Pets in Need (f-m)

F x 5 Pups 

These pups were brought in as strays by animal control with their mother. They are so sweet and cuddly. They are too old to be nursing still, so we had to separate mom from pups.  strays; lab mix; 6 wks old; all males except Fancy and Fiona!  2.5- 5 lbs each.  3/23






Falkner- Teen

Foster update Feb 21, 2023: Falkner came into foster with me in August 2022 as a 10 week old puppy along with his siblings, the Fx10 litter.  He was adopted locally on November 18, 2022, after the Tractor Supply Adoption event.  At the January adoption event, his adopter was there and talked with Wendy M and Kim V.  He told them that Falkner was not doing well.  He was basically shut down and just stayed in his kennel all the time.  He was scared and wouldn't have anything to do with the adopter.  He said that he would come out, only at night, to play with the resident female dog.  I called him and made arrangements to pick up Falkner and bring him home to see if I could figure out what was happening with him.  When I got there, he had a nice, fenced area set up for him at his car repair business.  Plenty of room to run, a nice igloo dog house and shade.  He told me that Falkner never warmed up to him.  He even brought him inside the business to give him more interaction, but it did not work.  He seemed terrified of men, particularly.  It hurt my heart when I saw him like that.  He was in his dog house when I got there.  I called his name and he wagged his tail, but he was stuck in that kennel with fear. We had to drag him out and I leashed him and tried walking him to my car.  Honestly, he could not get out of there fast enough.  He jumped in the back of my car without me even having to help him and the whole way home I was trying to figure out where I was going to put him.  He obviously needed to decompress, but I was afraid he would not even come to me.  It was like a light switch went off when I got him home and out of the car.  He jumped up on me and gave me kisses all over my face.  He was a completely different dog, more like the boy I knew him to be when he was with me the first time.  I put him in my backyard with my big dogs and he ran and ran and ran.  If a dog can smile, I know he had the biggest one on his face at that moment.  He was happy again and it brought me to tears.  He is loving life now.  He plays with my other dogs and we have not had any issues with him other than he likes to bury his bones and treats for later.  In his youthful exuberance, he can play a little rough sometimes so my little dogs are not too fond of him when they go out to potty.  He respects them and backs off when they grump at him.  I would say he would be best with medium to large sized dogs and probably even older children.  He still jumps up on me for attention and when I go out to spend time with him.  He still shows some fearfulness, even with me sometimes.  My dad is able to pet him and he comes to him, most of the time without any hesitation. Even with me, he will shy away as I approach him sometimes.  I make sure he settles down and I try to redirect his fear when it happens.  I give him some positive attention, hugs and kisses, and he receives it just fine.  He is highly food motivated, so we are working on sit and waiting his turn for treats.  I am purposeful about not scolding him too much for that.   I took him out for photos Sunday and he was easily spooked by noise. He does pretty well on the leash, but could use some more time with that. The neighbors were doing some yard work and he would surge away from me with the blower and chainsaw noise.  I would probably label him as a "flight risk" if we were fortunate enough to secure rescue for him.   TA

He is a wonderful boy and is very affectionate and loving.  I had him retested for HW and that test was negative.  He is up to date on all of his shots and meds now.  He has already been neutered and is microchipped.  

Farrah- sponsored for pull fees; July 2021 Intake 

Farrah is a very sweet girl. She walks well on a leash, and did well during her intake. bully mix; 7/21/21; 52lbs; 3 yrs old;  Treated for hw's.  Ready for a home!

Update August 31, 2021: Do redheads have more fun?  Just ask our pretty lady Farrah!   Farrah is a super fun, happy girl always on the hunt for a good time.   Solid and strapping at 52lbs,  she along with her best friends (1 male and 2 female dogs) were seized by the sheriff due to concerns for their overall care.  Luckily for Farrah, her only health concern is testing positive for heartworms and is at a good, appropriate weight- which was not the case for all of her friends.  We enjoyed Farrah's upbeat personality and her desire to catch that next slice of adventure just right around the corner!   Farrah is a very sweet, snuggly, affectionate lady who is generous with her kisses, hip swivels and her playful antics.  She did well in testing with other dogs, both male and female. She is confident and eager to meet other dogs and happily trots over to say "hi" with a full, wagging tail and grin on her face.   Farrah keeps the good times rolling right along and would be nicely suited in a more active home where she can get out and stretch her legs.   Don't forget to have a nice soft spot where she can rest her pretty head and sleek, toned body! 

Foster Update Feb 10, 2022: ”Farrah is my foster. She has been with me since November. One of our angels saw that Farrah was getting passed over, so they paid for her heartworm treatment. Yep! Just to help our friend. Today Farrah is a happy, friendly girl who is eager to make her person or people happy. She is a quick study and already knows sit. 🙂 She is ready for a family of her own.”

