Pets in Need A-E

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A Pups x 2
Amos (male, 26lbs),  Andy (male, 28lbs)

This litter was brought in as strays by the Darlington animal control. They were picked up on Second St in Darlington.  They are both a little scared but still friendly.   Update 9/14: Currently in foster care, they are well on their way to becoming crate trained and yes, having a blast hanging out with each other!  4-5 mos old; 9/4; bull mix

A Pups x 5

Alonzo (male, 10lbs), Allen (male, 18lbs), Aimee (female, 21bs), Austin (male, 19lbs)

Alvin (male, 17.8lbs), Alvin, Aimee + Austin

Update Sept 1: These pups are still very scared but a couple of them will come to the gate now when you visit.  Note: This litter was brought in as strays. They came from Hoffmeyer Rd in Darlington.  They are very scared being here amd would really benefit from a foster.  3-4 mos old; shep/lab; 8/9


Abby was brought in by Hartsville animal control. She was found abandoned. She is very sweet and friendly.  HW+; 28lbs (thin); bull mix; 8/8

Foster Update Sept 17
”Precious Abby...came to visit for a brief stint while Florence was in town. Abby is such a great girl we've decided she'll be staying until some very smart rescue or adopter decides they'd like to offer her the home she deserves. 
Abby fits right into our pack of big and small dogs. Abby is very sweet and loves attention. She sits on command and offers her paw. She enjoys tug of war with toys. She is a love."
2) Housetrained? Yes....runs to door to go out
3) Crate trained? Yes...excellent in crate
4) Leash walking skills? Pulls a bit due to excitement 
5) Energy level of pet? Spurts of energy.  Loves to be a lap dog. 
6) Personality of pet. Social.  Never met a stranger. Friendly. Wiggly with happiness Crowd pleaser. Affectionate. Playful. Interactive. Cuddly. Polite. Happy to hang near you. Well mannered. Activates toys. Smart. Knows commands
7) Best suited in a quiet home, or moderate activity home...seems like she could easily adapt to either.
8) Ready to go and do. Doesn't mind car rides. Open to go and to and explore. Good choice for walking down a Main Street 
9) If your foster interacted with other dogs in your home how did that go? No issues.
10) Please describe what you feel might be the ideal home for your foster? Farm setting. Condo setting.  Fenced in yard.


Angel was turned over as an owner surrender to animal control.  The owners were moving and couldn't take her with them. She is very sweet and well mannered and walks well on a leash.  HW+; 40lbs; 3-5 yrs old; hound/lab mix; 8/9


Annie was turned into animal control as an owner surrender. The owners weren't able to care for her any longer. She has very good manners and sweet.  dobie mix; 65lbs; 3-5 yrs old; 9/6; hw-

B x 3 Pups

Brenda (female, 3.8lbs),  Bubba (male, 2.6lbs), Betty Sue (female, 4lbs)

This litter was brought in by Darlington animal control. They were picked up at Darlington Veneer. They are a little scared but still sweet. 5-6 wks; 9/6; lab mix

Baby Girl -safe

Baby Girl was turned in as an owner surrender to animal control. She came in with Gypsy. She is very sweet but not cat friendly.  hw-; 45lbs; 1-2 yrs old; lab mix; 8/30

Bandit was turned in as an owner surrender. He was turned in because he can be aggressive to smaller dogs and is not cat friendly. He is a little scared but still sweet.  HW-; 60lbs; 4-5 yrs old; collie mix; 8/27


Barbie is a sweetheart who was found as a stray on pocket rd. She was good for her intake.  HW+; 1-2 yrs old; bull mix; 32lbs; 9/1

Baxter was brought in by animal control. He is shy and scared and would benefit by being in a foster home.  26lbs; 3-4 mos old; lab mix; 3/28


Beau was brought in as a stray by animal control. He was picked up on Indian Branch Rd in Hartsville. He is sweet and friendly and walks well on a leash.  HW+; 53lbs; 1-2 yrs old; bull mix; 8/24


I discovered Sandy and Becca tied out with make-shift dog houses outside a broken-down trailer on a cold South Carolina day last December.  As I always do, I drive by a few more times over the next day or so . . . then I get my nerve to pull into the driveway. For the next few days, I took the girls doghouses, straw, food and food and food (they were emaciated), sweaters, and better cable leads that gave them more room to move around.   A few weeks later, the people in the trailer gave the girls to me.  I later learned that the people had taken the girls from a family friend who had raised them from puppies (an unplanned litter). Their landlord told them he could not have the girls, so they were given to the family friend . . where I discovered them tied outside this trailer. 

