Urgent- Put to Sleep Pets

June 26

Tank, male, 53 pounds, 2 years old, Bully blend, HW+ This beautiful all white guy is Tank, one of the happiest dogs you could hope to meet! Tank walks nicely on the leash and just loves being loved by people. His video of him playing ball show the happiest a dog could be, romping with a ball in the exercise pen and stopping to get a belly rub with a huge smile on his face. Tank has a wonderful demeanor to match his handsome good looks, he has met a variety of other dogs from big to small, male to female, and every introduction went off without a hitch. Tank came to the shelter as an owner surrender because there was a female dog in his previous home who was nursing a litter of puppies and she didn't care to have Tank around. Even though Tank lost his home he has still hung on to his loving disposition and just adores being petted and loved. Tank is a dog who has nothing but love to give and will take all the loving and petting you have to offer.

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Sassy, female, 43 pounds, 3-4 years old, Bully blend, HW+  Sassy found herself at the shelter as an owner surrender when her owner was no longer able to care for her. Sassy is very sweet and affectionate. Sassy would be a great dog for an active family or someone looking for a hiking or jogging parter.  She's no couch potato and is ready to be by your side if you are a go and do type person. One of Sassy's favorite things to do is play fetch with a ball, so if you love to play, Sassy would enjoy your company!  She is a pretty mostly white Bully blend girl who hopes that a forever home is in her near future. Sassy isn't sure what happened to the home she used to know, but she knows her friends at the shelter will do all they can to get her a new family as soon as possible. Bully lovers, please check Sassy out and see if she might be the dog you have been looking for!

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Franklin, male, 47 pounds, 2 years old, Hound blend, HW-  This beautiful tricolored Hound boy is Franklin, and he is sure to delight all the Hound lovers with his classic good looks. He is long legged, elegant, and graceful, with a friendly and social demeanor. He's made many friends at the shelter and even been allowed to run off leash with other dogs because of what a good boy he is. Franklin has been very good with everyone and very much enjoys socializing with a variety of dogs. If you have a soft spot for Hounds, we have just the boy for you.  Franklin is ready and waiting to meet his new family or person and would surely repay your love a hundred times over. 

Carly, female, 62 pounds, 3-4 years old, Lab/Rottweiler blend, HW+  Pretty Carly finds herself here at the shelter when her previous owners were unable to care for her any longer. They did tell us that she was good with children and also house trained. She gets along well with other dogs, having met both male and female dogs and been friendly and social with all. Carly is a more reserved girl and she greatly enjoys being taken into the exercise pen with our volunteers to spend time meeting other friends and getting walked and played with. Carly is a very sweet girl who was used to living in a home, she doesn't know what happened to her previous home but she knows that the volunteers and staff at the shelter love her and will do their best to find her a forever home of her very own. Please consider this wonderful girl if you are looking for a dog with a heart of gold who will be a loving, loyal companion for many years to come!

Jojo, male, 55 pounds, 5 years old, Lab blend, HW+ Jojo found himself at the shelter when his previous owner was no longer able to care for him. Jojo is very sweet and playful, and also walks nicely on the leash.  He has a beautiful golden brown coat with gorgeous hazel eyes. Jojo is a friendly and social boy who has tested very well with other dogs.  His temperament is so good that when an outreach event at a local mall invited some of our shelter dogs to attend, Jojo was selected and did very well.  He walked the runaway like a star and wasn't at all phased by the noise and many people at  the event.  He also enjoyed getting lots of love and attention from  his handler.  Jojo is a very smart boy, too, and knows a few basic commands, "sit"  and "shake". He's loving, friendly, gets along well with other dogs, and walks nicely on a leash.  There's not much more you could ask for in a new family member, so don't miss out on this awesome guy! Jojo is the total package and can't wait to meet his new family or person!

Roberta -Video Video Video

Roberta, female, 37 pounds, 1-2 years old, Bully blend, HW+  Roberta is a playful, nice medium sized girl who walks well on the leash and is friendly and social with everyone she meets! She's been introduced to both male and female dogs and was happy to make friends with both.  People are also lots of fun and mean playtime, petting, and treats! She has beautiful coloring, a lovely chocolate brown over top of a white coat with a white blaze down her face. She's very unique and looks like she's a white dog wearing a brown coat. Our volunteer who spent time with her recently called her a GREAT dog.  This awesome girl would love nothing more than a forever home where she can know the love and affection of a family or person who is devoted to her.  She will pay your affection back a hundred times over with years of love and loyalty. She'd be lots of fun to walk around a neighborhood or cuddle with on the couch. Check out GREAT Roberta, she's ready and waiting for that home to call her own.

Arctic- Video Video Video Video

Arctic, male, 49 pounds, 1-2 years old, Lab blend, HW+  Arctic is a handsome Lab blend boy with ears that someone along the way decided to attempt  to crop.  He has an interesting,  unique look with one blue eye and one brown eye! Our volunteers who took him out for his temperament test called him a very sweet boy. He has spent time with other dogs both male and female and been friendly and social with everyone! He also loves people and enjoys spending time getting loved and petted, with a tail wagging the entire time.  He's always up for some play time too with other friendly dogs, romping and playing is lots of fun for this jolly fellow. Check out friendly Arctic, we think he will warm your heart! 

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Theo, male, 50 pounds, 1-2 years old, Bully blend, HW+ Theo is a handsome, strong boy, but he did not require long in the exercise area to "dial down" before he was ready to meet other dogs. He plays gently and has medium energy level. He politely greeted other dogs through the fence nose to nose, letting us know he was ready for official introductions. Theo met males and females very well and walks nicely on leash. After meeting other dogs, he mingled politely with them. While he is wonderful with other dogs, Theo is best suited for a home without cats. Theo's ears stand at attention and give him such a cute look, but keep him inside on windy days! Theo is a pretty light buff color with gorgeous eyes, so if you are looking for a handsome guy with a wonderful personality, meet our boy Theo!


Piper, female, 49 pounds, 1-2 years old, Bully blend, HW+ This sweet medium sized girl is Piper, described by the staff as friendly and affectionate.  Everyone remarked how cooperative she was during her intake procedure, such a good girl! Piper met her new friend Mason out in the exercise pen and tails were wagging the entire time.  Mutual sniffing was done and then it was time to play off leash! Piper and Mason enjoyed a nice playful romp together and had lots of fun. Piper also met Venus, a female dog, and was also off leash with her with no incident.  This girl is a friend to one and all! Piper has a pretty mostly white coat with just a few splashes of brown and is just lovely. She's affectionate and loves to have fun with other dogs.  Piper is proof that love isn't always small and fluffy, so give her a look and see if she just might be the dog for you!