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Norman is a shy dog but didn’t mind getting pets and he handled intake well. He was a stray found near Nucor that had been posted on Facebook. 1/6; stray; lab; no hw; 2-3 yrs old; 41lbs

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Oliver was brought in by AC as a sheriff dept. case. Abandoned. During intake Oliver was energetic and loves to be all on you with cuddles. HW+; bully mix; 5 yrs old; 58lbs; 9/2

More about me October 19:Looking for a playmate and a soul mate! Oliver is just the best. This friendly, interactive, brawny boy loves to have a good time and adding humans and or other doggies to the mix is just icing on the cake for this fun guy! We had him running and playing off leash with 3 other dogs and it was pure nirvana for him…and his new 4 legged friends. Oliver is not one to sit on the sidelines and happily and easily welcomed humans and new dogs to his world. Oliver has some heft and umph to him and would benefit from daily exercise/outings so having a more active like minded family to help keep him at his best would be an excellent match. He loves kids but due to his size/energy level, little kids would accidentally being knocked over by this lover as he dives in to steal a smooch and settling into a friendly human lap. Oliver was abandoned and brought in as part of a cruelty case. This fantastic dog has endured a lot but you would never know it in meeting him. Oliver deserves the best and is hands down a staff and volunteer favorite!

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Oliver and Beauty

Oliver and Friends


Olympus was picked up at a gas station and brought to the shelter. 11/11; HW+; 61lbs; bully; 2 yrs old

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Freind Georgia


1 yr old; 27lbs; lab; hw-; At vet 9/10/21- front leg damaged; prior break in leg.

Foster update Dec 30: Pawley is a big goof ball. He loves life and everyone. He especially loves food! He gets along with all my 5 dogs and would love to play with my cats however they want no part. He has healed nicely however will always have a slight limp -makes him unique and he is. He would love a family.

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Pearl was brought in as a surrender. The owner said that Pearl and her other older female dog kept getting into fights. She stated that Pearl was fine with any other dog other than that one female and was fine with that female until she enters the room. She has only had Pearl for about 4 months but the person that had her prior had her for a little over 2 years. Pearl was eager to get back outside and actually tried to run whenever Luna barked at her going to her kennel. She does have a bobbed tail! no hw; 1/11; 3 yrs old; 84 lbs; GSD. TA

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Pebbles was an owner surrender. Pebbles is very overwhelmed today.. She spent about an hour in the med room with me today and by the end of intake she was finally wagging her tail and willingly coming to us for pets. She is very sweet and loving. Please take it slow when interacting with her until she isn't as stressed out. She does have some flea allergy hair loss on her back so I gave her a nexgard. hw-; 1/10; 35lbs; 1 yr old; bully mix. Reportedly good with other dogs, cats and kids.


Penny was brought in by Sherry T from darlington. She Took up at her daughters house after she moved to Alaska. Penny is very sweet, she loves attention and is very well mannered. She walks well on a leash and did an amazing job for intake. Sherry tried to keep her but she kept escaping from her fenced in yard so she wasn't able to keep her. Penny is an absolute sweetheart and will make a wonderful addition to someone's family. hw+; 10/7; 59lbs; 4 yrs old

More about me October 26: Pretty Penny says, "It's time for me to hang up the mommy apron strings and let a family take full advantage of my wonderful pet skills."  A quick peek at Penny and it's clear our friendly red-head has had her fair share of litters....but no more, we say and Penny says!  Penny is a friendly lady who is calm and well mannered.  Not very clingy or needy,  Penny is a more independent, confident gal who is ready to get the pet job done.  Welcoming of tiny hugs from our youth volunteer, Penny is a good leash walker and when let off leash with other dogs, tends to wander off and do her own thing or if she finds the perfect match like lab Pongo, she just might engage in some low key, playful bantering.  Penny is a classy, proud lady who, with time, will gladly show you her softly kissy, sweet side.

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Pongo and Penny

Pepper- Senior

What a good sport! Our black, velvet beauty Pepper could easily hold a grudge for being discarded for having too many litters and then ultimately being replaced by a pup in her home... BUT...she carries on and is so incredibly sweet and pleasant and easy to have by your side. Super polite and even tempered, Pepper quietly went about her business in our open field area as the camera snapped away. Pepper earned high marks in easily making new doggy friends. Off leash and mixing and mingling with a variety of dogs (different sizes/breeds/personalities/male/female), Pepper was in her element as she slowly explored around while periodically checking in with us. Pepper is not clingy/needy and is not one to kiss on the first date. She is however a real joy to have by your side to keep you company. We can't wait to see her back at work and being appreciated for the already 8+ years of service she has given of herself to humans. Please ask for Pepper today and together, we'll bring that smile back on her face. Note: O/S- needs to care for his other dog and tired of her having pups. lab mix; 8 yrs old; 47lbs; HW+; 12/7. Pepper has a 3/4 length tail.

