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Franklin Teen Pup

He came in as a stray. He was very excited to get attention today.   5/11; male; 7 mos old; 40lbs; collie/bird dog; hw-

She is very sweet but a little shy. The lady said she needs to get to know men before she is okay with them and she's okay with kids.  She was adopted from us in 2014 and given away to a woman who can no longer afford to care for her.  4/4/17; lab mix; 3 yrs old; 70 lbs; HW+  . No cats please

Gingersnap Pup -safe

She's a very happy girl and so so sweet. She was picked up by AC today.   19lbs; 5/19; rottie/lab mix; 3 mos old

Who doesn't love a sweet little hound girl? Ginny was such a sweetheart today and was so happy to be getting attention. She showed us all what good manners she has when she walked like a pro on the leash and took treats so gently. Ginny knows what it's like to have a family to love and she misses living with people so much. This gorgeous girl was surrendered to the shelter because kitties were just too excited for her. She would love to start a new life with her furever family that can take her on long walks and give her all the love she could ask for. She's patently waiting for that day and hopes that it will be very soon.  Note: Ginny is a sweet girl, she is owner surrender.  She does not like cats. That's why she is here.  hw-; 65lbs; 1 yr old; pointer; 4/18

VideoWithOreo VideoWithOreo1 VideoMay VideoMayA -Sponsored for HW by 

Can sit in command. He is friendly and wants to hang out with you. Very energetic.  3/17; male; 59lbs; hw+; hound.  Note:  Arrived via AC with an imbedded collar.  Med Note 3/29:  Right eye growth on corner of eye - RX - skin tag in right medial cornthus

More about me May 13: Howard is a typical hound nose to the ground. He loved our walk . He said hello to the puppies and off we went on our walk. He introduced himself to Oreo and then it was nose to the ground and off we went. He let Melissa (young teen) love on him and then back to his kennel. He did not want to go back into his kennel.  He came to a stop at the big dog run. Great dog. Beautiful dog!

Jacques- VideoMay

Jacques has a 6/6 heart murmur.  His heart is enlarged and he has been put on enalapril meds.  He has heartworm disease to boot.  He is not a candidate for heartworm treatment, unfortunately.   He will need to be on Hartgard every month to help him with the worms.  He needs a great hospice home where he can be a couch potato for however long he has left.  He should not be allowed to be overly active or have bursts of activity. Friendly boy! Note: This is Jacques.  He is a chi mix that showed up at a lady's house and she had been feeding him for about a week.  HW+ ; 4-6 yrs old; male; 4/9/2015; 12lbs

Extra about Jacques: He has a 5/6 heart murmur. He is the sweetest chi i have ever met. Good with cats,  dogs both big and small.  Loves people. He became a quick staff favorite today when i decided to take photos of him.

Update Dec 11: Jacques is such a good boy! He just needs a nice couch or soft lap to rest his head at the end of the day. He doesn't know  or even care his heart doesn't beat like everyone else's. It doesn't bother him at all. He's great with all of our little dogs. Don't you just love that face?

Jose- Pug/Chi -VideoOct VideoWithDominic

Hey!! Remember me??  It's Jose!  I came into the shelter as a stray 3 yrs ago and after being in foster care since then, my foster mom is hoping she can help move me into a new home...a home where I can lead a more full life and get all the attention I really crave!  Now 7-8 yrs old,  I'm a little bit on the chubby side (foster mom has SUCH fabulous snacks for me!) but I have SO much love to give.  Please read on (notes from Foster Mom) and let me know if you feel I am the perfect one for you!   

More about Jose: I think Jose deserves a better life than I can give him. I have to keep him outside in a kennel because he barks A LOT (like a chihuahua). I also can't crate him for more than a few hours because he lifts his leg and pees out the side of his crate or he poops in his crate then dances in it.  He DOES get out and runs and romps in the whole yard when I'm home, so he is not in his kennel 24/7.  He will need to be with a human companion who can let him out to potty regularly. He does get along with all dogs small and large and does not bother my cats. He does bark like a little dog can if a big dog towers over him, but my dogs are so easy going, they don't react. He will need to be in a home with an easy going adult dog if one is present.

