Pets in Need (n-z)


Naomi was brought in as a stay, extremely underweight but happy as can be!! She is now in the office “Penthouse” because it is so rowdy in the intake building and BDR isn’t a good choice for her yet. She is submissive and I was able to do her intake with no problems today. She was very good in the kennel in the office today!!! She is going to make a wonder addition to a Family, she is calm and lad back!! 2-3 yrs old; HW+; 2/9; 42lbs; lab mix

March 13 Update: She is fine being around other dogs but likes her space. If they come too close she will gently ask them to back away. Hopefully with more time she will play with them more.

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Olympus- Sponsored for HW treatment

More about Olympus: What a handsome guy! It’s hard to take your eyes off that pretty subtle brindle and black coat. Olympus is a young boy that still has a little goofy puppy feel to him, but he has very nice manners! He adores getting attention from people and loves to run and play with his doggie friends. He is looking for his very own family so that he can share all of that love he has to give. He was found at a gas station and his owners, after being contacted, never came for him. Note: Olympus was picked up at a gas station and brought to the shelter. 11/11; HW+; 61lbs; bully; 2 yrs old

More about me May 3: Na, Na, Na, Na, Na!! OLYMPUS has a girlfriend! Have you heard the news? LOL. Our big, brawny guy was so thrilled to have found a kindred soul in Cassidy during his photo outing. It was really love at first sight as the two of them were quickly let off leash and seemingly ran off into the sunset together! Now what really happened is that they ran and chased each other around and then rolled around a lot under the shade of a big tree. Olympus is a big lug who enjoys his people and his little people (more sturdy is better as he has some umph to him) and seems to prefer the lady dogs. He's done OK with more submissive male dogs but likely his preference are the lady dogs. Affectionate and engaging and wishing to be part of the action/activity, Olympus is a friendly, happy boy who can't wait to find love again with a human. Might it be with you?

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Friend Georgia

Friend Cassidy

Friend Cassidy

Oswald- Teen aka Deogee

Intake 11/26/21. Adopted 12/31/21. Returned 6/13/22. Now 10 mos old; boxer/shep mix; 70lbs; hw-. Deogee ( like you’re spelling DOG out loud) is such a handsome happy boy!! He walks well on the leash and we were able to complete his intake with absolutely no problem. He is HW:Negative walks well on the leash, is house broken and loves to play. He is a big boy and was just too big to be with his original adopters who had small children ( not everyone’s children are used or can adjust to bigger dogs with special needs) He is smart and very handsome!!

Paco- HelpMeMay- Sponsored for HW treatment

Cool Hand PACO! Maybe Luke is his middle name but one thing is for sure, Paco is a laid back Southern Man that you will admire and look up to the minute you meet. Paco is so polite and well mannered. This larger framed guy is very poised and did a great job in nicely meeting other dogs during photo time. Never jumpy or in your face, he slowly strolls around checking out the sights and was a real super star off leash with several other dogs. He was fine with both male and female dogs but clearly his soft spot was for our Cattle Dog Mix, Dot. Very down to earth and having a more independent feel to him, Paco does not ask for much but is certainly happy to be the recipient of some back scratches and draping human hugs. A great leash walker, Paco would be a wonderful, calm companion pet who would be happy to simply relax and chill out with you nearby. Do yourself a favor and ask for Cool Hand Paco today! O/S;Can't keep in yard; 5-6 yrs old; HW+; 1/28; bully mix; male; 56lbs

More about me May 3: "Happy to hang with you," says handsome boy PACO.  Second time around and Paco does not disappoint.  This mild mannered bully mix is never in any real rush and goes about his business at a very measured pace.  We did not get a lot of smiles out of this more stoic fellow (esp on camera) but when we caught him smiling as our youth draped him with a soft hug, well that just made it all worthwhile. Paco nicely met male and female dogs and his interest in them is mild at best.  He's not a playful guy but does seem to simply enjoy having other beings around him.    Paco is never pushy or in your face and doesn't ask for much.  Having you nearby seems to sate his soul just fine. 

May 7 Rail Trail Event: Paco was one of our Darlings who had a great adventure on Saturday. Volunteers walked him on the Rail Trail, took him for pizza at Mellow Mushroom and a pup cup at Bruster’s. Paco’s handlers told us that he loves car rides, hiking, snuggling and had good leash skills. On his adventure he ignored an off leash dog, loves children and ice cream, sits on command and gives paw. Described as calm, sweet and handsome his handlers were sad to give him back to the shelter, said they “wished they had room for him at home.”

