Urgent/Special- Priority Pets

November 20


Bella has transformed since arriving at the shelter very confused and scared. It took her a few weeks to come around but when she decided that everybody was there to help her, a special personality began to emerge and we found her to be quite loving and playful. Today she had the zoomies out in the exercise area and met a younger dog who was very playful, and Bella responded back in the same way.  The shelter staff and volunteers have enjoyed seeing her weekly progress and how happy she has become.  She is now ready to find her forever home. Her skin has also improved and she has turned into quite the beautiful girl.  Female; bully mix; 4 yrs old per vet tech.  Turned in due to landlord issues; hw-; 50 lbs. 8/7.    Reportedly good with other dogs, cats and kids. Our friend did very well today, she walked to the exercise area and enjoyed some time out.

Mr Charming!  Lewis is such a nice fellow.   All dressed up for success in his snazzy black and white attire, super appealing underbite and those big, big brown eyes, he is a sight for sore eyes!!  Oh, have mercy on us!  Lewis is super sweet, gentle natured and very, very polite.  Initially tentative in exiting the busy kennel area,  it was rewarding to see him relax and take in the quiet calm of our front exercise area.  Carefully checking out his new surroundings,  we gave him some time and space and then he was running and acting goofy and nicely interacting with us and helping a shy dog better settle in.   Attentive to his person and happy to nicely sit when asked to do so,  Lewis is a lovely leash walker.  Folks are drawn to him and with good reason.  Come see for yourself!  Note: O/s- can no longer care for him.  Boxer mix; male; 51lbs; HW-; 9/15; 1 yr old. Came in with Livvy.

Male; 9/1; 1 year old; HW- ; Lab mix. stray. No weight. O'Neal is a sweet lively boy. He wanted to meet every one-dogs and cats.   His injuries are not new. They have begun to scab over. Could have been rolled by car, going under something and scrapped his back and head, really not sure.  The wounds are not hurting, they are healing, and they are not keeping him from enjoying life.

Update Sept 26: Mr O'Neal is fun central!   This smaller framed lab mix knows how to have a good time and you are invited to join in the fun.  Aged at one year,  O'Neal still has plenty of puppy vibe about him to make us all smile.   Since his arrival,  he has added on some much needed weight and the scarring along his back is progressing nicely towards a more healed state.  It's possible some of his back hair may not fully grow back in but if you ask O'Neal, he could care less and will simply ask you to give him some love and TLC!   O'Neal is a good, happy, affectionate boy and did a nice job in introducing himself to his new lady friend doggy on our walk.  He can be a bit pushy/eager in saying hello to other dogs (he means no harm....just excited to introduce himself) and like many younger pets, could benefit from a doggy manners class to help him be at his best.   O'Neal is great on a leash, very ready to go and do and explore, so having him a little mindful of basic commands, will allow him to go far in his doggy career.   O'Neal would thrive in a busy home environment with kids and other dogs.  He's loving and grateful and would add so much to any home. 

More about me Nov 4: Just add some love and O'Neal will do ALL the rest!  We had so much fun with O'Neal today.  This compact, sleek jacketed fellow had us all in stitches as he ran and played and self entertained and then insisted that we too join in the fun.  Have a rope toy?  Well, O'Neal would love to play tug of war with you!   Are you a good tosser?  Toss that toy and watch him make it come to life.  O'Neal is full of kisses and spirit and just wants to play and feel the wind in his fur!  Never meeting a stranger, O'Neal adores everyone he meets.  He is not shy about letting you know he's ready for some fun and games and maybe some hugs and kisses.   O'Neal topped off his arena outing by running loose and hanging out with Buster, a larger, more solid fellow.  No doubt, O'Neal is a smile maker.  A more active home would be ideal for this handsome fellow and having a playmate or playdates would surely make his tail wag.  More sturdy kids would just be icing on the cake for him.  Won't you ask for O'Neal today?

Kid tested.  Mother approved! Lola's book is wide open and she'd love for you to come on by and flip through her fun, happy pages!   A solid, athletic lady pressing 50lbs,  there is a lot to love about Lola.  She loves to run and play (and repeat!) and be in the thick of things.  Never meeting a stranger,  Lola eagerly meets everyone and invites them to come and hang out with her.  She delighted in meeting a youth volunteer on our outing while mom fondly looked on as the two ran and played and then had snuggle time.  Graced with a vibrant, bouncy outlook on life,  her personality is a perfect match for kids but the kids will need to be more sturdy and ready for full throttle ahead hug and lap time sessions.   An active home where Lola can be a part of the daily action/activity will best align with her desire to go and do and seek and find friends and love!   Ask for Lola today! Note: O/S- can no longer care for her. bully mix; 9/1; 47lbs; HW+; 2 yrs old;  Lola is a big girl with an even bigger personality to match! She did very well during her intake.