May 6, 2022 Update: Farrah was out to help Brandon and to show her awesomeness.  Farrah is a friendly girl and in her foster home is friends with a variety of dogs, from a senior golden retriever, to teen pup as well as a couple of small breed dogs. Farrah met Scooby and Stellar. 

Videos: FriendSteele FriendJulius FriendDawn FriendAva FosterPlea  HumanFriend FriendStellar


Farrah and Sally

Farrah and Sally


Farris was brought in as a stray. Some of his ear was severed at some point but had healed back and just hangs there. It doesn’t seem painful to him. He has a cherry eye as well. Garris did good for his intake. He is very well mannered and let us do whatever we needed to do.. he is HW negative.  lab mix; 52lbs; 2-3 yrs old; 3/9


Flynn was brought in as a stray by animal control. He is very sweet and friendly and walks well on a leash. He is very easy going and is just standing next to me watching me type this email. He is Negative.  3/7; hw-; 53lbs; hound; 2-3 yrs old.  Some folks from the community mentioned how sweet he is and how bad they felt that he left the school. Loves kids and fine with dogs based on community report.  TA

Frankie Valli- Pup

Frankie was brought in as a community member who said he wandered up in their yard. He is sweet and friendly, and he Loves to bark and howl. We named him after a famous singer with a higher singing voice.  lab; stray; 18lbs; 14wks old;  3/18

G x 7

These pups were surrendered by a community member who wanted to foster until we found homes for them. She told us the mother is a bernese mountain dog x lab and she did not know who the father was. They are only 6-7 weeks old and already very large.  lab mix; 10-12 lbs each; 3/23 








Genevieve - sponsored for pull fees and HW treatment

Mom to the g x 2 pups. Genevieve is absolutely darling. She did come to us with an anal prolapse and went straight to AAH. She has nicely healed. She is HW: Positive. She is very very loving and was in a house with kids that loved her. She was housed with another female dog and they got along fine. Her DOB is July 27 2020 per her owner. 1/9; 2.5 yrs old; pointer; no weight


Nov 2022 Update: Gunner is a handsome young (1-2 yrs) American Staffordshire terrier mix. He has the clown-like temperament that advocates of this breed love! He is extremely focused and eager to learn, and he will thrive in a home with an experienced dog owner who believes in the potential of this breed. Gunner has a soft mouth (takes toys and treats gently) so he can easily be trained with rewards. Gunner is very smart, and he quickly learned the routines in his current foster home. Gunner is crate trained and comes when called. He loves to romp and play with a male or female canine playmate, and he respects the other dogs at his foster home. Gunner will be happiest in a home with older children (due to his playfulness) and canine friends who match his play style. His exuberance and stamina will make him a good companion dog for an active family with a fenced yard for playtime. He is submissive to the dogs in his foster home when a correction is needed. Even though he is an active young boy, another high energy playmate at his foster home was recently too much for him. He looked for his foster mom to take him back inside. Gunner is tender-hearted and eager to please his family. Intake: hw-; 10/26/2021


7/13/22; 36lbs; 6 mos old; lab mix; hw-.  Believed to be sibing to Brinkley. He did great with Gypsy in the play groups today, so we kenneled Gypsy with him in an OPR to help him.

Update Dec 30: Hershey is a beautiful chocolate Lab mix. She needs a family who is experienced with dogs who need socialization. Hershey is submissive and sweet, and she loves other dogs. However, because she was left to grow up in someone's yard without much human contact, she is not sure how to be a pet or how to belong to a family of her own. In foster care she is learning leash-walking and crate training. She trusts her foster mom more every day. She yearns for someone to trust who can teach her how to be a part of a family. She makes progress every day. A home with a canine companion for Hershey is a must. If you are willing to take the challenge of helping Hershey realize that life can be wonderful, and if you are experienced with a fear-based dog like her, consider helping Hershey.

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H x 5 Pups

The Hx5 were brought in as strays, they had been found and were trying to hide. They were grabbed up before getting stuck under a shed. They are about 8 weeks.  no breed; about 6.5lbs each; 3/14






3 of the 5!


He is very sweet, and has excellent manners. He walks somewhat okay on a leash, I do believe he was just excited to get out and walk around. Holland is heartworm positive.  2.5 yrs old; bully mix; 2/1; 54lbs

Videos: HappyMe

Imagine Pup

O/S; Elderly person can no longer manage her.  Came in with 2 siblings -both now safe.  2/2; 5 mos old; terrier mix; about 20lbs each. Ivy is the mom.


