Urgent- Put to Sleep Pets

May 31

Buttercup Video VideoWithSuzi

Buttercup, female, 2 years old, Lab blend, 54 pounds, HW-   Beautiful Buttercup is a strong, active, playful girl with lots of pep in her step.  She is very good natured and eagerly greets strangers.  This sweet gal loves being petted.  Buttercup is looking for an active family that enjoys the great outdoors and thinks older kids to play with would be super!  A home without cats would be the best choice for Buttercup, but as you can see in her video, she met Charles and was eager to play!  Her tail was wagging and she tried to engage him because she was so happy to see a doggie friend.  Buttercup  would no doubt enjoy a lively game of fetch as long as it was followed by some belly rubs and maybe a yummy snack or two. Looking for a hiking or jogging partner?  Buttercup is your girl, and she will enjoy spending that time with you.  She thinks exercise is best when it's done with a a partner!  She hopes there is a black Lab lovin' family out there looking for a girl just like her.  Check out sweet Buttercup and see if she might be the dog to make your home complete.  She promises to repay your kindness with unending loyalty.

Chuck- Video Video Video

Chuck, male, 3 years old, Bully blend, 41 pounds, HW-   Is anyone looking for a perfect, playful pup? Well, Chuck will definitely fit the part! Chuck loves to play and was so happy to run around showing off his new toy. He showed off how handsome he is for the camera and even gave a few kisses to the camera lady. He was so excited to be getting all the attention and was just wanted to tell everyone what a good boy he is. He even met some kitties and said they were okay with him and was a perfect gentlemen when meeting a small dog. Chuck is ready to cuddle his way into the hearts of his new family and get all the play time he can handle. He just hopes they have a few of those fun toys there too!  Our shelter staff said that Chuck would not let them do his intake unless they cuddled first.  He is quite a staff favorite and everyone describes his as a very sweet, happy boy.  Chuck is very easy going and gets along well with other dogs.  He is also described as patient and tolerant. Chuck is quite a lover and is ready to find his forever home where he can spend the rest of his life as a cherished family member. Our guy Chuck would fit into pretty much any household!

Ginny- Video Video

Ginny, female, 1 year old, Hound/Pointer blend, 65 pounds, HW-   Who doesn't love a sweet hound girl? When the shelter staff did her intake that said, "Ginny was such a sweetheart today and was so happy to be getting attention. She showed us all what good manners she has when she walked like a pro on the leash and took treats so gently."  Ginny knows what it's like to have a family to love and she misses living with people so much. This gorgeous girl was surrendered to the shelter because kitties were just too exciting for her. She would love to start a new life with her furever family that can take her on long walks and give her all the love she could ask for. She's patently waiting for that day and hopes that it will be very soon.  Ginny is a beautiful girl with a sweet personality to match!

Howard -Sponsored for pull fees by www.radardogs.org- Video Video Video

Howard, male, 3-5 years old, Hound, 59 pounds, HW+   Howard is a typical nose to the ground hound!  He loves when the staff takes him out for walks and enjoys his time with them very much. Howard loves being out of his kennel so much that when it's time to go back, he comes to a stop as he realizes where he's headed.  This is one smart guy!  You can see in his videos that he has met other dogs and been very friendly when introduced.  Howard is a polite guy who enjoys walking with a doggy friend too.  He  has so much love to give and can't wait to find a home of his own.  Howard is a beautiful tri-colored long legged boy with the classic Hound look.  Handsome, well mannered, loving, and friendly....Howard is the total package, so don't miss out on this awesome guy!

Oreo -safe

Oreo, male, 4 years old, Lab/Hound blend, 63 pound, HW+   Who doesn't love Oreos?! Our wonderful Oreo was able to enjoy a nice break from sitting in his kennel recently to take pictures. He wasn't too interested in posing and really just wanted to say hi to all the people walking around. He just loves people and wants to tell everyone how sweet he is. Oreo was so happy to get out and play, and he said he would love to have a home where he can run and play as much as he wants. Oreo knows what its like to have a family and misses it so much. He used to have a home with a little boy he could play with, but they said he got too big and decided to take him to the shelter even though he's such a good boy! Oreo would do best in a home without kitties because they are just too exciting for him. He would rather have dogs closer to his size to play with because he just doesn't know how big he is and really wants to play with them so badly. He is ready for his turn at a happily ever after filled with lots of squeaky toys and maybe some yummy treats too. This beautiful black and white boy is perfectly named, too, with a striking white blaze and a spotted black and white coat.

Schroeder -Video Video Video

Schroeder, male, 2 years old,  Lab blend, 50 pounds, HW-   Our shelter photographer said that if she had to pick the most well behaved dog at the shelter it might just be Schroeder! He is just such a polite boy and posed like a champ for his pictures. He is very gentle taking treats and walks so nicely on the leash. Schroeder got to meet some cats at the shelter and was happy to greet them but then just went on his way. You can see in his videos that he has met other dogs and been very friendly and eager to play. Schroeder would be a wonderful fit for any home and is ready to pack his bags and move in!  He is a loving, friendly, patient boy.  As soon as you meet him you'll just have to fall for his sweet face. If he sounds perfect, that's because he pretty much is!  He has plenty of kisses to give to whoever his lucky new family might be. Give Schroeder a look and see if he might just be the dog for you!