shy. He loves attention. I don’t think he’s ever known what love feels like. Poor boy. Being treated for demodex 


Happy and fun loving girl. stray; 54lbs; hw-; 1-2 yrs old; bull mix; 12/10

Trudy was brought in as a stray by animal control on Parkview dr in Hartsville. She has been seen by a vet. She has an old hernia and nerve damage. Despite her condition, she is a happy girl with a smile on her face.  HW negative; 25lbs; 7+ yrs old; 7/12; terrier mix   

Foster update Sept 13: She uses her brace a few hours a day. She really does better without it. Not sure about cats. We dont have any. She still needs her hernia removed and to be spayed. She is housebroken. She is super sweet. She loves to run outside but still a couch potato.


Sweet girl. Shes shy but warmed up during intake.  stray; hw-; 40lbs; 1 yr old; lab mix; 12/3

Update Jan 8: Velma pulled up her brave boots for her first outing in our exercise pen.  Happily accepting an offer to be carried out on a volunteer's hips,  she remained pretty quiet and reserved during our time together.    While she was super snuggly and nicely spooned with the other couple dogs she came in with,  she was not feeling confident enough to engage in meeting another dog who was also enjoying some fresh air and sunshine.  We will continue to check back in with this sweet, gentle natured lady as she settles in.  Note: 40lbs; lab mix; 1 yr old; 1/6;  O/S- can't afford to feed; HW-. Came in with Marsha and Susan + Pups.

Whitney was brought in by a member of the community as a stray. Found on Abbott rd. Darlington.  Whitney is a very sweet mellow girl. She has a large mass on her lower abdomen that was seen by the vet yesterday. Recommended to have mass removed through surgery.   HW+; 48lbs;  5+ yrs old; hound mix; 5/7

Volunteer Thought: Winston was aged at 2 yrs when he arrived. I checked his teeth; he is closer to 5 years old. This explains his mellow, gentle temperament. I love him!  He is tall, regal, polite, and we used him as a tester dog Saturday!  Our photographer says he was a big smush during the photo shoot--just wanted to love on his person. Note: Hw pos;  stray; 10/28; 53lbs; 2 yrs old.  Big smush!  This boy just wanted to love on his person.  

Big goofy me!  Don't be fooled by the sour little expression on my face.   I am a happy go lucky guy with the perfect touch of goofiness to make everyone smile.   I had a grand time running and playing with a youth the other day.  She would toss balls in the air and I would run like the wind to capture them with no intent of bringing them back to her!  She ran and chased after me and I enjoyed her company so very much.  Even when she left the enclosed pen,  I still ran laps and enjoyed getting out and stretching my legs.  I enjoy kids very, very much although ones that are more sturdy and slightly older are a better match for me as I have some height and some weight and might accidentally knock over a wee one.   I love having calm, quiet time with humans and was really in my element when I had 2 young girls in tandem petting, oohing and ahhhing over me!  A huggy, affectionate fellow,  I calmly and respectfully met another dog on my outing and together we enjoyed exploring the front field area.  My new friends (humans and doggies alike) were all smiles and tail wags when we parted company.  I know they will help me find a new home with other pets and kids and laps ready for me drape myself in.   My name is Winston and YOU can help turn my frowny face upside down and into a huge smile by asking for me today!

Wyatt- Oh, so handsome in my new tie! VideoWithZoey

July 2017 Pictures- So cool in my shades!

Chasing dragon flies in a field on a warm sunny day, Wyatt wouldn't have it any other way.  Sweet as can be, and a gentleman to his furry roommates.  He's developed a small crush on his roommate Cleopatra.  They romped and rolled in the oasis today, taking advantage of the bright sunshine. Wyatt adores children, and loves going out to adoption events to meet new people. Wyatt gets along well with everyone he meets. Wyatt is a real catch! hw-; male; 5/2014; 2-3 yrs old.  Note:  Shown with
Cleopatra (black dog).

More about me Sept 2017: Sweet Wyatt … I would so love to give him better than what I have for him right now.  He is a great dog, but he is strong and full of energy.  There is no denying he is a pit with his big head and jaw, but to me it only makes him look like he’s smiling all the time.  He is a gorgeous boy and I love him.  In his play he means me no harm, but he often scratches or bruises me just from his sheer strength and eagerness to play.  He has had more than 15 female kennel mates since we’ve had him and never a moment of problem.  He plays hard, but there is no aggression … just the joy of a teenage boy.  He gets overwhelmed with my crowd of dogs and is why I keep him in his kennel.  He does great one on  one.  He gets free time 2 to 3 times a day to run.  He has food allergies and a grain free diet is best for him.  I have had him around children before and he did well.  He doesn’t know his strength, so I had to watch him closely with them but he loved all the attention.   He does great and minds me well on the leash.  I know the odds of getting him out with so many wonderful pits at the shelter are slim.

Zach- Teen Pup

Hw neg; O/S- "Nuisance."  6 mos old; 30lbs; lab mix; male ; 12/20

Zara- Teen Pup

Lab mix; 6 months; 35lbs; Hw neg; Came in with 3019. 12/20; female

Very scared here at the shelter.  stray; hw-; 2 yrs old; 12/27; 56lbs; bull mix.  Jan 6 update: Zeeba is NOT pregnant.  She sure looks it though!