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2-3yrs old; 38 lbs (thin); hw-; bully mix; male; stray. 12/1; hw-; bully mix; male; stray. He is a very sweet boy. He's also slightly underweight, but will gain a few pounds in no time. He loves to eat! Adopted Mid March. Returned mid April. Now weighs 53 lbs.

More about me: Drum roll please for the Fabulous Fabian. Now, this is one head-turning fella! All decked out in his sleek, dark chocolate brown coat and snazzy white boots, Fabian is a true friend to all. A very skilled and polite meeter/greeter to other dogs, he seamlessly met 2 males and a female on his outing to our front play area. When not happily trotting over to meet new doggy friends, Fabian had THE best time running, capturing and then carrying around balls in his mouth. It's possible he could do this all day long except if you add a human to the picture, he'd happily take a break, hang out by your feet and implore you to please rub his belly. This athletic, good natured companion pet is loving, attentive, loves being in the mix of things and is of moderate energy level. Fabian would be in his pet element at a doggy park, hanging out with slightly older kids, hiking trails and or just chilling by the sofa near his humans. Fabulous Fabian is well balanced and being a good, solid pet is realy second nature to him. It's just easy for him.

Mini Update April 15: Despite his age, can demonstrate puppy energy. Sweet as sugar. Loves people. When sitting will lie at your feet. Sits for treats. Likes to play fetch. Loves food and his Benebone. Belly rub fanatic. Got the housebreaking thing down almost 100%

Foster Update Aug 9: Currently Fabian is in a foster home and here’s what his foster Dad says about him…”There's got to be someone out there looking for a chunky mush of a mutt. Fabian is 65lbs of pure joy, love and play. We're working on manners, but aren't we all? Fabian is healthy, HW-, neutered, house broken, kennel trained, AND dog friendly. What more could you ask for?! No cats for Fabian. His reactions don't come across aggressive, but he may be a little too clumsy given the size difference. Fabian would love a home with an active lifestyle and a young playmate (or three). He will play until he collapses!"

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Foster Time

Foster Time

Foster Time

Foster Time


Farrah was seized by the sheriff's department along with Motley, Dawn and Lizzie. Farrah is a very sweet girl. She walks well on a leash, and did well during her intake. bully mix; 7/21; 52lbs; 3 yrs old; HW+

Update August 31: Do redheads have more fun? Just ask our pretty lady Farrah! Farrah is a super fun, happy girl always on the hunt for a good time. Solid and strapping at 52lbs, she along with her best friends (1 male and 2 female dogs) were seized by the sheriff due to concerns for their overall care. Luckily for Farrah, her only health concern is testing positive for heartworms and is at a good, appropriate weight- which was not the case for all of her friends. We enjoyed Farrah's upbeat personality and her desire to catch that next slice of adventure just right around the corner! Farrah is a very sweet, snuggly, affectionate lady who is generous with her kisses, hip swivels and her playful antics. She did well in testing with other dogs, both male and female. She is confident and eager to meet other dogs and happily trots over to say "hi" with a full, wagging tail and grin on her face. Farrah keeps the good times rolling right along and would be nicely suited in a more active home where she can get out and stretch her legs. Don't forget to have a nice soft spot where she can rest her pretty head and sleek, toned body!

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Farrah and Sally

Farrah and Sally

Farrah and Julius

Farrah and Steele


Forrest was brought in yesterday by animal control as a stray pickup. He is a little nervous, but will warm up after a little while if you take it slow. He walks well on a leash, and did well during his intake. hw-; 8/13; 70lbs; hound; 3yrs old

More about me August 24: A Solid Performer!   Forrest was a real super star on his field outing as he nicely posed for photos and seamlessly mixed and mingled with a mish mash of other dogs.  Graced with endless legs and a very chill, polite personality, we enjoyed Forrest's easy going outlook on life.  Very, very accepting of all (he even tolerated a male dog climbing up on his shoulders), he's a very unflappable fellow who is not in much of any rush.  The only time we saw him pick up the pace just a wee bit was when we brought in a dog for him to leash walk with and his face lit up and off we all went to make new friends.  Forrest is extremely handsome with his tri-colored coat and very approachable.  No chance you can quietly go down a sidewalk and not have folks wishing to learn more about the good looking guy at the end of your leash.   Get a move on folks and ask about Forrest today!