Jose loves to ride in the car and to be with his person. He loves to sit with you on the couch or on the bed. Care needs to be exercised when picking him up. He has a small scar on his side, so he is cautious about people touching him there. Also, it will take him a while to learn to trust his new human. He does NOT need to be a in a home with children.  Also, he WILL mark in the house when he is nervous. If I bring a large male foster dog home or if he is in a new home for the first time, he will mark on the walls.   15lbs (overweight); Nov 2016; treated for HW's 2013; 7-8 yrs old; pug/chi mix.  Great with other dogs and cats.  No kids please.  On meds for seizures given 2/day ~ about $20/mo in cost.


Sweet joy. She is an AC stray. Joy was covered in ticks and fleas. It took us a few days to do intake she was very afraid. People have not been kind to her. She was wearing a thick blue collar that was caked with crud.  Now she has had a bath, some good food and a little love. She will make a devoted pet, I can just see it in her eyes.  HW+; 5/4; female; Shepard mix; 6 yrs old

June Senior

She is petrified.  Nichole is her only source of comfort and she won't leave her arms.  8 yrs old; female; 62lbs; no HW; shep/lab; 5/25.  She came in with April and May.  her person died. 

She is such a wonderful girl. She has wounds on her and was taken to the vet. She's on rimadyl and cage rest while her leg heals up. She loves everyone and just wants to be in your lap getting love. if I had to name her today, she would be Lady Di as she is always poised and even tempered.  She is often overlooked because she never begs for attention.  hw+; 53lbs; 5 yrs old; mixed breed; 3/31.  Very large tear in the side of her tongue. Does not seem to be affected by the tear.


Look at this hunk!  Hard to believe this is the same dog who came into the shelter looking so thin and threadbare.  Ken looks fabulous now and he is so happy to finally be released from his confinement in the intake building.  Ken is energetic and strong but he does love his walks and getting a chance to explore.  He is friendly and social and not too proud to do a bit of snuggling either.  Ken would be best suited to a home with no feline friends because they are just too tempting to chase. As you can see in his video, Ken met another friendly male dog, Barry, and tails were wagging the entire time. Ken is just gorgeous with his beautiful coat and striking eyes. If you want to have the most handsome guy on the block, check out our guy Ken. You can also see in his video how happy he was to be spending time out of his kennel with one of the shelter volunteers. Ken loves people and can't wait to meet his forever family. Meet Ken and be prepared to fall in love!  AC stray. HW pos. 10/21; male; 36lbs; 2-4 yrs old; March 18: Ken has put on some much needed pounds and weighs closer to 60lbs

Mini Update May 5: Ken was returned to us today. He is such a sweet boy and we all love him so much. He was being protective over his owners so he was returned. He was very excited to see all of us and gave lots of kisses today.  He has had one shot for his HW treatment. 

King Teen Pup - Sibling is MJ 

King is a little more timid than his foster brother MJ and he needed a piggyback ride to his photo shoot at the shelter today.  He is super handsome with a thick, medium length shiny black coat that is super for petting.  King is best buddies with his foster brother MJ and he looks to his foster mom for reassurance.  There are children in his foster home but King tends to avoid them and hide out when things get rowdy so he would probably do best in a home with adults or older children.  He also tends to gravitate towards females vs males but he's working very hard in this area and being treat motivated certainly will aid him in this process!   With his female adult human,  he is a very sweet, laid back, lovable boy!  Excellent in home behavior, house and crate trained!  1/26; 13lbs; 3-6 mos old. Pictures from end of April.


The totally kissable Kira has arrived at the shelter, and despite her past is ready for a fun-filled future! Kira came in to the shelter in the middle of May in horrible shape. This poor girl has clearly never had an easy life, but she doesn't let that stop her. She was emaciated, had hair-loss, and a heart full of worms but her tail never stopped wagging. She's so grateful for anything that you can give her even if it's just a quick pat on the head. She'll be sure to thank you for your troubles with a big sloppy kiss. An old soul that is super easy going Kira isn't bothered by sharing her space with dogs and cats. Go ahead and bring the kids'll be extra hands to rub her! After living through so much hardships, I can't wait to see her finally happy and in a home.   5/20/15; 10 yrs old; treated for HW's . 

