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Farrah- sponsored for pull fees; treated for HW treatment- July 2022 Intake

Farrah is a very sweet girl. She walks well on a leash, and did well during her intake. bully mix; 7/21/22; 52lbs; 3 yrs old; Treated for hw's. Ready for a home!

Update August 31: Do redheads have more fun? Just ask our pretty lady Farrah! Farrah is a super fun, happy girl always on the hunt for a good time. Solid and strapping at 52lbs, she along with her best friends (1 male and 2 female dogs) were seized by the sheriff due to concerns for their overall care. Luckily for Farrah, her only health concern is testing positive for heartworms and is at a good, appropriate weight- which was not the case for all of her friends. We enjoyed Farrah's upbeat personality and her desire to catch that next slice of adventure just right around the corner! Farrah is a very sweet, snuggly, affectionate lady who is generous with her kisses, hip swivels and her playful antics. She did well in testing with other dogs, both male and female. She is confident and eager to meet other dogs and happily trots over to say "hi" with a full, wagging tail and grin on her face. Farrah keeps the good times rolling right along and would be nicely suited in a more active home where she can get out and stretch her legs. Don't forget to have a nice soft spot where she can rest her pretty head and sleek, toned body!

Foster Update Feb 10: ”Farrah is my foster. She has been with me since November. One of our angels saw that Farrah was getting passed over, so they paid for her heartworm treatment. Yep! Just to help our friend. Today Farrah is a happy, friendly girl who is eager to make her person or people happy. She is a quick study and already knows sit. 🙂 She is ready for a family of her own.”

May 6 Update: Farrah was out to help Brandon and to show her awesomeness. Farrah is a friendly girl and in her foster home is friends with a variety of dogs, from a senior golden retriever, to teen pup as well as a couple of small breed dogs. Farrah met Scooby and Stellar.

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Farrah and Sally

Farrah and Sally

Farrah and Julius

Farrah and Steele


Fern was brought in as a stray from Darlington along with Dandy. They were running mates. She will walk on a leash for a short time and just needs a minute and a little pep talk then she’s right back at it. She loved the treats in the office and is HW:Negative!!! 7/2; 45lbs; shep mix; 2-3 yrs old; hw-

August 2 Update: Fern is strikingly beautiful with her golden-colored coat, shepherd ears, and the black mask typical of a shepherd mix. New to the shelter, she was unconfident and unsure about trusting volunteers for her first time out. She walked on leash to the play yards, but she did not want to mingle with anyone on her first time out. In the play yard was the very polite "greeter dog" Nala and non-confrontational Jerry. Both Nala and Jerry politely greeted Fern but gave her space to feel comfortable. Fern will need more practice coming to the play yard to trust volunteers and learn that it's a safe place to make doggie friends. When she eventually puts on her brave boots, we are confident that she will make a wonderful pet for someone.

More about me August 10: I made lots of humans laugh during my playdate.  I was the lucky girl in that I was able to hang out and chill with lots of different dogs in our front evaluation area.  Initially I was hunkered down and pretty flat to the ground laying right next to Dandy, a larger, shy fellow.  As time went by,  both of us started to venture out and engage with everyone.   I was still the girl who was operating a bit on the sidelines and watching from a distance, but towards the end of my outing,  I was opting to relax and share my space with humans.  For now,  slow and steady is the way to my heart. I was cautious and a bit darty in being leashed up and am still shy and less confident but already I've made some great strides in this area.  But back to why I made folks laugh...One of my playmates, Layla is a spunky, super playful girl who simply won't take "No" for an answer.  She had been nudging me along to play with her and was even taking my leash and literally walking me behind her.  That sneaky little girl was also latching onto my banana to get me to play with her!  That was laugh number one for the humans.  Laugh number two was when I finally let loose with Layla and actually started to play and wrestle, giggle and have a silly good time with her.  The humans were so happy to see ME happy and engaging on such a level.   I'm still a girl who is working on building her confidence but it's coming along and I'm hoping perhaps you might join in my ride to pet success!   Thanks for tuning in!  Fern.

