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orever change the life of one of our pets by rescuing them today!  Our intake of pets far exceeds our local adoptions, so we rely heavily on rescues like you, to pull our pets and save lives.  We take in pets every day so this page is constantly being updated.   We encourage you to scroll our page and find the perfect pet for your rescue.  Please contact Kim at to rescue a pet today! 
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Oh please, I just want to be part of the action!   My name is Alfalfa and yes, I wish to be part of YOUR gang!  A mid sized fellow with some energy and yes, lots of hugs and kisses to share/spare,   my true love/interest is to hang out with people and maybe lightly engage in activating some toys.  The more attention I am able to garner, the better!  Graced with a happy, playful outlook on life,  I love getting pets, body rubs and letting my humans how much I enjoy being by them.  Please ask for me, Alfalfa today and let the fun begin! Note: stray; He loves to meet new people and get attention. He walks on a leash- no cats for Alfalfa please.  41lbs; 2 yrs old; shep; 11/3;  HW-

Annie- rescue pending

beagle; broken toes on back foot; 8 yrs old; hw-; 1/30; 33lbs; O/S.   Was adopted from a shelter in NC for kids in the family to play with and their existing dog.  She is not showing much interest in playing with them  (although she is fine with them) so they did not feel she was a good fit.  She is an extremely sweet gentle girl. She would thrive in a calm household where she can just hang out and relax. She has been spayed, had a rabies, and is up to date on her shots.  

Boomer- rescue pending

stray. He had on an orange Remington collar that has been on for a while. He is a sweet boy who has lots of energy. He walked well on a leash and did well during his intake aside from being a little wiggly.  hw+; 2/4; lab; 40lbs; 4-6 yrs 

Brock -safe

stray; boxer mix; hw-; 11/15; 2yrs old; 50lbs.  Brock is a friendly young man. He enjoys treats and giving kisses. Walks nicely on a leash.  He knows simple commands like "Sit" and knows his manners.


stray;  arrived with a large cut on his cheek which we had stitched up.  2/2; bully mix; 58lbs; 4 yrs old; HW+


2-3yrs old; 38lbs (thin); hw-; bully mix; male; stray; 12/1.  He is a very sweet boy.  He's also slightly underweight, but will gain a few pounds in no time. He loves to eat! 

Charlie Brown

Charlie is energetic, but with some training he would be fine. He walks very nicely on a leash, and did well during his intake.  hw-; 1-2 yrs old; 60lbs; 2/19;  Picked up as a stray. Owner located.  Not interested in having him back.


stray; hw+; bully mix; 2/17; 53lbs; 7yrs old. She is an older gentle girl, but high HW positive.   She walks very well on a leash, and doesn't seem to mind cats.   Reportedly,  Clementine is a frequent customer (looking for snacks) at the local Yogi Bear Chicken business in town.

Built for fun and games!  This pretty, sleek jacketed lady arrived over a month ago and boy, she was ready to go and do (and leave the confines of her kennel) and off we went for some fun in the sun.  In reading her intake notes of "very timid," well, I almost thought I had the wrong "Cola."  There is nothing timid about this fun, bouncy, ready to go and do girl!  She has nicely settled in and could not wait to introduce herself to whomever was up for a meet and greet.  Cola has love and energy to spare.  She had the best time simply running in one of the front pens and wiggling in the grass and sunshine.  Playful and nuzzly and very affectionate,  she really loves her humans!  She also loves dogs but having her run off some steam to first say hi to the other dogs was key.  She was in another dog's face...a bit too abrupt and fast, and like the good girl she is,  she quickly adjusted her behavior/took the correction when the other dog gave her a low growl of warning.  In no time, she was walking shoulder to shoulder with this dog. She also met a male dog and she was polite to him but he was just feeling too overwhelmed to appreciate her zest to say "hi."  Cola would be ideal for a more active home.  She is great with kids...perfect temperament for them...but ones who are slightly older/more sturdy as she is no couch potato!    Cola smiles all the time.  If having an upbeat, sunny face girl in your life sounds like a good match, come check her out today!   Note: O/S- housebroken; ok with cats; HW-; 1 yr old; lab mix; 47lbs; 1/22. Given name Lola. She is a nice girl, but VERY timid. Walks decently on a leash

Coraline- PlayfulMe

Coraline is a very very sweet girl, and she appears to be well taken care of. She walks great on a leash, and doesn't seem to mind cats. When I brought her into the med room, she was not the biggest fan of the puppies, but did great during her intake.  1/11; 1 yr old; 44lbs; HW- ; bully mix

Mini Update Jan 13: Petite Coraline has no idea how darn cute she is!  This blue pit all dressed up with the snazzy, short white socks,  is friendly, playful and truly adores being near her person.   A skilled leash walker, Coraline is at her best when she can be snuggly, doting and lavish her human with lots of love.  Ready to go and do,  Coraline is a well mannered, very appealing young lady. 

