Pets in Need (n-z)


Nester was brought in as a stray. He is very sweet and did great for his intake!!! He is very calm and well mannered.  beagle mix; 37lbs; 2-3 yrs old; 3/23; HW+

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HW-; 38lbs; 3/14; posted 5/16; 38lbs; GSD mix; no age; 5/16 update: Young handsome Nic impressed me today with his nice manners. Many young males may greet with a jump or bounce but this sweet boy just wiggled his way over for some gentle hugs and pets. He did the same when he met a mature female dog.  He walked up, nicely checked her out, and waited to see if she wanted to play, or just hang out and sniff. He found she wanted to just wander and sniff, and he respected that, and enjoyed having a friend. Nic came in with some injuries that have healed up nicely, with some tender loving care from the Bridge staff.  He is a very friendly soul, waiting to start his new life with a loving friend or family. Who needs a Nic to brighten up their day?

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Niles was brought in as a stray from Lide Springs Rd. He is very sweet, likes kids and other dogs. He is so calm and walks well on a leash. He didm’t have any reaction to a dog he crossed paths with coming from his kennel. Niles is HW:Negative.  lab mix; 34lbs; 2 yrs old; 2/23

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Niya came in as a stray. She is bouncy and playful. She is great on a leash also loves being held. And is heart worm negative.  beagle/lab mix; hw-; 3/15; 1 yr old; 26lbs.  Re-aged at 7-8 mos 4/5/23

More about me March 28: Ready to get the party started!!  Our bouncy, compact cutie pie NIYA is fun central.  Niya has so much bubbly, silliness to her that you will assume she's still just a pup, but she's an adult acting like a pup!!   Super playful, goofy and wanting to run and play with other dogs, she's just as apt to to self entertain by carrying her leash around in her mouth.   She might even try her hand at another dog's leash (and lead them around) if given a chance!    Niya could use a little guidance as she is a bit jumpy and nibbly.   It's all in good faith and she's small, so it's not a big deal but something most "puppies" typically can use some guidance on.   Niya loves being the center of attention, getting belly scratches and sharing her time with humans and other doggies.  Niya is an adorable, appealing lady who can't wait to share her love with you!!  Check out this great mini cheerleader of a dog today. You'll be glad you did.

May 29 Foster Update: “She has learned to “sit”for treats and food, she is still working on the “stay” part. We are working on “give”. We have been using this when we throw her bone or Kong and she brings it back to us. Niya is working very hard on walking on a lead. She pulls and sometimes wants to play with her lead.  Niya is house trained and she is doing good with crate training although she’d she much rather be out with people. Niya gets along with our larger dog. They love to play.” 

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Friend Mia

Nola - $200 sponsored pull fees

O/S- can no longer take care of.  Nola was surrendered with her brother Biscuit. She is very sweet and loves to cuddle. She is HW negative. 1 yr old; 47lbs; bully mix; 12/3/22; TA

More about me Jan 5: Nola is beautiful. Really stunning.  I immediately liked her super friendly feel and wiggly hips!  She was not initially on my list to take out for photos today but she caught my eye and the rest is history.  Nola's happy spot during eval and photo time was definitely near her new human friends.  She will make a bee line to humans coming her way and she's ready to give you a very warm welcome.  She is very much into draping herself in your lap and softly cleaning your face.   Very affectionate and loving,  it's easy to ask for a second helping on this pretty lady.  We tested her with a variety of dogs and in general she was not very welcoming to them.  She is dominant and is quick to let others know that.  She did however find a semi friend in 4 month old Tennessee pup who was not going to challenge her on any level and just wanted to softly say "Hi" while striking very submissive poses.   Curiously,  Nola came in with a male dog (now adopted) so we are hopeful perhaps she might still be open to broadening her horizon to include more dogs.  Even if she does not, again she's such a good natured, doting girl that YOU would be the lucky one to have her by your side...and in your lap...and cleaning your face! 

