Pets in Need (a-e)


Seizure; boxer mix; 3-4 yrs old; HW+; 44lbs; 8/3/22; Back limp + mange.

Alfie- pup

4 mos old; 1/4; terrier; 14lbs; no intake sheet; no history

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Anchovy was brought in as a stray From Hartsville. He kept going to Butler Academy uptown. He is so sweet and gentle. He did great for his intake and did great being inside. He is a little shy at first but warmed right up to us in no time!!! He is beautiful!!! bully mix; 57lbs; 1-2 yrs old; 1/12; HW+

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Friend Symphony

Andrew- Teen

lab mix; 4 mos old; 19lbs; 8/18/22; Pics from 12/3. Came in with Alana.

Angelica- Teen

Foster update 8/24: Doing well among our dogs. She is shy and would need a home with a more confident dog to make her feel most comfortable and continue to learn all the ropes. She loves to play with toys. She is so sweet and needs to settle in with a family to grow into her own now. 5/24/22; shep mix; 10 wks old; 27lbs

Angus- Sponsored for pull fees

Angus was brought in by animal control as a stray. He has a huge gash on his Left shoulder and another one that has scabbed over on the left side of his face. He walks well on a leash. He was very well behaved for his intake. HW+; collie mix; 51lbs; 2 yrs old; 10/7/22; TA

More about me Jan 5: When you bring home our super handsome friend, ANGUS be prepared and forewarned that folks will be stopping you a lot to ask about who that incredible arm candy is on the end of your leash.   Angus is drop dead ....handsome...and his friendly, welcoming personality make him all the more appealing.    At 50+ pounds,  Angus is a good size fellow but he's pretty easy to manage and is great on the leash.  He has a bit of a playful feel to him and a slice of goofiness which can be expected given his breed.  Very calm and polite in meeting other dogs,  he would slowly nudge them along to see if they wished to play.  Walking away rather dejectedly when not finding a playmate, he finally met his match with cutie pie Aspen who ran circles around him.  Curiously, for several of his meet and greets, he would soon after sit down and stretch way out to relax and soak up the sun simply ignoring his new doggy friend.  Angus is a pleasant, amiable sort who enjoys attention and sitting in the middle of the action but is never too pushy nor needy.   Angus won the award today for most likely to get swarmed by kids and smile through the whole, fun experience.  Please ask for our fluffy friend today.

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Argyle- puppy

Argyle was brought in as a stray by animal control. He has severe skin issues but is a very sweet and friendly boy. I have not tried to walk him on a leash because the skin around his neck was so bad it was bleeding. no breed; 5 mos old; 16lbs; 11/9. New pics from Jan 7; hw-

Jan. 7th update- “Pick me!” says Argyle, the cattle dog mix, as we walked past his kennel. “Okay buddy, let’s go!” With a little happy dance, Argyle bounced his way into the exercise yards. He immediately began looking in all of the other pens, making a list of all the other dogs and people he wanted to meet. It was a long list…He was so happy and appreciative of his time out in the yard, he had waited so long for his skin to clear up so that he could go out and play. And it did, oh my goodness, he is a handsome boy. He was so excited to play with his first friend, Matilda, who was also under a year old. We thought he might be too bouncy for her, but he toned it down, as he was trying to impress her. Then he realized she was also ready to run and play, and they were off! All smiles and hanging tongues. He later got to play with a male that was about his size, age, and playstyle. They had been running up and down the fence together, so in no time at all they went from “How do you do”, to “You can’t catch me!” It was hard not to smile with Argyle around, he had the biggest grin on his face the entire time. We hated to put him back. We are hoping there is a friend or family out there who needs some more fun and smiles in their home, an Argyle in their home.

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Astrid- SAFE

Astrid had the best time romping off leash during playgroups with other dogs. She is a beautiful dog that would enjoy an active lifestyle. lab mix; 48lbs; 10/12; neglect case; 1-2 yrs old. Posted 12/11; HW-

Mini Update Dec 10: This girl enjoyed her time out. She made the most of every minute. She did well meeting other dogs.

