Medical Emergency

Puppy Mellow's Heart Consultation Fund
$475 will get Mellow the care she needs!
Please click here and let's make a miracle happen.

Sweet pup Mellow has a huge loving heart loaded with love but it's also showing a fairly high grade heart murmer.  Only a few months old,  the only chance Mellow has is for us to help him medically.  IF we can secure funds for him to go to a heart specialist, than he has options and a chance at life.   The vet consult will run $150 and the actual EKG test will run $325.  In total, Mellow is looking for a miracle in being able to raise $475 to cover this essential doctor's visit.   Is Puppy Mellow worth an investment in trying to figure out what is going on with his heart?  He sure hopes so and your gift will help make this miracle happen!