More about me August 16: Our pretty lady FERN is nicely coming along! This was our second week in a row in getting her out for photo and socialization time and once again, she made us proud. We had her out for a full 3 hrs where she was part of our core pack of dogs. She is even more confident in going up and introducing herself to other dogs and spent most of her time working the evaluation area vs laying more flat and operating on the edge of the enclosed space. More and more, we were seeing Fern mixed in with the dogs, interacting and engaging with them. Her new best friend is Labby Mix Serenity. The two of them were attached at the shoulders as they ran and explored and cavorted around! The smiles and tail wags from this pair was heartwarming to see. When Serenity was taken back to her kennel, Fern found a new friend in Libby, a mid-size cattle dog mix who proudly showed Fern how to explore and navigate around our photo area. Fern is still shy towards her humans but is getting better. For instance, when we headed back to the kennels, I was able to walk her back with no stopping and she clearly felt more relaxed and at ease in having me near her. I believe the key to Fern's pet greatness is for her to have a doggy friend or two in her new home to show her the ropes and push her to interact with her new human friends. She's getting closer and closer to figuring out humans can be cool and wonderful beings. Perhap YOU might be the one to move her along to pet perfection by bringing her home today!

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Friend Layla

Friend Layla

Friend Layla

Friend Dandy

Friend Layla

Friend Layla

Friend Serenity

Goldie- Teen

Goldie was brought in Saturday as an owner surrender with her mom ( Maggie Mae) and her sister ( Sparkles). Goldie is HW:Negative, house trained, likes kids and dogs but does not like cats. 7/9; 7 mos old; hw-; 45lbs; lab mix

More about me August 16: Life is just better with teen sensation siblings GOLDIE and SPARKLES by your side. This lively, friendly pair love to romp and roam around, wrestle and seek out humans for some fast hugs and kisses! During photo time, there was a lot of silly, goofiness going on as the ladies enjoyed stretching their legs and meeting new 4 legged friends. They were great in meeting both male and female dogs, separately and also then together. At 45lbs, they might add some pounds and a bit of height to their frames but likely they are close to actual size when full grown. They are both good on the leash and would find be resettling in different homes. Of the two, Goldie is a little less confident (she was more darty in her kennel for example) but once in our front evaluation field, their books were wide open and any hint of shyness and lack of confidence was but a distant memory. These girls would be terrific around teenage humans and would surely keep them busy and on their toes. Affectionate and generous with their love, Goldie and Sparkles are just super fun, outgoing girls in search of that next great time! Note: 7/9; 7 mos old; hw-; 45lbs; lab mix; No cats for these ladies please.

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Friend Sparkles

Goofy- Teen- Sponsored for pull fees

Goofy came in from a individual surrender that found him at the local ball park. She stated that she would keep him if her community would let her. Due to his weight he was over the limit. She bragged on and on about how well behaved he was at her home. He went from person to person at the ball field and loved on all the kids gently. While doing his intake he liked walking out on the leash. He is very calm at moments, but can have a silly side where he wants to play. His playing is so sweet and funny. He does a crawl and scoot at the same time and just makes you laugh. hw- ; 6 mos old; lab mix; 5/27; 46lbs

May 6 Update: This boy looks like he may be older than 6mths. He came out to the exercise area and made the most of his time. Ranger and Goofy met with no problems. We added Heidi to the play group to promote play time. It worked just as we expected. :)

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Grace was brought in as a stray from Darlington. She does have some hair loss from flea infestation but it’s already growing back. hw-; 2 yrs old; lab mix; 7/6; 46lbs

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Grover was brought in by an individual surrender. He misses his owner very much. She was put into a assisted living and couldn’t take him along. Grover is a 80lb baby that is gentle. He takes treats out of your hand so easily. He doesn’t jump on you nor is he hyper. He is heart worm positive. He walks on the leash very well. They said he didn’t like cats, in the yard we passed a few and he kept walking. He isn’t aggressive at all walking past other dogs kennels. His intake was fairly easy for him being such a big dog. HW+; 82lbs; mastiff mix; 6 yrs old; 5/27; TA

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Gunner is a handsome 1 year old American Staffordshire terrier. He has the clown-like temperament that advocates of this breed love! He is extremely focused and eager to learn, and he will thrive under the training of an experienced handler who believes in the potential of this breed. Gunner has a soft mouth (takes toys and treats gently) so he can easily be trained with rewards. Gunner is very smart and has been learning routines and manners in his foster home. Gunner is crate trained and comes when called. He loves to romp and play with a male or female canine playmate, and he gets along with everyone at his foster home. Gunner will be happiest in a home with older children and canine friends who match his play style. His exuberance and stamina will make him a good hiking partner or a companion for outdoor activities with his forever family. hw-; 10/26/2021

