Pets in Need (a-e)


Seizure; boxer mix; 3-4 yrs old; HW+; 44lbs; 8/3; Back limp + mange.


Amethyst was brought in as a stray by animal control with Dallas. She had a collar with a broken lead attached to it. She is sweet and playful. She walks well on a leash and is HW negative. shep mix; 1 yr old; 48lbs; 11/17; stray hold til 11/23

Angelica- Teen

Foster update 8/24: Doing well among our dogs. She is shy and would need a home with a more confident dog to make her feel most comfortable and continue to learn all the ropes. She loves to play with toys. She is so sweet and needs to settle in with a family to grow into her own now. 5/24; shep mix; 10 wks old; 27lbs


Angus was brought in by animal control as a stray. He has a huge gash on his Left shoulder and another one that has scabbed over on the left side of his face. He walks well on a leash. He was very well behaved for his intake. HW+; collie mix; 51lbs; 2 yrs old; 10/7


Archer was brought in as a stray from Darlington. He has a few old injuries that have healed and his hip/elbow pops when you move it. I do believe he was HBC several months before arriving to us. 40lbs; hw-; 8/24; 1 yr old; hound. TA

Sept 24 Update: Who had the most fun today in doggy play group? Archer will be the first to say, “ME!” And yes he did. He ran with all of his new dog friends, met as many people as he could as he wiggled up to them with his big beautiful eyes and, oh yes, the pools! He was in and out of those pools, having the time of his life. Nobody would ever guess that he had old injuries from a suspected hit from a car. Precious Archer has healed from shoulder, leg and pelvis injuries in his short year of life, and has the best attitude to show for it. Nothing is going to get this boy down. Wouldn’t it be great for him to find his very own home with maybe a doggy friend and loving family to show him that life was about to get way better. I bet he will end up rescuing his people even more than they rescue him.

More about Sept 24 Playdate: Archer is a hoot! He was fun to watch in the play area.

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Ares was brought in as a stray by animal control. He is sweet and friendly. He seems for have an old injury on his front left leg that makes it bend the wrong way but he sometimes will put weight on it. hw-; 11/2; mastiff mix; 48lbs; 3-4 yrs old

Argyle- puppy

Argyle was brought in as a stray by animal control. He has severe skin issues but is a very sweet and friendly boy. I have not tried to walk him on a leash because the skin around his neck was so bad it was bleeding. no breed; 5 mos old; 16lbs; 11/9


stray; lab mix; 3 mos old; 28lbs; 9/23. She is friendly and submissive.

Foster update Nov 15: Hey friends! My name is Armani, and my foster mommy says I'm the best girl. I'm about 4-5 months young. I love my fur brother and fur sister. I am great at knowing when to play and when they want me to stop! I also love to be inside with my pawrents and will follow them everywhere. Oh and the kids?! I just love them! I also love all my chewies and dog toys. I like to rummage through the whole tub and pull out my favorites. I am crate trained and quiet as a mouse when I'm in my crate. I am such a good girl...I haven't had a single accident in the house. I may still be a puppy, but I am pretty chill inside. Outside? I like to get the zoomies out! I am a petite girl (around 32ish lbs) and oh so pretty. My foster daddy says I'm the prettiest pup he's ever seen! And my's velvet! No, seriously!! Everyone who touches me talks about how super soft I am. I love my time in foster, but do you know what I need? I need a furever family. Will you please help me find one? I'm fully vetted, already spayed, and microchipped!

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Artemis- safe

Artemis was brought in as a stray by animal control from the same place as clove. She is sweet and playful and walks well on a leash. 9/7; stray; lab mix; 12wks old; 24lbs. Came in with Clove. TA

Foster update Sept 16: Such a good girl❤️ why can’t anyone see that she needs to be adopted 😭 she’s great with other dogs, a little excited when she sees a cat. She’s semi potty trained right now but we’re getting there. She walks great on a leash and eats well!! Someone hear the pleas in these pictures🥹 she’s just waiting to get into the right home with the right people

Update Nov 11: It's been 9 weeks and no one has asked to meet Artemis pup. It's a mystery as to why this beautiful goddess isn't home with a family of her own. She recently returned to our grounds from foster care because the foster was just keeping her temporarily. Poor girl. We never dreamed she wouldn't get adopted by now. She's sweet as can be, loves her hoomans, and loves playing with dogs and kids. She's housebroken and crate trained. She rides great in the car. She's a pup!