Both girls are HW negative, 1-2 years old, and 40 lbs, and get along great with the males and females here at my house.  Sandy is more gentle, polite, and low energy--but playful and fun at the same time. Becca is more outgoing, asks for your attention, and is just as playful as Sandy. Medium energy.  

In short, both girls have great personalities. They walk well on leash and would be good candidates for city leash-walking families or country folks! They are typical rescues---so happy to be loved and cared for by a human. 
They stay in a crate and are housebroken.  I never hear them bark except at mealtime Becca gets excited and barks a few times. 

The girls are bonded, eat together, sleep together, but they can be separated if it means finding a permanent home for one or both of them.  They have been with me since January, and they are such easy fosters .  I need to concentrate on getting these girls a permanent home now. They are very happy here, and I can use them as tester dogs with new fosters. They need a home where they can get more attention, though.  They are happy and playful and do zoomies. Posted August 2018.


Becca was brought in as a stray by animal control. She was found tied to a tree near the intersection of Leesburg St and Gibson St in Hartsville. She is a little timid but still very sweet.  bull mix; hw-; 35lbs; 1-2 yrs old; 8/23

Betsy Pup

This little girl was terrified, but she let us handle her without any problems for photos.  She trembled the entire time.  She was so scared she lost control of her bowels twice.  I gave her a bath and Janice Lyons held her and loved on her for a good hour.  She could really use a foster.  Betsy was happy to be placed in the kennel with two other pups.   Note: Betsy was found as a stray in Hartsville by the fire department. She was found on 7th street. She is shy but sweet.   she mix; 14.4lbs; 9-10 wks old; 8/14

Bernadette Pup- VideoWith Dublin

Bernadette is a 5 month old fawn blue nose bully mix. She is sweet as can be with people, but she is dog selective--yes, at only 5 months old and 15-20 lbs. She is very petite.  In the video I call her "tan with a smoky gray nose." At that time I didn't know she was a blue-nosed fawn. A vet tech at my vet's office told me this color is very desirable. I didn't know.  She is in foster with me because the shelter asked me to evaluate her. She is beautiful. She plays well with 5 of my bully mixes. My two males correct her, and she listens. My three female bullies play with her. She has shown aggression with some of my other dogs.  She came in as a single puppy and had ringworm, so she was hanging out in the office of our boarding facility while she was being treated for ringworm.  The video and the pic shows her with Dublin, a blind/deaf senior she snuggled with while in the office. About 3 weeks ago, they said she began picking on Dublin. That's when I took her.  I was surprised when I checked her teeth and saw that she is close to 5 months but still so petite. I can scoop her up easily with one arm, so I know she can't be more than 20 lbs, but I can weigh her to be sure.   1/27

Big Red was brought in as an owner surrender with Lady.  Not home enough to care for pets. The two are very bonded. He is a little scared being here but warmed up quickly.   HW+; 46lbs; 2-3 yrs old; 5/30; lab mix.  Med update on eye: Left eye sunken, cloudy, no menace. Intraocular pressure 17, 25. No fluoro uptake. Suspect old injury.  RX- eyes not painful and doesnt seem to be causing problems. Leave well enough alone.

Foster update Sept 2: Looks like Big Red is enjoying his foster life. He gets along great with other dogs, he is still a bit scared of people but after a few minutes he is typically won over with a good belly rub!  Red is a super good boy and has quickly gained acceptance in our pack at home. His energy level has come up since we got him out of the shelter. He is friendly and eager to please..he is a bit goofy though! He has been around friends of ours and while a bit timid at first warms up quickly. For his size he is not a big eater. He is housebroken and even hates to pee in the kennel if he is outside in the kennel.  This dog and his belly rubs!  He is a load of laughs. During our recent storms, we realized he is housebroken and loves his air conditioning! Gets along with anything/anyone that pays him attention. Walks well on a leash. Would love a home with a fenced backyard and a playmate.

