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Forever change the life of one of our pets by rescuing them today!  Our intake of pets far exceeds our local adoptions, so we rely heavily on rescues like you, to pull our pets and save lives.  We take in pets every day so this page is constantly being updated.   We encourage you to scroll our page and find the perfect pet for your rescue.  Please contact Kim at to rescue a pet today! 

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Nevins- safe

Dropped off at the end of a dirt road.  hound mix; male; 32lbs; HW-; 2 yrs old. 1/22;  Nevins came in with Nina & Nigel. He is a bit timid, but allowed intake procedures with no issues.

Nina- safe

stray; lab; 1/19; 4yrs old; 38lbs.  Sweet girl.

Owen- rescue pending

stray.  came in with prego Aurora. hw+; 39lbs; 2/5; Hound;  He is a very friendly happy boy. He does great on a leash, and doesn't appear to mind cats. He handled his intake very well and loves treats. 2 yrs old


Ready to get the party started!  Ozzy is a super fun and friendly guy who loves to go and do and be a part of the action.   Nicely sitting for streats,  Ozzy is a good, steady leash walker who arrived with his best friend Harriett, a tan and white version of him.   Ozzy enjoyed running and scooting around our play yard with random toys in his mouth.  The rope toy and a game of tug of war seemed to nicely peak his interest and match his play style. He did a wonderful job in including our 3rd grade youth volunteer in the fun and games.  Huggy and affectionate and wishing to be in the thick of things,  if having a more active, kissy 4 legend companion appeals to you, please ask for Ozzy today!  Note: stray; boxer mix; male; 50lbs; HW+; 12/18. Ozzy is a very sweet boy. He knows how to sit for treats, and somewhat knows how to shake. He walks well on a leash. but he is not good with cats.  2 yrs old. Came in with Harriett

She is a very sweet girl, and loves attention, and walks very well on a leash. hw-; hound mix; 42lbs; 1-3 yrs old; 12/21/20; stray.  Med info:  Has a slight limp.  Slightly low range of motion in left elbow when walking on leg.  radial bone appears to have old luxation trauma that was not addressed.  At this time only pain meds are recommended if needed.

Peanut Teen- on hold for adoption

stray; 1/26; bully mix; 33lbs; 7-8mos old; hw-.  Peanut is a very sweet, outgoing pup.  Has a dermoid on his eye.

Percy- safe

Percy was brought in earlier today by AC. He is a sweet dog, and loves belly rubs. He will walk on a leash, and appears to be well taken care of.  lab; 2/19; 48lbs; 1-2 yrs old; hw-

A care free friend to all!  Presley is just about the nicest dog you'll ever meet and he's truly accepting of all into his fun, goofy, silly world!   At 70lbs,  Presley is a big boy graced with leggy legs that love to take him to new areas to explore, go and do. He's a stronger guy on the leash and is really at his best when he can run and gallop along and stretch his legs.  A leash is a bit confining to him.  He met male and female dogs while out in our play yard and it really only takes him a couple of sniffs and he's like, "Oh, it's you.  You seem cool."  And off he wonders.  He does have some bow down wrestling play manuevers in him if he can find a like-minded play mate to engage in this type of play. If not,  he's happy just trotting around and then periodically checking back in with his humans.   His owners were heartbroken at having to leave him behind in their move as they loved him dearly and found him to be a truly wonderful being.  Presley would be well suited in a home with other dogs, kids and a yard where he can run like the wind and give his legs a work out.    If this outgoing, loveable guy looks pretty amazing to you on line,  just wait til you meet him person! Hope to see you soon.   Note: Adopted mid Dec 2020.  Returned  2/16 due to family moving.  stray; 11/23/2020; hw-; 3 yrs old; 70lbs; hound; Presley is a very sweet boy.  Retested Hw- 2/16/21.