Doby- Deaf - FriendCaleb

Doby was turned in as an owner surrender.  His owner said that he was deaf. He is a gentle giant.  The owner was a small older woman with back problems. She said her son had left him with her but he was too big for her to handle.    We've had him out with other dogs, male and female. He will need an experienced owner who can teach him some manners because he is very strong,not stubborn or disobedient---just strong.  HW+; 2 yrs old; 86lbs; bull mix; male; 7/21/2017.  Adopted in 2017.  Returned Feb 2021.  Owners report  he's good with cats, kids and other dogs. 

Drake- adoption pending

Drake is an EXTREMELY sweet neutered male Catahoula. If it were physically possible he would prefer to be a lap dog. His owner surrendered him because he was moving and couldn’t take him with. He is a little underweight, and is heartworm negative.  69lbs; 2/20; 4yrs old; hw-

Cool and Chill!  Dusty was our surprise pet of the day as we evaluated a dozen dogs in our front field area.  Dusty was super excited in his kennel when we hooked him up with the leash and made a mad dash out our front gates.  Once we were off "shelter grounds," a new dog emerged.   Can we say limp leash?  Can we say calm and collected?   Dusty was the last pet we pulled for evaluation so what a wonderful gift that we would not feel like part of a sled dog team embarking upon a race!   Dusty really impressed us with his easy going outlook and very relaxed, go with the flow feel about him.   Softly huggy and enjoying to simply be near us,  he did a terrific time in meeting a male and female dog.  On leash,  he nicely walked shoulder to shoulder with his new friends and off leash,  well his preference was to go solo, run and scout around and explore.   Dusty had a mild interest in toys but seemed pretty content to just mozey around and relax.  Never in any real rush, Dusty did a nice job when we called out for him to come on over and give us attention.  While Dusty oftentimes might have a more serious expression on his face,  he has a happy, friendly feeling about him.   In the market for a good friend?  Well, do yourself a favor and ask about Dusty. Note: Dusty was brought in by AC.  He walks very well on a leash, and once he gets to know you, is a very sweet boy. His bottom canines are cracked, and he has multiple old scars/scabs covering his body.  hw-; male; lab mix; 68lbs; 3 yrs old; 12/8


Eddie was surrendered by his owner when he discovered the beagle doesn’t want to hunt, just be a pampered house dog. He is high heartworm positive. He’s very scared but wants to be very sweet. He is not leash trained. He also has a cherry eye.   HW+; beagle;  32lbs; 2 yrs old; 2/20.  Reportedly good with other dogs and kids.


shy- slow and steady is better for this timid fellow.  stray. shep mix; 12/4; hw+;  57lbs; 1-2 yrs old; 

bully; stray; emaciated; 9/3; 43lbs; no hw info;  6-10 yrs old.  During bath time,  she let us wash her several times. We were able to get a lot of dried pieces off of her. So patient and grateful for the attention.  Mini Update Nov 1: She is very dog friendly, good with cats, stays with you off leash, what we call bombproof.

Emma - Super Senior -FriendLadybird FriendLadybird -safe

Our sweet older gal, Emma, has come such a long way. She was able to be vaccinated today and complete her intake!  She arrived on 10/27/20 weighing 22.5 lbs, had severe Demodex and skin irritation, hair loss, and she was underweight. She has been receiving medicated baths weekly as well as Nexgard monthly. Her hair is still growing in, but looks great already. She now weighs 31 lbs and looks very healthy. She is the sweetest girl and never makes a sound. She loves everyone she meets and enjoys being around people. I really hope there is someone out there for this gentle girl.   10/27; HW+; 11-12 yrs old; 31lbs; beagle; stray