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Piper came in after a community member housed her for 3 weeks after she was abandoned by her owners. He said that she is most likely pregnant. Piper is very sweet but a little shy. She seemed to want to make friends with Riverey and kept jumping up on the door to see her. lab; 56lbs; HW+; 1.5- 2 yrs old


Rascal as brought in by AC. He was going over to a school in Lamar. Rascal is extremely sweet, loves smiling and attention. Rascal does not like cats, He was okay with Blossom in the double decker but she wanted to be left alone. He does have some broken teeth and an under bite that is so cute!!! Rascal seems to be well mannered and will sit on command. HW+; 58lbs; 3 yrs old; bully; 11/4

Update Dec 7: Infectiously fun! It's hard to walk down our busy dog run and miss seeing this super handsome black and white boy wagging his tail, grinning at you and begging for you to please get him out for some fun and games. And so it was that Rascal was soon on the end of our leash for a quick escape out of the kennel area and to the fresh field out front where he ran and played, ran and played and had THE best time. Rascal is a solid, more strong boy. He's no pansy and is so giving of his love and attention to those around him. A solid kisser and hugger, you can almost hear him say as he trots over to introduce himself, "Hey, hey, hey it's me. I'm ready for some love time!" Confident, very playful and affectionate, Rascal's best friend during the outing (only next to our youth volunteer!) was a shy teen hound mix, Kaleigh whom he took under his wing. It was honestly amazing to see how much he was able to buoy her up, get her moving, running and playing. Rascal can be a bit in your face with other dogs so dogs who are more confident may not appreciate his style but it's all with good intent. Rascal would be ideally suited in a more active home where his big personality and fun outlook on life can be fully appreciated. He's a hoot no doubt and would be a terrific companion pet!

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River- Sponsored for pull fees

Uniquely me! That's what I am! I heard those silly humans talking about me, wondering what kind of dog I was. One of them even said maybe I was part hyena with my funny face. Well that IS silly. But I don't let it bother me. Actually I have a pretty cheerful disposition in spite of my current situation. I like meeting new humans and I love playing with my roommate Leta. Doggy wrestling is so much fun! I was getting full marks with the kitties too, pretending I didn't even see that kitty lying in the grass next to me. But then it happened. That kitty jumped up and darted off and I couldn't resist trying to chase her, it looked like such fun! I am hoping someone out there is looking for a mid-sized, fun-loving bouncy girl with magnificent ears to join their family. 31lbs; 7/18/2015; HW-; 3 yr old shep mix

**UPDATE FALL 2020** River is now about 8-9 years old and has lived for 5 years at the shelter. She truly deserves a home of her own after all this time and we are hoping that her Christmas wish might come true this year. She has degenerative joint disease in her back knees, luxating patellas, and a torn ACL that has reattached with scar tissue. River has lived with this condition for many year and adapted to it. Right now she in on an anti-inflammatory , pain-reducing regimen. At this point it seems best to allow her to live out her remaining years continuing on this medication as opposed to putting her through surgery at her age. River would love nothing more than a warm comfy couch where she can spend her retirement. She would be considered a candidate for a rescue who would allow her to be a hospice foster in her golden years as a senior.

River is an alpha girl, a true Diva. She gets along with most male dogs who will let her be the queen bee, but she doesn't seem to care for the company of most other female dogs. River is great with all humans and tolerant with children and puppies. She loves to ride in the car and go on leash walks. She loves to run and play even with her joint disease and knees. This loving senior girl still has lots of life in her and hopes that after 5 years in the shelter she can soon say goodbye to sleeping on concrete and hello to a cozy dog bed or better yet, a couch to curl up on.

Update Dec 24 2020 Update: River is a good, intelligent dog. She loves to walk and run, and has excellent leash and car manners. She can get an attitude with another dominant female dog, but is entirely submissive to all humans. She tolerates male dogs and will play with some, but she lets them know she is Queen Bee!

Update July 29 2021: River lost her rescue offer. She was removed from the page earlier this spring with a rescue offer on the table but very sadly, she is now back in need. She never left her kennel here in SC. She still sits and waits for her person as she has for years now.

Update on Facebook August 25: River needs your help folks. This sweet girl has been with us since 2015! Yes, 2015! She had rescue many moons ago but found herself in a bind when she was not testing well with other dogs. With most of our rescue groups foster based, this presented a problem.

And so she sits. She has been at Bridge for a long time. Waiting and hoping. Waiting and hoping. Yesterday, she was brought over from Bridge to the shelter for fresh pics/info gathering. She was in a crate patiently waiting and wondering what was going on when I found her. Possibly, she wondering what had she done wrong? Poor girl was shaking. Broke my heart! She had done nothing wrong.

And so here we are today to try and push her and help her find her new family. River is now about 9 yrs old. We had her in the front evaluation area for about 3 hours yesterday. She was a real trooper. It was hot. She met lots of dogs. We sweat a lot. We got to see the many facets of his delightful 40lbs girl.

As we knew, she is a bit of a queen bee. She will be at her best as a single dog in her new home. River is a delightful lady who was always gravitating to where we were. She is not a slobbery, kissy type but does enjoy simply being near her people. She is not pushy nor impolite and nicely explored around but ultimately chose to hang near us. She is an easy walker and loves to go and do. She was lovely in her car ride back to Bridge.

River was fine in meeting other dogs so long as she had her space. In general she is more tolerant of males vs females and with the male dogs, we found that a more confident dog was a better choice for her. Perhaps she felt she had met her challenge? In any event, she does not seek out nor want a challenge. She just wants a home where she can live out the rest of her life as the sole and complete apple of someone's eye.

Might you be that person and provide her with that home?? River is snuggly and sweet and we can do better for her. We have to do better for her. Can YOU help her??

