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"Please, i'll need just a minute more to sunbathe."  Our good friend Mr Ford is such a hoot!  This chunky, brindle jacketed fellow made the most out of the partial sun peeking out from clouds on our wintery outing to the front field.  Ford got so content while laying on his back soaking up rays and getting a belly rub from one of our volunteers, that he started to snore!  How is THAT for content??   A more solid and larger dog at over 60lbs, we think you'll agree in meeting Ford that he is one huggable and very loveable guy!   Nicely sitting while he was wardrobed for his photo session,  Ford is affectionate, friendly, polite, loves attention and really enjoys just chilling near his human.  Doing an excellent job in meeting another female dog, the two of them seamlessly strolled about in our play yard checking out the sights and sounds.  He was also excellent with a male dog...even getting on his back around him...but nicely warned the other dog when he nearly sat on his face while checking him out!   Ford is a good natured dog who does not really ask for much except for belly rubs and a bit of sunshine to bathe in!  Note: bully; male; 63lbs; 3-4 yrs old; 1/18; HW+;  Came in with Sandy and another dog #113.  stray.  Med note:  Small scar on left eye.   Entropian right eye- not operable at this time.  No further action recommend.  Simply monitor.  Gets around just fine. 

Update Feb 22: You'll not find a more loving dog than our friend Ford.   We had him out on a warm winter day and once again he did not disappoint in showing us all how much he loves getting on his back to soak up sun and get some much deserved belly rubs.  Ford was such a good sport in exiting his kennel in limp leash mode.  He nicely met 2 female dogs while in our play yard  (also a male dog) and while loose with one of them,  the female accidentally stepped on his head as he was sunning and he just kind of looked up like, "What just happened here," and then continued to sun!  Ford is definitely more of a people person vs doggy person but is accepting of doggies in his world.   Polite and ready to go and do and explore, Ford enjoyed poking around in our play pens and then finding that perfect human to nuzzle into.  Way to go Ford! 

Fraya- rescue pending

O/S- can't take care of her.  came in with Dani.  boxer; female; 4 yrs old; HW+; 50lbs; 12/5

Gemini -rescue pending

Gemini is one of the seven dogs that came from the hoarding situation. She is a very sweet older girl, she walks very well on a leash, and loves treats and affection.  She does have a couple of health issues. Her front top and bottom teeth are worn down, her canines are cracked, and she is suffering from severe dental disease. She also has a large hard mass on her back left teat, and she has cataracts as well.  She did very well during her intake, and is a calm gentle dog. Hw-; 7 yrs old; hound; 53lbs; 2/18

Ghost -safe

Ghost is the last of the seven dogs from the hoarding situation. He was also kept outside on a chain, but thankfully he is HW negative. He is underweight, but does not appear to have any other medical issues. He is the most timid of the bunch, and seems to have been hit in the past. He ducks his head and cowers down if you go towards his head too fast. Hw-; 2/18; 3 yrs old; husky mix; 40lbs


Gidget is one of the seven dogs from the hoarding situation.  Gidget was kept outside on a chain. She is a little more timid than the others, probably due to a lack of socialization. She is unfortunately HW positive, and slightly underweight.  She is still very affectionate and loving despite her situation. She loves treats, and will sit for them also.  HW+; 2/18; 43lbs; 2 yrs old

Gizmo- rescue pending

Gizmo was brought to us by a member of the community. The man who brought him to us said that Gizmo was his mother's, but she unfortunately passed away from COVID back in December. He was trying to keep him, but his job requires him to travel on the road and he can not take care of him.  Gizmo is a young, playful, energetic dog. He is unfortunately high HW positive. He loves attention, will sit for treats, and walks very well on a leash. collie mix; HW+; 2/19; 62lbs; 1 yr old