Hannah- safe

Stray; lab mix; 7/25; 1 yr old; 45lbs; HW-

Harley- Senior

Harley was brought in with all of the small R dogs. He is very sweet. He has a few kidney stones and bladder stones. He walks well on the leash. Came in with Ruth and Ruby. Broken teeth and tail. hw-; 12-14 yrs old; boxer mix; 52lbs; abandonned; 3/30


You'll not find a nicer nor sweeter dog than our pretty lady friend, HEIDI.  It's hard to say whether Heidi enjoyed hanging out with our youth volunteer the most or was it the mish mash of doggies in her play group or the more senior volunteer?  She honestly really thrived in sharing herself and being herself as much around humans as she did around the doggies.  Heidi is a very well rounded girl who is happy and playful, affectionate and goes with the flow.  She is snuggly and gentle natured and happily hopped right into the pack of new doggy friends to run and explore around with them.  Heidi is a polite, friendly lady that is ideally suited for kids and really most any home environment.  She's ready for that new adventure, relaxing with kids on the sofa and then romping with doggy friends in her yard.  She really does it all and with grace and beauty.  Please ask for this great girl today. Note: Arrived 7/27/22 as a stray from Darlington; hound mix; 51lbs; 1 yr old; hw-. Note: Slight limp in back leg.

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Friends Kody & Bryer

Friends Kody & Magnolia

Friend Libby


lab mix; 1 yr old; O/S- person could no longer care for him; 7/14; 58lbs; HW-

Hershey- Teen

7/13; 36lbs; 6 mos old; lab mix; hw-. Believed to be sibing to Brinkley. He did great with Gypsy in the play groups today, so we kenneled Gypsy with him in an OPR to help him.

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Jada was brought in with 2 other dogs (Atticus and Hazelnut) from the same area. There are other dogs in this area that are trying to be caught. Jada is submissive and LOVES belly rubs.. She does not like the leash. Jada is HW:Negative!!! 39lbs; lab mix; 7/11; 39lbs

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Jayden- Teen

Lab mix; stray; 40 lbs; 10 months ; HW Negative; TA

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Jesse was found as a stray in Darlington. He was picked at the intersection of N Main St and Doneraile St. He has been in foster with Debbie Anderson and she has been trying to help him gain weight. Many of his teeth are broken. He has badly clipped ears and a lot of hair loss. Despite this, he is very affectionate and sweet. HW+; 45lbs; 2-3 yrs old; bull mix; 11/19/18

Foster update May 28, 2019: I picked him up from out of the road, dodging traffic, on Halloween night. He was in terrible shape when I found him. He had a collar on but was so emaciated, his skin was red and irritated and he was so dirty. We began working to put some weight back on him and work on his skin issues. He still has a little hair loss on his back, but he is doing much better. He is an older guy and you can tell that humans have not been kind to him in his life. Despite all that, he is the sweetest and most loving little man. I had his intake done at the shelter and brought him straight home with me into foster, so he's not spent any time at the shelter. Great dog so deserving of a home of his own!

Foster update October 23, 2021: I found Jesse running in the middle of the road on Halloween night in 2018. It was late as I was coming home and I was afraid he would get hit by a car. I stopped the car and went around the side to call him. While I was on one side, he ran around the other and jumped up in the front seat and began greeting my mom, my aunt and my cousin, who were riding with me. He was happy to see us, but I can't say that they were as happy to see him because he stunk to the high heavens! He was skin and bones, hardly any teeth and someone cut his ears back so severely that he barely has any. I took him home and started working on getting him healthy. His intake was done a few weeks later and he tested positive for heartworms. No one ever came looking for him, and to be honest with the condition I found him in, I don't know that I would have wanted to give him back. After he filled out some and he had some interest, I took him to our shelter veterinarian to see if they could age him and determine if he could handle having the heartworm treatment. They aged him at 6-8 years old and said that he was not a candidate for the treatment because his lungs were affected. So, I just kept him on a monthly preventative and treated his hair loss with baths. We had him out for evaluation and photos a few times and he always did well. Everybody at the shelter loved him and said how handsome he was. He absolutely loves to ride in my car and does well out of a crate. He sits in his seat politely and watches all the cars go by. He walks pretty well on a leash for me but even now pulls a little. I have introduced him to some of my dogs and he has done well. I've never had a problem with him. He doesn't really seek out the attention of other dogs. He is content to stay to himself and likes to roam and explore the yard. He enjoys spending time with us but he is not overly clingy and just happy to be near us. I do know that he would not do well with cats and has become a champion snake killer. He would be ok with other dogs around his size, probably not smaller dogs. We do not have children, so he has not been around to test how he would do with them.