Asia was brought in as a stray. She is very scared of noises and other dogs barking. She has a hot spot under her neck, some broken teeth and old wounds on her head. She looks to have had a rough life before arriving here to us. She is laid back and will give you mini tail wags once she warms up to you. She is Hw:Positive. 3-4 yrs old; bully mix; 9/2; 52lbs

More about me Oct 4: What a beauty!  Oh my gosh folks! Just wait til you meet our blue bully ASIA!  This captivating lady is stunning and classy and very, very polite and low key.  Aged at 3-4 yrs, our sweet, chill lady has a very matronly feel about her...perhaps a reflection of the multiple litters she's had and or simply a reflection of her age.   Asia tested well with both male and female dogs but tended to err to liking the males a bit more.  We feel she was also in heat so this can at times skew how dogs are around others...hence her slight preference for male dogs??  On walks, she would sniff the other dogs and introduce herself then go about her business.    Asia is a more quiet lady and seemed to enjoy slowly strolling around the play yard and doing her own thing.  Toys for her?  Uh, no! Zero interest.  Asia is not one to clean your face nor fill up your lap with her 50+ pounds of bully goodness but we do feel that she would in her own way make a really great companion pet for a family.  No small kids to climb on her but older, experienced kids would be appealing to her.   Add some real beauty to your home by asking about Asia today.  What a lovely girl..inside and out! 

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Aspen was brought in by animal control as a DCSO seizure case with Gilbert and Marigold. She is friendly and submissive. She walks okay on a leash. She is HW Negative. hw-; bully mix; 10/3; 37lbs; 1-2 yrs old

Youth Volunteer update Oct 22: Aspen is a fun, loving girl. She's super happy to play with new friends and greet any strangers with excitement. She loves to wander outside and explore. She's looking for some new friends to play with. She adapts well to dogs and is always ready to play if they are.

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Atticus- Teen- Sponsored for pull fees

Atticus was brought in with Jada and Hazelnut. He is sweet and will lay down when approached. Atticus is a typical pup, he got along well with other dogs in play groups. 7/1; stray; lab mix; 5 mos old; 32lbs

Atticus: He arrived as a stray in early July, aged at 5 months and 32 lbs, heart worm negative lab mix. Atticus is a typical pup, he got along well with other dogs in play groups. Never meeting a stranger, he greets other dogs politely. Atticus dials down his energy for calmer dogs, and plays politely with more playful dogs. Nice med size, beautiful coat, hoping someone will see how awesome he is!

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HumanFriend DoggyFriends NewFosterHome FriendBetsy


1 yr old; stray; lab mix; 9/19; 35lbs. Austin is a sweetheart and goofy boy. He was found as a stray. He does ok on the leash, but could benefit with some training. He seems to be a happy and playful boy who is eager to make friends. hw-

More about me Oct 4: I'm the class clown.   I find fun everywhere I go and making folks laugh and smile and feel good comes naturally to me.  I'm a bit of a free spirit and totally uninhibited.  Folks think I am "Fun City" and know that there's never a dull moment with me in their world.  I was totally in my element when I was invited to join in a play group and photo session.    I can't tell you how much I enjoy going and doing.   Meeting and sharing new experiences with humans and other dogs makes my heart feel full.  During my playgroup, I was really super with both male and female dogs.  I think my favorite friend might have been Ashton as he has a similar mindset and play style and we just romped and acted goofy while others might have quietly sat on the sidelines.  I'm such a good sport that even when Ashton grabbed my leash and started parading me around as onlookers laughed with great gusto,  all was cool with me.    As I said, having fun and creating fun for others suits my style and yes, makes me the class clown!   Arriving at the shelter weighing 35lbs,  I was pretty underweight (and still am!).  I'm rather lanky and leggy right now but am working on filling out and should be perhaps closer to 45lbs.    Still very much a lap dog even when I'm 45lbs,  please make sure you allocate plenty of space for me in YOUR lap.  My name is Austin and I sure hope you'll ask for me today. I'm just a happy, silly guy looking to give and receive love.  Note: I'm little scared of kitties. 1 yr old; stray; lab mix; 9/19.

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Autumn- Teen- safe

Doberman mix; 45.6 lbs; 10 months ;HW Negative; 7/25; stray. This girl is a hoot! She does not meet a stranger; canine or human. She came into the area with Smudge, saw a toy immediately picked it up and headed towards the gate. Kathy was there to take the toy. LOL After she realized that the ball was not available she saw a "large shake can" on the fence and brought it down to play with. She's quick! Definitely a labby personality: happy, curious, doesn't meet a stranger. This is one smart girl!!

