Medical Emergency

Mabel's Sponsorship Fund
She's no longer safe after Jan 16.  Your gift to cover her $215 vetting fees will save her life!  To help by giving,  please click here!
Goal Met.  Thank you donors. 

Mabel is on our Jan 16 urgent list and her time is almost up.  YOU CAN HELP though.  We have a rescue who will pull her IF we can get her vetting fees covered.  $215 will cover those fees and give her a second chance.  At 9 yrs of age,  Mabel is really, really hoping folks will step up and give and save her so she can live happily ever after in her golden years. 

Tinker's Sponsorship Fund
$215 will cover her fees and allow her rescue to pull her off the Jan 16 urgent list.  Please click to give here!   
Goal Met. TY donors.

Tinker is on our urgent list and is at risk any time after Jan 16.  We have a rescue who will pull her and save her  BUT we first need to get her vetting fees covered.  With mounting, outstanding vet bills,  this rescue has space for her but only needs $215 to cover pulling her vs not pulling her.  Hoping you can help!!  Thank you.

Huck's Broken Bones Fund
$300 will cover his ER bill and get him back on his feet!
To help Huck, please click here and give!
Goal met! THANK YOU Donors.  

Huck is in trouble folks.  Yes, it's late.  It's after hours.  Still, Huck needs YOUR HELP.  Found limping along by animal control, Huck was rushed to our after hours ER vet where the vets are working hard to make him comfortable.  Xrays show he has a broken ulna and radius.  The break is older as his leg is all puffy and swollen.  He needs your help in covering his $300 ER vet bill.  Please give so when he wakes up tomorrow, his bill is paid!

Update Jan 12: Huck is starting to smile and his tail is starting to wag!! Thanks to your support, Huck got the care he desperately needed. For now, Huck has been fitted with a soft leg wrap. Once the swelling goes down, his leg will be splinted to set him up for a full recovery. Please send healing thoughts his way and don’t forget to do the same for cute little Bell who had her anal surgery a few days ago. Our pets are getting the care they need because of your generosity. Way to go. Thank you!!

Marigold's Heart Fund
$250 will heal my heart and save my life.  Such a deal. If you agree, please click here to give! 

A chance for a new lap to call her own!!  Sweet Marigold has a chance at a new full lap position and YOU CAN HELP!!  This lucky lady has a rescue who will pull her and rehome her but FIRST, she needs to be treated for heartworms.  For only $250,  Marigold will get the care she needs to save her heart and will also be able to confirm her rescue offer.  Surely $250 is not too much money to save her pretty little brindle life, correct?