Pets in Need (a-e)


Ace was brought in by AC as a stray pickup. Ace is a little shy when he first meets you, but quickly warms up. He walks great on a leash, and did great during his intake. hound; 54lbs; 2 yrs old; 8/17stray; HW-

Update Sept 9: Happy, handsome hound Ace would sure love to meet you! This sunny faced, wiggly guy is a true friend to all. Just as pleasant and friendly as they come, Ace is an appealing, very approachable fellow that others simply migrant towards! Ace enjoyed his time with our 4th grade youth volunteer and by the looks of things, they were honestly very smitten with each other! Ace has a playful, goofy, carefree feel to him making him ideal for most home environments. He was terrific in meeting both male and female dogs and even one got a wee bit snippy with him, he was 100% unreactive and simply went about his business. If having a loving, cuddly, social doggy by your side sounds like your kind of 4 legged companion, Ace could be the man for you!!

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Adora arrived by AC very shy. She seems to be more sociable today but you can tell she doesn't feel good from being in heat. So volunteers if you see blood in kennel she is in heat. During intake we found that she had a bunch of scaring and an open wound. Our scale is still not working, so we will be using the bridge scale tomorrow. Once we get a true weight on her, we will get some medication for her wound. 10/14; stray; 45lbs; 4 yrs old; hw-

Update October 19: When we first reached for Adora in her kennel, this sad faced lady looked pretty defeated. Imagine how rewarding it was for us….and for HER…to coax lots of smiles, steady tail wags and happy vibes out of our bully lady after some fun in the sun during photo time! When you inspect our red-headed girl’s coat, you just know life has not been easy for her. She has scabbing all around her face and likely has had her fair share of litters. Despite her travails, she was such a good, sweet lady in meeting other dogs and nicely saying “hi” to her new human friends. Initially a bit reserved, once she figured out we were all hanging and chilling and getting to know each other, she nicely settling in and it was clear she was having a very good time. We had her off leash with 3 other dogs and she was excellent in mixing and mingling with them. Never threatening and or pushy with them, she errs on the calm, polite side and also might even initially do some time on the sidelines to get a lay of the land. Eventually, she was ALL IN and we could not have been more proud of her. She was equally drawn to one of our more senior volunteers as she was to our youth volunteer. Toys? Well, what is a toy to Adora….she has not a clue. What she does know is that other doggies to play with is a great idea and approaching humans and accepting and giving some TLC makes for happy times for everyone.

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Adora, Oliver, Ruger and Beauty

Adora and Oliver

Adora and Oliver


You'll not find a more spectacular dog than our lovely hound lady Alice.  Alice is divine!  This leggy, happy girl with the soft, drooping ears will have you coming back for extra helpings time and time again.  Excellent with everyone, Alice would be perfect in a home with kids and dogs of all energy levels.  She tested well on and off leash with both male and female dogs and loves playing and interacting with them.  This is one pack minded girl who could easily go into doggy day care, quickly meet a new set of friends and have a blast.   A young 2 yrs of age,  Alice is an easy walker, easy to manage and a slice of pure joy to have by your side.  A regal, graceful hound,  Alice will have everyone turning their heads when you walk her down your street.  We urge you to give her a go!  2 yrs old; HW-; hound; 9/18;45lbs; stray.

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Alice and Banjo


Andy was brought in today by AC as a stray. He was wagging his tail and very happy when Dee and I got him off of the truck. He is a very sweet and well mannered boy. Andy is HW: Negative He did act a little nervous when walking inside but he was all smiles within just a few minutes of being inside. 10/4;HW-; 3 yrs old; 45lbs

Update October 19: Happy, happy hound Andy! You’ll not find a funner, more engaging and playful friend than Andy! This cute, cute, cute mid-sized guy is born to run and play, make new friends, share his love, rinse, lather and repeat! 100% uninhibited, Andy loves to go and do and be a part of the action. Goofy and silly and giggly, Andy would be in his element hanging out and sharing his time and space with older, teenage kids. It’s not clear who would wear out whom first! One thing is guaranteed though, they would ALL have a blast! It was not unusual during photo time for example, to see him following around our youth volunteer who was doing little sprint runs in his play pen. Andy was excellent in meeting both male and female dogs and having a 4 legged to share in his desire to romp around would bring great joy to this already super happy guy. With little or no interest in toys, Andy creates fun no matter where he and is just as pleased as he can be to share his love and hang out with his new human friends. With Andy in your life, you just know good times are only an Andy tail wag away.