More about me April 11: Our paths keep coming back to lovely lady NOLA and for good reason.  We ALL love her and just know her perfect new family is out there.   Nola has been with us for some time now but her spirit and zest for life remains in tact.   She's ready to fulfill new pet duties and is hoping you'll hone in on her.  Nola is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.  And talk about loving.  She loves, loves her humans and will happily trot over when called and reward you with a soft hug and kiss and a deep gaze into your eyes. This lady just wants love and someone to love on her.    Graced with a happy, playful feel,  she is poetry in motion as she glides along our grassy play yard pleased that she can stretch her legs and get some sun on her shoulders.    Nola did well in her doggy meet and greets.  She is still not perfect..but who is?  We found that she preferred the company of males (she will nicely walk with females but does not desire any direct contact with them) and to that end we had her off leash with a couple male dogs.  She is still a bit awkward in general in meeting dogs as if she is not sure what the expectation is of her in meeting other dogs.   She is calm and polite in meeting other dogs and will tend to ignore them once she has given them a full body inspection.   Our best guess is that she likely would be most content in a home with no other pets but only she can tell us for sure.   What we do know however is that Nola is a friendly, noble girl who has been patiently waiting for YOU to say, "Please come home with me." 

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Friend Tennessee

Friend Tennessee

Nova- Pregnant

Nova was brought in by HPD as a stray.  She did amazing for her intake, super sweet and walked great on a leash. bully mix; stray; hw-; 2 yrs old; 5/11; 47lbs


58lbs; lab; 1/27; HW-;  Found as a stray; posted 5/23. He is a quiet dog who never causes any problems. He loves to run and looks forward to getting out of his kennel every chance that he gets.

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Obsidian- Pup 

Obsidian was brought in with Daffodil, from the same location. He is about 8 weeks old and thinks he is as big as Daffodil, and wants to do everything she does. He is very sweet. 8lbs; lab mix; 5/15

Orla- 9 New babies May 2! $200 in rescue pull fees

Orla was brought in as a stray by animal control. Orla is an Irish name meaning golden princess. She seems house trained since she rarely goes potty in her kennel. She is very gentle, sweet and walks well on a leash.  lab; 3/8; hw-; 55lbs; 2 yrs old

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                 May 1 pic

May 2!

May 8

P x 3 - Pups

These pups were brought in with their mom (Honey 0606) as strays. The owner was posting on Facebook trying to find them, but because of personal reasons, is no longer able to reclaim them or Honey. These pups are playful and sweet, but if they are separated they are very scared.  3/30; 19lbs

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Petunia- 23lbs- safe

Purity- 19lbs

Pedro- 17lbs


Pedro- May 15 pics



Pear came in with Peach. They both were found in the same location and brought in by the same person. She is very sweet as well and is also heart worm pos.  8 yrs old; beagle; 20lbs; 4/15

More about me April 18: You'll not find a more loving nor sweet pair of beagles than PEAR and sibling PEACH.   These super delightful seniors are honestly just the nicest and most snuggly girls around.   Smaller beagles by weight (about 20lbs each) and more delicately framed,   they are affectionate, loving and so easy to handle.  They would be delighted to have older folks to care for and likewise kids to care for.    When you sit down,  you can count on this pair to mozey on over, get comfy and share some wet nose kisses with you.   Never meeting a stranger, they need absolutely no intro to other dogs and were immediately terrific off leash with a true mish mash of other dogs...big and small, male and female, young and more middle aged.   When you meet,  you'll surely think, "What peaceful, gentle natured beings."  You just can't go wrong with these girls to make you smile and feel loved each and every day.  Come and get 'em and YOU will be the lucky one, my friend!! 

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Friend Peach


Phantom was brought in by Hartsville Fire Department. He was nervous at first but is pretty friendly now. He walks very well on a leash and is HW positive.  1/17; HW+;  stray; 54lbs; lab mix; 2 yrs old

Mini Update March 13: Phantom played nicely off leash with Croc and met sweet little Mollie in playgroups.  Very handsome boy, sweet and attentive to volunteers, he says hi before going back to his dog friends.

