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Angela Mom + A Pups x 5 -safe

Angela Mom,  Amanda (3.2 lbs, female)

Archie (male, 4.4lbs),  Athena (female, 4.2lbs),  Austin (2.9lbs- no sex on pw), Adelle (3.4lbs, female)

What a beautiful, sweet, friendly girl. She helped Carl develop confidence.  She didn't mind when he jumped on her to play.   She mingled with the other dogs we had out-male and female. She has a strikingly beautiful red coat.  She walks well on leash and loves being with people.   Note: Angela was brought in as a stray by animal control with her 5 puppies. She is still nursing them and is a very good mama. She was cooperative during intake and is sweet and friendly.  HW-; 34lbs; 1-2 yrs old; 2/9; shep mix; pups 5-6 wks old.


Anita is a sweetheart who was picked up by animal control. She is HW negative.  Terrier mix; 54lbs; 1-2 yrs old; 1/2


Antonio was a little timid coming out of his kennel and he has scars showing he has not had the easiest life, but as soon as I sat down with him he melted into my lap.  He just quietly soaked up all the love and attention I had to give. Note: Antonio was brought in by animal control. He had some open wounds in his leg that I cleaned. He’s very underweight so I didn’t complete the intake.  hw-; 34lbs; 1-2 yrs old; bull mix; 12/15

Audrey -safe

Audrey was brought in as an owner surrender.  She was turned in because she kept climbing the fence at their house. She is very playful and sweet.  hw-; 37lbs; 1-2 yrs old; 1/18; lab mix

Beverly (female, 18lbs), Beverly,  Bruno (male, 20lbs)

Bobby (male, blonde, 19lbs)

Brad (male, black,  26lbs)- Update Jan 7: Our boy Brad is trying very hard to be brave.  He is so scared but the sun feels good on his fur and he will stand still for petting.  He gets startled very easily so he needs a calm, patient person to help him learn to trust. 

Update Oct 22: The darker fuzzy one labeled Brandon is the most outgoing.  He comes up to the gate and seems like a happy pup.  Blake the black pup is in between.  He backs away and barks but will come up to the fence so I think he is trying to make up his mind.  The two lighter tan pups in the igloo are the most scared.  The light tan pup Bobby is in a different kennel with his mom Brenda and a couple of other dogs.  David said he is not quite as scared as the other two light ones.   Note: Brenda was dropped off as a stray with her 8 puppies.  She is sweet but still a little scared. Pups: 3-4 mos old.  Note: Beatrice MAY be considered part of this litter but she is much older at 9-12mos; 9/5

Bam Bam

Bam Bam was picked up as stray around Dec 25.  Shortly thereafter, he was rushed to the vet as he was found listless in his kennel.  Turns out, he had swallowed a corn on the cob which clogged his intestine.  Bam Bam is super sweet and friendly and has made a 100% recovery.   He is good with cats.  Checking on dogs!  More to come!


Bambi was brought in as a stray by animal control. She is very sweet and affectionate. She knows how to sit for a treat and is well behaved.  Note:  Over exuberant in meeting people,  strong on the leash but trainable, curious in meeting other dogs and wants to play, ignores cats, good choice for slightly older kids only because of her energy level - very sweet and loving dog.  HW-; 38lbs; 1 yr old; bull mix; 1/16


Beauty is one of the 13 dogs that came in a month ago. She is scared, but this is understandable because the intake building can be scary place for even the bravest of dogs. She would benefit from being in a foster home. She did give some tail wags though and loves treats. She was able to enjoy some time outside in the sun the other day. She is HW negative.  Hw-; 45lbs; 1 yr old; 1/8; shep/lab mix

Belle -Video

Can you say drop-dead-gorgeous?  Everyone wanted to stop and say hello to Belle and she enjoyed the attention.  Belle is outgoing and friendly.  She is a strong girl with a good dose of playfulness.  Note: Belle was brought in as an owner surrender. Due to health issues, her owner was no longer able to care for her. She has a lot of energy and is very friendly.  HW+; 47lbs; 1-2 yrs old; bull mix; 10/31

