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Ford- Senior Great Dane- FriendLibby FriendLibby  FriendLibby VolFriend

O/s-  Can no longer handle. had for 5 yrs.  Now 8 yrs.  96lbs (underweight); HW+; 7/1.  Ford is 96 lbs of sugar. Walks well on a leash, very well mannered, and wants to give you all of his love. When you tell him to sit he melts onto the floor begging for a belly rub. He is underweight/under fed. We are feeding him extra meals to get him back to a healthy weight. 

male; 8 yrs old; O/S; lab mix; housebroken; ok with other dogs; HW+; 56lbs; 6/11

G x 3 Pups- safe

George,  Gail,  Gregory

8 wks old; 7/5; lab mix; 10-13lbs each

Goober is a great boy inside. No accidents in the home at all.  He didn't want to sleep in the crate but stayed on his dog bed all night.  Goober is a playful boy who needs a fenced in yard and an active family who can give him quality playtime.   Note: Goober- 5/6; stray; 67lbs; 2 yrs old; hw-; bully mix

Update July 1: Goofy Guy! Goober is your go-to guy if you are looking for good times and plenty of laughs.  This self entertaining master of activating toys of all types,  brings a new meaning to the word "fun!"  Running, chasing and toting around toys brings Goober great joy only next to having one on one time cuddling with humans or hanging out with other dogs.   This big belly flopping fellow has never met a stranger and is always up for playtime and let's give each other some attention time.  Due to his size and heft,  more sturdy humans are the best match for Goober.  He has not a clue to his size and his energy to spare so an active family to help him with his big personality would suit his style. 

Busy Bee!  Little Miss Harley is a hum of activity.  This little cutie pie loves to go and do and be part of the action.   Eagerly seeking out new friends both human and 4 legged, this pocket pit mix has an infectiously fun "buzz" about her as she scampers along to see what's next around the bend.   Harley loves getting belly rubs and really any and all attention she can garner.  Folks are quick to take a second look at her as she has these incredibly captivating eyes (one blue, the other light amber in color) and a smile that just does not quit.  Harley arrived with some food aggression issues and we have been slowly and methodically working with her to achieve better behavior when it's time to eat.  She is not perfect (just yet!) but she is making good progress and she would tell you she's perfect in every other way!!  5/21; O/s- can no longer care for her; 40lbs; hw-; 3yrs old; bully mix


shy; bully; stray; 7/7; 1 yr old; no HW test; 55lbs

Ivy Pup -safe

3 mos old; JRT mix; female; 7/9; O/S- no time; 17lbs


male; stray; lab mix; 58lbs; hw-; 7/2; 3-4 yrs old

Jesse was found as a stray in Darlington. He was picked at the intersection of N Main St and Doneraile St.  He has been in foster with Debbie Anderson and she has been trying to help him gain weight. Many of his teeth are broken. He has badly clipped ears and a lot of hair loss. Despite this, he is very affectionate and sweet.  HW+; 45lbs; 2-3 yrs old; bull mix; 11/19/18

Foster update May 28 2019:   I picked him up from out of the road, dodging traffic, on Halloween night.  He was in terrible shape when I found him.  He had a collar on but was so emaciated, his skin was red and irritated and he was so dirty.  We began working to put some weight back on him and work on his skin issues.  He still has a little hair loss on his back, but he is doing much better.  He is an older guy and you can tell that humans have not been kind to him in his life.  Despite all that, he is the sweetest and most loving little man.  I had his intake done at the shelter and brought him straight home with me into foster, so he's not spent any time at the shelter.  Great dog so deserving of a home of his own!

She is GREAT with other dogs. Medium energy level, walks well on leash, sweet with humans. I do have several videos with her. She is great.  O/S (due to health reasons). Came in with Moe and Manny both adopted from DCHS in 4/2017. HW+; female; lab/hound mix; 53lbs; 2 yrs old; 3/24

Mr Nice Guy! What's not to love about this super handsome brindle boy?   Johnny did an excellent job in exiting the busy kennel area and was "all in" as we headed out towards the exercise field.  "Sure! Let's go," he said.  Quickly running around and exploring his new, green pastures, Johnny was on his back in no time hoping to get some belly rubs and some one of one attention.  Never pushy in his approach in seeking attention/affection,  a soft nudge in Johnny's mind will get his point across.   Doing an excellent job in meeting a large playful bully guy and more subdued female, Johnny is polite and respectful of those around him.   Kids will be drawn to his broad grin, softly swiveling hips and very approachable/friendly personality.   If you're looking for one "nice" dog, Johnny is your perfect match!   Note: male; lab mix; 4-5 yrs old; owner died; 47lbs; HW+; 6/29. Came in with June.