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Misc Friends

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Rail Trail Event

Rail Trail Event

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Foster Time


Paris was brought in with Hash-brown, Lillian, Bentley and Sierra. Paris is a little hyper and pulls on the leash some but this is probably because she has just came out of her kennel. HW-; 6/9; 34lbs; lab mix; 1-2 yrs old


Pearl (AKA Girl) was brought in with her life long sibling Bunny. Family is moving. Pearl is very sweet and slightly submissive. I would consider her a small flight risk because she will try to run away with certain noises. She doesn’t go far she cowards down and will come right back to you. Pearl is 8 years old and HW:Positive. Her incisors are really worn down, She has been in a kennel for many years… She walks well on a leash and is so Beautiful. lab mix; 6/20; 46lbs.


She is scared and will need some socialization. 12/29; 54lbs; no hw: no age; hound mix; stray; posted 1/30; Pups safe.

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Rylie/Riley came in as a stray.  She was very happy and energetic.  Even though if you look at her you see multiple scars and some wounds.  She has a torn left ear, torn left rear paw pad, and a sore on her tail.  They were cleaned very well and she sat there and just let me clean away.  Her intake went very well.  She took food out of my hand ever so gently.  She loves to give hugs. Overall a great dog with a lot of love to give. 2 yrs old; stray;  45lbs; 5/31; lab mix; hw-. kitty friendly


Arrived 3/14 Other dogs: Krystal, Thelma, Louise, Junior and ??. Person died. 6 dogs found on a tie out in back yard. HW-; 3-4 yrs old; 54lbs; bully mix. intake 4/19.

More about me April 26: Pretty brindle lady ROBIN is not one to come bustin' in.  Robin is chill and low key and slowly mozeys around and goes about her business.  Looking a bit rough around the edges with her hand cut ears and brittle feeling coat,  this girl is one sweet, doting, loveable bully mix.  By age and also personality-wise,  Robin has a more matronly feel about her as she wanders through other dogs off leash and politely checks them out.  She did a good job meeting both male and female dogs and curiously,  even tried to jump start some slightly playful banter with a couple of our more shy male dogs.   Who would have thought?  Robin will give you a fuzzy eye and tilt of the head as you roll a ball right in front of her as if to say, "You want me to do what with that?"  LOL.  Toys were clearly not her thing but relaxing and opting to chill near other dogs and humans under the shade of a tall tree seemed to perfectly suit her style.  We enjoyed Robin's mellow, polite, accepting outlook on life and perhaps you might as well! 

Mini Outing July 1: I know she's not a long time, but my husband and I had the privilege of taking miss Robin on a field trip a couple days ago. We got her a sonic burger, took her to our dog pen so she could walk around after eating the burger, then we took her to the Vista and then to Purrs McBarkin. She was the BEST dog! So well behaved and she did so well on the leash.

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Robin Field Trip


Rockie is very sweet and well mannered. He knows the sit command. HW:Positive; 5/13; 2 yrs old; 56lbs; intake 5/26; lab mix. o/s - protective of food around child


Romeo came in as a individual surrender. His owner couldn’t care for him anymore. His ears are cropped, making him have the look of meanness. Deep down a big baby. He does these things on command: Sit, Stay, Roll over, Down, No pull( on leash), and paw. This is an extremely smart dog with a lot of potential. I am guessing the best I could see with his teeth on his age. He was not snippy trying to see just a little nervous. When I had the needle to take his test for heart worm he barked playfully. We had a good time doing his intake and playing with him. Made my day to see him know so many commands. 3 yrs old; 74lbs; bully mix; no hw; 6/9

Roxy- Senior Lab

Roxy was brought in today because her owner had to move and her apartment complex says she's too big to be in her apartment. Rocky is 101.4 lbs and is MISERABLE.. She could barely walk up the steps and was constantly panting the whole time in the med room. She is sweet and laid back. She whined whenever I stopped petting her and finally laid down to rest for a few minutes.. She walks well on a leash with a little guidance. She did have to stop for a break whenever we were walking to the med room. Her owner sent her blanket, a couple of harnesses that wouldn't fit her as well as a 50 lb bag of dog food. 101lbs; 8-9 yrs old; hw+; 12/13.