More about me Dec 28: “Who is that?” Was the most frequent question asked as I walked Astrid out to the exercise yards. She walks like a queen and has the most beautiful coat. She started out just trotting up to the volunteers to politely introduce herself, and then she kicked up her heels and zoomied around a bit, so happy to be out and running. She approached several other dogs politely through the fence in surrounding pens, and we quickly introduced her to a younger, smaller, female that she happily play bowed and ran with. She played gently with her and put her at ease right away. We had another female that was very rough and rowdy with her play style that needed a friend, so we tried Astrid. It took them all of 5 seconds to start romping and running all around the pen. We were exhausted just watching them. They had the best time! Astrid is so very talented at adjusting to the different styles of play. She also walked very nicely on the leash coming and going. I definitely enjoyed spending time with this pretty girl. You would never know that she came from a neglect situation with 3 other dogs. She has a great attitude. Astrid is ready and deserving of a family of her own.

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Incomplete intake info; 19lbs; 1/18; lab mix; no age; history

Atticus- Teen- Sponsored for pull fees

Atticus was brought in with Jada and Hazelnut. He is sweet and will lay down when approached. Atticus is a typical pup, he got along well with other dogs in play groups. 7/1/22; stray; lab mix; 5 mos old; 32lbs

Atticus: He arrived as a stray in early July, aged at 5 months and 32 lbs, heart worm negative lab mix. Atticus is a typical pup, he got along well with other dogs in play groups. Never meeting a stranger, he greets other dogs politely. Atticus dials down his energy for calmer dogs, and plays politely with more playful dogs. Nice med size, beautiful coat, hoping someone will see how awesome he is!

Dec 1 Foster Update: Atticus is a very good boy. He gets along with the other dogs at my home. He crates with no problems (We are still working on "kennel" to get him to go into his kennel.) He is house trained as well.

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B x 8 Litter- safe

These pups were brought in by animal control as strays. They are cuddly but super timid, and not very outgoing. 5-6lbs each; lab mix; 12/1


Bernise- TA



Blayne- TA




Barney- Sponsored for pull fees

Barney was brought in as a stray by animal control. He has a microchip and his name was listed as Barney. He is friendly. Owner did not respond to our calls. bully mix; 9/7/22; hw-; 3-4 yrs old; 65lbs;

More about me Oct 11: Some might say we saved the best for last in squeezing in our big, solid boy BARNEY for our photo session.  With one more play space open, we opted in for this hunky, chunky guy and were so glad we did.   At 65lbs Barney is a good size fellow and boy, does he wish to have fun and games and love on his people!  Barney's book is wide open and he sees everyone as his immediate best friend.  He found several kindred souls during his play session, Skye in particular really had his legs moving in a fast paced game of let's chase each other around.  There were several total wipe outs as they rounded imaginary corners too quickly but gosh, they had such a blast.  Next up were a more sedate male and female dog and by then, Barney was in rest mode and or he may have sensed these two dogs were not into rough and tumbly, chasing playdates as he kicked into a very slo-mo mode.   Barney is a buff, stronger guy so he will best be appreciated by a human who is more sturdy and capable in managing our big friend.   Barney loves to be part of the action so please don't even think of leaving him on the sidelines.  He so wanted to be with us that at one point, he even started looking for unlatched doors to invite himself in where others might have been.  Now, that's a smart guy who just wants to be part of the party!  For a good time,  you need to call our friend Barney.  What a fun, gregarious guy!  No cats for Barney please. 

Update Jan 5: How can BARNEY still be in the hunt for a home?   Ask just about anyone and they will tell you Barney is one of the nicest, goofiest and most genuine doggies we have!   Barney is a big guy with plenty of umphh and boy does he enjoy giving and receiving love, attention and affection.  At 65lbs,  he's not for the faint of heart but for folks who love big dogs with big personalities,  Barney is the one for you!  We have had Barney out with numerous other dogs (male and female) and he's great with everyone.   Some dogs may initially feel a little intimidated by his massive smile and gyrating hips, but he totally comes in peace and just wants to say "Hi" and be social and engaging.   We had him out again yesterday for photos and playtime and he was his usual hoot!!   His photos pretty came out all the same as all he wanted to do was sit in our laps and clean our faces!  We had him off leash with a couple of dogs and he did not disappoint.  He even accidentally slipped into a pen with a few other dogs, ran around introducing himself to everyone and then slipped back into his designated pen!  LOL.  All was well.  No issues.  No problems.   Please, someone...anyone...ask for our handsome hunk today.  What a pet and super friend you will find with Barney by your side.

