Pets in Need (a-e)

Amber- Teen- safe

Our brindle beauty, Amber is graced with a “peaceful, easy feeling.” Although still a teen, Amber is a polite girl who is easy to manage. She is at her best when she can socialize and interact, run and play. She seamlessly met a mix of dogs off leash (male/female; big/small; confident/shy) finding friends in all the categories. Amber’s personality is perfect for a family with kids and adding doggy playmates to the mix in her new home would surely make her even more happy. Amber is sweet, nuzzly and loving. She found several human laps to call her own and was fast to give us a boastful smile of, “See, I can fit in any size lap!” We enjoyed Amber and you’ll be the lucky one to have her working in your home full time. Check her out today! Note: A/C Seizure; 10 mos old; Came in with Adam and Abby. Lab; 40lbs; hw- ; 12/17

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Friend Bear

Friend Bear

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Friend Bear

Friend Bear


Apollo was brought in as a stray by a community member. bully mix; HW+; 4 yrs old; 9/13; 55lbs During intake he was very sweet and laid back. He does have some healed scars but no open wounds which is great. He does limp on his leg but we have put him on medications to help him be as comfortable as possible.

Update October 12: Hug me, squeeze me, love me!  This is all our good friend Apollo needs or wants.  This uber friendly, enthusiastic fellow has plenty of tail wags, hip swivels and kisses to go around.  There is nothing delicate or dainty about Apollo...he's solid and brawny and built to have a good time.  Apollo did a good time in meeting other dogs on leash but he is very up front and forward in his approach which may not appeal to other dogs.  He's very interested in meeting dogs but not all dogs will appreciate his forward style of saying "hi."  A more experienced bully person would no doubt be able to guide Apollo to a softer approach and perhaps help him to channel his super bouncy self into a very appealing and incredible companion pet. We enjoyed Apollo's maxi hugs and his affectionate, loving personality!

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Aurora- 39lbs; 3 yrs old; HW+; 9/17; bully; Aurora was brought in by AC as a stray. During intake she was very sweet and just wanted to be loved on. She can be shy at times on the leash but after she is on it she walks fine.

More about me Sept 24: Soft in her ways!   As soon as you see our pretty pocket pit Aurora,  you will "ooh and ahh" over her.  Aurora is a quiet, sweet lady who does not ask for much.  Without doubt,  she was the favorite for our youth volunteer who met about 12 dogs and helped pose them.  Aurora came right over to her and was so calm and loving and had THE perfect energy for our young girl.  Aurora has had more than her fair share of litters.  She had a bit of a weary look on her face especially when the male dogs came on over to say hello.  She was tolerant of them but really not wishing to engage with them.  She was totally fine with females but honestly could take them or leave them as her real focus is humans.  With little or no interest in toys, chilling and simply being with her human seemed to bring her the greatest source of joy.  Loving and very gentle natured, Aurora is hoping she can finally be someone's #1 girl. 

More about me Nov 9: Second time around and Aurora does not disappoint and in fact, pleases us even more! Aurora was front and center and so happy to be selected to exit her kennel for the sunny, green space out front. More confident and graced with a more outgoing, festive feel to her, we enjoyed Aurora's happy, waggy tailed approach to us and other dogs. She seemed to do best with slightly more confident dogs, one male and one female. She sniffs at them and nicely walks with them but she's not one to play and wrestle with other dogs. Aurora really, really loves her people and quickly sought us out for lap time, scratching at the base of her tail time and just general quiet, snuggle time. If a well mannered, lower riding, barrel shaped pet sounds like your kind of pet, please ask about Aurora. No doubt she will make a wonderful companion pet. Aurora is the cure for any lonely time blues you might have.