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lab mix; stray; 1/13; 46lbs (thin); HW+. Rodger brings you his food bowl with a wiggling tail!


Roscoe was brought in an as an owner surrender. Too much energy for the family. HW-; lab mix; 10/22; 5 yrs old; 66lbs

More about me Nov 9: A perfect family fit! Roscoe was turned in because he had "too much energy" but I guess it's all relative as we had no problem managing this happy faced fellow and found that while he had a playful side to him,  he seemed equally as content to chill by our sides and the sides of other dogs.  Of note, he made an immediate connection with a very playful, larger shepard mix and it was great fun to watch them run and chase after each other.  When introduced to our more calm, slow paced dogs, Roscoe quickly earned off leash privileges and nicely worked this group of doggies.  Roscoe loves giving and receiving affection and attention and is not shy in making sure you feel his love.  Roscoe is a bigger boy at 66lbs and validates the saying that "Bigger is better."   If a solid framed, generous with love and embracing hugs kind of dog appeals to your idea of an ideal companion pet,  Roscoe would surely love to hear from you!

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Roscoe and Alan

Roxy- Senior Lab

Roxy was brought in today because her owner had to move and her apartment complex says she's too big to be in her apartment. Rocky is 101.4 lbs and is MISERABLE.. She could barely walk up the steps and was constantly panting the whole time in the med room. She is sweet and laid back. She whined whenever I stopped petting her and finally laid down to rest for a few minutes.. She walks well on a leash with a little guidance. She did have to stop for a break whenever we were walking to the med room. Her owner sent her blanket, a couple of harnesses that wouldn't fit her as well as a 50 lb bag of dog food. 101lbs; 8-9 yrs old; hw+; 12/13.

More about me Dec 14: What a fantastic girl!  Our sweet, triple wide lab mix Roxy is the BEST sport!  Clearly her person has let her down in allowing her to grow and grow and grow. She is beyond obese and at over 100lbs,  her true ideal weight might honestly be closer to 50lbs!  It's hard to believe her little short legs can support all that extra poundage but she's giving it her all!  Roxy has lots of positive things going her way to help get her on a path to complete wellness.  First of all,  she is GREAT with everyone....fantastic with a host of dogs she met (male/female, large/small, calm/energetic), Roxy really needed no intro to the dogs she was quickly hanging with off leash.  She nicely followed the dogs around.  In her new pet job, she will need "movement" to help her lose weight and dogs encourage her onward. Roxy is also great with folks of all ages and is easily managed by folks of all ages.  A very slow, steady moving girl,  we had our youth volunteer (4th grade) walking her around with no issue.  Likewise,  Roxy would be perfect with older folks with her calm, polite and low key demeanor.   Her gentle, sweet personality lends itself to humans of all ages wanting to get this girl out and moving!!   We were proud of Roxy giving it her all as we walked all the way to the front field,  wandered around with everyone (humans and dogs alike) and then made her way back to her kennel.  Although she got tired, still she was ready to go and do and was in good spirits to be part of the action.  We really LOVE this pretty lady.

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Friend Georgia

Friend Georgia

Friend Georgia

Roxy- Recent Mom

Roxy was brought in with her 4 babies (Rx4). She was posted on Facebook and a community member got her and all her babies safely. she is very skinny. She was shy at first from being in a new place but she is sweet. She 100% understands that we are here to help her and her babies. Hw Test: Negative; 10/8; 42lbs; 2 yrs old; 10/8; TA

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Ruby was brought in by AC as a stray from Darlington, She is really sweet, walks well on a leash and didn't mind anything I did to her during intake.. She wasn't interested in the yard cats at all and loved her treats she got when we were leaving the med room! hw+; 2 yrs old; bully; 50lbs; 12/7

More about me Dec 14: Ruby, don't take your love to town!  Bring your love to me!!   What an appealing compact cutie pie Ruby is!  This 50lb bully mix is turning all the heads with her one blue eye and one brown eye and darling "cow" patterned coat.    Ruby was our super star when it came time for snapping pictures.  She was giving us deep snuggles,  on her back with legs in the air looking for belly rubs, offering us random face kisses and then nicely posing with other dogs.  A social, happy interactive lady,  we had her off leash with both male and female dogs and she was terrific with everyone. In particular, she was calm and even-keel around a more fragile, slow moving dog.   We so appreciated her being conscientious and courteous around this old soul.  We had her out running, playing, fetching ball and interacting with others for a good while and when it was all said and done,  she was pooped!   We found her ultimately stretched out super, super flat in the brown grass taking in all the warm sunshine she could on her back. Was that a snore we heard?   She was kaput and sleepy but as they say, a happy dog is a tired dog!  Good girl Ruby.

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Friend Georgia

Friend Georgia

Friend Georgia

Friend Georgia


lab; 12/7; hw-; 73lbs; 3.5yrs old; Rudolph was brought in by AC and is a sheriff's department case.. We are awaiting a court date. Rudolph is really sweet, He cries when he's not outside or when you're not paying him any attention. He pushed the med room door open trying to get to MRs. Pam when she was standing away from the door. He is NOT cat friendly!!! He did well for his intake and was eager to get back outside.. Rudolph seems to be house/kennel trained. He used the bathroom alot on our way to the med room.

