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Hw neg; stray; 1/14; has an eye injury; 50lbs; bull mix; 4 yrs old

Got Kids?  I'm the pet for you!  Perfectly suited to care for kids,  my size, temperament and fun, unflappable disposition make me a huge hit with the young ones.   Super friendly, affectionate and easy to manage,  I'm generous with face kisses and tail wags.  A skilled leash walker and human hugger,  I politely meet other dogs and greatly enjoy their presence.   With little or no interest in toys,  kids can count on me to keep them entertained and they in turn can entertain me simply by being near me and by my side.   A spry and bouncy fellow,  I'm very gentle natured and never too pushy or overbearing in my approach to others.  When we meet, I think you'll agree I'm a cool, compact fellow who is super appealing inside and out! Note: Hw neg; 12/12; 32lbs; 4 yrs old; terrier mix; stray 


Ginger was brought in by animal control as a stray found on Washington street in Hartsville. She immediately went to Anderson for her injuries from being hit by a car.  She is currently in foster and is HW negative.   Hound mix; 9/6; hw-; 5 yrs old; 40lbs

Goldie- Kennel

Very sweet girl but the shelter is very scary for her.  12/13; HW+; 68lbs; lab mix; 5 yrs old; lab mix; vet aged at 7-10 yrs.  Is showing stiffness in walking around beloved due to arthritis.  Note: According to neighbors, Goldie was living between 2-3 houses for 3 years, since one of the homes burned 3 years ago. None of the neighbors know if she was a pet original to that burned home on Dixon but seemed to think it's possible and was maybe lost/left behind. (No one recalls what family lived there/where they are now.) No one reported Goldie having puppies over the years, but they seemed to also not keep track of her on a daily basis. One particular home put out table scraps consistently. She had no shelter provided by any neighbors, though one person said he leaves his shed open and that she could go in there if she wanted but he never saw her do it. She most often stayed in hedges and she would find somewhere else when weather poor, like under a boat with a ripped tarp (where she was found curled in a ball when it was raining). 

Hw positive; 12/6; 1 yr old; GSD; 80lbs; stray.  he’s doing good walking on the leash, and we worked on threshold training and he’s good around dogs.

There could be no better name for this guy than Happy, because it describes him to a T! This fun loving fellow would be great in a home with kids and would be well suited to an active family. Happy has also been around other dogs in his foster dad's home and done well with all that he has met.  He's affectionate and has never met a face he didn't want to kiss, and he has a tail that just can't stop wagging. This loving, silly guy is a nice medium size and would be a great addition to a home looking for an easy going dog who just wants to have fun. He loves to run and play and be happy.  He'd also make a great playtime partner for an existing resident dog. Check out our guy Happy and let him spread his happiness into your home. We think your happiest day will be when you make him yours! Note: Hw negative;  Owner no longer wanted; 11/9; 1 yr old; 42lbs; lab mix. OK with other dogs and kids.

Harry Pup- FriendRonHermione -safe

Came in with brother Ron 0099; 1/16; stray; 5 mos old; 47lbs; retriever mix


Hw neg;  O/s;  can no longer care for; 1/16; 3 yrs old; reportedly good with other dogs and kids. 51lbs; lab mix

Hw neg; 1/16; 50lbs; 2 yrs old; lab mix; stray.  Mama Hermione is very even tempered, tested well with male Ollie and female Nessie. 

Isabella Mom + I x 4 Pups -safe

Isabella (hw-, 32lbs, 1/10; 2-3yrs old; lab mix), Iris, Isaiah 

Irene, Izzy

Pups: Lab mixes; 6 weeks; All under 6lbs. O/S- can't afford to keep. 


O/S; can no longer keep.  has had since she was 2 yrs old.  now 7 yrs old; 11-26-19;  Hw positive. Sweet girl, is shy but is warming up nicely;  33lbs; Bully blend

J x 2 Pups

Jessica and Justin

30lbs; lab mix; stray; 10wks old; 1/7

We were taking bets on the breed of this guy! Looks like a Great Dane head, cattle dog body and hound colors!! He loved having his belly rubbed and running in the exercise area. HW neg; 63lbs; ac stray; spaniel/lab mix; 10/16; 1 yr old.  Adopted early Nov.  returned Nov 22 as he kept getting out of back yard.  Adopter said Jake is smart, very friendly. Well behaved when in the house.