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Aurora and Alan

Becca- sponsored for pull fees

Oh, my goodness! Did we have THE best time with pretty lady Becca! This stunning muted brindle delight is absolutely velveteen to touch so be prepared to wish to pet her and pet her and pet her. Just watch her smile and beam with all the special TLC you are bestowing on her! Becca is a fun, engaging girl. Boy did she enjoy playing fetch and more fetch. Squeaky toys were her favorite! When she started to get pooped, it was time to show her new human friends how perfectly sized she is to be a lap dog..uh yes, all 60lbs of her! Silly girl! We had her out with several dogs of different temperaments and she's fine having them very close to her but perhaps due to some insecurity, she will warn them with a quick little growl that she needs some space. She's not wanting any confrontation and is a very peaceful girl but she just seemed to get caught off guard on occasion and would nicely warn that dog of her feelings. Becca is an affectionate lady who is generous with her kisses and wet nose nudges. She is a great girl and we love reaching for her to spend time with her. You too should give her a whirl. This wonderful companion pet would surely love to meet you.Note: hw-; 60lbs; stray; 3 yrs old; 7/12; stray; bully mix; Becca is very shy and nervous. She has a home somewhere, as she has pink nail polish on her front claws.

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Ben- Teen -safe

Ben was brought in along with Angelina when their owner passed away. Ben is very friendly and sweet. Ben is HW: Negative. Hound mix; 55lbs; 1/6; 7 mos old


Blue was brought in by AC as a stray. Blue does not act like a stray. This boy is the sweetest and listens very well. The reason his name is blue, was because he responded to it when Animal control dropped him off. Animal Control said that is what everyone was calling him. During intake I learned that he is really good with sitting commands and staying. He also knows how to shake. HW+; 11/5; bully; 5 yrs old; 53lbs

More about me Dec 14: Hard to stay "blue" with a dog named Blue by your side! Blue is such a fun, happy fella! Never meeting a stranger, Blue is ready to go and do, mix and mingle and then get all snuggly in YOUR lap! Very social, interactive and sporty (in look and feel), Blue did an excellent job in meeting both male and female dogs during his photo outing. It was wonderful to see him "check" his energy a bit when introduced to another dog who was moving more slowly in part due to health concerns. He was respectful and toned down to nicely walk with this other dog. For other dogs who were ready to explore and socialize, Blue quickly shifted gears and happily trotted around weaving himself in and out and introducing himself to all. Blue's core source of joy was without doubt, time with his new human friends. He was on his back and legs in the air to maximize belly rub access and the simple act of draping himself in a lap clearly brought him great joy. Blue has a more confident feel to him when he is out exploring but sit down anywhere within his eyesight and he'll be there pronto looking for some attention. He's a real mush and lovebug below that handsome "blue" surface. Blue is a smile maker through and through! Please see for yourself!

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Friend Georgia


abandonned; lab; hw-; 1-2 yrs old; 1/14; 44lbs


Bruno was brought In by AC. He was happy and wagging his tail on the truck. He did very well during intake, he laid down and wanted all the attention he could get. I did do a skin scrape because of the hair loss on his butt. It was clear. He will get medicated baths to help his flea dermatitises. He was all tail wags and smiles anytime someone spoke to him. Bruno is HW+.  53lbs; 4 yrs old; lab; 10/21

More about me October 26: Big boy Bruno is my kind of doggy friend.  Oh, my goodness, he is just divine!  This chunky monkey appears to have led a hard, tough life but yet he is THE nicest guy with THE best disposition.  Despite areas of scarring on his skin, spots of baldness in his coat and a funky gait in his rear hip area, Bruno is totally oblivious to how he "looks" and marches to a beat full of kindness and generosity towards others!   This guy is loaded with love and is so giving of himself to humans and other dogs.  Really, really good and respectful in meeting other dogs,  we had him off leash and saying "hi" to 3 other dogs in almost no time.  He is THAT good!  Bruno is a true friend to all and enjoyed rolling on his back in the grassy area, playing a light game of fetch but most of all, he enjoyed simply relaxing and being near his new human and doggy friends.  Bruno would be fantastic in a pack setting of dogs and add some kids to the mix and just watch him shine and work his magic on all.  Did I mention this is my kind of dog??  Calm and affectionate, patient and gentle, Bruno is the complete pet package.  Please ask about him today!

