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Forever change the life of one of our pets by rescuing them today!  Our intake of pets far exceeds our local adoptions, so we rely heavily on rescues like you, to pull our pets and save lives.  We take in pets every day so this page is constantly being updated.   We encourage you to scroll our page and find the perfect pet for your rescue.  Please contact Kim at to rescue a pet today! 

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N x 5 Pups -safe

Natalie (f), Nessy, Nessy (f)

Nick,  Nico, Nico (m)


Owner surrender due to his dog keep having pups.  Pups 1-3lbs each; 10/14; 4 wks old; lab mix


Miss Manners.  Nancy is just THE NICEST dog.  Ever!  Although I recently met a lot of pets at the shelter, she is my PICK!    Nancy was so calm and composed as she nicely waited front and center in her kennel to head out for a walk, that seemingly a small child could have walked her to the front grassy field.  She's that terrific.  Nancy was perfect in meeting dogs on our walk today.  Very considerate and never pushy,  she was at great ease and took everything in stride in meeting a male and female dog on our outing.   Nancy is never in any rush and so gently loving, cuddly and affectionate.   In snapping pictures, her concern was more about the person she was with than the funky lady with the camera in her hand.    As such,  you will see several pics of her looking with great fondness at her new human friend.   At the turn of the century,  pits were known for their maternalistic/nanny skills and gheez, Nancy is loaded with this trait.  Mellow and not really asking very much from her person,  Nancy had the best time rolling in the grass and getting belly rubs and then simply taking a leisurely paced stroll with her human and another dog nearby.  You'll be missing out if you don't visit and consider Nancy for your home.  Come on by today, won't you?  Note: Nancy was brought in by animal control as a stray found on thousand Oaks Dr., Darlington. She is a very sweet and loving girl walks well on a leash and seems to do well with other dogs.  HW+; 49lbs; 2 yrs old; bull mix; 9/13

Simply the best.  Naomi is a love.  This beautiful two tone girl is so accepting, friendly, super sweet and a real joy to be around.   Although she has a bum back leg (which we are looking to address once she had gained more weight),  she is up and at 'em and ready to go and make new friends.   Perhaps one of THE nicest dogs I've ever met (and I've met LOTS), she would make one fantastic, loving pet. An ideal candidate for a home with other dogs and kids of all ages, she's as gentle as they come, loving, doting and affectionate.  She brings to the pet table a full resume loaded with all the best qualities anyone would ever want in a companion pet.  Note: Naomi was brought in by a member of the community as a stray. Found on una rd., Lamar.  She is a very sweet low energy girl. Walks well on a leash and will see the vet regarding her leg.   HW+; 40lbs; 2 yrs old; lab mix; 8/26

Tasha (aka Natasha) is looking for her furever home. She has a beautiful brindle coat and a pretty face that you can't forget. At 6-7 years old, she enjoys a lot of snuggle time on the couch after her playtime. A home with a male her size who can match her play speed would be best, but she does play with males and females at her foster home now. She is crate trained, housebroken, HW negative, 60 lbs. She loves to ride in the car and will hop right in and lie on the back seat.  Posted July 2019

Nathan was brought in by AC as a stray. Found on kellybell rd., Hartsville. He has a gunshot wound to his head which ruptured his left eye. He has been to AAH. he is being treated with medication and will go for a recheck in 14 days. He’s very lucky.   Despite his condition he’s a very happy go lucky guy. Loves to be pet. He knew I was helping him and let me do his entire intake and clean his eye with no problems. After wards he was glued to my side. A very loyal boy. He walks well on a leash and didn’t seem to be bothered by the other dogs on the porch.   HW+; 41lbs; 2-3 yrs old; bull mix; 7/25.  Note: Tested well with Daphney, Stella, Maybelline.

More about me Sept 17: Steady wagging tail!  Nathan is one of the coolest, most welcoming dogs in the county.  This wonderful dark brindle fellow arrived as a stray with a bullet in his head.  Unfortunately,  he lost his left eye as a result of this human inflicted cruelty but it has not impacted his cheery outlook on life.  Nathan was front and center in his kennel when his "calling card" arrived indicating it was time for photos and making new friends.    A skilled and easy leash walker,  Nathan enjoyed his outing in the front field area. Never meeting a stranger,  Nathan is polite and considerate in meeting other dogs and humans.  Softly affectionate, he enjoys being near his person and happily soaks up any attention coming his way.  Nathan did not disappoint us today and would be an ideal candidate for a home with other dog and kids.  He is hopeful his gentle disposition and exceptional manners will propel him into his new, wonderful full time pet position.   Please, won't you ask for him today? 