Ivy was brought in as a surrender to animal control with 3 of her pups, I x 3 pups.  The elderly person can no longer care for them.  Ivy is very sweet and friendly. She walks pretty well on a leash. lab mix; 1/26; 1 yr old; 49lbs; HW+

More about me Feb 15: IVY is a doll baby.  Just saying.  This more recent mom arrived with her 3 puppies (now 5 months old) and was she ready to exit and leave her family behind to get her glam pictures?   Well, heck yes!!  LOL.   Ivy was superb during her outing.  This girl immediately stepped up to the plate as she beautifully posed for pics and then met doggy and doggy again with skill and grace that all the dogs found appealing.    At a year old,  Ivy still has a silly, playful feel to her and as if to celebrate her brief reprieve from her needy pups, periodically we caught her in cat zoomie mode, sprinting in tight circles as if to say, "I'm so happy.  I'm free of THEM!"   Ivy is sweet, friendly and has a great disposition.  Social and wishing to be a part of the action, she was easy to manage and was easy to reach for as we determined who next needed a dog test.  She was very solid in this area.   She's up to a light game of wrestling with other dogs if they too are of this type.   Ivy is a great girl that made us smile.  Sporting a more trim physique, with white on her chest and freckles around her muzzle,  Ivy is a very approachable, appealing girl who interviews like a pro.   She'd surely love for you to experience her for yourself.

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FriendLincoln DoggyFriends DoggyFriends

J x 5 Pups

These pups were brought in by a community member who could not find them a home. They are too small and thin for vaccinations. They were full of worms when they arrived, and scarfing down food and water like they had never had it before. no breed; 2/27;  2.5-3.5 lbs each; 6 wks old




Jorden- male


Jethro- sponsored for HW treatment 

stray; HW+; lab mix; 3-4 yrs old; 43lbs; Came in with Astrid, Linus, and Doodle. 10/12/22

More about me Jan 5: I'm snuggly sweet and I love almost nothing more than giving my human a soft hug and wet nose kiss.   Self activating and playing with a tennis ball is a very close runner up to "Things I enjoy most."    Seems I have been at the shelter forever and as I look on the calendar, well I have.  It's been nearly 3 months since I arrived as a stray.   You should have seen how excited I was when I saw the lady with the leash approaching my kennel and then actually reaching to get me out.  Oh, dreams do come true!  I could not have been more pleased to be let loose to jog around in the photo area.  A little sun on my shoulders and some grass beneath my feet just does the doggy's soul good.   Folks describe me as playful, friendly, affectionate and doting.   I seek out the humans to make sure they feel loved and I in turn enjoy having them pet and love on me.   I met several doggies during photo time and I was just never 100% at ease with them.   It's nothing that they nor I did in particular but the humans could see I would get tense around them so they gave me and them plenty of space and time to check out each other.   I'm hoping I get another chance for a meet and greet as I arrived with 3 other doggies who were my pals.  Please send relaxation thoughts my way with the hopes I am able to broaden my doggy friend horizon.  Even if that is not to be my fate and YOU are happy to have me as your one and only, I'd be so honored to oblige you.  Thanks for checking in on me.   JETHRO

More about me March 14: Super handsome boy JETHRO is cute and what a "Fun Size" he is!  A very attractive, appealing guy,  his dark brindle coat is most enticing and his sweet little square face will make you say, "Ahhhh!"   Graced with a happy, social, let's go and do and explore personality,  once again Jethro did OK in meeting other dogs but he is prone to acting like the Top Dog and shows dominance over them.   He was fine in meeting other dogs however we felt only very submissive dogs might be a good match for him.  If he could speak,  our playful, social, busy body might say, "If you have me by your side, why on earth would you need another doggy anyway?"   And so Jethro asks a good question!  Left to his own devices,  Jethro was a hoot to watch as he self entertained carrying different toys around in his mouth and simply enjoying the grass below his paws and the sun warming his back.  It's unanimous that we all like this compact, mid size fella and if you are in need of a single doggy man in your life, Jethro would surely love for you to come on by and check him out. You'll be glad you did! 

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March Adoption Event

Jimmy- Teen 

Jimmy was found by a community member with his two siblings. They were covered in fleas and suffered from hair loss as a result. Scared and not feeling well in the shelter, a volunteer took them home to foster. There, they have learned to play with other dogs large and small and kitty cats too. They are crate trained and eat meals and sleep in  their crates. They confidently go in and out of the house at their foster home.They do need a patient hand for them to get used to their new surroundings and warm up to their new family. Jimmy's sister and brother have families of their own. Although Jimmy loves his foster brothers and sisters, he does need a family of his own.  Jimmy is a beautiful lab mix with a glossy thick black coat that Labs are known for. In a family with other dogs, love, and patience, his confidence will grow.  8mos old as of 2/12/23; lab; 40lbs.  Posted Feb 12,2023.  12/30/22 intake. 

