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A x 6 Pups

Aaliyah-f, Alissa -f,  Adam-m,  Audrey- f

Archie-m,  Alexa -f

These pups were brought in by AC as owner surrenders because the owner could not take care of them. lab mix; 8/4; 3-4 wks old; about 2lbs each

Mr Nice Guy!  We adore this guy and you will as well.  Guaranteed!   This stocky, solid framed fellow with the impish little smile is great with everyone he meets.  Very, very chill and mellow,  he's polite and very gentle natured in meeting new humans and other dogs.  An excellent choice for a family stocked with kids and other dogs,  Antonio is a joy to take out for an easy stroll and is softly curious and ready to check out what's around the next bend.   Friendly and affectionate, Antonio is never pushy or in your face and even with dogs, he takes a much more submissive approach in hanging out with them.   He's hoping his cute little face will make a huge imprint on you and you'll stop on by to meet Mr Nice Guy!  Note: Antonio was brought in as a stray found on Billy farrow hwy.  HW-; 50lbs; male; 6/29; 3-4 yrs old


Runway Ready!  Lovely Athena has no idea how stunning and well poised she is!   She lucked out in being selected for pictures only after being with us for a couple of days and gosh,  she did such a great job.  This very unflappable lady has settled right in and is immediately ready and eager to make new friends.   A good, steady leash walker,  Athena loves going and doing but also being close to her human.  She proved to be very snuggly as we enjoyed the shade of a tree and was very welcoming of sharing her new human friend with a new doggy friend.   Athena would be in her element serving a family with kids and certainly would enjoy having another doggy friend to hang out with.    Athena is graced with a very pleasant disposition and a stunning sleek black and tan coat which is always in style.   Check out this pretty lady today, won't you?  Note:  Cats might be too enticing for her.   Note: Athena was brought in as a stray on wedge wood rd in Darlington. She has a microchip but staff has been unable to reach owner by a current phone number. She is a sweetheart. hW+; hound; 7/25; 5-7 yrs old; 45lbs

Austin- DoggyFriends. FriendEvette - Sponsored for HW treatment 

More about me March 23: This handsome hunk is Austin, a happy and well mannered guy!  Austin has met several other doggie friends, male and female, and been social and friendly with all. Austin loves to explore and really loves to go for walks, when he sees his leash and knows it's walk time he is happy and ready to go!  He's eager to leave his kennel and get some activity.  Austin is strong and would most likely benefit from an Easy Walker leash or some type such as that to help slow him down. He would fit in well in just about any type of home, and would be better suited to a home with older children as opposed to younger ones just because of his size.  He also enjoys car rides and rides along just fine.  Austin has a special friend who works at the shelter and she loves taking him out of his kennel just to hang out with her. He is nice and calm when he is by her side and oh boy does he love back scratches and being petted! He also enjoys playing with toys and when when she approaches his kennel he is always waiting to say hello with a toy in his mouth. Austin would enjoy a home with a fenced in yard because he enjoys romping and playing. He's oh so handsome with his white coat and light brown splashes, especially the one over his eye.  He also has the cutest pink and brown nose and gorgeous hazel eyes. Austin knows his special friend loves him but he also knows she would sooner see him in a forever home instead of a kennel at the shelter. If you are looking for a friendly, social guy who would love to be a devoted companion, please check out Amazing Austin!   HW+; 58lbs 2/2019; intake Sept 2018; 2-3 yrs old

More about me June 15:  I really like Austin.  He loves to play, and looks at you with big ole eyes.  When you take him out of the fences area he behaves very well.  He is strong, but after the initial "YAY"," I am out of the kennel he is pretty calm and collected. walks well on a leash.  Would be great with a more calm dog.  