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Brooklyn and Forrest

Fran- Teen

Fran was brought in by Greg V after being found at a woman's house who could not keep her.

During intake Fran was very active and just wanted attention. She also loves to jump and give you kisses. While walking on a leash she pulls a little but comes right back to you when you correct her. 6 mos old; 34lbs; 9/11; hw-;

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Gary - Aka Rocko

Gary was brought in by AC after getting into a dog fight with the neighbors dog who was on a runner outside. Gary went to AAH for his injuries and he will make a full recovery. Gary is very sweet, walks well on a leash and did great for intake even though he was in pain he could have cared less what I did to him. Gary is his shelter name. We didn't know his actual name until the Officer got in touch with us about him. He greets us at the kennel door wagging his tail. We had no issues or signs of aggression while walking him to his kennel. I made the decision to place him in the back stockade kennels so it was a little more quiet and he didn't have so much going on around him. So far he has adjusted well! He is High HW positive. no age; 10/4; 50lbs.

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Friends Stella & Vanessa


Gemini is a very sweet, energetic , playful girl. She is shy and it takes some time to gain her trust but with consistency I was able to complete her intake. She doesn't walk the best on the leash, she did fine during intake and even allowed shelia to pet her. She wanted to play and do zoomies in the med room after she warmed up. Gemini is HW: Negative shep mix; 1 yr old; 30lbs; 10/15- Owner said insurance co would not allow her to keep her pet.


**Ginny was brought in with Dexter and Pebbles. Ginny is a very sweet and playful dog. She does have a large mass underneath her tail, and two smaller ones in-between her shoulder blades. We are going to have these checked out by the vet. She also has an area of hair loss along the middle of her back, a blacklight was negative. but we are going to be treating it as ringworm. Her teeth are also in poor shape, with her front teeth worn down, and her canines cracked and chipped. Despite all of this, Ginny is as loving and affectionate as she can be. She walks very well on a leash, and loves to have her belly rubbed. 38lbs; lab mix; hw+; 7 yrs old; 8/10

Update Oct 12: Our sweet little lady Ginny has had a tough go of it.  As if it's not bad enough to be an owner surrender,  since her arrival, she has been struggling with ringworm. Poor girl!  Only recently cleared of this fungus (mid Oct), she finally got the green light to head out for some photo time and fun in the sun.   Cute little Ginny has added on some pounds since her arrival so she is looking a bit more portly and barrel-like in shape.  "That's what happens when you're not getting regular exercise," explains Ginny!   Despite falling on hard times,  Ginny is as sweet and engaging as they come.  She interviews really well, focusing on her person and making them feel like her #1 companion. Softly kissy, snuggly and very social,  our super senior volunteer had no problem walking her during her outing.  Ginny tested really well with 2 male dogs, even running off leash with both of them.   Her meeting with a female dog was not super and in part it's because the other dog was pregnant which we did not know at the the time! Ginny came in with another female so we will will move forward in testing her with other females.  Ginny is super, super cute in person and to envision her settling into her new home would be a dream come true.

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Ginny and Moo

Ginny and Gus


Groot was brought in by Julia A as a stray. Groot is underweight and scared. He is coming around and gaining some weight. He is very sweet once he gets to trusting you!! Groot is HW + 10/7; 40lbs; 3 yrs old;


Gus was brought in by the police dept from the same address as Clay 2116, and Anna 2117.