Quentin was brought in this morning by a member of the community, She said that he wandered into their yard, and she was trying to find an owner, but did not have any luck. The collar he was wearing was too small and was very tight on his neck. He is a sweet boy, walks great on a leash, and knows how to sit.  No cats for Quentin please.   1/11; 47lbs; bully mix; 2 yrs old; HW-

Update Feb 2: Voted Most Huggable!  It's hard not to take an extra peek when you see Quentin coming your way.  This guy is stunning.  No, really stunning.  He has this incredibly dark, brindle jacket and more sleek lab body and is so very, very touchable and yes, huggable.   Quentin is a happy, playful guy. He loves interacting, going and doing.  Add a toy for him to activate and just watch the game begin!  When selected for some front field play time,  he was "all in."  Quentin is a more confident dog and simply dives in which could make other dogs uncomfortable.  He means no harm but is just wanting so much to meet other dogs (to play with them) that for less confident dogs, it can make them feel a bit overwhelmed.  We enjoyed Quentin's flirtatious and affectionate personality and his glass is half full outlook on life.    A good choice for a family with slightly more sturdy kids,  our 3rd grade youth volunteer was often caught giving him lots of pets and attention.  Both were grinning from ear to ear.  Quentin is on our mind and we sure hope he's now on YOUR mind. 

Richard has no idea just how much fun he is!  This sunny faced, athletic framed fellow takes running and playing to that next level!   A free spirit with his book wide open,  Richard has lots of love and energy to spare and found an excellent outlet for both in nicely playing, running around and wrestling with a male and female dog.  Never meeting a stranger, Richard can be stronger on the leash but it's all in good find that next friend and or activity to engage in!  Richard enjoys playing a mild game of fetch,  is huggy and kissy and loves to be the center of attention.  If having a slow moving couch potato kind of dog is the ideal match for you then Richard would politely ask you to consider another dog!  He is all about fun and games and going and doing!  Let the party begin with Richard!  Note: Richard was brought in by AC after being posted on facebook by Emanuel Baptist church. Unfortunately they could not find his owners. He is a friendly dog.  hw-; lab mix; 1/11; 1 yr old; 51 lbs

Ringo - FriendSandy FriendSandy

Ringo walks very well on a leash, and loves attention also. He is calm and wants to snuggle. He also did very well during his intake, and knows how to sit for his treats. Came in with Sabrina.  Stray; 11/7/2020; lab mix; hw-; 35lbs; 1 yr old.

Update Feb 16: Oh, the fun you'll have with Ringo by your side.  This mid-sized lab is as cute as cute gets.  When he first arrived,  he would really run the fence and growl at other dogs.  He was such an appealing, happy guy but the growling??  Oh, not so pleasant!   Fast forward and we had him out with Sandy, the blue pit and he was terrific.   Nicely walking shoulder to shoulder with her,  it was rewarding to see Ringo in a more relaxed, accepting mind frame. He also was relatively quiet as he jockeyed around the fence line...this time hoping to get attention from us as we met other dogs and took their pics.  Ringo is a well mannered, nice size fellow. He's always up for a game of fetch and happily leaps up into the air to retrieve and then capture the object in motion.   He is sweet and snuggly and a great fit or kids.  We also had him out with 2 other male dogs and shortly into that meet/greet he would let out a low growl so the party was over.  Needless to say,  it was still a huge change in his interaction with dogs from when he first arrived.  We are committed to try and get him out even more to see how this pleasant guys morphs and changes to be the best he can be.


Rooster is sooo sweet and loving. He was a very good boy for his intake and just let us do whatever we needed to do. He would take his paw and tap you for more pets?? He’s very affectionate, calm and laid back. 
He had 2 spots of hair loss. On the right side of his face and on his back. It looked like the hair was starting to grow back so I’m not sure what it was. He also had 2 small lumps/masses. One on his front right leg and one on the right side of his face. Both didn’t seem to be painful and they were soft. boxer mix; male; stray; 7/27; 4-5 yrs old; 56lbs; treats for hw's. No cats for me please.