I took him back recently (March 9, 2021) for an overall wellness exam and to see if anything had improved with getting him treated for the heartworms. Thankfully, he tested negative for heartworms this time. So that was a big answer to prayer! We started him on Apoquel to see if it would help the last little bald spot on his back. It looks like scarring from a lifetime of flea dermatitis and skin infection. Our vet said that he may just always have that little spot. We have been using TrezUltra to help his ears also. She said otherwise that he was in good health. He likes to run and still has a good bit of "spring" in his step for an older boy. Because of the severe cropping of his ears, his features are a bit intimidating, but I just love his toothless smile. He really is a good boy and doesn't give us any trouble. He can be a little stubborn at times about coming when we call him, but he will come running when he knows he is going to get his treat!

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Ocotber 2021

October 2021


Kamea came into the shelter as a stray. At first she was a little shy, then she warmed up really well. She came right in to the med tech room and allowed me to love on her. We will be doing her heart worm testing soon. For her age she is very mellow. She had no collar on nor was she microchipped. She didn’t jump on me at all turning her intake. She took a treat out of my hand very gentle. She seemed to have loved a treat. Not knowing her background she is an overall sweet loving girl. She didn’t mind us putting her on the leash. She was a little scared, but noticed it wouldn’t hurt her and loved it. I walked her around to warm her up on the leash. Overall she will make someone a great companion. hw+; 3 yrs old; 41lbs; lab mix; 5/19

August 2 Update: With her medium size frame (41 lbs) and low/medium energy level, Kamea will make the perfect companion for a family who desires a dog like her. Kamea desires leisurely walks with her human and snuggling on the couch to spend her time. She is polite with other dogs and mingled fine with males and females in the play yard at the shelter. She did not mind walking by cats, either.

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stray; 1 yr old; hw-; 7/15; lab mix; 42lbs


Cool, calm and collect! The 3 C's best describe our mid-sized hound mix Kody who is so polite, mellow and just a real gentleman.  KODY has this tiny little head...reminds me of a sleek Jack Russell head and has the body of a smaller hound. LOL  His smile is just the best.  We LOVE it!  The white around his muzzle certainly gives you the impression that he's an older man but his teeth are telling the story that he's still very much in his prime, aged at 4yrs.   Kody does however have a very mature, more stately feel about him as he nicely mixes and mingles and makes new friends at the drop of a hat.  We had Kody off leash with a real mix of personalities and doggy types and one by one, he graciously introduced himself to all and then went about his business.   He's not looking for any trouble and seamlessly worked his way into our pack and easily made friends.  Kody has a pleasant personality and is never pushy or in your face.   His preference was to pose right next to us and boy did he give us some mighty welcoming grins!  Kody would be great in a home with other dogs and or slightly older kids.  His energy level and mannerisms would also be ideal for an older couple who are not looking for a super bouncy, active companion pet.  He might say, "I have just the right amount of lower level spunk, energy and love for most home environments.  I sure hope you'll check me out soon...and yes, I heard the photo lady said I had a more tiny head!  LOL!"  Note: family moving; 4 yrs old; hw-; hound; 8/4; Original name Buddy; 48lbs

Friends LIbby & Magnolia

Friends Heidi & Magnolia

Krystal- Senior

Krystal is one of the 6 dogs we received that were chained to trees and their owner died.. Krystal is incredibly sweet, owing and affectionate. She LOVESSSSS people, attention and is pretty mellow. Has really bad teeth ( Broken, rotten and worn down). She did well during her intake, we had no problems getting what we needed to get done. 10yrs old; bully mix; 3/3; 46lbs; HW+. Other tie out dogs: Krystal, Thelma, Robin, Louise and Junior- not sure who the 6th dog is. Person died.