More about me: Autumn is absolutely wonderful with other dogs, puppies, cats, children. She did take a little while to get used to housebreaking and crate training, but she finally got it! She does not bark a lot. Like a young Lab, she is high energy and loves a canine playmate. Availability of water is a plus! She has recently learned to climb my 4 foot chain link fence, but she does come when called. Also if she jumps the fence, it's not to chase anything. It's just to see what's on the other side. She comes to our front door and waits. She is not a pure Lab, but she has the glossy chocolate coat and the personality of a young Lab.

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Axl was brought in by animal control as an owner surrender with Dayla because he could not care for them anymore. He is very sweet but does not seem interested in playing. He walk well on a leash and is HW negative. O/s- moving; 6 yrs old; shep mix; 93lbs; 11/22; hw-; reportedly good with kids, cats and other dogs.


Lab mix; stray; 11/3; 28lbs (very thin); hw+; 3 yrs old. Sweet but too malnurished to be playful.


Banjo was brought in as a stray by animal control with Cash. Banjo is HW negative. He is friendly and playful and walks well on a leash. 9/23; 2 yrs old; 63lbs; bully mix

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Barney was brought in as a stray by animal control. He has a microchip and his name was listed as Barney. He is friendly. Owner did not respond to our calls. bully mix; 9/7; hw-; 3-4 yrs old; 65lbs

More about me Oct 11: Some might say we saved the best for last in squeezing in our big, solid boy BARNEY for our photo session.  With one more play space open, we opted in for this hunky, chunky guy and were so glad we did.   At 65lbs Barney is a good size fellow and boy, does he wish to have fun and games and love on his people!  Barney's book is wide open and he sees everyone as his immediate best friend.  He found several kindred souls during his play session, Skye in particular really had his legs moving in a fast paced game of let's chase each other around.  There were several total wipe outs as they rounded imaginary corners too quickly but gosh, they had such a blast.  Next up were a more sedate male and female dog and by then, Barney was in rest mode and or he may have sensed these two dogs were not into rough and tumbly, chasing playdates as he kicked into a very slo-mo mode.   Barney is a buff, stronger guy so he will best be appreciated by a human who is more sturdy and capable in managing our big friend.   Barney loves to be part of the action so please don't even think of leaving him on the sidelines.  He so wanted to be with us that at one point, he even started looking for unlatched doors to invite himself in where others might have been.  Now, that's a smart guy who just wants to be part of the party!  For a good time,  you need to call our friend Barney.  What a fun, gregarious guy!  No cats for Barney please. 

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Baxter was brought in as an owner surrender. He seems very timid, but when i got down on the floor with him he would come up and put his head on my lap. HW+; 10/28; 2-3 yrs old; 54lbs; shep mix


8/2; bullly mix; 35lbs; HW-; 1 yr old; O/S

Foster update Sept 7: We got to love Becca for 2 months and fostered to adopt her. We ended up adopting her as she got along great with our family and she was best friends with our other rescue dog who we had for 4 years. She loves to play. She truly is an angel on earth and I wish we could have kept her as she will be someone’s best best friend.

Oct 29 Update: Becca, aka Bean loves everyone she meets. Her favorite activities are playing with other dogs, giving kisses and getting belly rubs. She loved meeting everyone at Paws around the Pee Dee. Becca Bean really wants a person of her own and a playful doggie brother/sister would be a bonus for her!


Benny came in as a stray from Piggly wiggly in Lamar. He is a little skinny and is a complete wiggle butt. It was very very hard to get a decent picture of him. He loves to give kisses and loves attention. Benny is HW:Positive and walks well on a leash. 11/4; HW+; lab mix; 2-3 yrs old; 32lbs (thin)

Bessie- Senior- Special Needs! Needs out ASAP!

Roxy (now Bessie) is scared but she did well for her intake. She is not a fan of the leash, but she gave no trouble during her intake. She may benefit in a foster home with fearful dog experience. O/S- 10yrs old; 45lbs; hw-; 8/20. We had rescue for Bessie but the foster mom had a change in her situation so Bessie is in need again. October 24, 2022

Bessie has no idea how brave she is. This sweet, very overwhelmed senior has been plopped down in a noisy, unfamiliar environment and with limited sight and hearing, well it's just been hard on her. She has been brave though! We had her out today for a full 3.5 hrs in our front play area. She was off leash with a mish mash of other dogs and basically spent her time slowly poking around figuring out her surroundings and getting her bearings. The other dogs in the play yard with her were all curious and welcoming of her. It's as if they knew she might need some help/assurance. Bessie was open to their nudges of encouragement and on some level, these other dogs were able to provide her with some level of comfort.

