Pets in Need (a-e)

Apollo- $400 in sponsored HW funds; $100 in sponsorship fees- Sept Intake- InTownAdventure! TA

Apollo was brought in as a stray by a community member. bully mix; HW+; 4 yrs old; 9/13; 55lbs During intake he was very sweet and laid back. He does have some healed scars but no open wounds which is great. He does limp on his leg but we have put him on medications to help him be as comfortable as possible.

Update October 12: Hug me, squeeze me, love me!  This is all our good friend Apollo needs or wants.  This uber friendly, enthusiastic fellow has plenty of tail wags, hip swivels and kisses to go around.  There is nothing delicate or dainty about Apollo...he's solid and brawny and built to have a good time.  Apollo did a good time in meeting other dogs on leash but he is very up front and forward in his approach which may not appeal to other dogs.  He's very interested in meeting dogs but not all dogs will appreciate his forward style of saying "hi."  A more experienced bully person would no doubt be able to guide Apollo to a softer approach and perhaps help him to channel his super bouncy self into a very appealing and incredible companion pet. We enjoyed Apollo's maxi hugs and his affectionate, loving personality!

Feb 7 Update: Apollo is the BEST boy. He has been in the office for a few weeks and hasn’t made a sound. Never barks or whines. Gets along well with everyone that comes in the office. Is kennel trained and walks well on a leash.

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Atlas was brought in as a stray from Darlington. He is Wonderful. He was a house dog and had a family.. He took a nap in the med room today while we had some other things to do. He is very well mannered and wants to be touching you at all times!! hw-; 3/8; 1-2 yrs old; lab mix; 65lbs

More about me March 28: What a Big Softie. What a Gentle Giant. What a Loveable Lug. Meet ATLAS!! If bigger is better in your world and softer and much more chill is your kind of style then our sweet boy Atlas is your kind of dog. With his large blocky head, big brown puppy eyes and much more submissive feel to him, you can't help but feel drawn to this incredible fellow. Very polite, manageable and just wanting to fit in and be loved, he quickly captivated us with his calm, low key approach to life. Atlas was terrific in meeting dogs- both male and female. Again, he's submissive and does not want any trouble but does wish to be part of the action and be included in whatever is going on. At 65lbs, Atlas is not a small guy but he's certainly easy peasy to walk and simply hang out with. Our youth volunteer gave him the nickname of The 3 C's- Calm, Cool and Collect. Don't take our word for it though...come see why this sweet faced fellow could be the perfect pet for you!!

Rail Trail Update May 7: Atlas was handled by a new participant. His handler was amazing, by the time she took Atlas back to the shelter we knew that he could: sit, lay, and wait. Yes, wait. Atlas wanted nothing more than to make his handler happy. I think he would have done anything she asked. She was really fun to watch. More about me at event: His handler noted he likes car rides, water and relaxing. Was sweet, patient and calm, met other dogs and kids, excellent leash skills! Fast learner, eager to please.

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Friend Zara

Friend Nikki

Friends Nikki & Liquorice

Friend Nikki

Rail Trail Event


O/S- Can no longer care for. Reportedly good with other dogs and housebroken. HW+; 62lbs; 3/15; 5 yrs old; aussie shep. Aussie’s mange is almost completely clear. He has most of his hair back!! He did well during intake until it was time for his Dapp. He has really tough skin!! He is HW:Positive!!!


Becker (Pepper is his original name) I changed it to something that seemed to rhyme with his original name because we have a pepper. Becker is really sweet, full of energy and knows basic commands. He followed me around everywhere, when I called him over to me he would automatically sit down in front of me looking at the door. He was very well mannered and calm in the med room. Walked fairly well on his leash and went back into his kennel without any problem. 1/3; O/S; 56lbs; hw-; 2 yrs old; lab

More about me Feb 15: Our handsome boy Becker was so grateful for a break from his kennel area. "What, you want me to come with you," he asked politely. And indeed, his turn had come to hang with us for some photos and fun in the sun. Becker is an appealing fellow with his classic, sleek black coat and square, more blocky head. Confident and ready to go and do, he was quick on his feet to run and explore when we let him loose in one of our play areas. Becker did well in meeting both male and female dogs. He is polite and very interested in them but not necessarily in playing with them. On his own, Becker is a pretty chill, polite guy. Never jumpy and or in our faces, he seemed content to simply relax and be near us. I think he might have stayed next to one of our volunteers on the bench all afternoon long as she gently pet, stroked and loved on him. For him, this was clearly the best part of his outing! Being a companion pet comes second nature to Becker and he'd sure love for you to come and experience him today.

