Medical Emergency

Vera's Pull Fees Fund
$200 will save my life and break me out of doggy prison!
To help me by giving, please click here! 
Goal Met.  TY Donors.  

Vera is on our urgent list this week and we have a safe spot for her but need YOUR HELP in covering her pull fees.  Already has offered to help with her hw cost so now ALL we need is $200 for her vetting fees and SHE IS SAFE!  Please, won't you give so she can be safe? 

Emma's ER Visit
She's missing part o her leg and needs help ASAP!!  July 10, 10am
To help Emma, please click here  Goal Met!  TY Donors. 

Emma is missing part of her leg.  What remains has maggots coming out of it.  It's absolutely amazing Emma is still alive but she's a fighter and wants to live.  Found roadside yesterday,  she's been suffering for days now and needs OUR HELP ASAP!   She is looking at weeks of ER care.  Today, we are cleaning her up and stabilizing her.  Once strong enough,  her remaining stump will be removed.  Please give IF you feel we should help her.  TY! 

Update July 11: Goal Met!! You guys are the absolute BEST! We have a check coming in for the balance still open in the ChipIn. You all have been so generous over the last few weeks as we have been inundated with medical needs. Lives are saved thanks to YOU! We know you are tired. We too are tired but we are getting these pets healthy and safe and out the front door! THANK YOU! Oh, attached is a photo of Emma from a few hours ago. She is out and about and no longer the limp rag doll when she first arrived. We will keep you posted on when she goes in for her operation. TY again for helping us help pets like Emma. You're the best!