Fearlessly Fun!!  Our 2 tone beauty Harriett is a true smile maker.   After a busy morning of getting out and testing dog after dog,  she was the last on our list and boy, did she make things fun and easy for us.  Such a great girl in meeting a male and also female dog,  it was apparent after only a few minutes of rear sniffing and nose sniffing, that she had found new friends and wanted to run and play with them.   Watching her run off leash with each of her new friends was pure joy!  Harriett is a great fetcher and happily gallops along to catch the goody in the sky.  When it comes to her actually giving it back to you however, you may need to negotiate a bit and a good scratch on her belly is usually distraction enough for the ball to be released to your care.   With lots of kisses, hugs and overall love and energy to share with all,  Harriett would thrive in a home with another dog and lots of items on her daily "to do" list.  If an active, good natured, super affectionate dog sounds like a great match for your lifestyle,  let us know.  Harriett won't disappoint you!   Note: Harriett was brought in by AC on 12/18 with Ozzy. She is very sweet.  She walks very well on a leash, but is not good with cats. She loves treats and attention.    stray; 40lbs; hw-; bully mix;  12/18; 2 yrs old 


Simply Stunning! Hogan is one chunky, hunky, good chocolate looking lab!  Just 3 yrs old and a solid 60lbs,  Hogan brings to the table everything folks love about this breed.   Never meeting a stranger,  Hogan is your immediate super best friend. This guy loves to play tug of war and he's happy to engage in a light game of fetch.  We had him meet a variety of dogs (male and female) but most of them felt a bit intimidated by his bold personality.  He really, really wants to play (and will bow down and gesture) but his strong/in your face approach makes most dogs cautious and unsure of his intentions.   What Hogan loves most is to be the center of attention.  He is very affectionate, loving and has energy to spare.  He's strong on a leash so a fenced in yard would be a wonderful way for Hogan to get some exercise.  He will of course count on YOU to join him in the yard area for some fun and games!   Please ask for this fantastic guy today!  He's a keeper!   Note: stray; hw-; lab; 12/9/20; 59lbs; 3 yrs old

Sweet old lady!  Mention the name "Hope" and the staff and volunteers are quick to chime in, "She's a doll!"  This pocket size lab mix has not had an easy life and arrived thin, with worn down teeth, goopy eyes and yes,  worms eating away at her heart.  Despite some health challenges (which can be addressed), she is just the nicest dog you'll meet and is graced with a personality that is always upbeat and cheery!  A perfect gem in meeting two male dogs on our walk today,  she's polite and considerate and really a friend to all.  More quiet and not too clingy,  Hope keeps a steady wagging tail and has the cutest little smile.  She's been down a long, tiresome road and seems genuinely grateful to be at the shelter where she has steady meals and a sense of security.  She's earned a spot in someone's home though where she can be doted over and loved.  Might you be the person to help her?  Note: 8+ yrs old; stray; 32lbs; 9/23; HW+; lab mix

Come play with me!!  Jenna is a girl who loves to have fun!  This self-starting, confident labby mix had THE best time carrying balls around in her mouth in our play area and when that game wore off, it was time to roll over and sunbathe, find a human to hug and or kiss and then repeat, repeat!  Jenna loves attention and being the center of attention.  She was front and center in her kennel ....ready to go and do...and this same energy/desire to be part of the action, perfectly followed her out to our front field area.  Jenna is a rough and tumbly kind of gal and while she enjoys the company of other dogs,  some dogs might be put off a bit by her up front approach of "let's be immediate best friends and play hard style."  With love and enthusiasm to share,  Jenna would thrive in a home where she can be in the thick of things and be a part of the daily action.  You can count on Jenna  brightening your day, each and every day.  Ps.  She has the MOST stunning dark chocolate coat!  Note: stray; female; lab mix; HW-; 12/15; 51lbs; 4yrs old

Jeremy- rescue pending

Jeremy was brought in with Jinx and Julien. They were all picked up by AC because their owner could no longer take care of them. They are all a little on the nervous side, but are very sweet and affectionate. None of them walk well on a leash, but could learn easily.   hw-; hound; 2/18; 34lbs; 5 yrs old

