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Foxy -safe

Foxy was brought in by Wendy mcD and is in foster with Jess Otto.  Foxy is a very sweet playful girl!  HW+; 12lbs; 7-10yrs old; feist mix; 5/14

Franklin- Sponsored for pull fees FriendLizzie FriendMolly FriendMolly

 This beautiful tricolored Hound boy is Franklin, and he is sure to delight all the Hound lovers with his classic good looks. He is long legged, elegant, and graceful, with a friendly and social demeanor. He's made many friends at the shelter and even been allowed to run off leash with other dogs because of what a good boy he is. Franklin has been very good with everyone and very much enjoys socializing with a variety of dogs. If you have a soft spot for Hounds, we have just the boy for you.  Franklin is ready and waiting to meet his new family or person and would surely repay your love a hundred times over.   Note: Franklin was brought in as a stray by a Good Samaritan. He is a good boy and is HW negative. He was found near bonfire rd in Darlington.    HW-; 2 yrs old; hound mix; 4/20; 47lbs

Gabby was brought in by a member of the community as a stray. Found on confederate st. Darlington. Gabby is very loving playful and sweet!  hw+; 33lbs; 2 yrs old; bull mix; 5/4.  Note: she is a joy. Loving and sweet like most pitties. Did well with both males and females.

Gregory Teen Pup- Part of G x 7 Litter- IntakeVideo VideoJuly VideoJuly

VideoInKennel- sponsored for pull fees

Info about Gregory (known as Buddy with the foster):  Buddy is very aptly named. He likes to play and has puppy antics. He can be a little puppy stubborn but does redirect. He loves a chew bone. He gets excited when the cats run and jump and thinks he can do it too. He can get a little scared meeting new people but warms up nicely when they come down to his level. He’s a foodie and will gladly taste test anything you’re cooking so his belly is the way to his heart. He really likes quiche and casseroles. He does have a little sweet tooth and it was indulged with some cookie treats. He expects food every time he hears a wrapper lol, especially hot dog wrappers. He snores and he likes to lay on his back with all of his legs spread out. He likes to wake up in the middle of the night and put his head on the edge of the bed for you to pet him. He’d do best with as much outdoor access as possible as he likes to run and play. The rain does not bother him, he enjoys it. He is not opposed to mud and dirt lol. He loves to sit on the front porch during cool nights. He is a precious Buddy.  Gregory is one of the Clio dogs. They are all very scared. He is HW negative. cattle dog mix; hw-; 6/16; 8-9 mos old; 40lbs

More about this litter:  They are social dogs, not unsocialized dogs. They are scared to be surrendered to shelter. They were in foster 3 months and had 50 acres to run on in Clio. This is a big adjustment.  They were around two other dogs and fine with them.  They did fine with 12 year old girl, a six year old girl, and a 5 year old boy.  They were around two indoor cats, two outdoor cats, and a mother cat with kittens out behind the garage that is feral. They may chase an outdoor cat at first intro but will stop that with redirection and will not hurt them. 

H Pup- Honey- safe

8 pounds ; 7-8 weeks ; Lab mix; 6-22-19; female.  Friend Hope adopted. Stray- very sweet!

Folks say I am "bombproof with other dogs...AKA EXCELLENT!" 

When I got Harper out, she was so happy.. her whole body was ready to go.  I petted on her a minute or so and gave her a short walk before meeting Nyla.  Harper just wants to play, she was sooo very happy to have friends, she was great with Nyla and Razzie.  She walked just fine on a leash with little pulling.. she was more interested in meeting the other dogs and people, she managed to jump up on me for hugs though.  I performed a kid test on her by putting my hand in her mouth, tugging her ears and tail and she let me with no problem, didn't mind at all.  I also picked her front up, then her back.. still nothing, she liked the attention.  Harper is really loving, and wanting to play.  She has a good personality, and is smiling as soon as you get her out.  Note: AC brought her in along with her 3 pups (Hayley 707, Harlow 708, and Hayden 709) as strays. They were found on Coppersmith Dr, Hartsville.  Harper is very sweet and loving!  HW+; 58lbs; 2-3 yrs old; lab mix; 4/18


Henry was brought in by animal control as a stray from Lide springs road in Darlington. He is a sweet boy and is HW negative.  bull mix; 50lbs; 1 yr old; 5/10


Irene came in with her 4 puppies. She is timid and calm and had to be carried out to the photo spot. Irene and her litter of 4 puppies were brought in as strays by animal control. She is sweet and friendly. HW+; 38lbs; 1-2 yrs old; lab mix; 6/7; Pups 8-10wks old; lab/shep mix. They are a little timid but still friendly. HW treated 7/17/18