Update Jan 2016:  Kira had rescue but as she regained her health and her confidence,  we found she was no longer interested in sharing her life with other dogs. Her rescue is foster based  (hence homes already stocked with other dogs) so she lost her rescue and is in need once again.  

He's a sweet boy that acted like he was scared when he first got here but very quickly warmed up when he was in the med room. He wants to be a lap puppy and give lots of kisses. He came in from AC.  HW+; male; 40lbs; 2-3 yrs old; heeler mix; 5/3

Owner surrender- person has cancer. She has already been spayed. she loves dogs and kids, she seems to have no interest in cats.  61 lbs; female; shepard mix; 1.5 yrs old; 5/4; hw-


Lavern and Sherly were found running around the school yard on Monday. Happy, friendly, healthy dogs.  4 yrs old; no HW test; husky; female; 46lbs; 5/25

Lee Teen Pup -safe

He's a very sweet boy that was brought in by AC today. He just wants to roll over to get belly rubs. 39lbs; 5/9; male; 7 mos old; male; hound mix

Lucy Super Senior -sponsored for pull fees -VideoJan AprilCatsVideo

Lucy loves her bed and never complains!  We love Lucy!  8 yrs old; female; 12/5; HW+ (advanced stages- her heart is symptomatic and enlarged).  She has a broken pelvis.  Her left hip is out of socket, but it can't be put back into socket at this time because of the broken pelvis.  She should heal fine with strict confinement. She has a broken jaw from long ago that has self healed. It does not affect her ability to eat and is not a candidate for surgery at this time.  She was found roadside hit by a car.  Beagle/dachsi mix; 26lbs.  Note:  Lady is TERRIFIC with cats/kittens. She is cautious/leery around other dogs in part because she knows she is an easy target. 

Lucy Mom + Pups Lola and Lexie

Lucy Mom, Lucy Mom, Lola 9.4lbs, Lexie 8.8bs

Lucy is a sweet girl. She came in today with two puppies that belongs to her.  HW-; bull mix; 50lbs; 2 yrs old; 5/22; Pups 8 wks old, both female


Lucky was turned in by ac as a stray. He has whipworms. Very sweet dog. Seems to have a problem with back legs.  14lbs;  male; 3-5 yrs old; dachas mix; 4/23; HW+

Med Update:  Shelter staff felt lucky was having trouble extending his hind legs. The vet examined him - she said the xrays did not reveal any issues, and he walked fine in the clinic.  No pain or swelling evident.  So just monitor for now

Malla- sponsored for pull fees

December 2015, December 2015, January, March

March, May 

Malla is very sweet but very shy. She also has Demodex and Pyroderma. She is not spayed yet until her skin heals some. She is not a fear biter---I can handle her very well and do anything with her. However, she is very timid with humans. She is in my house so that she is forced to interact with me. She loves loves loves playing with a puppy foster I have now, and would really make fast progress if she were around other out-going dogs more often. (My personal dogs are old and sleep a lot, so this puppy foster is the only one interested in playing with her right now.) Her new foster mom would need to medicate her skin as well as help her become more socialized. She is a sweet girl, about 35 lbs and about 1 year old. I suspect that she never had much human interaction during her younger months. Note: Came in with Nissie and Gretel. She is friendly just scared.  hw-; 12/10/2016; 1 yr old

Update March 21: She had 2 rounds of AB before her scabby skin would heal. Since I've been using the special benzoyl peroxide shampoo, she has turned a corner.  She loves Tasha, who mentors her and plays gently with her.