More about me March 14: "Make sure I am part of the group," our waggy tailed friend PHANTOM shared with us during photo time.   Phantom is such an appealing fella with his shiny, sleek coat, broad grin and steady waggy tail.  Phantom fit right into the group of dogs we had out for photo time and could not have been more happy nor content to meet other dogs and also hang out with his new human friends.   Phantom really enjoyed running and interacting with other dogs (M + F) and if not engaging with doggies, you didn't have to look far to find him schmoozing with humans.  A good size lab at 54lbs,  we can easily see Mr Handsome setting up shop caring for slightly older/more sturdy kids and adding in some doggy friends to the mix, would surely be icing on the cake.  If you are a lab lover and or you enjoy happy, playful, pleasant natured doggies,  we encourage you to please check out Phantom.  What a great side kick companion pet he'll make for the lucky person and or family unit.  

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Phineas Pup

Phineas was brought in as a surrender. I am not sure if he was a stray they found or if he was their dog. He is very sweet and playful and loves getting kisses on his head. bully mix;  10lbs; 10wks old; 5/1


lab mix; 50lbs; no age; no history; HW+; 2/2. Note from finder: Phoenix lived on a chain since 6 weeks old, neglected. Got off chain and after a month nobody claimed so I got her. Got along with all of the dogs at my house. Loves water and loves to play. Needs an active family who understands the needs of a young lab.  Extra note: Anakin was taken in by a community member with his friend Phoenix.  They both love other dogs and played well with the dogs at their rescuer's home.  Being young active breeds, they need a home with a fenced yard and an active family.  They readily meet any new person with hugs and kisses. 

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Friend Anakin


This dog was brought in as a stray by animal control. We have been unable to get to him for intake until now. He is very scared and nips at us. The way he is doing it is very slowly like he doesn't actually want to hurt us, just keep us from touching him. If we had more time to work with him, I'm sure we could have made his intake experience a bit less traumatic. He does not work well on a leash and is HW negative. lab/border collie mix; 4/18; posted 5/11; 28lbs; 1 yr old

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This girl was brought in as a stray by animal control. animal control has been to the residence prior to today for her dogs roaming free. She seems to have had several litters of puppies. She has a scar around her neck and front legs like she was tied to something that cut into her skin. She is very sweet and friendly and walks well on a leash.  lab mix; 46lbs (very thin); HW+; 2 yrs old; 3/27

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Pogo was brought in as a stray with an injured leg. He does still have an open wound on his hind leg. Pogo is very sweet and loves a blanket!! He is HW:positive.  bully mix; HW+; 5/10; 2 yrs old; 40lbs

Prince Charms A Lot- Pup

Prince charms A lot was brought in with Cinder Ella from Wellington Farm Rd.  He is all lab. He loves playing and doesn’t meet a stranger. He is confident! Today his sibling was adopted. He loves things that squeak. He is currently in a crate in the intake floor:(  Prince Charms A lot is int he red shirt!!! 

Professor Waggles Worth- Pup

Professor waggles worth got his name because his tail never stops. He wiggles his whole butt most of the time. It took us about 3862619 tries to get a decent picture that wasn’t so blurry and didn’t look like the speed of light lol. He is Hw:Negative, walks well on a leash and didn’t have any reaction to the dogs in crates on the porch. He arrived as a stray from High Hill Rd. He is very handsome and happy all of the time! Look at that smile below!  8 mos old; terrier mix; 5/18; hw-; 29lbs

Q x 2 Pups

Qx2 came in through animal control , they were brought from Hartsville. They are both very sweet and energetic. They loved exploring the med room while leaving me kind presents on the floor. 5/17; 12 wks old; 20lbs; females; labX



Queen Elizabeth- Puppy

Queen Elizabark was brought in as stray today from Sunshine Ranch Rd. She has been quiet and very loving. She ate well and loved her summer dress for pictures. She is currently in a crate in the office.  lab; 5.5lbs; 5/22; 6 wks old;


