Urgent- Put to Sleep Pets

October 16

Tank, male, 53 pounds, 2 years old, Bully blend, HW+ This beautiful all white guy is Tank, one of the happiest dogs you could hope to meet! Tank walks nicely on the leash and just loves being loved by people. His video of him playing ball show the happiest a dog could be, romping with a ball in the exercise pen and stopping to get a belly rub with a huge smile on his face. Tank has a wonderful demeanor to match his handsome good looks, he has met a variety of other dogs from big to small, male to female, and every introduction went off without a hitch. Tank came to the shelter as an owner surrender because there was a female dog in his previous home who was nursing a litter of puppies and she didn't care to have Tank around. Even though Tank lost his home he has still hung on to his loving disposition and just adores being petted and loved. Tank is a dog who has nothing but love to give and will take all the loving and petting you have to offer.  note:  we believe Tank may be hard of hearing.

Nathan- Video Video Video

Nathan, male, 41 pounds, 2-3 years old, Bully blend, HW+ Steady wagging tail!  Nathan is one of the coolest, most welcoming dogs in the county.  This wonderful dark brindle fellow arrived as a stray with a bullet in his head.  Unfortunately,  he lost his left eye as a result of this human inflicted cruelty but it has not impacted his cheery outlook on life.  Nathan was front and center in his kennel when his "calling card" arrived indicating it was time for photos and making new friends.    A skilled and easy leash walker,  Nathan enjoyed his outing in the front field area. Never meeting a stranger,  Nathan is polite and considerate in meeting other dogs and humans.  Softly affectionate, he enjoys being near his person and happily soaks up any attention coming his way.  Nathan did not disappoint us today and would be an ideal candidate for a home with other dog and kids.  He is hopeful his gentle disposition and exceptional manners will propel him into his new, wonderful full time pet position.   Please, won't you ask for him today? 

Dandy- Video Video Video -safe

Dandy, male, 1 year old, 45 pounds, Lab blend, HW-   Dandy is perfectly named.    Strikingly handsome with his snazzy black jacket and white accents,  he is poised, polite and tall and elegant in stature.   Dandy did a terrific job while out and about for his photo time and evaluation.   Nicely exiting his kennel area, he is calm and non-reactive to all the shelter noise/chaos and is more apt to keep to himself vs seeking out and interacting with other dogs.   A considerate and well mannered fellow,  Dandy nicely greeted the 2 other dogs on our journey and then kept on course to see what was around the next bend.    A real head turner in person,   Dandy is a moderately paced leash walker and ready to go and do and explore.   We enjoyed Dandy's soft, unassuming presence and marveled at how gentle and easy going he was especially given his size.  Kids and other dogs in a home would nicely suit Dandy's pet style.   Come check out this lovely fellow today!

Athena- video video video -safe

Athena, female, 45 pounds, 5-7 years old, Hound blend, HW+ Runway Ready!  Lovely Athena has no idea how stunning and well poised she is!   She lucked out in being selected for pictures only after being with us for a couple of days and gosh,  she did such a great job.  This very unflappable lady has settled right in and is immediately ready and eager to make new friends.   A good, steady leash walker,  Athena loves going and doing but also being close to her human.  She proved to be very snuggly as we enjoyed the shade of a tree and was very welcoming of sharing her new human friend with a new doggy friend.   Athena would be in her element serving a family with kids and certainly would enjoy having another doggy friend to hang out with.    Athena is graced with a very pleasant disposition and a stunning sleek black and tan coat which is always in style.   Check out this pretty lady today, won't you?  Cats might be too enticing for her.  

Cash- Video Video Video -safe

Cash, male, 55 pounds, 3 years old, bull mix, HW+.  Fresh, happy face!  Cash is a breath of fresh air and                        with his impish little grin and incredible array of facial expressions, well he just stands out in any crowd!   Cash had the best time the other day on his outing to our front field.  Nicely meeting a tall, leggy female and well balanced male dog,   Cash was fast to settle in and make friends.  First up was his human walker where he quickly made himself comfortable in giving her kisses, a face cleaning and mini shoulder hugs as she enjoyed a chair in the shade.  While out walking,  Cash had a bout of zoomies on his back in the grass and could not have been any more pleased when Valerie (red hound) came on over to say "hi" and sniffed his chest while human walker Sarah scratched his belly!   Wishing to go that extra step in a meeting/making new friends,  Cash is polite and respectful of the space of other dogs and is never in any real rush.  Cash is a friendly, outgoing fellow who is up for just about any adventure.   Although a more solid frame, he is easy enough to handle and honestly, at the end of the day just wants to be near his person to give them attention and loving!    We could all use a little more "cash" in our lives and our Cash surely would be a good lump sum to have in your pocket!   Note: Owner surrender due to not staying in “pen."  Cash is a sweet mellow boy. Walks well on a leash. 

Jonah - Video Video Video -safe

Jonah, male, 43 pounds, 1 year old, Lab blend, HW-  Best of both worlds!  Looking for a chill companion pet?  Maybe a pet who loves to go and do and then wishes to sack out on the sofa with you?  Well, look no further as Jonah is available and at you service.  This smartly attired brindle boy did a great job in meeting an assortment of other dogs on our walk today.   Polite and considerate as he introduced himself to his new 4 legged friends, Jonah is a happy, softly affectionate fellow who is never needy or in your face.  He had a grand time playing fetch in one of our exercise pens and then set the stage for the others on our walk, as he plopped down in a huge shady spot and the others, one by one, joined in the peaceful, shady fun! Jonah is a fairly easy pet to manage and always has a broad, impish grin and slightly swiveling hips to welcome folks into his world. Come by today and see why we love this handsome boy!  Jonah is a nice leash walker and friendly and social to all the dogs he has met at the shelter. 

Sassy- Sponsored for pull fees- Video Video Video

Sassy, female, 43 pounds, 3-4 years old, Bully blend, HW+  Sassy found herself at the shelter as an owner surrender when her owner was no longer able to care for her. Sassy is very sweet and affectionate. Sassy would be a great dog for an active family or someone looking for a hiking or jogging parter.  She's no couch potato and is ready to be by your side if you are a go and do type person. One of Sassy's favorite things to do is play fetch with a ball, so if you love to play, Sassy would enjoy your company!  She is a pretty mostly white Bully blend girl who hopes that a forever home is in her near future. Sassy isn't sure what happened to the home she used to know, but she knows her friends at the shelter will do all they can to get her a new family as soon as possible. Bully lovers, please check Sassy out and see if she might be the dog you have been looking for!

Piper, female, 49 pounds, 1-2 years old, Bully blend, HW+ This sweet medium sized girl is Piper, described by the staff as friendly and affectionate.  Everyone remarked how cooperative she was during her intake procedure, such a good girl! Piper met her new friend Mason out in the exercise pen and tails were wagging the entire time.  Mutual sniffing was done and then it was time to play off leash! Piper and Mason enjoyed a nice playful romp together and had lots of fun. Piper also met Venus, a female dog, and was also off leash with her with no incident.  This girl is a friend to one and all! Piper has a pretty mostly white coat with just a few splashes of brown and is just lovely. She's affectionate and loves to have fun with other dogs.  Piper is proof that love isn't always small and fluffy, so give her a look and see if she just might be the dog for you!