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More about me April 6: Drum roll please for the Fabulous Fabian.  Now, this is one head-turning fella!   All decked out in his sleek, dark chocolate brown coat and snazzy white boots,  Fabian is a true friend to all.    A very skilled and polite meeter/greeter to other dogs,  he seamlessly met 2 males and a female on his outing to our front play area.  When not happily trotting over to meet new doggy friends,  Fabian had THE best time running, capturing and then carrying around balls in his mouth.  It's possible he could do this all day long except if you add a human to the picture, he'd happily take a break, hang out by your feet and implore you to please rub his belly.   This athletic, good natured companion pet is loving, attentive, loves being in the mix of things and is of moderate energy level.  Fabian would be in his pet element at a doggy park, hanging out with slightly older kids, hiking trails and or just chilling by the sofa near his humans.  Fabulous Fabian is well balanced and being a good, solid pet is realy second nature to him.   It's just easy for him.   note: stray; hw-; 4 yrs old; 3/13; 58 lbs; bully mix; No cats for Fabian please.

Fabian was just brought to us by a community member. He said that Fabian has been hanging around his house for a couple of weeks, and when he first arrived, he was really skinny. He didn't want to see him starve so he began to feed Fabian. He said that he didn't have any problems from Fabian, but that his senior dog, wasn't happy about Fabian being around.  Fabian is a sweet friendly dog, he walks well on a leash, and did great during his intake.   hw-; 4 yrs old; 3/13; 58 lbs; bully mix


Big Fella with big dreams!  Finch is an appealing, happy-faced boy who loves to run and play, carry balls around in his mouth, give his people attention, then rinse, lather and repeat!   If bigger is better in your world then Finch could be your man.  This athletic, playful guy amazed us with his love for balls and how wonderful he was in nicely/calmly meeting other dogs.   We had Finch off leash with 3 male dogs and one female dog.    Perfect with all of them,  having a 4 legged companion seemed to really compliment the good time he was already having while out and about and stretching his legs.   Only due to his size and strength,  we would recommend older/more sturdy kids.   He's a true friend to all but is no pansy and is best suited in a home with folks who can handle a larger dog with plenty of love and some extra energy to share/spare.  We enjoyed Finch's endless smiles and tail  wags and his desire to simply head out of his kennel and make the most of his time in the sun.   Note: Finch was brought in yesterday by a community member. He wandered into their yard, and they have been keeping him safe for the past 4 days, but cannot keep him, and have been unsuccessful in finding an owner.  Finch is a very energetic playful younger guy. He does walk on a leash. He seems to be a little too interested in cats.   3/31; male; bully mix; 66lbs; 2 yrs old;  hw-

Update May 13: Finch does not disappoint.  This was our second photo session and Finch was just as fun and fabulous as he was the first time around.  One thing we immediately noticed however is that this happy hunk has lost weight, has sores on his paws (likely from licking them out of boredom) and just looks a bit rough from when he first arrived.  Shelter life, no matter how meticulous and caring everyone is, can still be very stressful on our pets.  Finch really needs a fast exit strategy and he's hoping YOU CAN HELP!   Finch is a social, playful guy who loves a good game of fetch almost as much as he loves hanging out in human laps.  He is a master hugger and kisser and loves working the crowd.   Nicely meeting several dogs,  he's content to share his space with 4 legged friends and happily trots around exploring and catching up on new sights and sounds.  Finch's personality/demeanor is great for kids but only due to his size/energy level,  more sturdy/older kids would be appropriate for him and could truly appreciate his built in pet skills.   Fabulous Finch has his paws crossed that soon you'll be asking about him. 

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"Please, i'll need just a minute more to sunbathe."  Our good friend Mr Ford is such a hoot!  This chunky, brindle jacketed fellow made the most out of the partial sun peeking out from clouds on our wintery outing to the front field.  Ford got so content while laying on his back soaking up rays and getting a belly rub from one of our volunteers, that he started to snore!  How is THAT for content??   A more solid and larger dog at over 60lbs, we think you'll agree in meeting Ford that he is one huggable and very loveable guy!   Nicely sitting while he was wardrobed for his photo session,  Ford is affectionate, friendly, polite, loves attention and really enjoys just chilling near his human.  Doing an excellent job in meeting another female dog, the two of them seamlessly strolled about in our play yard checking out the sights and sounds.  He was also excellent with a male dog...even getting on his back around him...but nicely warned the other dog when he nearly sat on his face while checking him out!   Ford is a good natured dog who does not really ask for much except for belly rubs and a bit of sunshine to bathe in!  Note: bully; male; 63lbs; 3-4 yrs old; 1/18; HW+;  Came in with Sandy and another dog #113.  stray.  Med note:  Small scar on left eye.   Entropian right eye- not operable at this time.  No further action recommend.  Simply monitor.  Gets around just fine. 