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Andy and Ellie

Andy and Arlo


Angel was brought in by AC on 9/13/21. She had wandered into a ladies yard and she was beat up pretty bad!! She not only had old wounds and scarring she had fresh wounds that made everyone think she may have been used as a bait dog. She is truly a sweet girl that deserves the best! This sweet baby just laid on the floor in the med room for about 2 hours and didn't move at all because she was in so much pain. She could barely lift her head to acknowledge you touching her or talking to her. She was pitiful.. She was taken to AAH on 9/13/21 and then went to foster with Heather H. She is doing much better and is really starting to show her true colors. We had the pleasure of seeing her this past wednesday 9/22/21 for vetting and completing her intake. 46lbs; 5 yrs old; hw-; 9/13


Annie was brought in by AC as a stray. She is very very shy and jumps everytime you touch her. Once she gets used to you she doesn't jump and shy away so much. She did very well during intake and didn't mind anything I did. She surprisingly walked well on the leash. She got scared a few times but she didn't fight or try to back out of the leash. Annie also doesn't pay any attention to the cats.. hw+; 2 yrs old; 45lbs; 9/27. Came in with Rodney and Skipper.

Update October 12: "I'm not looking for any trouble," explains pretty girl Annie.  Our stunning red and white hound Annie is meek and understated and very quiet in her ways.  She almost seems baffled at the attention humans and other dogs were lavishing upon her but slowly got into this new groove (for her) and by the time our photo outing was complete,  we made our precious girl smile.  Job done.  Annie does not ask for much.  She is very much a sidelines girl but slowly and steadily when off leash with the 2 males and 1 single female dog,  she started to venture over to be a part of the human and doggy gathering.   Very calm and polite, Annie is not a playful girl (perhaps she has been "working" her whole life?) but we were able to see signs of her desire to engage and have some silly hearted fun!  You'll not find a mean bone in this lovely lady.  She just needs a calm and patient home (preferably pre-stocked with another dog to show her the ropes) to help her be at her best.   Don't miss out on this gentle hound and ask about her today, won't you?

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Annie and Pluto

Annie, Kory and Pluto


Apollo was brought in as a stray by a community member. bully mix; HW+; 4 yrs old; 9/13; 55lbs During intake he was very sweet and laid back. He does have some healed scars but no open wounds which is great. He does limp on his leg but we have put him on medications to help him be as comfortable as possible.

Update October 12: Hug me, squeeze me, love me!  This is all our good friend Apollo needs or wants.  This uber friendly, enthusiastic fellow has plenty of tail wags, hip swivels and kisses to go around.  There is nothing delicate or dainty about Apollo...he's solid and brawny and built to have a good time.  Apollo did a good time in meeting other dogs on leash but he is very up front and forward in his approach which may not appeal to other dogs.  He's very interested in meeting dogs but not all dogs will appreciate his forward style of saying "hi."  A more experienced bully person would no doubt be able to guide Apollo to a softer approach and perhaps help him to channel his super bouncy self into a very appealing and incredible companion pet. We enjoyed Apollo's maxi hugs and his affectionate, loving personality!


Archie was brought in by AC as a stray in someone's yard. During his intake he was very friendly and very sociable. While walking on a leash he pulls a little but walks fairly well after some corrections. 8/10; bully; 54lbs; HW+: 2 yrs old

More about me August 24: "Come play with me."  Archie is just the best folks!  You will not find a more playful, engaging friend than our sweet, bouncy bully mix Archie.  It was hard to say if he enjoyed running off leash and playing/interacting with other dogs more than giving and receiving attention/affection from his new set of human friends.  Archie's book is wide open and he's ready to go and do,  give out hugs and kisses and then nicely relax and chill.  This happy faced, friendly guy is full of love and plenty of playfulness. It's hard to not smile when Archie is anywhere near you.   A good solid medium energy fellow, Archie loves being in the mix and involved.  Kids would LOVE Archie and he would love them as well but they will need to be more sturdy as Archie can have a bit of umph to him periodically.   Archie had a mild interest in our rope toys but that soon wore off and he was ready to simply chill and enjoy all of his new found friends.  If Archie had a middle name,  it might be "Lovebug."  Ask for Archie today and let the good times roll. 