Jesse was found as a stray in Darlington. He was picked at the intersection of N Main St and Doneraile St.  He has been in foster with Debbie Anderson and she has been trying to help him gain weight. Many of his teeth are broken. He has badly clipped ears and a lot of hair loss. Despite this, he is very affectionate and sweet.  HW+; 45lbs; 2-3 yrs old; bull mix; 11/19/18

Foster update May 28 2019:   I picked him up from out of the road, dodging traffic, on Halloween night.  He was in terrible shape when I found him.  He had a collar on but was so emaciated, his skin was red and irritated and he was so dirty.  We began working to put some weight back on him and work on his skin issues.  He still has a little hair loss on his back, but he is doing much better.  He is an older guy and you can tell that humans have not been kind to him in his life.  Despite all that, he is the sweetest and most loving little man.  I had his intake done at the shelter and brought him straight home with me into foster, so he's not spent any time at the shelter.  Great dog so deserving of a home of his own!


hw-; 1/11; hound; male; 66lbs; 2-3 yrs old; stray

Jinx (Formerly Salem)- adoption pending

Jinx was brought in with Jeremy and Julien. They were all picked up by AC because their owner could no longer take care of them. They are all a little on the nervous side, but are very sweet and affectionate. None of them walk well on a leash, but could learn easily.   hw-; collie mix; 2/18; 34lbs; 3 yrs old

Julie- safe

Her owners were heartbroken to have to turn her in.  She lives on 200 acres and kept going over to neighbors property. Julie is a quiet but interested hound who shows no aggression whatsoever. She is heartworm negative.   4 yrs old; hw-;  2/20; hound; 42lbs;  Adopted from us in 2019.  Reportedly good with other dogs and kids.

Julien- rescue pending

Julien was brought in with Jeremy and Jinx. They were all picked up by AC because their owner could no longer take care of them. They are all a little on the nervous side, but are very sweet and affectionate. None of them walk well on a leash, but could learn easily.   hw-; collie mix; 2/18; 38lbs; 4 yrs old.  Med note: Julien appears to be missing his bottom left eyelid. There are scars running along the bottom, but it does not appear to bother him. 


1/28; stray; bully mix; 52lbs; 3 yrs old; Kali was brought in with Frenchie by the fire department. She is an extremely sweet, silly girl. HW+

Ready for my new pet assignment.    Kamilah earned top marks on her photo outing and meet and greet the other day.  This more stout lady with beautifully cupped ears and perhaps some English bulldog blood in her was amazing with everyone she met.   Seamlessly,  she met 4 male dogs and 2 female dogs and found a friend with each and everyone of them.   Kamilah is a polite, low key, very snuggly lady who really goes with the flow.  She was equally content chilling with our volunteers on the bench as she was scooting around playing tag off leash with some of her new doggy friends.  Extremely calm, cool and collect in exiting the busy kennel run, Kamilah made us smile over and over again at how good natured and accepting she was.   Kamilah's pet skills are so vast and deep that almost any home environment would perfectly suit her pet style.   Kids and other dogs are a definate go for her new pet job and snuggly human laps are a MUST for this lovely lady.   Do yourself and ask about Kamilah today!  Note: Kamilah was brought in by AC. She was wearing a collar, and seems to be well taken care of. She did not have a microchip.  Kamilah walks great on a leash and is very affectionate.   bully; 2/5; 4yrs old; 54lbs; hw+


stray; HW+; bully mix; 43lbs; 2 yrs old;1/14

Ladybird- FriendSienna FriendSienna- safe

10/15/2020;  arrived prego; all her babies have been rehomed; HW+; 42lbs; 3 yrs old; hound; posted 2/21/2021


8 yrs old; HW+; 41lbs; 2/22; We assume that Levi and 0331 were roaming together because they were brought in about 10 minutes apart from the same area.  Levi is an extremely sweet older man who enjoys treats and attention. He is very gentle and easy going.   We have noticed a cough and a limp, so he is going to the vet today.  He's also very underweight and needs to be fed small meals multiple times daily.