Update Feb 22: You'll not find a more loving dog than our friend Ford.   We had him out on a warm winter day and once again he did not disappoint in showing us all how much he loves getting on his back to soak up sun and get some much deserved belly rubs.  Ford was such a good sport in exiting his kennel in limp leash mode.  He nicely met 2 female dogs while in our play yard  (also a male dog) and while loose with one of them,  the female accidentally stepped on his head as he was sunning and he just kind of looked up like, "What just happened here," and then continued to sun!  Ford is definitely more of a people person vs doggy person but is accepting of doggies in his world.   Polite and ready to go and do and explore, Ford enjoyed poking around in our play pens and then finding that perfect human to nuzzle into.  Way to go Ford! 

April 4 Update: Ford 💙 How does this boy not have a home and a family? He is the sweetest, most polite Southern gentleman. I look forward to visiting him and offering him treats- which he takes so gently. Mostly I think he enjoys the love given more than the treats though. Today I took him out of his kennel for a brief walk in the sunshine. He LOVED it. He did well on the lead. When we stopped, he dropped and rolled in the grass! He was in his element. Please if you can offer Ford a home or rescue, contact DCHS. I love this boy so much!

"Let's go play and have fun!  Be sure to bring the kids and other dogs to maximize MY fun time!"  If Gia could speak,  this is what she might tell us.  Gia is a smile maker deftly working groups of people and searching for dogs to share her playdates with!  A very happy, affectionate, loving dog,  Gia will never pass up a chance to get some TLC (and give some TLC) and she definitely would not give up a chance to run and play, have some fresh air and explore new territory.   Graced with a stunning full body, tiger stripe jacket,   Gia is a very appealing lady with her beckoning smile, steady tail wag and very welcoming body language.   Gia is not a girl to quietly place on the sidelines.  She is very much wanting to be involved and part of the action whatever it might be.   Gia is a fun girl who is looking for a like minded family (perhaps stocked with kids and other dogs) with whom she can share her pet skills.   O/S- HW-; 1/22/2021; 56lbs; 2 yrs old; boxer mix


hound; stray; 50lbs; 6/4; hw-; 1 yr old; He is a very sweet dog. He walks very well on a leash, and did well during his intake also. 

Jessa is a beautiful shepherd mix, so eager to please her person. She has a sweet, gentle nature and loves to meet new people. She was off leash with two different females and all got along very well, even when Ashanti crawled underneath her to get close. She didn’t know how to walk on a leash when she came in but picked it up in just two different outings. Such a great snuggle friend. Love her! Note:O/S with Hallie and a litter of 5 pups; 43lbs; hw-; shep mix; 5/13; 1 yr old; female

Jesse was found as a stray in Darlington. He was picked at the intersection of N Main St and Doneraile St.  He has been in foster with Debbie Anderson and she has been trying to help him gain weight. Many of his teeth are broken. He has badly clipped ears and a lot of hair loss. Despite this, he is very affectionate and sweet.  HW+; 45lbs; 2-3 yrs old; bull mix; 11/19/18

Foster update May 28 2019:   I picked him up from out of the road, dodging traffic, on Halloween night.  He was in terrible shape when I found him.  He had a collar on but was so emaciated, his skin was red and irritated and he was so dirty.  We began working to put some weight back on him and work on his skin issues.  He still has a little hair loss on his back, but he is doing much better.  He is an older guy and you can tell that humans have not been kind to him in his life.  Despite all that, he is the sweetest and most loving little man.  I had his intake done at the shelter and brought him straight home with me into foster, so he's not spent any time at the shelter.  Great dog so deserving of a home of his own!


Found as a stray months ago.  no longer a good match with the goats in her home.  Sweet girl.  HW-;  41lbs; bully mix; 6/3; 2 yrs old

"I kiss first and ask questions later!"  Sweet brindle girl Kandi loves kissing and kissing and kissing some more.  This pretty lady had the best time making new friends...human and trotting over and immediately kissing everyone.  A mid-sized bully mix,  Kandi is friendly, affectionate (but not in an overwhelming way) and if pressed will let other dogs lead the way. She just wants to run and play and have fun and create a non-conflict zone.   A great choice for a family with slightly older kids and definitely other dogs, Kandi would love playdates and or opportunities to hang out in doggy parks. She is fast to assimilate with others and makes the most out of her outings.  Kandi is super, super cute and very appealing in person.   Folks are drawn to her happy, sweet face and her welcoming body language.  Get your sweet fix today by checking out delightful girl Kandi!  Note: Kandi is a very playful sweet girl, she walks well on a leash, but she is not cat friendly. She loves to give kisses and get belly rubs.  Seized by the sheriff; Came in with Glenda. 42lbs; 3/17; HW+; bully mix; 2 yrs old

"I'm a social worker!!"  Kylo is such a good sport and does such a great job in working crowds of humans and other dogs.  This muscular, solid framed fellow never stopped smiling and or wagging his tail during photo time.  Look closely and you might see some blurred tail tips in the photos as his tail goes round and round!  LOL.   Kylo is a responsive, affectionate fella who loves being part of the action.  He was fast on his feet when we offered him a squeaky corn on the cob toy which he gleefully toted around in his mouth and played fetch with over and over again.  Kylo is generous with his kissy tongue and loves being close to his humans.  Very polite and even keel,  although Kylo is a larger/stronger dog, still he was easy enough to manage and was never pushy and or overbearing.   Kylo was welcoming of other dogs in his world and was steady and softly friendly in saying "Hi" to them.   We enjoyed Kylo's open book approach to life and his ability to make good friends so quickly.   If a solid, chunky love bug sounds like your new perfect best friend,  Kylo could be just the guy for you.  Note: male; bully; 3 yrs old; 4/23; 65lbs; hw -