Sweet, happy faced girl Quinn is adorable!  We could not get enough of her perky, bouncy, bouncy ears as she scooted around during photo time introducing herself to all!  This mid-sized lady sporting a more athletic frame and gorgeous golden coat is friendly, playful and ready to have a good time.  With plenty of kisses, waggy tail and happy smiles to go around,  she's a great match for slightly older kids and a family in need of a doggy who is up for adventures and being an active part of the family unit.   As you are walking Quinn around your neighborhood,  she's sure to be a hit and will attract a lot of attention so be prepared to take second stage with this pretty girl on the end of your leash.  Please ask for her today.  Note: Came in with Mozzarella 8/22/22;  2 yrs old; 40lbs; bully mix; Treated for hw's. 

Foster Update April 29: Hey everyone! My name is Quinn and I would love to find my forever home. I love to play outside with toys and run around. I am very energetic but melt into you when you pet me. I am a very sweet girl who is about 2 years old and spayed.

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FriendHennessey FriendHennessey

R x 3- Pups

They were brought in as strays by animal control. They are timid and submissive, but I can tell they will be playful when given the opportunity.  lab mix; 15lbs; 9- 10 wks old; 4/11. 



Russell- safe


Rebecca is a very sweet but shy girl, she was nervous but did well for her intake.  terrier; 1 yr old; 30lbs; 5/11; HW-; stray 


Remus was an owner surrender. He was adopted from us last year, his original name was Briar. He is friendly and playful and walks well on a leash. He is HW negative. boxer mix;  67lbs; 1 yr old; ok with cats per owner. 1/26

More about me Feb 15: I'm a big guy with a big heart and plenty of love and athleticism to share!  Pushing 70lbs,  there is a lot of lovable me to go around.  I'm tall in stature and loaded with plenty of happy, playful, silly, goofy energy.   I was really pleased to get invited for my glam shots and I feel I did really well.   I was a natural at posing for the camera and even ran and chased after a few balls.  I loved the human attention and exercise I was able to get in during my special field outing.   I was super excited about meeting other dogs and I feel the key for me and also the other dog is to give us all space at first so my excitement does not overwhelm the other dog.   After I had met a few dogs, I knew I was doing better and being more respectful of the other dog's space and I could see the dogs likewise feeling comfortable and willing to meet me and hang with me. I know I frightened one  doggy (and I am sorry) but my enthusiasm to meet her got the best of me.   Likely, more submissive dogs in general will be a better match for me and or I am ok in being a single doggy in my new home.  My former person also shared with the shelter folks that I am ok with cats.   My name is REMUS and I do hope you'll consider me for the role of your new best friend.   Things are fun and exciting in my world and gosh, I'd be honored to share it with you.   Wet nose to you!  REMUS

More about me April 25: What a stately, regal, tall, leggy guy.  REMUS is THAT dog folks will turn around for to get an extra glimpse of!  We enjoyed having Remus out for another play group and it was clear that he found his niche playing with Vixen, Luke Skywalker and Honey, but especially Honey.  Remus is a bit more dominant and he's confident so not every dog will like him but still there are perfect playmates for our biggie guy.  Seeing him on his back rolling around and actively wrestling with Honey was so much fun for him and also us!  Remus is an easy enough to manage guy but be prepared for a random mini hug from him which might mean he soars to be as tall as you!  Friendly, social and affectionate,  Remus would love to be someone's sidekick and no doubt, the tales you could tell with him by your side.  This a great guy folks- Please come and see for yourself.

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Friend Odessa

Event Time!

Friend Vixen

Foster Time!

Foster Time!