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Friend Rigatoni

Friend Skye

Friend Yolanda


Baxter was brought in as an owner surrender. He seems very timid, but when i got down on the floor with him he would come up and put his head on my lap. HW+; 10/28/22; 2-3 yrs old; 54lbs; shep mix

More about me Jan 10: If BAXTER could make a living on his strikingly good looks alone,  certainly he would be the one to live this type of lifestyle.  Alas with doggy model jobs sparse and hard to find,  Baxter really needs a full time pet position.  The great news is that in addition to his good looks, Baxter would make an incredible companion pet.   You go hunky fella!   To quote one of our volunteers during photo time, if Baxter could speak, he might say, "I'm sexy and I know it!"  LOL. Yes, Barney is a confident dog and you will see this in his videos.  He did well meeting other dogs during eval time as we had him on leash and off leash with a variety of dogs.  In general,  he was interested in meeting other dogs but less interested in actually interacting and or hanging out with them.  In one of the videos,  you'll see cutie pie MYA attempting a bowdown play maneuver and his body language might say, "Uh, you want to do what with me?"  Silly boy!   Baxter is a polite, steady eddy kind of guy.  He is not one to clean your face and fall asleep in your lap but if having a dog to nicely chill by your side and simply share his space and his joys with you is pet enough for you,  Baxter could be your kind of friend.  We sure enjoyed our time with Baxter and encourage you to please book an appointment to see how ideal he might be for you.  

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Foster update Sept 7: We got to love Becca for 2 months and fostered to adopt her. We ended up adopting her as she got along great with our family and she was best friends with our other rescue dog who we had for 4 years. She loves to play. She truly is an angel on earth and I wish we could have kept her as she will be someone’s best best friend. Note: 8/2/22; bullly mix; 35lbs; HW-; 1 yr old; O/S

Oct 29 Update: Becca, aka Bean loves everyone she meets. Her favorite activities are playing with other dogs, giving kisses and getting belly rubs. She loved meeting everyone at Paws around the Pee Dee. Becca Bean really wants a person of her own and a playful doggie brother/sister would be a bonus for her!


Benny came in as a stray from Piggly wiggly in Lamar. He is a little skinny and is a complete wiggle butt. It was very very hard to get a decent picture of him. He loves to give kisses and loves attention. Benny is HW:Positive and walks well on a leash. 11/4/22; HW+; lab mix; 2-3 yrs old; 32lbs (thin)


A foster family took her home for a few days and absolutely adored her, but she was a little too young for them. The family had so many good things to say about her...she rode great in the car, she went outside to do all her business, she ate great, she is comfortable and content in her crate training and she is following us everywhere. Blossom is 2-3 years old, 38lbs and filling out just a little, came from a home with other dogs and is heartworm negative. lab mix; 11/22; in a neglectful situation. TA

More about me Jan 10: Who will you call if you need a soft hug and wet nose kiss? If you answered BLOSSOM, then you have the right dog to get that job done. We could not have been more pleased to have pretty bully mix Blossom join us for some photo fun in the sun. She totally rocked it out in meeting every dog, beautifully welcoming them into her fun, loving and at times bouncy world. Blossom is at her best when she is surrounded by others ....albeit humans or other dogs. A very social, interactive girl, Blossom's desire was to be where the action and attention was being doled out. Sporting one of the softest coats in the county, Blossom enjoys playing fetch, exploring her surroundings and sharing her love and affection with others. She had some pent up playfulness when we first got her out, but with time, we got her a bit tired (which you can see in the videos). Even when she got pooped, still her desire was to stroll around and not sit on the sidelines. If you have a pack of dogs, we could totally see her thriving in that environment or even if you had just one dog, that too would do the trick for her. Blossom would adore kids but slightly older and more sturdy ones would be the ideal match for her only due to her size and energy level. Blossom is pleased you took the time to read up on her and sure hopes that you'll consider her for a pet opening in your home.

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Friend Toast


Bojangles was brought in as a stray by Animal control. He is very sweet and friendly. He walks well on a leash and is HW positive. thin; bully mix; 1/12; 3 yrs old; 46lbs

