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Foster update Oct 8: My name is Alex and I never meet a stranger! When I first came to my foster home, I needed time to trust my family. After the way people and other dogs treated me, I didn't understand what love was. However, after a few weeks I have wiggle butt syndrome just by the sight of a hooman headed my way. I get along great with other dogs, big and small. My foster brother was so understanding when I first came here. He gave me my space and is very laid back. He never gets in my face of jumps on me, so I like him a lot. I also pay no attention to the lazy cat that I live with. My foster parents gave me the time I needed for slow introductions and I did amazing! My foster parents have taught me how to walk on a leash, and I much prefer the halter to the collar. I will pull slightly on a leash when I am very excited, but listen very well when corrected. I am so good on a leash that the little people in my house walk me too. I get so excited when my family comes home that I sometimes jump in the air and dance, but never jump on my people. I am crate and potty trained. I did have to figure out a way to get food my whole life, so I prefer to eat out of my own bowl. I do eat in the same room as my furbrother and that's fine with me as long as he does not try to eat out of my bowl while I am eating. I am very mellow and calm, but do love to walk daily to stretch my legs from being in the crate while my foster mom and dad work. I love my family so much that sometimes (very rarely) I like to chew on things while they are gone, but never while they are at home. My foster mom keeps me in the crate instead of free roam when they aren't home and offers me a chewy bone. I haven't chewed a thing since! At first I did not like car rides because of the things that happened in my past, but my foster brother is teaching me that they are awesome!!! My current home does not have a fence and that's ok with me. I do great with pottying and walking on a leash. I do NOT like to be left outside for extended periods of time and will bark because I have lived all my life without love and attention and am scared of being left outside alone. My perfect family would be someone who is willing to love and cuddle with me, give me the respect of slow introductions (2 weeks was more than enough in my foster home), walk me daily and have small people who are older than 7 or 8. The only reason I prefer a little older children is because I have a tail what wiggles ferociously when I am happy and I am learning to play appropriately. No one has ever taught me how to play with a ball or chase and sometimes I get overly excited and may nibble during play time. I have never once shown any signs of aggression and am full of love, but need some direction on how to play. My foster family has kids (5, 7, 10) and I am doing great with them. However, they respect that they should not run and be extremely loud unless we are outside because I may get excited and don't know I should not jump or nibble. I am so excited to find my furever home.

Alex is extremely mellow and is great in every way. He likes my male dog, but has never been around a very hyper dog or tested with a female. I think he would be fine with slow intros however. He does like children, but nibbles when playing, which may scare children. He is not aggressive in any way other than wanting to eat out of his own bowl. He lets humans hand feed him, but does not like other dogs trying to eat from his bowl while he is eating. When taking treats/snacks he does not guard or have aggression, it is ONLY with his individual food bowl. He is a cuddle bunny and loves to snuggle with other dogs and humans as often as possible. My husband and I both work full time and he is in the crate while we are at work. We come home for lunch to let him out to potty and eat. He initially did have some anxiety and expressed it by chewing, however it was very mild and we were able to crate train him and get him a nylabone. This has completely fixed the issue.Note: 8/8; AC stray; arrived covered with bite marks and open cuts.  take to ER vet.  Believed to be a bait dog. Has made a full recovery.  HW+; male; no age; 50lbs

Sweet and happy girl.  stray. bull mix; hw-; 2 yrs old; 12/6; 32lbs

Archie- safe

Hw pos; 1/16; stray; 57lbs; 2-3 yrs old; Doberman 

Bacardi + 2 Pups - FunWithMe -safe

Braxton (m- 24lbs), Breanne (f, 22lbs)

Foxy Lady!   Bacardi is turning all the heads with her semi shag, honey colored coat and sweet, endearing little smile.   Nicely meeting and interacting with 2 youth volunteers on our walk today,  this recent mom to 2 pups,  is calm, polite and gentle in her ways.   Softly snuggly and happy to hang by your side,  we enjoyed seeing her relax and get into the swing of things on our outing.   A skilled leash walker,  Bacardi was open to sharing her walk with a larger, happy male who like her, is respectful of boundaries and space.  Bacardi has a fun, playful side to her but likely won't wish to engage in wrestling activities with other dogs nor run and retrieve a ball that you toss for her!  She is a more refined lady who enjoys some peace and quiet and would likely enjoy back yard gardening and simply chilling with other 4 legged friends.   Although tipping the scales at over 50lbs,  she has a smaller presence and feel about her.   Learn more about our "Bacardi" by stopping by the shelter today!  Note: female; stray; 3-4 yrs old; 12/17; 51lbs; shep mix- hw +; Pups lab mix- 12 wks old