Magnolia- FriendEvie FunTime MoreEvie -safe

More about me Oct 29: She tested great with other dogs. We love her! Great leash walker.  Not a crazy young Lab, but a gentle, mature girl who deserves a family of her own

Miss Manners!   Magnolia is just as polite and mellow as a summer's day is long.  This sleek coated red-head is gentle and mild mannered and welcoming of all into her world. Nicely meeting 2 other dogs on our outing today,  Magnolia appreciates other dogs who share with her a more calm outlook on life.  She is not so much interested in wrestling and rolling around in the grass with other dogs.  She would rather enjoy a quiet, easy stroll with other dogs and perhaps relaxing under a shady bush to beat the heat.   Kids are welcome in Magnolia's world as are humans who enjoy the simple company of a friendly, well balanced pet to hang by their side.  Note: 50lbs; HW+; 6/2; 5-6 yrs old; stray; chocolate lab mix ; arrived w/a chemical burn along her backside.   No cats for me please.  Litter of pups born Aug 4.

Voted Most Photogenic!   The camera went crazy for all the wonderful posing and action shots showing how social, loving and interactive handsome Lucas is.  This teen, sleek jacketed fellow had so much fun mixing and mingling and making new friends while out on his morning "Grand Adventure," in our front field.   First off, Lucas loves to play.  He loves running and chasing after balls and playing tug of war.  He so wants a doggy playmate as well but will need one who can keep pace with his wiggly, jiggly, body and desire to wrestle and roll and really have some good earnest grass time fun!  Lucas loves kids! He kept making his way into our 3rd grader's lap, or right by her side hoping to get some belly rubs and overall body pets.  Super social and uber friendly,  Lucas is yours and really, everyone's immediate best friend.   Super attractive with his golden eyes, tan jacket and endless smile and wagging tail,  Lucas is a very approachable, appealing fellow.  He makes everyone's day just a little bit happier and better! Note: 8-9 mos old; lab mix; stray; 9/23; 44lbs; HW-

Life is good with Biscuit by your side!   Big boy Biscuit brings to the adoption table a loaded pet resume!   Tipping the scales at over 80lbs,  Biscuit would tell you the key benefit of his large size is that there is more for you to love on and more of him to love on you!   Equally accepting of humans and other dogs (he nicely co-mingled with both a male and female dog),  he simply loves being around other 4 legged friends or 2 legged friends.   A gentle face cleaner and hugger,  Biscuit did not have much interest in playing with toys especially if there was a person nearby that he could tag for his new best friend.  A stronger and very solid boy,  Biscuit does not have a clue about his larger size and if given a chance, might just climb up into your lap.   Graced with one amber eye and one light blue eye,  his head reminds us of the "Target dog" and the rest of his body of a large, hip-swiveling large lab. Biscuit is an affectionate fellow who really knows how to work crowds and charm folks. Biscuit was doing well in a hospice foster for some time but some medical problems came up within the foster’s family and they were unable to care for him anymore. Note: male; High HW+; 5-6yrs old; lab mix; 82lbs; stray; 6/13

More about me Nov 13: Biscuit. Mmmm...Just hearing his yummy name makes you feel like home, doesn't it? Sadly, Biscuit is without a home. He has been in foster care and loved it, but he is now back at our shelter. 😥 He was adored in his foster home and was wonderful company for his foster dad, but as dad's health worsened, we all agreed it was simply too risky that Biscuit might get underfoot and cause a fall. Biscuit is sad to return to our shelter kennel and the environment here is simply too stressful for him.💔

Biscuit feels good, he is joyful, he is playful, and he is super affectionate. He wants nothing more than to be by your side. He has no idea of his 82lbs. He will have his head in your lap, or his whole body if you allow. He is strong and walks right beside you, as he wouldn't dream of being without you. He will be your best pal, even a bit velcro at 82lbs lol.😊 Toys are fine, but he adores his person more. He likes other dogs and was also just fine in foster as an only pet. He is housebroken and behaves very well inside the home. He is strikingly handsome with his white coat, loving lab-like personality and happy hip swivel, sporting one amber eye and one light blue eye at around 6 yrs old.
Everyone that meets Biscuit loves him. We know you will too! ❤ Please, give him a chance at some great years with you. 🙏