Boo- Teen

Foster Update Dec 14: Boo is around 47 lbs now - at 6 months old or so. He’s very very active!!! He plays with Juju Bea very well - they play rough - running all over the yard tackling each other. My 2 small dogs don’t want anything to do with him (Truth be told, they ONLY like themselves! LOL)- they growl and he leaves them alone. Boo does a good job in reading them! He is not good with cats - he wants to chase them. We’ve tried working with him but have not been able to break this - I would not trust him with cats. He is a total melt in your lap lovebird. He just loves people - he is a leaner … will lean into you to be loved. He is learning to sit - he comes very easily and he fetches like a pro. He is outside is a big fenced in yard with Juju every day - comes in at night with us. Is crated at night inside. He needs a very active home - he will destroy things if bored. Still very much a big goof of a puppy. He was starved when I picked him up - I feed him separately as he does not like other dogs being around his food. The folks that had him a couple days said he was ‘toy and food’ aggressive with their dogs - I have not seen that he guards or does not share toys here. He will growl if other dogs approach his food. If we did not have to keep Juju because she is a hot mess and not suitable for rescue or adoption…. He would have been a keeper for sure. Note: Part of the Fall Litter- Pumpkin (TA) and Autumn (safe). strays; 9/3; 4 mos old lab mix. Extra note: His personality and essence is great for slightly older/more sturdy kids. He would love to have a child to care for so long as they understand and can respect his food insecurity issues. In addition he has done well at off site events, beautifully meeting the public and male and female dogs.

Xmas 2022 Update: Boo was great with all our Christmas visitors! He never met a stranger he didn’t fall in immediate love with. He got a big toy from Santa. (That’s our little tripod Casper in one of the pics with him)

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Boone was brought in by Hartsville police. He is scared but warms up to people easily. He walks well on a leash and is HW negative. terrier mix; 45lbs; 4 yrs old; 11/28


Whew, It's been a long time coming. Brandon has been here since 11/17/21 but with the help of /the Wendy's we were able to complete his intake today. Wendy M is his person.. /Brandon trusts her. I can't even get a leash on him yet!! Brandon is a shy guy but is willing to accept love and affection from humans as long as you take it slow and you aren't forceful. He walked ALL the way to the med room with them on a leash!!! I am so happy we were finally able to get this done!! 1/25/22 posted; shepard mix; 2 yrs old; 53lbs; stray; HW+

Update Feb 1: Today we got Brandon out for some fun in the sun. This brave boy did not disappoint and amazingly he walked the whole way to our front play yard. It's still very much stop and go on the leash for Brandon but he did it! Once in the front play yard, he did plenty of darting around and trying his best to avoid us, but after 3 hrs, he started to get the hang of things and made us proud. No doubt Brandon is a shy, insecure fellow but he proved today that he's willing to put in a good effort to take strides towards pet greatness. Note: Brandon seemed a bit selective with his new doggy friends. Those that were less interested in him, he seemed to accept with no issue.

More about me Feb 8: Brandon proved to us once again that he's eager to leave shelter life behind and ready to begin his new, full time pet position. Doing a great job in walking out to the front field, when let loose, he was immediately running around, exploring, going and doing. He was clearly having a good time and proud of himself in being able to run around. His confidence has clearly grown and we saw a lot of waggy tail, an abundance of smiles and much more relaxed body language. He's still shy/reserved around humans but much more open to making new human friends. His overall level of insecurity is still evident in meeting new dogs. With some dogs, he's happy to share his space and others, he'll let out a low growl of warning. He's a work in progress but certainly heading in the right direction to be the best pet he can be.

March 13 Update: He is getting comfortable having other dogs around, he liked watching Tanner and London run and play. He would give them gentle corrections if they ran into him. He gets more confidence every time he is out.

May 6: Brandon is learning! Everyday Brandon takes another small step. Having Brandon come out for play groups while in foster, I believe is important for his success. Having his friend, Farrah, with him definitely helped him. Brandon walks very well on a leash and is good at loading into a car.

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Friend Pebbles

Friend Luna


Dogs don't get much more handsome and sweet natured than our big, fluffy friend BUCKY!   Bucky has curb appeal plus so it's amazing we've not had even ONE inquiry on this extremely handsome fellow over the last few months.  We just know the tide will soon turn and folks will be clambering for this great guy once word is out on how terrific (calm and very polite) he is in meeting dogs (male and female) and also how easy it is for us humans to walk him and simply hang with him.   Bucky has a very poofy coat and did you see his stunning, feather duster, arched tail?  He does not let his good looks go to his head and is a very down to earth, accepting being.   Bucky is out of the "let's run and play and wrestle phase" with other dogs and seemed to enjoy the company of other like minded dogs during photo time.  His prior owner also noted he was good with other dogs.  At 5.5yrs of age,  Bucky has a bit of an old soul feel to him and while he is not one to clean your face and give you a huge hula dance of greeting,  he will gladly present you with a genuine smile and wagging tail of appreciation.   Bucky found himself homeless when his family moved to a warmer area and they had noted an even more warm environment would take it's toll on him.  Might you have a cool spot for this great guy when the temps are on high roast?  Need a larger dog to beautifully relax and nuzzle by your side?  If so,  you know who to ask for, BUCKY.  Note: owner surrendered; moving, 5-6 years old, 62.8lbs, hw-; shep mix; 10/25; posted 12/21/22