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Archie and River

Archie and River


Arlo is a sweet boy but does not like being inside.He was brought in by AC. He came in with his left eye missing and infected. He was seen at vetting 9/15/21. HW+; bully; 4 yrs old; 56lbs; 9/18

Update October 19: You’ll not find a better friend than our one-eyed, red-headed Arlo! Arlo is such a good man….never pushy or overbearing…and just hoping that maybe, some love and attention will come his way. Initially during photo time, he seemed a bit distant in his interactions with us but once he figured out that we were all together to run and play and make friends, this handsome hunk was all in and his sad face was but a distant memory. Arlo was a solid performer in meeting both male and female dogs. He nicely held his own with a super, super playful dog and likewise was tremendous in understanding the needs of one of our very shy dogs. Arlo is a leaner and a lover. Happily exploring around, toys held no interest to him but when called to come and engage with us, Arlo was pleased as punch to come on over and share his brawny, manly self with us. Arlo does not ask for much and is such a pleasant, amiable fellow. Do yourself a favor and ask for Arlo today.

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Andy and Arlo

Arlo and Andy


Aurora- 39lbs; 3 yrs old; HW+; 9/17; bully; Aurora was brought in by AC as a stray. During intake she was very sweet and just wanted to be loved on. She can be shy at times on the leash but after she is on it she walks fine.

More about me Sept 24: Soft in her ways!   As soon as you see our pretty pocket pit Aurora,  you will "ooh and ahh" over her.  Aurora is a quiet, sweet lady who does not ask for much.  Without doubt,  she was the favorite for our youth volunteer who met about 12 dogs and helped pose them.  Aurora came right over to her and was so calm and loving and had THE perfect energy for our young girl.  Aurora has had more than her fair share of litters.  She had a bit of a weary look on her face especially when the male dogs came on over to say hello.  She was tolerant of them but really not wishing to engage with them.  She was totally fine with females but honestly could take them or leave them as her real focus is humans.  With little or no interest in toys, chilling and simply being with her human seemed to bring her the greatest source of joy.  Loving and very gentle natured, Aurora is hoping she can finally be someone's #1 girl. 

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A girl on the go! Ava just wants to have fun and you are invited to join in the party! This spunky, lively girl is a one dog entertainer as she delights you in running and exploring around and then deftly plops herself at your feet in search of a much needed belly rub. Ava loves to check out what is "going on" and then might be inclined to go her way or conversely, might seek out her new doggy friend and hope, oh pretty please, that they will wish to wrestle and play with her. She nicely met male and female dogs and curiously, she was more prone to ignoring the males and but very much wishing to engage in playtime with the females. Ava is a happy extrovert who would thrive in a home with slightly older kids and an agenda that would suit her desire to go and do. You can't help but smile when you meet this red and white delight with the little pouty lips! Can you say, "Cute!" Note: 6/3; stray; bully; hw-; 39lbs; 1 yr old. Ava was brought in by a member of the community. She said that she found Ava chasing after cars, and was worried she was going to by hit by one. Ava is a very sweet and affectionate girl. She walks well on a leash, and did great during her intake as well.

Update Sept 7: Ava is such a good girl. And talk about patience! She arrived in June and STILL, she is just as upbeat and positive as the day she came in. This happy, bouncy, spirited young lady has not skipped a beat in letting folks know just how loving and delightful a girl she is! Ava is EXCELLENT in meeting, greeting and saying "hi" to other dogs and certainly, she's wonderful with all humans. A borderline, pocket pit at 40lbs, Ava is a compact, athletic lady who loves to run and play, wiggle on her back, give out kisses and work the crowd. You'll not find a more friendly nor loving girl than Ava!! Teens would LOVE to have Ava welcome them home at the end of a hard school day. Adults who might need to have a dog going into doggy day care would surely agree Ava would be perfect for that type of setting. Please, do yourself a favor and bring this girl on home. She does not disappoint and ONLY pleases everyone!

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Ava and Barkley

Ava and Barkley


Barkely- lab; 53lbs; hw-; stray; 8/17; 2 yrs old. Barkley was brought in as a stray by AC after roaming around with a female in heat. During his intake he was very outgoing and did well for everything. While walking on a leash he did seem to pull but after being corrected he walked well.

