Urgent- Put to Sleep Pets

March 23

Avery -Sponsored for HW treatment by www.radardogs.org

Avery, the black velvet beauty, is an active young girl with a heart of gold. She's a cuddle bug who also loves to romp and play and has plenty of energy to keep up with an active owner. Looking for a dog to be a hiking or jogging partner? Here she is!  Then when it's time to give kisses and get cuddled she's ready for that as well. Sweet and friendly is how the staff describes her and her glossy black coat is just gorgeous. She's a nice medium size, too! She loves people but was overwhelmed by shelter life when she first came in. Now she has gotten into the swing of things and adores the staff and all the volunteers who stop by to take her for walks.  As you can see in her video, Avery met another dog and was friendly, but she is best suited to a home with no feline friends. If you are looking for a new family member to spoil and lavish with love, please consider our sweet Avery.  She will repay your kindness with years of loyalty and kisses. Note: female, Lab blend, 2 years old, 37 pounds, HW positive

Daphne -safe

Sweet Daphne was very timid when she arrived at the shelter but she has been working hard to build her confidence.  She is a calm leash walker and when she is spending time with her person her tail picks up a steady wag. When the staff or volunteers take her out, this gentle, loving girl enjoys being petted and just being close to her person.  She will sit right by and lean into you or even drape across your lap. She has been kenneled with another dog, Lester, and they have had no incidents. As you can see in her videos, she truly loves the company of people. Daphne knows that the staff and volunteers care about her but she'd much sooner be loved by a forever family. Please consider this beautiful girl if you are looking for a loving, gentle, loyal companion. Daphne has nothing but affection and kindness to offer and hopes that she will soon be able to begin  the next chapter of her life with a family who will cherish her. Note: female, Lab blend, 3-4 years old, HW negative

Ken- sponsored for pull fees

Look at this hunk!  Hard to believe this is the same dog who came into the shelter looking so thin and threadbare.  Ken looks fabulous now and he is so happy to finally be released from his confinement in the intake building.  Ken is energetic and strong but he does love his walks and getting a chance to explore.  He is friendly and social and not too proud to do a bit of snuggling either.  Ken would be best suited to a home with no feline friends because they are just too tempting to chase. As you can see in his video, Ken met another friendly male dog, Barry, and tails were wagging the entire time. Ken is just gorgeous with his beautiful coat and striking eyes. If you want to have the most handsome guy on the block, check out our guy Ken. You can also see in his video how happy he was to be spending time out of his kennel with one of the shelter volunteers. Ken loves people and can't wait to meet his forever family. Meet Ken and be prepared to fall in love!  Note: male, Bully blend, 2-4 years old, 36 pounds, HW +

Luna- sponsored for pull fees

My name is Luna, but you can call me Bunny if you like because my ears are bunny-tall.  I am a friendly out-going girl and part of my responsibility here has been trying to help my very shy roommate Rambo come out of his shell a little.   Some might say I am a little thick in the middle, although I prefer athletic, albeit in more of a shot put kind of way than distance running.  I am a bit of a social butterfly so if there is a party going on nearby I expect to be invited, however I won't embarrass you by dancing on the table with a lampshade on my head.  I am a strong girl so I will need some help me with my leash manners, but I do enjoy a nice walk and hopefully we can take one together quite often.  If you are in the market for a new friend, faithful but not flashy, to join you on adventures exciting and mundane, I think we would make a great team.  No cats please!
She is rooming with cheerful young guy Cyler this time around and she is happy for the company.  Luna is excited for every opportunity to go for a walk and she does pull on the lead in her eagerness to be out and about.  But she follows directions well and she is just as content to take a break and hang out with her person, rolling in the grass and getting a few belly rubs.  This girl is patiently waiting for her REAL happily-ever-after.  Note: female, 1-2 years old, 41 pounds, HW negative   

Noel- sponsored for pull fees

This stunning blue beauty is our Noel, a gorgeous gal with a sweet personality and a waggy tail that just doesn't stop. Noel walks nicely on a leash and has a lovely calm demeanor, not overly energetic and in your face. She was brought in to the shelter by the local animal control officer with painted toenails, so someone out there used to love her. We can't imagine who would let this loving girl get away, but she is in good hands now and we promised her to find her a truly forever home this time. The shelter staff just adored her and describes her as calm, curious, and playful but not rambunctious. She has shared her kennel with a male dog, Barry, and gotten along well with him, no incidents. She is best suited in a home with no feline friends though because they are just too interesting. Noel's top ten list include getting belly rubs and her absolutely #1 pass time, giving kisses! If you are looking for the total package, look no further, here is your girl. Gorgeous with a personality to match, Noel is hoping her forever home is out there so she can spend the rest of her days cuddling on the couch by her new owner's side.  Note: female, Bully blend, 2 years old, 44 pounds, HW +