Update Dec 20: Big boy with an equally big personality!  If bigger is better in your world, than Jake is the pet for you.  Not for the faint of heart,  Jake is fun, super friendly, athletic and energy central.   The perfect pet for a home with other dogs who love to run and play and wrestle and share their love with great gusto,  Jake would love to meet you should you have this type of void in your home.   A curious mix of Great Dane and birding dog,  Jake has never met a stranger and is a non-stop smiler and tail wagger.   Jake is a big fellow with a big presence who creates fun wherever he is and leaves no stone unturned.  It's easy to check your troubles at the front of our exercise pen the minute you step in and see Jake running over to say "hi."   He's a stress-reliever and spreader of huge doggy affection.   No cats for Jake please. 


Hound mix;10 years; 52lbs; Hw neg; Bad skin, mass. Being treated. stray; 1/15

Jesse was found as a stray in Darlington. He was picked at the intersection of N Main St and Doneraile St.  He has been in foster with Debbie Anderson and she has been trying to help him gain weight. Many of his teeth are broken. He has badly clipped ears and a lot of hair loss. Despite this, he is very affectionate and sweet.  HW+; 45lbs; 2-3 yrs old; bull mix; 11/19/18

Foster update May 28:   I picked him up from out of the road, dodging traffic, on Halloween night.  He was in terrible shape when I found him.  He had a collar on but was so emaciated, his skin was red and irritated and he was so dirty.  We began working to put some weight back on him and work on his skin issues.  He still has a little hair loss on his back, but he is doing much better.  He is an older guy and you can tell that humans have not been kind to him in his life.  Despite all that, he is the sweetest and most loving little man.  I had his intake done at the shelter and brought him straight home with me into foster, so he's not spent any time at the shelter.  Great dog so deserving of a home of his own!

The woman that had him for a week said he was great with her kids, her dogs, and was an absolute sweetheart. I can see it as well here at the shelter.  hw+; 49lbs; 1 yr old; bull mix; 12/28

Kent- Senior Kennel 

Good natured, older gentleman!  Kent is Mr Manners, Mr Well Balanced and Mr Most Likable all wrapped up into a sleek, handsome black coat.   This polite, very steady tail wagging fellow is super skilled at calmly meeting new humans and other dogs.  He is never in any real rush except to perhaps get near a human and snuggle very close to them.   Expect soft face kisses should you sit for any length of time and perhaps a mini break dance at your feet as he shows you how quickly he can get relaxed and enjoy the sun on his belly and the grass below him.   Kent is a pretty unflappable guy who would likely enjoy caring for kids in his new home and or even a nice older human couple who might move at the same rate of speed that he now moves.   Friendly and affectionate but never overbearing, Kent is kind and considerate and everything you would look for in a companion pet. Note: Kent was picked up by the fire department. He has a rabies tag with no vet Id and no microchip. He will need to be looked at by a vet for his cough. He’s a sweet boy.  HW+; 6 + yrs old; 54lbs; lab mix; 12/4. Given name Chance. Med Update Jan 6:  Kent is not well enough to be neutered and or undergo HW treatment.  OK with cats. 

Kiki- Newer Mom- FriendSerenity  FriendLawson FriendSerenity FriendLawson- Both pups adopted locally and mom left behind. 

