Medical Emergency

Zena's ER Vet Visit 
Just 12 weeks old, Zena is fighting for her life. She's at the Er right now.  $600 will cover the care she needs to have change to live!  To help by giving, please click here! 
Goal Met! TY donors. 

Zena is on the edge of a ledge!  This poor 12 week old pup is weak and starving and was picked up by animal control just hours ago.  She has bloody poop and a fever.  All indicators are that she has the Parvo virus but yet 2 Parvo tests showed negative results.  The doctors are fighting RIGHT NOW to save her life.  $600 will cover her bill and give her the best chance at survival.  Please, won't you give to help us help her? 

Update Sept 13: I'm getting my groove back albeit ever so slowly!!  Howdy folks. It's me, Zena the Mighty Warrior Pup!!  I'm a real fighter and still hanging in there and I have YOU to thank.  Folks have been pleased with my progress but are still feeling guarded about my overall prognosis.  I keep telling them I wish to grow up to be a big girl and they are doing everything possible to help me reach my goal.  I am still on fluids and at the vet being closely monitored.   In the big picture, I'm really a lucky lady.  While I had a grim start to life,  I was found in the nick of time to get advanced vetting care and I now also have a safe place to weather the big storm that is heading our way. Thank you for caring enough to give!  Zena 

Curly and Gina's Major Medical Fund
$1650 will cover the advanced medical care needed to give these pups a chance at life.  Are you in?  Will you give so they have a chance?
To help by giving,  please click here!
Goal Met. Aug 23 9pm.  Thank you Donors. 

Curly and Gina have their whole lives ahead of them but they need YOUR help.  Both just pups, Curly has a congenital cleft palate requiring surgery and Gina needs exploratory procedures to determine why she is constantly dribbling urine.  Without YOUR GIFT,  neither pup will be chosen for rescue or adoption.  Your gift is needed to give them a second chance! $1650 will cover their med bills.

We are really pushing and advocating for these two pets to have that second chance and we need YOUR HELP. Without advance medical care, no one will even consider them for adoption and/or rescue so these procedures are their only chance at finding their new homes.  Your gift will tell us IF we should help these pets or not.  Without funding,  we cannot help them.

Curly needs corrective surgery to close his cleft palate (2-3 inch gap in the roof of his mouth). Skin will be pulled from the front of his mouth and secured to cover the gaping hole. The surgery is a bit experimental but without even trying, he will never lead a normal life. His tongue will remain as is but the inside of his mouth needs repair work. $750 cost.

Gina's story is heartbreaking as she was found abandoned with maggots in her rear area. The maggots possibly damaged her sphincter muscle at the end of her bladder causing her bladder to not properly close. The other possibility for her dripping is that urine from her kidneys is somehow bypassing her bladder. Either scenario would result in her constantly dribbling.

Gina needs an intravenous pyelogram (contrast study that watches urine flow from kidneys to bladder) and a cat scan to see inside some of her organs to better understand her issues and help correct them. $900 cost.

We are hopeful that Curly's surgery will be a success but it's not 100% guaranteed. Likewise, with Gina, we are hopeful the diagnostic tests will guide the doctors to an easy next step to help her be at her best. It's possible for either pet, that depending on the results of their procedures, additional medical care will be needed.

Update August 27: We have options.  Options are good.  Options will help Curly and Gina find their forever homes!  Thank you! 

Thanks to your gift and the generosity of others, we have the funding needed to get more advanced medical care for Curly and Gina.    

September 5 is the big day for Pup Gina.  On that date,  Gina will be transported by her foster to see a specialist in Columbia, SC.   She will have tests run to see why she continues to dribble urine and can't quite seem to hold it in from potty break to potty break.  She's a super cute little lady who has overcome so very much but without a better understanding of her challenges right now,  it's even tougher for us to find someone to adopt or rescue her.  We will hope it is an easy "fix" for Gina.  Time will tell!

Curly is honestly one of the nicest and yes, happiest dogs you'll ever meet!  Born with a cleft palate, whomever was caring for him since he was a wee pup, either did not see the need for him to receive advanced care or simply could not afford it.  As he grew older, his special needs became more apparent (he eats food in an odd manner and is constantly white and foamy at the mouth) due to his cleft palate and malformed tongue.   We have an appointment for him this week BUT we are still scrambling for a foster to care for him following surgery so he is in a bit of flux as we try to find that special someone to commit to foster him.  The surgery we have him signed up for is more experimental and we are hopeful will be a grand success.   If the surgery fails (Ie skin graft in his mouth does not hold), then Curly is looking at having surgery at a specialist which will run in the thousands.  

For both pups, they are so very lucky that they now have options thanks to your support.   We are very grateful and thankful that you gave so they have this incredible opportunity to get better and begin new lives.  We will be in touch to share the outcomes of their appointments.   Please send positive thoughts their way as both need a good does of Lady Luck on their sides! 

Thank you for caring enough to give!

Update Sept 5: Today is Gina's big day.  She has been transported to a specalist in Columbia SC to help figure out why she has dribbling urine.  Please wish her luck as we eagerly await the details on her testing.  Curly also has good news to share.  He now has a foster home so we can move forward with his surgery.  Sept 12 is his big day and we really need ALL of your healing thoughts to go his way as his surgery is very experimental.  He will have THE best care at the vet and then in his foster home so we are hopeful the surgery will be a grand success!  Thank you for giving to make these procedures possible for Gina and Curly! 

Casper and Shorty's Heart Fund
$200 will heal our hearts and confirm our rescue offers!
To help us by giving,  please click here!

Casper and Shorty have a second chance and YOU CAN be a part of their next pet journey.  If we can get them treated for heartworms, we have rescues willing to save them.    Casper was found abandoned and trapped underneath a trailer 2 months ago.  His leg was so damaged from the tightly wound barb wire around it, it had to be removed.  Shorty's elderly person just died.  Both dogs have a chance for a new pet jobs and $200 is all they need!