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orever change the life of one of our pets by rescuing them today!  Our intake of pets far exceeds our local adoptions, so we rely heavily on rescues like you, to pull our pets and save lives.  We take in pets every day so this page is constantly being updated.   We encourage you to scroll our page and find the perfect pet for your rescue.  Please contact Kim at to rescue a pet today! 
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stray; He loves to meet new people and get attention. He walks on a leash- no cats for Alfalfa please.  41lbs; 2 yrs old; shep; 11/3;  no HW info


Theo (now Axle) was brought in as a stray by animal control. He was picked up on Cheraw Hwy in Society Hill. He is very affectionate and sweet: Hw-; 43lbs; 1-2 yrs old; bull mix; 11/19; Returned 11/2020.  Axle needs a home with no small animals or cats.

From his family:  Axle is a great dog. Axle knows how to sit and stay. He crates very well and walks nicely on a leash. He LOVES children of all ages and plays well with small children. He has no issue with older/bigger dogs. He has no food aggression. He has been an indoor dog since being adopted in 2018 other than going outside for playtime and potty breaks.  He is housebroken, but if left alone for an extended amount of time, he may have an accident, as would any dog. 

He has a fluffy chair that he lays in often, and we have fixed it up in his kennel for him. He seems confused and sad.   He is neutered, microchipped, housebroken, and used to being in a home with a family.  Axle would be happiest in a home with no small animals, or access to small animals. 

O/s- Can't take care of him.  7/31; shep; HW+;  52lbs; 3 yrs old; lab mix

Bella has transformed since arriving at the shelter very confused and scared. It took her a few weeks to come around but when she decided that everybody was there to help her, a special personality began to emerge and we found her to be quite loving and playful. Today she had the zoomies out in the exercise area and met a younger dog who was very playful, and Bella responded back in the same way.  The shelter staff and volunteers have enjoyed seeing her weekly progress and how happy she has become.  She is now ready to find her forever home. Her skin has also improved and she has turned into quite the beautiful girl. Note: female; bully mix; 4 yrs old per vet tech.  aged 6-8 mos by owner; turned in due to landlord issues; hw-; no weight; 8/7.  Reportedly good with other dogs and kids. Our friend did very well today, she walked to the exercise area and enjoyed some time out. 

Life is good with Biscuit by your side!   Big boy Biscuit brings to the adoption table a loaded pet resume!   Tipping the scales at over 80lbs,  Biscuit would tell you the key benefit of his large size is that there is more for you to love on and more of him to love on you!   Equally accepting of humans and other dogs (he nicely co-mingled with both a male and female dog),  he simply loves being around other 4 legged friends or 2 legged friends.   A gentle face cleaner and hugger,  Biscuit did not have much interest in playing with toys especially if there was a person nearby that he could tag for his new best friend.  A stronger and very solid boy,  Biscuit does not have a clue about his larger size and if given a chance, might just climb up into your lap.   Graced with one amber eye and one light blue eye,  his head reminds us of the "Target dog" and the rest of his body of a large, hip-swiveling large lab. Biscuit is an affectionate fellow who really knows how to work crowds and charm folks.  Note: male; HW+; 5-6yrs old; lab mix; 82lbs; stray; 6/13. No cats please.

More about me Nov 13: Biscuit. Mmmm...Just hearing his yummy name makes you feel like home, doesn't it? Sadly, Biscuit is without a home. He has been in foster care and loved it, but he is now back at our shelter. 😥 He was adored in his foster home and was wonderful company for his foster dad, but as dad's health worsened, we all agreed it was simply too risky that Biscuit might get underfoot and cause a fall. Biscuit is sad to return to our shelter kennel and the environment here is simply too stressful for him.💔

Biscuit feels good, he is joyful, he is playful, and he is super affectionate. He wants nothing more than to be by your side. He has no idea of his 82lbs. He will have his head in your lap, or his whole body if you allow. He is strong and walks right beside you, as he wouldn't dream of being without you. He will be your best pal, even a bit velcro at 82lbs lol.😊 Toys are fine, but he adores his person more. He likes other dogs and was also just fine in foster as an only pet. He is housebroken and behaves very well inside the home. He is strikingly handsome with his white coat, loving lab-like personality and happy hip swivel, sporting one amber eye and one light blue eye at around 6 yrs old.
Everyone that meets Biscuit loves him. We know you will too! ❤ Please, give him a chance at some great years with you. 🙏


stray; boxer mix; hw-; 11/15; 2yrs old; 50lbs.  Brock is a friendly young man. He enjoys treats and giving kisses. Walks nicely on a leash.  He knows simple commands like "Sit" and knows his manners.