It took me no time to drape a leash over her head and lead her out of her kennel. Keep in mind with her limited eyesight, I was sure to make sure she had a wide exit area and worked hard to make sure there were as few obstacles in her way as we left her space. She had a good distance to cover to get to our play yard but we took it slow and she got there! Bessie will randomly bite at the leash as you walk but she can be easily re-directed.

Bessie is frightened at the shelter but I firmly believe there is a great ol' gal not far below her semi wavy coat. Slow and steady is a must for her. Sudden movements frighten her and might result in an air snap. Bessie is NOT an aggressive girl and needs a calm, routine oriented home to get her back on track to be her best self. I would not recommend kids....maybe high schoolers who are skilled and understand dogs on a deep level but in general a home that has some skilled adults who are able to create an environment catering to a limited sighted dog is essential.

We were able to see some signs of Bessie relaxing towards the end of our time together as she calmly sat by our chairs in the shade. She is open to being touched and pet but this happened for us once she had been literally by our side in the chair for a period of time. We also started out slow and steady. Once she understood we were right there and were not looking to hurt her, she was open to our advances in petting her. If left 100% on her own, she will cruise around alone seemingly lost and looking very confused. With her limited sight, she did run into some the wire fence for our large play yard but gheeez, I too might run into it!! LOL.

Bessie is a good girl (and might I add a beautiful girl!) who is looking for a miracle and has already amazingly endured and not broken down at the shelter. Her mental clock is surely ticking and she really needs OUT NOW!

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Betsy- Pup- safe

Betsy was brought in as a stray. Returned from foster on 9/26. No reason given. Intake 5/5; 13lbs; lab mix; 12 wks old. Posted 10/2; she tested hw- 9/24. She has a very gentle submissive personality.

Update Nov 17: Betsy is a beautiful labby girl with a very sweet personality. She likes everyone she meets. She is good with other dogs, cats and kids. She walks on leash and rides good in the car. She takes treats nicely. She has gone on several community outings/adoption events and did great. She went into foster during the hurricane and did well in the home with dogs and cats (she kept her distance from the cat). She went outside to potty with the other dogs and did well in her crate.

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Boots- safe

Boots was bought in as a stray from Lamar. He is so handsome and loving. He is happy as cam be and well mannered to be a young adult!!! He was definitely someone’s dog at some point! He is Hw:Negative and walks well on a leash! He doesn’t meet a stranger and wanted to play with Nana is the office today. hw-; lab mix; 11/2; 27lbs; 1 yr old

Update Nov 22: With a name like Boots, who wouldn't have fun?! At 40 lbs, Boots is viewed as an overgrown beagle! He has the colors and markings of a beagle, and the sweet, well-mannered temperament that beagles are known for!. 💕 Polite and friendly with other dogs, he reads other dogs well and invites them to play, but he also gives them space if they need it. When asked to meet a nervous smaller-breed dog, Boots did a play-bow to make him feel comfortable and tried to play "catch me if you can." He sensed that the smaller dog wasn't comfortable, so Boots ran off to play on his own. Boots mingled and played well with new friends Hunter and Rosita, and he enjoyed getting hugs and cuddles from his person. Boots would be a great addition to any family, especially with children to give him cuddles and another canine playmate to keep him company. He walks well on leash and is an overall confident, calm, easy-going medium size boy.

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Boris- Puppy

Boris is a spunky, active little guy. He wants to be with you but settles in his crate easily. He’s on the thin side right now and has what are likely ant bites on his belly and body along a few other sores. He’s eager to “go,” bold, and fearless for his size and age- conquered steps with no hesitation. 11/1; lab mix; 6lbs; 7 wks old

Boscoe- Puppy

Boscoe was brought in as a stray by a community member. He is very sweet and loves to cuddle. He does not walk well on a leash, but he seems nervous when he is not being held. 8 wks old; 11/10; 12lbs; lab mix


Whew, It's been a long time coming. Brandon has been here since 11/17/21 but with the help of /the Wendy's we were able to complete his intake today. Wendy M is his person.. /Brandon trusts her. I can't even get a leash on him yet!! Brandon is a shy guy but is willing to accept love and affection from humans as long as you take it slow and you aren't forceful. He walked ALL the way to the med room with them on a leash!!! I am so happy we were finally able to get this done!! 1/25/22 posted; shepard mix; 2 yrs old; 53lbs; stray; HW+

Update Feb 1: Today we got Brandon out for some fun in the sun. This brave boy did not disappoint and amazingly he walked the whole way to our front play yard. It's still very much stop and go on the leash for Brandon but he did it! Once in the front play yard, he did plenty of darting around and trying his best to avoid us, but after 3 hrs, he started to get the hang of things and made us proud. No doubt Brandon is a shy, insecure fellow but he proved today that he's willing to put in a good effort to take strides towards pet greatness. Note: Brandon seemed a bit selective with his new doggy friends. Those that were less interested in him, he seemed to accept with no issue.

