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Highlighting Duke! 
"Another helping of Duke please!" Duke was our pick of the day as we met over a dozen dogs during another scorching summer morning of photo time and dog walking.   This mid-sized, two-tone fellow is happy, super pleasant, interactive and just pure joy to have by your side.   A skilled giver and receiving of attention and affection,  Duke is never pushy in his ways and is mild in manner and polite as he goes about his business.   With an endless supply of grins and softly swiveling hips,  Duke was considerate and very patient and accepting of the two female dogs that shared his walk in the front open field.   Duke tends to focus most of his attention on the humans looking for a belly rub or scratch on the head but was likewise at great ease and happy to share his space with other dogs.   Duke's sunny outlook on life is very contagious and we were uplifted by his fun, gentle spirit.   An extra helping of Duke is just what the doctor has ordered.   Note: Kids are very welcome in Duke's wonderful world.  male; 4 yrs old; 51lbs; lab mix

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