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C x 2 Pups

Comet and Cupid are happy puppies even considering their condition. Comet has a broken left arm and has seen the vet for it. Surgery is scheduled for next week. He also has several puncture wounds on his head and the arm that is broken. Cupid is smaller than his brother. His tail is short and has a kink it like it was broken. Both have mange. They have received mediation for it and are getting medicated baths. These puppies were brought in by a young lady (who has been a junior volunteer at bridge) and her brothers. They’d seen the puppies running loose and considering how thin they looked, they decided to pick them up. They were only able to catch 2 of the 4 but will continue to try to catch the others. Considering their condition and Comet’s broken arm, we are thankful the siblings caught them. male; lab mix; 8 wks old; 12/17

9 lbs

6 lbs


Cannoli was brought in as a stray by a community member. He is very sweet and playful. He walks well on a leash and has no reaction to cats. He is HW Negative. 30lbs; 1 yr old; lab mix; 1/17

Vol Detail: Cannoli was found by a volunteer. He had a collar on and his ears were very clean. He was underweight and was rummaging through some trash looking for food. He came straight to me and jumped in my car without hesitation. He rode well in my car uncrated to the shelter and was a very sweet boy. He has a lot of energy, but very sweet when he was with me.

Carmella- Sponsored for pull fees

2/24/22; 49lbs; 4 yrs old; lab mix. This sweet lady was brought in as a stray. She is sweet and friendly. She got along with Apollo in the office fine. She did excellent during intake and walked fairly well on the leash. She is HW:Negative!!! TA

Update April 2: She was very happy to be out in the sun and grass. She met other dogs fine. She was more interested in having some people time.

More about me April 19: It's funner to have CARMELLA by your side. No doubt, this friendly, caramel colored/coated girl is a smile maker and makes sure that you're treated like her Queen Bee. Carmella enjoyed her photo fun in the sun as she explored around making sure to get her big, blocky head in as many human laps as possible. She did a nice job in meeting both male and female dogs, but as a more confident lady, seemed to prefer dogs who were more chill and understood her desire to simply hang out with her and not challenge her in any way. Carmella has had at least one litter (if not more) and in her prior life, someone has clearly taken the time to love and nurture her to be the devoted, affectionate dog that she is today. If having a sturdy, solid, steady kisser and hugger of a dog sounds like your new best friend, we urge you to please ask about pretty lady Carmella today.

Foster update Dec 4: She is pretty much crate trained, she does very well in a crate and generally she goes straight in it but sometimes she'll play a little before wanting to go in. Energy level is higher to moderate, LOVES to play. She doesn't bark very often at all except when she gets very excited while playing or when i get home and she's telling me to hurry up and get out the car. I know she does well with other ones in homes from her pervious foster.

And yes very curious with cats. She loves playing outside

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Bath Time

Cash- Sponsored for pull fees

More about me Dec 30: Calm, Cool, Collected… such is Cash. This tall, thin boy walked very nicely on the leash, which was a great start, then proceeded to just wander around the exercise yard when let loose. Most dogs zoomie a little, happy to be out of their dog run. He hung out with the people. He was very gentle, no jumping or knocking into us. He just quietly followed his new friends around, and appreciated the head pets and ear scratches. After a little while he liked the idea of chasing the ball a bit, as he was bonding with his new person friend. He didn’t gallop after the ball, by any means, but he trotted after it and sometimes would bring it back, if he didn’t get distracted with a good sniff or a new doggie friend on the other side of the fence. He was introduced to a male, in which polite sniffs were exchanged.(He had already met females) They then wandered around, crossing paths here and there without any reactions. Cash seemed more interested in his people. I see him fitting very nicely on a sofa, with a hand on his head and his eyes gazing up at his new best friend. If you are looking for handsome, sweet and calm… then Cash is your dog. Located in Darlington SC. Note: stray; bully mix; 9/23; 65lbs; 2 yrs old; hw-