Blaze -safe

Class Clown! Hey, that me! I have the best job in the class because I'm in charge of making folks smile and laugh. Never meeting a stranger, I pride myself on being the center of attention and also keeping folks busy going and doing. I'm a more energetic guy so I'll be nudging you to exit the classroom to come and explore with me and along the way, I'll make sure you get plenty of kisses and loving. A great choice if you have other dogs and cats, it's "possible" I may been caught snacking on cat food so be forewarned on how smart and sneaky I can be especially when it comes to food! Hope you'll stop by soon to check out Class Clown, Blaze! lab mix; 55lbs; 2-3 yrs old; male; 6/2; AC stray.  Treated for HW's in May 2018.

More about me August 25: Big boy who is as gentle, calm and well mannered as they come!  Graced with a big ol' blocky head and a tail that never stops wagging, folks gravitate towards me knowing how easy I am to take for a walk and how loving and affectionate I am.   In my kennel, I patiently wait at the gate for my walking friend to hook me up and off we go.  I love to casually explore and check out new sights and sounds and when I was recently loaded up to go the local doggy park, I just new it would be a grand time for all.    On the car ride over,  my head poked out the back window as the warm summer air flapped back my ears.   My smile felt simply endless as the ride was a welcome break from my rather sedentary days sitting in my kennel! I did a wonderful job mixing and mingling with all sorts of new doggy friends at the park and had a blast drinking right from the water fountain.   All the dogs loved me and I got a few minutes to just lay under the trees and enjoy the grass. It was heaven.  Like any self respecting Hartsvillian,  how could I pass up an opportunity to grab a burger at Sonic before heading back to my kennel?   The burger was the icing on the cake for my perfect summer get away!   If you are in need of a pet who has never met a stranger and is excellent with slightly older kids and of course dogs, please won't you consider me for your new family addition? 

Bogey- sponsored for pull fees- VIDEOApril VIDEOAprilA VIDEOAprilB
Note:  The dog barking in VideoB is a little terrier and NOT Bogey.

Update April 4, 2017: Bogey is a 3-4 year old, male, lab mix.  He has been with me since January after I was able to get his family to surrender him to me.  I became aware of Bogey in the midst of chasing Sweet Pea.  Bogey lived in the neighborhood near the church where Sweet Pea was staying.  He was kept in a 10x10 kennel by his family for most of his life.  They would sometimes let him out, or he would get out, and he would roam the neighborhood.  When Sweet Pea was in heat, he found her and was the only dog I am aware of who mated with her.  I found out where his family lived and when I could get my hands on him, I took him home.  Sweet Pea moved from the church to behind Bogey’s house to be near him.  When I saw the condition he was living in, I began bringing food and water for him each day.  Their next door neighbor shared with me that they had been caring for him for a while.  She said a teenager in the home was his owner.  She told me that they never spent time with him and barely fed him.  She talked to the young boy many times about giving him better care, but he never did.  She was helpful in getting the boy’s mother to surrender Bogey to me. 
That’s his back story, now a little about him.  He has settled down a lot since we’ve had him.  Before he saw the kennel as a jail that he hated to go in.  He would roll on his back and I would literally have to drag him back in there.  Now, he will go in with just a verbal command because he knows he gets free time.  He loves to run and plays well with my personal dogs.  My dogs chase and bark at him and he never retaliates.  He just takes it as play and has never shown any aggression even though my guys can get rough with him.  I would be comfortable leaving him out in the yard all the time with my dogs, but I have an older girl who is blind.  He gets so excited running and playing that he isn’t careful around her.  He scares her when he bumps her running by, so I just let him out when I’m out there with them so I can watch her.  He will sit for me and gives me his paw.  He walks really well on the leash and rides well in the car out of the crate.  He meets people very well and has met all of my dogs with no problems.  He was a little too curious around the cats at the shelter, so I would say no cats.  He does have a few bad manners from not much interaction and training when younger, but he seems teachable.  He jumps up on me sometimes when I first let him out, but after a few minutes of running off his energy, he settles down nicely and listens to my directions.  He likes to chase and retrieve a ball or rope.  He loves to be petted, kissed, hugged and loved on.  We don’t have any issues with feeding him with my other dogs.  He has been an outside dog most of his life, so he would have to be house trained.