Autumn Pup- FriendRaven -safe

Talk about puppy eyes!  Autumn is killing us with her puppy eyed cuteness!   This sweet, delicate-framed gal is shy but if you spend any time with her,  you will be rewarded with her looking more at ease and relaxing.  Autumn is nicely sharing her space with Caleb and Raven and is best suited in having another dog in her new home to help bring out her best pet skills.  Note: Arrived 07/30/19; Lab mix; 3 months old; 21.8lbs. Autumn was brought in by AC as a stray found on Morningside Dr., Hartsville.  Autumn is very shy but warms up quickly she’s very sweet. Arrived with raven 1882 

B x 3 Pups- safe

Berry-f, Bonnie- f, Brianna- f

Arrived 08/05/19; Lab mix; 7-8 weeks old; 6-7 lbs each 


Baxter arrived at the shelter March 2018 as a 3-4 month old puppy. He was timid and often placed with other outgoing dogs to build his confidence. A foster took him home, and he has blossomed in that home. He walks well on leash and gets along with all other dogs (large, small, male, female, old, young). Baxter is submissive to the alpha male dog in the house, letting him have toys and giving up treats for him. Baxter seldom barks-only to alert his foster mom of something in the yard. Baxter loves to play with other dogs his size and even smaller dogs. He is polite when he plays. Baxter walks on leash and enjoys spending most of his time in the back yard with his 4 legged friends. He is accustomed to eating and sleeping in his crate. After playtime during the day, Baxter enjoys lying in the kitchen watching his foster mom prepare supper. Baxter is polite and gentle and would be a great companion for a family with or without children, but he will do best in a home with another male or female dog as a playmate. Baxter will chase a cat in the yard, but he leaves the house cats alone at his foster mom's house.   March 2018 intake;  pics from 6/29/19; 60lbs; 18mos old; shep mix; male; HW- 

Book Wide Open!  Beauregard is friendly and fearless and ready for his next grand adventure!  Ready to go and do,  this handsome red-tick fellow would love to have space where he can run and play, explore and simply have some fun!  Never meeting a stranger,  Beauregard keeps a steady wagging tail and smile.   Beau's temperament is great for more sturdy/active kids and certainly a home pre-stocked with other dogs would help keep him at his best.  Beauregard is full of love and life and would love to share his life with YOU!  Please, check him out today!Note: Beauregard was brought in by AC as a stray. Found on Oates Hwy., Lamar. Beauregard is very sweet and playful!  HW-; 42lbs; 4-5 yrs old; hound; 5/9; male.  Cats might be too enticing for least outside ones. Update July 31:  Beauregard had his surgery to remove the 1lb mass on his hip.  His surgery went well and we anticipate a full recovery.  A biopsy was take on the mass and we eagerly look forward to an update from the lab. 

Benny Teen Pup

Brother to brayden 1898. Brought in by AC. Found on 1st ave., darlington.  He is very scared but warms up quickly. Very sweet.  HW-; 7 mos old; 28lbs; 8/14; shep mix


Bernie was brought in as an owner surrender due to the owner moving away. He’s a very sweet and loving boy.   HW+; 30lbs; 2 yrs old; lab mix; 8/10

Owner surrender due to having heart worms, Lyme disease, and erlichia.  Bobo is a scared boy but very sweet when he warms up to you.  HW+; 3 yrs old; shep/lab; 8/9; 54lbs

Bogey- sponsored for pull fees- VIDEOApril VIDEOAprilA VIDEOAprilB
Note:  The dog barking in VideoB is a little terrier and NOT Bogey.

Update April 4, 2017: Bogey is a 3-4 year old, male, lab mix.  He has been with me since January after I was able to get his family to surrender him to me.  I became aware of Bogey in the midst of chasing Sweet Pea.  Bogey lived in the neighborhood near the church where Sweet Pea was staying.  He was kept in a 10x10 kennel by his family for most of his life.  They would sometimes let him out, or he would get out, and he would roam the neighborhood.  When Sweet Pea was in heat, he found her and was the only dog I am aware of who mated with her.  I found out where his family lived and when I could get my hands on him, I took him home.  Sweet Pea moved from the church to behind Bogey’s house to be near him.  When I saw the condition he was living in, I began bringing food and water for him each day.  Their next door neighbor shared with me that they had been caring for him for a while.  She said a teenager in the home was his owner.  She told me that they never spent time with him and barely fed him.  She talked to the young boy many times about giving him better care, but he never did.  She was helpful in getting the boy’s mother to surrender Bogey to me. 
That’s his back story, now a little about him.  He has settled down a lot since we’ve had him.  Before he saw the kennel as a jail that he hated to go in.  He would roll on his back and I would literally have to drag him back in there.  Now, he will go in with just a verbal command because he knows he gets free time.  He loves to run and plays well with my personal dogs.  My dogs chase and bark at him and he never retaliates.  He just takes it as play and has never shown any aggression even though my guys can get rough with him.  I would be comfortable leaving him out in the yard all the time with my dogs, but I have an older girl who is blind.  He gets so excited running and playing that he isn’t careful around her.  He scares her when he bumps her running by, so I just let him out when I’m out there with them so I can watch her.  He will sit for me and gives me his paw.  He walks really well on the leash and rides well in the car out of the crate.  He meets people very well and has met all of my dogs with no problems.  He was a little too curious around the cats at the shelter, so I would say no cats.  He does have a few bad manners from not much interaction and training when younger, but he seems teachable.  He jumps up on me sometimes when I first let him out, but after a few minutes of running off his energy, he settles down nicely and listens to my directions.  He likes to chase and retrieve a ball or rope.  He loves to be petted, kissed, hugged and loved on.  We don’t have any issues with feeding him with my other dogs.  He has been an outside dog most of his life, so he would have to be house trained.

