Urgent- Put to Sleep Pets

November 14

Barbie, female, 32 pounds, 1-2 years old, Bully blend, HW+  V oted “Most Popular” at the shelter!  This lovely little pocket pit has SO MUCH curb and personality appeal that she was THE most selected pet from our packed shelter to head out for a walk on our very busy Saturday afternoon.    Every time I turned around,  there was Barbie. Barbie out on a walk with teenagers.  Barbie being swarmed by kids.  Barbie running loose in a fenced in area with a strapping large male lab.  With each new experience, she was having SUCH a grand time!  Sporting a beautiful muted brindle and cream coat coupled with her perky, bouncy ears and steadily wagging tail, there is good reason why Barbie was such a hit!   Playful and bouncy and very interactive with both humans and other dogs,  Barbie loves being the center the attention and soaks up all the loving she can get.  A very manageable and steady walker,  Barbie is a great size girl for folks of any age and is ready to share her life with a family who seeks out new adventures, makes new friends and then shares quiet snuggle times.  No cats for Barbie though, they just seem like way to much fun to chase.


Darryl, male, 56 pounds, 1-2 years old, Lab Hound blend, HW-  Darryl is such a nice boy who has been described by our staff as well mannered, sweet, polite, calm, and awesome. Darryl is pretty perfect, everyone agrees! He was taken out to meet several other dogs and he did just great with male and female alike. He even met kitties nicely and just continued to prove what a fabulous guy he is. He has such a handsome black and white coat with a beautiful white blaze down his face. This boy is definitely one you don't want to miss, he'd fit in to pretty much any home. A nice polite, well mannered, calm dog like Darryl would certainly make any home complete. 

Max- Video Video Video- Sponsored for pull fees

Max, male, 3-4 years old, 42 pounds, Shepherd blend, HW+   Max came to the shelter with his friends Maddy and Paxton when their owners were moving and couldn't take the dogs along. Max was used to living in a home but has adapted to shelter life and he's staying hopeful that his future will be bright and he will find another home soon.  He hasn't allowed his reversal of living situations to dim his sunny demeanor. Every day is a new day to Max, so please consider giving this sweet guy a forever home that truly means forever. He has met other dogs and been a happy go lucky guy who wants to be friends.

Maverick- Video Video Video Video Video

Maverick, male, 28 pounds, 1-2 years old, Shepherd blend, HW+  Maverick and Columbo came in together so our volunteers decided to take them out together today to the play area to see if that would help them relax and feel more comfortable.  They had a blast running and playing together.  They are definitely more comfortable around dogs than people but they were trying on their brave boots today and soon they started coming in close and eventually came up to find out how nice getting petted feels.  Later then when our volunteer went back by their kennel later both were coming to the gate and greeting her.  Maverick is a nice smaller sized guy and would be very happy to find a nice calm home where he can settle in and make himself at home. He definitely enjoys the company of other dogs and would make a great companion to a friendly resident dog.

Princess- Video Video Video Video Video

Princess, female, 41 pounds, 2-3 years old, Hound blend, HW+  Pretty pretty Princess is one special girl! She loves people, loves giving kisses and getting affection, and loves playing and romping with other dogs.  The only thing this awesome girl doesn't love is not having a home to call her own, and we certainly think she should have one once someone realizes what a gem she is. Princess was turned over to the shelter when her former owner was returning to work and could no longer care for her.  Princess was used to living in a home  but she hasn't allowed shelter life to dim her happy go lucky demeanor. Her videos truly show her friendly nature. She enjoys getting petted and loved on but she isn't pushy or demanding.  Her tail is wagging almost all the time. Check out this loving sweetheart and see if you don't agree that she is one special girl!

Slater -safe

Slater, male, 55 pounds, 1-2 years old, Lab blend, HW-  Sweet Slater has been tested with other dogs and his handler said he was absolutely great! He has been described as sweet and friendly, and is a beautiful chocolate colored guy. Slater has just one wish, and that is to find a forever home of his very own.  Can you help make his wish come true?

Bandit- Video Video Video Video -safe

Bandit, male, 60 pounds, 4-5 years old, Collie blend, HW-  Collie lovers will be smitten with this gorgeous tri-colored boy! Bandit shows in his videos how much he enjoys playing and being with people. He was  thrilled to be out of his kennel and have some fun with our volunteers. This striking boy can meet other dogs as you can see in his videos, and is fine seeing them on walks, but he'd prefer to have all of his owner's love  and attention as an only dog in the home. Bandit is a herding breed and after he is around other dogs and gets comfortable, his herding instinct kicks in and not all other dogs want to be herded.  Bandit has a wonderful calmness and has been described as low to medium energy.  He's sweet with humans and would be a wonderful walking partner/companion for someone. Check out this handsome boy and see if he isn't a bandit out to steal your heart!