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George was brought in by animal control as a stray. He's very friendly and was very cooperative during intake.  Came in with Hazel. HW-; 50lbs; male; boxer mix; 9/12; 9-12 mos old

Gilligan Pup -safe

Gilligan was turned in as a stray. He's a very friendly and sweet pup.  9 lbs; male; 8 wks old; beagle mix; 9/22

Grant - Video

Grant was dropped off as a stray from animal control. He is very friendly & sweet.  HW-; 1 yr old; lab mix; male; 8/2; 42lbs

Greta was an owner surrender. She took a little while to warm up to us but now she's friendly and sweet. The paper the owner filled out says that she is good with other dogs, cats, and children.  HW+; 4 yrs old; 62lbs; she mix; 7/12

Hailey -safe

Hailey came in from animal control as a stray. She's very scared and doesn't like walking on a leash but warmed up to me during intake.  hw-; female; 45lbs; 1-2 yrs old; shep mix; 9/18

Hannah- VideoWithHoney VideoWithSpotSponsored for pull fees -safe

Hannah is very friendly. She's calm and mellow.  6/21; 1 yr old; lab mix;  HW -; 48lbs


Harper was turned in as a stray by animal control. She is very sweet and friendly.  She's very skinny and needs love.  HW+; female; 37lbs (thin); 3-5 yrs old; bull mix; 9/18

She is a shy girl that is learning to trust people. She hung out in the office with me all day and even help me with cat intake. She was perfectly happy laying on her blanket with a bunch of cats running around her. She even gave some kisses. She walks pretty good on a lead but can be stop and go. She was learning to be okay with me rubbing her and even sat in my lap with some encouragement.   HW-; female' 3-4 yrs old; lab/shep mix; 6/8.  Note: Her friend Harold was put done. 


Hazel came in as a stray with George.  She's a little more timid than he is but very sweet.  hw-; 1 yr old; female; lab/hound mix; 9/12; 47lbs


Heinz was dropped off as a stray. He only has a few teeth so I was unable to determine his age.  He is very sweet and friendly.  HW+;  age unknown; male; 32lbs; terrier mix; 9/18

Hilda - Super Senior- Video

Hilda was surrendered when her person could no longer care for her.   She is very skinny and fragile.  You can feel all of her bones, in particular her spine as you stroke her along her back.  Sweet and friendly,  she has nicely met my other small dogs.  Although she has cataracts,  she is very capable and adept at exploring around on her own in her new surroundings.  She appears to be house and crate trained and was very patient as I gave her a must needed bath today.  Note: Needs a dental. Has cataracts.  Mass below her rectum. Growth on her front leg.  6lbs; 9/7; female; no HW info.  Her person said she was 25yrs old.  The vet has aged her at 12-13 yrs.  poodle mix


Holly was brought in as stray.  She is very energetic and friendly.   hw-; 45lbs; 1-2 yrs old; lab mix; 9/9; female

Tester Dog- We use Honey to "test" with other dogs since she is always super with everyone!

She came in with Trina and I absolutely love these two girls. they are both so sweet. Honey is a little more reserved but is very friendly and just wants to be loved. The lady that turned her in said that the neighbor moved and asked her to find them a new home. Both appear to have not been well cared for at all. They are both underweight and obviously have not had proper care in some time. HW+; 40lbs; 3 yrs old; lab/hound mix; 6/6.  No bunnies, cats or chickens for Honey please.  Great choice for a home with other dogs and kids. 

Sweet as honey, that's our Honey! The staff absolutely loves this girl! Honey is a bit reserved but is very friendly and just wants to be loved. The lady that turned her in said that the neighbor moved and asked her to find Honey and her friend Trina a new home. Poor Honey has no idea what happened to her former home but she has made the best of her new reality and stays cheerful and upbeat, just waiting day by day to find a new home that will keep her as a cherished family member for the rest of her days. When she first came to us it was obvious that she had not been well cared for but now she has gained some weight and is ready and willing to move on from her past. She's a wonderful medium size and has the most lovely butterscotch coat with soulful, gorgeous hazel eyes. Honey isn't just all good looks though, she has such a calm, stable personality that she is being used as a dog tester dog because of her wonderful demeanor. Good looks, check! Awesome personality, check! There's not much more a person could ask for in a wonderful new pet, so check sweet Honey out! 6/6