More about me Dec 14: What a fantastic girl!  Our sweet, triple wide lab mix Roxy is the BEST sport!  Clearly her person has let her down in allowing her to grow and grow and grow. She is beyond obese and at over 100lbs,  her true ideal weight might honestly be closer to 50lbs!  It's hard to believe her little short legs can support all that extra poundage but she's giving it her all!  Roxy has lots of positive things going her way to help get her on a path to complete wellness.  First of all,  she is GREAT with everyone....fantastic with a host of dogs she met (male/female, large/small, calm/energetic), Roxy really needed no intro to the dogs she was quickly hanging with off leash.  She nicely followed the dogs around.  In her new pet job, she will need "movement" to help her lose weight and dogs encourage her onward. Roxy is also great with folks of all ages and is easily managed by folks of all ages.  A very slow, steady moving girl,  we had our youth volunteer (4th grade) walking her around with no issue.  Likewise,  Roxy would be perfect with older folks with her calm, polite and low key demeanor.   Her gentle, sweet personality lends itself to humans of all ages wanting to get this girl out and moving!!   We were proud of Roxy giving it her all as we walked all the way to the front field,  wandered around with everyone (humans and dogs alike) and then made her way back to her kennel.  Although she got tired, still she was ready to go and do and was in good spirits to be part of the action.  We really LOVE this pretty lady.

Foster Update March 25: Roxy is a spayed, 8-9 year old female choc lab mix around 100lbs. She is a super sweet and loving girl who just wants a place to snuggle up all day long. She loves company as much as you will love hers and will even cry when you stop petting her! She will be your best friend (and your little spoon in bed) and will give you as many kisses as you will let her! She is fully potty trained and does not need to be crated. Roxy was brought to the shelter because her owner was moving to an apartment where she was over the weight limit 😞. Besides being overweight and needing someone to help her lose a bit, she’s really a low maintenance dog! She loves to go on walks and will only pull if she thinks there is something really good to smell. Roxy is heartworm positive but that can be treated! She can have a meet and greet if you have another dog (she did good during her evaluations). Roxy is the perfect dog for you if you just want to enjoy loving a sweet dog and not have to put in any of the hard work with training! She's easy! She's great! ❤

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Friend Georgia

Friend Georgia

Friend Georgia

Foster- March

Foster- March


lab; 12/7/2021; hw-; 73lbs; 3.5yrs old; Rudolph was brought in by AC and is a sheriff's department case.. We are awaiting a court date. Rudolph is really sweet, He cries when he's not outside or when you're not paying him any attention. He pushed the med room door open trying to get to MRs. Pam when she was standing away from the door. He is NOT cat friendly!!! He did well for his intake and was eager to get back outside.. Rudolph seems to be house/kennel trained. He used the bathroom alot on our way to the med room.

More about me Dec 14: He doesn't have a red nose, but hey we still call him Rudolph!  This big, strapping, handsome hunk is ready to go and do and have some fun!  At 73lbs,  he's no pansy and with his zest for life and his interest in meeting all, expect a brisk pace in walking this great dog!   We had Rudolph out with a myriad of other dogs, male and female, large/small and of a mix of breeds.  He is more of a top dog kind of guy but had no problem mixing in with the group we had.  He was off leash with 4 other dogs and typically he goes and does his own thing, unless he is with sporty, playful Ruger (lab mix) who was insistent that they be best friends and prowl around together!  Rudolph is very affectionate and giving of his love and time to humans. He was oftentimes on his back, legs in the air while yet one more human was scratching his belly.    Rudolph brings a wonderful full of life energy vibe to him no matter where he goes which is most infectious.  It's hard to have a frowny face when this dog is under your care.   Rudolph isn't just a seasonal pet companion...he's looking for a long term, all season pet commitment.  Might it be with you?   Surely, Santa would look favorably upon you if you brought him on home. 

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Friend Ruger

Rufus- Senior

Rufus was surrendered to us today via AC. He is a little shy, I don’t think he has much vision. He has an old hind leg injury that has healed (happened a few years ago) He puts very little weight on it and is uncomfortable sitting on it! Rufus is HW:Positive!!! 5/13; retriever mix; 8 yrs old; 49lbs;

Rusty- safe

Rusty is a super happy dog. He walks well on a leash and loves food. hw+; 6/21; collie mix; 3 yrs old; 57lbs

Ryder- Senior- safe

Ryder came in as an owner surrender today when his owner was moving. He freaked out coming into the gate and had a nervous poop in the med room. He went to the door just wanting to go out back to his owner. He settled down after i sat down with him on the floor. He realized that i was okay and began to give me kisses. I was able to brush him for about 15 minutes which he desperately needed and really enjoyed. He is HW:Negative and walks very well on the leash. He knows the sit command, is very healthy, neutered and house broken. His owner had a cat and Ryder never bothered him. His owner stated that he loves everything especially Denta Stix. I put him in the green building and gave him 2 denta stix. He is STRESSED!! You can hear him crying from the entry gate where the cars are parked. 9 yrs old; shep mix; hw-; 62lbs; male. Reportedly good with other dogs, cats and kids. TA