Looking for my niche!  If you can believe it,  I met a WHOPPING 4 female dogs and 3 male dogs on my front field outing.   I was calm, polite and very respectful of all of them.  Folks feel I am a bit awkward in meeting dogs and I can't say I disagree with their observation.   It's like I am not sure what they expect from me and I am not sure what their intention is with me.   With a couple of the girls...being a guy and all... I sneakily and stealthily tried to get fresh with them, but my humans were very fast on a verbal "No" command and I was flat on my belly and showing them my best "My feelings have been hurt expression."  I am VERY good at following corrections.  Very good!  I get down as low as I can and hope no one will hit me.   What I can tell you is that I am trying super, super hard to fit in.   The nice humans had me out in the front play yard area for a good 2.5 hrs having me meet lots of dogs and then just spending more time with me.  I was able to relax and soften up a bit but I was not quite able to crack a smile.  My tail did however proudly appear and wag periodically.   My humans said I was timid and cautious but also commented that I was sweet, a great listener, willing to give things a go,  good on the leash and had a high snuggle potential.   My name is Lucius and if you've taken the time to read all about me, well I sure hope you'll consider giving me a chance at a new pet life.  Note: stray; bully mix; 56lbs; HW+; 3 yrs old; 1/14; Shy but sweet boy.  Note: Lucius met Hugo, Gia, Frenchie, Laura, Erwin, Myers and Gracie.

Mama T

Mama T has a sad story to tell but still a joyful outlook. She came to the shelter when her owner was no longer able to care for her. She was pregnant with 7 puppies but sadly none of the 7 survived. Mama T hasn't let the loss of her puppies dim her sunny disposition though, she remains friendly and social with other dogs and especially loves getting love and attention from her person. She is a nice smaller size and packs a lot of love in a little package! She is a champion cuddler and walks wonderfully on a leash. Mama T has so much love to give to one very special person.  She is very affectionate and bonds with her person and thinks it is her job to be a protector.  Because of this instinct, we are recommending that she go into a one person home with someone who would appreciate a dog who wants to be their guardian and keep them safe. Mama T will make a wonderful companion for the right person. She is also crate trained and spent some time in a foster home where we discovered she was house trained as well. Mama T had her cat test and when she was walked by the cattery she didn't react to the kitties at all. This little love bug has waited for a forever home that will cherish her and treat her with love and the value every pet deserves. Let her spread a little of her love into your home, we think you'll never regret it!  Note: Mama T was brought in as an owner surrender. The owner could no longer take care of her.  HW+; 38lbs; 1-2 yrs old; lab mix; 8/27/18; Treated for hw's 11/18/18

Merida- Teen Pup- Video

16lbs; 10-11 mos old; bully mix; faint HW+. Merida came in on 1/16/21 very dirty and malnourished with a severely embedded collar. A lady had found her wandering in the middle of the road. We sedated her and cleaned up her neck. It is almost closed and she has gained weight! I took her into foster, and she has blossomed into the sweetest, happiest girl. Everyone is her friend. She is a faint positive for heartworm and I am currently treating her for some small spots of ringworm. She is up to date on vaccines, dewormer, FC and HG. She does well with dogs and cats. 

Update Feb 19: Merida is a bubbly, sweet 1 year old little girl with a lot of love to give. Everyone is her best friend, including children! Kitties are fun to chase , but she's not interested in hurting them. Every dog is a potential playmate in her eyes and size doesn’t matter! She had an embedded collar at intake, which was taken care of under sedation immediately. It is closed to being completely healed. She was starved and malnourished, the probable reason for her very small size(currently 26 lb, up from 16 at time of intake). However she never let any of it stop her. She is doing well with potty training. She is faintly heartworm positive, thus only on heart guard at this time. Up to date on flea control/deworming. She has had 2 rounds of pyrantel and one round of panacur. She is almost ready for her second DAPP booster, and can get her rabies at any time. She was just spayed. 