More about me Jan 5: The MOST handsome dog ever, is here!  His name is CASH!  Oh my gosh,  it's unbelievable to think that no one has brought home this stunning, elegant and leggy boy!  Cash has what I call endless legs and amazing, soft soulful eyes.   Arriving as a stray way back in September,  somehow Cash has been able to stay the course and not go nuts just sitting in his kennel for week after week.   True testimony to the grit and resilience of this amazing dog,  perhaps now is the time for him to shine??  Cash is patient, extremely calm and polite and he is in no rush.  Quietly going about his business,  he softly sniffs and checks out other dogs (both male and female) and then mozeys on his way.  Cash was fantastic in meeting a bouncy pup, friendly female hound and even a mid sized male who was a bit dominant and erring on challenging him.   Cash is not going to clean your face nor give you big bear hugs, but certainly he is game for being your constant companion, content to relax and enjoy space with you.   Cash is a quiet, proud, magnificent being.   Please won't you take the time to experience him first hand?   His body clearly shows the wear and tear of the harsh kennel life (he's thin and looks a bit bedraggled and tired).  He can't stay strong forever and really needs his new human to guide him to another, better life ASAP.  

Update Jan 10: We are smitten with our uber handsome fellow CASH and we know you will be as well! This very patient guy has been with us OVER 3 months now and he still contends (and we concur) that his perfect person is just a click away. Today was a great day for Cash. We got him out for some photos and time in the sun and he really did a wonderful job. He's done fine in meeting other dogs...he could really take 'em or leave 'em...but what trips his trigger is finding the right human to play with him! Can you not see the joy in both of these faces in these pics?? Volunteer Raven started some soft play wrestling and belly rubs with him and we saw him smile for the first time! He started dancing and letting loose. Talk about heartwarming. Cash has a very tall stance but he's very polite, calm and chill...a bit of a gentle giant. He's looking a bit worse for the wear after spending so many nights in the kennel but it can all be turned around by YOU taking him home and getting him on a soft bed, out of the cold and offering him good, home cooked meals! LOL. Please say "YES," I'd like to meet Cash today. You'll be glad you did.

Foster update Jan 25: He is fantastic! He is quiet, well behaved, does not mind if we pet him while eating or drinking water. We go to bed around 11 pm and he gets in his crate & sleeps all night. We get up between 7 & 8 am. He waits patiently in his crate to let him out. We just got him a memory foam bed that fits in his crate to sleep on & will lay it on the floor if he wants. We have spoiled him & let him lay on the sofa! He plays in our fenced in yard & has met the 3 dogs behind us & 2 next to us. Our dog is 25 # terrier. She is the boss! Cash does great with her. She has warmed up to him but keeps her eye on him. He played ball with my husband in the yard. He seemed to really Iiked that! He is really smart & understands what we say to him. Oh, he has not misbehaved, not had any potty accidents or messed up anything.

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Friend Tennessee

Friend Turquoise

Friend Tennessee

Foster Fun!

Charlotte- Pup

Charlotte came in as a surrender, she is about 3-4 months old. She is quiet and content, she seemed a little nervous when she first got here but she has warmed up to Anthony and I. There wasn't much info put on the surrender form but from what I have witnessed she does well around other dogs and would need a little help with getting used to walking on a leash. 12/27; lab;


Cletus was brought in by animal control as a stray. bully mix; 3-4 yrs old; 45lbs; 12/6; HW+


stray; hw-; stray; 12/15/22; 1 yr old; 47lbs


Coconut was brought in as a stray by a member of the community. He is very scared and will not walk on a leash. He hid in the corner shaking during his intake. He is HW Positive. 33lbs; terrier mix; 2 yrs old; 1/13

Video: January

Cricket- Sponsored for pull fees- July Intake 2021

Cricket was brought in as a stray pickup from AC. Cricket is a very sweet girl, and loves affection. It is apparent that she has had a lot of puppies in her lifetime. She walks well on a leash, and did well during her intake. HW+; 3 yrs old; 44lbs; shep mix; 7/7/2021

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Foster Update Feb 27: It has been a joy to foster Cricket and watch her personality blossom when she was removed from the shelter environment. Foster care was the first Cricket was treated with love and kindness. She is a sweetheart and has touched my heart! Cricket needs to adjust to change on her own schedule. For example, when she came into foster care, she would sleep in the sun room (back of the house) then after a few days she slept in the kitchen (beside the sunroom), then to the living room where the doggie bed is located, then to the sofa, then she hit the jackpot and found Mom’s bed. She likes her soft toys, dental bones but her stuffed bones are the best! Looking out the front storm door watching people and their dogs go by is enjoyable for her. If it is a sunny day, she will fall asleep in the sun. Also, she likes to run around the back yard; so, a fenced in yard is a necessity. Going for walks are the best and normally walks by her foster Moms side. However, another dog can distract her but she is still learning.