Rail Trail Event May 14 Update: likes car rides, hiking, sunshine. Sweet, handsome and calm, encountered dogs and kids, does not mind bikes or people walking or jogging by.

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Rail Trail Event


Whew, It's been a long time coming. Brandon has been here since 11/17/21 but with the help of /the Wendy's we were able to complete his intake today. Wendy M is his person.. /Brandon trusts her. I can't even get a leash on him yet!! Brandon is a shy guy but is willing to accept love and affection from humans as long as you take it slow and you aren't forceful. He walked ALL the way to the med room with them on a leash!!! I am so happy we were finally able to get this done!! 1/25/22 posted; shepard mix; 2 yrs old; 53lbs; stray; HW+

Update Feb 1: Today we got Brandon out for some fun in the sun. This brave boy did not disappoint and amazingly he walked the whole way to our front play yard. It's still very much stop and go on the leash for Brandon but he did it! Once in the front play yard, he did plenty of darting around and trying his best to avoid us, but after 3 hrs, he started to get the hang of things and made us proud. No doubt Brandon is a shy, insecure fellow but he proved today that he's willing to put in a good effort to take strides towards pet greatness. Note: Brandon seemed a bit selective with his new doggy friends. Those that were less interested in him, he seemed to accept with no issue.

More about me Feb 8: Brandon proved to us once again that he's eager to leave shelter life behind and ready to begin his new, full time pet position. Doing a great job in walking out to the front field, when let loose, he was immediately running around, exploring, going and doing. He was clearly having a good time and proud of himself in being able to run around. His confidence has clearly grown and we saw a lot of waggy tail, an abundance of smiles and much more relaxed body language. He's still shy/reserved around humans but much more open to making new human friends. His overall level of insecurity is still evident in meeting new dogs. With some dogs, he's happy to share his space and others, he'll let out a low growl of warning. He's a work in progress but certainly heading in the right direction to be the best pet he can be.

March 13 Update: He is getting comfortable having other dogs around, he liked watching Tanner and London run and play. He would give them gentle corrections if they ran into him. He gets more confidence every time he is out.

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Brandy was brought in as a stray from Hartsville. She is full of energy loves attention & is HW: Positive. 52lbs; 2 yrs old; lab mix;4/5; stray.

More about me April 19: "Welcome to my happy, playful world," says our uber friendly brindle lady, BRANDY. If you are looking for a good time, do yourself a favor and call Brandy. This girl was spectacular during photo time as she bounced around meeting humans and other doggies with lots of kisses and tail wags to share. At just a couple of years of age, Brandy is young at heart and also young in her actions. She loves to go and do and be a part of the action. You can make yourself comfy on the sidelines while she puts on a fun show of running, playing and wrestling. When the show is over, count on her to come on over and chill and relax right by your side hoping to get some love and TLC from you! Brandy did well with both male and female dogs. She loves engaging with them and wrestling with them, if the other party is interested! She is a more sturdy girl and athletic in her build so a good long hike would be right up her alley but don't forget she will want to have her nuzzle, one on one time with you! A kissy, affectionate girl, Brandy "you're a fine girl, such a fine girl."