Update Oct 21: Frances brought Irene for new photos and evaluation on Saturday.  David T and I spent some time with her.  She was a little reactive to Paige at first.  Frances shared that Irene was reactive at the beginning with her female, but they worked it out after a few days.  We walked her with Darius and she did well.  I think her reaction is more fear than anything.  Once we gave her a second to adjust, she settled down.  We walked her by the cats and she was curious, but didn't seem bothered by them.   Frances has done a wonderful job with her.  Her coat is so soft and shiny.  She really is a beauty!  In general,  Irene is likely to be at her best in a home without other dogs.


Owner surrender due to dogs size. Isaac is a very sweet boy. A little shy but warms up really fast!  Loving and bubbly. Gets along with other dogs, sits on command and can catch treats in his mouth.HW+; 50lbs; Doberman; 3/18; 1 yr old

J Pups x 3- safe

Jannette (female, 11.6lbs),  Jupiter (female, 11.6lbs),  Julietta (female, 12.6lbs)

These pups were brought in by AC due to owner abandonment. All of them are very sweet and loving.  6-7 wks old; shep mix; 6/12


Jake was turned in as an owner surrender due to the owner being unable to care for him. 
Jake is a playful boy who just wants to be loved!  HW+; 54lbs; 1-2 yrs old; lab mix; 5/25


Jeffery was brought in as an owner surrender because they could no longer care for him. He was brought in with biscuit 879.  Jeffery is a bit timid but very sweet!  HW-; 36lbs; lab mix; 6/6; 1 yr old


Jessie was brought in as an owner surrender. Owner could no longer care for her due to illness. 
Jessie came in with Amelia.  Gets along well with other dogs and is very playful!  HW+; 60lbs; 3 yrs old; lab/retriever mix; 5/2

Jesse was found as a stray in Darlington. He was picked at the intersection of N Main St and Doneraile St.  He has been in foster with Debbie Anderson and she has been trying to help him gain weight. Many of his teeth are broken. He has badly clipped ears and a lot of hair loss. Despite this, he is very affectionate and sweet.  HW+; 45lbs; 2-3 yrs old; bull mix; 11/19/18

Foster update May 28:   I picked him up from out of the road, dodging traffic, on Halloween night.  He was in terrible shape when I found him.  He had a collar on but was so emaciated, his skin was red and irritated and he was so dirty.  We began working to put some weight back on him and work on his skin issues.  He still has a little hair loss on his back, but he is doing much better.  He is an older guy and you can tell that humans have not been kind to him in his life.  Despite all that, he is the sweetest and most loving little man.  I had his intake done at the shelter and brought him straight home with me into foster, so he's not spent any time at the shelter.  Great dog so deserving of a home of his own!

Joann -IntakeVideo -safe

Joann was turned in by a member of the community that found her outside her house on gilchrist rd., Darlington. 
Joann is a very sweet girl but nervous here at the shelter. Would really benefit from a foster home.   No HW; 5+ yrs old; hound/lab mix; 6/3; 42lbs

Jojo found himself at the shelter when his previous owner was no longer able to care for him. Jojo is very sweet and playful, and also walks nicely on the leash.  He has a beautiful golden brown coat with gorgeous hazel eyes. Jojo is a friendly and social boy who has tested very well with other dogs.  His temperament is so good that when an outreach event at a local mall invited some of our shelter dogs to attend, Jojo was selected and did very well.  He walked the runaway like a star and wasn't at all phased by the noise and many people at  the event.  He also enjoyed getting lots of love and attention from  his handler.  Jojo is a very smart boy, too, and knows a few basic commands, "sit"  and "shake". He's loving, friendly, gets along well with other dogs, and walks nicely on a leash.  There's not much more you could ask for in a new family member, so don't miss out on this awesome guy! Jojo is the total package and can't wait to meet his new family or person! Note: Jojo was brought in as an owner surrender due to owner being unable to care for him.  He is very sweet and playful! Walks well on a leash. HW+; 55lbs; 5 yrs old; lab mix; 4/11

Joyce- safe

Joyce was brought in by a member of the community as a stray.  She is very sweet and loving!  HW-; 23lbs; 1 yr old; beagle; 6/6

Juno was brought in by a member of the community as a stray. Found on stuckey bottom rd., Darlington.  Juno is an absolute sweetheart. A real mellow loving guy! Walks well on a leash and gets along well with other dogs.   HW+; 51lbs; 1-2 yrs old; bully mix; 5/21