Update Dec 14: Bruno is a very mellow, calm guy. His chocolate coat and Labby looks make him so handsome, and when he plops into your lap, you will want to keep him forever. He is polite with other dogs, but he prefers snuggling with his human. A typical rescued dog, he has the grateful, faithful temperament that shows his appreciation for a kind hand.

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Victor and Bruno

Victor and Bruno

Victor and Bruno

Friends Victor & Rodney

Bryson- safe

Bryson was brought in by a community member who took him up at her home. There was another dog with Bryson, but he slipped out of the collar that was chained to the bed of the truck and ran. During intake he was very sweet but very shy. He seemed to not even know what it was like to feel the a/c. He loved it! He did not want to go back outside lol I do not blame him. While walking to his kennel, he did very well. No pull, he is shy when it comes to the loud barking of the other dogs. hw-; 54lbs; 11/2; bully; 2 yrs old.

More about me Nov 9: When we first met Bryson, he was being dropped off at the shelter.  He was very sad faced and confused sitting in the back of his red pick up truck.  Today,  he was a different dog and we were thrilled to see who he really was and you heard it here folks,  Bryson is one AWESOME dog!  Bryson is just as sweet and gentle natured as they come.  He does not want any trouble and just wants to be loved and understood.   It was clear early on that Bryson would be great slowly mixing and mingling with other dogs and we were spot on.  Although he has a more brawny look to him,  he is a real softy and is very sensitive.   Very mild in his mannerisms and extremely respectful of others' space,  Bryson brought a nice, calming energy to the group of dogs who were already off leash and relaxing in the shade of a tree.  Bryson enjoyed chilling near humans and was grateful for the special one on one attention we gave him. Overall, he still had a bit of a sad feel to him from when we first saw him being surrendered to the shelter.  He's likely still wondering what he did wrong.  The reality is that he did nothing wrong and but wonders how he wound up as homeless and unloved.  Wish to bring a full on smile to this handsome fella's face?  Well, it's easy.  Bring him on home! 

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Bryson and Halley

Bryson and Alan

Bryson and Halley


Bubs was brought in earlier today after being found near Lee state park. He is very sweet and seems to have all the energy in the world. He did arrive with a big blue collar that was covered in dirt and mud. During intake he was very active and ready to be your buddy. He also wanted to jump up on everything. He really needs a big yard to run in. When walking out of the med room, he did not seem to like the cats. Hw test: Positive ; 11/20; 63lbs; 3 yrs old; boxer/bully

Update Dec 7: Bubs makes a big statement no matter where he goes and boy, folks really love this dog!  Bubs is just as friendly and outgoing as our summers are long and HOT!  Bubs is ready to go and do and play and have fun.  His book is wide open and he's looking for a like minded human and perhaps a doggy or two to share in his pure joy for life.  He tested well with both male and female dogs.  We had him off leash with a very energetic female shepard and my gosh,  they had a blast!  They ran and sprinted and wrestled and just had the best time.   Bubs also has a wonderfully soft side when it comes to other dogs as he was "petting"/pawing our shy dog Kaleigh through the fence line!  Kaleigh was on the sidelines watching all the action and wouldn't you know it,  Bubs reaches his paw through the fence to softly just pat at her.  Check out their video!  Bubs is an active boy who is very friendly, huggy, kissy and affectionate.   A like minded doggy friend would help him with his extra energy and help to keep him at his best.  Bubs would love to go hiking, running and or in general, settle into a more active lifestyle in his new home.  If you are someone on the move and perhaps have another pet who is looking to get on the move as well,  please check out our boy Bubs!  Could be love at first paw pet! 