Nikki Pup

 Nikki was brought in by AC as a stray. Found on Beaver Path Dr., Hartsville.  She’s very sweet and playful girl!  25lbs; 3 mos old; lab mix; 10/9


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!  If Nina could speak,  surely this would be her motto in life.  Nina is good, honest fun.  This sleek, cream jacketed lady smiles non stop and her tail is a constant whirl of activity!  Never meeting a stranger, the more contacts she can make, the better!  She had THE best time running around our enclosed exercise area and then meeting another dog and two young girls on her outing was a huge WOW moment for her.  One might have thought she had just won the lottery!  A good, steady leash walker,  Nina loves to go and do.  Super social, friendly, affectionate and outgoing,  life will simply be greatly enhanced with this wiggly girl by your side.  It's hard to not feel happy and loved when Nina is around.   Come by today see why Nina is the perfect girl to meet all of your pet needs!   Note: Nina was brought in by AC as a stray found on Mineral Springs Rd., Darlington. She is very sweet and loving walks well on a leash doesn’t seem to mind other dogs.  hw+; 29lbs; 2 yrs old; terrier mix; 8/8

O Pups x 4- FriendAndrewPup

Olive,  Odette, Oscar

Orca (m)

The o pups were found as strays in Hicksville rd in Lamar. The are sweet.  10/10; lab mix; 6-7 wks old.  10-11lbs ea.


Born to run and play!   Count on a good time with me, Olivia by your side!   Add a tennis ball to the mix and we can call it a date!   Gosh,  I had THE best time the other day when I was invited to hang out with some young girls, chase after some balls and then meet other dogs.  Like, wow!  A perfect outing if I may say so myself.   A great size girl at just 36lbs,  even during the yucky process of getting shots and having blood taken during intake,  still I was described as a "sweetheart."  A friendly, playful, outgoing lady,  I love to go and do and enjoy meeting new humans and other dogs.   A very approachable, inviting lab mix, I think you'll find my personality and energy is ideal for a home that offers me a moderate amount of activity to keep me at my best.  Come walk our big dog run and look for me, front and center in my kennel, all dressed up in a golden colored coat!  Note: Olivia was brought in by AC as a stray found at Mount Rana Baptist Church Society Hill.  She is a sweetheart!  hw-; 36lbs; 1yr; lab; 10/9


Onyx was brought in by a member of the community that had him for 6 months that was trying to find him a good home but could not. Onyx is very sweet! Loves to snuggle and muzzle up to you. Very playful. Walks well on a leash. HW-; 65lbs; 1 yr old; lab mix; 6/28; hw-.  Adopted mid July.  Returned mid Sept. 

Update Sept 23:  All you need is love and ME!  I'm a big, solid fellow who easily draws in folks to come on over to say "hi."  My broad grin and steady wagging tail, coupled with my shiny jet black coat is all that it takes to lure over the humans.  This makes me very happy.  I was in a home for a couple of months but sadly, my older couple found I was "too much dog" for them, so I am back at square one and in the hunt for a new home.   I'm a good, steady leash walker and really love going and doing.  I can be over excitable when I see new dogs for the first time but then nicely settle in and I let them do their thing and I do my thing!  If given a choice,  I think being in a home where I am the only pet might be the best choice for me.   Cats are definately too tempting for me but maybe, just maybe there are other companion dogs out there that would suit my style.  A more sturdy, experienced doggy handler would also be a wonderful match for me as I have muscles and some brawn to contend with but with the right person, certainly I'm a very workable and yes, super enjoyable kind of guy.  Would love for you to come on by and give me a chance at an interview.  I think we could make a fast love connection! 


Paige was brought in as a stray on lide springs rd in Darlington. She is HW negative.  No cats. HW-; 3-4 yrs old; hound; 7/26.  Adopted out but returned as family does not have time for her. Returned 10/19.  

Penelope- Birthed Pups Oct 17- VideoWithKids-  safe

She is very mild-mannered, walks well on leash, meets other dogs politely, and loves her people!  Penelope began having her pups last night in the shelter office! Here's an update this morning from shelter staff:  "She has seven, she's doing really well taking good care of her babies and seems to be feeling good. The babies are doing well too. We have them in a crate in the office.

"Note: Penelope was brought in by a member of the community that had seen her roaming around his house for 7 weeks.  Found near Clyde school road, Mcbee (county code 16). Very sweet girl.  HW+; 60lbs; 2 yrs old; lab mix; 10/10

Pete is medium energy , loves to run but calms down on the walk.  He is super friendly.  He likes his back scratched,  he is alert and smart.  He came with his collar embedded I believe,  either that or the chain embedded, his neck was completely raw and open.  picture posted 8/31/19.  HW+; 37lbs; 4/13; no age


Brought in as a stray found on Richardson circle. Hartsville. Very sweet boy walks well on a leash. HW+; 68lbs; 4 yrs old; lab mix; 7/15. Treated for HW's.  Ready to travel!! 