Cricket has a gentle personality and is very smart and a quick learner. She knows basic commands such as: sit, come, stay, crate and let’s go pee. Many of the skills were learned while in foster care. She was afraid of the car and now quickly jumps in the car and rides well in the car. She was crate trained in a few days and enjoys her crate. In the morning she go to her crate and waits to be fed (with the tail a wagging). She enjoys her food and treats. Her foster care environment does not have other animals; however, she seems to like other dogs that are more laid back then the aggressive type of dogs. I think she would do well in a home with another dog or older kids to play with. She has energy that she needs to release. When at the vets, there was a cat running around the office that didn’t seem to bother her. She has some cute behaviors, such as holding up her one paw (usually the right) when she is about to get a treat. She has great flexibilty in her hips and sometimes will lay with all four legs stretched out.

When she seems to get anxious, she will carry my shoes or socks around the house. She does not chew them or destroy them, she just carries them around. When I go away and leave her alone (not crated), I will find my shoes/slippers some place in the house when I return. With time in foster care this behavior has become less and less. If you have it in your heart, Cricket is in need a family that will make her part of their family, and treat her with love and kindness. In turn, she will give you a life of love and loyalty.

Foster Update April 1: The staff at the doggy daycare said Cricket did amazing with every dog. Had a ball playing. Completely house trained, loves riding in the car, and walking on the leash.

Foster Update May 22: Cricket is a sweetheart and lovebug. She is a great dog that is very smart and knows basic commands. She loves to go to doggie daycare and play with other dogs her size. She will do best with an active family that has another dog she can play with. She would probably enjoy playing with older kids too. She may be too energetic for small kids. Cricket likes it outside whether it’s going for a walk, running in the back yard or just sunning herself in the backyard. A fenced in backyard is required. She rides well in the car and enjoys going for car rides. Cricket has a gentle personality and is a great dog. When she feels safe, her personality comes out. She needs to be introduced to other dogs slowly until she feels comfortable. However, this is improving with doggie daycare.

Doggy Day Care Time!


Croc was brought in by animal control as a stray. He is a sweet boy and very friendly. Walks well on a leash. HW+; lab mix; 2-3 yrs old; 12/8; 40lbs

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Daisy was brought in as a stray by animal control. She came in with Mya. They were both here previously in 2021 and were reclaimed. The owner was contacted before christmas and still has not reached out to reclaim her dogs. hw-; 12/19; 5-6yrs old; 55lbs; lab mix. No chickens or cats for Daisy.


Danika was brought in as a stray by a community member. She has hair loss so she did not receive a DAPP. She is very sweet and gentle. She walks well on a leash and is HW Positive. bully mix; 4 yrs old; 53lbs; hw+; 1/12

December- teen

December was brought in as a stray by animal control with a dog named Boot. December is very sweet and loves to cuddle, and she is full of energy. She walks okay on a leash. I will get a heartworm test on her when there is someone here willing to help me hold her. lab mix; 10mos old; 32lbs; 1/18


It's taken a while but Dior finally let us do intake on her today (12/30). She's had some barrier issues. She immediately melted into my lap. She is just misunderstood and has some barrier reactivity. She was in the med room for about 45 minutes and was all tail wags and smiles. She loved everyone who came by on in the med room. I took her out today and she played with my daughter in the exercise area. She did great!!!! i surprised everyone when I got her out of the kennel. i broke the ice for her and today she is much better!!! She does get really excited on the leash and she is HW:Negative. She is NOT cat friendly but had no reaction to the dogs on the puppy side going in and out of the kennel. hw-; 12/15; 53lbs; no breed; 3 yrs old; o/s

Dock (Rock)

Dock was brought in with the zx2 pups. He is the dad of them and the mom didn’t come in. Dock is very sweet and did great for his intake. He did have a belt as a collar so we took it off. He didn’t seem to mind any dog or puppy that he passed. He was fine going in and out of the intake even with all of the crates in the floor. Family is moving. 6 yrs old; husky mix; 44 lbs; HW+; 12/8

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stray; 10/12/22; HW+; 6-7 yrs old; 49lbs; Lab mix. Doodle was brought in by Darlington City as a stray with 3 other dogs. He is friendly. He seems very sad when Astrid is away from him. My guess is they have been together for a while.