Beautiful through and through.  Belle is simply stunning with her sleek dark grey jacket accented catahoula type markings.  A nicely mannered, gentle natured lady,  Belle is a leaner and a hugger and just terribly sweet.   On our walk,  Belle showed off her leash skills and was calm and steady in saying “hello” to another dog who so very much just wanted to get in her face.  She impressed us all with how tolerant she was of this obtrusive behavior.  Clearly having been a mom on several occasions,  she’s a patient, thoughtful lady who can’t wait to forever hang up her apron strings and simply be someone’s companion. 

Bernadette Pup- VideoWith Dublin

Bernadette is a 5 month old fawn blue nose bully mix. She is sweet as can be with people, but she is dog selective--yes, at only 5 months old and 15-20 lbs. She is very petite.  In the video I call her "tan with a smoky gray nose." At that time I didn't know she was a blue-nosed fawn. A vet tech at my vet's office told me this color is very desirable. I didn't know.  She is in foster with me because the shelter asked me to evaluate her. She is beautiful. She plays well with 5 of my bully mixes. My two males correct her, and she listens. My three female bullies play with her. She has shown aggression with some of my other dogs.  She came in as a single puppy and had ringworm, so she was hanging out in the office of our boarding facility while she was being treated for ringworm.  The video and the pic shows her with Dublin, a blind/deaf senior she snuggled with while in the office. About 3 weeks ago, they said she began picking on Dublin. That's when I took her.  I was surprised when I checked her teeth and saw that she is close to 5 months but still so petite. I can scoop her up easily with one arm, so I know she can't be more than 20 lbs, but I can weigh her to be sure.   1/27

He has a lump under is right armpit and I made a vet form for him. He is a super sweet goofy boy. I absolutely adore him. He just wants everyone to love him and be with the most people that he can. The person said he was not his dog and had been there a week. He is altered. He was in the office with cats and the puppy and paid them no attention. He just wanted all the people to love him.   HW+; male; lab mix; 6/2; 54lbs; 2-3 yrs old. Med Update: large scabs under front leg - 1 cm 'lump' feels like scar tissue - just monitor

More about me June 29: Blaze is the "Class Clown"...performing for treats is his specialty.  He's very smart and easily trainable.  He has a young spirit with high energy, so an active family with older children would be an ideal match.  Blaze craves attention but is also capable of dishing out the love. His likes:  dog treats, to be the center of attention, and stealing cat food.  Good with cats and dogs tested!  Extra Note:  Blaze is a fun loving dog who gets along well w/ roommate Myrtle.  He recently also met another large, super friendly male and he was great with hims as well.  He is curious about what humans are doing and interacts freely.

Blue Boy- Video Video 

What a handsome, playful boy! Found roaming and playing with the neighborhood dogs, Blue Boy's owner never came to claim him. He is great with people and just wants to play with other dogs.  Note: Blue Boy was found near Flinns Rd in Hartsville. He is very sweet & friendly.  HW+; 56lbs; 1-2 yrs old; bull mix; 11/24

Bogey- sponsored for pull fees- VIDEOApril VIDEOAprilA VIDEOAprilB
Note:  The dog barking in VideoB is a little terrier and NOT Bogey.

