Medical Emergency

Ciara's Heart Fund
I'm so very shy but yet if I can raise $275 to cover my heart worm bill, a rescue will save me.  Amazing, isn't it?

I am terribly shy but yet a rescue sees potential in me and wishes to help me and my pups.  IF I can get heart worm treated,  a rescue will take me AND my pups.  It's almost too good to be true but yet it is.  YOUR GIFT to MY fund,  will give me the most incredible offer to have a new life.   Won't you give today so I can have my Happily Ever After?  $275 will cover my bill and save me.  Thank you, Ciara.

Wilfred's Heart Fund
$260 will heal his heart and send him to his Happily Ever After!
Goal Met!  Thank you donors. 

Have you helped a black dog today?  If not,  here's your chance!  Meet Wilfred.  He's hoping to seal his rescue offer and YOU can help.  If we can get Wilfred treated for heart worms,  he will be safe.  He won't be part of a nationwide statistic whereby the solid black pets are the least likely to be re-homed and hence put to sleep.  Wilfred will not be part of that ugly statistic with your help!  $260 will cover his bill and send him to his new Happily Ever After!  Please give today. 

Ford's ER Visit
I'm in the ER right now!   It's 6:30pm on Tuesday night.  I've been attacked by a dog. 
Goal Met!  Thank you donors. 

I was attacked by a dog.  I literally had blood gushing out of my neck.  Thank goodness animal control found me in time to wrap something around it to stop the bleeding. I'm now in the ER and they are cleaning up the wounds around neck and my hind quarters.  My wounds are being flushed and the vet team is working very hard to stabilize me and manage my awful pain.  My bill will run $500.  Won't you give so I can get the care I need ASAP!! Thank you, Ford.

Update Sept 20:  I'm on the mend folks.  Thank you for helping me! My body got really beat up yesterday but I'm napping and on meds and feeling as good as can be expected.  I have swelling all over my body, the gash by my neck is cleaned up and draining and the ulcer near my eye is in the healing stages.  I heard the vets chatting this morning and they said IF I had not been found and brought in when I was,  I would not have been able to make it alone overnight and would most likely have died.  Feeling very grateful and thankful for your support.  Ford