Sally- Teen

3/15; 5 mos old; hound; stray. 24lbs

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Sierra came in as a stray and sweet as can be. Her intake was the easiest I think I have done yet. She didn’t flinch with heart worm testing which was positive. She sits on command. She takes treats easily out of your hand even though she’s skinny. She weighs 75 lbs and still has ribs showing. She has a small sore on her right front paw and little bit of red eyes. I don’t think anything major just allergies. She walks on the leash well and doesn’t pull you. She was very interested in playing with a puppy we have in the office waggling her tail.. She is just overall a happy and smiling dog literally. HW+; 75lbs; 6/9; boxer mix; 2 yrs old


Smoke was brought in as a stray from AC. He is a little shy but once he came around he kept nudging me when I would walk away. He is HW:Positive and walks well on the leash. I personally think he would do better with another dog. When coming out of the intake he went to 2 kennel doors full butt wiggles and whining. lab mix; 6/21; 3 yrs old; 60lbs

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Smudge was brought in by a community member who had been looking for his owner and keeping him safe. He is nervous and ran from the cats and Patches ( small old lady in the office penthouse kennel) He had to hang out in the med room for several hours today and just napped. He didn’t bother anything or try to get out. His intake was done in no time without any issues. He is HW:Negative walks well on a leash and is so loving with him mini little tail wags.

44 lbs; no age; lab mix; 6/21


5 yrs old; hw-; 38lbs; can't have in current home; 1/13; terrier. Adopted 3/5. Returned 5/7. TA

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Spots and Socks came in together. AC pick up. HW-. ; lab mix; 1.5 yrs old; male; 2/7

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JuneEvent JuneEvent JuneEvent

Update March 28: Come play with me!!  SPOTS is so much fun and so friendly and engaging and talk about playful!  We had a blast with Spots during photo time.  He just makes everyone smile and creates a lively, happy time for all.  Young on paper (1.5yrs old) and also young at heart,  it's hard not to feel loved with Spots by your side.  This silly, spunky guy is loaded with personality and has the best goofy, playful feel about him.  He quickly found a kindred soul in our labby friend Ember and the 2 of them literally ran off into the sunrise the instant they met and then rolled around, wrestled and played with great gusto.  What a joy to see!  Spots continued on his quest for other playmates and found other good friends (male and female) during his photo shoot time.   Spots would be in his element in a more active home where he can have plenty of play and snuggle time.  He's not a high energy dog per say but having "recess" and socialization will certainly allow his family to take the best advantage of his great pet skills.   Ask about Spots today and let the good times roll! 

Rail Trail Event May 14: What a wonderful day it was to take a cute dog like spots on a field trip. Spots is such a good boy, he did good on the walk, car ride, and while we were eating. If your looking for a good family dog spots will be perfect, he did very good with all the other dogs. AND MORE.... Likes car rides, hiking, knows tricks, sunshine, water, snuggling. Excellent leash skills, sweet, handsome, friendly. Encountered dogs.

Update May 22: I like to take Spots out whenever we are out. He is a good tester dog, plus he is young he needs to come out and stretch his legs.


Ok he wins best boy💗💕. I don't know what was wrapped around his mouth to cause the hair loss but he is a trooper. He was very happy receiving attention for intake. He screamed for Wendy and I when we walked past him later in the day. He has what looks like hair loss around his muzzle, but it is not. The white is actually new hair. lab mix; stray; no hw; 36lbs; male; 6/24

Sylvia - Teen- safe

Sylvia came in as a stray. She is a very sweet puppy with a lot of love to give. She is calm and does not jump on you. She does very well around cats. The cat came close to her and she stepped back and let the cat by. Doing her intake she was just calm and relaxed. She’s very curious to as what is going on around her. Sylvia tested negative on her heart worm test. hw-; 5/24; 7 mos old; lab; 43lbs

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New info Mid August: If you’re looking for a reason to SMILE, here’s an update on TABOR! He is doing fantastic in foster. We rearranged our routine just a little bit to accommodate this sweet boy’s needs and man, oh man, is he thriving! He has to be the most clever dog I’ve ever met, and if you meet him, you’ll see too!! I just know he’ll be the best boy in his forever home soon. (I’ll be a mess but this is why we foster and why it’s worth it!).