Mom dog to hx2 litter;  12/16; O/s; no longer able to have pets in home.  Owner reports she is good with other dogs, cats and kids.  hw+; 2 yrs old; lab mix; 42lbs.  This girl is such a love bug - sweet sweet sweet

Lita was brought in by AC as a stray. Found on ridge rd., Darlington.  Lita is a bit scared here at the shelter and would definitely benefit from a foster home.  2 yrs old; HW+; 37lbs; lab mix; 5/17

More about me June 30: I'm slowly settling.  Things are still very scary/spooky for me but I have found a friend in Marcus, one of the staff who regularly cares for me.  I always know he's coming by to spend time with me when I hear the familiar "knock knock" sound on the roof of my igloo.  When I peek my head out,  I'll see his welcoming smile and then out I scoot from my igloo to say "hi" to him.  Just today we also headed out for a brief walk together.  I'm still super shy around folks I don't know but with Marcus's help,  daily I am making great strides.   Don't be shy yourself though...come on by and check in on me.  I need lots of folks to friend me to help me adjust and find my new pet job. 

"Oh, please include me in your plans."   Malcolm really does not ask for much but what he would most wish to have is your affection.  This sleek jacketed fellow with the trim, almost greyhound like body and blocky head to round out his unique look, is so gentle natured and mild mannered.   Turning my back for a nano-second,  I could not have been more happy than to see him nicely perched on a bale of hay skillfully posing with his new volunteer friends.  His new human friends would later tell me he almost seemed to ask them if it would be ok to jump up and hang close by them.  Such a joy to be around,  Malcolm is a happy, loving, pleasant sort who politely meets humans and 4 legged friends.   A well balanced, easy enough leash walker,  Malcolm comfortably explored one of our enclosed pens and when summoned,  cheerfully trotted on over to see what was going on.   Malcolm would grin and wag his tail if he knew he had kids to care for and or a new 4 legged friend with whom to share his new life.   The shelter setting has been hard on Malcolm (he's lost weight and looks tired) but he's not lost faith that someone will come for him and tell him he's the perfect companion pet. Note: Sweet boy.  stray; HW+; 2-3 yrs old; lab mix; 11/5; 42lbs

Mama T

Mama T has a sad story to tell but still a joyful outlook. She came to the shelter when her owner was no longer able to care for her. She was pregnant with 7 puppies but sadly none of the 7 survived. Mama T hasn't let the loss of her puppies dim her sunny disposition though, she remains friendly and social with other dogs and especially loves getting love and attention from her person. She is a nice smaller size and packs a lot of love in a little package! She is a champion cuddler and walks wonderfully on a leash. Mama T has so much love to give to one very special person.  She is very affectionate and bonds with her person and thinks it is her job to be a protector.  Because of this instinct, we are recommending that she go into a one person home with someone who would appreciate a dog who wants to be their guardian and keep them safe. Mama T will make a wonderful companion for the right person. She is also crate trained and spent some time in a foster home where we discovered she was house trained as well. Mama T had her cat test and when she was walked by the cattery she didn't react to the kitties at all. This little love bug has waited for a forever home that will cherish her and treat her with love and the value every pet deserves. Let her spread a little of her love into your home, we think you'll never regret it!  Note: Mama T was brought in as an owner surrender. The owner could no longer take care of her.  HW+; 38lbs; 1-2 yrs old; lab mix; 8/27/18; Treated for hw's 11/18/18

O/s- can't afford to feed. Reportedly good with kids and other dogs.  Lab mix; 1/6; 3 yrs old; 43lbs; hw-. Came in with Velma and Susan + Pups.


Foster Update Nov 20: He likes to talk! It's like he tries to tell you what he wants as it's not just random barking.  He has also gotten kinda 'attached' as he jumps up to put his front paws on my shoulders and get his face right in my face.  He rides very well in the car. Takes food from my hand very gently. He will lie at the door and wait on me to come outside when he is getting outside time.  I have not yet let him off leash, so I do not know if he will come back or follow me if left in the open. In the fenced yard he does come to me; he's not trying to escape the yard.  He gets along with all the girl dogs (3 at my house right now), but he does not care for the unaltered (got altered yesterday) male dog foster Buddy nor does that male dog enjoy Marshall, so they had to be separated. Note: Hw neg;  10/24; 65lbs; 10 yrs old; st Bernard/shep mix.  Shot in the leg.  Sustained a compound fracture.  Working on healing it now!  Nov 4.  Formerly known as "Rocky."