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Perfectly Balanced!  Farrah is your kind of gal if you’re looking for a mid-sized companion who will go with the flow and has never met a stranger.   Arriving with her sibling Fawn,  she has been super patient in waiting her turn to get out and meet new dogs and volunteers to show them she has what it takes to be the perfect pet!   Farrah is polite and considerate and has a gentle approach in meeting both humans and other dogs.  Softly snuggly and eager to soak up any attention she can,  Farrah is grateful for the opportunity to take an easy paced walk,  snuggle with her person,  interact with other dogs, grab a fast treat and then repeat and repeat.   Note: Farrah was turned in with 6 other dogs. Due to health issues, her owner wasn’t able to care for her any longer. She is a little scared at the shelter but is still friendly.  HW+; 2-3 yrs old; pointer/hound; female; 38lbs; 10/31

Fawn- Video

So pleased to meet you!  Fawn aims to please with her low key, calm approach to life.   Arriving with her sister Farrah,  she relished every minute outside her pen as she explored the open grassy field and politely met a large, pushy male who was most intent on saying hello to her.   Very, very attentive to her person,  Fawn is a gentle natured lady who just loves having any amount of attention.  Never pushing in asking for a few body rubs,  she gratefully accepts whatever lovin’ comes her way.   Fawn is a such a pleasant dog to hang out with. She will teach you to take the time to slow down and smell the roses and dote on your loved ones.  Note: Fawn was turned in with 6 other dogs. Due to heath issues, her owner could no longer care for her. She’s very sweet and friendly.  10/31; female; pointer/hound; 2-3 yrs old; 36lbs; HW+

G Pups x 6

Graham (male, 18.6lbs), Gwen (female, 21.4), Griffin (male, 22.6lbs), Gus (male, 28lbs-safe)

Gidget (female, 16.4lbs),  Gregg (male, no weight)

3 mos old; lab mixes; 12/29 (intake weights from 1/16).  This litter came in by animal control. They have been very scared but are slowly coming around.

George was brought in as an owner surrender.  HW+; 25lbs; 2-3 yrs old; JRT/Beagle mix; 10/10


Ginger was turned in by animal control. This was the fourth time that she was picked up running loose and the owner didn’t want her back. She is very well behaved and friendly.  Note: Goes by the name Coco. HW+; 73lbs; 1-2 yrs old; lab mix; 1/29

Gino was a stray to a yard in Darlington in search of food. He was starving. He caught 3 chickens to try to feed himself. He was threatened to be shot for getting into the chicken coop. His sad eyes and malnourished body spoke to the heart of the homeowner. Though she loved her chickens very much (they even wore clothes so she really was devastated to lose them), it was clear to her that he was starving and just trying to survive. She fed him a few times off of her porch then trapped him and brought him in. Then it was learned that his job was broken so he really had been struggling in many ways to feed himself.  Note: Gino came in as an owner surrender.  He had a broken jaw and can only eat canned soup food.  HW+; male; lab mix; 26lbs; 1 yr old; 9/30.  Well mannered!!  Gino got along with Dublin (male senior), Cats with no issue.  I've also kid tested him, he's great, just a little body of wiggly love.

Feb 6: Gino is a love. Very friendly.  Has a smooth silky fur. Did great. Just loved all the attention

Gizmo -Video- Sponsored for pull fees IF pulled with friend Sissy with the goal of adopting them out together.

Gizmo was brought in as an owner surrender.  1-2 yrs old; boxer mix; no hw; 2/3; no weight.  Came in with sister Sissy.  


Shep mix; 1-2 yrs old. AC stray; Hit by a car- favoring leg- not broken.  nerve damage.  11/9; HW -


1/30; 44lbs; no age; no Hw; female; no other intake info.

H pups x 4 and Mom ??