Update January 2018:  it is my heart’s desire is to find Bogey a wonderful home.  He has been with me in foster for almost a year and a half now.  I became aware of him in my attempt to catch a dog that had been dumped near the church where I work.  He had a family but they were not giving him very good care.  I was able to get them to surrender him to me and we treated him for his heartworms.  He did very well with that and is the picture of health now.  He is about 4-5 years old and about 70 pounds of solid muscle.  He is a big boy and needs a family who can appreciate his size.  He is very smart and can unlatch our gate quicker than I can.  We have to keep latches in the gates to keep him from that.  We’ve also had challenges with him jumping our fence.  I’ve told you all of the bad things, because I believe in being completely transparent.  Now, the good things!  He is a sweet, loving boy.  He has a soft side and wants nothing more than to be with his person.  When I first let him out of his kennel, he does what I call “zoomies” all around the yard.  He loves playing and running with my other dogs.  Once he runs some, then he settles down and what you get is a super sweet dog who is very smart and wants nothing more than to please me.  He loves all people and does well with children.  He does not do well with cats.

Update May 31, 2018: Big Boy.  Big Love.   Bogey is all about peace and love and having a chill time.  This chunky, oversized lab has been to so many off site events, that's he's honestly lost count!  Bogey is terrific at meet and greets and deftly working crowds of humans and others dogs.   Affectionate and very friendly,  Bogey has never met a stranger and he really loves having folks coming up to him to say "hi."  Working the "Kissing Booth" at one of our events made him extremely happy and feeling fulfilled.  Bogey is one happy, well mannered dog who is also super photogenic.  Of the many photos taken, Bogey was beaming in all of them.    Bogey loves climbing up in the car to go for a ride, adores and is perfectly suited for small kids and is totally in his element surrounded by a myriad of activities.  Bogey has waited literally years now in foster to finally head on home and he's not lost hope.  He's still smiling and wagging his tail as he knows his new full time family is just a web site click away.   12/11/2015; hw+; male; 1-2 yrs old; 67lbs; Treated for HW's 8/1/2016.  No cats please.  


Bonnie was turned in as an owner surrender.  She came in with a UTI and couldn't complete her intake until she was finished with her antibiotics.  She is very friendly and affectionate.   HW-; 44lbs; 1 yr old; bull mix; 8/3


Bowie is a return. He was originally adopted in 2016 as a puppy. He is a sweetheart and is HW negative.   2 yrs old; 45lbs; bull mix; 4/28

New pics posted Sept 3, 2018. 9/5/2017 intake; 3-4 mos old.

Bridget Chi

Bridget was turned in as an owner surrender to animal control. The owner said they didnt have time for her. She is very scared being here and would benefit from a foster.  HW-; 14lbs; chi mix; 8/23

Brynne Pup

Brynne was found as a stray by Greg. He is currently in foster with Greg. He is a sweet boy.   17lbs; 3-4 mos old; plott hound mix;  8/18/ male

C Pups x 4

Charlotte (female, 8lbs), Caroline (female, 8lbs), Cynthia (female, 9lbs), Cassie (female, 95lbs)

This litter was brought in as owner surrender.  The owner said he couldn't afford to keep them. They are very friendly and sweet.  8-10 wks old; lab mix; 7/16


Caleb was turned into animal control as an owner surrender. The owners could no longer care for him. He takes a little while to warm up but is trying to be friendly.  HW+; 37lbs; 1-2 yrs old; 9/6

Cassidy Teen Pup -safe

Cassidy was found in Lamar on Lee state park road. She is wearing a pink collar. HW-; 30lbs; 9-10 mos old; bull mix; 8/17

Charlene was turned in as an owner surrender.  The owner had her for 2 years but could no longer afford her. She is housebroken & gets along with kids & other dogs. She's very friendly and sweet and has the kindest eyes.  HW+; 2 yrs old; 43lbs; bull/hound mix; 8/14/2017.  Retested HW neg 9/20/2018.