Baxter arrived at the shelter March 2018 as a 3-4 month old puppy. He was timid and often placed with other outgoing dogs to build his confidence. A foster took him home, and he has blossomed in that home. He walks well on leash and gets along with all other dogs (large, small, male, female, old, young). Baxter is submissive to the alpha male dog in the house, letting him have toys and giving up treats for him. Baxter seldom barks-only to alert his foster mom of something in the yard. Baxter loves to play with other dogs his size and even smaller dogs. He is polite when he plays. Baxter walks on leash and enjoys spending most of his time in the back yard with his 4 legged friends. He is accustomed to eating and sleeping in his crate. After playtime during the day, Baxter enjoys lying in the kitchen watching his foster mom prepare supper. Baxter is polite and gentle and would be a great companion for a family with or without children, but he will do best in a home with another male or female dog as a playmate. Baxter will chase a cat in the yard, but he leaves the house cats alone at his foster mom's house.   March 2018 intake;  pics from 6/29/19; 60lbs; 18mos old; shep mix; male; HW- 

Blakely is ready for her next step. She eats well, she occasionally will chew on a cow hoof or buffalo horn and likes the Benebone in peanut butter flavor. She goes to her kennel to sleep at night and never makes a fuss. She has never had an accident in her kennel. She does like a treat when going kennel at night for bed. She likes to be petted and shown some attention, but she will go off and play on her own and explore the yard. She does not require a whole lot of attention. She does love to go on walks and is very good on leash. She never pulls; she just walks along beside or a little in front but mostly beside me. She is not much of a digger. She never tries to escape the fence (digging or jumping over). She has only dug a few times little holes after a mole in the ground. She would love to be spoiled by someone. Her fur is so nice now & she has great teeth (can't help but notice her good teeth!). She likes to potty off leash by finding just the right spot. She loves to run around in the yard and roll over on her back in the yard. She is not much on toys, but loves to romp and play. She has never jumped on me. She rides in the car well too and enjoys riding. She is afraid of cars when they pass by on our walks. I guess from being hit by a car has affected her. She will back up and freeze when a car goes by. I always say 'Car Car!' to my pups when walking and make a point to go way into whoever's yard we are in front of trying to teach them to get away from cars. When a loud car/truck passes by when we are in the yard, she will freeze and get a scared look on her face. It's like she has PTSD over cars/trucks, which can serve her well (hopefully).   Note: Arrived as a stray with demodex and suffering from an old fractured leg. She was splinted and sent off to foster care where she has totally blossomed!  11/11/19.  Heartworm negative.  AC stray; found 9/9; old fractured leg; female

Foster Update Dec 31: ▪️Gets along well with other dogs and is playful at 1-2 yrs old. She has recently found joy in toy play and loves playing with the boxer in her foster home.
▪️Enjoys the company of all people. Likes to get attention/be petted then enjoys just lounging in the house. She is settled when inside and likes to explore, romp and play outside. She is a great balance of chill, playful and independent.
▪️Heartworm negative, current on vaccines, spayed and microchipped. 
▪️She had an old leg fracture (assume from being hit by a car) and it received vetting care/splinting/crate rest in foster, has healed and now doesn't hold her back. She loves to romp and run and go for walks on the leash. (Good leash walker. When she hears a car passing, she likes to come to a stop, have it pass, then resume leash walking.) 
▪️Outside she loves to explore with her hound nose and gets excited to see a squirrel. She is not a digger, just a few little holes after a ground mole, and she does not seek to escape the fenced yard by digging or jumping out. She is not a noisy hound barker either.
▪️She eats well, enjoying an occasional hoof or horn to chew, with her favorite the peanut butter flavored Benebone. 
▪️She crates up great for bedtime, never makes a fuss, has never had an accident in her crate and is housebroken. (She likes a little treat when she crates up for bedtime.)
▪️She is a young pretty girl with attractive hound markings and a soft coat. 