More about me Feb 8: Brandon proved to us once again that he's eager to leave shelter life behind and ready to begin his new, full time pet position. Doing a great job in walking out to the front field, when let loose, he was immediately running around, exploring, going and doing. He was clearly having a good time and proud of himself in being able to run around. His confidence has clearly grown and we saw a lot of waggy tail, an abundance of smiles and much more relaxed body language. He's still shy/reserved around humans but much more open to making new human friends. His overall level of insecurity is still evident in meeting new dogs. With some dogs, he's happy to share his space and others, he'll let out a low growl of warning. He's a work in progress but certainly heading in the right direction to be the best pet he can be.

March 13 Update: He is getting comfortable having other dogs around, he liked watching Tanner and London run and play. He would give them gentle corrections if they ran into him. He gets more confidence every time he is out.

May 6: Brandon is learning! Everyday Brandon takes another small step. Having Brandon come out for play groups while in foster, I believe is important for his success. Having his friend, Farrah, with him definitely helped him. Brandon walks very well on a leash and is good at loading into a car.

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Friend Luna

Burton Puppy

Burton was brought in as a stray by a community member. He is very sweet and playful. 10/11; 4 mos old; 15lbs; lab mix

Nov 21 Update: Burton is no longer in foster. He's at the shelter and is a pup that most often is in a crate. Attached are few pictures from Tractor Supply adoption event. His volunteer said, "we spent a lot of time with Burton at the adoption event and he is great! If you like a smaller size dog, he’s the one! Loves attention and loves to play! He also enjoyed his bath time." A community member that visited the event met Burton and said, "this little guy is amazing, he will not disappoint." Burton is a rockstar pup!


Buttercup was brought in as a stray by animal control. She is a very sweet girl. She has no reaction to cats and is HW negative. 11/2; stray; 1 yr old; 43lbs; boxer. Came in with Blossom and Dozer.

C x 3 Pups - safe

Strays; lab mix; 6-12lbs each; 11/18; 8 wks old




C x 4 Pups

Came in with Mom Claudia and Dad Curtis. 9/1; terrier/chi mix; 3-5lbs each; strays; 3 mos old


Cole- safe

Cassie- safe


Carina- safe


Calliope was brought in as a stray by animal control with maurice. She is playful and friendly and walks well on a leash. She is HW positive. 10/19; 46lbs; stray; rottie mix; 2-3 yrs old

Carmella- Sponsored for pull fees

2/24; 49lbs; 4 yrs old; lab mix. This sweet lady was brought in as a stray. She is sweet and friendly. She got along with Apollo in the office fine. She did excellent during intake and walked fairly well on the leash. She is HW:Negative!!! TA

Update April 2: She was very happy to be out in the sun and grass. She met other dogs fine. She was more interested in having some people time.

More about me April 19: It's funner to have CARMELLA by your side. No doubt, this friendly, caramel colored/coated girl is a smile maker and makes sure that you're treated like her Queen Bee. Carmella enjoyed her photo fun in the sun as she explored around making sure to get her big, blocky head in as many human laps as possible. She did a nice job in meeting both male and female dogs, but as a more confident lady, seemed to prefer dogs who were more chill and understood her desire to simply hang out with her and not challenge her in any way. Carmella has had at least one litter (if not more) and in her prior life, someone has clearly taken the time to love and nurture her to be the devoted, affectionate dog that she is today. If having a sturdy, solid, steady kisser and hugger of a dog sounds like your new best friend, we urge you to please ask about pretty lady Carmella today.

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Friend Thelma

Bath Time


stray; bully mix; 9/23; 65lbs; 2 yrs old; hw-


Chesney was brought in as a stray from Darlington. She is lovely. She is a a little shy at first but she overcame it with no problem. Chesney is HW:Negative and walks pretty good on the leash. She loves the squeaky sound of the toys but didn’t know what they were. heeler mix; 34lbs; 11/9; 1-2 yrs old

Chillon (Pronounced Chi-On)- safe

Chillon (chi-on) was an owner surrender. HW negative. husky mix; 57lbs; 1-2 yrs old; 11/3. No cats for Chillon.

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Clark -Hospice Doggy- safe

Clark, AKA Clarkel-Barkel, Bork-bork, or Barkel, is a 3.5 year old terrier mix around 51lbs. He was in foster being treated for severe inflammation of the lungs, assumed to have been related to heartworms. We were planning to get him strong, treat his heartworms, and once recovered he would leave for Rescue. It has since been discovered that he has cancer in his lungs and is not a candidate for heartworm treatment or otherwise. We need a hospice foster (or a furever home) so that he can spend his last days (months? years?) with a loving family.