Update March 21:  I have a boy friend. Smile. Smile.  His name is Bam Bam and we have such a grand time on our play dates.  Oh, how I look forward to running and interacting with him!  Did I mention how very attractive he is as well?  The lady dogs are also my friend and my preference are ones who don't want to be the queen bee as two queen bees may not be the best mix.   Folks always describe me as sweet and loving and polite.  I'm super patient when it comes time for potty break and really prefer to keep my kennel space very clean.   Take a peek at my videos and you'll see first hand how low key and chill I am!! 

More about me April 12: You can tell she was someone's pet.  She minds well, is house broken.  She loves to PLAY!  Her best buddy is Bam Bam.   Charlene just wants attention, she misses having a home and she knows basic things.  Someone took time with her, and it's a shame she is with us.  She is depressed sometimes, and you can tell she is sad, but you let her out.. and viola.. new dog.

Chloe- Teen Pup- Video VideoWithMaddy VideoWithUna

Chloe is a sweetheart who was surrendered through animal control because the owners were moving and couldn’t take her.   very sweet young female; great with other males and females--no introduction needed for her--she loves everyone;GREAT with cats; aka Miss Hugs. 8/16; 4-5 mos old; 30lbs; shep mix


Clara grew up in a pen with 3 adult bull dogs and received very little attention from her person.  She spent most of her time keeping off to the side but once she came into heat, the male dogs were all over her.   She recently had a litter of 7 pups and a local neighbor intervened to help care for the pups and also Clara.  Clara is so thrilled to now have some attention.   She thrives on receiving love and gives it back. She is very gentle, ignores cats, and gets along great with other dogs. She is no longer spending her life hiding in the back of a pen trying to avoid the large male dogs.   She is a docile girl and is submissive to most other dogs she has been around. Her second chance will now be complete when she heads on to her new home!   Note: She is a sweetheart.  9/1; hw-; 1 yr old; 50lbs

Clark was brought in as a stray by animal control. He is very playful and friendly.  HW+; 33lbs; 2-3 yrs old; bull mix; 6/27

Coco was turned in as an owner surrender due to a neighbor controversy. Coco went into the neighborhood’s yard and was attacked by their dog. To avoid further conflict with the neighbor, the owner surrendered coco. She was very good for her intake process and is HW positive.   No cats for Coco.  2-3 yrs old; 45lbs; lab mix; 7/21


Columbo was brought in as a stray by animal control. He was picked up on Davis St in Lamar. He is very timid but still sweet.  HW-; 28lbs; shep mix; 9/19


Cookie was brought in as an owner surrender. The owner was moving and couldn't bring her along. She is very sweet and friendly.  HW-; 30lbs; 1 yr old; lab mix; 9/6

Foster update Sept 17: 2) Housetrained? I'd guess she had been previously housetrained. No accidents, even when left alone, whined to let me know she needed to go out, then walked around a bit and did her business. 
3) Crate trained? She was fine being gated off in the bathroom, I didn't use a crate. She paced for a little then settled in and was fine, we did this to feed the dogs, while i was at work and overnight.
4) Leash walking skills? She is really good on a leash! When she sees the leash, she sits on her own and stays completely still and waits for you to hook the leash to her collar, walks calmly, doesn't jerk you around or try to take off
5) Energy level of pet? Highlight which applies. Very mellow. Very calm but will play if you get her going, throwing a ball and such.  
6) Personality of pet. Friendly.  Affectionate. Happy to hang near you.  Well mannered.  
7) Best suited in a quiet home, moderate activity home, busy home? I think she would do well in any home, she's just happy to be where you are really, if it were a busy home she'd probably 
8) Ready to go and do? Prefers less activity and happy to stay closer to home and to their human? She really could do as well chilling at home as exploring around the dog park. If you throw a ball she'll chase it and if you sit on the couch she'll lay down at your feet. She's not high energy but she'd play with you. She was scared at first in the car but once we got settled and moving she was just looking out the windows
9) If your foster interacted with other dogs in your home how did that go? She wasn't afraid of my dog and also not aggressive. My dog was growling and a bit snippy with her but she still wanted to play with him. He is a jack russell so experience was with a smaller territorial dog but even on walks she just wanted to say hi to other dogs and people, no signs of aggression or fear, she's an extraordinarily calm well adjusted dog :)
10) Please describe what you feel might be the ideal home for your foster? I feel that Cookie's demeanor makes her incredibly adaptable. I truly think she'd do just as well with space to run and humans to be active and play with as she would be just hanging out at home, she was equally fine when we got to be outside and walking and chasing a ball as she was when we were stuck inside watching TV. 