This sweet medium sized girl is Piper, described by the staff as friendly and affectionate.  Everyone remarked how cooperative she was during her intake procedure, such a good girl! Piper met her new friend Mason out in the exercise pen and tails were wagging the entire time.  Mutual sniffing was done and then it was time to play off leash! Piper and Mason enjoyed a nice playful romp together and had lots of fun. Piper also met Venus, a female dog, and was also off leash with her with no incident.  This girl is a friend to one and all! Piper has a pretty mostly white coat with just a few splashes of brown and is just lovely. She's affectionate and loves to have fun with other dogs.  Piper is proof that love isn't always small and fluffy, so give her a look and see if she just might be the dog for you!  Note: Piper was dropped off as stray by animal control. She is very affectionate and friendly and cooperated very well during intake.  Easy leash walker and loves being pet. HW+; 38lbs; 1-2 yrs old; bull mix; 2/12/18.  Adopted in May 2018. Returned Jan 2019.   Got along great with her male, bully friend. 49lbs 1/26/19. still HW+ 

More about me April 24: This sweet medium sized girl is Piper, described by the staff as friendly and affectionate.  Everyone remarked how cooperative she was during her intake procedure, such a good girl! Piper met her new friend Mason out in the exercise pen and tails were wagging the entire time.  Mutual sniffing was done and then it was time to play off leash! Piper and Mason enjoyed a nice playful romp together and had lots of fun. Piper also met Venus, a female dog, and was also off leash with her with no incident.  This girl is a friend to one and all! Piper has a pretty mostly white coat with just a few splashes of brown and is just lovely. She's affectionate and loves to have fun with other dogs.  Piper is proof that love isn't always small and fluffy, so give her a look and see if she just might be the dog for you!

Pumpkin Pup

Pumpkin was brought in as a stray on 7th street in Hartsville. She has started nexgard and a vet form has been filled out to have her skin looked at.   female; terrier mix; 5.6lbs; 6 wks old; 10/18

Rascal- FriendPolly VolFriend -safe

The Lovin' Spoonful!  Well, maybe more than a spoonful but rather a heaping of hugs and kisses and steady tail wags!  My name is Rascal and I am one happy, super friendly, crowd working kind of fellow who has never met a stranger.  I was front and center in my kennel when the photo gal came by to meet me and boy, was I ready to leave the shelter yard to enjoy the front field area.  Little did I know a lovely snow white dog, Polly would be waiting for me to share my off leash playtime in the enclosed pen.  And what fun we had!  We ran and played and wrestled and then pooped out under the shade of a tree.  When not playing with my new girl friend, Polly I enjoy exploring new terrain and in general love to be part of the action.  Please, oh please don't leave me on the sidelines as I enjoy being part of the fun and games.  A more active home with other dogs to hang out with and slightly older, more sturdy kids would perfectly suit my style.   Ask for me, Rascal today and let the good times roll!  Promise!   Note:  Rascal was brought in by AC as a stray. Has previously been at the shelter before. 45lbs; lab mix; 7/30; Original intake 4/10 2019.  Seized by land lord.  Hw neg.   1 yr old


Go ahead!  Touch my ears.  I know you want to.  Everyone does and that's OK with me.   A curiosity of sorts,  in time you will forget about how unique my ears are and see how much fun life can be with ME by YOUR side.   I had the pleasure of hanging out with 2 teenage girls the other day and they called me a "rock star" as I was so awesome in their book!    It kind of made me blush but I got over it and then continued to show them how friendly,  mild mannered and wonderful a canine companion I am!  Expertly mixing and mingling with two other females on my journey today and also rooming with a super bouncy/in your face female,  I'm accepting of all canine energies and personalities.   Kids are a joy in my book and I love sharing my space and time with them.  Cats are too enticing for me so it's better we not share a home together.   If you are in the market for a friendly, doting and yes handsome fellow to bring love into your home,  please come on by and check me out!  Note: Reynaldo was brought in by Betty mcg. Someone had found him abandoned and turned him over to her.  He is a very sweet loving boy. Walks well on a leash!  HW-; 37lbs;  lab mix; 9/17; 37lbs


Hw neg; 10/18; stray; 1 yr old; 51lbs; male


Arrived 10/11/19; Bull mix; 2 years; 50lbs; HW neg. AC stray; female.  confident, calm roommate for Bertie; walks well on leash; medium energy level

River- Sponsored- NewVideoFeb NewVideoFeb

Uniquely me!  That's what I am!  I heard those silly humans talking about me, wondering what kind of dog I was.  One of them even said maybe I was part hyena with my funny face.  Well that IS silly.  But I don't let it bother me.  Actually I have a pretty cheerful disposition in spite of my current situation.  I like meeting new humans and I love playing with my roommate Leta.  Doggy wrestling is so much fun!  I was getting full marks with the kitties too, pretending I didn't even see that kitty lying in the grass next to me.  But then it happened.  That kitty jumped up and darted off and I couldn't resist trying to chase her, it looked like such fun!  I am hoping someone out there is looking for a mid-sized, fun-loving bouncy girl with magnificent ears to join their family.   1 yr old; hw-; 7/18/15; 31 lbs 

Note: This girl will certainly turn heads. She plays well with others, but prefers to be the alpha. If you’re into unwinding on the couch, she’ll watch Netflix as long as you can; if you don’t mind petting her.