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LayLay and Bubs

Jersey and Bubs


Buddy was found by Wendy M. He is a sweet boy. He did great during intake other than having thick skin so it was tough to draw blood. He was very good for his skin scrape and allowed us to bother him without caring. He does not have mange Rebecca and I both looked for about 20 minutes just to make sure and we never saw anything. He will need to stay on flea prevention because his hair loss and skin condition is most likely flea related. Buddy is also HW positive.  54lbs; 3 yrs old; 10/7


4 yrs old; 45 lbs; HW +. Posted Nov 14. Jan 9 Update: He is such a sweetheart. What a handsome boy he is from the little skelton with fur he was on arrival. He is always super excited to spend any time with us. He loves getting attention and is quick to give you his paw in appreciation. He likes treats and wants to please you. He is playful and likes to explore and hang out with friends. He loves to see his food come, but he always goes and does his business first then comes back to eat. He likes to keep his kennel neat and loves to be praised for how smart and sweet he is. This boy needs a warm home where he can get the attention he desires and be rewarded for all the wonderful skills he has.

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CiCi was brought in by AC at the same address Abby. During intake she was a bit nervous but continued to wag her tail and stay under my legs the whole time. She is a very sweet girl. While walking up to get her intake, she did very well on a leash. The cats were a little scary though. 10/28; lab; hw-; 2 yrs old; hw- ;46lbs

More about me Nov 9: "What a beautiful dog and she's in such good shape. She must have been loved." When you meet our lovely lady Cici, this is likely what you will think. Cici IS a head turner, her coat is thick and shiny and she's healthy as healthy gets. This sweet, slightly submissive lady is polite and doting and enjoys leaning into her new human friends. Give her a big draping hug and you will have her heart! A very skilled meeter/greeter with other dogs, she is welcoming of all to her world and is very, very soft and unobtrusive in her ways. With just a hint of puppy feel to her, Cici enjoyed playing with a rope toy, ignored the balls and seemed very content to slowly meander around and weave in and out and through the selection of humans and loose dogs in our playpen area. Cici is a wee bit head shy so slower motions around her head as she gets to know you are appreciated. Kids and other doggies would perfectly round out her world but being the only apple of her new person's eye might also be a good choice for this sweet girl. Please ask for Cici today!

Foster update 12/21/21: Cici is approximately 46 pounds mid size dog, (listed as large on site) She's house broken, crate trained, quiet, shy to start with but warms up once you stay for awhile. Fast movements scare her and may bark then. She knows basic commands, and when told no she stops immediately. She runs very fast when loose so a fenced yard is best. Loves the couch , walks well on leash. If she pulls I just say no pull and she stops.

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Clifford- Senior

Clifford was brought in with 2 other dogs.. He was a bully to both of them. Clifford was fine in the med room with Thomas and I but I'm not sure how he is with other animals. He is HW Positive old and laid back. He does have a mass on his back leg, worn down and missing teeth. 12/28; 9-10 yrs old; lab mix; 57lbs

Coco- rescue pending

Coco is a very sweet girl!! She was brought in with Gator and Lady from Mrs. D. Coco repeatedly laid down for belly rubs, she loves to give kisses!! We gave her a bath because she was flea infested she was in the office drying off (it as too chilly outside for her to go back out) and i as sitting in the office with a 1 year old while the adults did a walk through and the Baby cried coco did not like him being upset and whimpered when him and i went out of the door!! hw-; lab; 30lbs; family moving; 10/30; 3 yrs old. Came in with Lady and Gator.

More about me Nov 9: "Don't forget to include me in the fun," says our sunny faced, cutie-pie Coco.   Oh boy, guys. Coco is just plain cute.   This smaller framed, tan delight had the best time roaming around off leash checking out the sights and smells, humans and other dogs in our play yard.   Although more petite in stature,  Coco holds her own with larger dogs and more pushy dogs.  She came in with 2 other dogs (one larger and very confident), so she understands a pack dynamic.   Coco was equally as happy chilling with our senior volunteer vs our youth volunteer.  Her energy level (low-med) and her sweet personality lend itself to putting her pet skills in a home spanning the ages.  Coco does not have much interest in toys however if you invite her to roll over on her back, she will happily and gladly accept lots of belly rubs from you.   Let us know if Coco sounds like your kind of gal. We know she's our kind of gal! 