Handsome hunk Bogey would love to wrap you in a big bear hug and give you some kisses.  This dad to Sweetie's pups has had to say goodbye to his wandering days and now he is ready for a more settled life where he can count on eating regular and having a family of his own to count on.  Bogey met our playful male Brendon who immediately greeted him with paws to the face, and Bogey reacted well.  He can be a food hog so he should be fed separately from other dogs.  He had his first taste of peanut butter during his photo shoot and thought it was pretty special.  Bogey is a big strong boy who would probably be a better match for a family with older children. Note: Sweet. No cats please!  Dad to Sweet Pea's pups. 12/11/2015; hw+; male; 1-2 yrs old; 67lbs; Treated for HW's 8/1/2016

Update Feb 2: Bogey is a big boy at 80 pounds.  Growing up in an outside kennel with minimal human contact and little or no daily stimulation/activity,  Bogey will likely tell you he is quickly trying to make up for lost time!  Since his "freedom gate" has been flung far and wide open, he can be a bit rambunctious but it's just sheer delight at all the new opportunities available to him.  He can be a little stubborn too.  He’s just so glad to have some freedom to run and be a dog, that he can hardly contain himself.  We are working on his discipline, but he’s a young dog, so he is strong and has a good bit of energy.  He walks well on the leash for me and has gotten along pretty well with my personal dogs.  He loves to run and play chase.  He did not do well when cat tested at the shelter, so I think that would not be a good situation.  He is a good boy and certainly deserving of a wonderful home. 

Update April 4: Bogey is a 3-4 year old, male, lab mix.  He has been with me since January after I was able to get his family to surrender him to me.  I became aware of Bogey in the midst of chasing Sweet Pea.  Bogey lived in the neighborhood near the church where Sweet Pea was staying.  He was kept in a 10x10 kennel by his family for most of his life.  They would sometimes let him out, or he would get out, and he would roam the neighborhood.  When Sweet Pea was in heat, he found her and was the only dog I am aware of who mated with her.  I found out where his family lived and when I could get my hands on him, I took him home.  Sweet Pea moved from the church to behind Bogey’s house to be near him.  When I saw the condition he was living in, I began bringing food and water for him each day.  Their next door neighbor shared with me that they had been caring for him for a while.  She said a teenager in the home was his owner.  She told me that they never spent time with him and barely fed him.  She talked to the young boy many times about giving him better care, but he never did.  She was helpful in getting the boy’s mother to surrender Bogey to me. 
That’s his back story, now a little about him.  He has settled down a lot since we’ve had him.  Before he saw the kennel as a jail that he hated to go in.  He would roll on his back and I would literally have to drag him back in there.  Now, he will go in with just a verbal command because he knows he gets free time.  He loves to run and plays well with my personal dogs.  My dogs chase and bark at him and he never retaliates.  He just takes it as play and has never shown any aggression even though my guys can get rough with him.  I would be comfortable leaving him out in the yard all the time with my dogs, but I have an older girl who is blind.  He gets so excited running and playing that he isn’t careful around her.  He scares her when he bumps her running by, so I just let him out when I’m out there with them so I can watch her.  He will sit for me and gives me his paw.  He walks really well on the leash and rides well in the car out of the crate.  He meets people very well and has met all of my dogs with no problems.  He was a little too curious around the cats at the shelter, so I would say no cats.  He does have a few bad manners from not much interaction and training when younger, but he seems teachable.  He jumps up on me sometimes when I first let him out, but after a few minutes of running off his energy, he settles down nicely and listens to my directions.  He likes to chase and retrieve a ball or rope.  He loves to be petted, kissed, hugged and loved on.  We don’t have any issues with feeding him with my other dogs.  He has been an outside dog most of his life, so he would have to be house trained.


Bridget is a sweet girl who was brought in as a stray.  Update Feb 6: Bridget came out of her kennel and ran and ran. She likes to run. She meet Pablo and did well. She wanted him to play with her-c ome on and let's go for a run. Pretty dog. hound mix; female; HW +; 45lbs; 1-2 yrs old; 8/11

Brooke and Berty Pup

Brooke (female, 30lbs),  Berty (female, 23lbs) 

Brooke and her sister Berty were turned in as strays by animal control. She has hematoma on both of her ears. Surgery recommended. She is very sweet and friendly and walks well on a leash.  They are both very friendly and sweet. 4-5 mos old; shep mix; 2/12

Bubba was found as a stray on N 5th St in Hartsville by the IGA. The woman that found him took him to HAH b/c he had an injured leg. The vet said their was a lot of neurological damage to his left front foot and that it would need to be amputated. He also prescribed Cefpodoxime 200mg for the infection. Despite his injury, he is still sweet and friendly.  HW-; 61lbs;  male; 3-5 yrs old; lab/bull mix; 10/16.  Note: He is a very very sweet lab mix. He carries the bad paw in his mouth when he is not dragging it.  Love this happy boy.