Homer (male, 9.8lbs), Harriett (female, 9.2lbs),  Hope (female, 6.8lbs)

Helen (female, 9.2 lbs) 

The Hx4 litter was brought in by animal control with their mother. They are shy and scared, but could easily warm up in a foster home. The mother still needs time for intake, she has been separated from her pups. Pups: 1-28-18; Terrier mix; 8 weeks

Hodor -safe

Hodor has been here for awhile. He is very shy and I wanted to give him time to come around. I believe he is a house dog. He is very gentle and accepts what you do to him with no resistance.   He is a bit shy at first but warms up quickly. I think he would be fine with children he likes to play goofy.   Hodor has no interest in the cats. I know he was dog tested and did well. He is a great dog.  Shep mix; male; 52lbs; hw-; posted 12/20


Hawkeye was brought in by animal control as a stray. He had a severe gash on his neck from an embedded collar & has been recuperating while on an antibiotic and pain killers. He is very sweet and friendly.  Hw-; 47lbs; 1-2 yrs old; terrier mix; 1/11

Holly was brought in as stray.  She is very energetic and friendly.   She is definitely what we would call a "low-rider".   Gets along with everyone at my house.  Note: She is in foster care already with a house full of dogs and a 12 year old girl and her mother.  She was found as a stray and taken in by our volunteers.  Very friendly and sweet. Would be good with children.hw-; 45lbs; 1-2 yrs old; lab mix; 9/9; female

Sweet fellow who just wants to play! Male; Brought in by ac. hit by a car. Big gash in leg. Not broken! 25lbs; 9/28; HW-; hound mix; 5 mos old. Med update Oct 26: We do not see evidence of growth plate damage at this time. The vet  said his injury has not been that long ago and not unusual to still have some limping.  X-ray is recommended at a later date to check growth plates.

Ivy- Video -safe

Ivy was found around Pocket Rd in Darlington. Poor baby is so tired she is resting right now in the tech room.  15lbs; 6 yrs old; beagle; female; 11/25; no HW info

Jasmine Mom and Pups x 5

Jada (2.2lbs), Josh (1.6lbs), Jason (4lbs)

Jenna (3.6lbs),  Julia (3lbs)

I finally received these pics from last weekend from our volunteer photographer. Mama Jasmine came home with me. She does have sarcoptic, so she has had her first dose of Revolution. She will need two more doses. She is doing great. Sweet calm, meets all my dogs very politely, and ignores my cats. Walks well on leash. Very sweet and calm. She is sooooo thankful to be in a crate in a warm bed and have food all the time.  She won't travel for a while because she will need to be cleared for her mange, be spayed, and then be treated. She has already started her 30 days of Doxy for her HW treatment.  Pups: 5-6 wks old; 1/18; lab mix. Mom: 1-2 yrs old; 40lbs; HW+

Sponsored for HW treatment  and pull fees -safe

Smiling Jerry.  Folks at that shelter don’t just call me Jerry, they call me Smiling Jerry.  Whenever they stop by my kennel they can see my impish little smile and that makes them smile!   I’m front and center in my kennel when you walk on by but I pull up my shy boots once removed from my safe area.   For photo time, I did a GREAT job in slowly and cautiously walking outside the shelter grounds and did my best to relax in the open field out front which to my delight was pre-stocked with other dogs also out on a walk.   Very, very calm and polite in my approach to other dogs,  I was better suited having them come to say “hi” to me vs me seeking them out.  I enjoyed watching the other dogs roll around and hop in laps but for me,  simply chilling next to my new human friend was gratifying enough.   I don’t have a mean bone in my body but just feel every overwhelmed right now.  As I got more comfortable in the field,  I could hear folks chattering and saying, “Smiling Jerry” and when I finally whipped out my first big smile,  I was cheered and encouraged to keep on smilin’.    My tail also started to emerge (there was also chatter that I had left it in the kennel) and slowly wag and in combo with my handsome smile, folks were just grinning from ear to ear.   I earned the award for Bravest Dog that day and was told folks would look very, very hard to try and find a new home for me which was more on the quiet side and also loaded with a dog or two to help me ease into my new pet role.  I know I have it in me to be one darn good pet but simply need that chance to prove how wonderful a companion I can be.  Note:  Jerry was brought in by animal control as a stray. HW+; 52lbs; lab/shep mix; 2-3 yrs old; 10/31. 