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bully; hw-; 1-2 yrs old; 1/14; 44lbs; abandonned. Came in with Malcolm and Marsali

Bubs- $400 in HW sponsorship to approved rescues/adopters

Bubs was brought in earlier today after being found near Lee state park. He is very sweet and seems to have all the energy in the world. He did arrive with a big blue collar that was covered in dirt and mud. During intake he was very active and ready to be your buddy. He also wanted to jump up on everything. He really needs a big yard to run in. When walking out of the med room, he did not seem to like the cats. Hw test: Positive ; 11/20; 63lbs; 3 yrs old; boxer/bully

Update Dec 7: Bubs makes a big statement no matter where he goes and boy, folks really love this dog!  Bubs is just as friendly and outgoing as our summers are long and HOT!  Bubs is ready to go and do and play and have fun.  His book is wide open and he's looking for a like minded human and perhaps a doggy or two to share in his pure joy for life.  He tested well with both male and female dogs.  We had him off leash with a very energetic female shepard and my gosh,  they had a blast!  They ran and sprinted and wrestled and just had the best time.   Bubs also has a wonderfully soft side when it comes to other dogs as he was "petting"/pawing our shy dog Kaleigh through the fence line!  Kaleigh was on the sidelines watching all the action and wouldn't you know it,  Bubs reaches his paw through the fence to softly just pat at her.  Check out their video!  Bubs is an active boy who is very friendly, huggy, kissy and affectionate.   A like minded doggy friend would help him with his extra energy and help to keep him at his best.  Bubs would love to go hiking, running and or in general, settle into a more active lifestyle in his new home.  If you are someone on the move and perhaps have another pet who is looking to get on the move as well,  please check out our boy Bubs!  Could be love at first paw pet! 

March 23 update: (played with Natalie) Bubs is a very handsome boxer mix. A boxer-loving family will love Bubs' charisma and playfulness. Bubs would love a family with a female playmate who will romp with him in the yard. He was able to be "steered" when Natalie told him she was not interested in romping. She reminded him that LayLay was his girl! (LayLay and Bubs played off leash at another time.)

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LayLay and Bubs

Jersey and Bubs


Buddy is everything you love about a dog in need that gets rescued from the side of the road. He is so loving and so grateful. He couldn't be sweeter or more appreciative of every bit of help and attention he receives. He is just a great guy! He has doggie friends at his foster home and plays well with all sizes. He is also good with kids. He enjoys snuggling by your side, lap cuddles, head scratches and belly rubs. He gives great kisses and hugs. Buddy's name suits him just perfectly, as we hope he can now become someone's faithful fur buddy forever. Would you like to meet him? Note: High HW positive. 54lbs; 3 yrs old; 10/7; stray.

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Butch was brought in as a stray from Hartsville. He is very laid back and just wants to lay down and hang out. He walks okay on a leash but could use some more leash time. He is HW+; 6-7 yrs old; 67lbs; 5/3; stray; lab mix


2/24; 49lbs; 4 yrs old; lab mix. This sweet lady was brought in as a stray. She is sweet and friendly. She got along with Apollo in the office fine. She did excellent during intake and walked fairly well on the leash. She is HW:Negative!!!

Update April 2: She was very happy to be out in the sun and grass. She met other dogs fine. She was more interested in having some people time.

More about me April 19: It's funner to have CARMELLA by your side. No doubt, this friendly, caramel colored/coated girl is a smile maker and makes sure that you're treated like her Queen Bee. Carmella enjoyed her photo fun in the sun as she explored around making sure to get her big, blocky head in as many human laps as possible. She did a nice job in meeting both male and female dogs, but as a more confident lady, seemed to prefer dogs who were more chill and understood her desire to simply hang out with her and not challenge her in any way. Carmella has had at least one litter (if not more) and in her prior life, someone has clearly taken the time to love and nurture her to be the devoted, affectionate dog that she is today. If having a sturdy, solid, steady kisser and hugger of a dog sounds like your new best friend, we urge you to please ask about pretty lady Carmella today.