Update January 2018:  it is my heart’s desire is to find Bogey a wonderful home.  He has been with me in foster for almost a year and a half now.  I became aware of him in my attempt to catch a dog that had been dumped near the church where I work.  He had a family but they were not giving him very good care.  I was able to get them to surrender him to me and we treated him for his heartworms.  He did very well with that and is the picture of health now.  He is about 4-5 years old and about 70 pounds of solid muscle.  He is a big boy and needs a family who can appreciate his size.  He is very smart and can unlatch our gate quicker than I can.  We have to keep latches in the gates to keep him from that.  We’ve also had challenges with him jumping our fence.  I’ve told you all of the bad things, because I believe in being completely transparent.  Now, the good things!  He is a sweet, loving boy.  He has a soft side and wants nothing more than to be with his person.  When I first let him out of his kennel, he does what I call “zoomies” all around the yard.  He loves playing and running with my other dogs.  Once he runs some, then he settles down and what you get is a super sweet dog who is very smart and wants nothing more than to please me.  He loves all people and does well with children.  He does not do well with cats.

Update May 31, 2018: Big Boy.  Big Love.   Bogey is all about peace and love and having a chill time.  This chunky, oversized lab has been to so many off site events, that's he's honestly lost count!  Bogey is terrific at meet and greets and deftly working crowds of humans and others dogs.   Affectionate and very friendly,  Bogey has never met a stranger and he really loves having folks coming up to him to say "hi."  Working the "Kissing Booth" at one of our events made him extremely happy and feeling fulfilled.  Bogey is one happy, well mannered dog who is also super photogenic.  Of the many photos taken, Bogey was beaming in all of them.    Bogey loves climbing up in the car to go for a ride, adores and is perfectly suited for small kids and is totally in his element surrounded by a myriad of activities.  Bogey has waited literally years now in foster to finally head on home and he's not lost hope.  He's still smiling and wagging his tail as he knows his new full time family is just a web site click away.   12/11/2015; hw+; male; 1-2 yrs old; 67lbs; Treated for HW's 8/1/2016.  No cats please.  

Mr Nice Guy!  It's hard not to LOVE Bojangles.  This handsome fellow with an easy going, super pleasant demeanor,  will have you at hello.  Never in any real rush except to get close to you and nuzzle/cuddle with you, Bojangles is friendly, affectionate and very approachable.   Bojangles would be excellent in a home with other dogs and folks of all ages including the very young and elderly.  Polite and gentle natured, Bojangles is an easy walker and a bit of a goof ball (typical of most hounds).  This sweet smile maker is ready to head on home and make YOUR day! Note: Bojangle was brought in as a stray by AC. found on Stanley cir., Darlington. He is a very sweet boy walks well on a leash doesn’t seem to mind other dogs.  42lbs; 1 yr old; hound; 7/22; HW-