Ida Pup

Ida came in as a stray with animal control. The other dog she came in with has mange so they are both on quarantine.  5 wks old; 7.6 lbs; shep/lab; 8/9

Iris Teen- Video -safe

Iris was dropped off by animal control as a stray. She's very sweet but also scared.  Hw-; 9-12 mos old; female; 32lbs; hound mix; 8/1


I love this dog!!! He was not a fan of us the first few days he was here, now he is a love bug and barges out of his house when he sees me coming. He wants hugs and love, that's a problem because of the sarcoptic mange. I know when Ivan's hair grows in he will be a prize!!!! If you have time to see him put some glove on and say hi, you'll see what i mean.  Note: When Ivan came in he was very scared. He is still shy, but he is beginning to come out of his shell. He came in with the puppy Ida.  45lbs; 8/8; lab mix;  no age or HW status.  

Jamie was dropped of by animal control as a stray.  female; 7/17; no other intake info; pointer mix; HW-


Jasmine was turned in as a stray. She's scared but still very sweet. She has really bad teeth.  HW+; female; 43lbs; 9/21;  Her teeth are really bad.  No aging at intake. 


Jeb was brought to us as an owner surrender. The owners had him for a year. They were moving and couldn't bring him.  No HW test; 10lba; 3-5 yrs old; male; shitzu mix; 9/22


Jellie is one of the 13 that came together. She is still very scared. hw-; 4-5 yrs old; 27lbs; terrier mix; 7/13; Her person died.


Jenny was turned in as a stray. She doesn't walk on a lead but is otherwise very friendly.  hw-; 32lbs; 2 yrs old; bully mix; 9/21

Jenson- VideoWithHoney-sponsored for pull fees -safe

He is a big beautiful boy that came from hartsville AC.  HW-; 60lbs; 2-3 yrs old; bull mix; 6/14

Jose- Pug/Chi -VideoOct VideoWithDominic

Hey!! Remember me??  It's Jose!  I came into the shelter as a stray 3 yrs ago and after being in foster care since then, my foster mom is hoping she can help move me into a new home...a home where I can lead a more full life and get all the attention I really crave!  Now 7-8 yrs old,  I'm a little bit on the chubby side (foster mom has SUCH fabulous snacks for me!) but I have SO much love to give.  Please read on (notes from Foster Mom) and let me know if you feel I am the perfect one for you!   

More about Jose: I think Jose deserves a better life than I can give him. I have to keep him outside in a kennel because he barks A LOT (like a chihuahua). I also can't crate him for more than a few hours because he lifts his leg and pees out the side of his crate or he poops in his crate then dances in it.  He DOES get out and runs and romps in the whole yard when I'm home, so he is not in his kennel 24/7.  He will need to be with a human companion who can let him out to potty regularly. He does get along with all dogs small and large and does not bother my cats. He does bark like a little dog can if a big dog towers over him, but my dogs are so easy going, they don't react. He will need to be in a home with an easy going adult dog if one is present.

Jose loves to ride in the car and to be with his person. He loves to sit with you on the couch or on the bed. Care needs to be exercised when picking him up. He has a small scar on his side, so he is cautious about people touching him there. Also, it will take him a while to learn to trust his new human. He does NOT need to be a in a home with children.  Also, he WILL mark in the house when he is nervous. If I bring a large male foster dog home or if he is in a new home for the first time, he will mark on the walls.   15lbs (overweight); Nov 2016; treated for HW's 2013; 7-8 yrs old; pug/chi mix.  Great with other dogs and cats.  No kids please.  On meds for seizures given 2/day ~ about $20/mo in cost.

Julia Pup -safe

Julia was turned in as a stray. She's a little skittish and scared but is still sweet.  27lbs; 4-5 mos old; lab/collie mix; female; 9/12


Kelly was brought in by animal control. She is very sweet.  HW+; 9/18; female; lab mix; 35lbs (very thin); 2-3 yrs old

King Teen Pup - Sibling is MJ 

King is a little more timid than his foster brother MJ and he needed a piggyback ride to his photo shoot at the shelter today.  He is super handsome with a thick, medium length shiny black coat that is super for petting.  King is best buddies with his foster brother MJ and he looks to his foster mom for reassurance.  There are children in his foster home but King tends to avoid them and hide out when things get rowdy so he would probably do best in a home with adults or older children.  He also tends to gravitate towards females vs males but he's working very hard in this area and being treat motivated certainly will aid him in this process!   With his female adult human,  he is a very sweet, laid back, lovable boy!  Excellent in home behavior, house and crate trained!  1/26; 13lbs; 3-6 mos old. Pictures from end of April.