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Friend Thelma

Carmine -RIP

abandoned; boxer mix; 1/20; 63lbs; 3-4 yrs old; HW+; male


She does it all!  Sweet, sunny faced CASSIDY is our girl on the go who is great with other dogs, loves kids, self entertains, snuggles with her humans and is just as cute as cute gets!  This mid-sized labby mix had such a grand time during photo time.  We had her out for almost 3 hrs as she was so solid and terrific with everyone and was a great dog for testing other dogs.   Cassidy knows no strangers and she is so playful and interactive with her new doggy friends.  She is also very quick to roll over on her back and throw her legs up into the air to entice others to come on over for some playtime.  Cassidy never stopped smiling and working the crowd.  If she found humans nearby,  she would quickly pop over to say "hi" and if you are in a chair,  well count on her sweet little face to be in your lap.  Watch out for her fast darty kisses!   Very social, affectionate and a real delight to have as your new friend,  you simply can't go wrong in opting in for Cassidy today.  Check her out guys!!  Note: No intake sheet. lab; hw-; 4/22; 41lbs

Volunteer Thought April 30: This happy little blue bully girl was out to make friends, both people and other dogs. She had a nice little romp on her own then politely met another female in her run as well as others through the fence. She was very friendly to everybody she met. Sweet little girl, looking for her family.

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Friend Olympus

Friend Mikey

Friend Olympus

Friend Olympus


She was brought in as a stray from darlington. She is very sweet and her mask is darling and unique!! She did excellent during her intake. She is a little hyper but she settled down after playing in the med room for a few minutes. HW-; lab mix; picked up by AC in Darlington; 42lbs; 1 yr old; 4/13


Chase was brought in by AC after his owner wasn’t located on fb. He is a little shy but really sweet!!! He is all tail wags and just wants to lay with you for pets! Pam gave his a bath today after his intake. He had ALOT of fleas and his skin is irritated and red. Chase is HW:Positive and walks okay on a leash. 2/28; cattle dog mix; 48lbs; 1-2 yrs old

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4 yrs old; 45 lbs; HW +. Posted Nov 14, 2021. Jan 9 Update: He is such a sweetheart. What a handsome boy he is from the little skelton with fur he was on arrival. He is always super excited to spend any time with us. He loves getting attention and is quick to give you his paw in appreciation. He likes treats and wants to please you. He is playful and likes to explore and hang out with friends. He loves to see his food come, but he always goes and does his business first then comes back to eat. He likes to keep his kennel neat and loves to be praised for how smart and sweet he is. This boy needs a warm home where he can get the attention he desires and be rewarded for all the wonderful skills he has.

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Stray; HW+; 52lbs; 2/25; lab/bully mix; 3 yrs old

Clifford- Senior

This sweet old man was brought in after wandering into a Community members yard and not leaving. He is very sweet and has some medical issues.. He walked well on the leash.. Has a goopy eye and tumors on his anus. He is HW: Positive; 8 yrs old; lab mix; 66lbs; 3/1; Reportedly good with other dogs, kids and cats.

Cooper- October Intake- $200 in sponsorship funds

Cooper was brought in by Mrs. H. She found him wandering down ousleydale Rd in hartsville with a collar attached to his neck with multiple cables/tieouts attached to the collar. I have attached a picture of what he was found in as well. She made a post on fb but didn't post a picture because she just didn't want anyone claiming him but no one said they were missing him. He was placed in a crate at night and whined for a few minutes but was okay after. He also had no accidents in their house while inside for 4 days. Cooper is very hyper and active, He is sweet and seems to be fairly well behaved but very puppy he climbed in my lap for more pets after his blood draw. Cooper is HW: Negative!  47lbs; shep mix; male; 1 yr old; 10/8

More about me Nov 2: Call 1-800-COOPER for a good time!  Cooper is just the best.  This guy is loaded with fun and games, loves a light game of fetch and enjoys hanging out with other dogs.   What more could you want??   It was really hard to walk past Cooper on the big dog run with his big scooped out ears, huge smiling/eager face and swiveling hips.  We were ready for a fun time and knew Cooper would perfectly suit our needs.   Never meeting a stranger,  it was not unusual for us to find Cooper running and playing "tag" with our youth volunteer.  We heard many squeals of joy from our human friend as Cooper kept her in stitches with his C grade level of fetch.   Cooper's middle name is likely "Silly" as he's a silly, goofy kind of guy who lives in the moment to play and make friends.   A very happy, friendly guy,  Cooper would love a more active home where he can work off some energy and then be a part of the family circle as folks chill out and welcome in the evening hours.   Cooper is a true beacon of sunshine on even the darkest of days.  Don't miss out on this fun-ghi! LOL

