Medical Emergency

Libby's Major Medical Fund + Anthony's Cherry Eye Fund
Lots of procedures needed to help these pets but we can do it with your help!

Anthony Pup, Libby

Libby is asking for your help...again!  We first met this sweet lady when she was heading to the ER vet for a C-Section in January.  Her puppies have been weaned and safely re-homed and now it's safe enough for to have surgery to save her life one more time!  

Libby is part of an abuse case.  She was found tied up in a raised pen, starving and with no water.  In the kennel next to her was a dog who had died.  Another dog was left struggling on a tie out and one more dog was amazingly still alive in their raised pen.  

Libby is a survivor and she needs our help!! Libby as you can see has eye issues.   The glaucoma in her one eye was left untreated for so long that it now needs to be removed ($600).  She has a mass that was allowed to grow and spread on her back at the base of her tail.  It needs to be removed ($300).  Lastly, her heart is loaded with worms ($350).   Libby is a real fixer-upper but we believe she is worth it!!   We are hoping to get her in for surgery April 18th along with Anthony Pup who is tagging along on this fundraiser.  He needs corrective eye surgery for his cherry eye ($250).    

We have a lofty goal for this fundraiser so YOUR GIFT is all the more important in our ability to help these pets.  Please won't you give TODAY and also share this fundraiser?  Brand new, wonderful lives await Libby and Anthony IF we can get them the care they need.  THANK YOU! 

Marla and Miriam's Mass Removal 
$550 will cover our surgery and biopsy!  Such a deal!
Goal Reached! 

Got masses?  Well, we sure do and they need to go bye-bye!  You can help get us healthy and ease our minds by donating to cover the cost of mass removal and biopsy.  For just $550, our surgeries will be covered and then everyone will wish to adopt us!   As it is, without clarity on our masses, we are in an awful state of limbo.  My mass is on my shoulder (Marla speaking here) while Miriam's is in her rear area, hence her feeling a bit shy about asking for your help!  In any event,  we hope to have our surgery soon so please, won't you give ASAP?  Thank you, Marla and Miriam 

Miriam at the vet and heading home from the vet!

Update April 11:  Miriam had her surgery today and is doing great!  Marla's surgery was rescheduled for April 18th so be on the look out for an update on her at that time.  Thank you for helping these ladies!