Urgent- Put to Sleep Pets

April 25

Queen- Video

Queen, female, 47 pounds, 1-2 years old, Bully blend, HW-  "Wonderful kissy girl.  Love her!" These were just a few of the comments made by our volunteers about this pretty gal!  Queen gets a little excited in meeting new folks, but she's fast to dial down and will impress you with her nice leash skills.  Queen is playful in her interaction with other dogs and would be a good choice for kids of all ages.  No cats for me please!  Queen has a pretty tan and grey brindle coat with a white bib and paws, so unique and cute! She'd be a great companion to any current resident dog and also would make a great  partner for someone who enjoys getting some exercise by going for walks around their neighborhood or walking path.  It would be hard to find a more affectionate girl than Queen, adopt her and she will repay you with years of companionship and devotion.  She's a nice medium size and would be a perfect fit into most any home! 

Blaze- VideoWithMyrtle- Sponsored for HW treatment and pull fees

Blaze, male, 54 pounds, 2-3 years old, Lab blend, HW+   Blaze is the "Class Clown"...performing for treats is his specialty.  He's very smart and easily trainable.  He has a young spirit with lots of get up and go, so an active family with older children would be an ideal match.  Blaze craves attention but is also capable of dishing out the love. Blaze is Mr. Personality and is good with cats and other dogs as well!  He's is a fun loving dog who gets along well w/ roommate Myrtle.  He recently also met another large, super friendly male and he was great with hims as well.  He is curious about what humans are doing and interacts freely. Blaze has been described as a super sweet, typical goofy Lab boy and has stolen the heart of several staff members who all just love him. He wants everyone to love him and is a real "people dog". You can see in his video how much he also enjoys playing with his friend Myrtle. When you meet Blaze you just can't help but love him!

Pebbles- Video- Sponsored for HW treatment

​Pebbles, female, 56 pounds, 2-3 years old, Lab blend, HW+  Pebbles is a more independent lady, friendly but not gushy.  She is a larger sized girl who is always excited to be out but is overall a nice walking companion. She would be a great choice for kids of all ages, and is curious about kitties but can be redirected from them. Pebbles loves to be out of her kennel and just loves playing with other dogs. Recently she attended an outreach event and was friendly and social to all who stopped to visit with her. She loved hanging out there with her friend Marshall plus it was fun to just have a break from shelter life for an afternoon. If you have a friendly resident dog who would enjoy a companion, please check out this pretty black Lab looking girl!  Pebbles has nothing but a heart full of love to give her new family and would make a wonderful addition to most any family!


Alexa, female, 42 pounds, 1-2 years old, Hound/Lab blend, HW-  This lovely two tone girl has love and energy to spare!   A skilled leash walker who eagerly stepped out of her kennel, she nicely dialed down once in our front field and did a wonderful time greeting other dogs with a steady wagging tail.   A great choice for a family with slightly older kids,  she would be wonderful sharing her space with other dogs (she tested well with both male and female dogs) and possibly even cats (she sniffed and walked away from our cat habitats).   Alexa is a friendly, playful gal who would be perfect as a hiking or running companion!

Baloo- Video

Baloo, male, 75 pounds, 2-3 years old, Shepherd blend, HW- My book is wide open!  I'm a happy, exuberant guy who loves to play, play and yes, play some more.  Got dogs?  Please, let them meet me and I will teach them a wonderful thing or two about playing!  Now,  once I have some play time out of my system,  you should see how wonderfully I dial down and eagerly wait for some lovin' from YOU!   Cats seemed a bit too tempting for me so a cat free home would be best for me and slightly older kids would also suit my style in part due to my size and my wanting to share my love with them!   Volunteers called me a "Great Dog" and honestly, does this tag line get any better?  

Gino -Video Video

Gino, male, 26 pounds, 1 year old, Lab blend, HW+  Gino has a sad tale to tell but better days are clearly ahead for him! He was a stray to a yard in Darlington in search of food and was starving. He caught 3 chickens to try to feed himself. He was threatened to be shot for getting into the chicken coop. His sad eyes and malnourished body spoke to the heart of the homeowner. Though she loved her chickens very much (they even wore clothes so she really was devastated to lose them), it was clear to her that he was starving and just trying to survive. She fed him a few times off of her porch then trapped him and brought him in. Then it was learned that his jaw was broken so he really had been struggling in many ways to feed himself.  His jaw is now healed and he's ready to look ahead to a bright future. He gets along with all, cats, kids, and other dogs, and is a tail wagging lover of a boy. He is well mannered and staff describes him as "a little body of wiggly love" and "super friendly". He's a nice little compact smaller sized guy with a silky smooth coat and a constantly wagging tail. Can you help Gino forget his past and realize a wonderful new reality with him in the starring role as a beloved family pet?