More about me Dec 14: He doesn't have a red nose, but hey we still call him Rudolph!  This big, strapping, handsome hunk is ready to go and do and have some fun!  At 73lbs,  he's no pansy and with his zest for life and his interest in meeting all, expect a brisk pace in walking this great dog!   We had Rudolph out with a myriad of other dogs, male and female, large/small and of a mix of breeds.  He is more of a top dog kind of guy but had no problem mixing in with the group we had.  He was off leash with 4 other dogs and typically he goes and does his own thing, unless he is with sporty, playful Ruger (lab mix) who was insistent that they be best friends and prowl around together!  Rudolph is very affectionate and giving of his love and time to humans. He was oftentimes on his back, legs in the air while yet one more human was scratching his belly.    Rudolph brings a wonderful full of life energy vibe to him no matter where he goes which is most infectious.  It's hard to have a frowny face when this dog is under your care.   Rudolph isn't just a seasonal pet companion...he's looking for a long term, all season pet commitment.  Might it be with you?   Surely, Santa would look favorably upon you if you brought him on home. 

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Friend Ruger

Ruger -safe

Rugar was brought in byAC on a leash, he is very friendly, sweet and energetic. Well taken care of. Rugar is HW; negative! He does not like cats. walks fairly well on a leash but is very jumpy!  hw-; 45lbs; 1 yr old; 10/1

More about me October 19: Come and get you labby fix with our super handsome and uber playful boy, Ruger.  Ruger is a smile maker and he knows how to get the party started.  No introductions are necessary with our sleek brown jacketed fellow as he loves everyone!   Ruger had THE best time running off leash with both male and female dogs during our photo outing and boy was it a delight to see him run and engage and wrestle with his other four legged friends.  Ruger is a decent enough fetcher so don’t forget when you bring him on home to have a stash of tossing toys to bring him endless hours of enjoyment!  Young, agile, interactive, and graced with a higher level of endurance,  Ruger might be just the boy to bring to an agility park to really test his brains and his athleticism.    The fun and games start with Ruger!  Don’t be left on the sidelines without this great dog so ask about him today. 

Update Dec 14:  Ruger is fun central and talk about really, really stunning in person.  This sleek, sporty guy is built to have a good time.  We had him off leash with 1 male and 3 female dogs today.  He loves to run and play with all, trotting over from dog to dog hoping to find a new playmate.   Very affectionate, loving and super friendly, Ruger would thrive in a more active home pre-stocked with older kids and or dogs who would love to join him for a light game of fetch.  We enjoy his happy, "labby" outlook on life and can't wait for him to bring his tail wagging good times into his new home!

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Ruger, Oliver Beauty

Ruger, Oliver, Beauty

Ruger, Oliver, Beauty


Sassy came in after her family left her behind when they moved. Sassy is a sweet girl she did very well during her intake. Seems as if she may have recently had puppies but she doesn’t have any milk. She is not prego. Sassy loves to jump and get all of the lovings.. She is a little hyper and is relentless when jumping up over and over. She will sit on command but otherwise she is a little on the wild side.  66lbs; HW+; 11/10; bully mix; 2 yrs old

Update Dec 7: Sassy is such a fun, spunky and yes, sassy girl! We love her! During our photo session, this girl could not stop smiling and acting silly as she searched for new friends. Sassy is a larger girl...a bit barrel-like in her shape and perhaps a few pounds on the heavier side...who is hard to miss. She loves everyone and enjoys being in the thick of things. This is not a girl who wishes to sit on the sidelines as she has lots of love and affection to share. Sassy is graced with a playful personna. A very manageable gal who enjoyed a light JV game of playing fetch, she was really in her element when off leash running and exploring around and kissing her humans. Sassy was fine in meeting both male and female dogs and if appropriate will attempt to engage in some bowed down playing with other dogs. Sassy is a great girl who would love to be swarmed by kids and be a part of their sleepover party! LOL. Knowing how social and loving Sassy is, it's heartbreaking to visualize her sitting in an empty house when her family moved and left her behind. We know her new family is just one click away with someone asking to meet her. Perhaps it's you!

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Sassy and Phoenix

Sassy and Tilly


Snow was brought in by AC as a stray. Snow has a rubber toy in her kennel because she was getting antys in the med room and I squeaked the toy to get her picture and she loved it.. I gave her the toy and she was fine. She needs a job, She likes to have a purpose and something to do!! hw+; 10/19; stray; Shepard; 45lbs

More about me Jan 4: Talk about a pretty lady! Oh, my goodness. Snow is divine! This snowy white lady is a petite/compact lady loaded with curb appeal. Athletic, nimble, confident, huggy and nuzzling, Snow is a charming, friendly lady ready for her next grand adventure. If you sit for a spell with her, she will gently tap you on the forearm…an indication that she’s ready for some more pets/attention. Snowy loves, loves her humans but was not very keen on adding other dogs to her outside photo outing. Her focus was more so on making human friends and chilling with them. It’s easy to be quickly smitten with Snow. I knew we were!

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New info Mid August: If you’re looking for a reason to SMILE, here’s an update on TABOR! He is doing fantastic in foster. We rearranged our routine just a little bit to accommodate this sweet boy’s needs and man, oh man, is he thriving! He has to be the most clever dog I’ve ever met, and if you meet him, you’ll see too!! I just know he’ll be the best boy in his forever home soon. (I’ll be a mess but this is why we foster and why it’s worth it!).