He is 5 years old & having an incredibly hard time adjusting at the shelter. He is very overwhelmed and would love to be back into a home ASAP. Rocky is UTD of all vaccines. Until Rocky is observed in a home setting I do not recommend a home with small children because he gets startles so easy. bully mix; hw-; 5 yrs old; 55yrs; 5/22


Romeo was brought in as a stray by animal control with his running partner, Juliette. He is still too skinny to vaccinate. We estimated that he is at least 6 Years old. He walked okay on a leash and let us pet him. His eyes always seem to have a greenish goop in them and he won't really let me clean them. He is HW positive.  2/27; 80lbs (very thin); shep mix; 

Rosa Bark- Pup

Rosa barks was brought in as a stray from Darlington. She HAS a family. She knows sit and paw. She Barks a lot just to hear herself lol. She did very well for her intake and loved every second of playing with us she could get. 20wks old; 16lbs; 5/25; lab mix


O/S- moving; 2 yrs old; 7/28/22; reportedly good with kids and other dogs; HW-;  Previously lived inside with a chihuahua.  No cats for her please. 

Update Sept 6: Judy (Ruby-prior name)- Judy came prancing out of that dog run, happy as can be to get out for a walk.  She had some play time to herself for a few minutes and was delighted to find a squeaky ball that everyone in the area knew about very quickly.  She loved marching around to the rhythm of the squeak. Judy met male and female dogs very politely but was not really interested in running around with them. In her prior home she had a chihuahua sibling so this meet and greet was not new for her. She has a nice energy level and mostly enjoyed the people and attention from them, and she really loved the toys! I’m sure that is one of many things she has missed from being in a home. Judy is anxious to find her new family and into getting those regular snuggles and pets again. Please give this girl a good look!

Youth Volunteer update Oct 22: She's a 4 year old playful girl, who's always eager to play with some new toys. She reacts well to other dogs and is open to meeting new people after she's been introduced. She's curious about her surroundings and ready to explore.

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Rudolph- Intake Nov 2021

lab; 12/7/2021; hw-; 73lbs; 3.5yrs old; Rudolph was brought in by AC and is a sheriff's department  case.. We are awaiting a court date. Rudolph is really sweet, He cries when he's not outside or when you're not paying him any attention. He pushed the med room door open trying to get to MRs. Pam when she was standing away from the door. He is NOT cat friendly!!! He did well for his intake and was eager to get back outside.. Rudolph seems to be house/kennel trained. He used the bathroom alot on our way to the med room. 

More about me Dec 14: He doesn't have a red nose, but hey we still call him Rudolph!  This big, strapping, handsome hunk is ready to go and do and have some fun!  At 73lbs,  he's no pansy and with his zest for life and his interest in meeting all, expect a brisk pace in walking this great dog!   We had Rudolph out with a myriad of other dogs, male and female, large/small and of a mix of breeds.  He is more of a top dog kind of guy but had no problem mixing in with the group we had.  He was off leash with 4 other dogs and typically he goes and does his own thing, unless he is with sporty, playful Ruger (lab mix) who was insistent that they be best friends and prowl around together!  Rudolph is very affectionate and giving of his love and time to humans. He was oftentimes on his back, legs in the air while yet one more human was scratching his belly.    Rudolph brings a wonderful full of life energy vibe to him no matter where he goes which is most infectious.  It's hard to have a frowny face when this dog is under your care.   Rudolph isn't just a seasonal pet companion...he's looking for a long term, all season pet commitment.  Might it be with you?   Surely, Santa would look favorably upon you if you brought him on home. 

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DoggyFriends FriendRuger FriendRuger FriendRuger DoggyFriends DoggyFriends

Friend Ruger

Sakura- Pup

Sakura was found as a stray by a community member. Her name in Japanese means cherry blossom. She arrived very lethargic and  we tested for parvo right away. She was positive but doing better.  3/14; lab mix; 10wks old; 13lbs. New pics 5/1!