Mr Doting!  My new volunteer friends called me Mr Doting, Mr Chill Master and Mr Attentive!  All labels suit me just fine and make me smile.   I'm a bigger boy with a big, blocky head all primed and ready to nicely sit by your side and keep you company.  I had a nice time running and exploring in one of the enclosed areas and when the pretty caramel colored female dog, Caramel came to say "Hi," well she really completed my fun excursion.   We respectfully greeted each other and in no time were relaxing side by side and the whispering secrets below the long cement bench!   My human friends noted that I'm a smart fellow who enjoys giving paw and nicely sitting when asked.   Sweet and loving,  slightly older kids would be a good match for me and a more submissive doggy companion (preferably female) would nicely compliment my bigger personality.    Ask for me, Rooster today!  And cock-a-doodle-do!Note: Returned 12/4 because Underground fence did not keep him in yard.  Adopted Mid October

More about me Feb 23: All you really need is me by your side.  My name is Rooster and gosh, I have been super, super patient as I wait to serve my next family.   Arriving in July of 2020,  I was lucky enough to head on home but sadly, my back yard fence was not secure and I kept getting out.  I know my new family loved me.  They said I was super friendly, affectionate and attentive to their needs.   I think I am now still sitting because I am not a huge fan of all dogs.  A more submissive female makes me smile but otherwise, I am simply at my best as the only pet in the home.   Recently taken out for some fun in the sun,  I am terrific in meeting all humans and my eyes surely lit up when a youth volunteer came on by to say "hi" and nicely sat in the sun with me as I stretched out like a frog.  I am easy enough to handle, love leash walks and belly rub sessions are really just divine.  I sure hope you'll consider me for your next companion pet.  I'm loving, snuggly, never overwhelming and just want a chance to love and be loved!  

In limbo for 3 years.  Yes, 3 years.  I can't even fathom.   Our sweet boy Roper has been tangled up in the courts and in limbo for 3 yrs.  He is now and at long last available for adoption and in the hunt for his new home.  While in limbo,  poor Roper developed a lick granuloma on his leg that became so infected that his leg began to ooze and swell.   Despite being on antibiotics for over a year, the infection had set in so deeply eventually entering his bone, that he had to have his leg amputated to save his life.    So now,  Roper is a tri-pod in search of a home.  Roper is just the nicest, super nicest dog you'll ever meet.  He is a master hula-dancer, hugger and kisser, lap nestler and overall Mr Nice Guy who loves to be near his human.  We recently had him in our front play yard area and he soaked up as much sun as he could and as much human love as he could.  At one point,  he was asleep, all stretched out while our 3rd grade youth volunteer spooned with him.   We tested Roper with a variety of dogs but his real preference is simply to have humans as his friends.  He was accepting of a very submissive smaller framed female and reportedly runs loose and freely with a long term Bridge female resident dog, but the male dogs he met with were not to his liking.  We feel in most situations he will be at his best as the only dog in his new home.  Roper would tell you that all you really need is HIM as he is such a loving, affectionate and engaging fellow....and he really is!!    Although Roper is now down to 3 limbs,  he still gets along really, really well and loves nothing more than to follow around his human as they go and do.    Roper is about 5-6 yrs old and while still battling some lingering alopecia around his muzzle area (we believe this is the result of food allergies- the alopecia was originally ALL over his body but is now centralized in just this one area.) is otherwise healthy and yes, heartworm negative!    If helping a dog who has been down and out for years is something that pulls at your heart and you can act upon,  PLEASE let us know.   It's mind numbing to ponder how long Roper has been in the "waiting" mode.  Please, we know Roper's new person is out there.  Let's find them!!!  Note: male; bully mix; 5-6 yrs old; 50lbs; hw-; 9/24/2020. 

53lbs; 2 yrs old; male; lab mix; 2/4; HW-; Sammy was originally adopted from us back in 2019 as a puppy.

Sienna- Rescue pending

stray; HW+; terrier mix; 36lbs; 1 yr old; 2/9.  Puppy like feel to her!


