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December 10

Moo, male, 1-2 years old, 50 pounds, Bully blend, HW-  How can you not smile at a dog named Moo?  One look at this guy and you'll get why the name fits, he's white with black splotches, a perfect little cow looking Bully boy. Our Moo is a sweet and loving guy who has met other dogs both male and female and been friendly and social with all. He's smart, too, as you can see in his shelter star video. Who could resist his smile and zest for life?  Want to have the handsomest, nicest boy on your block? Check out our Moo and imagine how sweet life would be with your own special guy.  Give him a chance and he will reward you with years of love and loyalty.  He's ready to mooooove in today! 

Jada- Video Video Video

Jada, female, 1 year old, 43 pounds, Bully blend, HW-  Fun with me!  With me by your side, you can count on a good time!  A major extrovert,  I really, really love meeting new peeps and pups!  I am front and center to make sure I don't miss out on any of the fun and action.  On my walk today,  I met a lovely teen lab and 2 other adult dogs.   The volunteers commented that I can overanxious to meet another pet, but once I actually meet them, I move on and seek out other areas of new interest.  Very affectionate, bubbly and loving, I keep a steady pace on a leash and really enjoy going and doing.  If you are a person and or family who is "on the go," than I would love to be included in your plans.  I think we could have THE best time in keeping each other company while exploring new nooks and crannies!  Ask for me Jada, today!  

Roofus- Video Video Video

Roofus, male, 1 year old, 48 pounds, Bully blend, HW-  Snuggly.  Huggy.  Ready to go and do!  My book is wide open and I am hoping you would like to join me to round out the bulk of the chapters in my life!  If you can believe it,  my ears got even taller and more erect when the photo lady came by to take me out to make new doggy and human friends.    She initially let me loose to run free in one of the exercise pens and I made her laugh as I chased after tennis balls (No chance, I would bring them back but oh, well!), self entertained and then made myself comfortable in another volunteer's lap.  I had such fun.  In the adjoining pen was a cutie pie of a teen pup who curiously eyed me and I her!  With some of my zoomie energy in check, it was time to walk with Gina Pup.  With such cuteness in front of me, I was eager to meet her and tried not to spook her with my confidence, larger size and general interest in saying "Hi."  With rears sniffed and noses touched,  we soon set off for a fun walk in the front field.    Folks might say I am bit of a busy bee (I love to go and do) but I am also such a huge, snuggly huggy kind of guy.  If you love doggy attention and wish to have a 4 legged companion tapping you on your shoulder to head out for a walk or stroll into town,  I could be the perfect pet for you.  Please ask for me, Roofus today!  Won't you?  No cats for me please.

Tyson- Video Video Video

Tyson, male, 7 months old, 29 pounds, Lab blend, HW-  Let's Play!!  Sweet boy Tyson has one thing on his mind.  Playing and having a great time!   This compact, bouncy boy finds fun and games no matter where he is.  Never meeting a stranger, his book is wide open and he's looking for a companion to turn that next page to see what the next grand adventure might be.   Tyson loves to run and explore and equally loves being the center of attention.   Unbeknowst to his photo team,  a back exercise door had been left open and Tyson strolled right on out.    We quickly spotted him happily jogging along looking at us still inside his pen!  A simple call to Tyson and he was back in the exercise area and back in the thick of things.  That's how much he loves being with others!  Tyson is all wags and swiveling hips as he eagerly meets other dogs hoping they too might be like minded and wish to get in on the ground floor of his happy outlook on life.  Friendly and affectionate,  Tyson has a lot of love to give and share.  He's a smart, active fellow who would likely be a top student in a dog obedience class where he can learn to channel his puppy energy into pet perfection.   Ask for Tyson today!

Edie, female, 2 years old, 53 pounds, Bully blend, HW-  Let's get down and dirty!  Literally!   I got so many accolades while out walking with my new human friends and new bully friend Toby.  I think jaws dropped open when I sunk down in a semi-sticky mud puddle and proceeded to coat myself with a nice, thick layer of muck!  I was coated like a pig in a sty!  Next up,  folks kept oohing and aahing over my wonderful cupping ears and super expressive face.  As if that was not enough,  the humans and Toby enjoyed my playful, happy disposition.  I made them laugh.  While in my exercise pen,  I kept a good steady pace with Toby who was running up and back in his pen and the two of us had the grandest time egging on the other to see who could run the fastest!   Friendly and loving and not afraid to go down the path less traveled,  I'm your new partner for exploring and going and doing...in great style!  No cats for me please!

Spunk- Video Video Video- safe

Spunk, male, 35 pounds, 1 year old, Bully blend, HW+   Let's get this party started!  My name is Spunk and I will be your director of entertainment today!  It's pretty easy to see at first glance that my idea of a really cool party is to have some grassy areas to run and play around in!  Adding kids that will enjoy some games of tag and playing with squeaky toys will surely make for an enhanced party experience.  I love meeting other dogs...some might say I'm a little forward in my approach... but I am working on that as I really just want to say "hi."  I'm a smaller framed fellow with tall bat-like ears and a lovely deep red coat to catch your eye.  Very smart, alert and attentive to my person,  I'm an affectionate, loving and very playful doggy who has just the right amount of puppy play left in my system to keep everyone in stitches and entertained!   Stop by today and see how wonderful it is to have me on my back and YOU rubbing my belly while I grin a huge grin! 

Nina- Video Video

Nina, female, 29 pounds, 1 year old, Terrier blend, HW+ Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!  If Nina could speak,  surely this would be her motto in life.  Nina is good, honest fun.  This sleek, cream jacketed lady smiles non stop and her tail is a constant whirl of activity!  Never meeting a stranger, the more contacts she can make, the better!  She had THE best time running around our enclosed exercise area and then meeting another dog and two young girls on her outing was a huge WOW moment for her.  One might have thought she had just won the lottery!  A good, steady leash walker,  Nina loves to go and do.  Super social, friendly, affectionate and outgoing,  life will simply be greatly enhanced with this wiggly girl by your side.  It's hard to not feel happy and loved when Nina is around.   Come by today see why Nina is the perfect girl to meet all of your pet needs!   

Sassy- Sponsored for pull fees- Video Video Video

Sassy, female, 43 pounds, 3-4 years old, Bully blend, HW+  Sassy found herself at the shelter as an owner surrender when her owner was no longer able to care for her. Sassy is very sweet and affectionate. Sassy would be a great dog for an active family or someone looking for a hiking or jogging parter.  She's no couch potato and is ready to be by your side if you are a go and do type person. One of Sassy's favorite things to do is play fetch with a ball, so if you love to play, Sassy would enjoy your company!  She is a pretty mostly white Bully blend girl who hopes that a forever home is in her near future. Sassy isn't sure what happened to the home she used to know, but she knows her friends at the shelter will do all they can to get her a new family as soon as possible. Bully lovers, please check Sassy out and see if she might be the dog you have been looking for!

Piper, female, 49 pounds, 1-2 years old, Bully blend, HW+ This sweet medium sized girl is Piper, described by the staff as friendly and affectionate.  Everyone remarked how cooperative she was during her intake procedure, such a good girl! Piper met her new friend Mason out in the exercise pen and tails were wagging the entire time.  Mutual sniffing was done and then it was time to play off leash! Piper and Mason enjoyed a nice playful romp together and had lots of fun. Piper also met Venus, a female dog, and was also off leash with her with no incident.  This girl is a friend to one and all! Piper has a pretty mostly white coat with just a few splashes of brown and is just lovely. She's affectionate and loves to have fun with other dogs.  Piper is proof that love isn't always small and fluffy, so give her a look and see if she just might be the dog for you!