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Cooper and Bella

Cooper and Von

April Event

April Event

April Event

April Earth Day


Cosmo was brought in today by a community member after being abandoned. He went to AAH today when he came in because I suspected his elbow was broken.. He has been shot and his elbow is shattered. He will have to have amputation surgery. Cosmo is really sweet even while being in pain!! He is house trained and went into a foster home today. 54lbs; hw-; reportedly ok with other dogs and kids. 1/18; 3.5 yrs old. Known locally as Leo. Note: Cosmo's front leg was amputated on May 4.

May 11 Update: Cosmo is doing great! Loves my dogs and pays no attention to the cats. Loves his walks .

Video: HumanFriend FriendElvis

I like cats!

May 12

Cricket- Sponsored for pull fees- July Intake

Cricket was brought in as a stray pickup from AC. Cricket is a very sweet girl, and loves affection. It is apparent that she has had a lot of puppies in her lifetime. She walks well on a leash, and did well during her intake. HW+; 3 yrs old; 44lbs; shep mix; 7/7

Videos: HumanFriend HumanFriend FriendTucker FriendTucker FriendTrudyLady FriendTrudyLady HumanFriend

Foster Update Feb 27: It has been a joy to foster Cricket and watch her personality blossom when she was removed from the shelter environment. Foster care was the first Cricket was treated with love and kindness. She is a sweetheart and has touched my heart!

Cricket needs to adjust to change on her own schedule. For example, when she came into foster care, she would sleep in the sun room (back of the house) then after a few days she slept in the kitchen (beside the sunroom), then to the living room where the doggie bed is located, then to the sofa, then she hit the jackpot and found Mom’s bed.

She likes her soft toys, dental bones but her stuffed bones are the best! Looking out the front storm door watching people and their dogs go by is enjoyable for her. If it is a sunny day, she will fall asleep in the sun. Also, she likes to run around the back yard; so, a fenced in yard is a necessity. Going for walks are the best and normally walks by her foster Moms side. However, another dog can distract her but she is still learning.

Cricket has a gentle personality and is very smart and a quick learner. She knows basic commands such as: sit, come, stay, crate and let’s go pee. Many of the skills were learned while in foster care. She was afraid of the car and now quickly jumps in the car and rides well in the car. She was crate trained in a few days and enjoys her crate. In the morning she go to her crate and waits to be fed (with the tail a wagging). She enjoys her food and treats.

Her foster care environment does not have other animals; however, she seems to like other dogs that are more laid back then the aggressive type of dogs. I think she would do well in a home with another dog or older kids to play with. She has energy that she needs to release. When at the vets, there was a cat running around the office that didn’t seem to bother her.

She has some cute behaviors, such as holding up her one paw (usually the right) when she is about to get a treat. She has great flexibilty in her hips and sometimes will lay with all four legs stretched out.

When she seems to get anxious, she will carry my shoes or socks around the house. She does not chew them or destroy them, she just carries them around. When I go away and leave her alone (not crated), I will find my shoes/slippers some place in the house when I return. With time in foster care this behavior has become less and less.

If you have it in your heart, Cricket is in need a family that will make her part of their family, and treat her with love and kindness. In turn, she will give you a life of love and loyalty.

Foster Update April 1: The staff at the doggy daycare said Cricket did amazing with every dog. Had a ball playing. Completely house trained, loves riding in the car, and walking on the leash.


Deidra was brought in as a stray. 12/10; bully mix; 45lbs; 1-2 yrs old; hw-;

Feb 4 Update: Sweet and submissive would be a good way to describe the dog we met yesterday. She passed both male and female tests. She looks to her handler for reassurance. Pam said she is much more outgoing in her foster home. New settings make her a little nervous, but she did great!

March 23 Update: Deirdre has been out with playgroup a couple of times. She mingles nicely with males and females. She has medium energy and a gentle playstyle.