During intake He was so sweet and just wanted to lay in your lap. I do not believe he has ever been able to do that considering he, and all who came from this property were on chains in the backyard. Found abandoned on a tie out. HW+; bully mix; 3 yrs old; 46lbs; 9/10

Update Octobe 12: What a wonderful boy! Gus is SUCH a good sport and wow, he was really awesome in meeting both male and female dogs on our photo outing.  Front and center and very eager to exit his kennel,  Gus could not have been more happy to leave the noisy/chaotic shelter area for the calm, quiet of our front play yard.  Quickly making the rounds to introduce himself to his new humans,  Gus is a super friendly, interactive, active fellow who has plenty of kisses and hugs to share with all.  Gus is fun and playful and he loved being a part of the group.  He's not one to sit on the sidelines and as good as he was in mixing with other dogs,  what's the point of not including him in the good times?  Gus is in the hunt for a busier home where he can run and play and act goofy and then drape himself in laps to relax and make his humans feel loved.  Sound like your kind of dog?  If so,  Gus would love to hear from you. 

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Gus and Moo

Gus and Ginny

Gus and Moo


Hugo was brought in with Brownie. AC explained he was left outside on a chain. Family could no longer care for him. During his intake he is a very sweet boy, but he can be scared when it comes to loud noises. Also when you go to pet him he kind of bends down in fear. While walking back to the kennel he did well on a leash. HW+; 1 yr old; 58lbs; bully mix; 8/26. Given name is Country.

More about me Sept 24: Hugo...a big boy with a big heart! You'll have a winner by your side when you select Hugo to be your new best friend. Solid and strapping at 58lbs, he's had a more limited life experience on a tie out but gosh, his book is wide open and he's ready and eager for some good times. Arriving with his sibling Brownie (now safe), Hugo has his sights on a new home where he can be a treasured pet. Hugo is very loving and affectionate and loves to be in the mix of things. His tail did not stop wagging during photo time and his paw was quickly raised when asked if he'd like to meet new dogs. Hugo met male and female dogs and he was great!! He has some buffness to him and he loves to wrestle so an ideal playmate will need to be a little more sturdy and ready to have some fun! Hugo has dreams of being part of a team in a home environment. With his upbeat, can-do attitude, we know he will excel and make sure all will feel his big love and contentment in being a true part of a family unit.

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Hugo and Alice

Hugo and Banjo

Hugo and Banjo

Hugo and Riley


Jesse was found as a stray in Darlington. He was picked at the intersection of N Main St and Doneraile St. He has been in foster with Debbie Anderson and she has been trying to help him gain weight. Many of his teeth are broken. He has badly clipped ears and a lot of hair loss. Despite this, he is very affectionate and sweet. HW+; 45lbs; 2-3 yrs old; bull mix; 11/19/18

Foster update May 28, 2019: I picked him up from out of the road, dodging traffic, on Halloween night. He was in terrible shape when I found him. He had a collar on but was so emaciated, his skin was red and irritated and he was so dirty. We began working to put some weight back on him and work on his skin issues. He still has a little hair loss on his back, but he is doing much better. He is an older guy and you can tell that humans have not been kind to him in his life. Despite all that, he is the sweetest and most loving little man. I had his intake done at the shelter and brought him straight home with me into foster, so he's not spent any time at the shelter. Great dog so deserving of a home of his own!

Foster update October 23, 2021: I found Jesse running in the middle of the road on Halloween night in 2018. It was late as I was coming home and I was afraid he would get hit by a car. I stopped the car and went around the side to call him. While I was on one side, he ran around the other and jumped up in the front seat and began greeting my mom, my aunt and my cousin, who were riding with me. He was happy to see us, but I can't say that they were as happy to see him because he stunk to the high heavens! He was skin and bones, hardly any teeth and someone cut his ears back so severely that he barely has any. I took him home and started working on getting him healthy. His intake was done a few weeks later and he tested positive for heartworms. No one ever came looking for him, and to be honest with the condition I found him in, I don't know that I would have wanted to give him back. After he filled out some and he had some interest, I took him to our shelter veterinarian to see if they could age him and determine if he could handle having the heartworm treatment. They aged him at 6-8 years old and said that he was not a candidate for the treatment because his lungs were affected. So, I just kept him on a monthly preventative and treated his hair loss with baths. We had him out for evaluation and photos a few times and he always did well. Everybody at the shelter loved him and said how handsome he was. He absolutely loves to ride in my car and does well out of a crate. He sits in his seat politely and watches all the cars go by. He walks pretty well on a leash for me but even now pulls a little. I have introduced him to some of my dogs and he has done well. I've never had a problem with him. He doesn't really seek out the attention of other dogs. He is content to stay to himself and likes to roam and explore the yard. He enjoys spending time with us but he is not overly clingy and just happy to be near us. I do know that he would not do well with cats and has become a champion snake killer. He would be ok with other dogs around his size, probably not smaller dogs. We do not have children, so he has not been around to test how he would do with them.