Brayden Teen Pup- FriendsMorganDalton

Brayden is just as sweet and gentle natured as they come.   A very quiet, more reserved fellow,  Brayden nicely accepted our invitation to join 2 other dogs on an exploration trip to the front exercise field area.  Too overwhelmed to walk on a leash,  he happily rode on a human hip to join in on the fun.  It took some time for us to "find" Brayden's tail, but sure enough his tail slowly crept out from his between his legs and he started to relax and interact with us and the other dogs brought along for our adventure.   Brayden simply needs patient humans and a sprinkling of other well balanced dogs to really bring out the huge pet potential lurking inside of him. We all really enjoyed seeing Brayden relax and chill. This slower paced fellow caused us all to take things in great stride and simply enjoy our time together.  Note: brayden was brought in by AC as a stray along with Bria 1897. Found on first street, Darlington.   HW-; 7 mos old; lab/shep; 8/1; male; 30lbs. Brother is Benny


Bria was brought in by AC as a stray along with Brayden 1898. Found on first street darlington.  Bria is very scared but warms up quickly. A sweet heart!  HW+; 35lbs; female; 2 yrs old; lab mix; 7/31

Owner surrender due to owner getting 2 new puppies.  Brody is a very sweet boy and very loving.  HW+; 69lbs; 4yrs old; shep mix; 4/25

32lbs (thin); 1-2 yrs old; lab mix; 6/13. From foster mom: Brunson is a sweetheart! I've introduced him to my dogs, males and females, and he is doing great.  Fine with cats!   HW+. 45lbs 6/25! 

More about me June 30: Fitting Right In!! Brunson is such a mild mannered fellow,  he'll fit right in wherever he's welcome!   This super handsome boxer mix had previously really struggled in his community as he looked for handouts at the local convenience store.  Good news for Brunson is that he was broken out of that unsustainable existence and finds himself in a fantastic foster home where he can focus on simply being a family pet.   Brunson has added on some much needed weight and has done a bang up job in learning acceptable in home behavior from the other pets in the home and yes, foster mom.   Nicely interacting with the whole crew of full time pets in this foster home,  Brunson is respectful of pets larger and smaller than himself (including cats and a grumpy old chi!) and will happily self entertain and make himself comfortable.  Out on our walk today,  Brunson showed off his wonderful leash walking skills and when it was time to cool off, he was content to stretch out right beside his new doggy friends.   A friendly, happy fellow,  Brunson is soft with his affection, never pushy or in your face and open to guidance from his human.  Simply put, he's just ONE NICE DOG!  Brunson loves being near his human and will seek them out for attention but likewise is fine having his own down time to simply chill and relax.  A home with kids and other pets would be a great match for this mid-sized fellow who has overcome such obstacles.    Will you be the one to hire Brunson for his first ever full time pet position?  Well, he sure hopes so! 

Caleb Teen Pup -safe

Won't you give me a chance?  It's true I am a bit shy but if you hang out with me for even a little bit,  you will see me start to smile and relax and give back.  I'm enjoying the company of my roommates, Autumn and Raven and know with a little bit of patience and time, that I will blossom into the adult dog I was always meant to be!  Note: Caleb was picked up as a stray on 1st street in Darlington. He is about 6 months and is hW negative. He is a shy boy but did very well during intake.  25lbs; hw-; lab mix; 7/26


Canon was brought in  as an owner surrender due to the owner being unable to feed them. Brought in with Katie 2024. Very sweet and loving. Gets along well with Katie. Walks well on a leash. Has wounds on ears that have been cleaned.  HW-; 1-2 yrs old; lab mix; 8/15; 31lbs

Carla- VERY PREGNANT!! Puppies!  Born July 12! Video- $500 to go towards HW bill 

Carla was brought in by AC as a stray found on knollwood dr, Hartsville.  Carla is very scared here at the shelter and also very pregnant. She needs a foster ASAP!  she’s a sweet girl and loves to be pet.   HW+; 41lbs; 2 yrs old; corgi mix; 7/8

Caroline Pup- VolFriend

sibling to Charlotte 1959. Brought in by AC. found on sandbox rd., Lamar.  She is a very sweet girl!  14lbs; 3 mos old; lab mix; 8/8


Casper was brought in by AC as a stray. Found on Montclair Rd., Darlington.  He is a very sweet boy who just wants to be loved.  He had awful fleas and is still very itchy even after his bath. He also has an eye injury. Will see vet.   HW-; 29lbs; 10-12 mos old; terrier mix; 8/16

