Frequently Asked Questions:

Thank you for stopping by and visiting with us!   The Darlington County Humane Society, in its 13th year of operation has more recently seen some remarkable success at rehoming pets from this poor, rural county in central South Carolina.    Originally with a euthanasia rate consistently in the mid to high 90's, due to the tireless work of a growing volunteer base and dedicated shelter staff, our numbers are coming down but we still have a ways to go.  The internet has done wonders in spreading the word about our pets in need and generous donors have literally saved countless lives.   Our work however continues!

Below, please find some of our most commonly asked questions.  Should you still have questions, please feel free to contact us at darlingtonhumanepets@gmail.com.  We will look forward to hearing from you! 


  1. How can I find out more about adoptions?  We have a wonderful website that directly links you to our Petfinder page where you will find some of our available pets.  We cannot post all of our pets as the influx is so tremendous.  You can find information about our shelter, including hours of operation, telephone number, adoption fees, what is covered by the adoption fees, etc. by logging on to:  www.darlingtonhumane.org.  
  2. If I have questions about a pet, who do I call?  Call the shelter directly (843-398-4402).  The shelter does not have internet access and all email inquiries are handled off site by volunteers.

Rescue Groups

  1. As a rescue, how do I start saving lives at your shelter? Please email Kim at kimdchstiedemann@gmail.com and we'll be in touch!
  2. I am an established rescue and need to confirm a pet and arrange for transport.  Who should I contact?  Kim at kimdchstiedemann@gmail.com
Missing/Lost Pet
  1. I have lost my pet and need your help.  What do I do?
    1. Go to the shelter!  It is imperative that you go to the shelter to look for your missing pet!  Your idea of what your pet looks like & what the shelter staff thinks your pet may look like could be completely different.  Please do not depend on others to correctly identify your pet.  We recommend multiple trips as we take in pets every day.
    2. Log onto  www.fidofinder.com to register your missing pet.
    3. Email your missing pet photo to us at darlingtonhumanepets@gmail.com
    4. Post photos & info about your pet at local grocery stores, the post office, vets, etc.
    5. Run an ad in the local paper.
    6. Contact all of your local vets in case your pet is brought in.

The Bridge

The Darlington County Bridge Facility is a safe haven for homeless pets who are spoken for by rescue organizations, but need a place to stay prior to transport.  Just a few years ago the Darlington County Humane Society was a facility with more than a 90% euthanasia rate. Due to the efforts of the hardworking volunteers, the euthanasia rate has dramatically decreased.  Use of this facility allows other homeless pets in the shelter an opportunity to hang on a little longer in hopes of a furever home.  To donate and help cover the boarding cost of a pets or pets,  please go here.

The Bridge
2104 Hearthstone Rd
Hartsville, SC 29550
Note: This is NOT a mailing address.  Location only. 



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