Update Dec 2018: River is about 5-6 years old. She has degenerative joint disease in her back knees, luxating patellas, and a torn ACL that has reattached with scar tissue. Surgery to correct all this would be about $8,000. Right now she in on an anti-inflammatory , pain-reducing regimen.  River is an alpha. She gets along with most male dogs who will let her be the queen bee. She does not get along with most female dogs.  River is great with all humans and tolerant with children and puppies. She loves to ride in the car and go on leash walks.  She loves to run, but is in pain afterward.


likes kids and dogs;  stray hanging around Miriam's kitchen; Lab mix; 53lbs; 2 years; Hw neg; 10/17


 Rocko was brought in with Duke 2312 by AC.  They were surrendered to AC due to getting loose and running around. Both are very sweet and loving dogs.   HW-; 56lbs; 1-2 yrs old; lab mix; 9/16


Hw neg;  ac stray;  1 yr old; 48lbs; 10/11; bull mix

Fun Maker!  For a good time,  come to my pad!  My name is Roscoe and I am a friend to all!  I've met several dogs...male and female....big and little... and each one makes me smile!  If you are a human,  well you too are in for a real treat as I've never met one I did not want to love on and shower with my special TLC doggy goodness.    Dressed for success sporting a sleek almost buff colored coat, I have a broad grin, wiggly hips and cupped ears to make sure I capture every word you whisper to me!   I do a wonderful job in meeting others as I nicely approach them with a happy, friendly energy that most find hard to resist.  If you have other dogs in your home and slightly more sturdy kids, than I think I'd really like to meet you.   Playful, outgoing and drawn to human laps like a moth to a flame,  I encourage to take me out for a stroll to see how perfect I am for you!!  Note: Roscoe was brought in by Ac as a stray. Found on spruce st. Hartsville. He does have a microchip, And we were able to obtain the owners phone number/address. The phone number has been disconnected but I’m hopeful we will be in contact with him soon.  He is a very sweet boy.  HW-; 37lbs; 8/22; shep/bull mix; 2 yrs old

Sabrina was brought in by AC as a seizure and hold. Abandoned on Gemini Dr., Darlington. Sabrina is a very sweet playful girl. Walks well on a leash. HW+; 40lbs; 2 yrs old; lab mix; 7/19. Treated for hw's.  Ready to travel!  Oct 2019.

Compact Cuteness! Miss Sabrina is just as cute and totally awesome as she can be! Fun and playful and interactive, she has never met a stranger and easily mixes and mingles as soon as she sees new friends coming her way. As much as she loves playing and interacting with others, she is also happy to sit near you and chill and simply enjoy the sights. Sabrina's disposition is perfect for kids and a family with other dogs already in attendance. A great choice if you need a pet to go to off site events, she is a crowd pleaser and would surely entice others to come on by and say "hi." Always in style as she proudly sports a sleek, solid black jacket, Sabrina is a happy, friendly lady who brings to the table all of the most desirable traits we seek in a 4 legged companion.


Sammy was brought in by a member of the community as a stray found on E seven Pines St. darlington
She is a sweet heart. Walks well on a leash and seems to do well with other dogs.  Brought in with Shelby 2061.   Hw-; 1 yr old; lab mix; 8/20

Sassy found herself at the shelter as an owner surrender when her owner was no longer able to care for her. Sassy is very sweet and affectionate. Sassy would be a great dog for an active family or someone looking for a hiking or jogging parter.  She's no couch potato and is ready to be by your side if you are a go and do type person. One of Sassy's favorite things to do is play fetch with a ball, so if you love to play, sassy would enjoy your company!  She is a pretty mostly white Bully blend girl who hopes that a forever home is in her near future. Sassy isn't sure what happened to the home she used to know, but she knows her friends at the shelter will do all they can to get her a new family as soon as possible. Bully lovers, please check Sassy out and see if she might be the dog you have been looking for!  Note: Sassy was turned into animal control as an owner surrender. Her owner was no longer able to care for her. She is very sweet and affectionate.  HW+; 43lbs; 3-4 yrs old; bull mix; 12/5


Sheba is a tender-hearted, affectionate girl. She enjoys some playtime with other dogs in the yard, but her favorite thing to do is snuggle on the couch with her person. She is tender-hearted and submissive. She gets along great with other male and female dogs. She is crate trained, housebroken, and walks well on leash.   3-4 yrs old; hw-; 50lbs; bull mix; Posted July 2019