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Foster Time

Foster Time


Picked up as a stray; Adopted from us a couple of yrs ago. No return calls from owner. HW+; 5 yrs old; bully mix; 50lbs; 3/17. Posted on line 4/24. Finally ok to post him as available.

More about me April 26: Our big blue boy DENZEL is such a good sport. This very handsome fellow has been in a bit of flux since his arrival several weeks ago but he's taken everything in great stride. A very patient, grateful, kind natured doggy, it was immediately clear that Denzel would nicely fit into a group of dogs who were already loose and roaming around. He was fantastic in meeting, one by one, both male and female dogs. Very calm and polite, Denzel is never pushy and "Chill Mode" might even be his motto. Just as pleasant as they come, Denzel quickly found his niche in slowly meandering off leash in our "pack" of dogs and made sure to periodically check in with the human monitors to make sure they too were getting enough tlc. Very agreeable and easy to manage, our 4th grade volunteer was fine walking him around as was our senior volunteer. Recently attending an off site event, Denzel earned high marks in going with the flow and taking in a new environment and meeting new folks. Denzel is such a nice guy and there's no reason for nice guys to finish last and be left in limbo. Please, ask for Denzel today. He's affectionate and loving and an all around wonderful companion pet.

Rail Trail Event May 14 Update: likes car rides, snuggling, sunshine. Calm, cuddly, good leash skills, nice to walk. Met dogs and kids on walk. Behaved well at Mellow Mushroom, did not try to jump up on anyone nor grab food. Does not like ice cream. Great around the crowds.

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DoggyFriends FriendMaverick RailTrailEvent RailTrailEvent

Friend Robin


found abandonned in her home; hw+; 3-4 yrs old; 30lbs (thin); 2/5; boxer mix

Update March 28: DOLLY is such a good girl...sweet, loving and doting...but the key with her is that she needs to interview YOU first and not vice versa. Dolly might welcome you with a big, gruffy "Bark, bark" when she sees you coming, but it's just her way of letting you know, she'd like for you to calmly approach her and let her check out your energy. It does not take long for the inspection process to take place and then she is all yours and all into you!! Dolly was a very solid, good performer when it came to meeting other dogs. She was in fact fantastic! She's polite and welcoming of them and never pushy or overbearing. With her humans, she is a total doll baby. She is in your lap, cleaning your face and or nicely chilling by your side. To round out her pet skills, Dolly is GREAT with toys! She is very, very focused on playing fetch and or successfully reaching to engage with a rope toy you are tempting her with in the air. Seemingly, she could work with her toys and her human for hours on end if given the chance. Dolly is one smart cookie and would be best in having her brain and legs and lungs given regular stimulation/workouts. She's not a high energy girl per say but needs some good activity in her daily schedule to challenge her and help keep her at her best. Dolly will make an incredible, loyal pet. Don't let her initial "Bark, bark" deter you from enjoying all the wonder pet layers that lie just below her pretty brindle coat.

More about me May 3: "DOLLY you are cute, cute, cute!" Our pretty brindle lady Dolly arrived looking a tad bedraggled and worse for the wear but fast forward a few weeks and she looks FANTASTIC! She's filled out in all the right spots and you'll find yourself drawn to her smiling face and wiggling hips. Dolly is very polite and calm in meeting other dogs and did a great job saying "Hi" to both male and female dogs. Her true passion however is playing and interacting with her humans. Pull out the balls and watch her sprint to go catch them, perhaps even mid-air! Have a rope toy? Well, it's time to have a fun hearted game of tug-o-war. When we first had Dolly out for photo time, she was a bit unsure as to what was expected of her but today, she was spot on and all in and it was real joy to see her happy, more confident self emerge on this warm spring day. Dolly has fallen on some hard times, but she's resilient and ready to show off her pet skills to you. Please consider her for your new companion pet. Note: No cats for Dolly.

