Urgent- Put to Sleep Pets

September 20

Donald- Sponsored for pull fees- Video Video -safe

Donald, male, Lab blend, 2 years old, 47 pounds, HW+   Donald is a friendly boy who loves to give and get hugs from  people.  He thinks walks are great and he does pull from excitement when he gets the chance to go out, but after some exercise he settles down nicely.  One of our volunteers had him out and said,  "It was so hot out that he was happy to just sit on the steps with me in the shade and greet everyone coming in and out."    Donald is super handsome with his unique light brindle coloring. He was turned in  by the fire department and enjoyed riding in the truck with the fireman. He has an affectionate nature and good manners, and let's talk about those amazing ears!  When they are up, he could blow away on a windy day, but he is equally cute when he lays them back flat. The staff says that Donald is an all around nice boy who is playful and submissive. In his video, he meets Maggie and a game of chase ensues! This loving, sweet guy would enjoy living with an owner who will care for him and make him a cherished member of the family.

Hannah- Video Video -Sponsored for pull fees -safe

Hannah, female, Lab blend, 1 year old, 48 pounds, HW-  Hannah is a calm, mellow girl who is very friendly. She met Honey and Spot (female and male) dogs while on a walk and did well with both, but a  home with no kitties would be best for her.  Hannah is a pretty girl with a light butterscotch coat and soulful, dark eyes. One look into those eyes and we think you'll fall in love. Hannah hopes her forever family is out there and will give her a home with a soft bed, yummy treats, fun pay time and of course, belly rubs! Check Hannah out in her videos and see what a great gal she is!

Delilah  -safe

Delilah, female, Lab blend, 31 pounds, 1 year old, HW-  Petite and sweet, that's our Delilah! This pretty black Lab blend girl is a great smaller size and has a glossy black coat and soulful eyes. Delilah gets along great with her kennelmates and is a loving, social girl. She'd love a home with some playtime, some cuddling time, some yummy snacks, and a chance to show you why she deserves all those things. If you'd like a smaller sized couch companion, Delilah is ready to move in and curl up. At just one year old she would easily bond with a new family and make a wonderful family pet.  Little Delilah is just waiting to move on out and into her forever home!

Honey - Video Video- safe

Honey, female, Lab Hound blend, 40 pounds, 3 years old, HW+  Sweet as honey, that's our Honey! The staff absolutely loves this girl! Honey is a bit reserved but is very friendly and just wants to be loved. The lady that turned her in said that the neighbor moved and asked her to find Honey and her friend Trina a new home. Poor Honey has no idea what happened to her former home but she has made the best of her new reality and stays cheerful and upbeat, just waiting day by day to find a new home that will keep her as a cherished family member for the rest of her days. When she first came to us it was obvious that she had not been well cared for but now she has gained some weight and is ready and willing to move on from her past. She's a wonderful medium size and has the most lovely butterscotch coat with soulful, gorgeous hazel eyes. Honey isn't just all good looks though, she has such a calm, stable personality that she is being used as a dog tester dog because of her wonderful demeanor. She's a great choice for a home with other dogs and/or children. (Honey should have a home without bunnies or chickens though, as she is too interested in them.) Good looks, check! Awesome personality, check! There's not much more a person could ask for in a wonderful new pet, so check sweet Honey out! 

Kuji- Video Video -rescue pending

Kuji, male, pure bred Doberman Pinscher, 8 years old, 84 pounds, HW-  This big, handsome guy is Kuji!  This gorgeous Dobie boy prefers female dogs to other males, and a cat free home would be best for him. Kuji did well when he was taken out on his walk, he even jogged for a bit and he had a roll around in the grass which he thoroughly enjoyed.  He is a very strong guy and is a typical Doberman, so best suited to an experienced owner. Kuji is AKC registered, so Doberman Pinscher lovers will appreciate this red and rust colored boy with natural ears. Kuji has just one wish, and that's to be a loyal friend to whoever offers him a loving forever home. He's elegant and noble in his bearing as all Dobies are, so check him out if this is the breed for you!  

Jenson- Video- sponsored for pull fees -safe

Jenson, male, Bully blend, 60 pounds, 2-3 years old,  HW-  This big, beautiful boy is Jenson.  He is a gorgeous dark brindle and has the bully look that so many bully fans love, thick and sturdy as can be! Jenson met Honey and as you can see in his video, tails were wagging all around. He was very friendly and social and seemed like he would enjoy having her as a friend.  He even didn't mind when she did her share of checking him out. Jenson would be perfect for the people who like their dogs big and beautiful, because that certainly describes him. Jenson proves that love isn't only small and fluffy.  He would love nothing more than to find his forever family and share the couch if there's room. If not, a nice cozy dog bed is also good, Jenson is easy to get along with!

Lady -Videosponsored for pull fees VideoSept -safe

Lady, female, Lab blend, 35 pounds, 2 years old, HW+ This lovely lady has been described as a very sweet girl.  She made a new friend, Homer, in her video, and you can see her tail wagging as she met him. She was social with him and interested in sniffing and getting to know him in a friendly fashion. Lady was very happy to get out of her kennel for a walk and some time with people, which she enjoyed greatly. This nice medium sized girl has a striking black and white coat that makes her look like a miniature cow!  She's a smiling, happy dog who would love nothing more than a forever home. She met some kitties and didn't seem interested in them.  What she IS interested in is finding a home that will cherish her for the rest of her days and include her in family fun and activities.  Look Lady over and see if this sweet girl might be the one for you!

Skylar- Video Video- sponsored for pull fees -safe

Skylar, male, Lab blend, 19 pounds, 7 months old, HW-   Skylar is a precious young guy who has no idea what happened to make him have to be here.  When he first came to the shelter it was easy to tell how overwhelmed he was. One of our wonderful volunteers got on her hands and knees and began to approach him.  She let him sniff her hand and as he became more comfortable she would move in closer.  Next thing, she was sitting with her new friend and he was telling her how sad he was.  All he wanted after they became friends was to leave his kennel.  He is described as a very sweet boy with typical young dog energy.  In his video he meets Homer and is so excited and eager to play! If you have a friendly, playful dog at home who would love a buddy, Skylar would be a great match!  Black Lab lovers will certainly sit up and take notice of this handsome boy.