No intake info.  Posted 4/18/23


Shamrock was brought in as a stray by animal control. He is so sweet and friendly. He loves to dance and takes treats very gently. He walks well on a leash and is HW positive. lab mix; 3/2; 57lbs; 2 yrs old

Videos: FriendLuther FriendLuther

Shauna- Senior 

Shauna arrived at the animal shelter as a stray with her daughter. She is a sweet older gal who needs a home that is willing to let her live out her days.  Our friend has been to the vet and has been deemed a hospice case.  We are open to a foster or adopter. She deserves more than she has right now.  10 yrs old; cherry eye; HW+; 23lbs; 1/11

Videos:  HumanFriend


Smiley was brought in as a stray from Lamar. He got his name because he is so happy and always smiling. Smiley is HW:Positive and walks well on a leash. He did get a bath today and did great for that. His intake was a breeze and he is very laid back!  hw+; bully mix; 2-3 yrs old; 59lbs; 2/17

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Friend Dixie

Event Time!


Smoke was an owner surrender (kept getting out). Smoke is a VERY happy boy. He walks funny and sometimes wobbles over. Seen by vet wiating for diagnosis.  He does walk well on a. Leash and does not seem to be in pain.. 2/27; 1 yr old; 55lbs; bully mix; HW+

Videos: FriendAnchovy  HumanFriend HumanFriends DoggyFriends DoggyFriends DoggyFriends



Sonic was brought in as a stray by a community member with another dog named Wally. He is friendly but a little serious in his demeanor. He walks well on a leash and is HW positive. bully mix; HW+; 1/29; 52lbs; 2 yrs old

More about me March 14: SONIC was one of two dogs who won the coveted title of "Goofiest Dog During Photo Time."   Sonic is a real head turning guy with his tall bat ears, handsome brindle coat and his strut of confidence.  He was thrilled to exit his kennel area to show us what he is made of and boy,  he did not disappoint.  Testing well with both male and female dogs,  he enjoys being a bit in the role of top dog and by far, his new favorite friend during evaluations was Thatcher!  With the two of them dressed for success in bandanas, it took only a few minutes and silly guy Sonic had disrobed Thatcher and then the two of them were off and running in a game "See if you can get your bandana back!"  This pair had THE best time running in circles, colliding into each other and accepting each other for whom they were.  Talk about making us smile!   A curious, playful, smart and alert dog,  Sonic enjoyed getting pets from his humans and being out and about and a part of the activity.  This handsome hunk will happily push you to explore and discover that road less traveled and then revel in his time near you at the end of the day.  To get in on some great doggy fun,  please ask for Sonic today. 

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Spunky was brought in as a stray from Lamar with her Puppy. Sadly we lost him Friday. Spunky is scared but is coming around. We moved her today to a kennel that she can’t hide in her igloo 24/7. She is sad about loosing her baby and could really use a foster and some TLC. She will be getting medicated baths weekly for her hair loss and she is HW:Positive. shep mix; 1-2 yrs old; 5/11;  32lbs


Star is a very very happy girl. She loves toys and playing with humans. She is VERY light positive for HW: She walks well on a leash and loved being out of her kennel today for intake. Star would make a great companion for an active family.  lab mix; 1.5yrs old; stray; 32lbs; 5/22


Family moving. 4/22; Born Jan 2022; 35lbs; cattle dog. Stella was surrendered with 3 shepherds (Lucia, Landry and Lilah) . She is very shy but sweet and finally starting to warm up to us. She walks okay on a leash and is HW negative.

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New info Mid August 2022:  If you’re looking for a reason to SMILE, here’s an update on TABOR! He is doing fantastic in foster. We rearranged our routine just a little bit to accommodate this sweet boy’s needs and man, oh man, is he thriving! He has to be the most clever dog I’ve ever met, and if you meet him, you’ll see too!! I just know he’ll be the best boy in his forever home soon. (I’ll be a mess but this is why we foster and why it’s worth it!).