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RopeToyFun! DoggyFriends FriendHercules DoggyFriends

Friend Nikki

Friend Nikki


Dutch was brought in today after being surrendered to AC. He is a beautiful boy weighing almost 90 lbs! He is HW +; O/S- does not want; 88lbs; shep/rottie; 1 yrs old; 4/11.

More about me April 19: "DUTCH, is that you in a lap AGAIN??"   Talk about a magnificent being!  Meet Dutch, the lover of all laps and all humans within eyesight.  Dutch is such a family man and having lived in only one prior home,  he's wondering what went wrong.   With a change in job,  his human was no longer able to care for him so we are here to pick up his life pieces.  In his former life,  he had a couple of neighbor doggy friends whom he smaller than him and one about the same size.  During our recent photo outing,  it was clear that Dutch was really, really missing human contact.   He was very close and touchy/huggy (in a very soft/gentle way) with his new human friends.   He beautifully met a male and also female dog but if there was a human in the mix, he was distracted by them and just wanted some loving from them.   Dutch is a bigger boy pushing almost 90lbs (He is a wee bit heavy...just saying),  but he's reasonably easy to handle/manage.  In part due to his sheer size but also his incredibly warm and friendly vibe,  he creates quite the stir when folks see him.  He is utterly stunning and there's just no way you can resist petting this handsome hunk.   Dutch is scanning those who pass by his kennel even now as you read his bio. Please, let's hope that next person who walks past him, turns around and gives him that chance he deserves.  Might it be you? 

Videos: HumanFriend

Friend Thelma

Ember -safe

Ember is a very sweet submissive lady. She is 85 lbs and happy as can be. She loves to play and loved the squeaky toys. She walks well on the leash. hw-; 3/10; stray; 5 yrs old; lab mix; 85lbs; GREAT WITH CATS!

More about me March 28: Is bigger better?   Well, if you ask our full-figured labby mix EMBER, she'll give you a resounding, "Yes" reply!   There is a lot to love about Ember which you'll quickly hone in on when you meet her.   A very friendly, loving, engaging girl,  it's clear Ember was once a very treasured pet who is very skilled at giving and receiving love, affection and attention.   Without doubt,  she's on the heavy side at 85lbs (She could easily lose 15lbs!) so if you are looking for a smaller dog but love the personality of Ember,  she could still be the girl for you once she has shed some pounds.  Ember has the best personality - She's warm, welcoming and has a good feel and attitude about her.   Graced with a fun, playful outlook on life, she found a kindred soul in her sporty friend, Spots (lab mix).  The two of them were like 2 peas in a pod as they ran, wrestled, hugged and kissed on each other.  What a wonderful sight to see two complete stranger dogs having such an immediate and unconditional attraction to each other.  What fun they had!  The fun did not stop there however as Ember proved herself to be a good, solid meeter/greeter with other male and female dogs.  Ember certainly made a big impression on us.  Will she be lucky enough to also give you that same "big impression?"  Well, she surely hopes so!  Note: Ember did not have any reaction to cats.

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Friend Spots

Friend Krystal

Friend Spots

Friend Spots

Dottie- Sponsored for pull fees- March 2021 Intake

Stray; HW+; 3/12; 55lbs; bully mix; 5 yrs old. Arrived pregnant. Sadly, all of her pups died shortly after birth.

Volunteer Update July 24: VOTED staff/volunteer FAVORITE! 💖 "I know I keep saying this about Dottie, but what a perfect girll. She is one of the sweetest and most gentle dogs I have ever met. She adopted another dog's puppies as her own and was an awesome mom to them. I have nothing but good to say about her. She is wonderful and so grateful for a bit of love! She is the BEST! Somebody has to be waiting on her! How is she not adopted yet?! She is one of my favorite dogs to take on a walk and give treats! Miss Dottie is all smiles and kisses! LOVE! Dottie has been with us since March when she arrived very pregnant. Sadly, she lost her pups, but she accepted another litter as her own and raised 5 beautiful babies. Her days of mothering are done and she is ready to be YOUR spoiled little lady. You cannot ask for a better companion than Ms. Dottie. She is around 55lbs, 5 years old and heartworm positive. Let's get her out of here, please!"

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