I took him back recently (March 9, 2021) for an overall wellness exam and to see if anything had improved with getting him treated for the heartworms. Thankfully, he tested negative for heartworms this time. So that was a big answer to prayer! We started him on Apoquel to see if it would help the last little bald spot on his back. It looks like scarring from a lifetime of flea dermatitis and skin infection. Our vet said that he may just always have that little spot. We have been using TrezUltra to help his ears also. She said otherwise that he was in good health. He likes to run and still has a good bit of "spring" in his step for an older boy. Because of the severe cropping of his ears, his features are a bit intimidating, but I just love his toothless smile. He really is a good boy and doesn't give us any trouble. He can be a little stubborn at times about coming when we call him, but he will come running when he knows he is going to get his treat!

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Ocotber 2021

October 2021


Juniper was brought in by AC from Oleander Dr in Darlington. Someone told AC that they thought she had been hit by a car. She went to AAH for her injuries to her hind leg and is expected to recover from it! She is getting bandages changed and cleaning her wounds with chlorahex every other day unless it looks really dirty or comes off then we change is as we see fit to change it. She is high HW Positive. She loves laying on you and getting pets. walks very well on a leash and once fully recovered will be happy and make a wonderful addition to a family. 9/30; HW+; 3 yrs old; 52lbs; bully


Black and white female. Someone found (Kayla and Kory) them at Dollar General in Dovesville and brought them in. Kayla is very sweet, loves giving kisses and playing. HW negative & walk fairly well on a leash with very little pulling. 1 yr old; 9/30; 30lbs; bully mix

Update October 12: No introduction necessary! Kayla is the best! This compact, pocket pittie is uninhibited and has enough love in her to make the world go round! Arriving as a stray with good friend Kory, Kayla is a fun, active roommate and is incredibly gifted in making fast friends with both humans and other dogs. Kayla is kissy, huggy, fun and interactive. This girl wishes to be part of the action and loves being the center of attention. While she does have some energy to spare, in part due to her smaller size/stature, she's pretty easy to walk/manage. A good natured, happy, happy girl, Kayla has a thinning coat (for now) but is working hard at getting it back to a full and shiny state. Her personality is so big and welcoming however, it's possible you don't even notice the temporary thin coat and only see her infectious smile, swiveling hips and welcoming, huggy paws!

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During intake Koda was very energetic and just loved attention. After a while of calming down in the A/C he laid down and went to sleep. While walking on a leash, he began to pull a little, but with a few corrections he was fine. 35lbs; 2 yrs old; hw-; 9/7

More about me Sept 24: Should we play favorites?  Well, our good friend Koda says "Yes, we should play favorites" especially if HE is the favorite one.  Koda is an adorable, cute, appealing mid-sized guy who clearly caught the eye of one of our volunteers during photo time.  Every time I looked around,  she was with him!  But, could you blame her?  Very friendly, goofy, playful and engaging,  Koda had the best time self entertaining as he picked up and carried toys around in his mouth.  Give him a quick shout out and he's running your way in search of a belly rub and or soft snuggle session.  A great choice for kids,  Koda is very soft mouthed and we had no issues in taking toys from his mouth and even did some kid antics on him...light tugging on ears/tail/mouth ears etc, and he was great!  No problems.  Koda tested really well with both male and female dogs and seamlessly and playfully interacted with them.  Need a family dog?  Koda is the dog for you.