Hw neg; 1/17; male; 65lbs; 5. yrs old; border collie mix.  family moving.  reportedly good with other dogs, kids and cats.


Blitzen is currently in foster care recovering from his injuries. He’s a sweet boy.  2 yrs old; 50lbs; lab mix; HW+; stray; believed to have been attacked by dogs.  found covered with open wounds.  12/9

Let the good times roll!   Bobby is so much fun it's almost criminal.  He can play for hours on end with kids or other dogs or even with toys available for him to activate.   A great size pet for a family with kids and other pets,  Bobby is a crowd worker and a smile-maker and brings a fun energy with him no matter where he goes.  Social, active and very affectionate,  while he adores running and chasing after tennis balls, don't be fooled as his first and real love is to be near others where he can share his joy for life.  Bobby is ready for his next role where he explore, go and do with his new found friends and then collapse in a lap.  His fresh outlook on life is infectious and will keep you young at heart.  Ask for Bobby today and you will experience unconditional love and good times!  Note: This boy has the most fabulous ears that are just all over the place.  Hw neg; 12/20; stray; male; lab mix; 1 yr old; 38lbs

Came in with Clyde;  10/22; hw-; 42lbs; 3 yrs old; stray; bull mix.  On meds for a slightly irregular gait.  Perhaps uncomfortable hip area. 

He’s very playful still acts like a puppy! He loves chew toys! He can chew even the ones for aggressive chewers up! He loves toys and treats! He’s a very sweet baby whenever he wines down to rest or sleep. He’s a very loving baby, just too rough for cats. 12/6; 47lbs; O/S; hw-; 1yr old; reportedly good with kids and other dogs.  no cats.

More about me Jan 2: He has always been in a home. Their young niece moved in with them and with her came this precious boy as a little pup. Home was a multifamily home that had multiple dogs (3 other dogs 30lbs to 60lbs) and cats (around 9 of them). As he grew up, he played too rough with the cats. The family tried multiple things but with so many it was hard to manage. He wasn't trying to hurt them. He just played too rough and they have multiple senior cats that could not tolerate that. Anytime he got in trouble over the cats he knew he was in trouble and he was remorseful. He is very smart. He is housebroken. He has youthful playful energy. He prefers a harness to a collar and is use to walking on harness. He was fine with kids, just sturdy and playful so mindful of toddlers. 

Hw neg; 10/24; ac stray; 45lbs; 2 yrs old; bull mix.  Adopted in Dec into a family with an autistic son.  While Bronx was perfect and very patient, the child was becoming too rough for Bronx so he was returned for his own safety on Jan 10.   Cats: Sarah and I walked Bronx around the parking lot. He showed no reaction to the cats. A cat was under the porch when he went to get a drink...the cat hissed n he backed away. 

11-14-19; Lab mix; 47 pounds ; 3-4 years ; HW positive ; Buster was found on Swift Creek road. 

Carla-  $500 to go towards HW bill 

Foster update Jan 9: Sweet Carla was the mommy of 7 puppies who sadly didn't live long after their birth. Carla did her best but the odds were not in their favor. Carla has since been spayed and there will be no more unexpected litters for her, she is officially retired from mommy duty!  Carla is now living with a fabulous foster family who have helped her gain confidence and become a happy, loving dog.  When she first arrived in their home she was afraid and only wanted to hide, but thanks to their love and patience Carla has blossomed wonderfully and learned to trust. She is integrated with their 4 dogs and gets along well with all of them, both male and female. Carla is very humble and submissive and would be a great fit for a home that is looking for a calm, low key dog who is very devoted to her family. Carla loves to snuggle and be loved in return.  She is also houstrained. She enjoys time out in their backyard but could still benefit from some work on her leashwalking skills. Carla sleeps quietly all night on her special chair and when her foster family isn't home they don't crate her because she isn't destructive, she just waits for her people to come home. Carla does get along with their other dogs but her people are her main focus. Her foster mom calls her her little red fox because she has a beautiful thick and fluffy reddish coat. If you are looking for a quiet, gentle smaller sized girl who has a heart of gold and wants nothing more than to be loved, look no further than sweet Carla. Note: Carla was brought in by AC as a stray found on knollwood dr, Hartsville.  Carla is very scared here at the shelter. She needs a foster ASAP!  she’s a sweet girl and loves to be pet.   HW+; 41lbs; 2 yrs old; corgi mix; 7/8/19