March 28 Update: At your service!  Our black velvet beauty Krystal is just the nicest dog you're apt to meet.  This sweet, very humble, low key (and low riding!) older lady is never in a rush except to perhaps hang right by your side.  Krystal is a quiet, very polite doggy who does not ask for much but is generous in offering herself to you.   It's easy to be drawn to Krystal as she has this pouty face and all she wants to do is lean into you and be with you.  Having led a more challenging life, she has her eye on the ultimate prize of being someone's cherished pet.  Testing very well with other dogs (both male and female), she does want any trouble and will keep more to herself.   At an estimated age of 10 yrs and having had several litters of pups, surely it's time for this pretty lady to relax and find a final human lap (or 2 or more) to call her own.   If older and slower is better in your book,  Krystal might be the perfect one for you.

Update April 2: This was our first time having Krystal out and decided that with as calm as she was, a test could be performed. Krystal was tested with male and female dogs. She was happy to meet both people and dogs. She was very polite and enjoyed her time out.

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Recently Lamar enjoyed time out in playgroups with Maya, Gypsy and Polly. Matching Maya stride by stride they circled the play yard together. Sweet Gypsy greeted Lamar with kisses ♥️ and he happily accepted her affection. Polly came into the mix to mingle and Lamar was happy to see her. Volunteers say he’s very sweet and is a handsome hunk. Let’s get him into a home, share from Darlington SC. Note: Found as a stray with wounds on his front leg, neck and top of head. 2/15; lab/bully mix; 1-2 yrs old; 36lbs; no further intake info.

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Layla- safe

It's official.  I am a hit.  My name is Layla and gosh,  I had THE best time on my playdate outing.  I ran, tumbled, snuggled, kissed and had such a grand time meeting all kinds of new dogs and humans spanning the ages.  If I may say so myself, I'm just really terrific with everyone.  The perfect size doggy at just 28 lbs,  at first glance you might think I'm a pup but I'm an adult and full grown.  My new 4th grade friend had no problem walking me and even the human senior said I was a breeze to manage.  A few highlights from my playdate might include literally walking around a more shy dog by grabbing onto the end of her leash and tugging and tugging! Eventually, she even started to play and wrestle with me which made my spirits soar!  I'm super, super friendly and love to be in the thick of things. It's hard to say If prefer the humans over the doggies as I equally enjoy being a part of a human group and or doggy group.  I'm the doggie all the folks in your neighborhood will be "oohing and aahhhing" over due to my cuteness and happy, welcoming smile and waggy tail.  Please let me know if you have a free lap and or kids and or other dogs in need of a new best friend.  I'm the girl to get that job done.Note: Layla arrived 7/19/22 as a stray from Lamar. Lab mix; 27.8 lbs; hw-; 1 yr old

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DoggyFriends FriendBuddy DoggyFriends DoggyFriends DoggyFriends DoggyFriends


Friend Fern

Friend Fern

Friend Ellie

Friend Rey and Spot

Libby -safe

Cattle dog mix; HW+; 38lbs; 1 yr old; 6/2. Libby was brought in as a stray from Darlington. She has some skin issues, her back left leg seems to be popping in and out of place, looks like she may have ulcers on her eyes, a cherry on her left eye and sores all over her body.


Liquorice was brought in as a stray from Darlington. He is very polite and submissive. He enjoyed being out of his kennel and walked well on the leash. HW-; 2/8; 42lbs; lab mix; 1-2 yrs old;

Update March 28: Check out that adorable face and ears and welcoming smile!!  Our sweet, sweet treat of a dog LIQUORICE earned high marks in all the pet categories, across the board.  Great with male/female dogs.   Good choice for kids.  Mild mannered with a touch of playfulness. Never met a stranger!   Liquorice is one cute, smaller framed fellow.  With his sleek black coat, white chest blaze and athletic frame,  he is just stinkin' cute folks!   Tipping the scales at 42lbs,  Liquorice is a sturdy guy who loves to run and play, give and receive attention and affection.  He quickly and easily settled into an off leash play group and had the best time mixing and mingling.   Our youth volunteer was immediately drawn to this fun sized guy and was the recipient of many hugs and kisses from him.  The feeling was very mutual and he reciprocated in kind.  A happy, very friendly guy, Liquorice is a real prize pet waiting for YOU to come and bring him on home.  Note:  Cats might be too enticing for Liquorice. 