More about me Sept 7: A true friend to all! Our big boy Barkley is such a good sport. This friendly, affectionate, kissy fellow knows how to work a crowd of people and other dogs and gosh, we can hardly imagine how grand his smile would be IF he were swarmed by a bus load of kids! Barkley is a really well mannered, accepting guy who attracts a lot of attention which pleases him to no end. He beautifully met male and female dogs of a variety of personality and energy levels and he found each one just as wonderful as the next. Even having other dogs body surf and climb on him was OK. If having Mr Perfect in your life sounds like a good match, Barkley would sure love to hear from you. What a fun loving fellow!

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Barkley and Ava

Barkley and Ava

Barkley and Tommy


Beauty was brought by HFD as a stray. She is very very sweet. She is well behaved and walks well on a leash. Beauty is HW: negative! 10/11; lab mix; 32lbs; 1 yr old

Update Octobe 19: It’s a puppy. No, it’s an adult. Puppy! Adult! Puppy! Adult! We can let YOU decide, but the teeth tell the story of an adult. Beauty’s personality however is 1000% puppy perfection. What a treat this petite lab mix is! Part jitter bug and kissing machine, Beauty is fantastic will both male and female dogs and just wants to play and have fun. Very interactive, kissy and affectionate, count on getting a full coating of face kisses from this pretty lady and just watch her hips go swivel, swivel! An ideal size for most laps, great on a leash and super, super friendly, all the kids in the neighborhood will want to come and hang out in your home if they know Beauty is there to give them some lovin! Don’t miss out on this petite, prize of a girl! We call her Beauty but you can call her Puppy Perfection.

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Beauty and Oliver

Beauty and Oliver


Oh, my goodness! Did we have THE best time with pretty lady Becca! This stunning muted brindle delight is absolutely velveteen to touch so be prepared to wish to pet her and pet her and pet her. Just watch her smile and beam with all the special TLC you are bestowing on her! Becca is a fun, engaging girl. Boy did she enjoy playing fetch and more fetch. Squeaky toys were her favorite! When she started to get pooped, it was time to show her new human friends how perfectly sized she is to be a lap dog..uh yes, all 60lbs of her! Silly girl! We had her out with several dogs of different temperaments and she's fine having them very close to her but perhaps due to some insecurity, she will warn them with a quick little growl that she needs some space. She's not wanting any confrontation and is a very peaceful girl but she just seemed to get caught off guard on occasion and would nicely warn that dog of her feelings. Becca is an affectionate lady who is generous with her kisses and wet nose nudges. She is a great girl and we love reaching for her to spend time with her. You too should give her a whirl. This wonderful companion pet would surely love to meet you.Note: hw-; 60lbs; stray; 3 yrs old; 7/12; stray; bully mix; Becca is very shy and nervous. She has a home somewhere, as she has pink nail polish on her front claws.

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Bruno was brought In by AC. He was happy and wagging his tail on the truck but did not like the leash at all. He did very well during intake, he laid down and wanted all the attention he could get. I did do a skin scrape because of the hair loss on his butt. It was clear. He will get medicated baths to help his flea dermatitises. He was all tail wags and smiles anytime someone spoke to him. Bruno is High HW: Positive.  53lbs; 4 yrs old; lab; 10/21

Buckeye- Senior

Senior- 10yrs old; HW- ; stray; 8/12; 65lbs; lab. Came in with Wagner. Both seized by the Sheriff due to abandonment


Buddy was found by Wendy M. He is a sweet boy. He did great during intake other than having thick skin so it was tough to draw blood. He was very good for his skin scrape and allowed us to bother him without caring. He does not have mange Rebecca and I both looked for about 20 minutes just to make sure and we never saw anything. He will need to stay on flea prevention because his hair loss and skin condition is most likely flea related. Buddy is also HW positive.  54lbs; 3 yrs old; 10/7

Cardi- Sponsored for pull fees -safe

Cute little Cardi has no idea how appealing and loveable she is! This sleek, tan jacketed lady is a happy little busy bee who loves to go and do and make new friends. Out of a group of 10 dogs we met on this steaming summer morning, Cardi was the only dog who had any interest in running and chasing after balls. Good Girl! At 38lbs, Cardi is a great size companion pet who really enjoys giving and receiving love and attention. Terrific in meeting both male and female dogs, she was a solid performer in this area and had no hesitations in meeting new dogs and interacting with them. Cardi is kissy, huggy and wiggly and she really makes you smile. We nicknamed her our "Fun Size" girl as she is a compact sweetheart and a real crowd worker and crowd pleaser. Besides, who does not love the Halloween dubbed "Fun Size" treats? Ask for our little pint size lab, Cardi today and let the fun begin.Note: Cardi was brought in as a stray from AC. Cardi is a very energetic, playful, younger dog. HW+; 38lbs; lab mix; 1 yr old; stray; 7/14

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FriendLady FriendLady

Cardi and Becca


Carly black and white. is very sweet and loveable, She walks okay on the leash, a little pulling but she did well. She did great during intake. I think she will help Champ realize that we are all here to help him. lab; 10/5; HW-;46lbs; 2 yrs old. Came in with Champ via AC.