For a good time call me, Cassie!!   Have you ever seen such a happy little lady?  My name is Cassie and I love meeting new folks and new four legged friends.  Currently rooming with a rather shy black lab,  I was selected to go for a walk with another girl,  Pepper and we had such a grand time.  We immediately took a liking to each other and nicely headed out for a moderate paced walk in the front open field.    I smiled so much and my lean, petite little body wiggled with great excitement as we explored our gassy path. Little did I know though that the real fun was just about to begin!  Once we got into the enclosed exercise pen,  we were let loose to run and romp.  Oh, what a joy that was!  If you look closely at my pictures you will note Pepper grabbing onto my leash and trying to "walk me."  I could hardly believe it!   My fun, happy outlook on life makes me a perfect match for a family with slightly older kids and of course other dogs.  I'm really not very large at all and have a very athletic, stream-lined frame.   My deep brown/chocolate colored coat completes my snazzy/appealing look.   I love giving and receiving affection so if you feel I could be your new best friend,  please stop by soon and ask for me, Cassie.   Cassie was brought in by a member of the community after having her for 4 months.  She is a loving playful sweetheart!  HW+; 39lbs; 3-4 yrs old; lab mix; 5/4. 


Owner surrender due to not staying in “pen."  Cash is a sweet mellow boy. Walks well on a leash.   HW+; 55lbs; 3 yrs old; bull mix; 7/11

Cassie was brought in by AC due to owner abandonment (chained up in back yard). She is a sweet heart and very loving.   HW-; 28lbs; 1 yr old; lab mix; 6/20

Charlotte Pup- FriendsLucasLayla

Sibling to Caroline 1962. Charlotte was brought in by AC as a stray. Found on sandbox rd., Lamar.  She’s very scared but warms up quickly. Just wants to be loved.  14lbsl 3 mos old; lab mix; 8/7

Chester- CuddlyMe

Chester was brought in by AC as a stray. Found on Floyd’s rd., Darlington.  Chester is a very sweet boy. He walks well on a leash. Doesn’t seem to mind other dogs or cats. Likes to play but is overall a very chill guy!  HW+; 40lbs; 1-2 yrs old; bull mix; 7/3

Shy, sweet girl looking for a patient person with a quiet home!  My name is Christy and folks are pushing really hard to help me find my perfect home.   A smaller framed gal with a lot of curb appeal, I've had a very limited pet experience but am working very hard to be the best I can be.   Rescued from a hoarding situation,  I'm clearly more in my element hanging out with other dogs but working diligently on my human interaction skills.  Humans can be a little scary for me so allowing me to make those first few steps in building a relationship with you will mean having dogs in a home to help guide me and a human who will allow me to be, well me!   Trust will build between us but please, it will take time and gosh, it will be so incredibly rewarding for both us!   Already,  I am house trained, crate trained and also leash trained, three very marketable pet skills!   If you have dogs in your home who might be willing to show me the pet ropes,  I think we should talk!  Please, ask for me Christy, won't you?  Note: Christy was the 49th dog rescued from the Indian Branch property.  She was brought in by animal control from a hoarding situation. She is very timid.  8-6-18; lab/collie mix; 3-5 yrs old; 34lbs; hw+

