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Highlighting Red! 

Good Sport!  I overheard folks chatting about me the other day and kept hearing how good of a sport I am.  It made me smile!  It's simply in my nature to be accepting of all....I enjoy loving on humans and I also sharing my time/space with other dogs.  It does not take much to make me smile.   Laying on my back while my human rubs my belly or tickles me brings me great delight.   Sharing a soft hug with a human always makes my tail wag and being able to take a stroll with other dogs, pleases me on many levels.  A happy, friendly sort, match me up with kids, other dogs and folks of most ages (I'm polite and pretty easy to manage) and I'll be able to provide a superior pet experience for all.  Look me up today won't you?  Red, The Good Sport. 

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