Medical Emergency

Casper's Broken Leg ER Visit
$200 will cover this after hours visit.   4pm Saturday
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Goal Met!  Thank you donors!

Casper is broken and he needs YOUR HELP to fix him.  Arriving late this afternoon via animal control,  Casper was favoring his front leg.  Xrays show he has a break at the growth plate!  OUCH!   Casper needs to have his leg wrapped and reset and come back in for a follow up X-ray in a week.  $200 will cover this after hours visit as the vet closed at noon today.  Please help Casper by giving ASAP!  THANK YOU!

Princess ER Visit
I'm back in the ER.   $250 will cover my new bill.
Please won't you give?  My abscess hurts so very much!   Click here to give!
Goal met!  TY donors. 

Princess is back in the ER!  This poor little lady developed a painful abscess in one of her wounds.  Early this morning we opened up the wound and placed a drain in it.  She's being a real champ and working so very hard to get better.  This new medical emergency will run $250.  PLEASE help, won't you?

Olay's ER Visit
$450 will help keep me alive. Please give to help save me, won't you?  
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I'm struggling to hang in there and need YOUR HELP ASAP!  Morning folks.  It's me Olay.  I'm a tiny 7 month old pup who was just diagnosed with parvo.  YIKES!   This awful virus is working very hard to take me down, but I'm a real fighter.  I am getting supportive care in the ER to help keep up my energy and fluid levels.   I really need your gift to get the care to survive.  $450 will cover my bill.  Please tell me I am worth saving by donating now!  THANK YOU!

Cindy and Princess's ER Vet Fund
$1100 will cover their bills and save their lives!
They are at the ER NOW! 10:30am Monday.   To help by giving,  please click here!
Goal Met.  TY donors! 

Princess was attacked by a dog and Cindy was hit by a car.  Both are at the ER vet now and NEED YOUR HELP!  Princess has deep gashes all over her body that need to be cleaned up and sutured shut.  Cindy we believe was hit by a car.  The vet would like to pin her back leg (vs removing it) so that operation needs to happen pronto!  Can you help??  Will you donate so these pets can get the care they need?  Hoping to hear from you soon!  Thank you!

Sasha's Pull Fees
$215 will pull her off the urgent list and save her life!
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We have a nibble on Sasha and YOU CAN HELP!  If we raise $215 to cover her pull fees, we can confirm her rescue.  Money will save this lovely lady from our urgent list.  Will YOU be her hero by giving today?  Sasha sure hopes so!!

Nelson's ER Vet Fund
$200 will cover the supportive care and monitoring needed to help save this pup! 
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Goal Met.  TY donors.

Nelson is not doing well folks.  Rushed to the ER vet just a little bit ago, this lethargic, worm infested fellow is working very hard to get better.  The ER staff is closely monitoring him and giving him fluids.  His awful diarrhea and giardia in combo with the worms has really taken a terrible toll on his small, fragile body.  $200 will cover his ER bill and allow us to give him the best care possible.  Please, won't you give to help Nelson? 

Kate's Heart Fund
$225 will cover my heartworm bill and send us to our happily ever after! 
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Goal Met!  Thank you donors.

I'm ready to shed my mommy apron strings and can start a new life with YOUR HELP!  I have a rescue who will help save me and my 2 young pups but first I need to be treated for heartworms.  Think you can open your wallet to save my life?  $225 will cover my treatment and send this family on their way to a happily ever after!   Hope to hear from you soon, Kate Mom.