Update October 12: Getting into her groove!  Carly is a love!  This beautiful cream jacketed lady was slightly cautious as we headed out to our front play area leaving her roommate and best friend Champ behind.  She did a great job however in settling in, making fast friends and then having a blast!  She got into her groove!  Testing really, really well with both male and female dogs,  we had her off leash running loose with both a male and then a female dog.  She was awesome! While she ran and played at a rather fast pace don't be fooled and think that is her overall energy level as she is really quite low energy and chill.  Of note,  Carly almost did not really even need to be introduced to other dogs as she was immediately welcoming of others into her world.   Carly is a happy, playful girl who really enjoyed meeting new humans and also new doggies.  Graced with a bit of a goofy/puppy feel,  she is all adult and we think you'll agree it's a real joy and pleasure to have her by your side.  

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Carly, Kayla and Tigger

Carly, Kayla and Tigger

Carly and Tigger


During his intake Cash was very happy to see all of us and loved all the attention. He can be very energetic but calm down after correction. While walking on a leash he can pull a little but with a few corrections he does well on a leash. hw-; 1 yr old; 46lbs; 8/25; lab mix; stray

Update August 31: Silly, goofy me! I'm the class clown in the group. My name is Cash and I am ready to make your day. I am a super happy mixer and mingler with all ....humans and dogs alike. I basically need zero intro when I meet new friends as I welcome them one sniff and then off we go to run and play and if they wish, maybe engage in a light wrestling match. The word "playful" could be my middle name as I am one fun guy! Just a year old, I have plenty of kisses, wiggles and wet noses to keep even a large, active group feeling loved. I am not one to sit on the sidelines, so please don't think I would be happy sitting on a shelf in your home. LOL. I am a medium energy lab who is great on a leash and ready for my next adventure. Kids would LOVE me and I in turn would love them. A lot! Well balanced and eager to please, I'm that dog that everyone in the neighborhood talks about as I am so engaging, loving and very friendly. Please get to work on figuring out how I can fit into your home. We will have a blast together. Guaranteed.

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Cash and Steele

Cash and Steele

Helen and Cash


Champ brown and white is frightened. He absolutely hates the leash and tries to hide when you make eye contact or try to touch him. male; hound; HW-; 10/5; 42lbs; 2 yrs old. Came in with Carly via AC

More about me October 19: Our brave boy Champ showed us just how handsome and stunning a boy he is during photo time. Arriving with his good friend Carly, he is very shy and overwhelmed at the shelter. He nicely mixes and mingles with Carly in their shared kennel but runs and darts around when a human enters his space. Champ was not up for a leash walk so we scooped him up and left for the grassy area out front. Champ is good with other dogs. He nicely met both males and females but does not opt to really engage with other. He is comfortable with them but was just not able to relax enough to take a relationship with any of them any further. Poor guy! Never nippy or snippy, Champ is calm and polite and tolerates being pet. He was rather statuesque in the play yard area…ie he really did not budge much from where we initially placed him on the ground but seemed interested in watching all of the activity from afar and when the activity came to him…ie the dogs came running to swarm him, he was totally ok with that and even smiled! Champ is a good boy but has led a disadvantaged life. He has a lot of potential and coupled with his good looks, how could you NOT wish to lend this guy a helping paw and offer him a new pet life?


