Urgent/Special- Priority Pets

September 20


Patch- Bio FriendNavy FriendHannah -safe

Patch never met a stranger!  He will always come up to say “hello” to any new person or dog that he has not met. And then he will wait for some “oohs and awws” about how handsome he is, along with some snuggles and pets. Next he will try to take a run up and down the fence line with the dog in the next pen. He likes to bounce around and play in whatever way he can when he gets out to the exercise yard. Mr. Photogenic always takes a good picture.
Patch is a sweet boy, very bouncy and happy. He was a very good boy while we did his intake.   O/s- 7/22; HW-; 51lbs; 1 yr old; lab mix

Athena would be happy with ten people around, standing in line for hugs and kisses.  This sweet golden girl has enough love to share with them all.  Being a neglect case, with her friend Titus, she can’t get enough love and attention.  She walks very nicely on a leash and meets other dogs with ease. She is ready for her “happily ever after”. female; bully mix; part of an animal cruelty case.  Came in with Titus.   HW-; 47lbs; 4yrs old; 8/10

Looking for a sweet companion who just sits close by, listening to all of your problems without judging? Look no further. Orla is a loyal girl who enjoys running and playing but also is happy to just lie by you in the shade, coming over for an occasional pat on the head and scratch behind the ears. She was so happy just having someone nearby to look over and smile at, happy to be out of the dog kennel and to have someone to herself. She walks nicely on a leash and enjoys every minute of her walk with you.  female; shep mix; 48lbs; 2-3 yrs old

Mallorie- FriendRed FriendCope 

Aug.25th Update: This is Mallorie. She will soon be with us 4 months. Sadly, no one has chosen her. Maybe because of her cherry eye? She has been working on her leash walking skills and is making good progress. She is playful with other dogs and considers all an instant friend, expecting everyone to like her. As she enjoys being active and is still perfecting her doggy manners, a family with older children would be great. Estimated at just 1 year old and around 45lbs, she is young and a perfect size. She is a fast learner and seeks your praise and affection. She would love the structure a family could provide. She is heartworm positive and that can be discussed. Her cherry eye can be corrected and that also can be discussed. Please someone give her a chance. 

Oh, please pick me!   When you come to my kennel door, I'd be thrilled to show you my hula dancing routine as I work my hardest to get YOU to come and get ME!! Folks say I'm a perfect pet size...not too big and not too small....and one who is ready to go and do!  I'm very skilled at draping myself in human laps, giving humans soft facials (aka lots of face kissing) and showing them lots of overall attention.   With some energy to spare (and yes, share) a more active lifestyle would help me stay at my best.   I'm a smart, alert lady who enjoys older kids (young ones I might accidentally step on/knock over out of excitement) and certainly adults and would love for you to come on by to see why I could be your new best friend.  Ask for me, Mallorie today! Note: Mallorie- mom to lady/tramp (reclaimed); hw+; 1 yr old; 44lbs; 4/30; lab mix; can't afford- o/s; cherry eye

Meet Bryant! On the first day he arrived at the shelter, he was described as “kissy.” This personality has not changed, even throughout his quarantine time with a leg sore, where he had to stay by himself, and didn’t get to get out to play.  He still stayed sweet and happy for any time and attention he was given. Once his time was up this happy boy met friends, both dog and human, and his loving personality was still strong. He was stray; lab, 25 lbs. (thin); male, 1-2 yrs. old. Hw-  8/11.  Sweet, kissy friendly boy.

Special Needs

Gwendolyn - Senior- FriendLeo

Gwendolyn arrived at the shelter very thin and malnourished. She didn’t let that stop her from trying to meet everyone that walked into the office. She would turn around and lean over, hoping to get a pat on the head and a kind word, which she did, over and over. As you can see from the updated pictures and video, she is looking so much better!  Such an affectionate girl just looking for a friend to go on a walk and then snuggle afterwards on the sofa.  stray; 7-8 yrs old;  small masses in ear- difficulty sitting down.  lab mix; 49lbs (thin); HW+; 7/30.

Charlie is a beautiful yellow lab mix that is hiding in his kennel at the shelter, he is a bit overwhelmed. He was happy to get away from the noise as he ventured up to the exercise pen to meet a new friend Griffin, who helped him lighten up enough to run and play. He and Griffin are now kenneled together.  Charlie will need someone who is patient and understands that he is a bit timid, but a very sweet boy.  male; lab mix; stray; 50lbs; 5 yrs old; HW+; 8/7.  Charlie is a very sweet dog, but he is going to need some time to come around.