Shy, sweet girl looking for a patient person with a quiet home!  My name is Christy and folks are pushing really hard to help me find my perfect home.   A smaller framed gal with a lot of curb appeal, I've had a very limited pet experience but am working very hard to be the best I can be.   Rescued from a hoarding situation,  I'm clearly more in my element hanging out with other dogs but working diligently on my human interaction skills.  Humans can be a little scary for me so allowing me to make those first few steps in building a relationship with you will mean having dogs in a home to help guide me and a human who will allow me to be, well me!   Trust will build between us but please, it will take time and gosh, it will be so incredibly rewarding for both us!   Already,  I am house trained, crate trained and also leash trained, three very marketable pet skills!   If you have dogs in your home who might be willing to show me the pet ropes,  I think we should talk!  Please, ask for me Christy, won't you?  Note: Christy was the 49th dog rescued from the Indian Branch property.  She was brought in by animal control from a hoarding situation. She is very timid.  8-6-18; lab/collie mix; 3-5 yrs old; 34lbs; hw+

More about me from foster mom March 9: 
 2) She is completely house trained. She has never had an accident in her crate nor in the house.
 3) Crate trained? Her crate is her safe space. She has learned she gets fed either outside, or in her crate. She goes in no problem. She has never had an accident in her crate either. She is calm. Barks if she needs anything.
 4) Leash walking skills? She walks fine on a leash. Sometimes she tries to walk in circles. She likes to be distant from whoever is walking her and not touched.
5) Energy level of pet? Timid, but anxious. In the house she will lie down or go in her crate. She plays like a normal dog. I would say average energy. Plays well with small and big dogs. She enjoys running and rough housing with dogs, or being play chased. 
6) Personality of pet? Anxious. Playful with dogs. Learning to like touch. Curious. Allows her person to handle her if approached in crate without any signs of nipping or aggression, even though she is very scared. Flight risk.  She enjoys being outside with shelter. She likes to be able to come and go as she pleases. She appreciates routine, she seems to always know when 8am and 5pm are to eat. She will stand on porch and give a few barks to alert you it's time to eat. When we get home from work, she gets very happy to see us. She likes you to come outside and stomp your feet/play chase her for a little bit. She buries her bones for later. Not a cuddler, yet. 
 7) Best suited in what type of home? Never seen her around kids. Does fine with dogs and cats. She is going to do what makes her comfortable. I dont think a high energy home would be good. Maybe quiet to moderate. 
 8) Ready to go and do? Not with us. She takes serious coaxing to get inside the house. She prefers to be left alone until she is ready for attention.
 Does your pet like car rides? Very anxious in car
9) Are they open to go and to and explore? Not with us. 
10) Good choice for walking down a Main Street setting? No she would be very anxious and scared. 
11) Better suited staying on the sofa and cuddling? Not a cuddler. Best with someone who appreciates her boundaries and comfort.
12) If your foster interacted with other dogs in your home how did that go? She loves to watch them play, as well as interact. She does fine when they jump around on her and lick her mouth.
 10) Please describe what you feel might be the ideal home for your foster? If someone had a lot of time to devote to her, and getting her comfortable with them, she might come out of her shell more. I know in her previous situation, she liked to come and go as she saw fit and have shelter to recluse. She does good in a fenced in yard.

Daria- Video -safe

Intake 7/2018, Shep Mix, 55.6 pounds, mom of Dx5 pups.   Sheriff seized the family due to unlivable conditions.  Daria tested positive for heartworms and was treated for them 8/2018. 

