Medical Emergency

Shadow's Vetting Fund
$215 will cover my vetting fees, pull me off the urgent list and literally save my life. 
Will you help me by giving today?
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Goal Met!! TY donors.

I've been waiting for what feels like an eternity but finally, a rescue wants me. I'm on the urgent list so the timing for my rescue could not be any better!  If I can raise $215 to cover my vetting fees, the rescue will pull me.  Done.  I'm safe.  My new life awaits me.  Please help save me by giving ASAP, won't you?

Beauregard's Vetting Fund
$200 will cover my fees and launch me into my rescue! 
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Goal Met!  TY donors. 

Recognize me?  It's Beauregard.  We first met end of July when I asked for your help in removing a very large mass from my hip.  The mass was removed but the prognosis for me was not so good.  It's likely the mass will come back but if you can believe it,  I have a rescue who will provide me with end of life care.  All they need is for my vetting fees of $200 to be covered.  It's not sure how much time I have left, but I will make the most of it!

Melody's Heart Fund
$285 will save her heart and send her off to rescue! 
Is she worth it?  If so,  please click to give here.
Goal reached!  TY donors. 

It's amazing Melody is even alive. Arriving as a stray with her 5 young pups, she literally gave EVERYTHING she had to keep them fed and breathing.  Today, Melody is slowly adding on weight and is looking forward to her better times ahead.  Her heart is loaded with worms but if we get her treated, a rescue will pull her along with her 5 pups.  $285 will cover her bill and send her off to a new life! Is she worth it?  Please give to help save her!