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Highlighting Ford! 

"Please, i'll need just a minute more to sunbathe."  Our good friend Mr Ford is such a hoot!  This chunky, brindle jacketed fellow made the most out of the partial sun peeking out from clouds on our wintery outing to the front field.  Ford got so content while laying on his back soaking up rays and getting a belly rub from one of our volunteers, that he started to snore!  How is THAT for content??   A more solid and larger dog at over 60lbs, we think you'll agree in meeting Ford that he is one huggable and very loveable guy!   Nicely sitting while he was wardrobed for his photo session,  Ford is affectionate, friendly, polite, loves attention and really enjoys just chilling near his human.  Doing an excellent job in meeting another female dog, the two of them seamlessly strolled about in our play yard checking out the sights and sounds.  He was also excellent with a male dog...even getting on his back around him...but nicely warned the other dog when he nearly sat on his face while checking him out!   Ford is a good natured dog who does not really ask for much except for belly rubs and a bit of sunshine to bathe in!  Note: bully; male; 63lbs; 3-4 yrs old

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