More about me from foster mom March 9: 
 2) She is completely house trained. She has never had an accident in her crate nor in the house.
 3) Crate trained? Her crate is her safe space. She has learned she gets fed either outside, or in her crate. She goes in no problem. She has never had an accident in her crate either. She is calm. Barks if she needs anything.
 4) Leash walking skills? She walks fine on a leash. Sometimes she tries to walk in circles. She likes to be distant from whoever is walking her and not touched.
5) Energy level of pet? Timid, but anxious. In the house she will lie down or go in her crate. She plays like a normal dog. I would say average energy. Plays well with small and big dogs. She enjoys running and rough housing with dogs, or being play chased. 
6) Personality of pet? Anxious. Playful with dogs. Learning to like touch. Curious. Allows her person to handle her if approached in crate without any signs of nipping or aggression, even though she is very scared. Flight risk.  She enjoys being outside with shelter. She likes to be able to come and go as she pleases. She appreciates routine, she seems to always know when 8am and 5pm are to eat. She will stand on porch and give a few barks to alert you it's time to eat. When we get home from work, she gets very happy to see us. She likes you to come outside and stomp your feet/play chase her for a little bit. She buries her bones for later. Not a cuddler, yet. 
 7) Best suited in what type of home? Never seen her around kids. Does fine with dogs and cats. She is going to do what makes her comfortable. I dont think a high energy home would be good. Maybe quiet to moderate. 
 8) Ready to go and do? Not with us. She takes serious coaxing to get inside the house. She prefers to be left alone until she is ready for attention.
 Does your pet like car rides? Very anxious in car
9) Are they open to go and to and explore? Not with us. 
10) Good choice for walking down a Main Street setting? No she would be very anxious and scared. 
11) Better suited staying on the sofa and cuddling? Not a cuddler. Best with someone who appreciates her boundaries and comfort.
12) If your foster interacted with other dogs in your home how did that go? She loves to watch them play, as well as interact. She does fine when they jump around on her and lick her mouth.
 10) Please describe what you feel might be the ideal home for your foster? If someone had a lot of time to devote to her, and getting her comfortable with them, she might come out of her shell more. I know in her previous situation, she liked to come and go as she saw fit and have shelter to recluse. She does good in a fenced in yard. 

Cosmo was brought in by a member of the community as a stray. Found on gilchrist rd. Darlington.  He is very sweet and playful. Walks well on a leash.  32lbs; 4 mos old; shep mix; 8/15

Dalton Teen Pup- FriendsMorganBrayden

When you walk past my kennel, you might think I am part Mexican jumping bean with my funny, bouncy antics but rest assured I am ALL puppy!  You may have heard my best friend and sibling Davis was just adopted so I'm on a mission to find my new family as a single, young male.   Still a teen in age and attitude,  I'm a small little guy with energy and antics to share especially if I am with other dogs.   I am a bit shy around humans but when I am with other dogs, I think you'll agree I look like a happy, wiggly, athletic sort (which I inherently am!).   On my own,  I am rather meek and might even go flat should you try and walk me on a leash.  No real worries though, as I am young and am open to being around humans and will nicely accept a ride on your hip should you wish to tote me around.  All I need is a chance to prove myself as a pet.   Adding me to a home stocked with another pet would be an excellent option for me and having folks who will allow me time to settle in and learn the ropes in my new role will surely lead me to great pet success.   HW negative; male; 7 mos old; terrier mix; 6/17. Came in with Davis (adopted 8/3).

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!  And why not?   Beautiful Dana has had her last littler of pups and she's looking to live it up!  This super sweet, social, playful lady is such a joy to be around, she could possibly charge folks to hang out with her as she is SUCH a smile-maker!   A really, really great meeting/greeter of other dogs and super friendly around humans,  she was a skilled little butterfly working her new network of friends on her walk in the front field.   An easy leash walker and always very well mannered, Dana has a goofy side that's guaranteed to warm your heart.   Up for adventures and outings,  Dana would be lovely around kids and would most certainly enjoy sharing her life with other dogs.   Get in on the Dana fun ride today by adding her to your family.    Note: Dana was brought in by AC as a stray. Found on Philadelphia st., Hartsville. Dana is very sweet and playful. She loves to be loved and walks well on a leash.  HW+; 50lbs; 3 yrs old; hound mix; 6/25

Dandy is perfectly named.    Strikingly handsome with his snazzy black jacket and white accents,  he is poised, polite and tall and elegant in stature.   Dandy did a terrific job while out and about for his photo time and evaluation.   Nicely exiting his kennel area, he is calm and non-reactive to all the shelter noise/chaos and is more apt to keep to himself vs seeking out and interacting with other dogs.   A considerate and well mannered fellow,  Dandy nicely greeted the 2 other dogs on our journey and then kept on course to see what was around the next bend.    A real head turner in person,   Dandy is a moderately paced leash walker and ready to go and do and explore.   We enjoyed Dandy's soft, unassuming presence and marveled at how gentle and easy going he was especially given his size.  Kids and other dogs in a home would nicely suit Dandy's pet style.   Come check out this lovely fellow today! Note: Dandy was brought in by AC as a seizure and hold detainer due to being abandoned.  Dandy is a very sweet boy who just wants some love. Walks well on a leash and seems to not mind other dogs.   HW-; 45lbs; 1 yr old; lab mix; 7/15