Super-friendly guy!  Jimmy had an electric butt-wiggle and he could hardly contain his happy when he met me at the kennel gate.  He has the scars of a rougher life but he knows how to live in the moment.  Probably too interested in cats. Note: Jimmy was brought in by animal control 2 weeks ago. He was seen by a vet and was on medication for his wounds. He is HW positive. He’s a sweet and happy boy.  HW+; lab mix; 46lbs; 1/12;  3-5 yrs old

Jocelyn was dropped off as a stray by animal control. She is very friendly and affectionate.  HW+; 42lbs; 1-2 yrs old; plott hound; 1/16

Jordan -Video -safe

Jordan was turned in as a stray by animal control. She is very sweet and affectionate.  HW+; 71lbs; 2-3 yrs old; retriever mix; 2/2

Ju-Mi (Joo-Mee) means beautiful and that's just what this girl is. Ju-Mi is LOVE. Her true beauty shines past her scars. She is very affectionate, attentive to her people, such a true sweetheart. She deserves love and care forever. Cuddling along with belly-rubs while staying warm inside on a cold winters night, chasing the ball, sniffing around the yard, sun-bathing on a warm sunny day, back-rubbing in the grass, and relaxing in her crate with toys are just some of her favorite past-times. She is walking good on harness, she is excellent in her crate, has learned her foster routine quickly, enjoys her healing baths, loves a good meal and wants nothing more than to please us. If you are looking to be a one-pet family and want to receive lots of cuddles and love in return, Ju-Mi is your girl! Please give her a chance to steal your heart. Love, her Foster Mom   Note: Ju-Mi was found off of Bryant Rd in Darlington (see photo). Witnesses report, she was dumped out of a pick up truck. She is sweet and friendly. She is in foster with the person that found her.  Great with people.  No other dogs for her please.  HW+; 33lbs; 5-6 yrs old; terrier mix; 1/11

Update Jan 21: One video shows how she tosses food back to eat due to jaw injury. Also listen to her as she eats.   We speculate that noise is the result of damage to her vocal cords.


Kathleen was turned in as a stray with Kingston. She’s a little scared but was cooperative during intake. Note: Kathleen stole my heart!  She is so sweet!!!! We had her out with a few other females and males. She is loving, affectionate, and was fine with these other dogs out.  Hw-; 23lbs; 1-2 yrs old; Terrier mix; 12/7; Ok w/cats and kids. polite people greeter, curious but polite in meeting other dogs, walks well on a leash.


King was an owner surrender because his owner had to move. The owner said he killed a cat. He was very sweet through the intake process though.  2/3; HW+; 74lbs; 6 yrs old

Kingston- VideoWithChristopher -safe

Kingston was turned in as a stray with Kathleen. He’s a little scared but still friendly.  Kingston appears to be older, very docile and sweet. Met Christopher very politely and with no issues. Is sharing a kennel with Kathleen with no issues.  Was around other female dogs on the yard yesterday as we walked dogs--no issues. He is a gentle-low energy boy who just wants a family of his own.  HW+; 24lbs; 2-3 yrs old; terrier mix; 12/7

Kyle2 Pup 

Kyle is from the K group. He is shy but sweet. The group was brought in from animal control.  hw-; Terrier mix; 12/7; 12lbs; 6-9 mos old; male

Lana - Super Senior -safe

Lana was turned into a volunteer from a hoarding situation in Hartsville. She was a little skittish but still cooperated well during intake.  Hw-; 45lbs; Boykin spaniel; 13yrs old; 2/5. Came in with best friend Toni.

Little Bit

Little bit is Pearl’s friend.  hw-; 5-7yrs old; 11.4lbs; poodle mix; 2/13. no intake photo


Loretta was brought in with the thirteen abandoned dogs. She took a while to come around but is warming up to us.  HW-; 37lbs; 1 yr old; lab/terrier mix; 1/8

Foster update Feb 18: Loretta is hanging out at the Campbell's hoping to be scooped up by a rescue or adopter. Loretta hasn't met a dog or person she didn't like.  She fit in easily with our pack and is enjoying crashing on the dog beds. She's a perfect house guest: comes when she's called, is crate trained,  loves to be petted and is housebroken. As you can see in the picture, she has a bad case of happy tail.