Update Nov 16:  Bubba had his front left leg amputated Nov 16 due to a untreatable, nerve damaged paw/ankle.  Already,  he is on the fast track to a full recovery.

Update Nov 19: Continued happiness, tail wagging and awesome use of 3 legs!!!!

Update Dec 1: He’s somewhere in the middle in terms of high and low energy.  When I move from room to room, he follows me but as soon as I️ stop and sit he will lie down next to me or on my lap. Definitely wants to be pet.  He stays very busy chewing on those hard white bones.  He free roams the house while we’re home cuz he asks to go outside when he has to potty.  Such a great loving dog.  Fantastic with other dogs and people.  No cats for me please.


Carl was turned in as a stray by animal control. Medium energy level. Sniffs cats and walks away. Friendly, polite with other dogs--wants to play.   Note: Polite people greeter,  is better on a leash when walking with another dogs and then he wants to play with that other dog, sniff at the cats and walked away.  Very playful personalty, loves snuggle and petting sessions.  Jumps when playing but then will quickly drop into a submissive position.  Very sweet, cute dog! HW-; 1-2 yrs old; 40lbs; lab mix; 2/1


Carmen was turned in as a stray by animal control. She was very cooperative during intake. She’s also very sweet and friendly.  HW+; 37lbs; 2-3 yrs old; lab mix; 2/6


she is a very sweet girl who loves to play with her foster sisters and brother. She is very good with children, has been around a 3 year old and 1 year old and did great with them. She enjoys cuddles and giving kisses. She listens very well and is quick to learn new things. She is very good on the leash and is crate trained. She is house trained and has not had any accidents in the past few weeks.  Note: Caroline was turned in as a stray with Maxine. She is very sweet and friendly.  Hw-; 12/21; female; 25lbs (thin); 1 yr old; lab/hound mix.  No cats please


Carter was turned in as owner surrender to animal control with Kayla, Dolphin, and Minnie. He’s very sweet and friendly.  HW-; 49lbs; 2-3 yrs old; bull mix; 1/5

Charlene was turned in as an owner surrender.  The owner had her for 2 years but could no longer afford her. She is housebroken & gets along with kids & other dogs. She's very friendly and sweet.  HW+; 2 yrs old; 43lbs; bull/hound mix; 8/14

Cindy was brought in as a stray from animal control. She is very scared but still friendly.  HW-; 35lbs; 1-2 yrs old; hound mix; 10/10

Clinger came in by animal control with the thirteen abandoned dogs. Very playful and sweet outside his kennel.  57lbs; 1-2 yrs old; shep mix; 1/9; HW- 

Courtney Mom + C Pups x 4. -safe

Courtney Mom,  Craig (male, 21lbs), Claire (female, 23lbs) 

Cookie (female, 13.4lbs),  Connie (female, 21lbs)

Courtney was brought in as a stray by animal control with her litter of four puppies. She doesn't walk well on a leash but she loves belly rubs.  2/15; 1-2 yrs old; 40lbs; HW+; pups 3-4 mos old; shep mix

Cupid- Video (In the video Cupid is referred to as a male. She is a SHE!)