Madison -safe

Madison was brought in as a friendly stray pick up by animal control.  She is very sweet and well trained. She sits and walks well on a leash. 1 yr old; stray; 6/1; 44lbs; hw-

Mattus- Senior

Mattus was brought in as a stray by AC. When he first arrived, we noticed that he was infested with fleas, had bad hair loss, and his skin was starting to ooze in some areas. We took him to AAH and have already started his treatment. Mattus is a very gentle, old soul. He walks well on a leash, and did well during his intake also. He loves treats, and is very gentle when he takes them from you. He doesn't even put up a fight when getting his eyedrops or a bath.   HW+; 8 yrs old; shep mix; 6/8; 80lbs


O/S- not a good match for person's kids; hw-; 83lbs; 1.5yrs old; lab; 6/1

Milo- Teen

Milo was brought in late Friday night by AC. He was found in the Food Lion parking lot, and was posted to FB. An owner has not stepped forward yet.  Milo is a very sweet and friendly dog, he walks well on a leash, and loves treats. 46lbs; 6/4; 10mos old; boxer mix 

By golly, it's our Boxer Girl Molly!  No chance you could overlook this pretty in pink lady as you walk our busy kennel run.   Teen sensation Molly is front and center in her kennel and ready to go and do and make new friends.  Arriving rather ribby,  poor girl really needs to add on some pounds.  Molly is friendly, social, loves to run and explore, has a bit of an independent streak and is mighty curious!  Molly does not have much interest in toys and was clearly interested in meeting and joining other dogs who were out loose and running.  Once she met them however,  she happily trotted along and did her own thing!   As a teen, Molly still has some fun, zoomie feel to her (nothing crazy) and if you look closely/quickly,  you will see a mini, white lightning bolt right on the top of her head!  Our youth volunteer Luna proudly pointed out this novel feature to us.  So what are you waiting for?  You know Molly is your girl so please, come and get her and fix her a great home cooked meal while you are at it! Note: O/s- boxer; 9 mos old; hw-; 6/3; 38lbs

stray- wandered into someone's yard.  shy at first; lab mix; HW+; 5/29; 3 yrs old; 44lbs

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Oh please, don't forget to include me!   Myers is such a ham of a dog who has no interest in sitting on the sidelines.  He loves to be a part of the action and does such a great job sharing his fun, bouncy self with all.  A more active guy who loves to go and do,  Myers found a kindred soul in Maggie, a pretty chocolate lab/bully mix.  The two of them nicely complimented each other with similar play and wrestling styles.   They rolled around, ran and played and then repeated the great fun.  Nicely also meeting another female dog,  his bigger personality was a little too much for her so she politely refrained from getting into the full action mode.   Myers is full of love and life and pure joy to have by your side.  Note: Myers is a happy, playful  boy. He was found dragging a lead behind him. He did very well during his intake, but does not appear to be fond of cats.  HW+; 52lbs; 2 yrs old bully mix; 10/31

Update Feb 11: My name is Myers and I'd like to think I should qualify as Voted Most Patient Dog.  Why might you ask?  Well,  I arrived as a stray on Halloween and here I am still working very hard to find my new home.  I'm told I make things just a wee bit funner and happier and generally better if I am in the picture and I really LOVE to be IN the picture.  I had THE best time on my front yard outing.  You should have seen me run like the wind with my lips flapping in the air and my tail soaring over my back.  The squeaky toy in my mouth may not of had as much fun but so be it!   The fresh air and quiet, calm of the play pen was just really divine and a really needed break from the noisy, busy kennel run.    It's true I have love and energy to spare....plenty to go around in fact...but it truly brings smiles to all.  I've done well testing with both male and female dogs.  My approach is a bit more forward but it's all in good faith as I'm ready to get the playdate started.   I'm an affectionate, playful, huggy, kissy kind of guy who has a lot to offer to a more active family.  No sidelines for me please.  Stick me in the thick of things and just watch me have the best time.  Please, won't you ask for me today? 

Update Feb 18: He is being babied and pampered at the Bridge facility after an apparent unfortunate altercation with an opossum. He is showing some housebreaking skills as he wanders to the door to ask to go out, and has proven to be quite the babysitter with a litter of small puppies. After waiting so patiently for a home these past months,  Myers is now getting a taste of what that may be like as he heals from his wounds. He is making the most of every minute he gets with his new best friends. Hopefully his forever home is not far away. 

Update Feb 20: Everybody that Myers has met in his temporary home at the Bridge office is falling in love with him. When we visited today he sweetly came up for some oohs and ahhs and then wandered over to check on the puppies. All we heard from the staff was that he was the “sweetest boy.”