We’ve had Tabor for 3 months as we helped address some medical needs that are now much better. He gets along great with our dogs and everyone he meets. He’s been going to work with my husband and hangs out with the employees and other dogs there too. He loves going to work and everyone there, of course, loves him. His health is much better now!! He kept a smile on his face even as we worked thru his medical stuff. He is just an all around GREAT dog that just wants to be loved and to love his family. He will need a home where he can be inside with his people, just going out to use the bathroom and play (he can use the doggy door). He follows his people around everywhere in the house (so probably not best for someone elderly or a fall risk). He’s very gentle but will walk right on your heels sometimes. He loves his people. He will need someone who understands his past medical history and will be attentive to ensuring it doesn’t happen again (had a prolapse in the past). Currently, he will need to be on wet food only and have one medicine to take every three months in addition to the monthly flea and heartworm preventative. (He is heartworm positive but it’s not the time to treat them.) He deserves lots of love and understanding as he first settles in. He doesn’t like to be kenneled and loves a home with other dogs. Being kenneled causes too much stress on his body which contributed to his past medical issue. He really doesn’t need a kennel either. We used to separate him in his own room when we would leave the house but a couple weeks into foster, we learned he was fine roaming the house with our other dogs since he would just turn the doorknob and open the door himself anyway lol. He will sleep just fine with a doggie bed out in the open or even in a little nook of the house or even on his favorite chair. He is around 4 years old and is just a GREAT dog. My update may sound like a lot, but he truly is a pretty low maintenance guy with lots of love to give. I just want the best home for him because of everything he’s been through and how wonderful he is. Note: Owner surrender - no time for pet. HW+; 53lbs; 3 yrs old; bull mix; 7/11/2020; male; Treated for HW's summer 2021.

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Teddy was was abandoned by his owners and Reid took him in. Teddy is sweet and seems to have had a pretty rough life prior to being in our care. He is really sweet, a big ball of energy and in wonderful spirits. He has sores on his joints on every leg. Some are deep as if he’s been chewing at them but they are healing up nicely! Teddy is HW: Negative!!! 2/18; 40lbs; ok with dogs and kids; hw-; lab mix

Titan - October Intake- safe

Your next adventure starts with me, Titan!  Imagine having a buddy to explore new trails!  Maybe you wish to make that long awaited road trip.  Take me along!  I'm the kind of guy who loves to sniff out that new and exciting scent and scene.  Super friendly and loaded with plenty of tail wags and smiles,  I love going and doing and making friends.  Folks tell me my coat is as smooth as velvet and they "ooh" and "aahh" over the handsome fawn color of my coat.   Toys don't do much for me but having folks to lean into and love on, really brings me great pleasure.  I'm open to meeting other dogs (I nicely met a male and female) and I think I'd like to play with them, if they would only allow me to!  Graced with a chiseled, more square jaw line and an appetite to explore and go down the path less traveled,  I'd surely love for you to consider me as your new best friend.  Ask for Titan today, won't you?  Note: Titan was brought in today by Mrs. G after Titan showed up to her house. She was going to keep him but quickly realized that her neighbors' big dogs were not okay with him being there. HW-; bully mix; 10/28; 44lbs; stray; 1.5yrs old; TA

Feb 4 Update: This boy is a chunky monkey! He looks GREAT! We tested him with male and female, no problems.

Foster Update March 22:Titan has blended in with his foster fur siblings and obviously is very happy. Look at his smile! He’s housebroken, neutered, crate trained and ready for a family of his own.

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Titan and Bella

Titan and Groot

Friend Penny

Friend Penny

Friend Penny

Foster Time

Foster Time

Foster Time


Stray. Came in with Butch. 2 yrs old; 65lbs; 5/3; HW+; bully mix.

Tyra- New mom 2/19- 6 pups

Tyra was brought in as a stray from darlington near the Racetrack. 1/24; 47lbs; lab mix; HW-; no age.

More about me April 26: Black Velvet Beauty TYRA is much braver than she thinks she is. She arrived as a pregnant stray and birthed here at the shelter 3 weeks later. Can you imagine? This shy, very cautious lady nursed and raised her pups at the shelter. Can you imagine? Today, her pups have been launched and she's taking new steps towards her new life. During photo time, a volunteer commented, "I've never really even seen her pretty face as it was always stuck in the corner of her kennel out of fear." Can you imagine? We had Tyra out for a full 3 hrs during photo time! This brave lady walked all the way out to our front play area and spent most of her time slowly exploring around and also darting around. All the dogs were interested in meeting her and she nicely obliged all of them. She was at her best in fact near other dogs. She was initially very "stiff" as we touched her...never bity or aggressive...but after 3 hrs in our presence, she started to warm up to us and became more soft in her ways. She's a work in progress but it's clear she's willing to try and put in the time and effort to be at her best. We are proud of her and soon, be on the lookout for a follow up report on our Black Velvet. Her name is Tyra.