3/17/2023: Jimmy is doing great in his foster home.  He has learned routines of bedtime in his crate, going out with his friends for potty and play, and coming inside for meals. When he barks, he tries to be loud like a big Lab, but Jimmy is just a sweet, tender-hearted young Labby boy.  He submits and sometimes tinkles when his foster mom approaches him. He then bashfully basks in the hugs and cuddles!   He is a nice size at only 40 lbs and 9 months old; he will build more muscle as an adult but still should remain no more than 50 lbs. Jimmy is a great choice for someone who loves the Lab breed and who wants to rescue a once-stray, forgotten puppy. Jimmy has the temperament of a rescue dog; he is so grateful and appreciative of being a part of a family. He is great with children and other dog.


Juliette was brought in as a stray by animal control with her running partner Romeo. They were both very skinny. Juliette is very sweet and gentle and walks very well on a leash. She is HW positive. We are estimating that she is at least 6 years old. 2/27; HW+; shep mix;  6yrs old; 50lbs (Very thin).

K x 5 Pups

These sweet babies came in today from he same place as the Dx3 girls, at the same time. They were completely covered in fleas. A few have some hair loss thats most likely from the flea infestation. They got baths. They are a little shy but all at their tails and most will come up to you. lab; 7-10lbs each;  3/6; 13 wks old






K x 2 Pups- safe

Kehlani and Karlee came in through animal control as strays. They were very sweet but shy at first. Karlee came in first on 2/14/23 and her sibling came on 2/15/23.  8wks old; lab mix; 7lbs


Kahleesi was brought in from Hartsville Fire Department.  She a happy happy girl who makes everyone smile who sees her and walks politely by other dogs and cats.  lab/dane; 63lbs; 2/2; 2-3 yrs old; hw-

Videos: WatchMeCatch HappyMe


Katara was brought in as a stray by Hartsville Fire Department. She is very sweet and gentle. She did a little tappy toe dance when I gave her treats. It was so cute. She is HW positive.  terrier mix; 41lbs; 1/30; 2 yrs old

Feb 25 Paws Around the PeeDee Event: Katara went out and about Hartsville this past Saturday…her foster Mom has this to say “anyone looking for a social butterfly? Katara had the best day yesterday saying hello to every person who was within leash length while doing the #PawsAroundThePeeDee fox hunting adventure in Hartsville. She walked with Humprey, & then later ran into Teddy at Purrs McBarkin'.  She loves to stand on her hind legs while you give her some loving. She also loves to lay in your lap. Katara is one of the lucky dogs because she is in a foster home. She is crate trained, & has not had any accidents in her crate, or in the house. She also knows how to sit which makes me believe that she had a home once. She loves all people, and dogs. She just wants to play & a home with other dogs & kids would be great for her.”

March 25 Event: KATARA rocked it at the Black Jack event, with the cutest tee shirt.  She’s 💕available for rescue or adoption!  Katara arrived as a stray, she’s a 40lb, 2 year old heart worm postive bully mix.  Staff said upon her arrival that she was sweet, gentle and did a little tippy toe dance when they gave her treats.  Katara gets along well with other dogs, cat friendly, is crate trained, house trained and loves her person.  This sweetie needs a home! 💕Katara and her foster Mom were at Black Jack Harley-Davidson adoption event. They spent most of the time walking around and Katara loved meeting everybody, giving kisses.  Once she got home she was jammed up against foster Mom and resident dog Genie and had a nice nap.  

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Kevin (Aka Carter)

Kevin was brought in as a stray by Hartsville Fire Department. He is very sweet and walks well on a leash. He is HW positive.  lab mix; 72lbs; 5 yrs old; 1/4

More about me Feb 14: What a great looking, appealing dog!  All the heads are turning when KEVIN arrives and for good reason.  A larger, more hunky guy,  Kevin is super, super handsome.  Welcoming all with a huge grin on his face and a tail that never stops wagging, you'll find it hard to leave this great dog's side.  For big dog lovers,  Kevin is your kind of dog at over 70lbs!  Very friendly, engaging and ready to love on his human,  Kevin is not one to leave on the sidelines.  We had him out with both male and female dogs and he wishes to play with them all.  He errs on the more dominant side however so dogs who are more submissive and or who won't want to challenge him will hit it off with him seamlessly.  Kevin is a playful, active guy who is loaded with personality plus!  Described by a volunteers as a "Big, goofy, very lovable doggy," Kevin makes a statement no matter where he goes and to be in the spot light,  surely suits his pet style.  Kevin was brought over from Bridge Boarding for his photo shoot at the shelter and when it was time for him to be loaded up into his crate in the car,  he hopped right in, settled down and smiled at us as we bid him adieu!  We had THE best time with Kevin and know you will as well.  Ask to meet Kevin today and we just know, he will be your new best friend.  