Cooper was brought in by Mrs. H. She found him wandering down ousleydale Rd in hartsville with a collar attached to his neck with multiple cables/tieouts attached to the collar. I have attached a picture of what he was found in as well. She made a post on fb but didn't post a picture because she just didn't want anyone claiming him but no one said they were missing him. He was placed in a crate at night and whined for a few minutes but was okay after. He also had no accidents in their house while inside for 4 days. Cooper is very hyper and active, He is sweet and seems to be fairly well behaved but very puppy he climbed in my lap for more pets after his blood draw. Cooper is HW: Negative!  47lbs; bully mix; male; 1 yr old; 10/8

Cricket- Sponsored for pull fees

Cricket was brought in as a stray pickup from AC. Cricket is a very sweet girl, and loves affection. It is apparent that she has had a lot of puppies in her lifetime. She walks well on a leash, and did well during her intake. HW+; 3 yrs old; 44lbs; shep mix; 7/7

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**Cupid was brought in with Donner and 1926. Cupid is a little bit more nervous at first than Donner is, but she is still very sweet. She walks well on a leash, and did great during her intake. O/S- can no longer care for her; bully mix; 45lbs; 4 yrs old; female; 8/13

More about me August 24: Easy does it!  Cupid is a shy, timid little lady all dressed for success in her dark brindle coat and cute little white tipped booties.  Arriving with her friend Donner, she is really struggling at the shelter.  She bravely headed out to the front field area and proceeded to lay low and hoped no one would notice her.  Alas,  that's not how it goes for evals so we had her up and moving and she did her best to relax and hang with us.   Cupid is a bit stop and go on the leash and was tentative but welcoming of other dogs in her world.  She is cautious around humans but can easily feel frightened so slow, easy movements will best suit her style til she is feeling more confident.  A well balanced but not overly rambunctious dog in her new home would certainly help her pet skills develop and help her settle in.  Looking for a bit of a diamond in the rough??  Cupid might just be the girl you dust off to find her real inner beauty and sparkle.  Inquire about her today. 

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Cupid and McNair



Dawn- $200 pledged towards sponsorship

Dawn was seized by the sheriff's department along with Motley, Lizzie and Farrah. Dawn is very affectionate and loving. She has no problems with climbing into your lap for attention and cuddles. She walks very well on a leash, and did well during her intake also. 7/21; bully mix; 45lbs; 5 yrs old; HW+

More about me August 10: It's funner with me by your side!  My name is Dawn and despite living in a challenging prior situation,  my glass is half full and I harbor no ill will given the poor care I had previously.  I am a true friend to all and embrace all new doggies and humans in my life.   There is no shyness in me so yes, I am proactive in asking for TLC, love, attention and affection from you and i'll gladly return it ten fold.   I've added on some much needed pounds since my arrival to the shelter and now going and doing, playing and simply having fun is a great bucket list day for me.  I nicely met a male and female dog on my photo outing and enjoyed exploring my nicely shaded fenced in space.   A more active home life would nicely suit my style and being in the daily mix of the action will help keep me at my best and ensure some good, deep snuggling and napping right by my new humans.  Just think about how fun it will be to start your day with the one and only, Dawn! 

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MissyEvent Event FosterPlea


During intake, Dee showed no aggression and was very energetic and loving. But as a precaution, just take it slow with him if you have not interacted with him before. He has had a tough time settling in and does not walk on a leash (per his person- and also what we observed). His person can no longer care for him. He reports that Dee is good with other dogs and kids and is housebroken. hw-; cattle dog; male; 1 yr old; 36lbs; 8/16

Event update Oct 9: I really like Dee. He needs a task to do. seems like a true herder. He is super friendly and sweet. He is eager to please. Walks well on a leash.

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Event EventFriends


**Came in with Pebbles and Ginny as sheriff's department seizure's. Dexter is a very friendly, sweet, older dog. He does okay on a leash, and did very well during his intake. 8/10; 6yrs old; hw-; bully mix; 48lbs

Update August 20: "I love adventures.  I love carrying a ball around in my mouth.  I love giving and receiving attention and affection."  Our big bully baby Dexter might share these thoughts with you and might also add,  "What more could you want in a companion pet?"  We had THE best time in getting to know Dexter.   Although a middle aged fellow,  still Dexter has plenty of get up and go and was so happy to stretch his legs and run and goof off  in our play yard.  The icing on the cake for this handsome brindle boy was meeting up with bully mix Peggy who was a bit of a soul mate for him nicely matching his play style, his mixing and mingling with humans and then searching for a shady spot to beat the summer heat.  Dexter is a confident, interactive guy who is not one to sit on the sidelines.  Get him outside for some ball tossing, some hearty walks and then watch him snuggle and fall asleep by your side on the sofa.   Dexter is ready to get the pet job done.

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FriendFran FriendLucas FriendLucas

Dexter and Peggy

Silly me!