Vol update Jan 3: Michael really loved Doodle today. He was quiet while Michael was cleaning the intake building. He walked well on a leash. Took treats really well. He was curious about the stray cats, but didn’t pull me. He’s didn’t mind other dogs around him either.

More about me Jan 10: Handsome, old soul looking for belly rubs, human hugs and perhaps a girlfriend, or two!  Sounds like the life for a middle aged lab, don't you think??   DOODLE is the doggy we're talking about and it's super easy to find a friend in him when he's softly leaning into you and gazing into your eyes.  Doodle is a pretty calm, chill and polite guy.  He slowly moseys around sniffing at the grass and looking for a sunny spot to stretch out and relax.  He could not have been more content than having his legs pointed upwards to the sky while we scratched his chest and belly.   Doodle did a good job during evals esp with the female doggies.  We had him off leash with Mya, a more sporty/spry, bouncy girl and the two of them really hit it off.   He was moving with a bit more haste than when left to his own devices.  LOl.   Likewise he was great meeting a shy/submissive female and also shy/submissive male.  More dominant males were not much to his liking and presented him with a bit of a challenge.   He might tell us that surely there are homes out there where the women doggies need the soft, nurturing presence of a nicer older gentleman doggy.  We enjoyed getting to know Doodle and he's sure happy you stopped by to learn a bit more about him.  He's a lovely, doting, friendly, appealing guy just waiting to head on home.

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Easy- Sponsored for pull fees and/or HW treatment

Easy is a happy, friendly, younger guy that met other dogs politely in the play yard. He has a great time playing off leash with Maurice and Josephine, and running along the fence line just enjoying his time out. Walking out to the yard Easy saw a cat and had no reaction to it. Easy is hoping for a home and family of his own. Note: stray; thin; 9/23; 34lbs (thin); no breed; 3 yrs old; hw+

More about me Jan 5: EASY makes it darn easy to be drawn to him!  With his happy go lucky, friendly vibe you too will be reaching for this sleek, athletic fellow to bring the good times right to you!  Easy has been with us for a few months slowly regaining his health and adding on some pounds.  He still is a bit thin but getting there!  It's clear when you meet him,  he's not lost a beat in finding fun and games and general joy no matter where he lands.  We've had him out on several play dates and it's clear he loves running, playing and interacting with other doggies.  A very athletic, streamlined fellow, he's agile and can be quick on his feet!   A smart and clever guy, he had just recently flipped up the latch to his kennel (just prior to our selecting him to join us for photos) and was having a blast trotting around saying hello to all.  It was a proud moment for him and we sensed he might have been laughing at us as we corralled him!  LOL.  You'll not find a more friendly doggy and nor one more deserving of a home and family to call his own.  Please make the easy choice and ask about our happy boy, Easy today. 

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Friend Gentleman

Friend Gentleman

Elton John- safe

Elton John came in as a stray from animal control. He was found with a black female lab mix with the intake number 0087. He is sweet and timid, walks very well on a leash and is crate trained. He is HW positive. 13lbs; male; 1/17; stray; 3 yrs old;


Her leg is almost completely healed. HW-; She loves everyone-cats,dogs and especially people. posted 1/1/23. no intake info

Dottie- Sponsored for pull fees- March 2021 Intake

Stray; HW+; 3/12/21; 55lbs; bully mix; 5 yrs old. Arrived pregnant. Sadly, all of her pups died shortly after birth.

Volunteer Update July 24: VOTED staff/volunteer FAVORITE! 💖 "I know I keep saying this about Dottie, but what a perfect girll. She is one of the sweetest and most gentle dogs I have ever met. She adopted another dog's puppies as her own and was an awesome mom to them. I have nothing but good to say about her. She is wonderful and so grateful for a bit of love! She is the BEST! Somebody has to be waiting on her! How is she not adopted yet?! She is one of my favorite dogs to take on a walk and give treats! Miss Dottie is all smiles and kisses! LOVE! Dottie has been with us since March when she arrived very pregnant. Sadly, she lost her pups, but she accepted another litter as her own and raised 5 beautiful babies. Her days of mothering are done and she is ready to be YOUR spoiled little lady. You cannot ask for a better companion than Ms. Dottie. She is around 55lbs, 5 years old and heartworm positive. Let's get her out of here, please!"

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