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November 15

Anastasia -Video Video - Sponsored for pull fees!

Anastasia, female, Lab blend, 32 pounds, 1-2 years old, HW-  Anastasia wins the award for Happiest Girl!  Folks just have the best time with her by their side.  Playful and buoyant and always eager to meet other dogs and new people, she smiles and her tail wags a lot.   A nice mid-sized girl weighing just 32 lbs,  Anastasia is sleek and solid and loves to go and do.   A more active home where she can be mentally and physically stimulated will keep her at her best and will also help to keep her new family at their best.   Select Anastasia for your new companion and she promises to keep the good times rolling!   In her videos you can see her meeting both a male and female dog and she was very happy and excited to have a new friend. If you have a resident dog who would love an active companion, then Anastasia would be a perfect pick. 

Birdie- Video - Sponsored for pull fees! -safe

Birdie, female, Hound blend, 47 pounds, 1-2 years old, HW-  Birdie is a gorgeous, eager young hound who would love a forever home with lots room to run.  She is a real goofball and sure to keep you laughing.  She likes to chase cats - so far not quite sure what to do when she catches them, so a home without feline friends would be the best bet for our Birdie. The staff describe her as the Class Clown! She has the looks, the moves and makes us all smile and laugh. Only a couple of years old, this sleek, tri-colored hound knows how to run and play and get the party started. Never meeting a stranger, she's YOUR choice if you are in the market for an energetic, affectionate companion who is wonderful with other dogs and kids and loves being part of an active family! Hound lovers will surely fall for this beautiful girl.  Have a friendly resident dog looking for a friend to romp with?  Birdie would be a great choice.  Consider this fun loving girl as your next family member, she's ready to move in with you today!

Bucky- Video - Sponsored for pull fees!

Bucky, male, Collie blend, 57 pounds, 1-2 years  old, HW-  Friendly Bucky is a guy of simple pleasures! He just wants your love, some yummy treats, and and  occasional belly rub. He'd love to spend his days just hanging out with you, he'd be a great dog for an active person. Bucky is always happy to be with people but he is also friendly with other dogs.  He met Chloe and was very excited, he was happy to meet a girlfriend! Bucky came to the shelter as a stray and he's ready for the next adventure that life brings his way. He's hoping that means a fun, active home with someone who enjoys life as much as he does. Bucky has the most gorgeous chocolate face with soulful brown eyes and a coat of a chocolate and white mix. Check out this wonderful boy if you are looking for a fun, happy go lucky new family member!

Candy- Video -safe

Candy, female, Bully blend, 31 pounds, 1 year old, HW-  Petite and sweet, that's our Candy girl!  She's a bouncy and playful 1 year old but not hyper or overly excitable. Candy arrived as a stray at  the shelter with wounds on her neck from an embedded collar or chain. Those wounds have healed now and she has overcome then nicely. Despite what she has been through, Candy is very trusting and friendly. This happy, playful girl shares her kennel with her friend Claire and they get along great. Candy is a young girl with a trusting, loving heart and she can't wait to find a forever home who will cherish her for the rest of her life.  Our staffers adore her because she is such a fun, happy girl who gets along with everyone. She is a butterscotch Candy with gorgeous caramel colored eyes, so adorable and the perfect size for a family with children.  If you want Candy, we have the sweetest Candy of all here and she's waiting for you!

Randall- Video Video- Sponsored for pull fees -safe

Randall, male, Hound/Lab blend, 2-3 years old, 45 pounds, HW-  This gorgeous guy is Randall, a friendly boy who loves people. In his video you can see how excited he was to get love from our junior volunteer, he thought maybe he could be a lap dog but was just a bit too big for her lap. He is very smart and knows how to give paw, and in his video you can also see that he was non-reactive to one of the yard cats who was very near.  Randall was tested with both a male and female dog and tails were wagging the entire time.  He also walks nicely on the leash and would make a wonderful companion for someone who enjoys walking their neighborhood or a walking path or trail. Randall has been at the shelter since August, he had a local adoption application that never panned out, so he sat and waited until it became apparent that his local adoption wasn't happening. He has been very patient but he says now it's time to bust outta here! He know the staff and volunteers love him but he is more than ready to find his forever home. Randall is a beautiful grayish color with a white blaze and bib. He will surely be the most handsome boy in your block, but beauty isn't just skin deep, he has a charming personality to match.  Please consider sweet, friendly Randall as your loving companion, we think you'll wonder how you ever lived without him!

Diesel- Video Video Video - Sponsored for pull fees! -safe

Diesel, male, Hound blend, 65 pounds, 3 years old, HW+  Diesel finds himself at the shelter because his owners were moving and unable to take him along. He hasn't allowed that to dim his spirits though, and greets every new person with a wagging tail. He has a gorgeous light tan and black brindle coat that is very unique, with a contrasting white bib. He met both a male and female dog and tails were wagging as new friends were made! Diesel has the typical long legs of a Hound and would be a fine walking partner.  Why pay for an expensive gym membership, enjoy the great outdoors while taking Diesel for a nice  walk every day!  He will repay you with kisses and will also be willing to be your afternoon napping partner. 

Jenny -safe

Jenny, female, Bully blend, 2 years old, 32 pounds, HW- Our volunteers and staffers describe this petite gal as a  perfect lady! Jenny's female kennelmate  was just adopted so we gave her a new kennel mate. Now she has a boyfriend and they play nonstop! Pretty Jenny would be a perfect addition to any home because she is so friendly and loving. She's a fun, playful girl who is eager to learn new things and brush up on her leash walking skills.  Jenny is a wonderful medium size and such a striking black and white combo. If you've been wondering who a great dog would be to make your home complete, Jenny is totally up for the job.  And to her , it isn't a job at all, in fact, it's her dream come true!

Rufus- Video Video Video -safe

Rufus, male, Boxer blend, 50 pounds, 2 years old, HW-  What a story Rufus has to tell!  A family found him as a stray and kept him as their own dog for 2 years, then they found a stray puppy and brought Rufus to the shelter. This sweet boy was replaced by a puppy, but he stays in good spirits nonetheless. He met both a male and female dog and was friendly with both, tails wagged and mutual sniffing was done in the most cordial of doggy ways! Rufus is ready to find a forever home where forever means just that, he hopes whoever adopts him will be willing to keep him as a loyal, loving companion for the rest of his life. He's the sweetest boy who loves everyone he meets and is waiting for his happily ever after, which he truly deserves. Check out this handsome Boxer blend and we think he will steal your heart!