July 10: We used Liquorice as our male tester dog part of the day. He is a super friendly and happy boy. Upon arriving at the play area he began bowing to his neighbors wanting someone to play with him. He played with the teen pups as well as several adult dogs. He made the most of his time out. He is wonderful!!

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PuppyFriends FriendCarmella FriendBubs FriendMalcolm FriendBubs FriendBubs DoggyFriends DoggyFriends DoggyFriends DoggyFriends

Doggy Friends

Doggy Friends


Madaline was brought in as a stray from the Syracuse community. She is very sweet and loving. She has some hair loss on her back that seems to be from flea infestation. She’s had puppies recently and arrived FULL of milk. It seems to be drying up really quickly. She did amazing for her intake and walks well on a leash. Madaline is HW:Positive! 3 yrs old; stray; lab mix; 7/14

Maggie Mae

O/S- 2 yrs old; bully mix; 49lbs; HW-; 7/9; No cats please. Came in with Goldie and Sparkles.

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7/5; 43lbs; husky mix; hw-; 1-2 yrs old; Magnolia was brought in by AC. She was possibly HBC and has a limp on her back leg. She did amazingly well for her intake today and will make a great companion for someone. She loves her person and will cling to you!!

More about me August 16: "Isn't she lovely?  Isn't she wonderful?"  If you find yourself humming these words when you meet stunning Husky sensation MAGNOLIA, then you are not alone.  If you think she's a real beauty on line, just wait til you meet in person.   Magnolia was a little conservative as she headed out of the busy/chaotic shelter area, but gosh,  she opened right up in our evaluation pens and showed her happy, interactive, playful side in no time.   Magnolia seamlessly melded into our pack.  We had her off leash with males and females and she ran and played and interacted with everyone. She is right in the thick of things and is more a leader vs follower in this type setting.   A friendly, more active girl, she's not one to place on the sofa to idle away her day...take her for a walk or hike or car ride to help keep her at her best.  She is not a high energy dog per say but she's smart and alert and will benefit from having activities either physical or mental to keep her stimulated.  A family with slightly older kids, other dogs and perhaps even cats (She kind of ignored the ones she saw while out with us) would perfectly suit her style.  Magnolia is a lovely, lovely lady and we can't wait to see her set up shop with her new family.   Note:  She has a slightly bum back leg but it does not seem to bother her nor slow her down. 

Friend Libby

Heidi, Bryer & Kody

Heidi, Bryer & Kody


Maya was brought in after wandering into a yard in Darlington. she is HW: Positive. 1 yr old; husky; 5/12; 40lbs

July 17 Update: Happy, friendly, eager to make friends. This sums up our friend Maya.

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Max- Teen

Retriever mix; 9 months old; O/S- Landlord won't allow him to stay; 8/16; male; no weight or hw


O/S- family moving; lab mix; 60lbs; HW-; 1 yr old; 7/30


Mikey was brought in as a stray. He is a very friendly sweet boy. His left hip was broken prior to arrival and has already healed to the point it can’t be fixed. He does limp on it but physically he is okay. He is HW positive. 2-3 yrs old; bully mix; 46lbs; 4/6

More about me May 3: Do nice guys always have to finish last?  Well, our super nice bully mix MIKEY surely hopes not.    Aged at just 2-3 years,  Mikey has a middle age "feel" to him perhaps attributable to an older, self healed break in his hip?  Surely that took a toll on his body but he's not letting that get him down and he's just the most pleasant guy in the county.   Soft and snuggly and really enjoying his time relaxing and chilling with his new human friends and perhaps by the side of a new favorite lady dog friend,  we found Mikey to be charming and personable.  Despite his injured hip,  Mikey still gets around pretty well.  We found that he tired more quickly after frolicking with his new pretty lady dog friends off leash so he would opt out of some of the action and politely relax in a shady spot.  Mikey really enjoys one on one attention from his new human friends (he likes draping in laps and getting nuzzly) and then also engaging with and interacting with female doggies.  He was a bit nervous/tense around male dogs- not sure if it's because he feels more vulnerable with his back hip injury.   Mikey earned high marks from his human and female doggy friends as he's so sweet, good natured and literally smiled non stop during his photo session.   Solid doggy work Mr Mikey!  We believe good guys don't finish last and we're working hard on your behalf to find your new home.    Note: No cats for Mikey.

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Friend Cassidy

Friend Toffee

Friend Toffee

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