Sweet Sheena.    This little lady is trying very hard to accept her new temporary home here at the shelter.  She is at her best when when she is with Reena whom she came in with, but even in entering her kennel with Renna present, still Sheena is overwhelmed and tries to scurry away.  On our photo outing,  Sheena did the best she could.  Open to being carried out to the front field for photos,  she's not growly or nippy.  She slowly began to wander around in the exercise pen and casually interacted with other dogs who came along to say "Hi" but was not able to really let her guard down.  Sheena is a sweet lady who needs a calm, patient person and perhaps a home with other dogs to help her be at her best.  Her size is ideal for laps and hopefully with time,  she will find that laps are simply the best place to grab a nap! Note: Sheena was brought in my the city of Hartsville along with reena 2340. Found on s main/ farm street darlington.  She is scared but sweet!  female; hw-; 18lbs; 7 mos old; terrier mix; 9/19 

Update Oct 16:   Sheena has made some huge strides since her arrival a month ago.  She is now bubbly, playful and interactive with 2 new roommates and seems to really enjoy their company.  She is now also walking on a leash!  Sheena is still shy and reserved around people.   You can pick her up and tote her around...she's never nippy or bitey...but is a bit stiff and uncomfortable as she's riding along on your hip!   Sheena is a very sweet little dog who is slowly softening up to people and with time will surely blossom into a terrific pet companion.

Sheila Pup -safe

Sheila is a fun, vibrant, loving little lady.  Despite being challenged with hair loss and likely feeling uncomfortable by her current state of inflamed skin,  Sheila does not miss a beat and is one of the happiest, sweetest little dogs around.   Sporting a deep brindle coat,  tall pointy ears and a broad smile to warm all hearts,  she is playful, cuddly and is graced with a sweet, loving personality.  Note:  Sheila was brought in by AC as an owner surrender. The grandson of the people that called AC had abandoned the puppy and his grandparents could not take care of her due to medical issues.  She is a very sweet and loving girl despite her demodex condition. She has been treated with nexgard and will see the vet on Wednesday.   26lbs; 2 mos old; lab mix; 10/7

Skye Teen Pup

This is Skye Oct 16.  Can't believe she is STILL here!!  

Wiggly and Fun!  Plan on having a grand time with me by your side!  Just 7 months  old,  I still have the perfect amount of puppy silliness intact but also have some more mature pet skills in place such as walking nicely on a leash,  gingerly introducing myself to others (humans and dogs alike) and playing nicely with others.  Friendly, affectionate, kissy and loving,  folks enjoy my happy, uninhibited outlook on life and my cuddly, snuggly persona!  Be sure to ask for me today,  Skye!  Note: Skye was an owner surrender because the owner couldn’t take care of her anymore. They listed her as good with kids and has done well with their pet bunnies. She is a happy girl and is HW negative.  7 mos old; 37lbs; shep mix; 9/13

Sonny- Teen Pup

Sonny was brought in as a stray on five friends road in Hartsville. He’s a sweetheart.   Hw-; 9 mos old; 42lbs; lab mix; ac stray; 10/18

Speckles -safe

 Speckles was brought in by AC as a stray. Found on Indian Branch Rd., Darlington. She is a very sweet and loving girl.  hw-; 2 yrs old; Bassett mix; 10/9; 27lbs; lamping on back leg

Spunk was brought in as a stray by AC. Found on West Broad Street Darlington. Spunk is a very scared boy and hasn’t had much human interaction. But once you pet him and he realizes you’re not going to hurt him he warms up quickly and is very loving. Walks well on a leash.  HW+; 35lbs; 1 yr old; bull mix; 8/6

Update Sept 10: Let's get this party started!  My name is Spunk and I will be your director of entertainment today!  It's pretty easy to see at first glance that my idea of a really cool party is to have some grassy areas to run and play around in!  Adding kids that will enjoy some games of tag and playing with squeaky toys will surely make for an enhanced party experience.  I love meeting other dogs...some might say I'm a little forward in my approach... but I am working on that as I really just want to say "hi."  I'm a smaller framed fellow with tall bat-like ears and a lovely deep red coat to catch your eye.  Very smart, alert and attentive to my person,  I'm an affectionate, loving and very playful doggy who has just the right amount of puppy play left in my system to keep everyone in stitches and entertained!   Stop by today and see how wonderful it is to have me on my back and YOU rubbing my belly while I grin a huge grin! 