More about me May 3: TYRA are you just starting to soften a wee, wee bit to us humans?? LOL. Oh, if only dogs could speak their minds! It was Tyra's turn to join us again for a full 3 hrs of photo time and she's made a little progress from last week. She was slightly more engaging with the other dogs and while still very darty around humans, the intensity has lessened and she's not as much in panic mode. She really does seem to enjoy the company of other dogs as she quietly seeks to check them out and perhaps relaxes near them. It's still baby steps for our pretty Black Velvet girl, but we're here to help her every step of the way.

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Friend Honey Bear

Friend Honey Bear

Friend Honey Bear

Friend Honey Bear

Friend Denzel & Oakley

Misc Friends

Misc Friends

Velma- Teen

These sweet girls were brought in together as strays. They are sweet and slightly submissive. They don’t care for the leash.. Both are HW: Negative and do so much better together. Their intakes were a breeze to do and they were a little standoffish at first but quickly began to play and wag their tails. I think it was the leash because when you approach their kennels they are so happy and greet you with wiggle butts. hw- hound; 10 mos old; 50lbs; 6/15. Came in w/ Violet.

Videos: FriendBill FriendSylvia FriendSylvia

Violet- Teen

These sweet girls were brought in together as strays. They are sweet and slightly submissive. They don’t care for the leash.. Both are HW: Negative and do so much better together. Their intakes were a breeze to do and they were a little standoffish at first but quickly began to play and wag their tails. I think it was the leash because when you approach their kennels they are so happy and greet you with wiggle butts. hw-; shep mix; 10 mos old; 53lbs; 6/15. Came in with Velma

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Zeus is the BEST boy. He loves to play. He is a big ball of energy and a gentleman at the same time. He did SOO good for his intake. He is READY TO GO. He’s HW:Negative, microchipped, neutered, and an all around good boy. He walks well on the leash and loves to give hugs. He gives gentle hugs. He took treats very easy from my hand in the med room. He wiggles his whole body when he wags his tail from excitement. He knows the sit command and is very very well behaved. I could literally go on and on about how good of a boy he is!! He literally awesome from all aspects!!! Family no longer wants him. 5/19; hw-; 55lbs; lab; 1-2 yrs old;

More about me June 27: Zeus…I had the pleasure of meeting Zeus yesterday for his photo session and time in the exercise yard. He is very sweet and was so appreciative to get out of his run. I thought he would be wiggily for his pics but he posed like a champ! We went to play and he entertained himself with a toy, tossing it around and would ten come back for hugs and pets. He is very loving and won me over right away!

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Wyatt - Oh, so handsome in my new tie!

Chasing dragon flies in a field on a warm sunny day, Wyatt wouldn't have it any other way. Sweet as can be, and a gentleman to his furry roommates. He's developed a small crush on his roommate Cleopatra. They romped and rolled in the oasis today, taking advantage of the bright sunshine. Wyatt adores children, and loves going out to adoption events to meet new people. Wyatt gets along well with everyone he meets. Wyatt is a real catch! hw-; male; 5/2014; 2-3 yrs old. Note: Shown with Cleopatra (black dog).

More about me Sept 2017: Sweet Wyatt … I would so love to give him better than what I have for him right now. He is a great dog, but he is strong and full of energy. There is no denying he is a pit with his big head and jaw, but to me it only makes him look like he’s smiling all the time. He is a gorgeous boy and I love him. In his play he means me no harm, but he often scratches or bruises me just from his sheer strength and eagerness to play. He has had more than 15 female kennel mates since we’ve had him and never a moment of problem. He plays hard, but there is no aggression … just the joy of a teenage boy. He gets overwhelmed with my crowd of dogs and is why I keep him in his kennel. He does great one on one. He gets free time 2 to 3 times a day to run. He has food allergies and a grain free diet is best for him. I have had him around children before and he did well. He doesn’t know his strength, so I had to watch him closely with them but he loved all the attention. He does great and minds me well on the leash. I know the odds of getting him out with so many wonderful pits at the shelter are slim.

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