Pics from Feb 20.  No intake info


Stanley was brought in on Saturday by AC. He is a very sweet older gentleman. He is limping on his back left leg, has a cracked upper right canine, and has demodex.  He also has happy tail, so watch where he's wagging his tail when you say hello to him!  He walks very well on a leash, and did well during his intake also. Please ignore the blood on his back hips, that is a result of his happy tail.   Hw-; stray; 7 yrs old; 2/20/ 48lbs


Surrendered to us. She belonged to the man's son, and won't care for her. The man who surrendered her works on the road and cannot take her with him. He was in tears when we were taking her in.   She is shy and timid. Owner said she is terrified of other dogs.   HW-; 43lbs; 2 yrs old; 1/21; bully mix


O/S- hw+; 1/21; 62lbs; 7yrs old; bully mix. Titus walks great on a leash and knows how to sit.


Troy is one of the seven dogs that came from the hoarding situations. Troy is a very sweet playful dog. He walks well on a leash, and did very well during his intake.   Other than having overgrown nails, he doesn't have any other noticeable health issues. Hw-; 2/18; hound mix; 53lbs; 5 yrs old

Good Sport!  Violet is such a pretty lady and very, very soft, gentle and easy going in her ways.   She was recently spayed when we took her pictures which might account for some of her "frownie face" or it could also be because the nice folks at SNIP told she was "obese."  Poor girl!   No matter to us as we enjoy her just the way she is!  Very low key, polite and not wanting to stir the pot,  Violet was excellent in meeting a male dog and 2 female dogs.   Very much a side lines kind of girl,  Violet seemed grateful to have a super senior volunteer and youth volunteer to chill with near the bench.  The sun on her shoulders was pure bonus points for this sweet lady.   Violet is super easy to manage and was a good choice to help a more shy male relax and settle in and likewise, she was able to help "lower" the energy in meeting a much more buoyant female dog.  We enjoyed her quiet, introspective personality and feel she has a lot of layers of pet personality just waiting to be peeled away to benefit all.   Note: stray; HW+; 5 yrs old; 60lbs; 2/8. Violet was brought in by AC. AC said that he has been trying to catch her for over a year and he was finally successful. She is a little nervous and shy, but she is very sweet.


Vladimir is one of the seven dogs from the hoarding situation.  Vladimir was also kept outside on a chain. He is also underweight, had an injury to his right ear, and has something going on with one of his ribs. I am not sure if it is broken, we will be sending him to the vet.  He does not walk on a leash, and is also a little nervous, but loves treats and will sit for them.  HW+; husky; 35lbs; 4yrs old; 2/18

Wyatt- Oh, so handsome in my new tie! VideoWithZoey

July 2017 Pictures- So cool in my shades!

Chasing dragon flies in a field on a warm sunny day, Wyatt wouldn't have it any other way.  Sweet as can be, and a gentleman to his furry roommates.  He's developed a small crush on his roommate Cleopatra.  They romped and rolled in the oasis today, taking advantage of the bright sunshine. Wyatt adores children, and loves going out to adoption events to meet new people. Wyatt gets along well with everyone he meets. Wyatt is a real catch! hw-; male; 5/2014; 2-3 yrs old.  Note:  Shown with
Cleopatra (black dog).

More about me Sept 2017: Sweet Wyatt … I would so love to give him better than what I have for him right now.  He is a great dog, but he is strong and full of energy.  There is no denying he is a pit with his big head and jaw, but to me it only makes him look like he’s smiling all the time.  He is a gorgeous boy and I love him.  In his play he means me no harm, but he often scratches or bruises me just from his sheer strength and eagerness to play.  He has had more than 15 female kennel mates since we’ve had him and never a moment of problem.  He plays hard, but there is no aggression … just the joy of a teenage boy.  He gets overwhelmed with my crowd of dogs and is why I keep him in his kennel.  He does great one on  one.  He gets free time 2 to 3 times a day to run.  He has food allergies and a grain free diet is best for him.  I have had him around children before and he did well.  He doesn’t know his strength, so I had to watch him closely with them but he loved all the attention.   He does great and minds me well on the leash.  I know the odds of getting him out with so many wonderful pits at the shelter are slim.