Voted Most Huggable!   Compact Cutie Star is a super star that you'll find hard to resist.  This super sweet lady is all about doting on her person in a very soft, gentle way.  It was tough to get pictures of her just by herself as she really, really wanted to be with her new human, teen friend.   Caught whispering in her new friend's ear, smooching her on the face and trying to get into her lap,  she is simply adorable and yes, super huggable but never in an overbearing way.  Star is a great candidate for a home with other dogs and also kids.  She is polite and very accepting of other dogs and never in their face or pesty.   Star is playful and graced with a very appealing disposition.  Rope toys are her friends along with a grassy field that she can roll around in on her back.  In addition, Star will impress you with her "sit" skills and "let's have some fun" outlook on life.   No need to go to Hollywood to find a star.   Your new Star is right here in Darlington County!   Note: Star was brought in by AC as a stray. Found on Indian Branch Rd., Darlington. She is microchip’d and we have the owners information but nobody has answered our phone calls.  She is a very sweet girl. Brought in with Julian 2328.  HW+; 33lbs; 4-5 yrs old; bull mix; 9/18

It's funner with me by your side.  Folks call me the Class Clown.  The Goof Ball.  The Comedy Man.  I'm all of these personas and more!  Never meeting a stranger,   I'm quick on my feet to come and introduce myself to humans and doggies alike.   Always ready for my next grand adventure,  the more we can do together, the better.  Inquisitive, more energetic (but manageable) and in search of the lime light,  I make everyone smile and laugh. My front and center approach to life might be a little overwhelming for some dogs but once they realize I mean them no harm,  gosh we could have THE best time together!  All dressed up with a snazzy red and white coat, just think how wonderful we would look and feel right by each other's side.  Ask for me, Stevie today and let's create some memories together.   Note: He was brought in as a stray by AC. Found on thousand Oak Dr., Darlington. He is a very friendly boy. Loves to be pet. Walks well on a leash.   HW-; 45lbs; 1-2 yrs old; bull mix; 8/6


"She's just so awesome. I love her. Do you think mom will notice if I put her in the back of our car?"  Sydney was the lucky lady when she found a very young volunteer friend who was so smitten with her.   Sydney honestly had THE best time in running and playing and interacting with new doggy friends and new human friends the other day.  She is easy to get hooked on!   This easy going, gentle natured lady is so skilled at politely meeting other dogs and plays very nicely with them.  Loving and affectionate, kissy and wiggly,  she's never overbearing and brings the perfect amount of fun and games to any setting.  A great match for folks of all ages from the very young to retired folks,  Sydney is excellent on the leash, is a rising star in the game of fetch and definitely loves to be a part of whatever is going on.  If other people or dogs are nearby, that's where Sydney wants to be.  Sydney draws people in with her unique eye coloring (she has one golden colored eye and one sky blue eye) and broad grin, but keeps them staying with her sweet, doting personality.   Note:  Sydney was brought in by AC  as an owner surrender due to the owner being unable to care for her due to health issues.  Sydney is very sweet. Gets along well with other dogs and walks well on a leash!  HW+; 32lbs; 2 yrs old; lab mix; 9/6

 This beautiful all white guy is Tank, one of the happiest dogs you could hope to meet! Tank walks nicely on the leash and just loves being loved by people. His video of him playing ball show the happiest a dog could be, romping with a ball in the exercise pen and stopping to get a belly rub with a huge smile on his face. Tank has a wonderful demeanor to match his handsome good looks, he has met a variety of other dogs from big to small, male to female, and every introduction went off without a hitch. Tank came to the shelter as an owner surrender because there was a female dog in his previous home who was nursing a litter of puppies and she didn't care to have Tank around. Even though Tank lost his home he has still hung on to his loving disposition and just adores being petted and loved. Tank is a dog who has nothing but love to give and will take all the loving and petting you have to offer.  Note: Tank was brought in as an owner surrender due to conflict with female dog in the home who was nursing.  Tank walks well on a leash and loves being loved.  HW+; 53lbs; 2 yrs old; bull mix; 4/8. tested very well with Midas and Sarah.  Med Note: We believe Tank is deaf.   He acts just like any "normal" dog so it's taken a while to  realize he has hearing issues.


Teddy was brought in by a member of the community who had him for about two months but originally did not belong to her.  He is a very sweet loving boy.   HW+; 66lbs; 2 yrs old; bull mix; Arrived 09/14/19 (with chi's  Lonnie 2303 and Leon 2304).  The pittie boy -  she owned him since he was 9 weeks old and he is 2 yrs. he is use to sleeping in bed with her, is crate trained, house broken and a wonderful pittie. 

