Medical Emergency

Dean's Heart Fund
$450 will save my life and launch me into my new home!
Goal Reached!  Thank you donors. 

The shelter is a scary place for me and I'm doing my best to be big and brave. I have an incredible chance to leave here and head to a rescue and a new home IF I can first get my heart treated for worms.  Can we really put a price tag on easing my fear AND also saving my life?  I'm hoping you'll give so I can be healthy and happy and rehomed!  Dean

Duchess's Heart Fund
$365 will save me and my pups! 

I've lived my life on a tie out.  The neighborhood dog used to come for "visits" and next thing you knew,  I was expecting a family.  My life was suddenly turned upside down when not only I was released from my life of captivity BUT a rescue wished to help me and my pups!  Amazingly I was healthy except my heart was loaded with worms.  IF I can raise $365 to cover my treatment,  we are ALL safe!  Won't you give today and help this whole family?  Our lives are just beginning! Thanks, Duchess!