Cooper- VideoWithTiny VideoSept -safe

Cooper was brought in as a stray by animal control. He was picked up on Bay Branch Rd in Lamar. He is very mild mannered and sweet. He walks well on a leash and doesn't mind cats or other dogs.  HW+; 60lbs; 2-3 yrs old; lab mix; 8/9. Note: calm, relaxed, gentle, appears to be an old dog but his teeth are clean!!  Very nice boy. Would be a good apartment dog, city leash walker.

Darcey is an owner surrender. The reason they gave was she became “too big to handle” She is a sweetheart and happy girl.  playful, young, happy girl; good with males and females; very playful and fun; (no cat test notes).    HW-; 7 mos old; 50lbs; Australian shep mix; 7/31

Foster update Sept 17: 
I had the pleasure of fostering Darcy during hurricane Florence.   Darcy has been the perfect housepet, sometimes even better than my other 2. She is sweet & smart. She has gotten along with my other 2 dogs & has not bothered the cats at all. She is crate trained & I think she has been in a house before. I think she is house broken based on what I observed. She loves to ride in the car & she walks on a leash. I am also fostering Genie one of the G pups and you will see her in the picture. 
2) Housetrained? I think she is. One time she went to the door by herself, waiting for me to let her out.
3) Crate trained? Yes. She did not have any accidents in my house or the crate while she was with me.
4) Leash walking skills? Walked great on a leash.
5) Energy level of pet? Energy to spare but runs off energy.  Very mellow. Very calm.
6) Personality of pet.  Social.  Never met a stranger. Friendly. Wiggly with happiness. Crowd pleaser. Affectionate. Mixer and mingler. Kissy. Playful. Cuddly. Polite. Happy to hang near you. Let's go to the dog park. Well mannered. Face cleaner. School bus greeter, Loves toys,  Smart, Sweet. I don’t have any kids, but I think she would be happy to be swarmed by kids.
7) Best suited in a moderate activity home. She is approximately 10 months old & needs someone to play with her.
8) Ready to go and do? Yes    Does your pet like car rides? Yes   Are they open to go and to and explore? Yes   Good choice for walking down a Main Street setting? Yes  
9) If your foster interacted with other dogs in your home how did that go? She got along great with my 2 dogs. She played with both of them and shared food with one of my dogs.
10) Please describe what you feel might be the ideal home for your foster? Would the home have kids? Yes because she loves people and is playful.  Cats? Yes.  I had 2 indoor cats & she did not bother them at all.  Farm setting?Yes   Fenced in yard? Yes


Darwin was turned into animal control as an owner surrender. The owners were no longer able to take care of him. He is sweet and friendly.  HW-; 35lbs; 1-2 yrs old; shep mix; 9/6


Davey was turned in as a stray. He was found at the Fast track on 403 in Darlington. He is mild mannered and very friendly.  65lbs; hw-; 1 yr old; lab mix; 9/19

Diane was turned in as an owner surrender with Ruger.  She is very sweet and friendly.   28lbs; 3-5 mos old; lab mix; 3/20/18.  Update Aug 15: She is playful, happy, and still a small size--about 40 lbs; HW negative; 10-12 months.  Crate trained, walks on leash, stays in the yard without running off, loves to play with my dogs male and female/old and young, submits to my dogs when they correct her, and does not bother my cats.  She loves water and would do great with an active family with access to water and the great outdoors. 


