Medical Emergency

Hunter's Heart Fund
$240 will save my life and give me an incredible second chance!
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Who would not LOVE to bring Hunter on home?   Well, believe it or not for 4 weeks, folks walked right by him at the shelter and never considering taking him home.  The good news for Hunter is that FINALLY, a rescue has shown interest in helping him but can only do so IF we first treat him for heartworms.  $240 will cover his bill, heal his heart and save his life.  Is he worth saving?  If yes,  please give today, won't you?

Sage's Heart Fund
$205 will cover my medical bill and save my life!
Please help by giving today! 
Goal Met!  TY donors. 

This sweet, meek little lady was looking for a break and by gosh, one has come her way!  She has a rescue interest in helping her and ALL she needs is $205 to cover her heartworm treatment.  We know you would want Sage to be safe so come on and give today!  THANK YOU!