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Conner was brought in after being abandoned and chained up outside.. He came in with multiple wounds on his head from what seems to have been a dog fight.. He couldn't really defend himself nor run while being chained up.. He is still in good spirits, he is a little shy but this boy is sweet!!! He let me complete his intake without a single problem and as I was cleaning him up he only pulled away once and I knew then that he had enough so I stopped. He went to AAH to have an abscess drained and puncture wounds cleaned as well as shaved around the area to prevent infection.. Conner is doing much better and is starting to show us his true personality!! 52lbs; bully mix; 2 yrs old; 12/8; hw-


Cooper was brought in by Mrs. H. She found him wandering down ousleydale Rd in hartsville with a collar attached to his neck with multiple cables/tieouts attached to the collar. I have attached a picture of what he was found in as well. She made a post on fb but didn't post a picture because she just didn't want anyone claiming him but no one said they were missing him. He was placed in a crate at night and whined for a few minutes but was okay after. He also had no accidents in their house while inside for 4 days. Cooper is very hyper and active, He is sweet and seems to be fairly well behaved but very puppy he climbed in my lap for more pets after his blood draw. Cooper is HW: Negative!  47lbs; shep mix; male; 1 yr old; 10/8

More about me Nov 2: Call 1-800-COOPER for a good time!  Cooper is just the best.  This guy is loaded with fun and games, loves a light game of fetch and enjoys hanging out with other dogs.   What more could you want??   It was really hard to walk past Cooper on the big dog run with his big scooped out ears, huge smiling/eager face and swiveling hips.  We were ready for a fun time and knew Cooper would perfectly suit our needs.   Never meeting a stranger,  it was not unusual for us to find Cooper running and playing "tag" with our youth volunteer.  We heard many squeals of joy from our human friend as Cooper kept her in stitches with his C grade level of fetch.   Cooper's middle name is likely "Silly" as he's a silly, goofy kind of guy who lives in the moment to play and make friends.   A very happy, friendly guy,  Cooper would love a more active home where he can work off some energy and then be a part of the family circle as folks chill out and welcome in the evening hours.   Cooper is a true beacon of sunshine on even the darkest of days.  Don't miss out on this fun-ghi! LOL

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Cooper and Bella

Cooper and Von


Cosmo was brought in today by a community member after being abandoned. He went to AAH today when he came in because I suspected his elbow was broken.. He has been shot and his elbow is shattered. He will have to have amputation surgery. Cosmo is really sweet even while being in pain!! He is house trained and went into a foster home today. 54lbs; hw-; reportedly ok with other dogs and kids. 1/18; 3.5 yrs old

Cricket- Sponsored for pull fees

Cricket was brought in as a stray pickup from AC. Cricket is a very sweet girl, and loves affection. It is apparent that she has had a lot of puppies in her lifetime. She walks well on a leash, and did well during her intake. HW+; 3 yrs old; 44lbs; shep mix; 7/7

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Dee is good with other dogs and kids and is housebroken. hw-; cattle dog; male; 1 yr old; 36lbs; 8/16

Event update Oct 9: I really like Dee. He needs a task to do. seems like a true herder. He is super friendly and sweet. He is eager to please. Walks well on a leash.

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Event EventFriends Human Friend


Deidra was brought in as a stray that looked as if she was used as a bait dog.. She absolutely HATED human contact and would almost crunch completely down when you attempted to touch her. After a few weeks of cleaning and having no choice but to touch her, She has made a complete turn around!! She will wag her tail and dance around when you approach her kennel. While in the med room today she kept jumping up for pets and that's something I wouldn't have imagined she would want this soon but i am soooo thankful. She didn't seem to mind the outside cats nor Henry (Our old man) whenever she was inside today. 12/10; bully mix; 45lbs; 1-2 yrs old; hw-

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**Came in with Pebbles and Ginny as sheriff's department seizure's. Dexter is a very friendly, sweet, older dog. He does okay on a leash, and did very well during his intake. 8/10; 6yrs old; hw-; bully mix; 48lbs