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Koda and Bongo


Brindle male, so loving wants to lay in your lap or cuddle you. He DOES NOT like cats. He ran poor salsa up the tree when he came out of the Oasis area. Also did a skin scrape on him and saw nothing. Came in with Kayla. 9/27; hw-; 25lbs; 1 yr old; bully

Who says real men can't wear pink? Just ask our cutie pie, Kory! Found as a stray with bully friend Kayla, Kory is a social, super playful guy who just wants to have fun. You'll need to take a double take on this smaller framed fellow as he looks and feels a lot like a pup but he's an adult. Nicely mixing, mingling, playing and acting silly with both male and female dogs and his new human friends, Kory's size and temperament is ideally suited for folks spanning the ages. A real head turner with his muted brindle coat, Phantom of the Opera masked face and tall bat ears, Kory is one cool, cuddly, kissy, wiggly, appealing guy. Check him out today! Note: He looks a lot like a Pharoah hound in person.

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Lady was brought in as a owner surrender and she was not too happy about being in a new environment. After giving her some time to trust us, we were finally able to do her intake. Lady is very confused on why she is here, and she is missing her owners but she is very sweet. During intake she walked on a leash very well, and in the med room she would come up to you letting you pet her as if she was willing to let herself trust us. GSd; 62lbs; HW+; 5 yrs old; 8/31; O/S- Ex Wife's dog. Reportedly good with other dogs and kids.

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Lando - Teen- Sponsored for pull fees

Lando was originally adopted from us back in December. However, his adopters were an older couple, and they are not able to handle his energy level. Lando is a very playful, energetic, younger dog. He is very sweet and friendly, and loves to play. He walks well on a leash, and did well during his intake also. HW-; 10mos old; hound mix; 7/10; 45lbs

More about me: Footloose, fancy and free! Our lanky lovebug Lando is everything you would expect from a teen doggy. This happy guy is fun and interactive and is just begging for a playmate! Never meeting a stranger, he's fast out of the blocks and ready to get the most out of his play session. Lando loves soaking up any attention/affection you can send his way and is more than happy to return it 10 fold. A skilled, kissy, crowd worker Lando is clearly wasting his pet skills sitting in a kennel day in and day out. Do yourself a favor today and ask about Lando today and then, let the good times roll!

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O/S- She escapes the yard with Tinker and is not the best fan of cats or small animals. During Layla intake, she is not as sociable as Tinker. She's very shy and nervous. While getting her picture she would not open her eyes and when you go to touch her she closes her eyes crouching down. HW+; 2 yrs old; lab mix; 6/26; 47lbs. Reportedly good with kids. Update: Had surgery mid August to correct her Entropian eyes.

Foster Update Oct 25: her eyes are fine. She's the perfect little dog. Crate trained, walks well on a leash, gets along well with other dogs. She's smart, goes to the door when she wants to go outside and knows how sit and shake.

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Foster Time

Foster Time

Foster Time

Leroy- aka Roo Roo

very sweet, friendly and energetic. He was very interested in the cats, but hasnt been around them. He was surrendered with his brother Duke. HW-; 8/30; lab mix; reportedly good with kids and other dogs. 46lbs; 1.5 yrs old

More about me Sept 24: Kid tested and doggy approved!   Our sleek, handsome boy Roo Roo will have you at "Hello."  You'll not find a shy bone in this interactive, fun guy who loves to go and do.  Toys were not of much interest for our lab but hanging out with humans and other dogs certainly made his day.   A more solid guy at 46lbs, Roo Roo has a playful, goofy side to him and while he happily trotted around exploring our fenced in area, his real desire was to be part of the action either with his new human and or doggy friends.  Testing well with both male and female dogs, his temperament and personality is a great match for slightly older/more sturdy kids but no cats for him please.  A happy, well balanced, approachable dog, Roo Roo will have all the neighbors talking when they see his dancing tail and friendly smile in your front yard. 