Diego was brought in as a stray by animal control. He was picked up on Reggie Dr in Hartsville. He is very affectionate and sweet.  52lbs; hw_; 1 yr old; shep mix; 8/29

Dink- Senior

I arrived bloated with worms and dirty from diarrhea.  The nice folks who have been caring for me cleaned me up, helped rid my body of the horrible worms and today,  my coat is shiny and sleek and my belly lean and firm.  Folks say I'm a sweet old guy who's mild mannered and grateful.   I have a young child who comes with her mom to feed and care for me here at Bridge and boy, do I enjoy him!    I have a grand time when I am let out of my kennel to run the dog yard.  The other dogs bark and jump with excitement when they see me and I generally pay them no mind as I continue on my happy way sniffing and smelling and simply enjoying my freedom.  On occasion, I might greet the other dogs nose to nose through the kennel fencing to get the most of my free time. I'll tell you I am definately a favorite of at least one of the Bridge workers.  She saves me for last on her kennel run detail as she wishes to give me lots of extra time and attention and love.   With the scars over my back and head and my worn and missing teeth,  it's clear I've had a tough life.  I don't let that slow me down, I hold no grudges and honestly, I have the most pleasant disposition.  Hoping perhaps YOU might be able to open your home to me, Dink.    4/6/2017; Stray who arrived at a local recycling center.  Est 7 yrs old; male;  HW+;  May or may not be a candidate for HW treatment due to an unhealthy heart.  May need prednisone longterm and heart meds to keep him at his best.  Vet notes: xray shows diffuse bronchointerstitial pattern - suspect cardiomyopathy. 53lbs

Update January 16: This is Dink. Dink has had a very hard life and it will cost him his own now. You see Dink has heartworms and cannot be treated for them because of other heart issues, it would kill him. Dink does not get along with other dogs as we think he was used as bait. He is toothless, and has horrible scars along his backbone. He needs a hospice family, it is so unfair that he has to live his last days out in a cold, hard, cement kennel. He has never known love with the exception of what we workers give him. He deserves to be shown love, what a bed feels like.. what a family feels like before he passes.

Update January 21: He is very people friendly, he rides beautifully in a car.  I took him to the vet and he rode uncrated, and then we drove around for a bit (just because I wanted to be with him) and he's great.  He is a "soft spoken" fella, not extremely pushy or loud.  Although he has the most awful howl when he wants.  He doesn't try to attack other dogs at the kennels, he just doesn't want to play with them at all.  He is always up for a good rub down, and enjoys human interaction.  He takes treats gently, and will give you puppy dog eyes for them.

He is crate trained, learning to go outside (still forgets from time to time), plays with all the dogs at the house.  Donald is a very sweet boy.  He gets along with the other dogs in the house. Likes to play outside with the others, enjoys his toys, walks well on a leash.  He's very happy and tries his best to do what he is supposed to. Note: Donald was turned in as a stray from animal control. His back right leg was broken so AAH put a cast on him. 15lbs; male; 3 mos old; terrier/hound mix; 9/25/2017


Donnie -safe

Donnie was found as a stray by animal control. He was wandering gilcrest rd in Darlington. He is HW positive and a sweet boy.   8/23; lab mix; hw+; 2-3 yrs old; 48lbs

Dora Pup

Dora was dropped off as an owner surrender. The owner said they could no lo get take care of her. She needs a little work with walking on a leash bit she is sweet and friendly.  28lbs; 4-5 mos old; lab mix; 8/30


Duke was turned in as an owner surrender. The owners said they were no longer able to care for him. He is very playful and friendly.  HW+; 53lbs; 1-2 yrs old; lab mix; 8/3

Eddie Pup

Eddie was brought in as an owner surrender. The owner's landlord wouldnt allow them to have him. He is sweet amd friendly.  9/20; 5.2lbs; 6-8 wks old; bull mix

Einstein Pup

Einstein came in from Animal Control. VERY friendly. Saw other pups in the office and only wanted to play. Hair loss on several spots. Left note for it to be checked.   4-5 mos old; 9/20; lab/bull mix