Medical Emergency

Patton and Rye's Heart Fund
$375 will get them the medical care they need and send them to new lives!
Please click here IF you wish to give and help save them.
Goal Met!  TY donors. 

Patton and Rye have a chance at new lives and YOU can help!! Arriving as strays,  they have a rescue offer and will be safe IF we can first treat them for heartworms.  Don't let pesky worms stand in the way of this delightful pair from getting on with their lives!  $375 will save them BOTH and send them on to new lives! 

Libby's Heart Fund
$210 will save her life and send her on to a new life!
To help Libby by giving, please click here!
Goal Met!  TY donors. 

Arriving a bit shy and overwhelmed, our sweet girl Libby is SO CLOSE to having a new life and YOU CAN HELP!  If we raise $210 to cover her heartworm treatment,  we have a rescue who will pull her.   A few big bucks will save her life and send her on her way to a better pet life.  Is she worth it?  Please send your gift ASAP to let her know she deserves a new life!  THANK YOU!