Medical Emergency

Jasmine's Heart Fund
$425 will cover my bill and let me secure my rescue offer! With YOUR HELP, my whole family will be safe.

Surprise.  Surprise.  Surprise.  Howdy folks, it's me Jasmine.  I'm back asking for your support to cover my heartworm bill.  When we last met, I needed masses removed from my side before they because suspect.  My surgery was delayed as the vet visit revealed I was due very, very soon.  I've now birthed AND I have a rescuse who will take ALL OF US but first I need funding to cover my heartworm treatment.   $425 will cover my bill and literally save all of us, me AND my 6 pups!  Think you can help me just one more time??  I'm frankly amazed that I have an interested rescue and really need to take them up on their offer while it's HOT! Hope to hear from you soon!  Jasmine  

Binky's ER Visit
I'm baking with a temp of 105.  I need YOUR HELP NOW! 
11am Friday Morning Nov 17; Goal Met

I'm baking!  I was whisked to the vet yesterday with a temp of 106.  It's now down to 105 but I STILL FEEL AWFUL!  Lethargic and feeling achy all over,  this is day two for me in getting specialized care.  I'm on my second round of antibiotics (the first round did not help), fluids are keeping me hydrated and a blood panel has been sent out with the results due in a couple of days.   The vets are working hard to figure what is wrong with me.  In addition to running a high fever, I'm also running a VERY HIGH VET BILL!  $500 will cover my care.  Think you can help me? I'm just in no shape to go out and ask for funds on the street corner.  Hoping you can help me!  Thank you Binky.

Update Nov 18: I'm hanging in there folks. Afternoon everyone. It's me Binky. I'm eating and drinking and my temp is down to 103.7 but I still don't feel well. My blood test results aren't due back til Tuesday so unfortanatley I have a few more days of uncertainty before the vets can pin point what's ailing me. I DO however SO APPRECIATE all of your gifts, your support and the prayers you have been sending my way. I'm working hard to feel better! Thanks for caring enough to help me. Binky

Bubba's Amputation Fund
$700 will cover my surgery and let me get on with my life!
Goal Met!  TY donors.  Slight change in schedule....Bubba will have his surgery on Thursday.

I can't keep dragging around my front damaged foot.  It has a special dressing on it to help stabilize it but with dampness and chilly temps,  it's a recipe for disaster. Staff report my damaged paw is getting infected and more and more I'm trying to put in my mouth to avoid the dampness of my kennel.  I really need YOUR HELP in getting an amputation folks.  The vets have an opening THIS WEEK and I need to get in.  $700 will cover my surgery and let me get on with my life.  I'm a happy, friendly fellow but my damaged foot needs to go.  Won't you help me by giving today?  Bubba 

Update Nov 16"He got right up and walked outside for pee time after he had some recovery time following surgery." That's the report from the vet office on our sweet boy Bubba, following his amputation earlier today. He's doing great and the staff comments that he's an "amazing dog, sweet and waggy tailed."
THANK YOU for your support to help Bubba get the care he needs. He is very grateful for your help and hopes that soon he can start the exciting process of interviewing for his new pet job. Bubba is a lucky dog because enough folks cared to give to make a difference in his life. THANK YOU!