Owner died. Came in with Johnny; HW+; 1-2 yrs old; lab mix; 6/29; 40lbs

This is Keeva. Keeva is a little scared but very sweet. She needs someone who can take things slow with her and realize she doesn’t completely trust people yet. She never growls or bites, just tries to run/hide. I can tell all she needs is some time to blossom. Once you get her out of the kennel she will come up next to you and ask for pets.  Note: female; lab mix; 35lbs; 2 yrs old; 6/9; stray; hw-

Update July 1: Keeva is a sweet natured little lady who is feeling very overwhelmed at the shelter. For now, she is at her best mixing and mingling with her two roommates.  She is a master darter and will scurry around in her kennel hoping you won't catch her but she's so darn cute, that you really want to make an effort to meet her and help her feel at ease.   Leash walking is not yet in her skill set so being toted around was an easy enough/viable option for this petite dog.   A quiet home with other well balanced dogs and patient humans would be a great match for Keeva.

"You've got a friend in me."  If Larry could speak,  I could hear him singing this song to us!  This large, loving fellow with a bit of a blockhead,  is a hugger, a draper and just an all around "cool dog."   This solid framed lab mix tips the scales at over 60lbs but even with his heft, he's remarkably easy to manage.  Just ask the teenagers who were in charge of walking him today!   A very skilled and smooth worker of crowds of people and gracefully saying "hi" to 2 female dogs on his walk,  he quickly makes friends with his soft body language, abundant smile and swiveling hips.   He made himself right at home in the crook of the arm of one of our youth volunteers and then moved to phase two in giving him some special TLC by giving him a gentle hug. When given the chance to slip into a volunteer's car to enjoy some cool AC on his face,  he quickly seized upon the chance to cool down and hang close to his new human friend.     Larry is a hoot to watch as he ambles along introducing himself to all and making everyone feel special.   Larry himself is one special dog.  Come see for yourself!  Note: stray; 62lbs; 5/8; 4 yrs old; lab mix; HW+

Update July 1: Free hugs!  Come and get 'em!  I'm skilled in many areas (face cleaner, lap draper, easy leash walker) but I think you'll agree I am one of THE best huggers in the county.  Very gentle and considerate as I approach you to love on you,  I really enjoy the closeness of humans and can't seem to get my fill these days.  I've been a good canine citizen hanging out in my kennel for some time now, but I know there is more for me out there!  Excellent will ALL the dogs I have met (male and female and dogs of different energy levels), I'm truly a friend to all.   Good natured and more mellow in my approach to life, I'm happy trotting around with a toy in my mouth,  relaxing with other dogs or simply hanging by your side.  Sure hoping you'll ask about me, Larry today! 

Lindy- Senior

She has a great reputation and gets along with everyone. She is up to date on all vaccines and vetting procedures. Sweet girl.   9 yrs old; lab mix; female; 7/2; HW-; no wt

Little Bear

stray; male; shep mix; 47lbs; 1-2 yrs old; 7/7; HW+

Miss Manners!   Magnolia is just as polite and mellow as a summer's day is long.  This sleek coated red-head is gentle and mild mannered and welcoming of all into her world. There's no telling how many litters she has had previously but we know for sure is that that chapter in her life is now officially over and she is looking to put her doting, motherly skills to work in her new home.   Nicely meeting 2 other dogs on our outing today,  Magnolia appreciates other dogs who share with her a more calm outlook on life.  She is not so much interested in wrestling and rolling around in the grass with other dogs.  She would rather enjoy a quiet, easy stroll with other dogs and perhaps relaxing under a shady bush to beat the heat.   Kids are welcome in Magnolia's world as are humans who enjoy the simple company of a friendly, well balanced pet to hang by their side.  Note: 50lbs; HW+; 6/2; 5-6 yrs old; stray; arrived w/a chemical burn along her backside.   No cats for me please.

