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Happy dancing girl!  Nala is such a friendly, bubbly, outgoing lady.   Nala was front and center and doing the doggy dance hoping to get out of her kennel.  A more strong girl,  in no time we were out front and she was running and playing and having a blast.   A sturdy, solid framed gal,  Nala would love to have doggy playmates but she needs someone who can match her play style and keep pace with her.  Nala seemed interested in toys but also gave them a quizzical look as if to say, "These look like fun, but i'm not sure what to do with them."   Nala made us laugh and feel loved. It's hard not to smile when this girl snuggly squishes up against you and gives you soft face kisses. Her super shiny, black velvet coat, broad grin and steady wagging tail were just what we ordered to get our day going. Note: female; bully mix; stray; 10/5; no hw; 55lbs; 1 yr old


This girl is a doll baby and loves everyone. Stray- Came in w/another adult and Banner pup. HW+; 7/2; 51lbs; 5-6 yrs old; bully mix.  Adopted this summer.  Returned early November. 


Info from Community person: This sweet girl showed up in my yard a few days ago. I have been around the neighborhood but it looks like the family moved and left her. I have been feeding her the last few days just to be sure no one is missing her. She's had pups before but I don't see any pups in neighborhood. She is the sweetest dog! So lovable! She has taken to us like she has always been here. If we didn't have a house full already we would keep her but we honestly can't afford another right now. She has played beautifully with the kids. No one would think she isn't ours lol. She is great! She's good with our dogs and likes the horse too. We don't have cats but I can't image her not liking everything and everybody. Absolute love bug! She eats good and seems healthy.    Intake info: Nellie is an absolute love bug! She wants to have all the attention on her, and hates it when you go to leave her. She did amazing during her intake, and knows how to sit for treats. stray; 2-3 yrs old; lab mix; 11/24; 42lbs

Paris -safe

Paris was brought in by AC along with three others. The owner moved and left them all behind, and the landlord found them inside the house.  HW-; greyhound mix; female; 1 yr old; 11/20; 35lbs


stray; 11/23; hw-; 3 yrs old; 62lbs; hound; Presley is a very sweet boy.


Ringo walks very well on a leash, and loves attention also. He is calm and wants to snuggle. He also did very well during his intake, and knows how to sit for his treats. Came in with Sabrina.  Stray; 11/7; lab mix; hw-; 35lbs; 1 yr old


Uniquely me! That's what I am! I heard those silly humans talking about me, wondering what kind of dog I was. One of them even said maybe I was part hyena with my funny face. Well that IS silly. But I don't let it bother me. Actually I have a pretty cheerful disposition in spite of my current situation. I like meeting new humans and I love playing with my roommate Leta. Doggy wrestling is so much fun! I was getting full marks with the kitties too, pretending I didn't even see that kitty lying in the grass next to me. But then it happened. That kitty jumped up and darted off and I couldn't resist trying to chase her, it looked like such fun! I am hoping someone out there is looking for a mid-sized, fun-loving bouncy girl with magnificent ears to join their family.  31lbs; 7/18/2015; HW-; 3 yr old shep mix 

**UPDATE ** River is now about 8-9  years old and has lived for 5 years at the shelter. She truly deserves a home of her own after all this time and we are hoping that her Christmas wish might come true this year. She has degenerative joint disease in her back knees, luxating patellas, and a torn ACL that has reattached with scar tissue. River has lived with this condition for many year and adapted to it.  Right now she in on an anti-inflammatory , pain-reducing regimen.  At this point it seems best to allow her to live out her remaining years continuing on this medication as opposed to putting her through surgery at her age. River would love nothing more than a warm comfy couch where she can spend her retirement. She would be considered a candidate  for a rescue who would allow her to be a hospice foster in her golden years as a senior. 
River is an alpha girl, a true Diva. She gets along with most male dogs who will let her be the queen bee, but she doesn't seem to care for the company of most other female dogs. River is great with all humans and tolerant with children and puppies. She loves to ride in the car and go on leash walks. She loves to run and play even with her joint disease and knees. This loving senior girl still has lots of life in her and hopes that after 5 years in the shelter she can soon say goodbye to sleeping on concrete and hello to a cozy dog bed or better yet, a couch to curl up on. 


border collie mix; male; O/S; 5 yrs old; 52lbs; HW-; 11/23

Remember!  A frown is just a smile turned upside down.   As such,  I am really smiling in ALL the pics you see of me.  This sunny faced hound who found himself on very hard times (I was super thin/depleted and arrived as a stray) is now at a healthy weight and ready to get back in the pet saddle once again.   You should have seen how wondrously I glided around and explored the exercise pen.  While I thought that was great fun, well the real fun started when I met Emmy Lou a like minded hound and then the playing and wrestling began.  Now, that was a grand time!  I also met another male dog and while he snapped at me right in my face, I was 100% non-reactive and felt he was simply having a bad day.  A very polite and medium energy kind of guy, I'm a friend to all and an easy leash walker.   A bit on the quiet side, folks say I am very approachable, super sweet and mighty agreeable which is spot on! Note: Roller was found at Roller Bearing. He is starving and extremely underweight. Very sweet and easy going boy. He walks well on a leash and goes with the flow.  He has the #9 bleached on his side...obviously a hunting dog.    6-7 yrs old; 39lbs; stray; male; hound;  hw-; 11/3


male; bully mix; 5-6 yrs old; 50lbs; hw-; 9/24. Came in with Chrissie

Arrived as a pregnant stray in a home 2 months ago. Sadly, all the pups died. The family could no longer afford to care for her. She is reportedly good with other dogs and kids. No cats!! 8/15; HW+; 4-5 yrs old; 51lbs. Note: While doing intake, this girl was very playful and rambunctious. Her personality shows once she is out of the kennel. She did well with intake procedures.  Adopted 10/8.  Returned 11/7 because cost of HW treatment too high.