Clark is a very sweet boy who loves attention from his person. He takes a while to settle in and get comfortable in a new place. He loves to play with other dogs, best in a home with only a couple others (rather than a larger pack). He does better with puppies and females and enjoys small dogs too. He loves to chew and does well when he has chew toys to keep him occupied. He is an energetic boy, you’d never know he was sick watching him play! He has the heart of a young pup.

Clark does best on a regular potty schedule. He will do his business with some patience and easy access to the yard. He loves to sniff and explore for a while first. He will potty on leash if you’re able to spend the time with him to do so. He is crate trained, and he eats in his crate as well. He sleeps soundly in his crate all night. He is pretty chill and quiet, not a barker at all.

Puppy Friend


Claudia was brought in as an owner surrender by animal control with Curtis. Family could no longer take care of them. Her given name is Beauty. They are they parents to the Cx7 pups. She is scared and timid. she walks well on a leash. 9/15; terrier; 2 yrs old; hw-; 38lbs

Oct 9 update: The award for having the most fun in the exercise yard today goes to Claudia! And we thought this cute brindle girl would be missing her male mate, Curtis, who was the father of her seven pups upon arrival. To our surprise, her favorite friend of the day was a bouncy young male that had the same zoomie play style. She got along very well with several other dogs but she enjoyed him the most. Claudia very easily met the volunteers in the runs as well.

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Colby was brought in as an owner surrender through AC. kept getting out of the fence. He is very very very scared and stressed being at the shelter. HW+; hound; 4-5 yrs old; 59lbs; 10/14

Colt- safe

Colt was brought in as a stray by animal control. He is very timid and sweet, and walks well on a leash. He has no reaction to cats and is HW negative. 10/24; shep mix; stray; 1 yr old; 41lbs.

Update Nov 4: Tested very well today with M and F. Fun, playful.

Update Nov 11: Colt is a young, happy, playful boy. He met and mingled with other male and female doggie friends during playtime. He walks well on leash, loaded up well in his crate, and rode well in the car. Colt is young and impressionable and is a great age to fit into any home. He was happy for playtime with other dogs and enjoyed time cozying up to volunteers.

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DoggyFriends DoggyFriends

Cowboy/ King

Came in 6/28. Appeared to have been in a dog fight. Went to ER vet. Reclaimed immediately. Back at shelter 10/3; HW+; 1 yr old; lab mix; 56lbs

Cricket- Sponsored for pull fees- July Intake 2021

Cricket was brought in as a stray pickup from AC. Cricket is a very sweet girl, and loves affection. It is apparent that she has had a lot of puppies in her lifetime. She walks well on a leash, and did well during her intake. HW+; 3 yrs old; 44lbs; shep mix; 7/7/2021

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Foster Update Feb 27: It has been a joy to foster Cricket and watch her personality blossom when she was removed from the shelter environment. Foster care was the first Cricket was treated with love and kindness. She is a sweetheart and has touched my heart! Cricket needs to adjust to change on her own schedule. For example, when she came into foster care, she would sleep in the sun room (back of the house) then after a few days she slept in the kitchen (beside the sunroom), then to the living room where the doggie bed is located, then to the sofa, then she hit the jackpot and found Mom’s bed. She likes her soft toys, dental bones but her stuffed bones are the best! Looking out the front storm door watching people and their dogs go by is enjoyable for her. If it is a sunny day, she will fall asleep in the sun. Also, she likes to run around the back yard; so, a fenced in yard is a necessity. Going for walks are the best and normally walks by her foster Moms side. However, another dog can distract her but she is still learning.

Cricket has a gentle personality and is very smart and a quick learner. She knows basic commands such as: sit, come, stay, crate and let’s go pee. Many of the skills were learned while in foster care. She was afraid of the car and now quickly jumps in the car and rides well in the car. She was crate trained in a few days and enjoys her crate. In the morning she go to her crate and waits to be fed (with the tail a wagging). She enjoys her food and treats. Her foster care environment does not have other animals; however, she seems to like other dogs that are more laid back then the aggressive type of dogs. I think she would do well in a home with another dog or older kids to play with. She has energy that she needs to release. When at the vets, there was a cat running around the office that didn’t seem to bother her. She has some cute behaviors, such as holding up her one paw (usually the right) when she is about to get a treat. She has great flexibilty in her hips and sometimes will lay with all four legs stretched out.