More about me April 25: Beautiful Daria will steal your heart with her soulful eyes.  Her foster dad said just one look from her  makes it clear how much she loves being around people. He describes Daria as a wonderful, extremely gentle dog. She's housetrained and loves going for walks, too.Talk about smart, Daria knows when it's time to go for a walk and she sits patiently to wait and have her leash attached. She is a well behaved girl who would be a good fit for an active home and she benefits from regular exercise. Daria's favorite thing to do is be around people, but she is also friendly with other dogs who are friendly to her. She also has a laid back side to her personality and would love to be your couch companion if you have some Netflix watching to catch up on. Daria came to the shelter with her litter of puppies when they were seized by the authorities for being kept in unlivable conditions. Her puppies have since been adopted and Daria has been spayed so no more unwanted litters for her.  She did her duty to her puppies and is now ready to retire as a former momma and have a life of leisure all her own now. Daria came from a not so nice place but she's not looking back, she knows her foster dad and the staff at the shelter  will find a perfect home for her where she can be treated with love and respect.  She's beautiful not only on the outside but on the inside as well. Please consider this former momma dog if you are looking for a loving companion who wants nothing more than a soft place to rest her head and a  person to look into those soulful eyes and tell her she is safe, wanted, and cherished.

O/s;  lab; 12/31; Lab mix; 3 years; 32lbs; hw+

Darling Mom + D Pups x 6 -safe

Darling Mom

Daisy, Darcy, Dee

Dee, Dennis, David

Sweet and gentle natured,  I'm done raising my pups and ready for launch into my new, full time pet position.    I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed here at the shelter but even still,  I slowly and gingerly made my way to the front open field for photo time.  There I did my best to relax and enjoy the sun on my shoulders and the quiet presence of a young teen.   For now, I feel a more quiet home with a well balanced dog to help me settle in would be the best choice for me.  Noisy, high energy environments are not my cup of tea and will enhance my level of insecurity.   Hoping you'll consider this polite, low maintenance mommy to help fill your low key pet needs.   Note: 1/2; 2 years; 51lbs; HW+. Pups 8 wks old 12-14lbs. lab mix

Arrived with Davey (now safe); AC stray; female; lab mix; 2 yrs old; 10/24; 34lbs; hw neg.  Adopted mid Nov. Returned Jan 9.  Family feels she is better suited in a home larger than a standard size apt.   happy, friendly girl!

Update July 17: Delores! How does this sweet girl not have rescue or adoption interest yet? I am totally in love. She has truly blossomed through her experience with her foster mom Denise Ball. Delores LOVES other dogs- big and small (& probably medium, too). She seems a little nervous around my cat, but who wouldn’t be? My boy Samuel can testify that my Otis has a mean left hook- lol! Seriously though, Delores will do so well in a home with another dog to show her the ropes, and I can totally see her cuddling with a kitty (that’s a little nicer than Otis- he’s an old grumpy cat).  Note: Delores was brought in as a stray by animal control. She was picked up on Kingston Dr in McBee. She is very timid and would really benefit from a foster home.  HW-; 24lbs; 5-6 mos old; lab mix; 1/14/18


43 lbs; 5 yrs old; Hw neg; 1/11; lab mix; O/S- can't afford; reportedly good with kids, other dogs and cats.

Happy, friendly fellow. Hw neg;  39lbs; 2-3 yrs old. lab mix; O/s. Owner had Drew for 6 mos. 12/21

Let's get down and dirty!  Literally!   I got so many accolades while out walking with my new human friends and new bully friend Toby.  I think jaws dropped open when I sunk down in a semi-sticky mud puddle and proceeded to coat myself with a nice, thick layer of muck!  I was coated like a pig in a sty!  Next up,  folks kept oohing and aahing over my wonderful cupping ears and super expressive face.  As if that was not enough,  the humans and Toby enjoyed my playful, happy disposition.  I made them laugh.  While in my exercise pen,  I kept a good steady pace with Toby who was running up and back in his pen and the two of us had the grandest time egging on the other to see who could run the fastest!   Friendly and loving and not afraid to go down the path less traveled,  I'm your new partner for exploring and going and great style!  Note: Edie was brought in by a member of the community as a stray. Found on Harper st., darlington.  She is a love bug! Loves to be petted and is a very sweet girl!  HW-; 53lbs; 2 yrs old; bull mix; 8/29. No cats for me please


HW+;  4-5 yrs old; hound; 55lbs; stray; 1/14