Urgent- Put to Sleep Pets

February 14


Phoebe, female, 48 pounds, 2 years old, Bully blend, HW+  Mixer and Mingler! I'm your go to gal if you have pets in stock who need a girl friend or kids in stock who need a playmate.  Never meeting a stranger,  I'm told I make folks smile and feel loved.  I had the best time meeting 4 other dogs while out walking the other day and everyone said I was a great greeter and was also super attentive to the nice human who was walking me.  Generally my energy level is pretty moderate to low but I'm certainly open to walking at a faster/stronger pace should the need arise.   Friendly and well balanced,  I would thrive in a home where I have daily activities/outings and folks to love on!   No cats for me please!  I heard the folks at the shelter talking about my temperament test and I got an almost perfect score, whatever that means!  (I think it's a good thing from the way they sounded.) If brindle beauty is what your looking for, I'm just the girl for you because I have a gorgeous classic brindle coat. I can't wait to meet my forever family, hopefully they will be stepping up for me soon because shelter life is better than living on the streets, but nothing beats a family to love.  

Commodore -Video Video Video -safe

Commodore, male, 43 pounds, 1-2 years old, HW-  Unique and sweet, that's the only way to describe this guy! Commodore is an interesting blend of, well, who knows?  He's tan and bluish gray with a big blocky head and the jowliest jowls. He's attentive and ready for fun, he loved being out of his kennel and meeting many new doggie friends.  His tail never stopped wagging when he was taken out for a walk and he got to interact with Luna.  Commodore was eager to make friends and wanted so much to play, his happiness was almost too much to contain. Commodore would love to be your go to guy if you are looking for a hiking partner or a dog to take on nice long walks. When it's time to relax, hopefully he doesn't snore to loudly, but imagine that big head snuggled up against you and those eyes full of gratitude looking up to thank you for loving him. Commodore's unique look could definitely be a conversation starter, and when people ask, "What kind of dog is he?" the answer will surely be, "A happy, rescued one". 

Farrah- Video Video Video -safe

Farrah, female, 38 pounds, 2-3 years old, Pointer/Hound blend, HW+  Perfectly Balanced!  Farrah is your kind of gal if you’re looking for a mid-sized companion who will go with the flow and has never met a stranger.   Arriving with her sibling Fawn,  she has been super patient in waiting her turn to get out and meet new dogs and volunteers to show them she has what it takes to be the perfect pet!   Farrah is polite and considerate and has a gentle approach in meeting both humans and other dogs.  Softly snuggly and eager to soak up any attention she can,  Farrah is grateful for the opportunity to take an easy paced walk,  snuggle with her person,  interact with other dogs, grab a fast treat and then repeat and repeat.  Farrah was turned in to the shelter with 6 other dogs. Sadly, her previous owner developed health and was no longer able to care for them any longer. Farrah spent years living in a home so she'd love nothing more than to get back into one. She has a gorgeous brown and white coat, but she's not just another pretty face.  Her loving personality is every bit as beautiful as her looks!

Cupid- sponsored for HW treatment

Cupid, female, 34 pounds, 1 year old, Lab blend, HW+   Aptly Named!  I'm a huge kisser and lover and will clean your face in no time at all!!  Folks will tell you my book is wide open.  I love to go and do and thrive in areas of high activity.   Super eager to exit my kennel and head out to meet other dogs and humans,  I had a grand time stretching my legs (at a rather good clip might I add) while exploring the front open field area.   A very playful, pint sized gal at just 34lbs,  I'm very, very affectionate and have a lot of swivel and sashaying in my hip area.  I'm a great choice for an active family with slightly older, more sturdy kids and other dogs in the home would be a nice plus.  Please no cats as I might wish to play to vigorously with them! 

Jerry- Video Video Video -Sponsored for HW treatment  and pull fees -safe

Jerry, male, 52 pounds, 2-3 years old, Lab/Shepherd blend, HW+ Smiling Jerry.  Folks at that shelter don’t just call me Jerry, they call me Smiling Jerry.  Whenever they stop by my kennel they can see my impish little smile and that makes them smile!   I’m front and center in my kennel when you walk on by but I pull up my shy boots once removed from my safe area.   For photo time, I did a GREAT job in slowly and cautiously walking outside the shelter grounds and did my best to relax in the open field out front which to my delight was pre-stocked with other dogs also out on a walk.   Very, very calm and polite in my approach to other dogs,  I was better suited having them come to say “hi” to me vs me seeking them out.  I enjoyed watching the other dogs roll around and hop in laps but for me,  simply chilling next to my new human friend was gratifying enough.   I don’t have a mean bone in my body but just feel every overwhelmed right now.  As I got more comfortable in the field,  I could hear folks chattering and saying, “Smiling Jerry” and when I finally whipped out my first big smile,  I was cheered and encouraged to keep on smilin’.    My tail also started to emerge (there was also chatter that I had left it in the kennel) and slowly wag and in combo with my handsome smile, folks were just grinning from ear to ear.   I earned the award for Bravest Dog that day and was told folks would look very, very hard to try and find a new home for me which was more on the quiet side and also loaded with a dog or two to help me ease into my new pet role.  I know I have it in me to be one darn good pet but simply need that chance to prove how wonderful a companion I can be.  If you love black Labs, check me out because I think I could be just what you are looking for. I have a glossy black coat and the cutest pricked ears around, a prefect blend of Lab and Shepherd!

Denzel Video Video -sponsored for pull fees

Denzel, male, 48 pounds, 1 year old, Bully blend, HW-  This beautiful medium sized blue Bully blend is Denzel, a friendly, happy guy with striking eyes and the gorgeous grayish blue coat that so many people love. Denzel is still in the process of  learning leash skills, but he caught on nicely when he walked with his friend Luna for a while and saw how she did it.  What a smart boy! Denzel has great potential for progress, he just needs someone to gently lead the way.  Denzel would love to find his forever home and he would enjoy snuggling with you after a long day.  His dreams are filled with wishes of love and belly rubs from a person of his very own. Denzel treats everyone like his best friend, but maybe you really could be his!