We’ve had Tabor for 3 months as we helped address some medical needs that are now much better. He gets along great with our dogs and everyone he meets. He’s been going to work with my husband and hangs out with the employees and other dogs there too. He loves going to work and everyone there, of course, loves him. His health is much better now!! He kept a smile on his face even as we worked thru his medical stuff. He is just an all around GREAT dog that just wants to be loved and to love his family. He will need a home where he can be inside with his people, just going out to use the bathroom and play (he can use the doggy door). He follows his people around everywhere in the house (so probably not best for someone elderly or a fall risk). He’s very gentle but will walk right on your heels sometimes. He loves his people. He will need someone who understands his past medical history and will be attentive to ensuring it doesn’t happen again (had a prolapse in the past). Currently, he will need to be on wet food only and have one medicine to take every three months in addition to the monthly flea and heartworm preventative. (He is heartworm positive but it’s not the time to treat them.) He deserves lots of love and understanding as he first settles in. He doesn’t like to be kenneled and loves a home with other dogs. Being kenneled causes too much stress on his body which contributed to his past medical issue. He really doesn’t need a kennel either. We used to separate him in his own room when we would leave the house but a couple weeks into foster, we learned he was fine roaming the house with our other dogs since he would just turn the doorknob and open the door himself anyway lol. He will sleep just fine with a doggie bed out in the open or even in a little nook of the house or even on his favorite chair. He is around 4 years old and is just a GREAT dog. My update may sound like a lot, but he truly is a pretty low maintenance guy with lots of love to give. I just want the best home for him because of everything he’s been through and how wonderful he is.  Note: Owner surrender - no time for pet. HW+; 53lbs; 3 yrs old; bull mix; 7/11/2020; male; Treated for HW's summer 2021.

More about me July 22, 2022:  We’re looking for someone that can foster Tabor while his furever home is found! He needs supervision when around our cats and with our schedule and the traveling we’ve been doing, it’s been really tricky to do that. He gets along well with all of the other dogs in our home those that visit and is very loving on his people. Seriously, he loves people, oh and food!! He’s also great in the car and knows how to use the doggie door.  Tabor is a great boy and will be your best friend. He’s goofy and sensitive. He just wants to be around you where he feels safest. He’s even learned to open the door and baby gate to be with you if you’re on the other side! We just have to look at him and say “I don’t think so.” and he turns around and goes back! 🤣 He has learned a lot commands very quickly and when you meet him, you’ll see why he’s so loved by so many of us!! He is now able to have 1.5 cups of Purina One dry food with a half can of Purina One wet food 2x a day!! No more wet food only for Tabor!

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Sept Event

Teagan- $400 sponsorship for hw: $200 for pull fees   9new pups 4/1!

More about me March14: Who's the prettiest, sweetest momma dog?  If you answered TEAGAN, then you are correct!  Teagan is a delightful, polite, calm lady who slowly goes about her business.   A great leash walker,  she proudly exited our busy kennel yard and joined us for a couple hours of fun in the sun and also meeting other dogs.  She was consistently good at meeting other canines and did a good job in following us around in the play yard and or stretching out flat and soaking up some sun.  Teagan is a peaceful lady and does not want any trouble.  She is kind and doting and we can't wait to see how wonderful a mom she will be to her pups!!  HW+; stray; 3/2; bully mix; 50lbs;  1 yr old

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May 11 Pics


Thatcher was brought in as a stray from Hartsville. He did so well for his intake, walks well on a leash and seems to be well rounded and adapts to his surroundings. He’s a happy wiggle butt so it was difficult to get a decent picture of him. He is HW:Positive.  lab mix; 46lbs; 2-3 yrs old; 2/28

More about me March 14: No introduction necessary!  Our fun loving friend THATCHER is such a good sport and he truly loves all.  Seamlessly meeting male and female dogs, after one good "whiff," he's ready to run shoulder to shoulder with new 4 legged friends to have some silly fun in the sun.   Just a couple of years old,  this lab mix would be ideally suited in caring for slightly older kids and if you have dogs at home who need a playmate,  Thatcher is the guy to fill that role.  A pretty easy to manage and well mannered doggy,  it's clear in his former life,  his human guided him to some very appealing pet qualities.   Very friendly, loving and doting,  Thatcher truly brings out the best in everyone he meets.  Graced with a playful, carefree, well balanced disposition, it's hard not to smile when you meet Thatcher as you'll know you've met your new, companion pet friend.  Please check him out today. 

