Medical Emergency

Dipper's Heart Fund
$290 will give me my new lease on life!  My family kept my pups and dumped me. 

Ready to take a DIP in my new home, but first need a little assist!  Sadly, I along with my best friend, Nellie were dumped at the shelter and our litters were kept at out home.  It made me feel very sad but then I heard a rescue would come and save me IF I got treated for heart worms.   I'm feeling excited thinking about my new pet position and hope you'll give so I can confirm my rescue offer and get on with my new life.  Hope to hear from you soon!  Dipper! 

Carlos's Heart Fund
$150 will heal my heart and send me to safety! 

"Million Dollar Personality."  That's what the vet tech said as she was checking me in.  I smiled and wagged my tail and then her face dropped. She had just drawn a blood sample and the results were not so good.  She saw that I had worms in my system which meant worms in my heart.   The good news is that a rescue saw me and wished to help me IF I could be treated for my worms.   For just $150,  I can get the treatment I need to heal my heart and confirm my offer for rescue.  Such a deal!  Won't you give so I can get healthy and get on with my life?  Sure hope so!  Carlos