Daphne was found as a stray by animal control on stouky bottom rd in Hartsville. She is HW positive and will be on vet check for her mass.   HW+; 2/8; 4-6 yrs old; 19lbs

Daphney was brought in as a stray by AC. Found on river view rd., Darlington.  Daphney is very shy at first and timid towards people most likely because someone wasn’t very nice to her. Once she realizes you’re not going to hurt her she is the sweetest thing. Snuggled right up into me. Just needs some love and attention. An absolute love.  HW-; 39lbs; 1 yr old; hound mix; 7/9.  Note: Young, playful, beautiful collie mix. Tested well with Nathan, Maybelline, and Stella.

More about me Aug 14Petite Daphney is a beautiful young lady who is playful and lovable. When she first arrived she was timid around people but now she has realized that the shelter staff and volunteers who care for her are her friends. She snuggles right up and loves to be loved and get attention. She has been temperament tested with male and female dogs and done well with all she has met. At a smaller size, she would fit in nicely to most any home. Daphney has a wagging tail and happy heart and loves being with people but isn't pushy, she will take all the loving and petting you are willing to give and is gentle and kind. She has even tolerated other dogs who have gotten in her face in a playful way and has also let her friend Nathan give her kisses. Check out this lovely tri colored girl, she will repay you with years of love and loyalty!

Daria- Video

Intake 7/2018, Shep Mix, 55.6 pounds, mom of Dx5 pups.   Sheriff seized the family due to unlivable conditions.  Daria tested positive for heartworms and was treated for them 8/2018. 

More about me April 25: Beautiful Daria will steal your heart with her soulful eyes.  Her foster dad said just one look from her  makes it clear how much she loves being around people. He describes Daria as a wonderful, extremely gentle dog. She's housetrained and loves going for walks, too.Talk about smart, Daria knows when it's time to go for a walk and she sits patiently to wait and have her leash attached. She is a well behaved girl who would be a good fit for an active home and she benefits from regular exercise. Daria's favorite thing to do is be around people, but she is also friendly with other dogs who are friendly to her. She also has a laid back side to her personality and would love to be your couch companion if you have some Netflix watching to catch up on. Daria came to the shelter with her litter of puppies when they were seized by the authorities for being kept in unlivable conditions. Her puppies have since been adopted and Daria has been spayed so no more unwanted litters for her.  She did her duty to her puppies and is now ready to retire as a former momma and have a life of leisure all her own now. Daria came from a not so nice place but she's not looking back, she knows her foster dad and the staff at the shelter  will find a perfect home for her where she can be treated with love and respect.  She's beautiful not only on the outside but on the inside as well. Please consider this former momma dog if you are looking for a loving companion who wants nothing more than a soft place to rest her head and a  person to look into those soulful eyes and tell her she is safe, wanted, and cherished.

Update July 17: Delores! How does this sweet girl not have rescue or adoption interest yet? I am totally in love. She has truly blossomed through her experience with her foster mom Denise Ball. Delores LOVES other dogs- big and small (& probably medium, too). She seems a little nervous around my cat, but who wouldn’t be? My boy Samuel can testify that my Otis has a mean left hook- lol! Seriously though, Delores will do so well in a home with another dog to show her the ropes, and I can totally see her cuddling with a kitty (that’s a little nicer than Otis- he’s an old grumpy cat).  Note: Delores was brought in as a stray by animal control. She was picked up on Kingston Dr in McBee. She is very timid and would really benefit from a foster home.  HW-; 24lbs; 5-6 mos old; lab mix; 1/14

I'm not brave but I'm devoted.  I'll stick to you like glue.  When we head out on the leash for new adventures I'll need reassurance from you to lift my belly off the ground and walk tall.  I prefer to sit right at (or on) your feet and be your shadow.  I'm a loving boy and the sight of a doggy friend makes my tail pick up a steady beat.  I have been sharing my kennel with another male and female dog.  If you have a spot in your heart for a handsome sweet chocolatey guy like me I'll be sure to fill it up.  Note: Dennis was brought in as a stray found on Antioch rd., Hartsville. He is a very sweet and loving boy walks well on a leash.  HW-; 43lbs; 10 mos old; lab mix; 7/18

