Medical Emergency

Nikki's Heart Fund
$250 will save my heart and yes, my life! 

Teacher's Pet.  If we had a classroom at the shelter,  Nikki would be the teacher's pet.  She is loved by everyone!  Super sweet and gentle,  there was great happiness when the staff learned she has a chance to go to rescue.  Before she can confirm her offer though,  she needs funding to get treated for heart worms.  Think you can ChipIn and help her?  $250 will cover her bill and allow her to confirm her rescue offer.  Nikki is hoping to put her superior pet skills to work and YOUR gift will help her reach her goal and yes, save her life! 

Jamie's ER Vet Visit Fund
I'm trying to hang in there.  The vets suspect Parvo.  All I know is that I wish to live. 
Goal Met.  Thank you donors. 

Barely tipping the scales at 1lb, I'm a super wee guy who feels simply awful.  I spent the night vomiting and having diarrhea and now, I'm just spent.  Certainly,  all the signs are pointing to the parvovirus but not 100% sure just yet. I'm at huge risk of NOT making it without immediate ER care.  I was JUST checked into the ER and already the staff is working on getting me rehydrated.  Only 9 weeks old,  my life is just starting and I'm really wishing to fight off this awful virus.  Won't YOU help me get better by giving to my fund ASAP?  I need to focus on recovery and not a looming vet bill. Please, won't you give TODAY?  Jamie March 22

Update March 23: This just in from the vet: Jamie is still vomiting and cannot eat. He is getting subcutaneous fluids as there are no catheters small enough for his veins and his system could quickly become overloaded with fluids throwing off his whole system. The fluids are key in keeping him hydrated. The good news is that he did not have any diarrhea over night! Please send healing thoughts his way. He has the funds in hand so he's getting the best care possible! 

Update March 26: Jamie is being a super big boy and is well on the path to recovery.  He is not 100% out of the woods but he's doing much better.  Thank you for all of you emotional and financial support.  He needed SO MUCH help and you do not let him down.  TY!