Dodger came in as a stay found by someone. Dodger is well taken care of. Dodger is a sweet boy. He walks well on a leash and didn’t seem to mind the cats on the porch. HW Negative. 51 lbs; hound; 2 yrs old; 10/21

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Stray; HW+; 3/12; 55lbs; bully mix; 5 yrs old. Arrived pregnant. Sadly, all of her pups died shortly after birth.

Volunteer Update July 24: VOTED staff/volunteer FAVORITE! 💖 "I know I keep saying this about Dottie, but what a perfect girll. She is one of the sweetest and most gentle dogs I have ever met. She adopted another dog's puppies as her own and was an awesome mom to them. I have nothing but good to say about her. She is wonderful and so grateful for a bit of love! She is the BEST! Somebody has to be waiting on her! How is she not adopted yet?! She is one of my favorite dogs to take on a walk and give treats! Miss Dottie is all smiles and kisses! LOVE! Dottie has been with us since March when she arrived very pregnant. Sadly, she lost her pups, but she accepted another litter as her own and raised 5 beautiful babies. Her days of mothering are done and she is ready to be YOUR spoiled little lady. You cannot ask for a better companion than Ms. Dottie. She is around 55lbs, 5 years old and heartworm positive. Let's get her out of here, please!"

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Ellie is a very sweet girl who loves laying around and being lazy. Ellie Does have a pelvic injury that can be fixed with surgery but she will be fine to stay the way she is with Rimadyl per AAH today. Ellie walks very well on a leash, She listens when told to stop or no. She fell asleep during her intake. Ellie is HW: Negative. 40lbs; 3 yrs old; stray; 10/14. Note Oct 18: I brought Ellie into the med room to get an accurate weight. She is extremely sweet and well mannered. I called her to come to me she came to me and sat. She is also cat friendly, she smelt them on the porch but showed no interest in them.

Update October 19: Who’s prettier or more classy than our sleek jacketed, black beauty Ellie? Oh, my goodness! What a treat it is to have this stunning lab right by your side and yes, that is where she will want to be! Ellie is dressed to impressed and outside of her stunning, runway looks, Ellie has THE best disposition and personality. Seamlessly meeting male and female dogs, she is polite and extremely welcoming of others in her world. Really, no introduction is necessary with either other dogs or humans as Ellie is in constant “diplomacy” mode and honestly enjoys everyone. Calm, well mannered and a rather limp leash girl, Ellie gave the camera a fair amount of frowny faced expressions but in person she is a happy, carefree soul. She has an old injury to her hip area however that does not slow her down and she maneuvered about amongst the other dogs and humans without any hesitation/struggle. Ellie would be an excellent candidate for a home pre-stocked with other dogs and kids of most ages. She is very unflappable, well mannered and extremely easy in her ways. Doting and softly kissy, Ellie is a fantastic girl ready for her equally fantastic family to find her!

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Ellie and Andy


**DUDLEY IS DEAF, PLEASE TAKE IT SLOW Dudley was surrendered to us by his previous owner. She explained to us that she is 39 week pregnant, and does not have anyone who can look after Dudley. Please please please remember that he is deaf. I had no problems with him during his intake, as I made sure that he was aware of where I was, and what I was doing. HW-; 8/9; 48lbs; 2yrs old; boxer mix

Update August 20: How could you not LOVE this dog???  Oh my gosh folks!  You are in for a real treat in meeting our boxer mix Dudley.  He is such a head turner with his cupped/perky ears, one blue eye/one amber eye and a smart looking brindle mask to complete his unique look.   Although Dudley is deaf, he never lost a beat in heading out of his kennel for the first time since his arrival.  He was a huge trooper and we were all so very, very proud at how well he did in interacting with his new human and doggy friends during photo time. At one point, he was scooped up by a volunteer and cradled like a baby!  His smile of contentment could not have been any broader.   In meeting other dogs,  he was terrific.  Even if one came up from behind him slightly startling him,  still he was fine and went with the flow.  He really enjoyed running, frolicking and hanging out with the other dogs (we had him off leash with another male and female dog) and was always open to his new human friends giving him some special TLC.   Dudley is a happy, friendly, very pleasant sort who will far exceed any expectations you might have for a hearing impaired pet.   He made us all smile and rest assured, he will have the same impact on you as well.  Ask for Dudley today! 

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Dudley and Samson

Dudley, Shirley & Samson

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