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Friend Barley

Friend Rosamarie

Korra- pup- safe

Shes super calm and sweet. A bit timid but will flourish in a home of her own. Loves to snuggle!! 21 weeks, spayed and up to date on all shots. Crate trained and walks well on a leash. Posted 3/3


Kratos was a DCSO seizure because he was tied to a tree with no food or water. He is still in good spirits despite his background. He is HW positive. no breed; 12/21/22; 1 yr old; 53lbs. Indefinately on hold by the County. 

Video: FriendCannoli FriendCannoli FriendTobias FriendCannoli


Lasagna was a dcso seizure case. She is very sweet and friendly. She walks well on a leash and is Hw positive. Came in with Tortellini. HW+; bully mix; 41lbs; 1 yr old; 9/6/22

Dec 21 Update: She goes to Purrs McBarkin' and Canines and Coffee at Coker. I am gaining weight, walking on a leash, and I know “sit.” I might even let you give me a belly rub.  We received some good news regarding our foster dog Lasagna!!! An issue that she has been facing can be repaired surgically! So, once we get her through that, as well as finish heartworm treatment, she will be ready for adoption. She is a sweet, well behaved pooch who loves nothing more than hanging out, pets, snuggles, and treats!!!  Loves to steal her person's shirt and snuggle with it. 

More about me March 13: Lasagna is in a foster home and is a sweet, well behaved pooch who loves nothing more than hanging out, pets, snuggles, and treats!!!  Loves to steal her person's shirt and snuggle with it.  She gets along well with the resident dogs, walks well on a leash,  does well riding in the car and knows the sit command.  Lasagna is a calm, mellow dog and politely met Cleo and Gizmo during playgroups at the shelter.  She’s looking for a comfy couch and a person to snuggle with.

Videos: FriendGizmo FriendCleo

Liberty- New mom of 9 pups!  Mid March DOB

Liberty was brought in as a stray by a community member. She is sweet and gentle. HW negative. 1/13; pointer mix; 49lbs; 1 yr old; 45lbs

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I'm a mom! 

9 New pups in March. Surprise!

New Pics March 23


Arnie and Lightning were surrendered with their mother, Cookie. They both walk pretty well on a leash and Are both HW negative. 51lbs; 3/2; catahoula; hw-; 6 yrs old. Lightening (6 yrs old, hw-, catahoula mix; 55lbs). Abandoned by friend.

Videos: DoggyFriends Fetching! SmartMe!




Lincoln was brought in as a stray from Hartsville. A little shy but let us do his intake with no issues at all.   HW+; lab mix; 54lbs; stray; 3-4 yrs old; 12/29

More about me Feb 15: I love my humans soooo very much and other dogs, well I like them as well.  When I arrived quite some time ago,  I was feeling pretty shy and insecure.  During my photo outing,  I was anything but shy and I was happily walked right out of my kennel and loved on my new human friend.  The loving continued in the front photo area where I got super snuggly, kissy and was very generous with my affections towards my humans.  When I saw other dogs in other play areas,  I got barky and insecure.   I am not at my best at a fence line but the humans were patient and slowly brought over a few dogs for me and I really surprised them.  Perhaps I even surprised myself.  I found that the dogs were a OK and I wound up off leash with several.  I am admittedly very awkward in meeting dogs.  I just don't know how so I get out of sorts.  My humans gave me extra time to do the sniffing on new dogs as they came in and also some slow walks gave me a chance to gauge the unknown dog.  In the end,  so long as I had time to check 'em out,  I did well and quickly lost interest in them and sought out my humans for some TLC time.  By nature, I am very sweet and gentle and chilling with my humans is really the best kind of time for me.   We now know I am open to other dogs so perhaps a new window of opportunity has opened which will guide me to my new home.  I'm hopeful and grateful for this new chance.  Thank you for tuning in.  Wag, wag.  LINCOLN

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Liquorice was brought in as a stray from Darlington. He is very polite and submissive. He enjoyed being out of his kennel and walked well on the leash.  HW-; 2/8/22; 42lbs; lab mix; 1-2 yrs old; 