"Aptly Named!  I'm a huge kisser and lover and will clean your face in no time at all!!  Folks will tell you my book is wide open.  I love to go and do and thrive in areas of high activity.   Super eager to exit my kennel and head out to meet other dogs and humans,  I had a grand time stretching my legs (at a rather good clip might I add) while exploring the front open field area.   A very playful, pint sized gal at just 34lbs,  I'm very, very affectionate and have a lot of swivel and sashaying in my hip area.  I'm a great choice for an active family with slightly older, more sturdy kids and other dogs in the home would be a nice plus.  Please no cats as I might wish to play to vigorously with them!  Note: Cupid is a sweet girl who was found as a stray.  HW +.  34lbs; 1 yr old; lab mix; 11/14; female


Damien was brought in as a stray by animal control. He gets along well with his roommate in his kennel and was very friendly.  HW+; 53lbs; 1-2 yrs old; shep mix; 1/23

Denzel- VideoWithLuna VideoWithLuna -sponsored for pull fees

Denzel was brought in by animal control. He doesn’t like to walk on a lead but is otherwise very friendly.  hw-; 48lbs; 1 yr old; bull mix; 12/13; male

Dink- Senior

I arrived bloated with worms and dirty from diarrhea.  The nice folks who have been caring for me cleaned me up, helped rid my body of the horrible worms and today,  my coat is shiny and sleek and my belly lean and firm.  Folks say I'm a sweet old guy who's mild mannered and grateful.   I have a young child who comes with her mom to feed and care for me here at Bridge and boy, do I enjoy him!    I have a grand time when I am let out of my kennel to run the dog yard.  The other dogs bark and jump with excitement when they see me and I generally pay them no mind as I continue on my happy way sniffing and smelling and simply enjoying my freedom.  On occasion, I might greet the other dogs nose to nose through the kennel fencing to get the most of my free time. I'll tell you I am definately a favorite of at least one of the Bridge workers.  She saves me for last on her kennel run detail as she wishes to give me lots of extra time and attention and love.   With the scars over my back and head and my worn and missing teeth,  it's clear I've had a tough life.  I don't let that slow me down, I hold no grudges and honestly, I have the most pleasant disposition.  Hoping perhaps YOU might be able to open your home to me, Dink.    4/6; Stray who arrived at a local recycling center.  Est 7 yrs old; male;  HW+;  May or may not be a candidate for HW treatment due to an unhealthy heart.  May need prednisone longterm and heart meds to keep him at his best.  Vet notes: xray shows diffuse bronchointerstitial pattern - suspect cardiomyopathy. 53lbs

Update January 16: This is Dink. Dink has had a very hard life and it will cost him his own now. You see Dink has heartworms and cannot be treated for them because of other heart issues, it would kill him. Dink does not get along with other dogs as we think he was used as bait. He is toothless, and has horrible scars along his backbone. He needs a hospice family, it is so unfair that he has to live his last days out in a cold, hard, cement kennel. He has never known love with the exception of what we workers give him. He deserves to be shown love, what a bed feels like.. what a family feels like before he passes.

Update January 21: He is very people friendly, he rides beautifully in a car.  I took him to the vet and he rode uncrated, and then we drove around for a bit (just because I wanted to be with him) and he's great.  He is a "soft spoken" fella, not extremely pushy or loud.  Although he has the most awful howl when he wants.  He doesn't try to attack other dogs at the kennels, he just doesn't want to play with them at all.  He is always up for a good rub down, and enjoys human interaction.  He takes treats gently, and will give you puppy dog eyes for them.


Dixie is loving and sweet.  She loves to run!  Kid-friendly.  Typical hound. Note: Dixie was turned in as a stray by animal control. She has good manners and was very friendly.  HW+; 50lbs; 1-2 yrs old; hound mix; 1/29

Donald Pup- Loves everyone! VideoNov

He is crate trained, learning to go outside (still forgets from time to time), plays with all the dogs at the house.  Donald is a very sweet boy.  He gets along with the other dogs in the house. Likes to play outside with the others, enjoys his toys, walks well on a leash.  He's very happy and tries his best to do what he is supposed to. Note: Donald was turned in as a stray from animal control. His back right leg was broken so AAH put a cast on him. 15lbs; male; 3 mos old; terrier/hound mix; 9/25