Foster Family Detail: Roxanne never had any accidents in the house, loved to go for car rides, got along fine with the other dog in the home, and loved the little girl in the home (age 6). Roxanne tolerated playing dress up, wearing clothes, shades, angel/butterfly wings, and tiaras. They didn't have a fenced in yard so when the child was outside playing with her, Roxanne was on the chain some, but when they went inside, Roxanne went inside too. They had an outside kennel to use as desired for both dogs. They never tried crating her inside and said she never bothered anything in the house so they felt no need. After she lost her pups, she slept in bed with the 6 year old, under the covers with her head on a pillow. She snuggles close when she sleeps. She napped on the couch or recliner. She was also around a 3 yr old and a 13 year old and did fine. She will jump some to give hugs so age 6+ seems just right. When she was walked on leash by kids, she never pulled. They said she was really great about this. The adults would walk her and she would pull some because she preferred to be walked by the kids, wanted to be where they were all the time. She was walked on a harness, not a collar. She LOVES water. She will get into the bathtub with a child if allowed. She will get in even when it's dry and she will wait to see if you are coming for the bath. She only barked if someone came to the door or if she heard a loud noise in the yard. The home didn't have any cats. The family said she had an inconsistent cough the week they brought in. No cough was heard prior. They really enjoyed having Roxanne and had no weaknesses to report in her personality or behavior.


O/S- moving. HW-; 4.5yrs old;  54lbs; 11/18;  Shep mix. Given name is Nala.

Tarzan aka "Teddy" longs to be your companion. Resembling a brown-colored teddy bear, he has affectionately earned the nickname Teddy by volunteers who enjoy him so much.  A skilled leash walker, Teddy constantly looks to his handler for direction and guidance. Way past his time at the shelter, he has spent weeks and weeks waiting for someone to choose him. It's only natural that he gets so excited for the attention when volunteers walk him. Teddy responds well to correction and direction and behaves as a loyal companion when he spends time with volunteers at the shelter. A great snuggler, Teddy's ideal home would be with a single person or small family who wants Teddy as their loyal companion.  Note: Abandoned; Lab mix. Came in with Jane. 1-2 yrs old; 61lbs; 8/20; HW+. Both extremely sweet. Tarzan loves treats and anything good to eat.


O/S- Hw-; 1 yr old; can't handle. 51lbs; hw-; 11/3.  Taz is a very sweet, playful guy

Voter- Senior -safe

I'm such a good sport that in all honesty,  there was no one more qualified and or better suited to mix and mingle with the folks in the long line at the voting poll where I was found two weeks ago.  With the greatest of ease and keeping a super steady and slow moving tail,  I said hello to all and made everyone feel at great ease.  As super as I was,  still I needed a long term plan for my next pet job and so here I am at the shelter.  Today,  I was selected to come on out and hang with volunteers and 2 other dogs.   I was really terrific (patient and never pushy) with a male and female dog and quietly scurried over to my new human friends when prompted for photo time.  I am an old soul at heart and also in body.  I'm a bit of a fixer upper with a thin coat of fur (demodex mange), worms in my heart, some broken/damaged teeth and a small growth at the base of my tail, but it's all "fixable"  and I am SO WORTH IT!  If having a more mature, gentle natured, doting, well mannered fellow by your side sounds like your kind of dog, please ask for me today, Voter!  Note: hound; 6-7 yrs old; HW+; 11/3; 64lbs.  Voter is an older gentleman who was found at a voter precinct and brought in by AC. He has clearly been roaming for a while due to the multiple abrasions throughout his body. He also has demodex. He tolerated everything very well and walks nicely on a leash. He is a gentle boy and just wants lots of treats. 

Wyatt- Oh, so handsome in my new tie! VideoWithZoey

July 2017 Pictures- So cool in my shades!

Chasing dragon flies in a field on a warm sunny day, Wyatt wouldn't have it any other way.  Sweet as can be, and a gentleman to his furry roommates.  He's developed a small crush on his roommate Cleopatra.  They romped and rolled in the oasis today, taking advantage of the bright sunshine. Wyatt adores children, and loves going out to adoption events to meet new people. Wyatt gets along well with everyone he meets. Wyatt is a real catch! hw-; male; 5/2014; 2-3 yrs old.  Note:  Shown with
Cleopatra (black dog).

More about me Sept 2017: Sweet Wyatt … I would so love to give him better than what I have for him right now.  He is a great dog, but he is strong and full of energy.  There is no denying he is a pit with his big head and jaw, but to me it only makes him look like he’s smiling all the time.  He is a gorgeous boy and I love him.  In his play he means me no harm, but he often scratches or bruises me just from his sheer strength and eagerness to play.  He has had more than 15 female kennel mates since we’ve had him and never a moment of problem.  He plays hard, but there is no aggression … just the joy of a teenage boy.  He gets overwhelmed with my crowd of dogs and is why I keep him in his kennel.  He does great one on  one.  He gets free time 2 to 3 times a day to run.  He has food allergies and a grain free diet is best for him.  I have had him around children before and he did well.  He doesn’t know his strength, so I had to watch him closely with them but he loved all the attention.   He does great and minds me well on the leash.  I know the odds of getting him out with so many wonderful pits at the shelter are slim.


stray; Zoey was brought in by Jade who works at bridge, she was found wandering the side of the road. She is a very sweet girl, and seems to belong to someone, even though she is a little on the skinny side.   HW+; lab mix; 1-2 yrs old; 36lbs; 11/27