Mallorie- FriendRed FriendRed 

Oh, please pick me!   When you come to my kennel door, I'd be thrilled to show you my hula dancing routine as I work my hardest to get YOU to come and get ME!! Folks say I'm a perfect pet size...not too big and not too small....and one who is ready to go and do!  I'm very skilled at draping myself in human laps, giving humans soft facials (aka lots of face kissing) and showing them lots of overall attention.   With some energy to spare (and yes, share) a more active lifestyle would help me stay at my best.   I'm a smart, alert lady who enjoys older kids (young ones I might accidentally step on/knock over out of excitement) and certainly adults and would love for you to come on by to see why I could be your new best friend.  Ask for me, Mallorie today! Note: Mallorie- mom to lady/tramp (reclaimed); hw+; 1 yr old; 44lbs; 4/30; lab mix; can't afford- o/s; cherry eye

Mama T

Mama T has a sad story to tell but still a joyful outlook. She came to the shelter when her owner was no longer able to care for her. She was pregnant with 7 puppies but sadly none of the 7 survived. Mama T hasn't let the loss of her puppies dim her sunny disposition though, she remains friendly and social with other dogs and especially loves getting love and attention from her person. She is a nice smaller size and packs a lot of love in a little package! She is a champion cuddler and walks wonderfully on a leash. Mama T has so much love to give to one very special person.  She is very affectionate and bonds with her person and thinks it is her job to be a protector.  Because of this instinct, we are recommending that she go into a one person home with someone who would appreciate a dog who wants to be their guardian and keep them safe. Mama T will make a wonderful companion for the right person. She is also crate trained and spent some time in a foster home where we discovered she was house trained as well. Mama T had her cat test and when she was walked by the cattery she didn't react to the kitties at all. This little love bug has waited for a forever home that will cherish her and treat her with love and the value every pet deserves. Let her spread a little of her love into your home, we think you'll never regret it!  Note: Mama T was brought in as an owner surrender. The owner could no longer take care of her.  HW+; 38lbs; 1-2 yrs old; lab mix; 8/27/18; Treated for hw's 11/18/18


boxer/shep mix; stray; no HW info; 58lbs; 7/10; 2-3 yrs old

Maybelle - Super Senior

Stray; golden mix; 10+ yrs old; Viually and hearing impaired; No HW test; 48lbs; 7/7

We need your help...again please! SHARE! 

Max came to us originally about 4 years ago. He is very smart, so he tried being a police dog. He simply likes his toy rewards too much and would get off task to play. He was released from the program. Max has also been loved in several great homes over the last 4 years, but life took turns that failed Max. None of the turns were in Max's control. Sadly, he has been left behind, couldn't go along or couldn't stay. If there ever was a guy that can't catch a break, Max would tell you, it's him. 😔 

We really want to help Max turn his luck around, hopefully for the final time. 🙏 He definitely doesn't deserve to be back on concrete in one of our kennels. 💔

This is what Max is looking for: 

▪️Friends to play with. He is fine with 1 playful dog or multiple. He is not a rambunctious dog. He is just smart and likes to have something to do and someone to do it with. Max can be an only dog to the right adopter. Someone with dog experience that can engage him in activities that challenge his smarts and continue to utilize his skills from prior training. 
▪️Kids over age 10 based on his size and his love of having fun; age 12 up would be great. He loves hanging with teenagers. 
▪️A home with a fenced yard with plenty of play room would be great. If no fenced yard, Max would like to go on walks and he can even go on jogs or go hiking with you. He is use to wearing his walking harness and does good on leash. He loves outside and loves fun activities. 
▪️He is very smart. He clearly had training prior. He knows how to sit and he thrives on structure. He has to be reminded to 'drop it' when playing with his toys. He gets so excited playing. He LOVES his squeaky toys.💗 Loves them! He may hold it and growl, but the growl is his playful happy nature. Best paired with a dog that wouldn't misread playful excitement. 
▪️He absolutely LOVES to go for rides in the car. This is his MOST favorite thing to do! He had a person once that he traveled with to work and the job required road trips. Max could honestly ride all day and it wouldn't bother him any. He rides great! 🚗
▪️He has lived among cats prior and did fine. 
▪️He is crate trained, sleeps there at night and is use to being crated when you are away from the home. He is housebroken. 

Max is around 60lbs, approximately 5 years old and HW negative. If you think Max might be just the right match for your family, please let us know. Reposted July 2020.