More about me Aug 2: Let the good times roll!  If you are looking for a good time,  call Dennis.  Dennis is your go-to new best friend should you be in need of someone to cuddle, play with or simply explore and head out on missions of discovery.   Nicely sharing his space with a male and female, in watching them interact, one might think they had known each other their entire lives.   Dennis arrived looking thin and bedraggled and acted very overwhelmed.  With some much needed pounds on his frame, his true "self" has emerged and boy do we love him!   Goofy, fun and interactive,  Dennis won the prize for being a photo bomber and sharing his great happiness in simply being able to run and play and have fun.  Dennis would be best suited in putting his pet skills to use in a home with or without kids and other dogs.  He is very smart and attentive to his person.  When we whistled, he came.  When asked to sit,  he sat!   For a fellow who is still just a teen,  Dennis has remarkably good manners and already some basic commands under wrap.  Dennis impressed us on our photo outing and he'd be happy to do the same for you!

Vol Thought Aug 17: Dennis is the bestest boy!  It was so hot he decided to hang out right beside the water bowl.

Diamond- Safe

Diamond was brought in by a member of the community as a stray. Found on villa porcine Ln., Lamar.  She is very docile and sweet. A very loving girl. hw-; 2 yrs old; lab mix; 8/7; 45lbs

Dobie Pup- Video- safe

8/8; hound; 3mos; 19lbs; male


Donnie was brought in as a stray by AC along with Nina 1972. Found on Mineral Springs Rd., Darlington. Donnie is a very sweet boy but very scared. He warms up quickly walks well on a leash and doesn’t seem to mind other dogs.  HW-; 33lbs; 1 yr old; lab mix; 8/8

Close to you!  Miss Dorothy loves being with her person.  This sunny faced lady arrived skinny and sporting a very thin, sparse coat of fur.  Now several weeks later,  Dorothy looks terrific having added on some pounds to her frame.  Her coat has also nicely filled in thanks to meds and a steady diet.  It even has some shine to it!   Dorothy was super excited as she exited the busy kennel area but she was quick to relax once we were in the grassy front field. Suddenly,  there was no longer any need to rush and she nicely snuggled near her new human friend and then slowly poked around meeting the other two dogs on our journey.  Dorothy loves human attention and in particular enjoyed finding cools spots under bushes to escape the summer heat.   Dorothy is a confident girl who is polite in meeting others (people and dogs) and knows better than to jump up on anyone to say "hi."  We enjoyed Dorothy's thoughtful approach to her new human and doggy friends and think you will as well.  Note: Dorothy will see the vet tomorrow regarding her skin.  She was brought in by AC as a stray.  Despite her condition she is very loving and sweet, walks well on a leash!  Hw-; 45lbs; 2 yrs old; bull mix; 7/3


Let's Play Fetch!  Not only will I chase after balls you throw for me BUT I will also bring them back to you.  Now, that's full service with a smile!  And why yes, I DO smile a lot.   I had the grandest time the other day when I was selected to hang out with two young girls.  They threw balls for me, loved on me, draped themselves on me and gosh,  I could not have been any happier.  I overheard them saying to their mom nearby, "Are you SURE we can't take Eli home with us today?"  Alas, their home was already brimming with pets so here I am asking for YOU to rehome ME! A goofy, good natured fellow, I'm good with other dogs....nicely meeting them and then hanging out with them.   A nice sized fellow at 45lbs,  I'm easy to manage and would thrilled with almost any new home set, other dogs and possibly even cats.   Softly affectionate and friendly,  I'm a great family oriented dog ready to get YOUR pet needs filled and met!   Note: Eli was brought in as a stray by AC. Found on Solomon Drive Hartsville. Eli is a very sweet boy and very loving.  HW-; 45lbs; 2 yrs old; hound mix; 8/9

Etta - safe

Community surrender. Being fostered by Kathy M. HW-; 22lbs; 1 yr old; beagle; 7/17.