Update Aug 4: A couple weeks ago, we took in King, who has been with a different foster previously and does not have rescue. He's a sweet boy and although he was shy at first he is really coming out of his shell and is open to trying new things, He really enjoys going on walks, with or without other dogs and gets along with the smaller puppies and the bigger dogs we have in the house. He also really loved the foster cat we had and was even sad when she left! 

He is definitely more nervous around men than women, but did well when EJ (male) came over yesterday. He is sweet with kids, and let the neighbor's 1 year old pet him. We took him out to Vintage and although he was nervous about it, he warmed up to one of the guys there. He's very calm and listens well when we've taken him places, and is playful and fun at home. We haven't had a single accident and he is crate trained. He enjoys the kitty pool we have in the back yard, and loves toys. 

I have included some photos, and I am going to send some videos as well. Kelsey, please add anything if I missed it! We are hoping to get this boy rescue so he can find his forever home!! 

Vintage is a place in Hartsville that has craft beer/wine - very casual environment and we took him on a night we knew there would be a few people but not overly crowded to get him out to meet new people. 

Kuji Senior- Pure Bred Dobi with Papers- VideoJune VideoJune1 Rescue Pending

Better suited with female dogs. Not engaging with me even when I sat on ground with him alone- was always looking away. Walks on leash, would sit when asked. Very good about me entering kennel to leash him. Will need a patient partner to bond.  Note: He is an owner surrender and came in with akc papers.  hw-; 6/19; 84lbs; 8 yrs old. Already neutered.

More about me July 8: Big handsome guy.  Kuji did well on his walk, we even jogged for a bit and he had a roll around in the grass which he thoroughly enjoyed.  He is very strong and will need an experienced owner.  Cat-free home recommended as he was very focused on the cats in the yard (even the cat statue).

Lady -VideoWithHomersponsored for pull fees VideoSept -safe

She was an owner surrender through hartsville AC. She's a very sweet girl.   HW+; 6/15; 2 yrs old; lab mix; 35lbs

Lee-Lee was an owner surrender. She's very sweet and gentle.  HW+; 7+ yrs old; O/S- moving; 42lbs; female; hound/shep mix.  No interest in cats. Good with both male and female dogs! 

Lewis- VideoWithAbbott -safe

Lewis is an absolute sweetheart. Didn't want to walk on leash, wanted her to carry him. Is as sweet as can be and gets along with other dogs just fine. Note: no age; no HW status; 9/2; male; 18lbs

Lucky is a sweet yet shy boy who was an owner surrender. He was very good when I cleaned his injured ears and very patient with me.  48lbs; 3 yrs old; bull mix; 7/17; male;  HW+

Mason (28lbs, male- happy boy!; HW-; 9 mos old)- shown with Sarge

Marvin (40lbs, male-sweet/shy; HW-; 9 mos old)

This is such a good looking bunch.  Mason is the more confident of the two boys but both are very sweet.  Marvin asked for a piggyback ride out to the photo spot but he is ready for someone to teach him how to walk on lead. 8/10

Update Sept 17: Two lucky sets of brothers got a break from shelter life today and the chance to run and play dog park style with their new friend Lindy.  Brothers Mason and Marvin and brothers Shaq and Sarge left any signs of shyness behind at the shelter and took advantage of their chance to run freely through the grass and lounge in the shade.  All the dogs got along well as they enjoyed games of chase with each other and interacting with the human visitors.  All four boys are HW negative and in need of adoption or rescue. 

M Pups x 2

Melissa (30lbs), Mae (29lbs)

Both pups are scared but friendly. 9-18-17l Lab mix; 3-4 mths; females

Maizie Pup -safe

8/30/17; female lab mix; 3 weeks; 2.6 lbs.  Picture of pup being held from 9/15.

Malla- sponsored for pull fees- NewJulyVideo!