2) Housetrained? YES  
3) Crate trained? YES  
4) Leash walking skills? Yes, can pull you around, strong 
5) Energy level of pet?  Energizer bunny! Loves to play outside. Fenced yard would be great. He settles down in the house good but does love to have someone that will play with him. 
6) Personality of pet. Never met a stranger. Friendly to everyone. Wiggly with happiness. Crowd pleaser. Mixer and mingler. Kissy.  Playful. Let's get the party started. Happy to be swarmed by kids. Cuddly. Polite. Happy to hang near you. Let's go to the dog park. Well mannered. Face cleaner. Activates toys. Goofy. Smart. Knows commands. Good personality in all these ways. 
7) Best suited in a quiet home, moderate activity home, busy home? Any home really. One that will play with him and snuggle some he will be fine. He does what you do.
8)Ready to go and do? Yes. He will do whatever you want him to. He is happy to be included. Does your pet like car rides? Yes very much. Are they open to go and to and explore? Yes. Good choice for walking down a Main Street setting? Yes. Never had a situation he wasn't good in. 
9) If Teddy interacted with other dogs in your home how did that go? Good. Playful. Gets along good with other dogs.    
10) Please describe what you feel might be the ideal home for Teddy? Would the home have kids? Seniors? Cats? Farm setting? Condo setting? Appt setting? Fenced in yard? He is out going. Friendly. Loving. Highly playful. Strong. Kids fine. Seniors he might be too strong. We didn't have cats but don't think a problem. Any setting really where time spent with him. Fence would be great so he gets to run around outside safely.


tex arrived as a stray.  he set up shop with a family for 3 weeks while they tried to find his home.  He traveled from home to home in search of food and fun but eventually wound up being dumped at our shelter.  He is reportedly good with other dogs but will chase cats.   2 yrs old;  52lbs; HW-; 10/15; cattle dog mix


Thor was brought in as an owner surrender due to the landlord not allowing pets. They only had him for one week. He is a very sweet boy walks well on a leash and doesn’t seem to mind other dogs.  HW-; 70lbs; 2 yrs old; bull mix; 8/8


Arrived 10/07/19. Shep mix 2 years 41lbs. Hw pos; ac stray; 


 Tinley was brought in by AC as a stray found on Cedarwood Dr., Darlington. She is very scared and looks like she has not lived a good life wherever she was. Despite that, she is a very sweet girl when she warms up to you. Just wants to be loved.   36lbs; bull mix; 9/16; 2 yrs old; hw-

I'm a clown wearing a dog suit.  I'm make a pretty convincing dog but once we have spent any amount of time together,  I think you will agree I am most certainly a clown at heart!   My core strength is making folks laugh and feel loved.  To this end,  you would have laughed with great gusto when I held my leash end in my mouth as I ran laps up and back in tandem with another new dog friend in the adjoining exercise pen.  I took it up a notch by actually removing my leash all together and then carried the whole mess around in my mouth.  See, I am a silly boy!   While out of my walk today,  I met the most lovely and agreeable bully gal, Edie.  She too is a bit of a clown at heart so we immediately made a fun, happy, playful connection.   When I am not out wooing the pretty canine ladies,  I'm happy to impress you with my sit skills,  make you feel loved and give you plenty of attention.  Kids are welcome in my book although perhaps more sturdy ones would be an ideal match for me.   Come ask for me (under the big tent! LOL) Toby.   I could be your new very best friend.    Note: Toby was brought in by AC as a stray found on Weaver St., Lamarr. Toby is a very sweet loving playful boy walks well on a leash and seems to get along well with other dogs.  His eye will be checked out by the vet.   HW-; 60lbs; 1 yr old; bull mix; 8/2.  Eye Update: Toby isn’t completely blind in that eye and it’s NOT glaucoma.  The vet suspects its an old injury that caused some scaring but she believes he can see SOME out of it.   No drops needed, the vet said just to keep an eye on it and if it starts to have drainage or discharge take him to get it checked again.

Trudy was brought in as a stray by animal control on Parkview dr in Hartsville. She has been seen by a vet. She has an old hernia and nerve damage. Despite her condition, she is a happy girl with a smile on her face.  HW negative; 25lbs; 7+ yrs old; 7/12; terrier mix   

Foster update Sept 13: She uses her brace a few hours a day. She really does better without it. Not sure about cats. We dont have any. She still needs her hernia removed and to be spayed. She is housebroken. She is super sweet. She loves to run outside but still a couch potato.

Twilight Senior - Pull fees covered if pulled by a rescue with the intent to rehome together

This is THE SWEETEST pair of dogs.  In walking into their kennel, they softly swarm you with swiveling hips, eager smiles and a desire to show you some love.  Wonderful loving/accepting energy from this pair.  They interview REALLY well.  Note: Surrendered to the shelter due to the owner passing away. Brought in by owners brother. Brought in with midnight 2526. Both are a bonded pair. They have been together for more than 10 years.  Hw-; 10+ yrs old; shep mix; 10/14