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RooRoo and Motley

RooRoo and Motley


Lilo- **Brought in with Stitch 1949. Lilo was brought in by AC as a stray pickup. She is very nervous and scared and does not walk on a leash. While doing her intake, she was frozen in one place. HW+; lab mix; 42lbs; 8/17; 5 yrs old

August 31Update: Lilo is a very sweet girl. She arrived as a stray with Stitches who really looks just like her...he's a guy though. Lilo is a good girl who is very shy. When i went into her kennel and draped the leash around her neck, she slowly stood up and even more slowly walked to the front of her kennel where she froze with fear! Poor girl. I wound up carrying her to our front open field where with time she was finally able to start to relax and we also got some smiles out of her. When she was alone in one of the fenced in yards, she did get up slowly to scoot around and explore on her own. She is very meek and docile and wants to make herself look and feel very small. She's not wanting to be noticed. She is not at all nippy and was not shaking when i was carrying her around and did not feel particularly nervous as i toted her around either. She never did walk on the leash while we had her in the front area and we carried her back to her kennel.

Lilo seemed very content simply sitting, relaxing and chilling with us in the shade, along with a couple of other dogs who were with us. The other dogs kept coming up to her to say 'Hi" and she was very welcoming of their advances. I think for her new home, it will be rather important that she has other dogs or dog to help show her the ropes. I think she will be at a loss without other dogs to guide her along. Certainly, a quiet, patient family will also be a good match for her. I think Lilo could make a wonderful companion pet if given the chance. She is cute, cute and more cute and with time and other dogs to help her along, I think she could be a really fun little dog.

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Lilo and Xavier

Lilo and Xavier


As a volunteer was transporting some dogs from bridge for meet and greets, she noticed a dog laying in the grass. She stopped and tried to get him to come to her but he just looked at her. I went out with some canned food and treats, it took a couple of tries with the scary lead but he came right up to get the food beside me.  During intake we noticed he does have a hurt leg, but no open wounds on it. Loki is super sweet and was willing to trust me in helping him.10/9; hw-; 48lbs; 5 yrs old; 10/9


Loui was brought in by Greg V. earlier today. He explained that the previous owner is no longer allowed to have dogs and cannot keep him anymore. Greg also explained that Loui has separation anxiety and doesn't like to be left alone. Loui is a sweet dog and walks well on a leash. He does seem to be a little confused, but that is to be expected. 51lbs; bully mix; 7yrs old; 8/16; HW+

Update August 24: Favorite things to do... Snuggle, ask for belly rubs, run, play and romp around.  Rinse, lather and repeat!  We checked in with friendly, affectionate Loui the other day and found this list of faves to do!  This very handsome grey/brown brindle bully mix has lost the only home he has ever known and is hoping to find a new one soon.  Now middle aged at 7yrs,  this guy has experience and knows how to get the pet job done.  Loui is a happy, playful sort who ran and scooted around our play yard self entertaining for a good while.  Add a human to the mix and he's flat on his back wiggling around with great joy in search of a much needed belly rub from his new human friend.   Loui found a kindred soul in River, a lovely female middle aged dog, who was also in our front area for pics and evaluation.   Loui, like River, is a more confident dog and that seemed to make for a good match for both of them.   Loui loves attention and affection from his humans and nicely chilling and giving them quiet company gives him much pleasure.   Loui was a bit confused when he first arrived...and who wouldn't be??...but as nicely as he has now settled in,  still it's not home and he really needs one.  Please, do yourself and Loui a favor by asking about him today.  

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Loui and River

Loui and River

Lou Lou

Lou Lou was surrendered by her owner a former animal control officer. Lou Lou was never seen by a vet after leaving the shelter. However she is HW negative!!! Lou Lou is very sweet she is not good with toddlers and pee pad trained. She has not been spayed! She did great during intake. very sweet girl. 3 yrs old; hw-; 42lbs; 8/26; shep mix