We’ve had Tabor for 3 months as we helped address some medical needs that are now much better. He gets along great with our dogs and everyone he meets. He’s been going to work with my husband and hangs out with the employees and other dogs there too. He loves going to work and everyone there, of course, loves him. His health is much better now!! He kept a smile on his face even as we worked thru his medical stuff. He is just an all around GREAT dog that just wants to be loved and to love his family. He will need a home where he can be inside with his people, just going out to use the bathroom and play (he can use the doggy door). He follows his people around everywhere in the house (so probably not best for someone elderly or a fall risk). He’s very gentle but will walk right on your heels sometimes. He loves his people. He will need someone who understands his past medical history and will be attentive to ensuring it doesn’t happen again (had a prolapse in the past). Currently, he will need to be on wet food only and have one medicine to take every three months in addition to the monthly flea and heartworm preventative. (He is heartworm positive but it’s not the time to treat them.) He deserves lots of love and understanding as he first settles in. He doesn’t like to be kenneled and loves a home with other dogs. Being kenneled causes too much stress on his body which contributed to his past medical issue. He really doesn’t need a kennel either. We used to separate him in his own room when we would leave the house but a couple weeks into foster, we learned he was fine roaming the house with our other dogs since he would just turn the doorknob and open the door himself anyway lol. He will sleep just fine with a doggie bed out in the open or even in a little nook of the house or even on his favorite chair. He is around 4 years old and is just a GREAT dog. My update may sound like a lot, but he truly is a pretty low maintenance guy with lots of love to give. I just want the best home for him because of everything he’s been through and how wonderful he is. Note: Owner surrender - no time for pet. HW+; 53lbs; 3 yrs old; bull mix; 7/11/2020; male; Treated for HW's summer 2021.


Tank was brought in by Mr. G after keeping him for 3 weeks and was unable to locate his owner. Tank has/had an owner. He was neutered prior to intake, well taken care of and he is HW: Negative. He is very sweet and well mannered. He did great during intake, never tried to run out of the door when i as coming in and out of the med room..  This sweet boy shouldn’t have a problem finding his forever home!!!  hw-; bully; 63lbs; 10/30; 2 yrs old

More about me Nov 9: I found the cutest little (human) girl and boy did she make my day!  My name is Tank and I'm love with the 4rd grade volunteer who made my photo/evaluation time just the best outing for me. Although I have a more brawny/muscular look to me, rest assured I have many soft spots just waiting for YOU to discover.   My new human friend found me to be super cuddly and snuggly for example.  Outside of making sure my new young friend had plenty of love and TLC,  you should have seen how fun it was to throw toys for me to capture and bring back to you!   I'm a smart, curious, focused fellow who loves having a task and or job to do.  I also did a good job in meeting and saying "hi" to other dogs, both male and female.  I'm not lacking confidence so I'm pretty much game for meeting everyone.  I am not particularly playful around other dogs but am happy sharing my space with them.   When the nice vet techs did intake on me they found me to be charming.  To quote them, "This sweet boy shouldn’t have a problem finding his forever home!"  The vet techs are spot on so please help make their comment my reality.   Thanks for tuning into fun me, Tank! 

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Tara was brought to us by a member of the community. He told us that he found her on the side of the road. 7/29; 62lbs; 7yrs old; hw-; bully. Tara is a very sweet girl, and walks well on a leash. She did great during her intake. She also knows the command sit, and is HW negative at about 7 years old.

More about me August 31: I'm your shadow.  Your constant companion.  My name is Tara and being near and close to others, albeit humans and or other dogs,  just makes me smile!  I'm more of a full figured gal at over 60lbs but hey, it's more to love on, right?   I'm a pretty chill, easy going sort who is never in any real rush except perhaps to get some body pets and scratches!   I'm really excellent with other dogs.  I am of no threat to them and only wish to be their friend and I think they pick up on this vibe right away.  My new human friends noted that I loved slowly following them around and that I would generally mozey on over to wherever the action was.  Now keep in mind, action could be just relaxing under the shade of a tree!   I'm a very gentle natured gal with a temperament and energy level that is ideal for folks from the very young to the elderly.   Social, loving and soft in my ways,  I heard my new friends say that I am fast to make myself right at home and you know, that sounds pretty spot on.   At 7yrs of age,  I've had years to fine tune my wonderful pet skills and would surely love to join you on your life journey.  Please give me a holler if you feel I might be the perfect companion for you.  Tail Wags, Tara 

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Steele and Tara

Friends Lilo and Xavier

Steele and Tara

Tara and Xavier

Tara and Xavier

Tara and Xavier

Thora - $180 in sponsorship funds

Thora was brought to us by a worker at the bread company up the hill. He told us that someone dropped her off there around 2:30 in the morning. When she arrived, she was infested with fleas, and had extremely goopy eyes. We took her to AAH and have already started her treatment. While she was there, they also discovered that she had an anemic murmur. Thora is an extremely sweet affectionate older girl. Originally we had her estimated at a younger age, but she is probably closer to around 8 years old. She will walk on a leash, but please take it slow. She is sometimes wobbly when she walks, and will fall over. 6/7; 75lbs; HW+; rottie mix; 8 yrs old; No cats for me please.