King- Video

King, male, 74 pounds, 6 years old, HW+ : Folks say I am one GREAAAAAAAAAAAT dog and what's not to love about super sized, smiling me?   You should see how politely I greet new human friends and wish to engage new doggy friends with some good ol' play time.   I can be a little excitable when you first meet me (but who can blame me when I LOVE company so very much!!) but I'm good about dialing down and then accompanying you on a more brisk paced walk.   Only due to my size and initial extra energy in seeing humans,  slightly older/more sturdy kids are best suited for me and please, no cats,  they are just too enticing for me. If you believe good things come in big packages, you'll just love me!

Spencer -Video

Spencer, male, 28 pounds, 1-2 years old, Lab blend, HW+ ​Described as super friendly,  you should have seen how politely I am at meeting other dogs (both male and female) and also humans.   A skilled leash walker,  I eagerly left my kennel space to join volunteers on a nice walk in the front field.  With my moderate energy level and sweet disposition, I'm a great match for kids of just about any age and showing little or no interest in the cats in the habitats,  they too might be a good choice for me as I eagerly look for my new family.  I'm a nice compact size and the shelter staff says I have such a sweet spirit! Sadly, my former owner had to surrender me because of illness and no longer being able to care for me.  But that's ok, I know my new forever family is out there somewhere, maybe even YOU! I promise to give you all my love if you just give me a home of my very own.

Spot- sponsored for pull fees

Spot, male, 50 pounds, 1-2 years old, Hound blend, HW-  Spot is a happy boy who greeted our volunteers with a smile when they got to his kennel.  He was eager to be out and explore everything.  Spot is jolly boy in search of an active family.  Our volunteers said, "He is GREAT!!! We had him out today. He loves to play." No cats for him, though. He would never hurt a cat intentionally but wants to play and  could maybe hurt a cat with his paws and his exuberance.   Spot was a wonderful mingler with other dogs when he was out of his kennel recently and very happy to make new friends.  Spot came to the shelter when his owner went into the National Guard and couldn’t take him. He was used to living in a loving home and now finds himself in a very different situation, but he has by now means allowed this to dim his sunny outlook.  Friendly and cheerful to all, Spot would make a loving family member and loyal companion.  He's a wonderful guy who is truly not to be missed! Check him out and see if he doesn't look like just the guy you have been looking for!

Clinger, male, 57 pounds, 1-2 years old, Shepherd blend, HW-  This handsome, long legged guy is Clinger, described as volunteers as playful and sweet. He went for a walk with his buddy Duke and tails were wagging the whole time. He's a beautiful boy with spring in his step and he enjoys being petted and loved on. He came to the shelter after being found abandoned in a home with 13 other dogs but his joyful outlook is not diminished at all. He's still happy and ready to get on with the next chapter of his life as someones loving companion.  Clinger stays hopeful that he will be able to find his forever home soon.  He walks nicely and calmly on the leash and with his long legs he'd enjoy being a walking companion for a person who enjoys daily strolls. Clinger has nothing but love to offer, can he give you some?

Hawkeye- VideoAtEvent. VideoWithLouis -safe

Hawkeye, male, 47 pounds, 1-2 years old, Bully blend, HW-  Hawkeye thoroughly enjoyed his time at an outreach event that he recently attended, mixing and mingling with folks big and small. He was friendly and social with everyone who stopped to visit with him.  Hawkeye was came to the shelter with a severe gash on his neck from an embedded collar but he is now recuperated and ready for a family to call his own.  He is very sweet and friendly and open to all life has to offer an awesome boy like him.  He's a beautiful  Bully boy with a ears that you can't help but be amused by.  Sometimes they're up, sometimes they're down, sometimes they're half and half! He has a shiny black coat with a white bib down the front, just as handsome as they come.  Hawkeye enjoys his time with people and is also fine with other dogs, so he'd make a wonderful companion if you have a friendly resident dog who is looking for a buddy. What's not to love about this guy?  Hawkeye hopes you will look him over and consider him as your next family member.