More about me Sept 24: Pretty lady Lou Lou would sure love to meet you!  This stunning lady with the semi-cupped ears and grand smile is friendly, well mannered and loves interacting with her humans.  Testing well with both male and female dogs,  she would exchange in a series of sniffs and other body checks but is not one to bow down and run and play with other dogs.   She seemed less interested in the other dogs and more interested in checking out her surroundings and then coming when we called to her.  She did well off leash with 3 other dogs.  Lou Lou is a sweet, good natured girl who enjoyed hanging out with our youth volunteer- in particular,  she loved the base of tail scratches her new little friend gave her!  Lou Lou interviews really well with her slightly doting and always welcoming of others feel.  Plan on folks stopping you to ask your new dog's name as she garners a lot of attention.  Oh, and your new dog's name is Lou Lou.  LOL 

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Lou Lou and Bongo

Lou Lou and Bongo


Lucas was brought in by a community member as a stray along with 2039. The man explained that he tried to keep them but could not find their owner/ take care of them. During his intake he was a little nervous but was very sweet. He also walks well on a leash. Reportedly good with other dogs and kids. HW+; lab mix; 8/28; 54lbs; 2 yrs old. No cats for Lucas. He is very calm, easy going-great with other dogs.

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Maya was brought in by AC as a stray. During her intake she was very sociable and energetic. She walks fairly well on a leash. bully mix; 45lbs; 2 yrs old; hw-; 7/24

More about me Sept 7: I found a friend in Barkley today! My name is Maya and I'm a bit of a busy bee, loving to go and do! With extra love and energy to spare, not all dogs seem to appreciate my play style so imagine how excited I was when I found my labby friend! He seemed to immediately understand me for me and he made me smile! All of the humans I meet always make me smile. I'm a playful, happy girl who is a skilled army, belly crawler and one who also enjoys the simple joy of chilling by her person. I think you'll agree that I'm quite the striking gal with my sleek white coat with black polka dot accents. I'm not one to spend the whole day on a sofa so if you're looking for a more active companion pet who is up for pretty much any adventure, well gosh, I'd sure love to meet you! Please ask for me Maya, today!

Videos: FriendBarkley FriendAva


O/S- 7/24; Very overwhelmed at shelter hence delayed intake; bully; 2 yrs old; 57lbs; 10/8 intake; 2 yrs old


Missy was brought as a stray from AC. Missy is a little shy when she first meets you, but is very sweet. She walked well on a leash for one of our volunteers, and did well during her intake. 2 yrs old; hw-; 7/29; hound; 44lbs

More about me: Missy is such a good natured, sweet, sweet girl!  We loved how she effortlessly pranced over to both male and female dogs to introduce herself and then attempted to start some soft bowing down and play time with them.  An ideal match for a home pre-stocked with slightly more sturdy kids and certainly other dogs,  she is a beautiful lady ready to make her new human(s) smile.  Just 2 yrs old and a very manageable size of 44lbs, Missy is a wee bit shy when you first meet, but just hang with her a little bit and watch her blossom into an adorable, goofy girl right before your eyes.  Get in on the ground floor of this stunning lady by asking about her today! 

Oct 9 Event Update: Missy was great at the Panting for Paws. She loved meeting people and dogs and did so without hesitation. She loved the attention and was especially drawn to children-of all sizes. She didn’t jump up on anyone-just met them calmly and politely and took treats nicely- Although she was more interested in my granola bar than the dog treats!

When the other dogs got excited and barked before the race started she didn’t join in the barking, she just calmly waited by my side. We did the walk together and she was the perfect partner. She really seemed to love getting out. Missy has good leash skills and she kept us at a good pace without too much lallygagging. We were like minded in that respect -on a mission to walk. She wasn’t too interested in wasting time- she had new places to see and sniff- like a good hound should. Missy is a confident, sweet dog with lower energy and good manners. She’ll be a great family dog.

