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Highlighting Carmen! 

I got a perfect score on my outing today!   Super friendly and affectionate.  Check.  Good with other dogs?  Check.   Great size/temperment for kids?  Check.   Playful but able to settle down.  Check. I heard volunteers talking about me and they were generous in their kind words about me. They loved my happy, open outlook on life and never tired of the many expressions that one can expect to find in a boxer mix.  I'm graced with a sleek athletic frame and with my larger/deep chest and more narrow hips,  I think you'll agree my boxer blood is pretty well represented.   In meeting two males on my walk today,  I nicely submitted to one dog who was super eager to say "hi" and then cooly held my own and quietly chilled with another much larger dog who prefers to be the "top dog" in a group setting.  All in all,  I had a great outing and look forward to being selected as someone's companion pet.  I have a great foundation to be one terrific pet and hope you'll consider me for your own!  bully mix; 34lbs; 7/31; female; stray; 7/31; HW-

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