When she seems to get anxious, she will carry my shoes or socks around the house. She does not chew them or destroy them, she just carries them around. When I go away and leave her alone (not crated), I will find my shoes/slippers some place in the house when I return. With time in foster care this behavior has become less and less. If you have it in your heart, Cricket is in need a family that will make her part of their family, and treat her with love and kindness. In turn, she will give you a life of love and loyalty.

Foster Update April 1: The staff at the doggy daycare said Cricket did amazing with every dog. Had a ball playing. Completely house trained, loves riding in the car, and walking on the leash.

Foster Update May 22: Cricket is a sweetheart and lovebug. She is a great dog that is very smart and knows basic commands. She loves to go to doggie daycare and play with other dogs her size. She will do best with an active family that has another dog she can play with. She would probably enjoy playing with older kids too. She may be too energetic for small kids. Cricket likes it outside whether it’s going for a walk, running in the back yard or just sunning herself in the backyard. A fenced in backyard is required. She rides well in the car and enjoys going for car rides. Cricket has a gentle personality and is a great dog. When she feels safe, her personality comes out. She needs to be introduced to other dogs slowly until she feels comfortable. However, this is improving with doggie daycare.

Doggy Day Care Time!

Cupcake- Teen

Do you remember Cupcake? She arrived to us injured hit by a car and donors gave tremendously to help her get FHO surgery with a specialist. She is doing great in foster care and is ready for her furever now! Surely you would love to meet her? She's use to little people and other dogs in her foster home. She does great in her crate and is housebroken. She is doing well on leash. She is heartworm negative, just 7-8 months old and would bring much joy to any family. Posted Nov 25


Curtis was brought in as an owner surrender by animal control with Claudia. Family could no longer take care of them. His given name is BB. They are they parents to the Cx7 pups. He is scared. 9/15; terrier; 2 yrs old; hw-; 35lbs

Oct 9 Update: Our little brindle buddy, Curtis, was more than happy to get out of his kennel and walk ever so nicely up to the exercise yard. As we approached two cats on the sidewalk, he opted to give them a wide berth. He did very well meeting all of the volunteers as well as a few other dogs. He preferred the dogs that did not bounce all around him, haha. He did give a word or two to the bouncy young male and then things got much better. He did not let it stop his fun afternoon outside. He preferred the calmer dogs that he met, he had a good time playing with them. He is a nice little guy and would make a great new member of the family.

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D x 4 Pups- safe

O/S- Can't take care of. pits; 8 wks old; 6-9 lbs each; 2 males; 2 females; 10/25. Sweet, healthy cuddle bugs.

Danielle- f

Dozer- M

Dreka- f

Donte- m


Darrell was an owner surrender. For reason he has listed “wrong dog”. Im not sure what that means. Darrell friendly and playful. He is HW negative. 9/7; lab mix; 51lbs; 1-2 yrs old

More about me Oct 29: Looking a little on the thin side, possibly due to recently losing his family, Darrell is keeping his chin up and making the most of his time with people, and meeting new doggy friends. For instance, belly rubs seem to be a favorite, and staying close to his person in case they want to reach down and rub him on the head is a close second.. He looks like he is a mature adult, but he is really a youngster on the inside. He didn’t quite know what to do when he met his first doggie friends, he did a lot of sniffing and following around, he hadn’t figured out how to jump into a game of chase, I’m sure he will learn quickly, however. He was able to go out on the town today with our “Paws around the Pee Dee” event and the kind people that took him out on the town shed some tears when they brought him back to the shelter. They had such a good time with him and said he was a very good boy. He is waiting patiently to show his new family how fast they can fall in love with him as well!

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Dayla was brought in as an owner surrender. She needs to be groomed! She is very sweet and mild mannered! She did great for her intake. Dayla is HW negative and came in with Axl! Dayla is beautiful and will make a wonderful addition to a family. 8 yrs old; shep mix; hw-; 11/22; family moving. 74lbs. Owner says she sgood with other dogs, kids and cats and has had 3 litters.


Destiny was brought in as a stray by Animal Control. She is scared and submissive but still very gentle. She is HW Positive. 10/4; 48lbs; 2 yrs old

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Diamond was found chained outside with a cat collar on and the collar became severly embedded. She is very untrusting of humans right now but hasn’t growled, snapped or tried to bite me once. She is eating and drinking fine. lab mix; 10/22; 42lbs (thin); 2-3 yrs old; HW+


stray; 10/12; HW+; 6-7 yrs old; 49lbs; Lab mix. Doodle was brought in by Darlington City as a stray with 3 other dogs. He is friendly. He seems very sad when Astrid is away from him. My guess is they have been together for a while.