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Friend April

Friends April and Andy


stray; bully mix; 2 yrs old; 1/23; HW+; 60lbs. He was a little nervous upon arriving but did fine for his intake. He warmed right up to us. 

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Tigger was brought in as a stray by a community member. He is friendly and loves to jump. He walks well on a leash and is HW positive.  german shepard; 74lbs; HW+; 2/26; stray; 3 yrs old; TA

Titus (aka Ollie)

Titus came in as an owner surrender.  House burned, family renting.  Can't keep.  Have had him since he was 2 mos old.  Reportedly good with other dogs and cats. He is somewhat nervous at first but is so sweet when he gets used to you. He walks well on a leash.  HW-; 70lbs; 2 yrs old; lab mix; 2/11. Already altered. 

Update May 25: Ollie is still waiting for you to choose him! He lost his home due to a house fire. He deserves a soft place to crash.  He arrived to us up-to-date on vaccines and already neutered. He was clearly loved. He walks good on leash and his family said he is good with dogs, cats, and sturdy aged kids (based on his size). He is around 1.5 years old, 70lbs, and heartworm negative.

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Toad was brought in today for intake. He went back with the finder who is fostering 2 of the W puppies. Toad is the name the foster gave him and he responds too. He is HW:Negative and did really well for his intake considering he was really nervous. I did give him a MC today. I would consider him a flight Risk.  lab mix; hw-; 5/22; 1 yr old; 53lbs


Tootsie was brought in as a stray through animal control. She is super friendly and gentle. She was very patient with me throughout her intake process. She walks okay on leash and is heartworm negative. hound; 5/9; 36lbs; stray; 1.5yrs old

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V x 2 Pups

These pups were brought in as strays by animal control. They are scared but sweet and will let us pick them up and hold them.  lab mix; 4/26; 13lbs; 8wks old



W x 8- pups

These cute, healthy 8.5 wk old puppies are part of a litter of 11. Their mom was a stray the owner took in and quickly found out she was pregnant. Their landlord let them keep the litter with mom until they were weaned. They found homes for 3 of the litter. They had to bring the rest of the puppies to us or they would lose their rental home.   The puppies are happy and love attention.  There is only one male in the 8. We missed getting a picture of Wren 0665.  I will get a picture as soon as possible. 4/8;  5-8lbs each; bully mix






Watson- male



Waffle was brought in as a stray by animal control. He is so sweet and friendly towards everyone. He walks well on a leash and is HW positive. bully mix; 1/12; 56lbs; 1.5yrs old. TA

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Friend Rogue

Foster Time!

Walker- $100 for HW money

Goofy, friendly hound guy. He likes to have other dogs around him and will be a leader, but he isn't an aggressive or dominant male. He loves Trapper and Azalea and is more independent than either of them. Beautiful hound! Rides great in a car and doesn’t seem to care about cats. Loves to spend time outside just relaxing in the sun. Enjoys playing and hanging out with other dogs and kids. Easy going, great personality, good with everyone he meets. Well behaved in the home. Loves to nap on the couch. Housebroken. Never barks.  HW+; 12/4/22; 40lbs; 2 yrs old; no history.

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Foster Friend


Wilder was brought in as a stray by animal control. He is cautious but sweet and was a very good boy for his intake. He walks okay on a leash and is HW positive. bully mix; 3/27; 50lbs; 2 yrs old

Notes from his temp foster: Just to let you know he is very friendly and house broken. Great with other dogs. The kids called him Jack and he was picked up by the dog catcher today. I really wanted to keep him but I own 5 now. I miss him already. He is great with kids. My grands live with me and both of them have ADHD and are very hyper. He just fit right in even sleep with my husband and our lab and 2 Chihuahua. We hope he gets a good home. 

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Friend Honey

Willow- Pup

TWillow was brought in as a stray from Tony James Rd in Hartsville. She was happy and playful upon arriving.  5/30; 4 mos old; 14lbs; shep mix