What a catch!  Our pretty little "black velvet" lady Michelle is a real pet "catch."  Just as sweet, nuzzly and friendly as they come,  within seconds of meeting our youth volunteer, she was on her back wiggling and hoping to earn some much needed belly rubs.  A great size pet for almost any age of human lap,  Michelle is polite, easy to manage and a friend to all.     Michelle is a playful, engaging girl who just makes you smile.  We know she has had lots of litters but what comes with that in her case is the pet wisdom of patience, acceptance and a carefree attitude. Gracious and very gentle natured,  Michelle had such a wonderful time hanging out with her new youth volunteer friend.  When it was time to run and play and meet her new doggie friends, she was all in and ready for some fun in the sun!  Michelle is the perfect ambassador for the bully breed...loving, mild-mannered, go with the flow mindset and up for whatever adventure her new family might have in mind for her.   For a good time, won't you ask about Michelle! Note: stray; bully; 2/9; 49lbs; HW+; 6yrs old.   It is very evident that she has had multiple litters of puppies. She also has some areas of fur loss around her body, we believe that these are old scars/injuries.  Michelle walks okay on a leash, but could use some work. She is very sweet and affectionate.

Sponsored for Heartworm treatment and pull fees VideoInBridgeOffice

Oh please, don't forget to include me!   Myers is such a ham of a dog who has no interest in sitting on the sidelines.  He loves to be a part of the action and does such a great job sharing his fun, bouncy self with all.  A more active guy who loves to go and do,  Myers found a kindred soul in Maggie, a pretty chocolate lab/bully mix.  The two of them nicely complimented each other with similar play and wrestling styles.   They rolled around, ran and played and then repeated the great fun.  Nicely also meeting another female dog,  his bigger personality was a little too much for her so she politely refrained from getting into the full action mode.   Myers is full of love and life and pure joy to have by your side.  Note: Myers is a happy, playful  boy. He was found dragging a lead behind him. He did very well during his intake, but does not appear to be fond of cats.  HW+; 52lbs; 2 yrs old bully mix; 10/31

Update Feb 11: My name is Myers and I'd like to think I should qualify as Voted Most Patient Dog.  Why might you ask?  Well,  I arrived as a stray on Halloween and here I am still working very hard to find my new home.  I'm told I make things just a wee bit funner and happier and generally better if I am in the picture and I really LOVE to be IN the picture.  I had THE best time on my front yard outing.  You should have seen me run like the wind with my lips flapping in the air and my tail soaring over my back.  The squeaky toy in my mouth may not of had as much fun but so be it!   The fresh air and quiet, calm of the play pen was just really divine and a really needed break from the noisy, busy kennel run.    It's true I have love and energy to spare....plenty to go around in fact...but it truly brings smiles to all.  I've done well testing with both male and female dogs.  My approach is a bit more forward but it's all in good faith as I'm ready to get the playdate started.   I'm an affectionate, playful, huggy, kissy kind of guy who has a lot to offer to a more active family.  No sidelines for me please.  Stick me in the thick of things and just watch me have the best time.  Please, won't you ask for me today? 

Update Feb 18: He is being babied and pampered at the Bridge facility after an apparent unfortunate altercation with an opossum. He is showing some housebreaking skills as he wanders to the door to ask to go out, and has proven to be quite the babysitter with a litter of small puppies. After waiting so patiently for a home these past months,  Myers is now getting a taste of what that may be like as he heals from his wounds. He is making the most of every minute he gets with his new best friends. Hopefully his forever home is not far away. 

Update Feb 20: Everybody that Myers has met in his temporary home at the Bridge office is falling in love with him. When we visited today he sweetly came up for some oohs and ahhs and then wandered over to check on the puppies. All we heard from the staff was that he was the “sweetest boy.”