Urgent- Put to Sleep Pets

January 16

Albert- Video  Video Video Video Video Video -safe

Albert, male, 53 pounds, 1-2 years old, Shepherd blend,  HW+  This handsome brindle boy is Albert, or as we call him, "everyone's friend"! He has met several dogs, both males and females, and done very well with all. Albert is playful, gentle, and happy. He would be a great addition to any family. His unique brindle coloring makes him strikingly handsome, and his happy temperament will make everyone enjoy being around him. Albert is such a great guy that when other dogs were being evaluated, he became the "dog tester" and helped evaluate the temperaments of other dogs due to his well-balanced, predictable behavior. He's a jolly guy who has just what every home needs, a  wonderful demeanor and a willingness to love everyone in return.

Ava- Video Video Video Video -safe

Ava, female, 38 pounds, 1 year old, Hound blend,  HW+ Meet Ava, a gorgeous merle coated gal who is a great medium size. Ava is kenneled with shy guy Johnson and  served as Johnson's "big sister" when they were taken out for videos, giving him the confidence he needed to venture out to the exercise area for playtime. (Check out their videos below). Ava is playful but polite, friendly but respectful of other dogs. She has also been used as the "dog tester" dog, helping our team evaluate the temperaments of other dogs due to her well-balanced, predictable behavior. Ava loves people. It's impossible to be sad when she is around. She would be a great addition to someone wanting a dog who loves to give kisses or a playmate for their current dog. Ava is interested in kitties but can be redirected, however, she may want to chase a running kitty just for fun. If a beautiful, dog friendly, tail wagging girl is just what you need to make your home complete, Ava is ready to fill the bill!

Brody - Video Video Video Video -safe

Brody was brought to the shelter with 3 other dogs when their owner was no longer able to keep them due to health problems. Of all 4, Brody was the most comfortable of the four friends being handled and petted and he was in heaven getting his belly rubbed.  He is a very submissive guy and would love nothing more than a warm comfy couch to curl up on and a person to lie beside. Brody is calm and gentle and  he hopes his forever home is out there looking for a special dog just like him. He's so sweet and docile and asks nothing more out of life than to be treated kindly and cherished by a loving  family.

Aspen- Video Video Video- safe

Aspen, male, 42 pounds at intake, 2-3 years old, Hound blend, HW+  Aspen is such a friendly guy!  When our volunteers had him out,  ran over to every kennel they passed to say hi!  He greeted all the shelter staff and volunteers with wags and hugs.  He even sniffed the kitties through the fence.  He walks nicely on lead and is a sweet, easy going gentle Hound with a medium-high playful energy.  Aspen met other dogs both male and female and had no issues with either, he's happy to have friends! He had a great time running on his long legs and playing with a few friends off leash, and being a typical Hound, his nose was to the ground. Aspen was very thin when he first came in but he has put on some much needed weight. This handsome guy would love a fun home and could be a great playmate for a friendly, social resident dog. He's all the Hound you could ever need!

Scarlett- Video Video Video Video

Scarlet, female, 41 pounds, 1-2 years old, Bully blend, HW+  Our pretty Scarlett is very polite when meeting other dogs. She knows how to do "doggie introductions" and takes cues from the other dog. If another dog does not want to play, Scarlett walks away. After a brief introduction, Scarlet interacts with other dogs, males and females, and is friendly and social with both!  She would be fine sharing a home with other dogs but is best suited to a home with no kitties.   Scarlett is a nice medium sized beautiful blue Bully girl, and her personality is just as lovely as her gorgeous blue coat. Scarlet would be a loving companion and asks for nothing more than a family of her very own. Imagine seeing this sweet girl just waiting to greet when you come home, and then curling up to spend a nice evening being your couch companion! 

Finn- Video Video Video -safe

Finn, male, 31 pounds, 2-3 years old, Bully blend, HW-  Sweet Finn is very affectionate and playful, and just wonderful with other dogs!  when our volunteers had him out,  he tolerated a young female dog  jumping in his face. He kept trying to play with her, but he respected her space and let her get used to him. Then they became best friends.  He was also tested with a  male dog and  he did great. He is respectful of other dogs' space and is super loving and affectionate with people. Finn also met some kitties and had no reaction. Finn has a sweet/puppyish energy and also walks well on the leash. This polite guy is a handsome boy too, with his beautiful brown coat and white face with a brown splash over one eye. If a sweet, wiggly, kissy smaller sized Bully boy is just what you are looking for, Finn is ready to go home with you!

Mabel- Video Video Video Video Video- safe

Mabel, female, 53 pounds, 9 years old, Lab/Shepherd blend, HW-  Mabel arrived with 3 other dogs from a family who could no longer take care of them due to family health problems. Mabel is a senior girl seeking a quiet home with other friendly dogs or just humans who will dote on her. She is very polite and submissive with other dogs and really enjoys being with her person. Mabel is very beautiful in person and promises to be a faithful companion for the rest of her days to someone who will open a home to her.  At 9 years old she should be relaxing in a comfortable home, not spending her days in the shelter. She's gentle and loving, can you be her hero?

Sarah, female, 34 pounds at intake, 2-3 years old, Lab  blend, HW-  Our sweet Sarah has such a solid temperament --she has been shuffled from kennel to kennel with several different roommates at the shelter and been friendly and social with all. She has medium energy and enjoys some quiet time with her human after a little playtime with other dogs. She meets male and female dogs politely and responds well to offers of play from other dogs. Sarah does not bother cats. She is a beautiful blue/white  girl with a petite, lean frame. Sarah would be happy as an apartment dog or with an active family, she is wonderfully versatile!  She's affectionate and friendly, not to mention truly gorgeous. A sweet, loving cuddler like Sarah would be the perfect addition to any home!

Tinker -safe

Tinker, female, 34 pounds, 2-3 years old, Shepherd blend, HW+  Tinker finds herself at the shelter because her previous owners were no longer able to care for her.  She hasn't allowed the change in her lifestyle to dim her sunny disposition though, she is still very sweet and affectionate! Tinker has mingled with other dogs and made friends with them. Tinker is a nice smaller sized girl and won't take up much space on the couch as she curls up beside you. She's a cute little Shepherd blend girl and she dreams of finding  forever home that will truly be forever. Can you be Tinker's dream come true?