Update June 15: It was tempting to not steal away with Miss Thora. Oh, my gosh. Talk about a fantastic dog!! Thora is just the best with her warm, gentle, soothing energy and softly nuzzly side. This friendly, happy faced lovebug was abandoned in the middle of the night just outside our shelter gate but luckily found in time before she wandered off. She is sooooooooo sweet! Her fur is a bit sparse in areas and she has goopy eyes (and HAD fleas at intake) but certainly these are all treatable conditions. Despite not being in tip top health (for now!) and perhaps not feeling 100%, you would never know it in meeting her. Thora is the best sport. She carefully and gingerly goes about her business and was excellent in meeting a couple male and also female dogs. She takes everything in great, great stride and is content in doing very basic things. She is well past her toy phase and took great comfort in simply stretching out and draping all 75lbs of her body in one of our volunteer laps. Open to our youth volunteer who gave her lots of engulfing hugs, she was chill with this little person's energy/presence and found it all very enjoyable. Thora is equally at ease relaxing with dogs as she is with people and derives a lot of joy in simply being near others. A big couch and human lap would perfectly meet the needs of this delightful senior Rottie. Don't miss out on this beautiful lady folks!

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What a great dog! Tigger is so handsome and he's loaded with personality! This hunky fellow was quick on his feet to give us kisses and plenty of tail wags to make us feel welcome. Polite and easy enough to manage, Tigger did a great job in walking with a more dominant male dog (he basically tried to ignore him) and when matched up with a silly, goofy female, well he just let loose and had THE best time. The two of them ran and played off leash and seeing all the happy bowing down posturing was just terrific to witness. Tigger was interested in being part of the action but was never pushy in trying to eke in on other dog testing. He nicely hung by the fence line and waited his turn. While it might look like Carly (in one of the videos) is high energy, she's actually pretty mild mannered and polite and this type of energy Tigger seemed to appreciate most. Tigger and Carly equally egged each other along and it was really a wonderful match. Tigger would enjoy older/more sturdy kids and a regular exercise routine (nothing crazy) would suit his soul and legs! Ask for Tigger today. Note: Tigger was picked up by AC from someone's yard, He is very well behaved, house trained and is very laid back; HW-; 9/24; 59lbs; 4yrs old; TA

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Tigger and Carly

Tigger, Carly and Kayla


Your next adventure starts with me, Titan!  Imagine having a buddy to explore new trails!  Maybe you wish to make that long awaited road trip.  Take me along!  I'm the kind of guy who loves to sniff out that new and exciting scent and scene.  Super friendly and loaded with plenty of tail wags and smiles,  I love going and doing and making friends.  Folks tell me my coat is as smooth as velvet and they "ooh" and "aahh" over the handsome fawn color of my coat.   Toys don't do much for me but having folks to lean into and love on, really brings me great pleasure.  I'm open to meeting other dogs (I nicely met a male and female) and I think I'd like to play with them, if they would only allow me to!  Graced with a chiseled, more square jaw line and an appetite to explore and go down the path less traveled,  I'd surely love for you to consider me as your new best friend.  Ask for Titan today, won't you?  Note: Titan was brought in today by Mrs. G after Titan showed up to her house. She was going to keep him but quickly realized that her neighbors' big dogs were not okay with him being there. HW-; bully mix; 10/28; 44lbs; stray; 1.5yrs old

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Titan and Bella

Titan and Groot

Tori- safe

Tori is so sweet and wants nothing but attention. Today she laid in my arms while I was trying to complete her intake. HW+; 11/4; stay; 3 yrs old; 63lbs; bully mix

More about me Dec 28: Tori is the sweetest girl and talk about the saddest face.  Oh, my gosh.  Tori has had a tough go of it.  Arriving as a stray, a few weeks after her arrival she was birthing pups.  Sadly, only 3 of the 8 lived and even more sadly,  she had no interest in nursing them.  The pups are happy and healthy and being bottle fed but Tori seems very depressed.   A very pleasant, calm, doting girl, she was terrific meeting other dogs during photo time.  Even when a dog wished to climb on her back,  she kind of looked at him like, "Just don't do that" and patiently moved away from him.   Tori is not looking for any trouble and slowly pokes around.  She seems at her best simply chilling and being near her humans.  We did catch her in a fun, uplifting moment off leash with 2 other very shy dogs.  Her tail was nicely wagging and the other dogs were happily engaging with her.  It was a good moment for all! See the video clip!  Tori is a solid, lower riding girl who has a very calming, peaceful feel about her.  We'd sure love to see her head on home.  Might you be the one to send her spirits soaring in telling her, "You're coming home with me!"