Update Oct 9: I've been though an awful lot.  Found roadside, hit by a car,  I was rushed to the vet where I rec'd intense care for the swelling in my brain and around my eyes.   While at the vet,  x-rays revealed I had previously suffered some type of trauma to my hind quarters as my pelvis and back leg were both fractured but had already started to heal.   I'm getting around like a real champ now!   The swelling has all but subsided and I'm feeling much, much better.  Thank you for asking.   My foster family says I am THE BEST, well foster mom certainly does, as I follow her around everywhere and simply adore her but the two males in the house, although very patient and mild mannered, make me a bit nervous so for now I am keeping my distance from them.   I am slowly allowing them to start walking me outside so we are working on building our relationship.   Foster mom feels a male had previously hurt me as I can cower around men in particular when they try to pet me but I can also be very cautious in meeting new folks in general.   I'm getting along with the other pets in the house...cats and dogs...but sometimes,  if I am feeling a little overwhelmed by them, I give them a polite warning and they nicely give me some more space.  I'm very responsive to verbal commands from foster mom as I quickly come when called and boy do I love it when she says, "Up, want to go outside?"  The yard is a happy place for me as I can get some fresh air, run and play and chase a squirrel or two.   Day to day,  my foster family is making me feel more at ease and I am gaining confidence in meeting nice folks. For now, I am thinking my ideal new home would be with females only but I've leaving my options open and hope that I can overcome my fears and feel happy in a home with both sexes.   Note: Luna was HBC and taken directly to the vet.  HW-; 3 yrs old; 8 lbs; chi/dachsi mix; 9/13; female; housebroken 

Update Nov 26: She healed nicely. She has an old injury on her back leg that she walks fine with however when she runs she picks it up. She is attached to me. She has learned to accept Mitchell and my son Lee. She does bark at a stranger. However when I take her to the vet for a bath she loves everyone. She gets along with my dogs and cats. She even plays with the foster kittens.

Update Nov 29: Luna came to us from an individual who found her hurt on the side of the road. She had been hit by a car. Her eyes were bulging a d nose bleeding.  She is a good girl. She is very attached to me. It has taken some time however she has gotten where she trust my don Lee and Mitchell.  They can now per her. I believe someone mistreated her. Her back leg had an old healed injury. She walks great however when running she will pick it up. Gets along with my dogs and cats. Plays with the foster kittens. She will bark when a stranger comes up. However when I take her to AAH for baths she loved everyone. I believe the growling and barking are  defensive. I believe she would do better placed with a woman just because she took right to me.


Mabel was dropped off as a stray by the Darlington Animal Control. She is very sweet and friendly.  HW+; 43lbs; 1-2 yrs old; lab mix; 2/7

Madaline -safe

Madaline was brought in as a stray by animal control. She is well behaved and walks well on a leash.  HW-; 37lbs; 1 yr old; lab mix; 2/7

Malla- sponsored for pull fees- NewJulyVideo!

December 2015, December 2015, January, March

March, May 

Malla is very sweet but very shy. She also has Demodex and Pyroderma. She is not spayed yet until her skin heals some. She is not a fear biter---I can handle her very well and do anything with her. However, she is very timid with humans. She is in my house so that she is forced to interact with me. She loves loves loves playing with a puppy foster I have now, and would really make fast progress if she were around other out-going dogs more often. (My personal dogs are old and sleep a lot, so this puppy foster is the only one interested in playing with her right now.) Her new foster mom would need to medicate her skin as well as help her become more socialized. She is a sweet girl, about 35 lbs and about 1 year old. I suspect that she never had much human interaction during her younger months. Note: Came in with Nissie and Gretel. She is friendly just scared.  hw-; 12/10/2016; 1 yr old

Update March 21, 2017: She had 2 rounds of AB before her scabby skin would heal. Since I've been using the special benzoyl peroxide shampoo, she has turned a corner.  She loves Tasha, who mentors her and plays gently with her.