Update March 28: Check out that adorable face and ears and welcoming smile!!  Our sweet, sweet treat of a dog LIQUORICE earned high marks in all the pet categories, across the board.  Great with male/female dogs.   Good choice for kids.  Mild mannered with a touch of playfulness. Never met a stranger!   Liquorice is one cute, smaller framed fellow.  With his sleek black coat, white chest blaze and athletic frame,  he is just stinkin' cute folks!   Tipping the scales at 42lbs,  Liquorice is a sturdy guy who loves to run and play, give and receive attention and affection.  He quickly and easily settled into an off leash play group and had the best time mixing and mingling.   Our youth volunteer was immediately drawn to this fun sized guy and was the recipient of many hugs and kisses from him.  The feeling was very mutual and he reciprocated in kind.  A happy, very friendly guy, Liquorice is a real prize pet waiting for YOU to come and bring him on home.  Note:  Cats might be too enticing for Liquorice. 

July 10: We used Liquorice as our male tester dog part of the day.  He is a super friendly and happy boy.  Upon arriving at the play area he began bowing to his neighbors wanting someone to play with him. He played with the teen pups as well as several adult dogs.  He made the most of his time out.  He is wonderful!!


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Doggy Friends

Liza- Hospice 

This is Liza. She is a 7-8 year old shepherd mix in need of a hospice foster or forever home. Liza is heartworm positive and due to damage from the HW infection and inflammation in her lungs the vets do not think it is a good idea to spay her at this time or that she would be a candidate for HW treatment. She is on daily prednisone to help with the lung inflammation. She is a generally low energy lady who doesn’t need a lot of exercise and she shows no outward physical signs of her HW infection at this time.

Liza adores her person and if she had her way she would prefer to have all of the attention to herself. She is currently sharing her foster home with 3 other dogs and while she is able to co-exist with other polite low energy dogs, it is not her first choice.  She feels the need to keep tabs on everyone and it causes her anxiety to have to share her space.  Liza would much prefer to just be able to sit on the couch with her person and watch Netflix without having to worry about what the other pets are about. If she has to share her home with another dog, an older calm/aloof (neutered) male would likely be the best match. Liza is crate trained and content to remain crated overnight or while her person is out or at work. She doesn’t need a lot of exercise and would be happy with 2-3 short walks a day or a little time to explore the yard. She would chose to be with her person most of the time. 

Liza would do best in a calmer home without the excitement of young children. Not sure about cats. We would love for Liza to have a person to dote on her for whatever time she has left. Do you think you could give Liza her best life?  Shepard; 40lbs; Posted August 2022

Lorcan- pup

This pup was brought in as a stray from a community member. He is very sweet and very vocal when he wants attention.   stray; 3/9; lab mix; male;  9lbs; 6 wks old


Luke was brought in as an owner surrender after escaping from their fence. Could be because he isn’t altered. Who knows. We got the BARE minimum from his owners. His name was Luke so we kept it the same. He is shy and didn’t come up to us for any attention but would let us pet him and love on him. It’s obvious that he was an outside dog with little to no attention. He doesn’t really understand what’s going on. He was very very alert and aware of everything going on around him. He really needs a foster to help him socialize and fully trust humans.  He is HW: Positive. And aside of being a little shy he did very very well for his intake. He let us do everything we needed to do without any issues at all.  lab mix; 12/23;  64lbs; 3-4 yrs old

More about me March 11: Calm…Cool…Collected… Luke. What a delightful, handsome boy.  Walking with him on the leash is a breeze.  He stays right next to you and ignores all the barking dogs that we walk by. . He didn’t receive much attention in his prior home, which makes him appreciate the pets and snuggles so much more.  He really just enjoys you talking to him.  He looks up and his tail just wags like “You’re talking to me?” The more he gets out with people and other dogs, the more he comes to life. Today we all had big grins watching him play with a silly female hound, who decided she loved Luke.  He was rolling on his back while she zoomied around him and leaped on him.  He also helped a shy teen pup that we brought out, who started out very scared.  His calmness put her right at ease.  Luke has only shown us a medium to low energy level, mostly trotting or walking around sniffing, then coming in for some pets. He has tested well with males and females. I can picture him lying on a comfy bed with his very own family, getting some walks and snuggles.  He would be in heaven. Come meet Luke today!