Doris was brought in as a stray by a community member. She is friendly and loves to dance. She walks well on a leash,and we named after Doris Day. Doris has double K9’s on one side. Her teeth aren’t in the best condition. I will assume she’s had a rough life and ate whatever she could find.. her feet are also very webbed and big! lab mix; 8/13; HW-; 32lbs; 1-2 yrs old

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Dozer- safe

Dozer was brought in with Buttercup and Blossom as SD case. He is handsome and very very well mannered! He did amazing for his intake. He is Hw:Negative!! He loves other dogs. bully mix; 33lbs (thin); 2-3 yrs old; 11/3

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Draco was brought in from Darlington as a an abandoned stray along with Zorro. Draco is HW:Negative and walks fairly well on a leash. He did well during his intake but acts like he is starving all of the time. He thinks anytime you bring your hand near him that you have foo for him which makes me believe that the only time he got any interaction was to be fed. He could use some work on jumping but overall is a good boy. 9/29; lab mix; 41lbs (thin); 2 yrs old


Duncan was brought in as a “Stray” from AC. He was kenneled in a very small cage that he couldn’t move in before arriving to the shelter. 50lbs; hw-; bully mix; 3 yrs old; 7/6

August 27 Playdate: Duncan has already proven well with both males and females.

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E X 5 Litter

7/9 DOB; about 7lbs 8/2; Pictures from 10/31

Ella - 8/29 picture

Earl - TA



Elliott- TA



stray; thin; 9/23; 34lbs (thin); no breed; no age

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Ellery- Teen Pup

Ellery was brought in as a stray by animal control. She was very thin and covered in sores on her legs. She is sweet and playful. lab mix; 11/15; 25lbs; 7 mos old; hw-

Foster update Nov 27: Ellery is currently in a foster home. She is housebroken, loves toys and took them one by one to put into her kennel. She likes to play with the resident yorkies but a home with medium to large dogs might be a better fit as she’s a still a clumsy, playful pup. Ellery has ignored the indoor cats and did well with kids, but would do best with older kids due to playfulness. Ellery is a rock star and will make a great companion for a family.


4-5 yrs old; 45lbs; collie mix; 7/13; stray; HW+. Ellie was brought by AC from Darlington. She has some skin issues. I do believe it’s either allergies or flea infestation. She did not get vaccinated not HW tested!!!

More about me August 10: "I just need someone to love me and care for me," explains our pretty lady ELLIE with the 1/2 coat of fur and very tender pink skin. If you think it's painful to look at our girl with the wisps of hair for a coat, imagine the itchiness and discomfort Ellie can't escape day to day. Despite her medical travails and overall hardship she's endured for many months now, you'll not find a sweeter nor more genuine girl that takes the time to lean into you and give you a nuzzle with her long, tapered nose. She might have just stayed in snuggly/nuzzly mode all day if given the chance! Ellie is a love and we adore her. Ellie is lacking in confidence and perhaps in part it's because she's not feeling great and feels a bit vulnerable. We had her off leash with a mish mash of other dogs and in general she's pretty mild and meek around them. She'll get right into the thick of the pack and is pretty relaxed and slowly goes about her business. She's never in any rush. Periodically, if she felt another dog was being a bit nosey, she would sound a barking alarm asking for space. Ellie does not want any trouble and comes in peace. Very calm, polite and doting, Ellie is truly a lovely, lovely girl inside and out. Perhaps you will be the one to help restore her greatness! Please ask for her today.

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Friend Layla

Friend Layla

Dottie- Sponsored for pull fees- March 2021 Intake

Stray; HW+; 3/12/21; 55lbs; bully mix; 5 yrs old. Arrived pregnant. Sadly, all of her pups died shortly after birth.

Volunteer Update July 24: VOTED staff/volunteer FAVORITE! 💖 "I know I keep saying this about Dottie, but what a perfect girll. She is one of the sweetest and most gentle dogs I have ever met. She adopted another dog's puppies as her own and was an awesome mom to them. I have nothing but good to say about her. She is wonderful and so grateful for a bit of love! She is the BEST! Somebody has to be waiting on her! How is she not adopted yet?! She is one of my favorite dogs to take on a walk and give treats! Miss Dottie is all smiles and kisses! LOVE! Dottie has been with us since March when she arrived very pregnant. Sadly, she lost her pups, but she accepted another litter as her own and raised 5 beautiful babies. Her days of mothering are done and she is ready to be YOUR spoiled little lady. You cannot ask for a better companion than Ms. Dottie. She is around 55lbs, 5 years old and heartworm positive. Let's get her out of here, please!"

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