Everyone LOVES Celeste!  I mean loves!  This senior sweetheart is loving and doting and just as easy going as they come.  Never meeting a stranger,  Celeste is extremely gentle in her ways, very even keel and accepting of all.  Nicely and slowly roaming around our front field off leash with another male and female dog,  she is really open to meeting/interacting with anyone who might cross her path.   At the top of her "Things I enjoy most,"  would be all over body rubs and simply chilling by her human.  Celeste also has a casual interest to run and play with balls.  She has an old soul feel about her and is not overly clingy.  She does not ask for much but gives back so very much.  She was terrific with our senior volunteer and elementary age volunteer.   A very peaceful, delightful older lady!   Note: Celeste is a very sweet girl.  She is underweight, she has skin issues going on (reaction to fleas?) and she has decayed, cracked, and chipped teeth. Despite all of her issues, she is still very loving and trusting, and her tail wagged constantly while she was in the med room.  10/20; 42lbs; bully mix; 6yrs old;  hw- ; no cats for me please


Chelsea is another one of the five dogs that was seized from the same property that Cowboy came from. She is a very sweet dog, but she is also not good with cats. She walks very well on a leash and will sit for treats.  HW-; 44lbs; 4 yrs old; 11/24; female; lab mix


came in with Roper; bully mix; 3 yrs old; 42lbs; HW-; 9/24


31lbs; HW+; O/s; Cisco is an owner surrender due to the owner having health issues. He is a very sweet boy, and walks well on a leash.  11/16;  5yrs;  11/14

bully; stray; HW+; 45lbs; 10/2; 1-2 yrs old


"Surprise, surprise, surprise," says Clark.  This happy, fun-loving guy had us all fooled.  I mean fooled!  He has been quietly sitting in our intake building for weeks now and is just the shyest fellow when you go in to say "hi."  "Would you like to go for a walk? " Well, not at all. I'll sit and try to look very small and meek in my kennel.  Thank you though."   Well, today we broke Clark out of his "cell" and let him loose in the fresh air of our front exercise arena and truly, a totally different dog emerged immediately!  Clark was all smiles, tail wags and ready to run like the wind, explore, go and do!  Who would have thought?   Not sure who was beaming more...him or the volunteers in the arena with him!  Clark was realy, really good in meeting and interacting with 2 female dogs off leash, a senior volunteer and a 3rd grade volunteer.  Happy and carefree,  Clark nicely ran around checking out the pen but was excellent in coming back to check back in with the humans for a fast face nuzzle or simple pet on the back.   An ideal home for Clark would include other pets to play with, kids and of course, space to run and have fun.Note:  male; hound; stray; HW-; 4 yrs old; 10/7; 37lbs


Cowboy is one member of a group of 5 that were all seized for neglect. They were kept at the prison camp for a while due to us not having space for them, and while there they all gained a good amount of weight. He is a very sweet boy, but does not do well with cats.  No hw info; 11/24; male; 45lbs; 4 yrs old


O/s- too many pets.  One of 8 brought in.  Lab mix; 9/24; 1 yr old; 30lbs; female; HW-

Dallas is a very shy, timid older guy. Unfortunately his owner passed away, and the neighbors didn't know what to do with him.   HW+; 6 yrs old; hound mix; 10/31; 38lbs 


stray; JRT mix; HW-; 1-2 yrs old; 28lbs; 11/13

Destiny -safe

Destiny is a very sweet girl that was found on the side of Lamar highway by Burger King. She was wearing an orange harness that was falling apart, and was too small for her. She was also infested with fleas. She is an extremely affectionate dog, and walks very well on a leash. HW-;  1-2 yrs old; 11/27; shep mix; stray; 


dachsi mix; male; stray; 11/23; 3 yrs old; 36lbs; hw-.  Diego is a very sweet guy, he is a little timid but warms up quickly. He walks very well on a leash, and did great during his intake.

Dixie Mama- FosterHome FosterHome 

stray; shep mix; HW+; 4/7; 46lbs; 4-5 yrs old.  Reportedly had years of multiple, large litters.  Always a great mom to her pups.  Foster Update mid June: She is doing really good! She is coming to me on her own now.  She comes to my mom some also.   She still isn’t a fan of new people though.  She eats food out of my hand.  Really soft and gentle.  She does a happy dance when she sees it is me coming. She is still a shy girl.  She still doesn’t like the leash , but we are working on that.  She has started to bark some, when my dogs are barking. So we have finally heard her voice. 😂 she is a really great dog, and will be a wonderful dog when she comes completely “out of her shell”


O/S- killing chickens.  No cats for her please!  Came in with Hannah.  bully mix; 1 yr old; HW-; 45lbs; 10/24. Her given name is Red.

bully; stray; emaciated; 9/3; 43lbs; no hw info;  6-10 yrs old.  During bath time,  she let us wash her several times. We were able to get a lot of dried pieces off of her. So patient and grateful for the attention.  Mini Update Nov 1: She is very dog friendly, good with cats, stays with you off leash, what we call bombproof.


stray; shep mix; No HW info; 49lbs; 2 yrs old; 11/24; Everest is a very sweet guy, with a high energy level. He does not do well with cats, but does walk very well on a leash. He handled his intake well.