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Madge was brought in as a stray. She is the mother to the Mx4 pups. She is scared and shy but did fine for her intake. She really really needs a foster if we hope to get her out of here!! She is so stressed in the intake building because it’s so Loud in there. She is HW:Positive and will not walk on a leash!  1/12; HW+; lab; 49lbs; 2 yrs old


Maeve came in as an individual surrender. A young woman found her and planned on keeping her. Unfortunately she was unable to keep her. She is very sweet and loving. She is heart worm negative.  no breed; 3 yrs old; 36lbs; 3/16


Marceline was brought in as a stray by a community member. She is very sweet and gentle. She walks well on a leash and is HW positive. She has a skin tag on her right eye, hair loss and a scar on her left hip. 1/5; bully mix; 4.5 yrs old; 45lbs

More about me Feb 14: Sweet and soft in her ways,  bully mix MARCELINE is such a great girl who does not ask for much.  Arriving as a stray,  a quick look at her body and you know life has been tough for her.  She's got some open sores on her paws, she has an awkward gait, hair loss and gheez, she's heartworm positive.  A fixer upper of sorts, but totally worth setting her down a new path towards wellness.  When you meet this quiet, unassuming lady,  you will want to help her, give her a mini hug and tell her life will get better for her.   Marceline is super polite and pretty slow and methodical as she pokes around and explores.  Likely, the best part for her during photo time was simply stretching out and enjoying the warmth of the sun on her fur.  Having a tennis ball in her mouth to massage around also brought her some simple joy.  She was great with every dog she met- male and female. She doesn't really pay much attention to any of them but with a few she might have every so slowly strolled on over to give them a sniff sniff.  Marceline would be perfect for almost any home environment.   A poofy bed and or sofa to call her own and more quiet, simple days would surely make for an ideal pet position for this delightful lady.   We can't wait to see who the lucky family is to welcome this incredible lady into their home to call their own.  What a prize pet she is! 

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Merida was brought in by animal control as a stray. She is sweet and loves belly rubs. She walks well on a leash and is HW negative. 51lbs; shepard mix; 1 yr old; 11/29

More about me Feb 15: What a beauty!!  MERIDA is stunning folks.  Stunning.  This poised, classy husky mix is turning all the heads and her impeccable manners and ease to handle is just icing on what is already a beautiful cake.    We enjoyed having Merida out for some fun in the sun and seeing her rolling around on her back and just chilly simply warmed our hearts.  One on one,  Merida is a delightful, loving lady.  She loves her belly rubs, giving her humans soft face kisses and she also had a mild interest in tossed toys.   Merida opts to be near her person and nicely followed us around in search of some extra attention and love.   We had her out with a couple of dogs and I would say she's best suited in a home without other dogs.  She was fine walking with Gilbert (big personality- perhaps did not want to challenge!) but with a very submissive dog, she was ready to challenge them.   As pleasant/doting as she is with her humans, we are optimistic that that single pet household is just one click away. Perhaps it's with you??  Did we mention how lovely Merida is inside and out with her humans??  

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Mia came in with Cypress; both were surrendered  by the same owner. She is heartworm negative. She is very sweet and full of love. they both work well together. hound/lab; 1 yr old; hw-; 54lbs; 2/27


Midnight was brought to us because his owner developed Parkinson's Disease and can no longer care for him. Midnight is a beautiful black lab with very little manners, he likes to jump up on everything.. Those brown eyes I'm sure get him everything he wants!!  Reportedly good with other dogs, cats and kids.  9 mos old; 54lbs; 1/26/22; hw-.  Returned feb 1, 2023- no reason given.


More about me March 15: I'm a little bit meek and shy but my new human friends said I was coming along "swimmingly" during my 3 hour photo session and this truly made me smile.   Nicely sharing my shelter accommodations with super well balanced hound Cleo, she is showing me the ropes of sorts and I'm enjoying learning so very much from her.  I was a bit stop and go on the leash walking to the front area, but hey, I got there.  I am a true friend to all...male and female dogs and humans...although with all, I am submissive.  Did I mention that I am sweet, through and through?  You'll never see a raised lip nor ever hear a snarl out of me.  I am 100% harmless and just lacking in confidence.  I did try to make myself pretty small as others approached me (humans and dogs) so it was not unusual for folks to find me in a super flat, oval shape!   I did a great job however when I was prompted to walk on the leash and join in the fun, by getting up and engaging!  If I am feeling overwhelmed by other more pushy/in your face dogs,  I remain very polite and simply try to back away.  I don't want any trouble but I do need a new home. Hint. Hint.  It was not that unusual for one of the humans to sit right by side and give me stroke after stroke of attention.   This human even said I was her "favorite" dog during evaluations.   Talk about warming my heart!  I'm a good girl, well mannered, calm and very soft in my ways.  Although I am not confident about a lot of things,  I feel confident my new home is a click away.  Might it be with you??  Please ask for me, MOLLIE today.   PS.  I heard gasps from my human friends when I wedged myself in between the "couple" Odessa and Pickles!  They are always like glue to each other during photo time (they too are shy like me and stick together) so it was kind of a big thing for me to act so bold and shimmy right in between them in a back corner area where they typically hang out for evaluations.  Note: Very shy. hw+; 1 yr old; stray; 2/17; lab; 43lbs. very tolerant of us handling her. 