Tyson Teen Pup

Let's Play!!  Sweet boy Tyson has one thing on his mind.  Playing and having a great time!   This compact, bouncy boy finds fun and games no matter where he is.  Never meeting a stranger, his book is wide open and he's looking for a companion to turn that next page to see what the next grand adventure might be.   Tyson loves to run and explore and equally loves being the center of attention.   Unbeknowst to his photo team,  a back exercise door had been left open and Tyson strolled right on out.    We quickly spotted him happily jogging along looking at us still inside his pen!  A simple call to Tyson and he was back in the exercise area and back in the thick of things.  That's how much he loves being with others!  Tyson is all wags and swiveling hips as he eagerly meets other dogs hoping they too might be like minded and wish to get in on the ground floor of his happy outlook on life.  Friendly and affectionate,  Tyson has a lot of love to give and share.  He's a smart, active fellow who would likely be a top student in a dog obedience class where he can learn to channel his puppy energy into pet perfection.   Ask for Tyson today! Note: Tyson was brought in by a member of the community as a stray. Found on Reservoir St., Darlington .  Tyson is very sweet loving and playful. Walks well on a leash.  HW-; 29lbs; 7 mos old; 9/7; lab mix

U pups x 5

Egene (safe), Ursa -female 

Umar- male (safe), Unice -female

Ulissa- female

These pups were brought in by a member of the community as strays. They were found dropped off near her house on lumber street.  They are very sweet and loving.  6 wks old; lab mix; 3.5-5lbs each; 9/23


Simply Adorable!  Wanda is just the sweetest little dog.  Very gentle natured, softly huggy and nuzzly,  Wanda loves showing her human attention and is loving and doting.  A great size for any lap,  she is cuddly and attentive and a joy to have by your side.    This good natured lady is excellent with other dogs.  Extremely tolerant of dogs who wish to get right into her face/space,  she has a great energy around them and is really just as good around humans as she is other dogs.  Wanda would be a happy canine to land a pet job in a home with other dogs and kids.  She would also be a good choice for an older couple who wish to have a very manageable companion pet.  Wanda is a true friend to all!   Note: Wanda was brought in by AC along with her puppy Alphonso 2335 as strays. Found on Mellwood Dr., Hartsville.  HW-; 30lbs; 1 yr old; lab mix; 9/18

Whitney was brought in by a member of the community as a stray. Found on Abbott rd. Darlington.  Whitney is a very sweet mellow girl. She has a large mass on her lower abdomen that was seen by the vet yesterday. Recommended to have mass removed through surgery.   HW+; 48lbs;  5+ yrs old; hound mix; 5/7

Wyatt- Oh, so handsome in my new tie! VideoWithZoey

July 2017 Pictures- So cool in my shades!

Chasing dragon flies in a field on a warm sunny day, Wyatt wouldn't have it any other way.  Sweet as can be, and a gentleman to his furry roommates.  He's developed a small crush on his roommate Cleopatra.  They romped and rolled in the oasis today, taking advantage of the bright sunshine. Wyatt adores children, and loves going out to adoption events to meet new people. Wyatt gets along well with everyone he meets. Wyatt is a real catch! hw-; male; 5/2014; 2-3 yrs old.  Note:  Shown with
Cleopatra (black dog).

More about me Sept 2017: Sweet Wyatt … I would so love to give him better than what I have for him right now.  He is a great dog, but he is strong and full of energy.  There is no denying he is a pit with his big head and jaw, but to me it only makes him look like he’s smiling all the time.  He is a gorgeous boy and I love him.  In his play he means me no harm, but he often scratches or bruises me just from his sheer strength and eagerness to play.  He has had more than 15 female kennel mates since we’ve had him and never a moment of problem.  He plays hard, but there is no aggression … just the joy of a teenage boy.  He gets overwhelmed with my crowd of dogs and is why I keep him in his kennel.  He does great one on  one.  He gets free time 2 to 3 times a day to run.  He has food allergies and a grain free diet is best for him.  I have had him around children before and he did well.  He doesn’t know his strength, so I had to watch him closely with them but he loved all the attention.   He does great and minds me well on the leash.  I know the odds of getting him out with so many wonderful pits at the shelter are slim.

Y x 2 Pups

Yessenia, Yasmine 

 These pups were brought in by AC as strays. Found on Garden Valley Dr., Hartsville. Both of them are very sweet loving and playful. Yessenia is a little shy but a complete love once she warms up!  females; 29lbs; 3 mos old; 9/19; hound mix

Z x 3 Pups
Zelda - 12lbs

Zelda - Oct 11

Zinnia- 18lbs

Zinnia- Oct 11-Z pups Zinnia & Zelda spent all day Saturday in the exercise area getting lots of love from volunteers.  They were sacked out by the end of the event.  Sibling Zen found her family but these two are still waiting.

Super sweet, wiggly, cuddly little ladies!  5 mos old; 9/6; These pups were picked up by animal control as strays. Found on Calvary rd in Hartsville. They are sweet girls. They are all on the thin side and could benefit from a foster home.  bully mix; all female.