Drifter was brought in as a stray. He had some wounds from wandering into the wrong yard & getting hurt. He’s been boarding at SMAH and is now going to bridge. He is very affectionate and sweet. His attitude is great, super sweet and friendly.  He is so very sweet, and super strong.   He is happy for any attention, and is very submissive when in the kennel and very sad to be in one. HW-; 58lbs; 2 yrs old; bull mix; 1/16

More about me: Drifter was a big hit with everyone he met at the vet. He loved being in boarding and he was adored there. He cried when leaving. He is so sweet, just a big lovable cow dog. He is very smart and was learning some commands in boarding. He already learned to sit for his treats and did so during his shelter intake. He is very inquisitive and energetic. He loves to play. He is sturdy and strong but listens to instruction and is eager to please and should train well. No cats for me please. 

Dylan -safe

Dylan was dropped off as a stray by animal control.  He is very friendly and affectionate.  What a love! He would be voted "most easy going" for a high school superlative.  Typical hound----easy going, enjoys a nice leisurely walk. He is even ok with cats!!! Hw-; 47lbs; 1-2 yrs old; hound mix; 1/29

Edward- VideoWithBarry VideoWithBarry1 -sponsored for pull fees- 


Bio for local paper: Attention Monger!  If you loving being center stage with your pet, than Edward is the pet for you!   Folks LOVE Edward.  Super friendly and always eager to dance for a treat or give you some special nuzzles,  Edward is super sweet and very gentle natured.   Ready to break out of doggy jail...AKA...the shelter,  Edward knows how to get the pet job done and hopes soon you'll come on by and let him WOW you with his southern charm.  HW pos. Very very sweet. Really wants your attention and he very gentle. AC STRAY; 10/25; 4-5 yrs old; 47lbs. male.   Good choice for for a female dog looking for a companion.  


Elaine won my award for favorite walk of the day Saturday.  She was polite with a calmer nature but still very friendly.  She is happy to climb right up in your lap and share some labby love.  One of the bold yard cats walked right over to Elaine and started rubbing against her and Elaine was perfectly ok with that too.   Note: Elaine was turned in by animal control. She is very friendly.  Hw-; 56lbs; 1 yr old; lab mix; 12/26

Elouise is a sweetheart who came in with 12 other dogs. She is HW+.  2-3 yrs old; 1/8; hound mix; 56lbs

Elvis Teen Pup- VideoFeb 

Eager young fellow Elvis like to be where the action is.  He is curious and playful and interested in toys.  He is rooming with young sweetheart Vixen.  Note: Elvis was turned in as a stray. He has a lot of energy and is very friendly.  From the shelter manger: I love this dog. The guy who turned him in said he was great with his kids and his dogs but he already had two dogs.  HW-; 32lbs; 8 mos old; hound mix; 12/21

More about me Feb 17: Elvis is a polite people greeter, walks well on a leash and politely greets other dogs, great choice for kids of all ages. 

Emily is the girl on fire!! Having three legs is not slowing her down a bit. This urber friendly lab mix just wants to have fun.  Good with other dogs.  She is just waiting for the right person to be her forever side kick. Note: Found tied up at abandoned property with an embedded collar.  Emily's leg had an old break which could not repaired. We had it amputated and she is getting around like the real champion that she is.  4/10/16; HW+ ; July 2 pics.   Treated for HW's on 10/25/16.

More about me Sept: Only has three legs but didn't slow down at all. (Full body pic shows her three legs.) Strong and loves cuddles. 

Update Oct 2: Emily is a real good girl with a moderately high Energy level. With more attention and chances to release the energy, I think it would go down. As far as how she gets along with other dogs, she is pretty good. Twice she has gotten out of her pen recently and runs and plays with the dogs at our house and then goes over to the neighbors to play with their dogs. 


Emma was brought in as a stray by animal control. She is very scared and needed to chill for a little while before I could do intake.  35lbs; 1 yr old; hw-; collie mix; 2/6