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Friends Odessa & Pickles

Friends Odessa & Pickles

Mr Pickles- Sponsored for HW treatment

Mr. Pickles was brought in as a stray from Divinity road. He is shy and does not like the leash but did EXCELLENT for his intake. We were able to do everything that we needed to do with no problems. He kept trying to make himself invisible and go into the corner but he did give us a baby tail wag after running behind the fridge to hide. He needs some socializing but does not try to bit or snap! Didn’t even growl!!! He is HW:Positive. lab/bully mix; 10/26/22; 56lbs; 3 yrs old

More about me Jan 31: Ahh, Mr Pickles just look at you coming around!  Gosh we are super proud of you!  This is our 4th time in getting you out for photo time and you are getting there big boy.  Congratulations.  Today,  we saw your legs for almost the full 3 hrs when we had you out.  You were bravely walking all around and making a good effort to meet the dogs as we added them to your space.    You have been calm and courteous in meeting both male and female dogs but we all know your bestie friend is still pretty blond lady, Odessa.  She is also your roommate,  I hear.   You are still very, very timid around us humans and will slink and shirk away from us if we approach you out in the open, but in a confined area, you are submissive and will let us gently drape the leash around your neck to walk you up to our play yards.  Your leash w alking is 1000% better and the days of coaxing you along and watching you writhe and struggle on the leash are but a distant memory.  Good boy!!   We are so encouraged to see your confidence growing and surely hope folks are following your progress and thinking YOU could be the perfect one for them.  Almost without doubt, we will guide your new family to please have another resident doggy to better help you settle in or better yet, maybe someone needs both you and Odessa!  What an exciting thought.  Hang in there brave brindle boy.  We have your back. 

Volunteer Thought March 3: I met Pickles on his first outing at the shelter. He was so shy that he would shiver when touched but loved rubs and head pats!  Odessa was his friend. She sat beside him and seemed to understand his fear of humans but yet no aggression from either. Just quiet. Pickles and Odessa have come a long way since the rescue team has been getting them out of their kennels to meet people. They are so deserving of a home out of the shelter. Please consider and share Pickles and Odessa. You will make a lot of shelter people happy. They love these two.

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Friend Odessa 

Friend Odessa 

Friend Tucker

Adoption Event March


Murphy was brought in as a stray by animal control. He is sweet and gentle, but seems to have difficulty walking with limited use of his back legs. He has swollen testicles and a sore on one of them. He walks well on a leash. His name is an Irish name and means sea warrior. He is HW negative.  40lbs; no breed; 5-6 yrs old; male; 3/13

Mikey- AugustHelpMe!- $100 sponsorship FebTikTok FebTikTok

Mikey was brought in as a stray. He is a very friendly sweet boy. His left hip was broken prior to arrival and has already healed to the point it can’t be fixed. He does limp on it but physically he is okay. He is HW positive.  2-3 yrs old; bully mix; 46lbs; 4/6

More about me May 3: Do nice guys always have to finish last?  Well, our super nice bully mix MIKEY surely hopes not.    Aged at just 2-3 years,  Mikey has a middle age "feel" to him perhaps attributable to an older, self healed break in his hip?  Surely that took a toll on his body but he's not letting that get him down and he's just the most pleasant guy in the county.   Soft and snuggly and really enjoying his time relaxing and chilling with his new human friends and perhaps by the side of a new favorite lady dog friend,  we found Mikey to be charming and personable.  Despite his injured hip,  Mikey still gets around pretty well.  We found that he tired more quickly after frolicking with his new pretty lady dog friends off leash so he would opt out of some of the action and politely relax in a shady spot.  Mikey really enjoys one on one attention from his new human friends (he likes draping in laps and getting nuzzly) and then also engaging with and interacting with female doggies.  He was a bit nervous/tense around male dogs- not sure if it's because he feels more vulnerable with his back hip injury.   Mikey earned high marks from his human and female doggy friends as he's so sweet, good natured and literally smiled non stop during his photo session.   Solid doggy work Mr Mikey!  We believe good guys don't finish last and we're working hard on your behalf to find your new home.    Note: No cats for Mikey.

February 21, 2023 update: Mikey has been with me for close to 6 months. In that time, he has shown a perfect mix of playfulness and being laid back based on the people around him. Mikey loves being out in the sun, either playing catch or laying out getting a tan. But  by the time the sun goes down, you can find him passed out in his favorite spot in the recliner.  He has a self healed broken hip but he doesn’t let that slow him down one bit. He’s been tested with other dogs and has done great. He also does great with kids!

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Friend Toffee

Friend Toffee

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