December 2015, December 2015, January, March

March, May 

Malla is very sweet but very shy. She also has Demodex and Pyroderma. She is not spayed yet until her skin heals some. She is not a fear biter---I can handle her very well and do anything with her. However, she is very timid with humans. She is in my house so that she is forced to interact with me. She loves loves loves playing with a puppy foster I have now, and would really make fast progress if she were around other out-going dogs more often. (My personal dogs are old and sleep a lot, so this puppy foster is the only one interested in playing with her right now.) Her new foster mom would need to medicate her skin as well as help her become more socialized. She is a sweet girl, about 35 lbs and about 1 year old. I suspect that she never had much human interaction during her younger months. Note: Came in with Nissie and Gretel. She is friendly just scared.  hw-; 12/10/2016; 1 yr old

Update March 21: She had 2 rounds of AB before her scabby skin would heal. Since I've been using the special benzoyl peroxide shampoo, she has turned a corner.  She loves Tasha, who mentors her and plays gently with her.

Magic- Video -safe

Please help me find a forever home.  I am a very sweet boy. I love dogs, people and cats (they do not like me )
I am a sweet, easy going fellow.  Note: He is a very sweet boy. He loves to have his belly rubbed. He gets along well with other dogs and even wants to play with my cats. He plays Hard and then will go sit in front of the fan! He has been a very easy foster. It is easy to  fall in love with this boy. Male; teen?; posted Aug 2017; Hw-

The ball hog of the year award goes to... Max! This boy knows he loves his ball. The first thing he did when he came into the oasis was grab a ball and toss it in the air. He had to pick up every toy and play with it, but his favorite was the yellow tennis ball. You can get this boy's attention with any toy and he will be the most well behaved pup in the world in hopes that you'll let him play with it. Max is a goofy boy and a big lover. He loved getting attention from all the humans, and didn't mind meeting a few cats along the way, even though he preferred to ignore them and give his handler all his attention.  hw-; 60lbs; 2-3 yrs old; bull mix; 10/10/15

Update from Jr Volunteer: excellent physical condition, pulls a lot when walking, likes to run with you, high energy, loves attention, likes hugs and cuddles, curious

Melody is a shy yet sweet girl who was brought in by animal control as a stray. She has sad, soulful eyes.  hound mix; female;  3 yrs old; 49lbs; 7/13; HW-.  Med Update:  Won't put leg down - RX - swelling above knee feels much better - xray revealed mild arthritic changes but joint doesn't look bad.  still suspect torn muscle from palpation - TREAT with pain management, give rimydyl 100mg 1/2 tab orally every 12 hours as needed for pain


This girl is very withdrawn in her kennel but walks well on lead.  She was definitely more comfortable the farther away we got from the shelter. Note: Mia was brought in by animal control as a stray. She's very friendly and was very cooperative during intake.  1-2 yrs old; HW+; 47lbs; lab/terrier mix; 7/25


Mickey seems like a very happy boy.   bully mix; 43lbs; 2-3 yrs old; 8/9; HW-


9-21-17; Bull mix; ~1 yr; 30.8 lbs; HW neg. AC stray.

MJ Teen Pup - Sibling is King 

MJ is a little scared and was unsure about walking into the shelter today to get his photos but he did a lot better when he was heading back to the familiar truck for the ride home.  He is a very handsome, unique looking boy.  He was calm today and just stood and let me pet him but his foster mom said he is more active at home.  In his safe spot (i.e. foster home), he enjoys being loved on!  He is being fostered in a home with children but he tends to retreat when things get rowdy so he would probably be better with older children.  Loud noises startle him so quiet = good for MJ!  A neighbor found him with a shoe string on his neck.  He is great with other dogs and is a very happy boy.  He is best friends with his foster brother King. Excellent in home behavior, house and crate trained!  1/26; 3-6 mos old; 25lbs. Photos from end of April.

Ms Brownie -safe

Ms. Brownie was found as a stray and is so so glad to be in a foster home now where she can get regular meals and plenty of hugs! She loves affection and is quick to roll over for a belly rub. She enjoys playing and running in the yard with other dogs. She is crate trained well behaved. She is eager to please her person and wants to be loved.  After 5-6 years as a stray, Ms. Brownie is HW positive. After she is treated, she would love a home of her own for the rest of her days. She has no other health problems.  She is a low-rider, a possible mix of beagle, dachshund, and Lab.  9/4; 40-50lbs

Myrtle- VideoSept

Myrtle was dropped off as a stray by animal control. She's very friendly and has a lot of energy.  1 yr old; HW+; 40lbs; lab mix; 7/25