The ball hog of the year award goes to... Max! This boy knows he loves his ball. The first thing he did when he came into the oasis was grab a ball and toss it in the air. He had to pick up every toy and play with it, but his favorite was the yellow tennis ball. You can get this boy's attention with any toy and he will be the most well behaved pup in the world in hopes that you'll let him play with it. Max is a goofy boy and a big lover. He loved getting attention from all the humans, and didn't mind meeting a few cats along the way, even though he preferred to ignore them and give his handler all his attention.  hw-; 60lbs; 2-3 yrs old; bull mix; 10/10/15

Update from Jr Volunteer: excellent physical condition, pulls a lot when walking, likes to run with you, high energy, loves attention, likes hugs and cuddles, curious

Max Super Senior- sponsored for pull fees

Update Nov 2: He's gained a whopping 18 lbs since intake weighing in at 62 lbs today. But he's still so very skinny- can see his ribs, spine, hip bones and hind leg bones are protruding still. But the vet was happy with his progress. I'd noticed him coughing some last week but his lungs were good. His blood panel was also good.  The vet thinks he's more like 8-10 yrs versus the 15 that ac was told by his former owners.  He's good to go now for getting his vaccinations. I will take him to the shelter Thursday after work. Already neutered.  And he was diagnosed with "happy tail". This condition involves the occasional bloody tip of the tail due to extremely frequent and fast tail wagging- even when in a crate or puppy corral. The vet told me to use Neosporin for this.  Great with my dogs although he likes to chase my cats! 44lbs;  9/24 intake;  His person died and the family brought him in one week later. He was super thin and very depleted. Immediately went into foster care.  HW+

May Senior

May came from a house where the owner died.  She is in rough shape, skinny and massive hair loss, she also has a limp from her back leg.  13lbs; female; dachsi; 8 yrs old; 5/25; came in with June and April.  

This is the famous #810 that everybody has been talking about. She has come along way since coming in over a month ago and still needs sometime to come out of her shyness. We did not do a heartworm test on her because she is still cautious with her legs being touched (not aggressive though). She let james put his hand in her mouth and finishe the regular intake woth no problem. We have her in a kennel beside gaby. 2-3 yrs old; April 2016 intake; female; hw-; 45lbs

More about me: I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Millie walking on lead through the crowd toward our group at the Grateful Dog event.  From a dog the was completely shut down in the intake building to a dog that is walking comfortably through a noisy crowd of people and dogs, she has made huge strides.  I think getting an escape from the shelter was just what she needed to boost her confidence and spirit.  She is still a shy girl and after a little while she retreated to a more quiet corner to sit and watch, but she did amazingly well.   July 23 2016

More about me Sept: Millie has been in foster with Katie, where she blossomed. Then she spent the weekend with the Ingrams. Around their confident dogs, she came out of her shell even more. From Mama Ingram: She is wonderful with the foster puppy Jhett.  She is excellent on a lead and kennels very nicely.  Timid, but with time she will do very well.   She has also been exposed to cats with no issues.    House trained.   Very nice girl that will make someone with patience a good companion.  Millie is the shy brindle dog who was kenneled with Sarge and then another male to help her confidence.

Sept 26 Update: She started at the shelter very very shy, but after volunteers took her to adoption events off campus, Millie realized how great life could be! She surprised everyone by blossoming in public!  Her time was up at the shelter, but volunteers were determined to keep her out of danger while she continued to come out of her shell. Foster moms/dads have kept Millie at their homes, giving her good experiences and helping her to gain confidence. She is now ready for her forever home. 

MJ Teen Pup - Sibling is King 

MJ is a little scared and was unsure about walking into the shelter today to get his photos but he did a lot better when he was heading back to the familiar truck for the ride home.  He is a very handsome, unique looking boy.  He was calm today and just stood and let me pet him but his foster mom said he is more active at home.  In his safe spot (i.e. foster home), he enjoys being loved on!  He is being fostered in a home with children but he tends to retreat when things get rowdy so he would probably be better with older children.  Loud noises startle him so quiet = good for MJ!  A neighbor found him with a shoe string on his neck.  He is great with other dogs and is a very happy boy.  He is best friends with his foster brother King. Excellent in home behavior, house and crate trained!  1/26; 3-6 mos old; 25lbs. Photos from end of April.