Urgent- Put to Sleep Pets

July 18

Frazier- Video  Video Video

Frazier, male, 41 lbs, 1-2 years old, Plott Hound blend, HW- Crowd Worker!  Frazier is in his element when he's in a group.  It can be a group of humans and or a group of other dogs.  This sleek jacketed brindle boy is social, playful, and really loves everyone.  He makes every effort to make sure everyone is greeted and feels loved.  Frazier loves giving and receiving affection and attention.   Frazier makes you smile. Plain and simple.  This medium energy love bug is great on a leash and loves to go and do and explore.  Hanging out in a dog park and or greeting the school bus at day's end would really make his day.  Frazier would need a 2 page pet resume to list all of his pet skills and has his paws crossed that soon you'll find his grin and swiveling hips irresistible and that you'll come on by to see why we are all smitten with him. 

Johnny- Sponsored for pull fees and HW treatment -Video Video Video -safe

Johnny, male, 37 pounds, 1 year old, Shepherd blend, HW+ At your service!  Sweet Johnny is ready for his next pet assignment and he has his eye on you!  If you have kids and other dogs in need of pet guidance and companionship, well Johnny is the guy to get the job done.  Johnny has done an excellent job in rooming with a variety of other dogs and more recently a super energetic, yippy and in your face dog.  He simply pays no mind to his irritating roommate and literally scans the horizon hoping someone will come and get him out for a nice leisurely paced walk.  Johnny does not disappoint with his easy going approach on life and friendly, affectionate ways.  When let loose in the exercise area,  Johnny was quick to seize upon a disabled squeaky toy and did his best to breath new life back into it!  When called to come and hang by my side,  Johnny quickly perked up his ears and trotted right on over where he proceeded to place his head in my lap.  Now, this is dog going straight for my heart! Johnny sports a very handsome more muted brindle jacket with just enough shag to keep you coming back to run your fingers through it.   Johnny loves attention, is pleasant and approachable and interviews well.  If he's not already,  he SHOULD be on your A List to bring on home! 

Vera- Video Video Video Video Video Video -safe

Vera, female, 48 pounds, 1 year old, Plott Hound blend, HW+ More about me: Smile Maker!  Vera is such a delight to spend time with.  Although she has been with us for over two months now,  still her spirited, joyful personality shines through.  Vera never stops smiling and she never stops wagging her tail.  So very friendly and engaging, snuggly and loving,  she was our pick today to keep a whole Girl Scout or Boy Scout group entertained as she would be so wonderful in working that type of busy crowd of youngsters and making them all feel very loved.  She also was the brightest in our group of dogs out for a walk today as she knew strolling through the large, open puddle on our dirt path would bring her instant relief from the heat.  Vera is excellent in meeting new dogs and will encourage them to engage in soft, boxing and head butting.   With a "let's have some fun" attitude to life, Vera is sure to keep her new home full of love and life!  

Phillip- Video Video Video Video Video- sponsored for pull fees

Phillip, male, 54 pounds, 1-2 years old, Bully blend, HW+ Pleased to meet you!  Phillip is a fun-loving, happy fellow who's never met a stranger.  He had the best time walking with 3 of his brand new doggy friends and did a nice job sniffing everyone from head to tail and walking shoulder to shoulder with them.  Definitely a guy who's ready to go and do and explore, he would be in his element on car outings taking him to new, exciting trails to explore and sights to see.   A good natured guy who would not stop smiling, after checking out all of the dogs,  he was most content to hang close to his person, leaning into them and then rolling on his side for a belly rub.  He really enjoyed the one of one human attention and was really ready to move right in with his new best human friend.   Phillip is a more muscular, solid dog but has a nice soft, tender side to him which you can't help but love.  Phillip had us all grinning from ear to ear and we're sure he'll have the same effect on you.   

Spot- sponsored for pull fees

Spot, male, 50 pounds, 1-2 years old, Hound blend, HW-  Spot is a happy boy who greeted our volunteers with a smile when they got to his kennel.  He was eager to be out and explore everything.  Spot is jolly boy in search of an active family.  Our volunteers said, "He is GREAT!!! We had him out today. He loves to play." No cats for him, though. He would never hurt a cat intentionally but wants to play and  could maybe hurt a cat with his paws and his exuberance.   Spot was a wonderful mingler with other dogs when he was out of his kennel recently and very happy to make new friends.  Spot came to the shelter when his owner went into the National Guard and couldn’t take him. He was used to living in a loving home and now finds himself in a very different situation, but he has by now means allowed this to dim his sunny outlook.  Friendly and cheerful to all, Spot would make a loving family member and loyal companion.  He's a wonderful guy who is truly not to be missed! Check him out and see if he doesn't look like just the guy you have been looking for!