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Missy and Arya

Molly - Teen- Sponsored for pull fees

By golly, it's our Boxer Girl Molly! No chance you could overlook this pretty in pink lady as you walk our busy kennel run. Teen sensation Molly is front and center in her kennel and ready to go and do and make new friends. Arriving rather ribby, poor girl really needs to add on some pounds. Molly is friendly, social, loves to run and explore, has a bit of an independent streak and is mighty curious! Molly does not have much interest in toys and was clearly interested in meeting and joining other dogs who were out loose and running. Once she met them however, she happily trotted along and did her own thing! As a teen, Molly still has some fun, zoomie feel to her (nothing crazy) and if you look closely/quickly, you will see a mini, white lightning bolt right on the top of her head! Our youth volunteer Luna proudly pointed out this novel feature to us. So what are you waiting for? You know Molly is your girl so please, come and get her and fix her a great home cooked meal while you are at it! Note: O/s- boxer; 9 mos old; hw-; 6/3; 38lbs

More about me Sept 7: By Golly!! Miss Molly still has not found a home. How can that be?? Molly is such a good sport. This sleek jacketed gal is SOOOO good with everyone. She has seemingly grown up right before our eyes and it's really amazing that she has not given up hope on landing her new pet job. Clearly Molly is an optimist and she's more than happy to share her cheery, happy outlook on life with all who cross her path. Molly loves to run and play, wrestle, wiggle and then crash and chill with her newfound doggy and or human friends. Molly's book is wide open and ready for YOU to fill it up with days of grand adventure, hanging out with kids, strolling the neighborhood and or simply snuggling and being with her new family. It's hard to not fall for her sunny face and softly jiggly hips. Our jolly Molly really needs to put her already fine tuned pet skills to work. Let it be with you!

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Molly and Morris

Molly and Asher

Odin and Molly

Odin and Molly


Moo was brought in by AC. Moo is the sweetest. During intake he was very well mannered and laid down for the whole intake. Once you start to rub him, he will continue to get close to you for you to continue. We also noted during intake he was neutered but no microchip. He has to be someone's dog and not just a stray. hw-; bully; 9/9; 57lbs; 3 yrs old

More about me Oct 12: "What! You would like for me...yes, come with you?"  Super handsome boy Moo looked a bit baffled when we reached for him for photo time. Poor guy had gone for weeks without any interest on any level and now,  finally he had a visitor.  Boy were we glad we stopped by to get to know Moo!  Moo is so much fun and while he was a little tenative in exiting the busy shelter yard, in no time,  Moo knew all was well, he was walking like a champ on the leash and ready to give back big time in our front play yard.   Moo was excellent in meeting other dogs.  Very good boy!   He tends to be a little on the submissive side and will stretch out and go a bit flat but then pops right back up to get in on the fun.  Moo is a happy, infectious dog who is generous in showing his affection to you.  Once you meet him,  you will desire more and more time with him.  Huggy and kissy and snuggly,  Moo is a more solid boy at 57lbs, but he's a dream to manage, easy on the leash and is not one to throw around his heft.   Moo was equally at ease mixing/mingling with the humans as he was with other dogs.   A good match for a home with other dogs and or older/more sturdy kids (only because of his size- not energy level), Moo is a very appealing, happy go lucky fellow.  Great choice for a family pet! 

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Moo and Ginny

Moo and Nyla

Morgan- Senior

Morgan is a very sweet, gentle, older girl. She walks very well on a leash, and did well during her intake too. 48lbs; hound; 7yrs old; 7/21; HW+; adopted from us in 2018. Owner died.


Motley was seized from the sheriff's department. Motley is a very sweet, playful, lovable dog. He walks well on a leash, and did well during his intake also. he came in with Dawn, Farrah and Lizzie. 7/21; 68lbs; bully mix; HW+

More about me Sept 24: Fun and goofy and silly plus, our 70+ pound bully mix Motley is a huge smile maker! Who else but Motley would roll over on his back in the middle of a photo shoot or a dog test? Well, this is Motley's modus operandi! Arriving with 3 other female bullies, Motley was terrific in meeting new female doggies as well as a male dog. Very, very unflappable and such a happy, foot-loose fancy free sort, Motley is everyone's immediate best friend. Appropriately nicknamed Mr All Smiles all the Time, Motley has an infectious, fun puppy feel to him and truly, every day is an awesome day for this brawny boy. Please let us know if Motley sounds like your kind of guy as we'd love to set you up with him.

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Motley and Roo Roo

Motley and Roo Roo

Motley and Roo Roo

Motley and Roo Roo

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