The Cat’s Meow

For just $80, you can literally save the life of a cat at our shelter.  Like so many shelters nationwide,  there never seems to be enough homes for all of  these furry felines.  We are no exception.  We do however wish to give some of our kitties an extra chance at finding that perfect home and through sponsorship,  we are seeing success.  Some of our sponsored cats are being pulled by rescues while others are being promoted in the community to help match them up with their new family.  Be a part of this crucial livesaving effort by donating to one of the cats below who "meows" to you! 
Note: Sponsorship includes spay/neuter,  FIV/Feluk testing, and all shots.  Sponsored cats are kept "safe" til we can rehome them.

Fay and Fiona Fund
$35 each and they are safe!

Who does not want a double helping of these kitties??   Fay and Fiona are hoping to soon leave for rescue but need some help in covering their partial vetting fees.  For just $35 each, this fantastic pair will get their new lease on life.  Come on, you know you want to give and help them!!

Three Amigos Vetting Fund
$35 each will save them! 

Three pals looking for a rescue ride and YOU can help!  For just $35 each,  you'll cover our partial vetting costs making us even more appealing for a rescue to pull and save.   On a calendar, folks might say the "Kitten Season" is over, but let us assure you, it's not.  The competition to get into a kitty rescue is still intense and your help is needed.  Hoping to see your gift to our fund soon!  Thank you!  Sophie, Dallon and Darcie AKA Three Amigos