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Friend Averie

Friends Averie & Shadow

Tyson- RIP

Oh no!! Tyson is back at our shelter tonight and it's so cold outside. 😢 He has been in a loving foster home for many, many weeks now. His family hoped to take him along when they moved, planning to adopt if they could work it out, but sadly plans just didn't come together for him. 💔 They loved him very much, and we are so grateful that they gave him such a loving home for the time that they could. Poor Tyson certainly doesn't understand what has happened to him and we feel terrible that he is outside in a kennel alone tonight.😔 This boy is use to watching TV, sleeping in bed and being sung to during morning cuddle time! He needs an angel! 12/21/21

Tyson, also known as "the goodest boy" by his foster family, is HW negative, around 3 years old and 60lbs. He is fully vetted. He likes to have someone home with him during the day if possible and he enjoys going along on car rides. He loves chew toys, though the stuffing may not last long. He enjoys a game of tug-a-war and likes to chill outside with a good stick. He loves a little chicken in his food and to get cheese treats. He adores bum scratches while he cuddles with you to watch TV. He is housebroken, kennel trained (though he much prefers to be with you), and walks on leash (he may tug some when excited). No cats, please. His foster home didn't have other dogs, but he enjoys a playmate if you have one. This boy is use to sleeping in bed with his people, often snuggling closest with his Daddy, and being sung "You are my sunshine" by his Mommy. We cannot have this sweet fella staying outside again! Can you help? Note: 8/3/2021; O/S; bully mix; 2 yrs old; 56lbs; HW-. Goof ball during intake.

More about me Jan 4: Book wide open! Our big boy Tyson will keep you on your toes as he eggs you on to toss balls and rope toys, invites himself into your lap for some snuggle time and then asks you to simply come run and play with him. A very solid, strapping fellow, Tyson can at times be a bit strong but then give him some time and he’s limp and ready to relax right by your side. Tyson would love to have dogs to hang out with but he is a hard player that not all dogs can understand. As such, he was able to find some good doggy playmates during photo time but some dogs found his play style too rough for them and they opted out. You’ll not find a more loving nor affectionate fellow than Tyson. He’s a true friend to all humans who are in the market for a more bold and brawny, albeit super lovable companion pet. No cats for Tyson please.

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Friend Shadow

Friend Hyde

Friend Hyde


He loves to play and needs time to run and play! This boy is solid.. Despite what's happened to him (Clifford beat up on him), he's a very happy boy! hw-; 1.5yrs old; 64lbs; lab mix; 12/28. Came in with Clifford and Henry (RIP).


1 yr old; stray; 12/2; 35lbs; Veda was brought in as a stray on friendly pick up Thursday by AC, She is very friendly. She loves to give kisses and doesn't meet strangers!! She is Hw Negative.

More about me Dec 28: For a good time call me, Veda! Sounds a bit cheeky but the fun begins with me by your side! Just 34lbs in weight, I'm an athletic, affectionate, agile, active gal who loves to go and do. My sleek body style and tall speckled socks are likely a nod to my cattle dog heritage so you can expect one smart, inquisitive, busy body! Super friendly and always sporting a big smile on my face and wagging tail, I love meeting humans just as much as I love meeting other dogs. An active home pre-stocked with other like-minded, active playmates would perfectly suit my pet style. When folks see me, they smile. Guaranteed. I'd surely love to do the same for you, on a 24/7 basis. Please ask about me, Veda today!

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Friend Mildred

Friend Zeke

Friend Mildred


Volt was brought in with Victor and Von yesterday from the same house as Vanessa and Viola. During intake Volt did not like it when we stopped touching him or even loving on him. He would howl and bark when we stopped. While walking he walked well on a leash but he still is unsure of it. HW+; 56lbs; bully mix; 3 yrs old; 10/19. Family was moving.

Update Dec 13: Volt is such a sweet boy but he's really fallen on hard times at the shelter. Arriving with 4 other dogs, he's been separated from the only family he knows and he's just struggling. Volt is at his best one on one with his person. If given a chance, he would be on his back, legs in the air with his belly being scratched and the sun warming his body. His nose would be nuzzling into you. Volt is very friendly, playful and affectionate and loves to go and do. He's been sitting and doing nothing for a long time now. The pads of his feet and his scrotum are showing the effects of sitting on chemically cleaned concrete every day as they are red and swollen and pussy. He's also developed an open sore on his face. We are doing our best to keep him comfortable but each day is becoming more challenging for this great dog. He's not shown any interest in sharing his time with other shelter dogs so perhaps for now, he's a one dog pet. Volt arrived vibrant, happy and full of life. He's now depressed, lost weight and mentally a shadow of his former self. He needs a miracle this holiday season. Might you grant it for him?

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Von was brought in by the same family that brought Viola and Vanessa. The lady explained to us that he was one of Viola's babies. When taking Von out of the van he was very nervous and did not want to move. Every time the lady would come up to him he would twitch. During intake he was still very nervous but he started to trust us a little. He even gave me a kiss on the nose. While walking on a leash is a different story, he does not like the leash and will freeze when trying. Hw Test: Negative ; 37lbs; 3 yrs old; 10/19; shep mix. family was moving.  Came in with Viola (mom),Vanessa and Victor.

More about me Nov 2: A fluffy, fun guy!  Von is turning all the heads and it should come as no surprise.  This mid-sized fellow with the broad grin and steady wagging tail is appealing on line and gosh, just wait til you meet him in person.  Arriving with 3 siblings and his mom,  the whole family has led a less than optimal life thus far but are ready to move on and look forward to serving new families.  Von was front and center in his kennel eager to head out for photos.  He did a wonderful job in freely and easily mixing and mingling with both male and female dogs.  He also was great with our very experienced youth volunteer.   Von, like his siblings, is head shy so slow, even movements around his head are appreciated.    Von is medium energy at best, pretty easy to manage and really basked in the attention we were able to give him and in general, just the opportunity to get out and run and play and have a good time.   Von is a bit more comfortable in interacting with dogs vs humans (he has a shyness to him) but that will more than likely even out once he's in his new home and getting regular, positive attention from his humans.  We could see him shedding some of his insecurities right before our eyes today and honestly can't wait to see him fully blossom to become the pet he was always destined to be.  A home with other dogs would surely help him settle in and kids would also be ok so long as they gave him space and took things more slowly with him.   Von impressed us today and he'll impress you as well.  Guaranteed! 