Lita was brought in by AC as a stray. Found on ridge rd., Darlington.  Lita is a bit scared here at the shelter and would definitely benefit from a foster home.  2 yrs old; HW+; 37lbs; lab mix; 5/17

Lizzie was brought in by AC as a stray. Found on nandina rd., Hartsville.  Lizzie is a sweetheart!  HW+; 34lbs (thin); 1 yr old; lab mix; 4/24


Lucas was turned in by a woman that knew his previous owner who was moving and couldn’t take him along. The woman housed him for a year trying to find a new owner for him but was not able to.  Lucas is a very sweet boy. Walks well on a leash and just wants to be loved.   HW+; 38lbs; 2 yrs old; lab mix; 6/3

Lynus Pup

Lynus was brought in as a stray from AC. lynus is a very sweet boy!  13.4lbs; 2-3 mos old; beagle mix; 6/13

Mama T

Mama T has a sad story to tell but still a joyful outlook. She came to the shelter when her owner was no longer able to care for her. She was pregnant with 7 puppies but sadly none of the 7 survived. Mama T hasn't let the loss of her puppies dim her sunny disposition though, she remains friendly and social with other dogs and especially loves getting love and attention from her person. She is a nice smaller size and packs a lot of love in a little package! She is a champion cuddler and walks wonderfully on a leash. Mama T has so much love to give to one very special person.  She is very affectionate and bonds with her person and thinks it is her job to be a protector.  Because of this instinct, we are recommending that she go into a one person home with someone who would appreciate a dog who wants to be their guardian and keep them safe. Mama T will make a wonderful companion for the right person. She is also crate trained and spent some time in a foster home where we discovered she was house trained as well. Mama T had her cat test and when she was walked by the cattery she didn't react to the kitties at all. This little love bug has waited for a forever home that will cherish her and treat her with love and the value every pet deserves. Let her spread a little of her love into your home, we think you'll never regret it!  Note: Mama T was brought in as an owner surrender. The owner could no longer take care of her.  HW+; 38lbs; 1-2 yrs old; lab mix; 8/27/18; Treated for hw's 11/18/18

Marcie Pup

Marcie was brought in by AC as a stray. Found on hart land dr. Hartsville. Marcie is a very sweet girl  19lbs; 4-5 mos old; lab mix; 6/13


Mary was brought in by AC as a stray. Found on westover dr., Hartsville.  She has some hair loss and flakey skin on her neck and chest area that will be seen by the vet today.   Mary is a sweet heart and loves being loved on and pet. Walks well on a leash!  HW-; 37lbs; lab mix; 1 yr old; 5/22

Mateo was brought in by animal control as a stray found on E lynches river rd.  Mateo is a very sweet mellow dog!  Small mass on ear.  HW+; 44lbs; 4 yrs old; lab mix; 4/4; male

Maya was brought in by AC as a stray. Found on Charlotte st., Hartsville.  Maya is a playful girl and loves to be pet! Gets along well with other dogs!  HW+; 41lbs; 2 yrs old; bull mix; 5/6

Meet Miles, a very loving boy who enjoys time spent with his person. His foster dad says that Miles enjoys nothing more than being petted and loved and getting attention and affection. He's very friendly with all people and would love to have a person or family of his very own.  Miles would sooner not share his person's affection with any other pets, he says he is all the dog you need! While Miles would sooner be your one and only, he is fine seeing other dogs outside the home while on a walk or an adventure. Miles is very smart and would no doubt excel in a training program that could help him with his leash skills. He's an energetic boy and would be a great fit for an active person or family or someone looking for a hiking or jogging partner who can keep up with them. Miles is ready and waiting for the family or person he can call his very own, he says let's go!   He's no couch potato, although when it comes time to snuggle he's right there for you. Check out Miles, a great guy with the biggest heart around.  Note:  Miles was brought in as an owner surrender. The owner said they could no longer care for him. He is very sweet and affectionate.  47lbs; 3-4 yrs old; bull mix; 12/20/18; treated for HW's Feb 2018.

Mollie was brought in by AC as a stray.  Found on Mineral Springs Rd., Darlington.  Mollie is a very sweet girl and very playful!  HW-; 40lbs; 1 yr old; 4/24; lab mix


Morrison was brought in by a member of the community that found him as a stray.  He is a sweet heart! Walks well on a leash, very friendly and playful!  HW-; 52lbs; 1 yr old; lab mix; 6/11