Endless Legs!!  Marla has the most long, lean legs which should launch her right onto the fashion runway but alas she’s sadly spending her time alone in a kennel.  Marla is feeling a little sad and lost right now.  When her person became sick and could no longer care for her,  we took her in.  Already you can see the signs of wear on poor Marla.  She has lost weight and she has open sores on her forearms as she licks out of boredom to help pass the time.   Marla is just as sweet and gentle natured as they come.   She snuggled very, very closely with her human while chilling in the grassy field and gladly accepted all the attention should could eke out of him.   Really, really polite and very unflappable around the crew of 4 other dogs who shared her walk,  Marla is a calm, sensitive, dear lady who just wants to get her old life back….her life as a cherished pet.  Note: Marla was turned in as an owner surrender. Due to health issues, her owner was no longer able to care for her. She’s a little skittish at the shelter but is still friendly.  HW+; 46lbs; 1-2 yrs old; bull mix; 10/31

Marshall- VideoWithLuna

Marshall was dropped off as owner surrender. Due to health issues, his owner was unable to take care of him any longer. He has a lot of energy and is friendly.  HW+; 40lbs; 3-5 yrs old; bull mix; 10/31

Matt- Video

Friendly, happy, playful boy. Loves everyone and everything. Found as a stray with an embedded collar. Voted "best personality" for his doggie superlative. 

From the foster dad who found him November 30:
Last night Matt was found in the middle of Clyde Road near the football stadium in Hartsville.  He was in the middle of the road but moved out and then right back into the middle road again. When the person stopped and called to him, he wagged his tail and came right over it which point she so under his neck look like raw meat. She knew he needed help but didn’t know what to do and call me at which point I told her  to bring him to my house. There was no active bleeding so I just put him in a kennel for the night or he wouldn’t be in the dirt and then took him to Anderson this morning. He’s only about a-year-old and is a super friendly boy with a calm and happy disposition.

The ball hog of the year award goes to... Max! This boy knows he loves his ball. The first thing he did when he came into the oasis was grab a ball and toss it in the air. He had to pick up every toy and play with it, but his favorite was the yellow tennis ball. You can get this boy's attention with any toy and he will be the most well behaved pup in the world in hopes that you'll let him play with it. Max is a goofy boy and a big lover. He loved getting attention from all the humans, and didn't mind meeting a few cats along the way, even though he preferred to ignore them and give his handler all his attention.  hw-; 60lbs; 2-3 yrs old; bull mix; 10/10/15

Update from Jr Volunteer: excellent physical condition, pulls a lot when walking, likes to run with you, high energy, loves attention, likes hugs and cuddles, curious


Maxie was turned in as a stray with Mabel by the Darlington Animal Control. She’s a little scared but warmed up to me quickly.  hw-; 41 lbs; 1 yr old; lab mix; 2/7


Mickey seems like a very happy boy.   bully mix; 43lbs; 2-3 yrs old; 8/9; HW-

Mimi - Super Senior- 19yrs old

Mimi was brought in as an owner surrender. Her owner had a heart attack and has a lot of breathing problems and was no longer to care for her anymore.  She is very sweet.  hw-; 19yrs old; shep/lab; 1/18; 80lbs


Miriam is one of the thirteen abandoned dogs. She is very scared but is trying to come around. She was cooperative during intake.  Hw-; 41lbs; 1 yr old; lab/terrier mix; 1/8


Misty was turned in as a stray. She is very playful and friendly. She cooperated very well during intake.  HW-; 37lbs; 1-2 yrs old; shep mix; 1/9. Note: Two of our junior volunteers were walking Misty.  I didn't notice her nose was bleeding until i processed the pics.  not sure what happened.  She might have gotten tagged by one of the yard cats 

Molly -safe

Molly is a real sweetheart. She is friendly and bouncy!  HW+; 2-3 yrs old; 52lbs; bull mix; 1/4

Molly- Senior Lab

Molly was dropped off as an owner surrender with her sister Tootsie. The owners were moving and couldn't take them along. She is very sweet and friendly.  Hw-; 88lbs; lab mix; 2/12; 


Morgan was brought in by animal control. She was brought in because she killed a neighbor’s chihuahua. She was a sweet girl during the intake process. Note: Morgan spent a long time out walking with some of our volunteers.  She was very calm and did not mind the cats.  She got to meet a more energetic dog (Timmy) and was fine with him being a little in her face.  She did not seem too interested in playing but she was relaxed and comfortable around him.    HW-; hound; 3-4 yrs old; 43lbs; 1/11

Mork (safe) and Mindy

Mindy (female, 25lbs)

Mork was turned in with Mindy as a stray by animal control.  They are both very scared but still friendly.  11/1; 4-5 mos old; shep mix.