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Von, Vanessa & Rodney

Von and Cooper


Boxer; 42lbs; 1 yr old; hw-; 12/2; O/S- no longer wants; Wally was picked up by AC on friendly pick up day because his owner didn't want him anymore.. He is a ball of energy and loves to jump!! He did well getting his HW test today!!! He was very happy to be out of his kennel to stretch his legs and get a little energy out! Original name is Kujo. TA

More about me Dec 28: Super cute little dog who looks like a pup but is an adorable adult!  Wally is fun central.  Wally has never met a stranger and what a joy it is to hang out with him.  Several folks asked to make sure he was an adult as we tested him and photographed him as he's petite and has a very appealing goofy, silly pup "feel" to him.  He's a year old folks!   Wally was terrific in meeting other dogs.  He met males and females and was well received by all.  If you peek at the videos, you will see him at his silly best as he grabs onto Rita's scarf and proceeds to undress her.  Oh, the scandal! This is the true essence of this playful little guy!   Wally enjoyed running and exploring and wrestling off leash with other dogs.  He was also great in nicely settling down and quietly chewing on a rope toy.   Wally is great on a leash, easy to handle and would be a great addition to a slightly more active home pre-stocked with kids and or other dogs.  Social and affectionate and a true friend to all,  Wally is the complete pet package! 

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Friend Ace

Friend Ace


Walter was brought in 12/24/21 after being caught in an AC trap and not picked up. Walter is shy and we were finally able to get him out to do his intake. He is sweet and will come to you as long as you take it slow and get down closer to his level. I would consider him a small flight risk. He does not walk well on the leash but tried to get out of the med room any chance he got. He has definitely come a long way since he arrived. hw-; 45lbs; 2-3 yrs old; hound; 12/24


Zeke a gentle giant.. Zeke is very well mannered, he knows the sit and stay commands. He laid in the med room just as calm as can be for a while, He laid at my feet most of the time. Zeke is missing the tip of his left ear and it stands up most of the time. He is very very sweet!! HW+; 2 yrs old; 55lbs; stray; 12/13.

More about me Dec 28: Doting, nuzzly, and huggy Zeke is the kind of dog who just gets under your skin and you can't forget.  And so it was in meeting this lovely blue pit for photo and fun in the sun time!   Talk about a well mannered, charming, calm fellow!   Oh boy, Zeke could surely teach some dogs on how to be polite, super appealing and a great match for most families.   Zeke received high marks during his meet and greet sessions. He's gentle and slow paced in meeting other dogs and does a great job at putting them at ease. Never pushy or in your face,  he's the chill-master slowly and easily going about his business.  Testing well with other dogs,  he's not interested in really playing with them but is very content to hang out and chill with them.  He's very unobtrusive and is much more likely to sneak over to a human to wedge himself into a free lap and or open arms!  If an oversized, kissy lap dog sounds like your kind of new best friend,  check out Zeke today. 

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Friend Veda

Friend Averie

Friend Veda

Friend Veda

Zoey- safe

Zoey was found at our gate. She jumped right in the van as the snip driver was closing the gate. I'm thankful she didn't get hit by a car. She was seen 2 times earlier that morning crossing the road.. Zoey is spayed as well as microchipped but it is not registered. She is very very sweet. hound mix; 1/6; hw-; 2 yrs old;48lbs

Wyatt - Oh, so handsome in my new tie!

Chasing dragon flies in a field on a warm sunny day, Wyatt wouldn't have it any other way. Sweet as can be, and a gentleman to his furry roommates. He's developed a small crush on his roommate Cleopatra. They romped and rolled in the oasis today, taking advantage of the bright sunshine. Wyatt adores children, and loves going out to adoption events to meet new people. Wyatt gets along well with everyone he meets. Wyatt is a real catch! hw-; male; 5/2014; 2-3 yrs old. Note: Shown with Cleopatra (black dog).

More about me Sept 2017: Sweet Wyatt … I would so love to give him better than what I have for him right now. He is a great dog, but he is strong and full of energy. There is no denying he is a pit with his big head and jaw, but to me it only makes him look like he’s smiling all the time. He is a gorgeous boy and I love him. In his play he means me no harm, but he often scratches or bruises me just from his sheer strength and eagerness to play. He has had more than 15 female kennel mates since we’ve had him and never a moment of problem. He plays hard, but there is no aggression … just the joy of a teenage boy. He gets overwhelmed with my crowd of dogs and is why I keep him in his kennel. He does great one on one. He gets free time 2 to 3 times a day to run. He has food allergies and a grain free diet is best for him. I have had him around children before and he did well. He doesn’t know his strength, so I had to watch him closely with them but he loved all the attention. He does great and minds me well on the leash. I know the odds of getting him out with so many wonderful pits at the shelter are slim.

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