Update August 20: "I love adventures.  I love carrying a ball around in my mouth.  I love giving and receiving attention and affection."  Our big bully baby Dexter might share these thoughts with you and might also add,  "What more could you want in a companion pet?"  We had THE best time in getting to know Dexter.   Although a middle aged fellow,  still Dexter has plenty of get up and go and was so happy to stretch his legs and run and goof off  in our play yard.  The icing on the cake for this handsome brindle boy was meeting up with bully mix Peggy who was a bit of a soul mate for him nicely matching his play style, his mixing and mingling with humans and then searching for a shady spot to beat the summer heat.  Dexter is a confident, interactive guy who is not one to sit on the sidelines.  Get him outside for some ball tossing, some hearty walks and then watch him snuggle and fall asleep by your side on the sofa.   Dexter is ready to get the pet job done.

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Dexter and Peggy

Silly me!


Dixie was brought in as a stray from darlington. Dixie is very happy and full of energy, She loved to play with me and toys in the med room while she was in here for intake. She wiggles her whole butt because she is so excited to see people. 12/13; bully; 2.5yrs old; 44lbs; HW+

More about me Jan 4: Full of spunk, athleticism and love! Dixie is a stunning blue pit who is super friendly, engaging and ready to go and do. A smaller framed girl who is loaded with personality and a desire to run and play and coax even those on the sidelines to get in on good times, Dixie is fun central. Dixie did a good job in meeting other dogs during photo time and enjoyed running off leash and interacting with those who appreciated her silly, bowing down play style of, “Let’s get our groove going!” Friendly, good natured and just the right size for most laps, Dixie already has a couple years of pet experience under her paws and would surely love to add even more working in YOUR home!

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Friend Hyde

Friends Hermione & Shadow

Friends Bear & Hyde


Dodger came in as a stay found by someone. Dodger is well taken care of. Dodger is a sweet boy. He walks well on a leash. HW Negative. 51 lbs; hound; 2 yrs old; 10/21

More about me October 26: Dodger proves once again there is nothing like a hound dog! A true friend to all,  Dodger was fast loose and fancy free as he explored around our play yard. Greeting all with a huge smile and wagging tail,  he was quick to let others know he wished to run and play.  A very friendly, more confident fellow (although he might look a bit meek in his pictures- he's really not!), Dodger was equally at home hanging out with other dogs as he was with humans.  A happy, playful fellow, Dodger would enjoy a home where he has access to a playmate and if you were to add in slightly older/more sturdy kids, well that would surely just make his day.  Hounds really don't disappoint and Dodger is true to his breed.  Won't you check him out today?

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FriendGroot FriendRascal FriendRascal

Dodger and Loki

Dodger and Skip

Dottie- Sponsored for pull fees

Stray; HW+; 3/12; 55lbs; bully mix; 5 yrs old. Arrived pregnant. Sadly, all of her pups died shortly after birth.

Volunteer Update July 24: VOTED staff/volunteer FAVORITE! 💖 "I know I keep saying this about Dottie, but what a perfect girll. She is one of the sweetest and most gentle dogs I have ever met. She adopted another dog's puppies as her own and was an awesome mom to them. I have nothing but good to say about her. She is wonderful and so grateful for a bit of love! She is the BEST! Somebody has to be waiting on her! How is she not adopted yet?! She is one of my favorite dogs to take on a walk and give treats! Miss Dottie is all smiles and kisses! LOVE! Dottie has been with us since March when she arrived very pregnant. Sadly, she lost her pups, but she accepted another litter as her own and raised 5 beautiful babies. Her days of mothering are done and she is ready to be YOUR spoiled little lady. You cannot ask for a better companion than Ms. Dottie. She is around 55lbs, 5 years old and heartworm positive. Let's get her out of here, please!"

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Duke -safe

Home burned to the ground. 6 yrs old. Lived with other smaller dogs and a goat that were able to go into their new temporary rental property. Full intake coming soon! 90lbs of labby sweetness! 1/10; hw-

Emmie- Pup -safe

Emmie was brought in as a stray! She is very playful and hates being away from humans. She is very clean and had definitely been around a family!! 3 mos old; lab; 9.5lbs; 12/23

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